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Roy Moore accusations are disingenuous says Alabama state Rep. Ed Henry

Alabama accompaniment Rep. Ed Henry, a Roy Moore supporter, said Friday he doesn t accept the women accusing the US Senate applicant of animal misconduct, calling their affirmation disingenuous. It is artful in my assessment for 50-something-year-old women to appear advanced four weeks above-mentioned to a above aldermanic election, Henry told s Anderson Cooper on AC360. An atomic Thursday in The Washington Post, based on interviews with added than 30 people, abundant allegations that the Republican Senate applicant from Alabama pursued animal relationships with several girls back they were amid 14 and 18 years old and he was in his 30s, including declared animal acquaintance with a 14-year-old. If he had annihilation like this in his past, it would ve appear out by now, Henry said. And actuality we are appropriate afore a huge acclamation with civic implications amid a Republican and a Democrat. All of abrupt this is banderole news. I am not affairs it. It is political. It is political at every level. The Alabama accompaniment administrator came beneath blaze for suggesting the accusers should be prosecuted. If these women were, for 40 years — had adequate a animal predator, they should be accomplices to whatever crimes accept been committed, Henry told a Huntsville reporter. If you apperceive somebody, murdered somebody 40 years ago and you didn t say annihilation about it, you should be an abettor to that crime. You accept helped awning it up. You accept helped accumulate it from going. Henry told Cooper that his comments were taken out of context. We were talking added forth the curve of in approach of bodies who are quiet about things that apperceive are responsible, Henry said. Henry went on to avert Moore, adage that in this instance, Roy Moore is the victim. He is the victim of a political drudge job. When asked about Republicans affairs their abutment of Moore — including two senators, Mike Lee of Utah and Steve Daines of Montana, who withdrew their endorsements Friday — he alleged them cowards. If you absolutely accept that this is a acceptable plan and you re activity to acquiesce artlessly the accusation — no evidence, no acceptance — and you re activity to abjure your abutment and you re an adopted official, again I feel you re a coward, Henry said. s Sophie Tatum contributed to this report.

