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Donald Trump gets lots of standing ovations. Believe me.

Not once, not alert but three times over the aftermost 18 hours, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to acclaim aloof how able-bodied accustomed he was by Senate Republicans on Tuesday.First came this cheep at 6:20 p.m. ET Tuesday night: So nice actuality with Republican Senators today. Multiple continuing ovations! Best are abundant bodies who appetite big Tax Cuts and success for U.S. Then, this one at 7:30 a.m. ET Wednesday: The affair with Republican Senators yesterday, alfresco of Flake and Corker, was a adulation fest with continuing ovations and abundant account for USA! And, finally, this one at 8:33 a.m. ET: Jeff Flake, with an 18% approval appraisement in Arizona, said a lot of my colleagues accept announced out. Really, they aloof gave me a continuing O! Notice any similarities? I ll accord you a hint:Yes, in anniversary of those three tweets Trump touts the standing ovation he accustomed from Republican senators.It s archetypal Trump: he gauges success in ample allotment by how abundant he is loved; continuing ovations — forth with TV ratings, army admeasurement and buzz — are a absolute admeasurement of how he believes anybody feels about him.No one would be afraid afresh that Trump has generally accustomed the abounding continuing ovations he has received. Using the invaluable Trump Twitter Archive, I dug up a accomplished agglomeration of times Trump has been acclaimed berserk — to the point of continuing — as anecdotal by none added than Donald Trump.1. Had a abundant affair at CIA Headquarters yesterday, arranged house, paid abundant account to Wall, continued continuing ovations, amazing people. WIN! (Jan. 22, 2017)2. Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd, a man with so little blow for politics, is at it again. He could not accept watched my continuing acclaim accent in N.C. (July 6, 2016)3. @akawhit1: @Maxinerunner @RonNussbeck @realDonaldTrump MCCAIN WHO? #Vets Accord Donald Trump Continuing Acclaim … … (July 23, 2015)4. A accurate allotment about the continuing ovations I got bygone … (July 19, 2015)5. Just larboard Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, got a continuing acclaim from abounding admirable people. I will be aback soon. (July 18, 2015)6. Just accustomed a continuing acclaim at #NCGOPCon aback I said, We charge to accompany the American Dream aback bigger and stronger than anytime before! (June 6, 2015)7. Received a continuing acclaim in arranged abode @MorningsideEdu afterwards Sam Clovis intro! Let s Make America Abundant Again! (May 16, 2015)8. Big crowds, continuing ovations in South Carolina – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! (May 10, 2015)9. Just alternate from New Hampshire area the army was great-and got a admirable continuing ovation! Admirable bodies who absolutely adulation the U.S.A. (April 18, 2015)10. The NRA in Nashville today was amazing. Arranged abode and continuing acclaim for Trump. THANKS! (April 10, 2015)11. Record army and continuing acclaim at Simpson College in Iowa- lots of fun, admirable audience! (April 9, 2015)12. .@IamStevenT gave one of the greatest endings to a appearance anytime @MissUniverse. Continuing ovation! (This one is a standing acclaim by association ; November 11, 2013)13. The CPAC accent went absolutely able-bodied this morning— aboriginal speaker— continuing ovation. I absolutely enjoyed it. (March 15, 2013)14. Based on the acclaim aftermost night from the Letterman @Late_Show audience, I accept it will be adamantine for Obama to bandy $5M bottomward the drain….(Unclear if this was a standing acclaim but I am counting it because, let s be honest, it apparently was) (October 26, 2012)15. Liberty University accent by DJT was better by far in school s history. Continuing ovations…great adolescent people! (September 26, 2012)16. Thousands of abundant bodies showed up from Liberty University yesterday. I adulation continuing ovations! (September 25, 2012)While Trump does best of his continuing acclaim boasting on Twitter, he s doesn t consistently absolute his aloof to 140 characters.My favorite? This one — from January 26, 2017 — in which Trump discusses the acclaim from a accent gave at the CIA: That accent was a home run. See what Fox said. They said it was one of the abundant speeches. They showed the bodies applauding and screaming. … I got a continuing ovation. In fact, they said it was the better continuing acclaim back Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl, and they said it was equal. I got a continuing ovation. It lasted for a continued aeon of time. The better back Peyton Manning! That s some ovation!

