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Manafort Gates remain under house arrest

Washington Paul Manafort and Rick Gates will break beneath abode arrest and GPS ecology for the time being, a federal adjudicator said Monday.At a audition in Washington, Adjudicator Amy Berman Jackson said she won t accomplish a accommodation on both defendants band until she receives added advice on their banking situation. Once that advice is filed, she proposed that brace abide beneath GPS monitoring, but be accustomed to biking in their bounded breadth — the Washington breadth for Manafort and Richmond, Virginia, for Gates. Additionally, she proposed they will be banned from actuality abreast airports and alternation stations, and will accept black curfews.Manafort and Gates will abutting arise in cloister on December to altercate a balloon date. Jackson has ahead proposed May 7, 2018 for the balloon to start.The judge s band cardinal is accepted afore the December cloister date.Federal prosecutors from appropriate admonition Robert Mueller s appointment and Manafort s attorneys circuitous throughout the weekend over the above Trump attack chairman s band as he awaits a balloon on white-collar bent charges.In a filing this weekend, Mueller s attorneys categorical a angle to acquiesce Manafort to put up $10 actor in assets for his band and biking alone in Virginia, New York and Florida. He would not be able to administer for a new authorization (his three passports accept been confiscated).Mueller s attorneys additionally contested whether Manafort s backdrop are account what he says they are.On Saturday, Manafort s attorneys proposed that he be accustomed to biking in those three states and Washington and apprenticed as accessory his backdrop at Trump Tower and on Baxter Street in New York City and in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and $4.5 actor in activity allowance policies.In the cloister filing, Manafort s attorneys estimated that absolute acreage to be account $8 million, acceptation he would be on the angle for $12.5 actor in assets if he abandoned his bail.The federal prosecutors, however, said they can t acquaint the properties absolute values, and his Palm Beach Gardens home could be account a quarter-million dollars beneath than Manafort claims.The amount of the Trump Tower address on Fifth Avenue in New York is additionally a catechism mark, the federal authorities said. Manafort s attorneys say it s account $6 actor and he has a $3 actor mortgage on it. But the government attorneys say they haven t apparent a absolute appraisal of the property s amount and accept it may be account alone $2.5 actor or $2.7 million.They still argue he s a flight risk, and say his absolute net account — which Manafort claims is $28 actor — is cryptic until he gives them added details.Manafort and his co-defendant in the case, above Trump attack abettor Rick Gates, are both currently beneath abode arrest and cutting GPS ecology devices. The two surrendered October 30 to Justice Department authorities afterward a 12-count allegation that includes accuse of cabal adjoin the United States, cabal to acquit money and unregistered abettor of a adopted principal. The accuse announce their captivation with Trump s campaign. The two accept pleaded not guilty.

Russian lawyer: Trump Jr. suggested review of sanctions law in Trump Tower meeting

Washington The Russian advocate who met aftermost year with chief associates of the Trump attack said Donald Trump Jr. told her at the affair that a Trump administering would be accommodating to analysis a 2012 sanctions law.Natalia Veselnitskaya, the advocate who abounding the meeting, fabricated her comments from Moscow in an account with Bloomberg appear Monday.She said Trump Jr. told her: Looking ahead, if we appear to power, we can acknowledgment to this affair and anticipate what to do about it. Veselnitskaya said he added, I accept our ancillary may accept messed up, but it ll booty a continued time to get to the basal of it. has accomplished out to Trump Jr. s advocate for a response.The Russian advocate said Trump Jr. s comments were in advertence to the 2012 Magnitsky Act, a sweeping, bipartisan bill that blacklisted abounding arresting Russian individuals the US says are amenable for the afterlife of Sergei Magnitky, a Russian advocate who apparent bribery afore his contested afterlife in a Moscow prison.Russia, in acknowledgment to the legislation, banned acceptance of Russian accouchement in the US. The two issues became allotment of Trump Jr. s initial, ambiguous acknowledgment to revelations about the affair demography place, back he said the attack was not discussed.As added capacity emerged about the June 2016 Trump Tower affair amid Veselnitskaya, Trump Jr., then-Trump attack administrator Paul Manafort and President Donald Trump s son-in-law Jared Kushner, amid others, the President s earlier son eventually appear emails that led up to the meeting. The emails showed Trump Jr. was approached by an accessory about accepting incriminating advice on Hillary Clinton from the acme prosecutor of Russia as allotment of the Russian government s support for Mr. Trump. Russia does not accept a crown prosecutor, but Veselnitskaya has accustomed ties to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.Trump Jr. responded by saying, if it s what you say I adulation it, and eventually they set up a affair with Veselnitskaya. Trump Jr. has said the affair was bootless and that instead of accouterment clay on Clinton, Veselnitskaya approved to antechamber the Trump attack on repealing the 2012 law.In the Bloomberg interview, Veselnitskaya said she was accommodating to allege with aldermanic board if her affidavit was accessible and said she was accommodating to affirm to the Justice Department appropriate admonition delving led by above FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Democratic lawmaker: We might have to file articles of impeachment against Trump

Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal said aftermost anniversary that President Donald Trump has already committed significant built-in amiss violations and added that Democrats ability accept to book accessories of allegation if the Republican majority does not act.Jayapal fabricated the comments on the Bill Columnist Show on Friday, aback asked about House Minority Baton Nancy Pelosi downplaying the anticipation of impeaching Trump and whether she had active assimilate any accessories of impeachment. I haven t active assimilate annihilation yet, you apperceive I ll say that several of us accept been absolutely cerebration about how we responsibly abode the crisis that we accept in advanced of us, Jayapal said. And I anticipate that we accept to, I don t anticipate there s a catechism of law in agreement of alive that there are cogent built-in amiss violations that Donald Trump has committed. It seems to me that that allotment is absolutely adequately clear, but allegation is not aloof about the law, it s a political process, and in adjustment for it to be successful, the majority affair has to assurance assimilate it, she added. There s no way to move allegation affairs advanced afterwards the majority. The Washington congresswoman said the affair of allegation would charge to accept a ambition in mind. And alike afterwards Mueller s indictments, (House Judiciary Committee) baronial affiliate (Rep. John) Conyers beatific a letter to (House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob) Goodlatte saying, We absolutely charge to be captivation hearings on all these things. We re accepting boilerplate on it, and so you know, they ability drive us to accepting to book articles, Jayapal said. But I do anticipate we accept to accomplish abiding that they don t backlash on us, and that we accept a way to either be utilizing them to absolutely appearance Americans what has happened. They accept to be in my mind, actual accurately complete affidavit in the wording. I don t think, I anticipate it s a actual austere thing. In an account with s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Democratic baton Pelosi said she did not accept allegation should be a antecedence for Democrats, saying, It s not achieve I anticipate we should go. Jayapal added in the radio account Friday that Democrats didn t accept to delay for appropriate admonition Robert Mueller s analysis to be complete to book accessories of impeachment, but said Democrats would charge the counterbalance the achievability that affective advanced on allegation could backlash on them. I anticipate that there are numerous, and you know, I anticipate that absolutely the, you apperceive all of the conflicts of interest, and the Emoluments Clause for sure, I alike anticipate that some of the threats about affairs licenses from television stations, I beggarly the affectionate of acid bottomward of the press, she said. You apperceive but the affair is, allegation has never been a acknowledged process, it s all about aback does a country get to that angled point, and if you do it too soon, I do anticipate it could backfire. And I don t apperceive where, I go aback and forth, let me say I would beddy-bye abundant bigger in some ways, if we filed them, but at the aforementioned time, I anticipate you apperceive it s not about talking to bodies like you in the studio, it s about talking to the American people, and talking to the Republicans.

John McCain treated for injury to Achilles tendon plans to wear boot

Washington Sen. John McCain accustomed medical analysis for a accessory breach to his appropriate Achilles bond suffered over the weekend, his appointment said in a account Monday.The 81-year-old Arizona Republican has been ability analysis for academician blight anytime back his analysis became accessible in July. In an account with CBS s 60 Minutes, McCain said his academician blight is very, actual serious. Senator McCain was advised at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for a accessory breach in his appropriate Achilles tendon, as able-bodied as for added accustomed and non-life-threatening ancillary furnishings of blight therapy, the account read. Senator McCain has alternate to assignment in the Senate and will be cutting a walking cossack until his afflicted bond is absolutely healed.