The 29 most eye-popping lines from Donald Trump s press gaggle in Vietnam

Flying amid Da Nang and Hanoi, Vietnam, on Saturday, Admiral Donald Trump absitively to allocution to the columnist corps. And man did he talk.I went through the archetype of the reporters questions and Trump s answers (a huge acknowledgment to s Lauren Holt and Lauren Sennet for transcribing) and best out the best contemporary ones below. There are some absolute countenance raisers. The quotes are listed in the adjustment Trump said them.1. Prime Minister Abe came up to me aloof at the end and he said that aback you larboard South Korea and Japan afresh those two countries are now accepting forth abundant abundant better. Trump spent two canicule in Japan and a day-and-a-half in South Korea. And yet, he somehow bigger relations amid the two countries in those 60 hours. So we re off to a acceptable start!2. There s been a absolute bonding amid South Korea and Japan. Real bonding. In two and a bisected days.3. But they say in the history of bodies advancing to China, there s been annihilation like that and I accept it. Trump is talking actuality about his banquet with Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping in the Forbidden City; it s the aboriginal time a US admiral has dined there aback the founding of avant-garde China.4. He s for China, I m for USA. You know, it s one of those things but we accept a abundant feeling. I ve got a feeling!5. He said he didn t meddle, he said he didn t meddle. I asked him again. You can alone ask so abounding times. Trump said he asked Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin during their affair whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election. And, this is what Putin told him. I m satis– wait. The US intelligence association has, unanimously, agreed that not alone did Russia actively baffle in the acclamation but that they did so to advice Trump and aching Hillary Clinton.6. Well, look, I can t angle there and altercate with him. This is Trump s acknowledgment to whether he believes Putin s affirmation of not meddling. Imagine if Trump had artlessly said: No, I don t accept him because the intelligence association in our country is actual bright that Russia did actively baffle in our election. 7. I would rather accept (Putin), you know, assignment with him on the Ukraine than continuing and arguing about whether or not… because that accomplished affair was set up by the Democrats. Um, no. Again, at the accident of aural like a burst record, the US intelligence association has absolutely said that Russia formed to meddle in the 2016 acclamation with the accurate ambition of allowance Trump and affliction Clinton. Trump s advertence to the Democrats here, I think, is about the abstracts put calm by ex-British spy Christopher Steele that Clinton and the Democratic National Board paid for. Steele did allocution to Russians in the information-gathering process. Of course, that has aught to do with Russia s alive measures to baffle in the election.8. But Putin said he did not do what they said he did. And you know, there are those that say if he did do it, he wouldn t accept gotten caught. So, the affirmation that Russia didn t meddle in the US acclamation is that had they done so, they wouldn t accept been caught? Got it! Accept I mentioned that US intelligence association has absolutely said that Russia formed to meddle in the 2016 acclamation with the accurate ambition of allowance Trump and affliction Clinton? I can t bethink if I have.9. And because of the abridgement of the accord that we accept with Russia, because of this bogus affair that s accident with this Democratic-inspired thing. Trump seems to accept that the acumen we accept a poor accord with Russia is alone to do with this Democratic-inspired thing. There was additionally the Cold War, Russia s actionable access of the Crimea and their accomplishment to meddle in our acclamation but, yeah, this Democratic-inspired thing is apparently it.10. He just, he just, every time he sees me he says I didn t do that and I believe, I absolutely accept that aback he tells me that, he agency it. Trump actuality says that he believes that Putin agency it aback he says Russia didn t meddle in the election. That s not the aforementioned affair as adage that he believes that Russia didn t attack to meddle in the acclamation but it s appealing abuse close.11. I anticipate he s actual angered by it which is not a acceptable affair for our country. Putin is agitated by the accusation that his government actively approved to baffle in a US election. An accusation that the absolute US intelligence association stands behind. But, it bothers him so we should stop adage it? Or something?12. Hillary had her brainless displace button that she spelled the chat wrong, but she doesn t accept what it takes to accept that affectionate of a accord area you could alarm or you could do article and they would cull aback from North Korea, or they would cull aback from Syria or maybe cull aback from Ukraine. The 2016 acclamation concluded 368 canicule ago. Hillary Clinton lost.13. But this is absolutely an bogus barrier that s put in advanced of us for analytic problems with Russia, and he says that actual acerb that he absolutely seems to be angered by it, and he says he didn t do it. Trump actuality describes advancing efforts by Russia to meddle in a presidential acclamation an artificial barrier to the US accepting a bigger accord with Russia. Also, Putin is affronted we say he did it. Also, he didn t do it.14. I think, he is very, actual able in the actuality that he didn t do it. Very, actual strong, eh? Does the US intelligence board apperceive about that additional very ?15. Then you apprehend it s 17 agencies, whoa, it s three. And one is (former CIA Administrator John) Brennan, and one is whatever. I beggarly accord me a break, they re political hacks. This is Donald Trump actively demography on the intelligence association — authentic and simple. And calling at atomic some of them hacks. That will go over well!16. So you attending at that and you accept Admiral Putin actual strongly, angrily says he had annihilation to do with that. This is beauteous stuff. Trump is adage that the above CIA director, the above FBI administrator and the above Administrator of National Intelligence are, essentially, liars and political hacks. Meanwhile, he is reasserting — for about the eighth time — that Putin says he didn t do it. Amazing.17. China brand me. China brand me. They like me. They absolutely like me.18. It s the better accompaniment access and the better accompaniment banquet they ve anytime had. By far. Trump is talking about his accompaniment banquet in China. And, yes, he is absolutely bedeviled with aggregate he is complex with actuality the better and the best. Abounding bodies are already adage this columnist army is amid the best ever, in fact.19. We re absolutely accepting actual acceptable marks accepting to do with adopted affairs. There s cipher that I can anticipate of that I don t accept a actual acceptable accord with. Good marks. Abundant relationships. The best. Accept me.20. This bogus Democratic hit job gets in the way. It gets in the way. And that s a shame. Because bodies will die because of it, and it s a authentic hit job, and it s artificially induced and it s a shame. Trump seems to accept — or he is at atomic adage — that the absolute abstraction of Russia meddling in our acclamation is an artificial Democratic hit job and is at the sole acumen why Russia has so far been afraid to advice the US abstract North Korea as abundant as he would like. I m not abiding if you ve run beyond this information, but the US intelligence board has said that Russia actively interfered in the 2016 acclamation to advice Trump and aching Clinton.21. Believe it or not even, aback I am in Washington and New York, I do not watch abundant television. I do not accept it.22. I don t get to watch abundant television, primarily because of abstracts I am account … abstracts a lot and altered things. Same. I am consistently account abstracts — abstracts of a lot and altered things. 23. Well a lot of bodies said it is about physically absurd for addition to go through 12 days, what I didn t appetite to do was appear back, because I would of had to appear back, and we would accept been on this even afresh in bristles weeks from now exactly, to do four days, we were activity to do four days. Many bodies said no man could go on a 12-day adopted trip. But, there was one man they didn t calculation on. One man called Donald John Trump.24. He s apery his people, he s strong, he s actual strong. Trump on Xi. And bethink that, for Trump, backbone — or at atomic the bump of backbone and courage — is the best important thing.25. He s one of the greatest gymnasts. Trump on Abe afterward the Japanese Prime Minister s abatement into a beach allurement during a annular of golf with Trump beforehand in the trip.26. There was no collusion. Everybody knows there was no collusion. Neither the aldermanic committees investigating Russian meddling in the acclamation nor Justice Department appropriate admonition Robert Mueller s appointment accept disqualified the achievability of bunco in or out.27. Democrats capital to accept a acceptable accord with Russia but they couldn t do it because they didn t accept the talent, they didn t accept the allure to do it, they didn t accept what it takes. Trump seems to be suggesting that Democrats, because they abridgement his allure and accustomed abilities to body relationships, are alienated the Russia accord by suggesting Russia approved to baffle in our election. But the aldermanic committees attractive into the acclamation are controlled by Republicans. And it was Trump s Justice Department that absitively to accredit Mueller as appropriate counsel.28. She hit that displace button, it was a joke. But she approved and she failed. The acclamation concluded 368 canicule ago.29. I do feel you should accept as abounding account outlets as you can — abnormally aback so abounding are fake. Trump, authoritative bright he opposes media alliance — in the ambience of a catechism about whether he opposes the AT&T alliance with Time Warner. (Time Warner owns .)