Senate votes to kill rule that made it easier to sue banks

Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote Tuesday night to abolition a aphorism that fabricated it easier for Americans to sue their banks and acclaim agenda companies.Senators anesthetized the admeasurement by a vote of 51-50. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aphorism blocks companies from application adjudication clauses to stop consumers from bringing chic activity lawsuits. Many companies constrict adjudication clauses into affairs as a way to boldness disputes alfresco the cloister system, authoritative it harder for an alone to accompany a case adjoin a coffer or acclaim agenda company.Wiping out the aphorism would affect tens of millions of Americans who generally don t apperceive they are covered by an adjudication article back they assurance up for a acclaim card, blockage annual or prepaid card.The Treasury Department appear a address Monday opposing the rule, adage it would favor balloon attorneys over consumers by bidding barmy lawsuits.Democrats such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren dedicated the aphorism this week.The House has already anesthetized a abolition of the rule. Republicans are application the Congressional Review Act to blame of the rule.

New ransomware attack hits Russia and spreads around globe

How cyber abyss could authority your abstracts earnest The U.S. government has issued a admonishing about a new ransomware advance that advance through Russia and Ukraine and into added countries about the world. Cybersecurity experts said the ransomware — which airish as an Adobe amend afore locking bottomward computers and ambitious money for bodies to get their files aback — targeted Russian media companies and Ukrainian busline systems. It has additionally been detected in added countries including the U.S., Germany, Japan, Turkey and Bulgaria. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Aggregation said backward Tuesday it has accustomed assorted letters of ransomware infections … in abounding countries about the world. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, the virus is the latest archetype of cybercriminals application ransomware to try to blackmail money from victims beyond the globe. Two above all-embracing attacks beforehand this year — NotPetya and Wannacry — acquired boundless disruption affecting businesses, government institutions and hospitals. Related: Why ransomware attacks accumulate accident Back Bad Rabbit infects a computer, it seizes files and demands a ransom. Experts and government agencies admonish victims not to pay up, admonishing that there s no agreement they will get their files back. On Tuesday, the virus attacked Russian media groups Interfax and Fontanka, and busline targets in Ukraine including Odessa s airport, Kiev s alms and the country s Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, according to Russian cybersecurity close Group-IB. Interfax accepted its servers had gone bottomward due to a cyberattack. Best of the victims were amid in Russia, but attacks were additionally empiric in Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany. Cybersecurity close ESET additionally articular cases of Bad Rabbit in Japan and Bulgaria. Avast says the ransomware has been detected in the U.S. Related: What is ransomware? Ties to antecedent advance The cardinal of victims appeared to be decidedly abate than the NotPetya attack, which addled Ukraine and advance to added countries in June, accomplishing hundreds of millions of dollars of accident to some above companies. Experts said there were bright links amid the two viruses. Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky, arch of the anti-malware analysis aggregation at Russian cybersecurity close Kaspersky Lab, said the company s analysis shows the Bad Rabbit advance targeted accumulated networks application agnate methods as NotPetya. How to assure yourself from hackers Costin Raiu, administrator of the Global Analysis and Analysis Aggregation at Kaspersky Lab, said in a bulletin the Bad Rabbit advance was launched through an busy arrangement of afraid websites, with a articulation to NotPetya. Group-IB additionally articular similarities amid the NotPetya cipher and that of Bad Rabbit. Related: Why ransomware costs baby businesses big money Virus acclimated accepted malware ambush The Bad Rabbit ransomware infiltrated computers by assuming as an Adobe Flash installer on compromised account and media websites. It serves as a admonition that bodies should never download apps or software from pop-up advertisements or websites that don t accord to the software company. ESET says already the ransomware adulterated a machine, it scanned the arrangement for aggregate folders with accepted names and attempted to abduct and accomplishment user accreditation to get on added computers. Researchers say Bad Rabbit doesn t use EternalBlue, the Windows accomplishment that was leaked in a accumulation of hacking accoutrement believed to accord to the U.S. National Security Agency. The NotPetya and WannaCry ransomware attacks did use EternalBlue. Related: Hackers access chargeless PC charwoman software It s cryptic who s abaft Bad Rabbit, but the attackers arise to be Game of Thrones fans. The ransomware cipher contains references to characters from the accepted book and TV alternation like Grey Worm and Daenerys dragons. Abounding anti-virus software detects Bad Rabbit, including Windows Defender. A researcher from Cybereason apparent a vaccine that the aggregation said can assure machines from infection. According to malware researcher James Emery-Callcott, the ransomware attack is boring dying down. As far as I can see, the attacker s server is no best alive and best of the adulterated sites hosting the calligraphy that gives the Flash amend prompt accept anchored the issue, he said. Fake Flash updates are an abundantly accepted adjustment of distributing malware these days. Hopefully bodies will alpha to apprehend that back you get an unsolicited Flash update, it s about activity to be bad. (San Francisco) First appear October 24, 2017: 11:16 PM ET

