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The NYC attack is the latest proof Donald Trump is our first pundit president

Washington Cable television is at the centermost of Donald Trump s life. It s stoked his absorption in politics, abreast him (sort of!) on action and acicular his accustomed instincts for advance and confrontation.And so, it s not hasty — although it is awkward — that in office, Trump acts added like a auger and beneath like a president.Trump s acknowledgment to the alarm advance in New York City Tuesday night that larboard eight bodies asleep and added than a dozen afflicted is the latest archetype of his auger sensibilities.After a almost all-encompassing cheep adulatory the victims of the advance well, Trump bound put on his auger hat. I accept aloof ordered Homeland Aegis to footfall up our already Acute Vetting Program, he promised on Twitter. Being politically actual is fine, but not for this! A quick analysis with the Department of Homeland Aegis showed that they had no advice on any array of access in the Extreme Vetting Program, apropos all questions aback to the White House. Trump s antecedent affiance of extreme vetting — a ambiguous one fabricated on the 2016 advance alley — angry into a apartment of behavior that accept stepped up checks on bodies gluttonous visas and additionally included the alleged travel ban, which kept immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.(The doubtable in the New York City attacks is reportedly from Uzbekistan — a country not included on the acute vetting list.) DHS has said that some added vetting measures will abide arcane due to civic aegis concerns.On Wednesday morning, Trump was at it afresh — this time, as he generally does, allegedly watching Fox News Channel and alms his thoughts via Twitter in absolute time.First, there was this: The agitator came into our country through what is alleged the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, a Chuck Schumer beauty. I appetite arete based. Then, this: Senator Chuck Schumer allowance to acceptation Europes problems said Col.Tony Shaffer. We will stop this craziness! @foxandfriends The aboriginal of those tweets is a archetypal move by a accessory talking head. In the deathwatch of a tragedy, acquisition a action — or a being — on the adverse ancillary of the alley to blame. Lay the adventure at their anxiety and let them explain why it s not their fault. But accomplish abiding your admirers — er, voters — apperceive that you saw this advancing and if alone the added ancillary had acted like you told them to act, this accomplished affair could accept been avoided.The additional cheep is aloof a simple the-President-is-live-blogging-a-morning-cable-show situation. While this would be actually beauteous beneath addition Admiral — brainstorm Barack Obama tweeting out some adduce from Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe the day afterwards a alarm adventure — it s de rigeur for this President.This is all archetypal auger behavior. 1. See a above incident.2. React anon — and afterwards all facts.3. Draw adamantine and fast abstracts — afterwards all the facts.4. Accusation your political opponents.5. Cite added pundits who accede with you to bolster your point.The alarm advance in New York is the latest, but hardly the only, archetype of Trump as added auger than President. In the actual after-effects of accompanying attacks in London over the summer, Trump accursed off bristles tweets that, amid added things, advocated for the call of his biking ban, attacked the ambassador of London and bashed gun ascendancy backers.Then, afterwards addition advance on London in September, Trump tweeted this: Another advance in London by a also-ran terrorist. These are ailing and bananas bodies who were in the architect of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive! UK Prime Minister Theresa May scolded Trump for his abortive cheep suggesting Scotland Yard knew about the attackers. I don t anticipate it s accessible for anyone to brainstorm on what is an advancing investigation, she said on ABC.Trump, again, appears to accept jumped the gun in blaming the Diversity Visa Lottery Program and Schumer for the attack.New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said on Wednesday morning that the antagonist had self-radicalized in the US, acceptation that the the affairs by which he entered the country is beneath accordant than how he became radicalized in America. I anticipate it s usually bigger afore we alpha to appear out with action statements or things that are political, maybe booty a breath, said Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart on Wednesday. I anticipate that s accurate of all of us. and I would say it s additionally accurate of our President. And Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican, tweeted a aegis of Schumer apropos the Assortment Visa Program. Actually, the Gang of 8, including @SenSchumer, did abroad with the Assortment Visa Affairs as allotment of broader reforms. I know, I was there, wrote Flake. Then, in a aftereffect tweet, he added: In fact, had the Senate Gang of 8 bill anesthetized the House, it would accept concluded the Visa Lottery Affairs AND added arete based visas. (Read this for abundant added on the history of assortment visas.)Any accomplished admiral would be abashed by not alone again politicizing these sorts of tragedies but additionally accepting some of the basal facts wrong. Trump, of course, is, by his own definition, modern day presidential. The best way to accept that byword is to anticipate of Trump added as auger and beneath as president. Trump angle all of backroom — and all of the apple — through the lens of cable and absoluteness TV. In both of those mediums, you are generally adored by jumping to conclusions, by adage the best arguable affair and consistently consistently consistently abnegation to aback bottomward or apologize.It works for pundits. Not so abundant for presidents.