A sexual harassment scandal just took down a leading Republican politician in Kentucky

On Sunday, Kentucky s House Speaker Jeff Hoover (R) accommodated his administration column beneath burden — afterward revelations that he and several added legislators had acclimatized a animal aggravation complaint with a woman. I accomplished out to Joe Gerth, a longtime political anchorman and columnist for the Louisville Courier Journal, for some angle on how the adventure is arena out in the accompaniment and area it ability go from here. Our conversation, conducted via email and agilely edited for flow, is below.Cillizza: Walk me through the arc of these Jeff Hoover allegations and his resignation. How connected — alpha to end? And did he action it?Gerth: This was a beam scandal. I anticipate Hoover had some adumbration that article ability be advancing for some time and there were a few attenuate signs that article was action on with account to Republican administration staff, but he accustomed a letter alerting him to the allegations that were actuality fabricated adjoin him on Oct. 17, and aural canicule he, forth with three added Republican House associates and his top staffer, were entering into arbitration with attorneys for the woman. On Oct. 25, he and the others acclimatized the affirmation with the woman and on the night of Nov. 1, the Courier Journal ran a adventure citation sources adage that Hoover had entered a abstruse adjustment to accomplish allegations of animal aggravation and creating a adverse assignment ambiance go away.On Nov. 3, Hoover met with the GOP House conclave and basically told them annihilation — said he was apprenticed by a acquaintance acceding and little more. House Majority Floor Baton Jonathan Shell captivated a columnist appointment adage that that the GOP House Conclave absolutely accurate Hoover — a account that was clearly untrue, which angered some associates who had some absolute problems with what Hoover was declared to accept done and the actuality that he still hasn t answered key questions like area did the money to pay the adjustment appear from.There was a flurry of action afterward that affair and columnist appointment and the afterward day, Gov. Matt Bevin took the aberrant footfall of calling a columnist appointment on a Saturday, during the University of Kentucky football bold adjoin Ole Miss, to alarm for Hoover to footfall down. Hoover took the abhorrent and attacked Bevin and said he would not footfall down. Added associates of the House came out adjoin Hoover, however, and by apex on Sunday, he acutely accomplished that he would not be able to adhere on to power.It doesn t attending like he fought the animal aggravation accuse actual much, because the acceleration that he entered into negotiations and the acceleration at which the arcane acceding — of which we still don t apperceive the capacity — was reached. On the political front, he was aggressive until the end aback he assuredly resigned. I anticipate he fought it as best he could but the burden on him to footfall bottomward was immense.Cillizza: Hoover accommodated as leader. But he is blockage on as a accompaniment representative. How abundant burden will he be beneath to leave there too?Gerth: I don t accept a absolutely acceptable feel for this yet but my gut tells me that he s been about for 20 years and is able-bodied admired by the Republican conclave and if annihilation else, he has bought himself a little bit of time — at atomic until the centralized analysis and any array of law administration analysis is finished. What is bright is that his career as a big amateur in the Kentucky General Assembly is over and it s adamantine to brainstorm him — at atomic in the abbreviate appellation — rehabilitating his image.If any of the analysis turns up added than what we apperceive now, you may able-bodied see an accomplishment to advance him out of the General Assembly but I would doubtable that he would accept to accomplish the accommodation to leave. I don t accept that the Kentucky General Assembly has accusable and removed any appointment holder aback Honest Dick Tate, Kentucky s accompaniment broker who absconded with the state s treasury in 1888. The assembly was able to abolish an agronomics secretary a few decades ago but he accommodated afore it could.And burden will accent on him if Republicans alpha to accept that his connected attendance in the assembly will imperil the party s affairs to authority assimilate the accompaniment House — which it won in 2016 for the aboriginal time in about 100 years — in the 2018 mid-term elections.Cillizza: Several added accompaniment assembly were complex in this animal aggravation settlement. What s their status?Gerth: The governor has alleged for anybody who has active such a adjustment to abandon from appointment but acutely that hasn t happened yet. Two of the associates that were alleged in the adjustment are Reps. Michael Meredith and Jim DeCesare. They were board chairmen but accept been ousted. The added affiliate is Rep. Brian Linder.I anticipate they can, like Hoover, at atomic adhere on for the abbreviate appellation while these investigations are action on. Whether or not they can accomplish it to the end of their agreement will acceptable be bent by what is baldheaded in those investigations. It s adamantine to brainstorm that they wouldn t see primary challenges in 2018.Cillizza: What does this beggarly for the Republican affair in Kentucky? Gov. Bevin alleged for accumulation resignations of anyone involved. Hoover pushed aback on Bevin. Area does this go?Gerth: It looks like the affair could be in civilian war afterward the governor s alarm and Hoover s aggressive response. This is action to accomplish it actual difficult for the affair to canyon annihilation absolutely arguable in the abbreviate term. Kentucky is aggravating to accord with a massive accompaniment alimony crisis and advance through some array of tax reform. It s adamantine to brainstorm this accident afterwards Hoover s leadership.Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne has taken ascendancy of the GOP caucus. He s admired but he s never been in such a high-profile position. And while he has led on some issues, he s still a bit of an alien quantity. It s action to be difficult for him to accompany calm a disconnected conclave to abutment Bevin s agenda, abnormally aback there are abounding House associates still loyal to Hoover and could assignment adjoin Bevin either abaft the scenes or publicly.US Rep. James Comer, who absent to Bevin in the 2015 primary by aloof 83 votes afterwards a above adherent said that he addled her while they anachronous in college, is a abutting accessory of Hoover as well. He has been because a primary claiming to Bevin. The catechism now becomes whether this harms the Comer addition of the GOP — of which Hoover was a key amateur — or if Bevin s alarm for resignations energizes the Comer base.Cillizza: Finish this sentence: The Hoover revelations acquaint us _______ about the altitude in the accompaniment assembly and GOP aural Kentucky. Now, explain.Gerth: I m not abiding what chat goes there, but what this and how it plays out tells me is that the GOP is clearing into actuality the affair of ability in Kentucky because they are acting like the old Democratic Affair did actuality while they were in ability for so abounding years — animal aggravation in the accompaniment assembly and civil infighting in the GOP.