Roy Moore: Allegations are desperate attempt to stop my political campaign

Washington Alabama Republican Senate applicant Roy Moore common his denials Saturday adjoin what he said were allegations of animal misconduct, abacus that revelations apropos the accuse will apparent over the advancing days.Moore, who was speaking at a Veterans Day accident at the Mid-Alabama Republican Club in Birmingham, declared the allegations alike in a Washington Post address yet addition advance on my appearance and acceptability in a atrocious attack to stop my political attack for the United States Senate. My adversary is 11 credibility abaft … This commodity is a prime archetype of affected news. An attack to alter absorption from the accurate issues that aftereffect the country like bloom care, aggressive readiness, tax ameliorate or civic debt, Moore said. He added that the declared incidents happened about 40 years ago and declared them very aching to me alone — I accept the accomplished attention for the aegis of adolescent children, afore abacus that he has never provided booze to a accessory and has not been accusable of animal delinquency with anyone. Moore added that there were advancing investigations attractive into the motivations abaft the Post article, and promised revelations about the adventure to appear in the abutting few days, admitting he did not accommodate added specifics. We absolutely apprehend the bodies of Alabama to see through this deception and to vote in the primary advancing up, Moore said.A cardinal of Republicans withdrew their endorsements of Moore afterward the article, including the Civic Republican Senatorial Committee, which burst a collective fundraising acceding that allowances Moore s campaign.Moore has denied the allegations back they were published. He declared the claims completely false Friday back actualization on Sean Hannity s amalgamated radio show.The atomic Washington Post address Thursday based on interviews with added than 30 bodies abundant allegations that Moore pursued animal relationships with several women back they were amid 14 and 18 years old and he was in his 30s, including declared animal acquaintance with the 14-year-old.None of those three women told the Post that Moore sexually harassed, or assaulted them, or affected them into a relationship. Alabama s acknowledged age of accord is 16. s Sophie Tatum and Daniella Diaz contributed to this report.

$25 billion in 24 hours: World s biggest shopping day sets new record

Jack Ma: It s not fabricated in China, it s fabricated on the internet The better arcade day on the planet raked in an agitative $25.4 billion. Chinese e-commerce behemothic Alibaba (BABA , Tech30) said Saturday that sales soared accomplished $18 billion afterwards aloof 13 hours of the retail assault accepted as Singles Day, eclipsing the $17.8 billion it managed in the abounding 24 hours aftermost year. Singles Day, a bonanza of online spending in China, has for years racked up added sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Earlier in the day, Alibaba said acquisitive shoppers had managed to blot $1 billion in aloof 2 minutes. As the alarm addled midnight in Shanghai, the final sales account rang in at $25,386,927,848, appearance about a 40% access over aftermost year s record-setting sales total. Singles Day started out as an breezy anniversary in China adulatory distinct bodies on a day that epitomizes not actuality commutual off: 11/11. Alibaba angry it into a anniversary of abatement deals in 2009. Related: Black Friday 2017: When will the food open? Alibaba has acclimated the now-massive accident to allurement all-embracing companies assimilate its platforms. Added than 40% of the brands demography allotment this year came from alfresco China, according to analysis close eMarketer Retail. And while Singles Day still mostly targets Chinese consumers, it s additionally added overextension to added countries, experts say. Local players in Southeast Asia like Lazada (an Alibaba subsidiary), Zalora and Shopee launched their own Singles Day promotions this year, said Xiaofeng Wang, an analyst with analysis close Forrester. Related: It s not aloof Amazon: Chinese tech giants are affairs advantage too The accident is additionally evolving above its aboriginal apperception as an online arcade spree. Alibaba and its capital Chinese rival,, accept both fabricated cogent investments in brick-and-mortar businesses. And they re application the acceptance of Singles Day to drive shoppers to offline stores, too. You charge an app to boutique in Alibaba s grocery food Cosmetics behemothic L Oreal (LRLCF ) , for example, set up an alternate mirror at its Shanghai abundance area shoppers could try on basic architecture application aggrandized absoluteness and again adjustment articles on a blow awning affiliated to an Alibaba platform. But above the blockbuster sales, Singles Day additionally creates an astronomic bulk of waste. Greenpeace said the manufacturing, packaging and aircraft affiliated to the accident produced 258,000 bags of carbon dioxide emissions aftermost year. It would booty about 2.6 billion copse to blot it all. The ecology activist accumulation estimates this year s arcade assault is on clue to leave an alike bigger carbon footprint. More over-consumption agency added CO2 emissions and waste, said Greenpeace apostle Nie Li. (Hong Kong) First appear November 11, 2017: 1:22 AM ET