Tesla factory at center of discrimination lawsuits

Elon Musk in 90 Seconds Three advisers say Tesla s auto accomplishment ability was so adverse to atramentous workers that it was straight from the Jim Crow era. An accumulation band artisan says others mocked his pants as gay tight. An architect says she was taunted and catcalled on the branch floor, and was accursed from the aggregation afterwards she sued for gender discrimination, including diff pay. Four lawsuits filed in contempo months call a baneful ability at the bulb in Fremont, California, breadth Tesla articles its electric cars and breadth about 10,000 bodies work. The apparel additionally accomplish Tesla the latest Silicon Valley aggregation to appear beneath analysis afterwards workers declared discrimination. The best-known archetype is Uber, breadth complaints of animal aggravation ultimately affected out the CEO. In statements, Tesla told Tech that it takes all complaints seriously. But it said that, in the history of Tesla, there has never been a distinct accurate case of bigotry adjoin the company. Not one. The workers are suing for abusage on Tesla s branch premises, alleging cessation by the aggregation and, in some cases, the third-party staffing companies it affairs with. Those companies are additionally declared in the suits. Related: Readers acknowledge to Money, Power, and Animal Harassment The plaintiffs, in some cases, say they were retaliated adjoin afterwards they came forward. At atomic four workers affirmation they were discriminated adjoin at the branch because of race. DeWitt Lambert, a above electrician, alleges that coworkers declared him the N-word and flashed assemblage signs at him, and that one artisan threatened to cut Mr. Lambert up into pieces and accelerate his anatomy genitalia to his ancestors members. Tesla, in response, says Lambert frequently socialized with the men he s accusing, that added advisers say Lambert acclimated the aforementioned racially aloof accent that he had complained about, and that his complaint to the aggregation about them was an attempt to about-face the tables because he anticipation they had appear him first. The aggregation said it accursed several advisers afterwards investigating, abacus …it s additionally bright that DeWitt s adaptation of contest is not accurate by the facts. There was no cold affirmation that annihilation inappropriate occurred adjoin Lambert, the aggregation says in a statement, acquainted that he was transferred to accession assignment breadth afterwards accusatory to HR about the employees. Tesla said it has abeyant Lambert with pay while it continues to investigate the situation. When asked for comment, Lambert s attorneys — Lawrence A. Organ and Navruz Avloni of the California Civil Rights Law Group — questioned Tesla s response. Tesla has accepted to the columnist that Mr. Lambert s harassers were disciplined. If this wasn t harassment, why did it conduct his harassers? In accession accusation filed aftermost week, three bodies who formed for a Tesla architect adduce that coworkers declared them ancestral epithets. That clothing was filed by Demetric Diaz, a accumulation associate, and two elevator operators, Lamar Patterson and Owen Diaz. Tesla said it alone abstruse about the complaints in that clothing through media reports, and that the three men never aloft a complaint aural the company. According to the suit, the plaintiffs did address the botheration to Tesla and, in some cases, the third-party staffing companies who active them and put them to assignment central Tesla. Organ and Avloni — the attorneys apery Lambert in his suit, as able-bodied as the added three men alleging ancestral bigotry in their abstracted accusation — say they ve accustomed an access of calls from accepted and above advisers about bigotry at the branch aback Lambert filed the clothing in March. Related: Accession billion-dollar startup chaotic by animal aggravation At some point, we were accepting dozens of calls per day, Avloni, a managing advocate at the ‎California Civil Rights Law Group, told Tech. Most of the calls from Tesla advisers are accompanying to chase aggravation issues, which is cogitating of how austere this botheration is at the company. The complaints adjoin Tesla go above race. AJ Vandermeyden, an architect at the factory, sued the aggregation in the abatement of 2016 for gender bigotry while she still formed there. She declared that macho engineers were paid college salaries and answer advanced of women who were appropriately or added qualified. In addition, she said, she endured inappropriate language, whistling, and catcalls on the branch floor, she said. Vandermeyden was accursed in May, she claims in backfire for her lawsuit. Her case is in arbitration, according to her lawyer. The aggregation goes on to say that afterwards hiring an alfresco investigator, it became absolutely assertive that Ms. Vandermeyden s claims were illegitimate, and had no best but to blaze her. In fact, Tesla claims that Vandermeyden was accustomed appropriate analysis and opportunities for advance that were baseless based on her qualifications. Related: Bill seeks to barrier tech s animal aggravation botheration In accession lawsuit, Jorge Ferro, an accumulation band accumulation worker, alleges that a administrator again harped on his sexuality, cogent him that anybody doubtable he was gay, and commenting that his pants were too bound — gay tight. He was threatened with taunts to watch his back, according to a accusation filed in May and appear by The Guardian this week. Afterwards advertisement the aggravation to a superior, he claims, he was accursed because of an injury — which Ferro said was a blister he d had for 16 years. He s suing to get his job reinstated, as able-bodied as for damages. The case is in clandestine mediation. A Tesla agent said that while Ferro and the administrator are active by a third party, Tesla still stepped in to try to accumulate these individuals afar from one accession and to ensure a acceptable alive environment. In its statement, as with the added statements provided for this article, the agent alluded to the abusage of its name in lawsuits to accumulate media attention. … it maximizes the affairs of breeding publicity for their case, the aggregation said in a statement. They corruption our name, because they apperceive it is catnip for journalists. Tesla takes any and every anatomy of bigotry or aggravation acutely seriously. There is no aggregation on Earth with a bigger clue almanac than Tesla. (New York) Aboriginal appear October 25, 2017: 11:37 AM ET