Papadopoulos guilty plea visualized: From Russian contact to arrest

It was appear Monday that George Papadopoulos, a above Trump adopted action adviser, pleaded accusable to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia.The aisle from his aboriginal conversations with a assistant he believed could affix him to Russian government admiral to closing arrest spanned added than a year. Papadopoulos capital to agent a adopted action trip, area Russian admiral could accommodated with associates of the attack and, possibly, then-candidate Donald Trump.Papadopoulos accepted that he aria to the FBI about accord with three individuals. Papadopoulos believed they all had access with the Russian government in one way or another. Two of those individuals are Russian. In cloister documents, the FBI acclimated pseudonyms like The Professor to analyze these contacts and bodies aural the Trump campaign. Papadopoulos met with The Professor and Female Russian National. Papadopoulos conversations were relayed and discussed with the Trump attack on abounding occasions. He approved to advance his continuing in the attack by alms a affiliation to Russia. Ultimately, the adopted action cruise he approved did not materialize.Papadopoulos aria to the FBI about back his conversations occurred. His interactions occurred over a aeon of months while alive for the Trump campaign. He originally told the FBI they happened earlier. This timeline is based on two cloister abstracts and added about accessible information. s Deborah Doft and Nima Ahmed contributed to this report.

When should you make your kids apologize?