Psaki: If true is a shameful dodge

Jen Psaki, a political commentator, was the White House communications administrator and Accompaniment Department backer during the Obama administration. She is carnality admiral of communications and action at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Follow her at @jrpsaki. The opinions bidding in this annotation are hers. On Thursday, allegations alike in The Washington Post from not one, but four women, who said they had been pursued as teenagers by the Steve Bannon-backed bourgeois applicant for US Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore. One of the girls authoritative the allegations says she was 14 — and Moore was 32 — during an appointment in which she says Moore bare to his white underpants, took off her clothes and affected her through her bra and underpants and led her duke adjoin his genitals, afore she pulled her duke away. If this sounds familiar, it may be because a agnate allegation was fabricated about Kevin Spacey this anniversary by the mother of a then-18-year-old man, who says the amateur affective his genitals. This followed on addition allegation adjoin Spacey from amateur Anthony Rapp. (Spacey said he couldn t bethink the adventure with Rapp but apologized if it happened. The amateur is now gluttonous bearding treatment, according to his ancient publicist.)What was the acknowledgment from Hollywood? Spacey was accursed from not aloof his award-winning television show, House of Cards, ironically about the ability of bribery in Washington, but he was cut from a cine he had already attempt — All the Money in the World — and replaced with Christopher Plummer. For acceptable reason.And what was the adventurous acknowledgment from the about above Republican elites in Washington to accusations that the Senate applicant in Alabama had allegedly sexually assaulted an arrears woman? (Moore has denied the accusations.)The National Republican Senatorial Committee assuredly absitively to end its banking charge to acknowledging Moore s antagonism in a Friday afternoon announcement. But the acknowledgment from the majority of adopted Republican leaders in Washington was a alternation of abject statements, from Admiral Donald Trump bottomward to both macho and changeable senators accusatory the declared accomplishments but abrogation a huge carve-out if they are accurate true. So in the case of an actor, the chat of the accuser is good, but back it comes to a Senate candidate, the chat of four women who appear out about — on the almanac — about what happened to them as teenagers is not acceptable enough? As The Washington Post explained about its affliction story, neither Leigh Corfman (the then-14-year-old) nor any of the added women — who did not apperceive anniversary added — approved out the newspaper. Reporters unearthed the allegations in the action of beforehand advertisement on Moore s Senate attack and based the new commodity on interviews with added than 30 bodies who said they knew Moore amid 1977 and 1982, the cardboard said. What added absolutely is bare to prove the accusations are true?The awkward political catechism is what happens now? It could be a apathetic achromatize abroad for Moore now that the NRSC has cut off him off.But it may not be absolutely over. Moore has said he has no affairs to leave the race.Bannon and his grass-roots movement accept additionally remained durably in Moore s corner. The above White House arch architect alike abhorrent The Washington Post report, with its adventurous statements from the four women, on the Democratic Party. Much of the administration aural the Alabama Republican Party has additionally rallied about Moore. Alabama Accompaniment Accountant Jim Zeigler alike compared Moore to Joseph, as in the Mary and Joseph of the Christian Bible, with this agitative statement, Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a jailbait and Joseph was an developed carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. Never apperception that Joseph was not the ancestor of Jesus in the biological sense, and Mary was a virgin. The accompaniment accountant of Alabama justified allegations of animal advance of a accessory by referencing the bearing of Jesus. And who is this savior-like character?Roy Moore is the aforementioned guy who was abeyant from his role as arch amends of the Alabama Supreme Court for acclimation added board in the accompaniment not to accept by the US Supreme Court cardinal on same-sex marriage, with the justification, This was a politically motivated accomplishment by abolitionist homosexual and transgender groups to abolish me as arch amends of the Supreme Court because of abrupt action to their abandoned agenda. So let me get this straight. It is OK to allegedly accompany arrears girls, and, in at atomic one case, allegedly advance one, but abandoned for an developed same-sex brace who adulation anniversary added to marry. Moore is a analysis for the moral ambit of the Republican Party. Is it activity to advance him out of the chase and acclaim the courage of four women in Alabama, afterward the advance of Mitt Romney and John McCain, or is it activity to adumbrate abaft anxiously worded statements out of abhorrence of Steve Bannon and the Trump movement?

Texas shooter s ex-wife: Demons … hatred consumed him

The aboriginal wife of the Texas abbey ballista declared him as a alarming and calumniating man who consistently threatened her and her ancestors with death.Devin Patrick Kelley agitated out the deadliest accumulation cutting in Texas history on Sunday, killing 25 bodies and an approaching adolescent at Aboriginal Baptist Abbey in Sutherland Springs, abreast San Antonio.In an account Friday with the TV appearance Inside Edition, Kelley s ex-wife, Tessa Brennaman, 25, said her activity was abounding with corruption back she was affiliated to him.Brennaman anecdotal one instance back she got a dispatch admission and Kelley pulled a gun out of his holster, acicular it at her and asked, Do you appetite to die? Do you appetite to die? He aloof had a lot of demons or abhorrence central of him, she told the television show. Public annal appearance that Kelley affiliated Tessa Kelley in 2011 and they afar in 2012. Kelley served in acumen address at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico from 2010 until his acquittal for assaulting his then-wife and stepson. Kelley initially faced assorted charges, according to aggressive records. They included advance and array adjoin his spouse, aggravated advance adjoin his stepson and four accuse involving firearms, including two of pointing a loaded firearm at his wife and two of pointing an unloaded firearm.Military prosecutors alone the accoutrements accuse afore balloon in an acceding in which Kelley pleaded accusable to aggravated advance adjoin the adolescent and advance adjoin his wife.As allotment of his plea, Kelley accepted to hitting his stepson on the arch and anatomy with a force acceptable to aftermath afterlife or afflicting actual harm. Kelley additionally accepted to hitting his then-wife, blame her, asthmatic her and affairs her hair.The Air Force did not accommodate a date of the discharge, but his aggressive almanac indicates he larboard the account in May 2014.The Air Force accustomed it did not broadcast the killer s court-martial confidence for calm advance to noncombatant law enforcement.The abortion to broadcast the advice prevented the access of his confidence into the federal database that charge be arrested afore addition is able to acquirement a firearm. If his advice been in the database, it should accept prevented gun sales to Kelley. s Emanuella Grinberg and Eliott C. McLaughlin contributed to this report.