What will a powerful Xi mean for the China-US relationship?

Paul Haenle is administrator of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Centermost based in Beijing. The opinions in this commodity accord to the author. The Chinese Communist Affair (CCP) assured its 19th National Assembly this week, area it adapted its constitution, set activity priorities, and called new associates to serve in its accomplished administration bodies — handing Chinese President Xi Jinping political adeptness not credible aback Mao Zedong was in allegation of the country.While the assembly abundantly focused on calm policy, the key announcements will be advised anxiously in capitals about the apple — abnormally in Washington.Though President Trump s accord with China has counterbalanced aback his attack claims that China was raping the US, the important catechism of area the accord amid the US and China is activity charcoal unanswered.Since Trump s acclamation aftermost year, Xi Jinping has been treading on what would commonly be advised US territory. In January, he flew to Davos to avert globalization and chargeless trade. In May, while announcement China s aggressive One Belt, One Road initiative, he put China advanced as a nation that would booty burning activity on altitude change.So what will this week s affair — and a stronger than anytime Xi Jinping — beggarly for Trump and the US?Though Xi s arrangement as General Secretary of the affair for a additional appellation was never in question, he managed to beat expectations by accepting the admittance of his eponymous credo in the affair charter. In accomplishing so, he has accumulated adeptness to a akin incomparable in China aback Mao Zedong.Initiatives that accept appear to ascertain Xi s advance for China to become a able all-around force — such as aggressive check and modernization, the aggressive One Belt, One Road Activity and a absolute bribery attack — were indoctrinated into the party s constitution. Potential challengers, like above Chongqing affair secretary Sun Zhengcai, were alone as a majority of Xi s allies were installed on the Politburo Standing Committee — which for the aboriginal time aback Deng Xiaoping, includes no beneficiary apparent. Taken together, this agency that Xi will ascendancy the administration of China s development for the abutting bristles years at atomic — and conceivably beyond.Xi s three-and-a-half hour abode to assembly aftermost anniversary mentioned several means in which China intends to abide to appearance all-around backroom and institutions to bigger clothing its interests. Xi appropriate that China s adaptation of socialism provided an another archetypal to Western capitalism for countries who appetite to accelerate their development while advancement their independence to emulate. The advertence echoes Beijing s longstanding adopted activity cold to access the choir and access of arising nations in all-around governance. It additionally underscores the aplomb of China in its adeptness to both accommodate adherence and abundance at home and be admired as a major, amenable adeptness abroad. Xi acclaimed that beneath Mao Zedong s advocate leadership, the Chinese bodies stood up. Beneath Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese bodies became rich. And now, in China s third celebrated era, the nation is acceptable strong. To allegorize its new all-around stature, Xi mentioned China s contributions of UN peacekeepers, a point of cogent Chinese pride. He emphasized the country s alertness to booty a driving bench in all-embracing cooperation and be a torchbearer in the all-around endeavor to abode altitude change. He declared China again as a strong and great power, which he said was abiding to its applicable abode at the centermost of the apple afterwards a aeon of abasement at the easily of adopted administrative powers. The 19th Affair Assembly holds accurate aftereffect for US-China relations. President Trump will accomplish his countdown appointment to the Asia-Pacific arena and to China aboriginal abutting month, acceptable amid the aboriginal apple leaders to accommodated with Xi beneath his new mandate.Since demography office, Trump has developed a stronger alive accord and claimed affinity with Xi, and can use the after-effects of the affair assembly to accomplish advance on priorities like dispatch up burden on North Korea, which alone Xi has the ascendancy to allow, and establishing a stronger foundation for the mutual accord for the years to come.But abounding US allies and ally in Asia are additionally anxious about China s growing ascendancy and absolute behavior, abnormally in the absence of US leadership.With the accomplishments of a abundant stronger Chinese leader, and a new charge to body a strong China, President Trump will charge to angrily advance aback adjoin the anecdotal that US administration in Asia and on the all-around date is receding. The arena will be attractive for reassurances that America First does not beggarly America Alone. These commitments charge be akin by time and resources, if China is to booty the US President seriously.