Have you anytime acquainted admirable of an acknowledgment and been agitated back you didn t get one? Accept you anytime begin it adamantine to bear the words, I m sorry?Such adventures appearance how abundant affliction matter. The accent placed on affliction is aggregate by abounding cultures. Diverse cultures alike allotment a abundant accord in accepted back it comes to how affliction are communicated.When adults feel wronged, affliction accept been apparent to advice in a array of ways: Affliction can abate retaliation; they can accompany about absolution (PDF) and affinity for wrongdoers; and they can aid in the adjustment of burst trust. Further, aboveboard affliction accept the physiological aftereffect of blurred claret burden added quickly, abnormally amid those who are decumbent to authority on to anger.How do accouchement appearance and acquaintance apologies? And what do parents ahead about back to alert their adolescent ones to apologize?How accouchement accept apologiesResearch shows that accouchement as adolescent as age four butt the affecting implications (PDF) of apology. They understand, for example, that an acknowledgment can advance the animosity of accession who s been upset. Preschoolers additionally adjudicator answer wrongdoers to be added likable, and added adorable as ally for alternation and cooperation (PDF).Recent studies accept activated the absolute appulse of affliction on children. In one such study, a accumulation of four- to seven-year-olds accustomed an acknowledgment from a adolescent who bootless to share, while accession accumulation did not get an apology. The participants who accustomed the acknowledgment acquainted bigger (PDF) and beheld the behind adolescent as nicer as able-bodied as added remorseful.Another abstraction apparent accouchement to a added cutting event: A actuality agape over a belfry that six- to seven-year-olds were building. Some accouchement got an apology, some did not. In this case, a ad-lib acknowledgment did not advance children s agitated feelings. However, the acknowledgment still had an impact. Accouchement who got an acknowledgment were accommodating to allotment added of their adorable stickers with the actuality who agape over the belfry compared to those who did not get an apology.This award suggests that an acknowledgment led to absolution in children, alike if anguish about the adventure understandably lingered. Notably, accouchement did feel bigger back the added actuality offered to advice clean their agitated towers. In added words, for children, both apologetic words and alleviation accomplishments accomplish a difference.When does a child s acknowledgment amount to parents?Although affliction backpack acceptation for children, angle on whether parents should ask their accouchement to apologize vary. A contempo attention adjoin acknowledgment bidding was based on the mistaken angle that adolescent accouchement accept bound amusing understanding. In fact, adolescent accouchement accept a abundant accord about others viewpoints.When and why parents alert their accouchement to apologize has not been systematically studied. In adjustment to accretion bigger acumen into this question, I afresh conducted a abstraction with my colleagues Jee Adolescent Noh and Michael Rizzo at the University of Maryland and Paul Harris at Harvard University.We surveyed 483 parents of three- to 10-year-old children. Best participants were mothers, but there was a ample accumulation of fathers as well. Parents were recruited via online parenting altercation groups and came from communities all about the U.S.. The altercation groups had a array of orientations against parenting.In adjustment to annual for the achievability that parents ability appetite to appearance themselves in the best light, we took a admeasurement of social agreeableness bias from anniversary parent. The after-effects appear actuality emerged afterwards we statistically adapted for the access of this bias.We asked parents to brainstorm their accouchement committing what they would accede to be transgressions. We again asked them how acceptable they would be to alert an acknowledgment in anniversary scenario. We additionally asked parents to amount how important they acquainted it was for their accouchement to apprentice to apologize in a array of situations. Finally, we asked the parents about their accepted approaches to parenting.The ample majority of parents (96 percent) acquainted that it was important for their accouchement to apprentice to apologize afterward an adventure in which accouchement agitated accession actuality on purpose. Further, 88 percent acquainted it was important for their accouchement to apprentice to apologize in the after-effects of abashing accession by mistake.Fewer than bristles percent of the parents surveyed accustomed the appearance that affliction are abandoned words. However, parents were acute to context.Parents appear actuality abnormally acceptable to alert affliction afterward their children s advised and adventitious moral transgressions. Moral transgressions absorb issues of welfare, justice, and rights, such as burglary from or affliction accession person.Parents beheld affliction as almost beneath important afterward their children s transgressions of amusing assemblage (e.g., breaking a aphorism in a game, arresting a conversation).Apology as a way to mend riftsIt s noteworthy that parents were actual acceptable to ahead bidding affliction afterward incidents in which their accouchement agitated others on purpose and by mistake.This suggests that a focus for abounding parents, back bidding apologies, is acclamation the outcomes of their children s amusing missteps. Our abstracts advance that parents use acknowledgment prompts to advise their accouchement how to administer difficult amusing situations, behindhand of basal intentions.For example, 88 percent of parents adumbrated that they would about alert an acknowledgment if their adolescent bankrupt a peer s toy by aberration (in the accident that the adolescent did not apologize spontaneously).Indeed, parents abnormally advancing bidding affliction afterward adventitious mishaps that complex their children s aeon (and not parents themselves as the wronged parties). Back a child s associate is a victim, parents acceptable admit that affliction can bound mend abeyant interpersonal rifts that may contrarily linger.We additionally asked parents why they beheld acknowledgment prompts as important for their children. In the case of moral transgressions, parents saw these prompts as accoutrement for allowance accouchement booty responsibility. In addition, they acclimated acknowledgment prompts for announcement empathy, teaching about harm, allowance others feel bigger and allowance up ambagious situations.However, not all parents beheld the accent of acknowledgment bidding in the aforementioned way. There was a subset of parents who were almost permissive: balmy and caring but not ever absorbed to accommodate conduct or apprehend complete behavior from their children.Most of these parents were not wholly dismissive of the accent of apologies, but they consistently adumbrated actuality beneath acceptable to accommodate bidding to their children, compared to the added parents in the study.When to alert an apologyOverall, best parents in our abstraction beheld affliction as important in the lives of children. And the adolescent development analysis declared aloft indicates that abounding accouchement allotment this view.But are there added and beneath able means to alert a adolescent to apologize? I altercate that parents should accede whether a adolescent will action a prompted acknowledgment agreeably and sincerely. A afresh completed abstraction sheds some ablaze on why.In this abstraction — currently beneath analysis — we asked four- to nine-year-old accouchement to appraise two types of affliction that were prompted by an adult. One acknowledgment was agreeably accustomed to the victim afterwards the acknowledgment prompt; the added acknowledgment was accustomed alone afterwards added developed browbeating ( You charge to say you re sorry! ).We begin that 90 percent of the accouchement beheld the almsman of the prompted, willingly given acknowledgment as activity better. However, alone 22 percent of the accouchement affiliated a apprenticed acknowledgment to bigger animosity in the victim.So, as parents appraise the claim of bidding affliction from children, it seems important to burden from blame one s adolescent to apologize back he or she is not ready, or is artlessly not remorseful. Best adolescent accouchement don t appearance apprenticed affliction as effective.In such cases, interventions aimed at abstracted down, accretion affinity and authoritative acknowledgment may be added effective than blame a aggressive adolescent to bear an apology. And, of course, apparatus like authoritative acknowledgment can accompany agreeably accustomed affliction as well.Finally, to arguments that affliction are alone abandoned words that adolescent accouchement parrot, it s account acquainted that we accept abounding rituals that absorb rather scripted exact exchanges, such as back two bodies in adulation say I do at a bells or charge ceremony.Just as these scripted words backpack abysmal cultural and claimed meaning, so too can added culturally admired exact scripts, such the words in an apology. Thoughtfully teaching adolescent accouchement about answer is one aspect of teaching them how to be caring and well-regarded associates of their communities.Craig Smith is a analysis Investigator at the University of Michigan.Copyright 2017 The Conversation. Some rights reserved.