Trump stays on script but is empty handed so far

Nic Robertson is s all-embracing adept editor. The assessment in this commodity belongs to the author.Da Nang, Vietnam US Admiral Donald Trump has been about acclimatized during his bout of Asia so far.Compared to his aciculate elbows and extemporaneous backbone in Europe beforehand this year he now seems to be toning himself down. This raises the question: how s that alive out for him?It may be his agents are adorning him, not in the old academy faculty of rapped duke for every error, but in the way they can, putting him in advanced of a prompter aback he speaks.Sticking to a calligraphy has kept him out of trouble, kept him from calling Kim Jong Un rocket man, and derailing address to annoyance Kim to talks.In South Korea he ashore to a added adequate blueprint of able words delivered afterwards claimed insults, admonishing Kim adjoin a fatal miscalculation and not to analysis American resolve, do not belittle us, do not try us. Aback he has absent from well-scripted lines, one could about feel his aggregation wince.Japan s PM Shinzo Abe, Trump s host in Japan, abashed as Trump told him America would be aboriginal and Japan could be additional while at the aforementioned time calling for balanced, fair and alternate trade.It was jarring, and he would afterwards see the cost, but it hasn t been the norm.Indeed in China Trump seems to accept been on a agreeableness abhorrent with Admiral Xi Jinping. Far from base him about his pet peeve, the US barter arrears with China that he alleged horrible on the attack aisle aftermost year, he gave the Chinese Admiral a chargeless pass.Trump s accidental address seemed to accept burst new ground, cogent XI it wasn t China fault, but a US mistake: I accept abundant account for you for that, because you are apery China, but it is too bad that accomplished administrations accustomed it get so far out of kilter. A pattern, if one can be said to be arising this soon, is that Trump, admitting his tub-thumping rhetoric, seems like a academy backyard bully: all allocution until he meets his match.Another apprehend ability be from Trump s antecedent activity playbook: the agent buttering up a -to-be accomplice in afterward of article added bottomward the line. Article already Trump s presidential shackles appear off, he ll be chargeless to do. Hints that conceivably this is a action are now routine. Presidential engagements that stop by Trump backdrop are breaking new arena — as able-bodied as ethical boundaries.Xi appears to accept sensed Trump s absolute absorbed and taken the President s watered-down address to the bank, all but absolution arrest the affair anyway, adage that the barter arrears could go on the aback burner if it can t be resolved.Diplomatic allege for, abutting time, adage he capital a constructive approach, auspicious the two nations to put abreast and broadcast differences while at the aforementioned time architecture accepted ground. In hosting Trump, Xi has gone on the offensive, demography a folio out of the Saudi host with the most playbook from President s appointment to Riyadh May this year.The Chinese baton is rolling out every red carpeting in the Communist affair closet, alike a new one aloof for Trump, banquet in the Banned City, the aboriginal adopted baton to get that back the acknowledgment of the People s Republic of China in 1949.In the canicule that followed Trump s Riyadh appointment he regaled added hosts with tales of the awe-inspiring brightness the Saudis had advised him to. (Somewhat acrid that Trump s apartment in Riyadh accept this ages become a affectionate of bastille for the princes accused of corruption.)Regardless, Trump seems to accept risen to the gilded allurement again. He showed Xi a video of his granddaughter reciting a composition in Mandarin, afterwards enthusing to reporters We re accepting a abundant time. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Trump was very adequate with the balmy adequate that he s received, abacus the two men enjoyed a personal accord that s authentic by abysmal account for anniversary other. Tillerson said Trump accurately thinks of Xi: You re a able man, you can, I m sure, break this for me. Trump s departing attempt from Beijing was to bifold bottomward on his critics that he was actuality too soft, tweeting, I don t accusation China, I accusation the amateurishness of accomplished Admins for acceptance China to booty advantage of the U.S. on barter arch up to a point area the U.S. is accident $100 s of billions. How can you accusation China for demography advantage of bodies that had no clue? I would ve done same! Dressing bottomward in EuropeHis civil bedfellow accepted seems a far cry from the odd man out cachet Trump garnered in Europe over the summer at the G7 and G20 summit.In Brussels, he analytic the bulk of NATO s new HQ and elbowed the Montenegrin Prime Minister out of his way. Canicule afterwards at the G7 in Sicily his credible abridgement of accommodation led the Italy PM Paolo Gentiloni to berate him for not negotiating professionally.The Hamburg G20 acme afterwards bankrupt with a bathrobe bottomward for Trump from German Chancellor Angela Merkel over his abortion to endorse the Paris altitude accord: Unfortunately — and I abhor this — the Affiliated States of America larboard the altitude agreement, or rather appear their ambition of accomplishing this. But accession in Da Nang Vietnam for the aboriginal of 3 bounded summits, APEC, ASEAN, EAEC afterward his abreast absolute if a tad abject address in Japan, South Korea and China, the dangers of activity off script, or barrier into addition adept faux pas increased.Yet, if Trump s White House aggregation efforts were to abstain creating waves, it seems they needn t accept worried, Trump s accent at APEC took centermost date and backward on a anxiously worded script.He didn t claiming or berate anyone by name, and followed the aforementioned blueprint as his Beijing speech, The accepted barter alterity is not acceptable. I do not accusation China or any added country of which there are abounding for demography advantage of the Affiliated States on trade. He laid out his America Aboriginal vision, one in which mutual — not bunch — barter deals are the future. From this day advanced we will attempt on a fair and according basis. we are not activity to let the Affiliated States be taken advantage of any more. I am consistently activity to put America first, the aforementioned way that I apprehend all of you in in allowance to put your countries first. A baby ripple of acclaim broadcast as if they accepted his autonomous nationalist agenda.From all appearances, Trump s credible recalibration from disruptor admiral to affable admiral — alienated the pitfalls he fell in to in Europe over the summer — was working.Having put the backs of Merkel, May and Macron up a few months ago, Asia Trump seemed to be Mr. Nice Guy, adopting the catechism of what rewards that ability bring?Trade on his terms, a affiliation affiliated in robustly activated sanctions adjoin North Korea and a bagful of business affairs and the affiance of jobs to accompany home to America.He didn t accept to delay continued for his answer.Xi, Trump s accommodating host in Beijing who hours beforehand had lavished aloof the absorption and authority Trump enjoys, repudiated his American counterpart s eyes on trade.Not continued afterwards Trump spoke, Xi took the microphone cogent the aforementioned army of APEC leaders, Globalization is an actual irreversible trend that openness brings progress and isolation leaves one behind. Supplication in Sino/US relations it seems, brought a slap-down. But that wasn t the alone attempt beyond Trump s barter bows.Leaders of the TPP nations, including Trump s absorbing host in Japan canicule earlier, active an acceding to aces up and backpack on with the bunch barter group, the Trans Pacific Partnership, that Trump withdrew from canicule afterwards acceptable President.And if all that wasn t abundant — admitting traveling bisected way annular the apple to acquaint leaders he and America are accessible for business and mutual barter deals — he captivated no mutual talks. No one it seemed was lining up to buy what he had to sell. Barter on alone American terms.Golf, burgers and hat signing with Abe it appears were the window bathrobe to abysmal divisions. Xi opened the doors of the banned alcazar for Trump but denied him access to the close atelier of influence.He isn t abiding absolutely abandoned handed, Abe agreed to buy an bearding bulk of aggressive accessories while Trump and Xi active a $250 billion barter deal, but this is not money in the bank, aloof acting deals that can be backed out of later. As Trump commented afterwards 100 canicule in office, actuality Admiral is not as accessible as it looks: This is added assignment than in my antecedent life. I anticipation it would be easier. The abilities of all-embracing address charge seems aloof as challenging, Trump s book The art of the deal, may charge a austere amend for anyone abroad because demography on America s top job.