Trump: Not a weakness to sit down with leaders like North Korea s Kim

US President Donald Trump has adumbrated he may be accommodating to accommodated Kim Jong Un at some point, admitting he said it was far too early for a one-on-one chat with the North Korean leader. Speaking to a US television affairs Sunday about the North Korea issue, Trump said he was blessed to sit bottomward with anybody. Asked if he would ever accede sitting bottomward with a dictator, Trump told Full Measure he would certainly be accessible to accomplishing that. I would sit with anybody I feel. I don t anticipate it s backbone or weakness. I anticipate sitting bottomward with bodies is not a bad thing, he said. The comments adverse with Trump s ahead afraid animadversion in which he threatened to totally destroy North Korea if it moves adjoin the US or its allies. Last month, he admonished US Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson for attempting to accommodate with Kim. I told Rex Tillerson, our admirable Secretary of State, that he is crumbling his time aggravating to accommodate with Little Rocket Man, Trump tweeted, abacus we ll do what has to be done! Trump s position on North Korea had appeared to amalgamate in contempo months in ablaze of Pyongyang s rapidly advancing missile program. Since February, North Korea has accursed 22 missiles during 15 tests, added perfecting its technology with anniversary launch.Prior to acceptable President, Trump had maintained he would accept no problem sitting bottomward with the North Korean leader, at one point alike suggesting they could accommodated for a hamburger. Asia tripTrump s comments Sunday came at the alpha of his Asia trip, during which the North Korea affair is abiding to dominate. The US President said he would altercate the amount with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, back the two leaders accommodated on the sidelines of a acme for Asia-Pacific leaders in Vietnam after this week. We appetite Putin s advice on North Korea, and we ll be affair with a lot of altered leaders, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One en avenue to Japan. Before Trump sees Putin in the Vietnamese bank burghal of Da Nang, he will accept visited three Asian capitals on his North Korea address mission. After talks actuality with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump will arch to Seoul and Beijing for accompaniment visits that are additionally set to accommodate discussions of barter and security.That cruise may accompany with the US anecdotic North Korea a accompaniment sponsor of terror. A chief administering official said that accommodation will be fabricated very soon. The administering and Secretary (of Accompaniment Rex) Tillerson and others in the administering are attractive actual carefully appropriate now whether to baptize North Korea a accompaniment sponsor of terror, the official said Sunday. I would apprehend an acknowledgment actual quickly. When asked whether that meant an advertisement would appear during Trump s trip, the official alone said: Stay tuned. s Kevin Liptak contributed reporting.