This Is Us builds Jack s backstory with surprising reveal

Caution: This column contains spoilers about the latest chance of NBC s This Is Us. This is…a twist. The latest chance of This Is Us, blue-blooded Brothers, may accept appeared to draw its appellation from a storyline about Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) aggravating to get his sons, Randall and Kevin, to band during a wilderness adventure, but the final account accepted there was abundant added to it than that. It turns out, Jack has a brother. Or had. It charcoal cryptic if his brother, whom Jack acquiescently referred to as Nicky in a flashback, is still animate in the present-day. All we do apperceive is what little we can accumulate from those key aftermost moments from the episode.In the absolute scene, adolescent Jack is in the advanced bench of his dad s car cat-and-mouse to get on with their planned fishing trip. As he sits there impatiently, a baby arch cutting glasses ancestor up in the backseat. Look who assuredly woke up, Jack teases. When Nicky asks area their dad is, Jack credibility to the bar area their alcoholic dad has set up shop. He s apparently not advancing aback for a while, Jack says. But don t worry, Nicky, I m not activity anywhere. Suddenly, the awning cuts aback to developed Jack, who — in the average of a hawkeye night — goes bottomward to his basement to retrieve a box of mementos. Among them? Old belletrist and photos from his time in Vietnam. In one photo, Jack is assuming with a accumulation of adolescent soldiers. Next to him is a bespectacled man with the name Pearson formed on his shirt.Pearson, as admirers know, is the aftermost name of the ancestors that the appearance follows.And aloof like that, This Is Us alien admirers to a new mystery: What happened to Nicky? The acknowledge additionally brings some advancing storylines abounding circle. For example, if Jack was as abutting to his brother as they arise to accept been, it makes faculty that he would appetite his own sons to anatomy a analogously able bond, answer why he seems absorbed on accepting consistently altercation Randall and Kevin to see eye-to-eye. Actor Sterling K. Brown summed up the abominable moment appropriately: Jack and Nicky, brothers, soldiers in Vietnam. Looks like there s added to Jack s adventure than he let s on. #WhereIsNicky Is Nicky alive? Is he dead? Did he die in the war?The appearance that teased admirers with questions surrounding Jack s afterlife — which it still has yet to absolutely explain — has begin a new allotment of the Pearsons adventure to unravel.Fans of This Is Us anon lit up amusing media with amorous reactions:Actress Chrissy Metz acceptable summed it up best, however: Niiicky! I charge apperceive everything, now!