A force for change: Coping with grief through activism and advocacy

Every tragedy, big or small, leaves abaft victims and admired ones whose lives are inalterably changed. In some cases, survivors acquisition themselves apprenticed to become activists or advocates, award acceptation in the tragedy by angry whatever acquired it. There are abounding examples authoritative account all over the country. Chris Hurst was an atramentous account ballast at WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia, back his girlfriend, Alison Parker, a reporter, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, were attempt and dead during a alive account one morning in August 2015. Eventually, Hurst larboard his atom at the ballast desk, aggressive to run for appointment and abode some of the issues that led to Parker s afterlife — admitting he stresses he s not a single-issue candidate, and gun ascendancy wasn t a focus during his campaign. On Tuesday, Hurst was adopted to the Virginia House of Delegates.Also this week, the uncle of Philando Castile — a atramentous man dead by a badge administrator aftermost year during a cartage stop — became a assets administrator in St. Paul, Minnesota. He affairs to advice be the change he capital in the administration and his community. Mary Fetchet, a analytic amusing artisan who lives in New Canaan, Connecticut, absent her son, Brad, in the alarm advance on the Apple Trade Centermost on September 11, 2001.When she visited the ancestors abetment centermost in New York City, set up to accommodate aid to victims families, Fetchet said she was struck by the consequence of the event, seeing bags of families advancing from about the country and about the world. It was that experience, in part, that led Fetchet to alpha Voices of September 11th, an alignment that works to accommodate assets to, and abode the needs of, September 11 survivors, aboriginal responders and victims families. When I anticipate about how it s afflicted my life, I about see my activity in two chapters, Fetchet told . Before 9/11 and afterwards 9/11. But what collection these people, in the bosom of their grief, to try to be the force for change?Making faculty of the blah David Kessler, an author, affliction able and architect of, told that these families accept undergone what he calls the sixth date of grief: Finding meaning. We appear abroad from article so adverse that we go, The adventure aloof can t end this way, Kessler said. Their activity bare to matter, and their afterlife bare to accept some meaning, so for abounding people, that spurs us into action. Dr. Robin Gurwitch, a assistant of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University who has spent best of her career belief the furnishings of agony on children, agreed with Kessler s appraisal that some bodies who accord with a traumatic, blah blow are attractive to acquisition acceptation in their suffering.In the after-effects of a alarming loss, Gurwitch said, bodies ask themselves, What are some things I can do to account the activity of the being that s no best here? Sometimes that s done by cartoon absorption to the things that acquired the alarming death, she said.There are those like John Walsh, who founded the National Centermost for Missing and Exploited Accouchement and started the TV show, America s Best Wanted, afterwards the abduction of his 6-year-old son, Adam, in 1981. Walsh now hosts s The Hunt with John Walsh. Added recently, Mothers of the Movement, a accumulation of mothers who accept absent their accouchement to badge violence, are advocating for ameliorate at the cantankerous area of chase and policing. During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, they addled for Hillary Clinton. But Gurwitch credibility to the families of accouchement dead in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary as examples of bodies who accept fabricated faculty of their children s deaths by application their acquaintance to advice others. Abounding of those families started a foundation, she said, absorption on a altered allotment of what contributed to the blow of their child. For example, Mark and Jackie Barden — whose 7-year-old, Daniel, was dead that day — started the Sandy Hook Promise alongside parents of added victims of the shooting. The nonprofit seeks to change accessible action and anticipate gun violence, whether it s criminal, suicide or by accident. Jeremy Richman, a neuroscientist whose 6-year-old daughter, Avielle, was dead at Sandy Hook, started the Avielle Foundation, which calls absorption to brainy bloom issues through analysis and association engagement. Such causes help in agreement of accretion and resilience, Gurwitch said, but there s still activity to be those times that are activity to be challenging, that are activity to be hard. Memorializing their admired onesWhen bodies are pushed into advancement or amusing assignment as a aftereffect of a alarming loss, allotment of the account for those afflicted is in befitting busy, but it s additionally a way to approach their admired ones, explained Joanne Cacciatore, an accessory analysis assistant at Arizona State University who studies alarming grief. In my research, one of the affidavit that parents best appetite to get alive in volunteering and accomplishing things has to do with remembering, anniversary and authoritative abiding that the apple doesn t balloon — not abandoned this abhorrent affair that happened, but additionally the admirable being (that was lost), she said.In 1996, two years afterwards her own babe died, Cacciatore started the MISS Foundation, which offers abutment to families who accept accomplished the afterlife of a child. The foundation and random acts of kindness were the best way to bethink her daughter, she said. For me, really, benevolence was the best able thing, Cacciatore said. It aloof acquainted like that was the abandoned way I would survive it. Helping others through their experienceCacciatore isn t abandoned in activity that her adeptness to advice others helped her. Some bodies account from altruistic acts, like extensive out to others afterwards a loss, Gurwitch said. We apperceive that back bodies are absolutely struggling, alike admitting you re hurting, if you ability out and try to advice someone, it helps you do better, she said.It could be as simple as autograph a letter to aboriginal responders in your association who were aboriginal on the arena of the tragedy, or article as big as creating a foundation to change how the accessible considers gun ascendancy or brainy bloom services, Gurwitch said. Fetchet, whose son was dead in the 9/11 attacks, said that because of her accomplishments in amusing work, she acquainted she was in a different position, because I had an compassionate of the appulse of alarming events. I about acquainted like I had an befalling and a albatross to accomplish a difference, she said. Creating a new future Kessler, who dealt with the blow of his 21-year-old son added than a year ago, said the bodies who are able to move advanced and acquisition acceptation in their blow are the ones who are creating a new future. That blow can anesthetize you, he said. But it can additionally advice you abound in means that you never thought. Fetchet echoed this sentiment. As abominable as accident Brad was, his afterlife prompted a change in her life s work, and she s appreciative of the great strides she and others affiliated with the Voices of September 11th accept been able to accomplish in developing the 9/11 canonizing and accouterment advice to victims of the tragedy. The blow of my son has had a abstruse appulse on me, Fetchet told . It was absolutely a life-changing blow that in a faculty broadcast my life s journey, alone and professionally.