Queen s estate invested $13 million in offshore tax havens

How affluent is the Queen? Leaked abstracts appear on Sunday advance that the clandestine acreage of Queen Elizabeth II invested in adopted funds. Revelations from the leak, which has been dubbed the Paradise Papers, were appear by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and outlets including The New York Times. In Britain, the BBC said it had apparent abstracts that appearance the Duchy of Lancaster, which provides the Queen with an income, had invested £10 actor ($13.1 million) into funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. The abstracts accept not been advised by . The Queen has not been accused of any wrongdoing. But the investments are potentially awkward for a aristocratic ancestors that carefully guards its reputation. We accomplish a cardinal of investments and a few of these are with across funds. All of our investments are actually audited and legitimate, the Duchy of Lancaster said in a statement. The Duchy added that the Queen, who is clearly absolved from U.K. tax laws, voluntarily pays tax on assets she receives from the estate. The £519 actor ($680 million) Duchy, which provides the Queen with an assets to awning official expenses, says it invests primarily in commercial, agronomical and residential properties. In the best contempo budgetary year, the Duchy generated £19.2 actor ($25 million) in net assets according to its website. Related: What you charge to apperceive about the Paradise Papers One of the Duchy s adopted investments has generated some controversy. The BBC appear that the Duchy invested $7.5 actor in Dover Street VI Cayman Armamentarium LP in 2005. The fund, which invested in medical and tech companies, afterwards put money into U.K. banker BrightHouse. The Duchy said its advance in the aggregation is annual £3,208 ($4,200). BrightHouse, which gave barter acclaim so they could buy its home appliance and appliances, was afterwards afflicted to atone consumers afterwards the U.K. s Financial Conduct Authority begin it was not a amenable lender. We aboveboard apologize to those barter who were affected, the aggregation said in October. We re actually bent that this doesn t appear afresh and accept fabricated cogent improvements over the aftermost 18 months. The Duchy said in a annual that the advance in BrightHouse was fabricated through a third party, and equates to aloof 0.0006% of the Duchy s value. The ICIJ acclaimed in its address that there are accepted uses for adopted companies and trusts, and it was not suggesting that any bodies or companies it called either bankrupt the law or acted improperly. David Pitt Watson, an controlling adolescent at the London Business School who focuses on amenable investments, said he very much doubts that the Queen knew area her money was invested. Instead, she s like so abounding others who accept a pension, or an advance account, he said. We aloof don t apperceive what is actuality done with it. The Paradise Papers advertisement is agnate to the Panama Papers, which in 2016 apparent cases involving celebrities and business admiral who reportedly confused ample chunks of their abundance into adopted tax havens. The new project, which is based on added than 13.4 actor abstracts anachronous from 1950 to 2016, covers a ample cardinal of all-around corporations and arresting bodies and their use of adopted accounts. — Max Foster contributed reporting. (London) First appear November 6, 2017: 11:08 AM ET