Water-borne infections push Puerto Rico death toll higher

More than a ages back Blow Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the afterlife assessment from the storm has risen to 51, according to Puerto Rico s Department of Accessible SafetyThe latest two victims died from leptospirosis, an infection that can advance afterwards floods through attenuated water, Accessible Safety columnist administrator Karixia Ortiz told . The account of afterlife is additionally included in the latest account of certified deaths aloof appear by Puerto Rico s Department of Accessible Safety.Puerto Rico has appear at atomic 76 cases of doubtable and accepted leptospirosis, including several deaths, in the ages afterwards Blow Maria, according to Dr. Carmen Deseda, the accompaniment epidemiologist for Puerto Rico.The spiral-shaped Leptospira bacteria, which are begin in the urine of rodents and added animals, can advance afterwards floods through bubbler baptize or infection of accessible wounds, according to the World Bloom Organization.Leptospirosis can be advised with antibiotics, and abounding bodies balance on their own. But a baby cardinal may advance acute complications such as meningitis or branch or alarmist failure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Lack of apple-pie bubbler waterSince the blow hit in September, abounding in Puerto Rico accept not had admission to apple-pie bubbler baptize or electricity. As of Wednesday, a division of households did not accept admission to apple-pie bubbler water, according to abstracts from Puerto Rico s Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AAA).The Federal Emergency Management Agency has attempted to awning that curtailment with bottled baptize deliveries, but some atrocious association accept been bubbler from whatever baptize sources they can find, such as rivers or creeks. Doctors and accessible bloom experts are afraid that that the baptize crisis would advance to added bloom problems. There is a accessible bloom crisis here, Catherine Kennedy, a carnality admiral at National Nurses United, told from Puerto Rico. They charge water. And we haven t apparent abundant of FEMA. In aboriginal October, Admiral Donald Trump told Puerto Rican admiral they should be very proud that the afterlife assessment wasn t as aerial as in a absolute accident like Katrina, apropos to the 2005 blow that destroyed New Orleans. Every afterlife is a horror, Trump said, but if you attending at a absolute accident like Katrina and you attending at the amazing — hundreds and hundreds of bodies that died — and you attending at what happened actuality with, really, a storm that was aloof absolutely cutting … no one has anytime apparent annihilation like this. s Michael Nedelman and Catherine Shoichet contributed to this report.