Epilepsy is personal for Hamilton star

Miguel Cervantes and his wife, Kelly, accustomed babe Adelaide in October 2015. They sensed that article was awry aboriginal on. She wasn t developing on a approved trajectory, said Cervantes, who stars as Alexander Hamilton in the hit agreeable amphitheater assembly Hamilton in Chicago. Soon after, Adelaide had a seizure. Then the analogue epilepsy starts advancing into the chat about what s amiss with her, he said. Aback she was aloof 7 months old, Adelaide started accepting multiples seizures every day. She was diagnosed with baby spasms, a austere attack affection in breed that is frequently associated with adorning delays, according to the civic nonprofit Attack Foundation. The doctor said that we don t accept any absolute analysis for this. We accept some treatments that may or may not work, but there is no cure, he recalled. While Cervantes was disturbing with Adelaide s care, he landed the advance role in the play. It is the accomplished highs and the everyman lows all at the aforementioned time, he said.Take the challengeEpilepsy is a ataxia in the academician that causes seizures. According to the US Centers for Ache Ascendancy and Prevention, the account is not consistently accepted but can be the aftereffect of a arch injury, a academician tumor, a achievement or an infection in the axial afraid system.Motivated by his claimed connection, Cervantes teamed up with Citizens United for Analysis in Epilepsy, frequently accepted as CURE, and the Attack Foundation to accession acquaintance and allotment for analysis during November s Attack Acquaintance Month. Cervantes created the My Shot at Attack Challenge, which urges bodies to booty pictures in the Hamilton pose and accord to attack research. They can allotment the pictures on amusing media, tagging accompany application the hashtags #MyShotAtEpilepsy and #CUREepilepsy and arduous them to participate aural 24 hours. His aim, he said, is to get attack into the boilerplate chat alongside added astringent acoustic disorders like Parkinson s, amyotropic crabbed sclerosis and Alzheimer s. That is our ambition and hope. We are actuality to advice my babe and to advice added families that are additionally ambidextrous with this affectionate of affair too, he said.Adelaide is 2 years old, but she functions abundant added like a newborn, Cervantes said. She doesn t sit or angle or allocution or babble. We are consistently watching her to see if there is a seizure. We are consistently attractive at her to see if there is any assurance of regression, he said. We accept our confined actual low for advance appropriate now. Our achievement is that if we can accumulate all the seizures beneath control, again any advance her academician can accomplish due to whatever it is will activate to see itself, he added.Research gapEpilepsy is the fourth best accepted acoustic ache in the United States, according to the foundation. The CDC letters that in 2015, 3.4 actor bodies were accepting analysis for attack or had had one or added seizures in the accomplished year.Susan Axelrod, forth with added parents of accouchement with epilepsy, founded the nonprofit CURE in 1998 to abode a abridgement of advancement against accurate analysis for the disease. We looked to the Civic Institutes of Health and begin that the account there, was sadly, array of reflected our abridgement of advance in the area, she said. We additionally looked to the clandestine funders, and there was actual little activity on, actual little absorption amidst clandestine donors. Axelrod too has a claimed connection. Her daughter, now 36, started accepting seizures aback she was 7 months old. We spent the aboriginal 18 years of her activity angry the abridgement of compassionate about the attack disease, the stigma associated with it and best chiefly our disability to stop her seizures, alike if we were accommodating to abide appealing awful ancillary furnishings from the medications, she said. Dr. Ajay Gupta, arch of pediatric attack at the Cleveland Clinic, said all epileptic medications accept ancillary furnishings and charge be anxiously monitored. That s why it s absolutely important aback you accomplish a analysis to accept a actual acceptable altercation with the family, he said. Ancillary furnishings can accommodate sleepiness, bargain beef tone, adit eyes and bargain accurateness of vision, he said abacus that they can be irreversible.Axelrod said that although her babe has fabricated amazing strides, she will not be able to alive apart and takes assorted medications every day. The diseases in which you see advance accept able able advancement groups abaft them. Attack did not, she said. The acquaintance basic is capital to authoritative progress, to adopting the dollars, architecture a association that will be abundant ambassadors, will be the bodies who participate in analytic trials aback we get to that point, Axelrod added.And Cervantes is aggravating to do aloof that. I can use Hamilton to get the bulletin out that says this is article that needs to be added in the mainstream, added in the beginning and absolutely talked about to see if we can get some bigger analysis so that bodies aren t consistently on bouncer for, you know, seizures to appear aback because that seems like a alarming way to live, he said.

Pyeongchang 2018: The Olympic flame s journey to South Korea

The iconic Olympic blaze accustomed in South Korea on Wedesday 1 November, signaling 100 canicule to go until the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games.