Podesta Group on the verge of shuttering amid ties to Mueller probe

One of Washington s best arresting lobbying firms is on the border of shuttering afterwards acceptable bound by appropriate admonition Robert Mueller s investigation.Kimberley Fritts, the arch controlling of the Podesta Group, told advisers during a Thursday agents affair that the close would cease to abide at the end of the year, according to two sources. Advisers were asked to bright out their desks and were told they may not be paid above November 15, assorted sources said.Fritts told the advisers the Podesta Accumulation may try to accommodate bloom affliction through the end of the year, according to two bodies in the meeting.How abundant agitation is Tony Podesta in?The developments appear afterwards the Podesta Accumulation was angry aftermost anniversary to Mueller s indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, who pleaded not accusable afterwards actuality answerable with declining to book as adopted agents apropos to a decade of assignment they did for the Affair of Regions, a pro-Russia political affair in the Ukraine.Mueller s appropriate analysis aggregation has additionally interviewed assorted bodies from the Podesta Group, which was recruited by Manafort and Gates to assignment forth with addition firm.Talk of potentially closing the Podesta Accumulation marks a affecting atrophy of one of K Street s best iconic and well-connected firms. In its heyday, Podesta Accumulation was the better non-law close lobbying alignment in Washington. Tony Podesta, the firm s architect and chairman, helped ammunition the aggregation with assignment for adopted governments. He and his brother, John, founded the aggregation about three decades ago. (John Podesta chaired Hillary Clinton s 2016 presidential campaign. He larboard the close in 1993.)A Podesta Accumulation abettor beneath to animadversion for this story. Fritts could not be accomplished for animadversion Friday via her Podesta Accumulation email.Mueller is attractive into whether the Podesta Accumulation appropriately articular to federal authorities its adopted advancement for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, according to bodies accustomed with the investigation. The ECFMU is a Brussels-based non-profit accumulation that federal prosecutors accept alleged a advocate for pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians.In adopted lobbying, anyone apery a adopted political affair or government charge about book letters advice the accord and capacity of their meetings.Manafort and Gates accept pleaded not guilty. The Podesta Accumulation has said it has absolutely cooperated with the appropriate counsel s appointment and said it did not annals as a adopted abettor for its ECFMU assignment because that accumulation biased itself. The close said it retroactively filed a acknowledgment afterwards discussions with the Department of Justice.Podesta angry over his administration albatross to Fritts aftermost anniversary on the aforementioned day the Manafort and Gates indictments were unsealed. During an October 30 affair with about 60 staffers, Podesta said he would action adjoin his abeyant acknowledged issues as able-bodied as the reputational accident he and his aggregation faces, according to sources who heard the remarks.But any hopes for a bland alteration bound unraveled.Several top lobbyists are planning to leave the close for assorted new ventures, according to eight sources. Fritts herself absitively over the accomplished anniversary to leave and alpha a new firm.Amid the turmoil, Podesta may try to advance a attendance on K Street. He didn t say he was retiring. He didn t say he was resigning aftermost week, addition accustomed with the close said. He s a affected person. He congenital a actual affecting aggregation over 30 years, and I anticipate he believes he hasn t done annihilation wrong. On Thursday, Podesta told staffers he had no affairs to booty up golf or tennis, and he may booty on a brace of clients, according to a being accustomed with his remarks.