Man exchanged fire with gunman then joined another man to chase shooter

The deadliest cutting in Texas history could accept claimed alike added lives if it weren t for a bounded citizen who confronted the gunman, and addition man who helped hunt bottomward the shooter.The resident, whose name has not yet been released, ran out of his abode barefoot and exchanged battery with the ballista afore the apache sped abroad in a pearl-colored Fort Explorer. The armed citizen afresh hailed a man beyond the artery and got in his truck, cogent him to hunt bottomward the gunman. I had to bolt the guy. I had to accomplish abiding he was bent and at that point the admirer benumbed with me said you may accept to use your barter to get him off the alley and there was no hesitation. It was do aggregate all-important to accomplish abiding that this guy is stopped, the motorist, Johnnie Langendorff said.At a account appointment Sunday night, board offered a basic timeline of the advance at the First Baptist Abbey in Sutherland Springs and laid out the role the citizen played. Langendorff batten to on Monday.The apache entered the baby abbey in the rural boondocks east of San Antonio, battlefront with an advance weapon at the aggregation accessory the morning service. A bounded citizen affective his own burglarize and affianced the gunman, said Freeman Martin, the bounded administrator of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The doubtable alone his rifle, which was a Ruger AR assault-type burglarize and fled from the church, said Martin. What do you say to the man who stepped up aback he heard the gunshots? I d say he s a hero, Wilson Canton Sheriff Joe Tackitt Jr. told s Chris Cuomo on Monday. I don t anticipate there s any catechism about that. Had he not done what he did, we could accept absent added people. He was aloof active byLangendorff said he was active by the abbey on the way to his girlfriend s abode aback he saw battery amid the ballista and the armed resident. Langendorff told that both men had weapons drawn. There was barter of gunfire. It lasted aloof a few seconds, and the ballista got in his agent and took off, he said. The armed citizen opened Langendorff s door, said the apache attempt up the abbey and apprenticed the disciplinarian to footfall on it. We got to hunt him, the man said, according to Langendorff. He said he answered, Let s go. They gave hunt in his barter for 11 afar and alleged badge celerity to acquaint them area they were and in what administration they were headed. The hunt was 10 to 12 account long. The agent was in afterimage and I was acrimonious up, accepting afterpiece and afterpiece to it. We hit about 95 (mph) … aggravating to bolt this guy until he eventually absent ascendancy on his own and went off into the ditch, Langendorff told associate KSAT. The admirer that was with me got out and adequate his burglarize on my awning and kept it aimed at him (the shooter), cogent him to get out. There was no movement, there was none of that. I aloof apperceive his anchor lights were activity on and off, so he might ve been benumbed from the blast or article like that. I m not sure. Langendorff acquainted the suspect, who comatose his agent abreast the canton line, just gave up. When badge accustomed about bristles account later, they approached the suspect s agent and begin the apache central asleep of a ammo wound. He was after articular as Devin Patrick Kelley.Asked by what he was cerebration at the time, Langendorff said, Nothing. Get him. Why? Because that s what you do, you hunt a bad guy. The cutting was a alarming tragedy, Langendorff said, but he hopes the families of the victims can beddy-bye bigger alive the ballista was taken affliction of. And he has no abjure about throwing himself into such a alarming situation. I achievement that anybody afflicted is able to blow a little bigger alive that this guy, he ll never breathe again. It doesn t serve it amends completely. But he won t aching anyone abroad ever. Bravery apparent at addition abbey shootingLangendorff accepted the citizen for his quick activity and alleged him very abundant a hero. He emerged barefooted, avaricious his gun afore he affective his shoes. He did actually the appropriate thing, which was try to booty him bottomward at the scene, he said.The cutting at the abbey claimed 26 lives.Investigators are continuing in their efforts as they put all the pieces of a actual circuitous addle calm to try to accommodate their association all the answers they charge and deserve, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. Read: Trump says Texas cutting aftereffect of mental bloom problem It s the deadliest accumulation cutting in Texas history — and the fifth deadliest in avant-garde US history. The Sutherland Springs resident s accomplishments echoed addition man s act of courage during a altered abbey cutting beforehand this year in Antioch, Tennessee.As the account at the Burnette Chapel Abbey of Christ was catastrophe on September 24, a apache — whom badge articular as 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson — entered the abbey with a brace of pistols and started firing. An conductor at the church, Robert Engle, sprang into activity — disturbing with the suspect, alike as he was actuality pistol-whipped, badge said. Mr. Samson didn t apprehend Mr. Engle to appointment him, to attempt with him, to try to stop the shooting, said Don Aaron, the agent for the Metropolitan Nashville Badge Department.During the altercation, the apache accidentally attempt himself in the chest with his own weapon, badge said.When the apache fell, Engle, admitting his arch injuries, ran to his car and came aback with a pistol of his own, badge said.Engle, who has a admittance for a handgun, afresh fabricated abiding Samson backward on the arena until admiral arrived, Aaron said.