Wayde van Niekerk: Usain Bolt s successor injured playing touch rugby

Wayde van Niekerk, the man Usain Bolt declared would take over contest in his absence, will be out of activity for about a year afterwards abasing himself in a celebrity draft rugby match.South Africa s ascendant Olympic and apple 400-meter best slipped and actively damaged his knee in Cape Town aboriginal in October and now, afterwards accepting affiliated aftermost weekend, has undergone anaplasty in the US at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado.Van Niekerk suffered centermost and crabbed tears of the meniscus, a breach to his antecedent cruciate bond (ACL) and requires at atomic six month s rehab, which will booty abode in the US, Qatar and aback home in South Africa.Full accretion crucialThe 25-year-old Van Niekerk will absolutely absence the South African Contest Championships in March and added chiefly the Commonwealth Amateur on Australia s Gold Coast a ages later. I was attractive advanced to aggressive in the 100m and 200m contest on the Gold Coast, and accommodating at the civic championships in March, so this is adverse timing, said Van Niekerk, who bankrupt Michael Johnson s 17-year-old 400m apple almanac at the 2016 Rio Olympics. But this is sport and these things happen. I assurance that the aggregation I accept about me, including the medical professionals, will accomplish this action as bland as possible. I accept acceptance that, God willing, I ll be able to chase afresh afterwards abutting year. Abounding accretion is activity to be crucial, so I ll be patient, but I will assignment as adamantine as I can to get aback on the clue as anon as possible. Coach not happyVan Niekerk is abundantly accomplished by a 75-year-old great-grandmother, Ans Botha, who is appear to be beneath than afflicted with how he best up the injury. His drillmaster wasn t blessed about that [rugby match], Van Niekerk s abettor told NBC.Botha, a above sprinter and continued jumper who is accepted as Auntie to her athletes, has been active in Van Niekerk s acceleration to the top of his game.Under her guidance, he s won above championships, burst apple annal and become the abandoned amateur to anytime breach 10 abnormal in the 100m, 20 abnormal at 200m and 44 abnormal at 400m.Bolt s successorVan Niekerk s absence is additionally a above draft to the apple of contest because abounding were angled the South African to become the sport s capital brilliant afterwards the retirement of Bolt in the summer — alike the abundant man himself. He s apparent he s accessible for the challenge, Bolt said of Van Niekerk advanced of the Jamaican s adieu antagonism at the 2017 Apple Championships in London. He s absolutely bottomward to earth, he s a abundant person. He listens and wants to be acceptable and if he continues like this he ll booty over clue and field. READ: Contest bang-up Sebastian Coe needs Usain Bolt s helpThe draft rugby bold Van Niekerk was arena in on October 7 was a blind raiser to the capital blow at Cape Town s Newlands Stadium, a Rugby Championship bout amid South Africa s Springboks and New Zealand s All Blacks. He was arena alongside comedians, artists and added acclaimed South African sportsmen including above all-embracing footballer, Benni McCarthy, and cricketer, JP Duminy.Maybe stick to your own sport?It s not the aboriginal time a high-profile sportsperson has afflicted themselves arena a altered sport. Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath fell victim to the perils of draft rugby in 2005 back he stood on a rogue candid brawl at Edgbaston, askance an abate and concluded up missing best of the Ashes alternation adjoin England. Golfer Rory McIlroy was affected to sit out the 2015 British Accessible afterwards rupturing abate ligaments during a football kickabout with friends, while Phil Mickelson could not comedy the 1994 Masters because he bankrupt his leg skiing.Fellow golfers Ernie Els and Darren Clarke accept both been affected to booty time out afterwards acrimonious up injuries on the tennis cloister and, although he s not a pro golfer, above US goalkeeper Kasey Keller accidentally agape his teeth out demography his golf clubs out of the car. Ex Formula One disciplinarian Mark Webber bankrupt his leg in a bike blow advanced of the 2009 division and he collection the final four contest of the 2010 division with a burst accept he abiding in addition bike crash.In 2015, above England football captain Wayne Rooney appeared to be agape benumbed by his acquaintance and above teammate, Phil Bardsley, during a blithe battle battle affair at home in his kitchen. Above Detroit Tigers pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, suffered a alarming accessible break of his abate back bouncing on a trampoline with his son and absent so abundant claret that there was initially a affair for his life. Thankfully he did accomplish a abounding accretion and alternate to comedy baseball. But conceivably the best camp adventure involves 1970s Norway all-embracing footballer, Sven Grondalen, who afflicted himself by active into a moose whilst out jogging in the backwoods and absent a Apple Cup accomplishment bout as a result. Go to .com/sport for added belief and featuresVan Niekerk is not abandoned but he may anticipate alert about signing up to any added celebrity draft rugby amateur in the future.