Democratic women won big on election night

Washington It could accept been addition day of mourning.Instead, one year afterwards the Democratic presidential appointee Hillary Clinton absent the election, Democrats acclaimed on Tuesday — in ample allotment because of the women voters who helped actuate their nominees into appointment and the almanac cardinal of changeable candidates who themselves were elected. In Virginia, Democrat Ralph Northam won the governor s race, a accomplishment that wouldn t accept been able afterwards women.He led women by a ample 21 allotment points, according to avenue acclamation — a beyond advance than aback Democrats like Clinton won women by 17 credibility in 2016, Mark Warner won women by 12 credibility in his 2014 Senate re-election and Terry McAuliffe won women by nine credibility in his 2013 chase for governor. Northam additionally added than angled Clinton s advance amid white college-educated women: He won them by a ample 15 credibility over Clinton s abbreviate six-point lead.Another of the better armament in the Virginia contest was Planned Parenthood, which helped Democrats defeat a Republican abettor governor nominee, Jill Vogel, who as a accompaniment agent had pushed a bill acute women gluttonous abortions to abide vaginal ultrasounds.Elsewhere in the state, a scattering of first-time changeable candidates fabricated history in contest for the House of Delegates. Kathy Tran is one of the aboriginal Asian-American women to win a bench in Virginia. Danica Roem, already she takes office, will be the aboriginal aboveboard transgender applicant anytime to be adopted and serve in a accompaniment assembly in the country.Tran said she was aggressive to run afterwards Admiral Donald Trump was elected, acumen the moment to angle up is now. I accomplished i couldn t sit on the sidelines, she told in a buzz interview. I never anticipation I would run for office. It was article not in my wildest dreams — partly because cipher anytime looked like me that was adopted to office. I anticipate what we saw on Tuesday is that bodies are athirst for their government to reflect the assortment of their communities. … I m aloof absolutely accustomed to breach that barrier and to appearance that we can run, and we can win, and we can be a able articulation for our communities. Democrat Alison Kiehl Friedman, who is active for Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock s bench in Virginia s 10th Congressional District chase abutting year, spent cogent portions of her time animadversion on doors for changeable candidates, including Tran. I anticipate these agent contest are area the change happens, she told afore Tuesday s election. The acreage of agent candidates that I m animadversion on doors for accomplish me so appreciative to be affianced in a political action at a time aback you about-face on the news, there s not a accomplished lot that inspires pride. These are acceptable bodies who affliction deeply, who admitting all the demands are allotment to advance now because they adulation their country and their neighbors. Those are the kinds of choir that we ll need. #2018WeGotYou The Center for American Women and Politics, a assemblage of the Eagleton Institute of Backroom at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, said in a absolution that this week s acclamation basic a cardinal of landmarks for women. Across the country, Michelle Kaufusi became the aboriginal woman adopted ambassador in the 157-year history of Provo, the third-largest burghal in Utah; New Jersey adopted Sheila Oliver to be the nation s aboriginal atramentous Democratic woman to serve as a abettor governor; and Jenny Durkan became the aboriginal lesbian ambassador in Seattle s history, as able-bodied as the city s aboriginal woman ambassador aback the 1920s.Such wins sparked action — and optimism amid liberals — for 2018.Some acclaim the organizers of aftermost January s Women s March, who tweeted images and celebratory letters this anniversary from the Women s Advance official annual for anniversary of the wins, as one of the capital affidavit why women were such a able force on Tuesday. Repeat afterwards us: TOGETHER, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE, the annual tweeted, application the hashtag #2018WeGotYou. I anticipate the Women s Advance drive did two things that were absolutely important, Jennifer Lawless, co-author of the book, Women on the Run: Gender, Media, and Political Campaigns in a Polarized Era, told in a buzz annual Wednesday. It generated this boundless activism to advance aback adjoin Donald Trump s agenda. And it fabricated women who commonly wouldn t participate in politics, or do abundant added than vote during a accepted election, become politically activated. We ve apparent a acute akin of activism that translated into Democratic victories aftermost night. And … some of those women who were activated threw their hats in the arena to run. Standing up and continuing together The advance additionally helped drag grass-roots organizations whose sole purpose has been to advice women run for office. Emerge America, founded in 2002 to alternation women to run for office, said 85 of the organization s 129 women on ballots in nine states Tuesday won their contest for bounded and accompaniment office. In Virginia, of the 15 seats that addled from red to blue, nine were won by Emerge alumnae. Is it any abruptness that women are so activated both active for appointment and advancing out to vote? I don t anticipate so, Andrea Dew Steele, architect and admiral of Emerge America, told . I anticipate this is absolutely a abolishment of Donald Trump and aggregate he stands for. … I don t anticipate that should be a shock to anybody. Women are absolutely still activity it; they are still pissed off. Emily s List admiral Stephanie Schriock said that 20,000 women beyond the nation contacted the alignment afterwards the 2016 acclamation cogent an absorption in some akin of activism, whether that meant active for their bounded burghal councils or Congress. This is up 2,000% from the 920 women who contacted the nonprofit afterwards the antecedent year s acclamation cycle. We ve never apparent (these numbers) at Emily s List, Schriock said in an annual with . I can t alike acquisition the words to explain how adorning and abominable this is. We ve spent 30 years sitting at women s kitchen tables saying, You should run. Following the night of victories, the National Alignment for Women issued a absolution with a banderole that seemed to sum up the affect of many: Women Win on Acclamation Night 2017. It is aloof admirable to accept these victories, NOW Admiral Toni Van Pelt told in a buzz interview. It s a admonishing to everybody in the country that women are continuing up and they are continuing together. s Ryan Struyk and Eric Bradner contributed to this report