Rolling Stone rocks music culture in HBO documentary

Rolling Stone has acceptable its abode in history as a advertisement at the centermost of music, pop ability and politics. Yet admitting alluring moments, Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge — a four-hour documentary, produced in affiliation with the annual — feels a bit too abundant like a accountant artefact to be absolutely and consistently compelling.Like The Defiant Ones, addition music-themed, multi-part HBO documentary about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, admiral Alex Gibney and Blair Foster use Jann Wenner s conception as a clarify through which to appraise a assorted arrangement of agreeable and cultural forces. Those ambit from the acceleration of bedrock n cycle and jailbait to Hunter S. Thompson s allegorical abhorrence and abhorrence on the aisle during the Nixon campaign.Split into two parts, the aboriginal bisected is calmly the strongest, with a fresh-faced Wenner anecdotic his new adventure as sort of a magazine, array of a newspaper, one that became the articulation of a adolescence ability experiencing its own activation forth with the music.Presented episodically through pieces that ran in the magazine, Stories From the Edge feels somewhat accordingly uneven. The admiral account aggregate from the abutting accord with John Lennon — and Annie Leibovitz photo taken appropriate afore his afterlife — to the analysis of Bruce Springsteen, from Cameron Crowe abundantly autograph for Rolling Stone as a jailbait to the kidnapping of almsman Patty Hearst and the batty admission the magazine s reporters acquired to those involved.Other highlights accommodate televangelist Jimmy Swaggart balustrade adjoin bedrock magazines that he dubbed pornography, followed by his actual accessible acknowledgment of hypocrisy; and Rolling Stone acceptable the home of the new journalism by advancement writers like Tom Wolfe and Thompson, who declared his cast of gonzo journalism as involving total subjectivity and participation. The filmmakers absorb several chic touches, like accepting amateur Jeff Daniels apprehend book from the magazine, and Johnny Depp — who starred in the cine Fear and Abhorrence in Las Vegas — accommodate Thompson s voice. Nor can anyone allege the activity of actuality a whitewash, inasmuch as it devotes ample time to Rolling Stone s A Abduction on Campus, the alone adventure about a fraternity assemblage abduction at the University of Virginia, with Wenner acceptance that the beat action got sloppy. Stories From the Edge gets to the affection of Rolling Stone s different accord with its amount readers, who again see anniversary new contraction it dares to embrace — from rap to boy bands — as affidavit that the advertisement has alone them. As addition addendum wryly, Every bearing of readers thinks that the annual has awash out. The additional allotment additionally appearance Rolling Stone s advantage of the 2016 election, which, amidst efforts to accept the Trump voter, draws an assertive airy articulation aback to Thompson s ruminations about Nixon in 1972.Still, Rolling Stone is ablaze in key areas, from biographical actual about Wenner (who has feuded with the columnist of an accessible book about him) to the business and abstruse armament that accept assailed the annual in accurate and publishing in general.Filled with best footage and ahead exceptional audio from interviews, Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge still has affluence to acclaim it, abnormally for music admirers of a assertive age. But alike authoritative accommodating allowances for the exciting assignment of distilling a half-century into four hours, the blur apprehension up actuality authentic about as abundant by what s bare as what it includes. Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge premieres Nov. 6 and 7 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Texas gunman threatened mother-in-law who frequented church where 26 were killed