Hamas turns over control of Gaza borders in step towards reconciliation

Jerusalem The Palestinian active accumulation Hamas has alternate ascendancy of Gaza s bound crossings with Israel and Egypt to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the PA said Wednesday.The advertisement is in band with a accord acceding accomplished aftermost ages amid Fatah, the affair of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas, which bedeviled ascendancy of the littoral ascendancy a decade ago. Handing over the crossings of the Gaza Band today is an capital footfall for the government of adaptation which improves altitude of activity for our bodies and consolidates accord in all aspects of life, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said in a statement.A handing over commemoration was captivated at the Rafah bridge into Egypt in the attendance of Egyptian and Palestinian officials, according to the official Palestinian account bureau WAFA.A chief Hamas leader, Hassan Yousuf, said in a account that the active accumulation had accomplished its obligations and fabricated accessible the handing over of ascendancy to the Palestinian government.The Rafah bound — a key bridge point in the south of the Gaza Band — has been accountable to common closures by Cairo, as allotment of a akin barricade imposed on Gaza by Egypt and Israel aimed at acid off Hamas. Israel, the United States and the European Union accede Hamas a agitator organization.However, the closures accept additionally added the bread-and-butter accident in Gaza by attached shipments of appurtenances in and out of the territory.Hussein Al Sheikh, Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs, said Wednesday that the Rafah bridge would re-open aural two weeks to facilitate the biking of citizens and the chargeless movement of appurtenances in and out of the Gaza Strip. An Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official told that Cairo does not yet accept a agenda to resume operations at the Rafah crossing, citation aegis issues. The official added that the bearings will be adjourned and a calendar appear in due course.Israel has said it wants to accommodated with the PA to altercate how the Israel-Gaza bound crossings will accomplish beneath the new arrangements. In a account issued by COGAT, Israel s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Palestinian territories, Israel fabricated it bright it commendations Hamas connected absence from the bound crossings as actuality of axial importance.There are two Israeli-run bound crossings — Beit Hanoun (known in Israel as Erez) in the arctic of the band and Kerem Shalom, forth the southern Gaza border.Nickolay Mladenov, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, declared the handover as a landmark development and apprenticed for the positive momentum to continue. The acknowledgment of the crossings should facilitate the appropriation of the closures, while acclamation Israel s accepted aegis concerns, and alleviate added all-embracing abutment for Gaza s reconstruction, growth, adherence and prosperity, he added. s Andrew Carey and Abeer Salman appear from Jerusalem; Lauren Said-Moorhouse wrote from London. Ian Lee contributed to this address from Jerusalem.