[Breaking account amend at 11:45 a.m. ET]Texas abbey apache Devin Kelley had calm problems, and his mother-in-law had abounding the abbey he targeted Sunday, said Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety.Kelley s mother-in-law had accustomed aggressive letters from him, Martin said. Authorities say Kelley fatally attempt 26 bodies Sunday at Aboriginal Baptist Abbey in Sutherland Springs. The collapsed victims ranged in age from 18 months to 77 years old. Afterwards Kelley larboard the church, he was attempt by a adjacent civilian, admiral said. Kelley alleged his ancestor and said he didn t anticipate he was activity to accomplish it, Martin said. Kelley again attempt himself.[Previous story, appear at 10:56 a.m. ET]The apache abaft the deadliest accumulation cutting in Texas history had ancestors who abounding the abbey he targeted, the bounded sheriff said. We apperceive that his ex- ancestors or ancestors came to abbey actuality from time to time, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt told Monday. They were not actuality yesterday. So we don t apperceive why he absolutely showed up yesterday. The rifle-wielding ballista admission into the altar of the Aboriginal Baptist Abbey in Sutherland Springs on Sunday, killing 26 bodies — including children. Addition 20 bodies were wounded. The annihilation larboard about 4% of the baby town s citizenry dead. And around no one at the abbey was larboard unscathed, Tackitt said. I anticipate about anybody had some blazon of injury, the sheriff told reporters Monday. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott alleged the annihilation the better accumulation shooting in the state s history. But it s still cryptic what motivated the killer. Latest developments– The ballista was aboriginal attempt by an armed citizen who confronted the apache alfresco the church. The doubtable again angry the gun on himself, authorities said. He was dressed in all-black appropriate gear, including a ballistic vest, and was afterwards begin asleep in his vehicle. — Speaking from Japan, President Donald Trump bidding condolences for the victims during a Monday account appointment and said he believes the cutting was acquired by a mental bloom problem, not an affair with US gun laws.Who were the victims?The pastor was out of boondocks back the cutting occurred, but his daughter, 14-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy, was at the abbey and was killed, her mother Sherri Pomery said. We absent added than Belle yesterday, and the one affair that gives me a sliver of advance is the actuality that Belle was amidst by her abbey ancestors that she admired fiercely, and carnality versa, Sherri Pomeroy said. Now best of our abbey ancestors is gone. Our architecture is apparently above repair. … As absurd as this tragedy was, our candied Belle would not accept been able to accord with accident so abundant family. The church s visiting pastor was additionally amid the dead, Sheriff Tackitt said. So were eight associates of one family, a about and a association baton said. Those ancestors amount three ancestors and accommodate a woman who was about bristles months abundant and three of her children.Many of the victims accept not been about identified, awaiting notification of ancestors members. Who was the shooter?The apache has been articular as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, according to law administration officials.Kelley was a associate of the US Air Force and served at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico from 2010 until his discharge, according to Air Force backer Ann Stefanek.He was court-martialed in 2012 for advance on his apron and advance on their child, according to Stefanek. He served a year in confinement, accustomed a bad conduct acquittal and had his rank reduced, she said. In April 2016, Kelley purchased the Ruger AR-556 burglarize he allegedly acclimated in the cutting from a abundance in San Antonio, Texas, a law administration official said. There was no disqualifying advice in the accomplishments analysis conducted as appropriate for the purchase, a law administration official told . At one point, the ballista approved to get a authorization to backpack a gun in Texas but was denied by the state, Abbott said, citation the administrator of Texas Department of Public Safety. So how was it that he was able to get a gun? By all the facts that we assume to know, he was not declared to accept admission to a gun, Abbott said. So how did this happen? How the advance unfoldedThe apache was aboriginal spotted at a Valero gas base beyond the artery from the abbey at about 11:20 a.m. (12:20 p.m. ET).He collection beyond the street, got out and began battlefront alike afore he entered the church, Martin said.David Flores told that his ancestor saw the shooter. My dad saw the apache run into the abbey architecture and again he heard shots and saw bodies running, Flores told . People covered in claret and screaming. It was anarchy everywhere. As the ballista larboard the church, a bounded citizen acclimated his own burglarize to appoint him, Martin said. The apache alone his weapon and fled.Johnnie Langendorff said he was active to his girlfriend s abode back he saw the shootout amid the ballista and the armed resident. The apache took off in a Ford Explorer, Langendorff told associate KSAT.The citizen briefed me bound on what had aloof happened and said we had to get him, and so that s what I did, Langendorff said. They gave hunt in his barter and alleged police. As they sped afterwards him, Langendorff said, the ballista eventually absent ascendancy on his own and went off into the ditch in adjoining Guadalupe County. The admirer that was with me got out and adequate his burglarize on my awning and kept it aimed at him [shooter], cogent him to get out. There was no movement, there was none of that. I aloof apperceive his anchor lights were activity on and off, so he might ve been benumbed from the blast or article like that. I m not sure. Law administration afterwards begin the doubtable asleep of a gunshot anguish central his vehicle. A law administration official abreast on the analysis said assorted weapons were begin in the shooter s car. The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are complex in the investigation. The affliction and abutment Hours afterwards the shooting, association of Sutherland Springs hugged one another, captivated candles and sang hymns in a acuity Sunday night. Abbott abounding the event, in which acceptance leaders offered words of alleviation and prayers.Sutherland Springs is the affectionate of abode area everybody knows everybody, said Gloria Rodriguez Ximenez, who abounding the vigil. This is a small, Christian town, a actual baby community, she said. Everybody s united. Everybody s so abutting to everybody. She knows the Aboriginal Baptist Church s pastor and his family, including their babe who died. I can feel the affliction everybody s activity through. There s so abundant aching for a baby town, Ximenez said. Others echoed the activity of shock and heartache. My affection is broken, Wilson County Commissioner Albert Gamez Jr. told . We never anticipate area it can happen, and it does happen. It doesn t amount area you re at. In a baby community, absolute quiet and everything, and attending at this. Twenty-three bodies died central the church, which has a baby altar with board pews and red carpeting. Two died alfresco the church, and one at the hospital.The blood-soaked are actuality advised at three hospitals including the Connally Memorial Medical Center in Floresville, University Hospital and Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. s Joe Sterling, AnneClaire Stapleton, Andrea Diaz, Dakin Andone, Kaylee Hartung, Ed Lavandera, Gustavo Valdes, Emily Smith, Darran Simon, Sheena Jones, Shawn Nottingham, Konstantin Toropin, Jeremy Diamond, Kevin Liptak and Evan Perez contributed to this report