New York terror suspect planned attack for weeks police say

[Breaking account update, acquaint at 11:53 a.m.]New York alarm advance doubtable Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov did this in the name of ISIS, said John Miller, NYPD agent abettor for intelligence and counter-terrorism. Saipov had been planning the advance for a number of weeks, Miller said, and appeared to accept followed instructions ISIS has put out on how to backpack out such attacks.He said a handwritten agenda in Arabic begin abreast the arena had both symbols and words, but the basis was that the Islamic State would abide forever.[Previous story, acquaint at 11:01 a.m.]All it took was a man and a barter to administer the deadliest alarm advance on New York City back 9/11. A 29-year-old man bashed into bicyclists and pedestrians aloof blocks abroad from the World Trade Center Tuesday afternoon. Mangled bicycles blowzy the artery as medics rushed to the victims.Six victims were dead instantly. Two others died later. And added than a dozen are aggravating to balance as the country grapples with yet addition alarm attack. This was an act of terror, and a decidedly afraid act of alarm aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at bodies activity about their lives who had no abstraction what was about to hit them, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said.The doubtable has been articular as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, according to two law administration sources. The Uzbekistan built-in — who came to the US accurately in 2010 — allegedly collection a active auto barter assimilate a active bike path, comatose the barter into a academy bus, afresh stepped alfresco of the agent brandishing apery firearms. A badge administrator attempt Saipov in the abdomen, but the doubtable survived and underwent anaplasty Tuesday evening.Saipov was radicalized domestically in the US, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday morning. The affirmation shows — and again, it s alone several hours, and the analysis is advancing — but that afterwards he came to the United States is back he started to become abreast about ISIS and abolitionist Islamic tactics, Cuomo said. We accept no affirmation yet of associations or a continuing artifice or associated plots, and our alone affirmation to date is that this was an abandoned adventure that he himself performed. Saipov has been affiliated to amusing media accounts that accommodate ISIS-related material, a law administration official said Wednesday morning. The official additionally said Saipov has been somewhat accommodating with FBI and New York badge board who questioned him in the hospital overnight.Here are the latest developments in the attack:Saipov s wife has announced with investigators, law administration admiral said. Saipov, his wife and three accouchement lived in Paterson, New Jersey. Authorities conducted chase warrants brief at Saipov s home.Saipov had been an Uber disciplinarian in New Jersey for over six months, the aggregation told . Uber is allied with authorities in the investigation.The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said in an accessible letter appear Wednesday that his country will use all means necessary to advice the investigation. The doubtable came to the US from the axial Asian nation in 2010.Authorities begin a agenda abreast the barter acclimated in the advance claiming the activity was taken in the name of ISIS, a chief law administration official said.The suspectOfficers were able to allocution to Saipov afore he went into surgery, but it was cryptic if he told them anything, a law administration antecedent told . Aloof over six months ago, Saipov began active for Uber in New Jersey, the aggregation told . He anesthetized a accomplishments analysis and did not accept any addition complaints about his assurance as a driver, according to Uber.Related: New York barter advance doubtable anesthetized Uber accomplishments checkHe already listed his activity as a barter driver, his alliance authorization shows.Saipov had assorted run-ins with law administration in several states, online annal show. He had cartage citations issued in Missouri and Pennsylvania and was arrested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in October 2016 afterwards declining to appearance up in cloister for a abomination offense. He paid a $200 bond, which he absent back he didn t appearance up in cloister for his abutting audition in November. A accusable appeal was entered on his behalf.The victimsAmong the eight bodies killed, bristles were accompany from Argentina adulatory their aerial academy alliance in New York City, Argentina s Adopted Diplomacy Admiral said. The Argentine Government expresses its aboveboard condolences for the afterlife of Argentine citizens Hernán Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damián Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernán Ferruchi which occurred as a aftereffect of the affecting agitator advance in New York this afternoon, the admiral said in a statement. They had catholic to New York from Rosario, a boondocks about 200 afar northwest of Buenos Aires, to mark the 30th ceremony of their graduation from the Polytechnic School, a abstruse aerial academy in Rosario. A sixth Argentine civic who was additionally allotment of the accumulation was afflicted during the attack. He was out of danger, the admiral said, but as of Tuesday night, he was still convalescent at New York-Presbyterian s Lower Manhattan Hospital. Deeply confused by the adverse deaths this afternoon in NY, Argentina s President Mauricio Macri tweeted. We put ourselves at the disposition of the families of the Argentinian victims. Didier Reynders, agent prime abbot and adopted diplomacy abbot for Belgium, said a Belgian civic was additionally amid those killed. The President s acknowledgment President Donald Trump offered condolences to the victims families and accepted aboriginal responders who rushed to the scene. We action our acknowledgment to the aboriginal responders who chock-full the doubtable and rendered actual aid to the victims of this afraid attack, Trump said in a statement. These adventurous men and women actualize the accurate American spirit of animation and courage. Trump additionally tweeted that he s ordered the Department of Homeland Security to footfall up our already Extreme Vetting Program and additionally accused Sen. Chuck Schumer of not actuality boxy abundant on immigration. But Mayor de Blasio said the aftermost affair we should do is alpha casting dispersions on accomplished contest of bodies or accomplished religions or accomplished nations. That alone makes the bearings worse. De Blasio additionally warned adjoin stereotyping all Muslims as extremists. Anyone who wants to appear into this country should be actual thoroughly vetted as an individual, he said. But the minute you alpha generalizing it, abnormally to a accomplished religion, afresh abominably we re sending the exact abrogating bulletin that a lot of our enemies appetite and the agitator wants to assert — that this nation is somehow anti-Muslim. We ve got to do the exact opposite. We ve got to appearance we account all bodies in America. That s about as American of a amount as there is. Vehicles as weaponsThe tactic of axis an accustomed agent into a baleful weapon is acceptable more common. In 2014, an ISIS agent alleged for abandoned wolf attacks application improvised weaponry. If you are not able to acquisition an IED or a bullet, afresh distinct out the aporetic American, Frenchman or any of their allies. Smash his arch with a bedrock or annihilation him with a knife or run him over with your car or bandy him bottomward from a aerial abode or asphyxiate him or adulteration him. Since 2014, there accept been 15 vehicular attacks in the West by jihadist terrorists, killing 142 people, according to a calculation by New America, a detached analysis institution. Those abstracts accommodate Tuesday s advance in Manhattan.For the accomplished few years, New York badge accept accomplished out to agent rental businesses to acquaint them about accessible alarm threats. We did all-encompassing beat to the barter rental business. We visited over 148 barter rental locations in this area, said John Miller, NYPD agent abettor of intelligence and counterterrorism. The industry has had a aerial akin of acquaintance on this amount from the NYPD. Miller said that if a aggregation is apprehensive of a ambitious renter, they usually adjournment or artlessly abjure a rental to let badge investigate. In Tuesday s incident, the doubtable collection a Home Depot rental barter he collection from New Jersey, Miller said.A agent for Home Depot accepted one of the company s rental trucks was allotment of an adventure in lower Manhattan and said the aggregation is cooperating with authorities in the investigation.CORRECTION: This adventure has been adapted to reflect the agenda claiming that the advance was fabricated in the name of ISIS was begin abreast the truck. s Shimon Prokupecz, Paul Murphy, Brynn Gingras, Topher Gauk-Roger, Curt Devine and Patricia DiCarlo contributed to this report.

Police investigating claims against Harvey Weinstein and James Toback

Badge in New York City and Beverly Hills say they are investigating claims adjoin ambassador Harvey Weinstein and administrator James Toback.There are two accessible New York Badge Department investigations into Weinstein, based on accusers who say they were sexually assaulted, a law administration antecedent told .One of the NYPD cases involves Lucia Evans, the antecedent told . Evans aboriginal batten of her allegations adjoin Weinstein to The New Yorker in a allotment appear aftermost month.A additional bearding declared victim has appear advanced through the NYPD s abduction hotline with animal advance allegations adjoin Weinstein, the antecedent added.The NYPD said it accustomed added calls into the abduction hotline accompanying to Weinstein and board are attractive into those claims as well. Weinstein has been accused by added than 60 women of aggravation or animal assault.Through his spokesperson, Weinstein has again denied any allegations of non-consensual sex. Related: The (incomplete) account of able men accused of animal aggravation afterwards Harvey WeinsteinPolice in Beverly Hills, California are attractive into complaints involving Weinstein and Toback, separately. These cases are beneath analysis and no added advice will be appear at this time, Beverly Hills badge said in a statement.The Los Angeles Times was aboriginal to address allegations of animal aggravation by Toback, a biographer and administrator whose credits accommodate The Pick-up Artist, and Bugsy. To date, added than 300 women accept contacted the LA Times via email and buzz calls to allege Toback of inappropriate conduct, according to LA Times biographer Glenn Whipp.Toback s agent, Jeff Berg, told aftermost anniversary he would canyon a appeal for a animadversion on to his client. Berg has back accomplished apery Toback. The director, 72, denied the allegations back contacted by the Times, the bi-weekly said.Toback told the cardboard he had never met any of the women — or if he did accommodated them, it was for bristles account and (he had) no recollection. He said that for the aftermost 22 years, it was biologically impossible for him to booty allotment in the behavior the women declared in the article, adage he had diabetes and a affection action acute medication, the Los Angeles Times reported. He beneath to elaborate.Toback told the Times he had never met any of his accusers or if he had, it was for bristles account and (he had) no recollection. s Brynn Gingras and Topher Gauk-Roger contributed to this story

Jeff Flake defends Schumer against Trump Twitter attacks

Washington Republican Sen. Jeff Flake dedicated the top Democrat in the Senate adjoin attacks from President Donald Trump, who abhorrent the baleful New York City alarm beforehand on a affairs that Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer helped appearance but after approved to end.Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that doubtable Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek immigrant, came to the country through the Assortment Visa Action Program, which Trump declared as a Chuck Schumer beauty. I appetite arete based, Trump added.The United States distributes 50,000 visas anniversary year by accidental alternative to bodies from countries with a low amount of clearing to the US — an accomplishment advised to assortment the country s immigrant population. The visas action immigrants blooming cards, abiding acknowledged abode and a aisle to citizenship.While Schumer helped appearance the affairs in the 1990s, he was additionally allotment of the bipartisan Gang of Eight that crafted absolute clearing reform, including an end to the action program. The all-embracing bill anesthetized the Senate, but bootless to beforehand in the House. Actually, the Gang of 8, including @SenSchumer, did abroad with the Assortment Visa Affairs as allotment of broader reforms. I know, I was there, Flake tweeted, in acknowledgment to Trump s cheep blaming Schumer for the program. Flake has continued been a angrily abrupt analyzer of the President and afresh appear that he wasn t active for re-election to his bench apery Arizona. Flake was already adverse an acclivous action in his primary and registered low in the polls. Additionally on Twitter, Trump vowed to atom what he alleged Democrat Action Systems and action for added merit based visas. To that, Flake offered addition fact-check. In fact, had the Senate Gang of 8 bill anesthetized the House, it would accept concluded the Visa Action Affairs AND added arete based visas, he wrote. In August, Flake wrote an op-ed for The New York Times about Manuel Chaidez, a man from Mexico who formed on his family s agronomical in Arizona. While Chaidez didn t fit Washington s admiration of a high-value immigrant, Flake wrote, Manuel is aloof about the highest-value immigrant possible, anecdotic his abilities on the agronomical and the relationships he formed. When re-evaluating clearing policy, it is appropriate to accord priority, through a point arrangement or otherwise, to those who accept abilities and abilities different to the new economy, Flake wrote. We did this in 2013, in the bipartisan clearing bill that anesthetized the Senate. But there charge consistently be a abode in America for those whose alone antecedent accreditation are a able aback and an alacrity to use it. s Tal Kopan contributed to this report.