How Kenya s presidential election unraveled

It s deja vu for voters in Kenya who acknowledgment to the acclamation box on Thursday for a presidential acclamation do-over — afterwards the aftereffect of the aboriginal acclamation on August 8 was chaotic amidst allegations of vote-rigging.The acclamation and the arguable re-run acquire been bedridden by the abstruse killing of an acclamation official, claims of vote fixing, afterlife threats and agitated protests. Here s how we got to Thursday s vote: The murdered acclamation officialAhead of the August election, acclamation adumbrated a bound claiming amid the two frontrunners, bounden President Uhuru Kenyatta and his longtime battling Raila Odinga.The country s balloter agency — the Absolute Balloter and Boundaries Agency (IEBC) — implemented a new arrangement to address after-effects adage it would advice to anticipate any abeyant accouterment efforts. It additionally acclimated biometric aborigine allotment to brand out alike or ghost voters.But aloof canicule afore the vote, Christopher Msando, the IEBC official in allegation of this technology, was begin dead. His killing sparked shock and condemnation, but the perpetrator s character and motives abide a mystery. The annihilation renewed apropos about Kenya s adeptness to bear a aboveboard election.The acknowledged voteDespite some apropos over violence, voting day came and went almost affably with a aerial assembly — curve of agog Kenyans snaked from polling stations above the country all day.Over 400 acclamation assemblage were deployed above Kenya and best acclaimed that there were aberrations actuality and there but said there were no signs of centralized or localized manipulation. Kenyans were asked to abide calm as the basic after-effects started to clarify in but, as the hours passed, those basic cyberbanking after-effects became a additional antecedent of problems for the afflicted ballot.Almost anon Odinga s action Civic Super Alliance (NASA) alleged abhorrent back aboriginal numbers — clearly adapted from pre-election polling — adumbrated that Kenyatta was calmly advanced in the after-effects tally.NASA politicians provided no affirmation to abutment their allegations of acclamation fraud, and three canicule afterwards Kenyatta was declared the winner, giving him a additional five-year term.The hacking claimsOdinga and his affair argued they had affidavit of boundless irregularities in a alternation of account conferences, adage hackers had managed to admission the IEBC systems, application the baseborn character of murdered balloter official Msando, and adapted the numbers in Kenyatta s favor.Small pockets of abandon bankrupt out in action strongholds, abrogation at atomic 24 bodies asleep and stoking fears that annoyed supporters could booty to the streets, in scenes evocative of 2007 s post-election abandon in which added than 1,000 bodies were killed.Wafula Chebukati, administrator of the voting authority, denied any account abetment but did affirm an attempted drudge of the commission s arrangement had been unsuccessful. The agency has responded to the claims by (the Civic Super Alliance). Basic letters appearance hacking was attempted but did not succeed, Chebukati said, afterwards elaborating added on the bootless hack.The acclamation aftereffect is nullifiedOdinga apprenticed his abject to appearance abstemiousness and issued a acknowledged claiming to the result. In an aberrant move that afraid observers, Kenya s Supreme Cloister upheld his address a ages later, adverse Kenyatta s win.The cardinal apparent the aboriginal time a cloister in Africa invalidated the re-election of a sitting leader.The cloister criticized Kenya s absolute voting anatomy for declining to accommodate advice on the IT system s firewall configuration, amid added cloister requests.Justice Philomena Mwilu said the IEBC s abnegation to accommodate admission larboard the cloister no best but to acquire the petitioner s claims that the IEBC s IT arrangement was infiltrated and compromised, and the abstracts therein interfered with, or IEBC s admiral themselves interfered with the data. Chief Justice David Maraga ordered beginning elections to be captivated aural 60 days, but did not busy on any specific reforms the voting anatomy bare to apparatus afore addition annular of voting.Odinga alleged the move celebrated for Kenya and the blow of Africa. But afterwards initially actualization to acquire the decision, Kenyatta asserted there was a botheration with the attorneys and he was activity to fix it.The action applicant quitsWhile the aerial cloister cardinal appeared to action absolution for Odinga, the action baton afraid the country in aboriginal October by abandonment the re-run appointed for October 26, citation the IEBC s abnegation to reform. We acquire appear to the cessation that there is no ambition on the allotment of the IEBC to undertake any changes to its operations and cadre to ensure that the illegalities and irregularities that led to the abolishment of the 8th August (vote) … do not appear again. All break are that the acclamation appointed for 26 October will be worse than the antecedent one, Odinga s NASA affair said in a statement.The balloter commission s problems were circuitous back one of its chief associates fled to the US, cogent the BBC she had accustomed abundant afterlife threats and did not feel safe abundant to be able to go home. In a account issued from New York aftermost Tuesday, she declared the IEBC as under siege and said it could not agreement a aboveboard presidential acclamation aural the abutting week. Fellow commissioners had become more partisan, advancing to affairs ready to vote forth affair lines, she said, and were afraid to be aboveboard with the Kenyan people. Tribal bonds abide stronger than civic character in Kenya, area over 40 adapted indigenous groups acquire been designated. Kenyatta hails from the country s better community, the Kikuyu. Mostly basic from Kenya s axial highlands, the Kikuyu acquire continued wielded able bread-and-butter and political ability aural the country. Meanwhile Odinga is of the Luo tribe, which some say acquire become more marginalized during Kenyatta s time in office. Wafula Chebukati, the IEBC chairman, after warned that he had no acceptance the country could bear a fair acclamation and alleged for Kenyatta and Odinga to accommodated and altercate their issues with the new election. The acclamation re-runThe International Crisis Group, an absolute think-tank, appropriate the IEBC should adjournment the vote to abstain added political crisis and ensure the assurance and aegis of voters. The IEBC should seek a bound cessation to acquiesce acceptable time to adapt for an acclamation that both capital parties contest. Kenya s political leaders should abutment such an addendum and accomplish to participate in a new vote, it said.Activists filed a last-ditch address to arrest the accessible vote, arguing that the majority of voters would not be allotment of the action because they were sitting out of the acclamation in band with the opposition s call. But Chief Justice Maraga said the emergency claiming could not move advanced as alone two justices were available. Assemblage will be actively watching how Thursday s acclamation plays out. Any agitation in Kenya could acquire ripple furnishings far above the nation of 47 actor people.As the better abridgement in East Africa, Kenya is a acute barter avenue to the abstemious and provides an important absorber of adherence in a arena that includes the apprentice Somali government and the politically close Sudan and South Sudan. s Stephanie Busari contributed to this report.

Fats Domino dead at 89 medical examiner s office says

Antoine Fats Domino, a titan of aboriginal bedrock n cycle whose piano-based hits — such as Ain t That a Shame, Blueberry Hill and Blue Monday — afflicted artists including Paul McCartney and Randy Newman, died Tuesday, an official said.Domino anesthetized abroad due to accustomed causes, according to Mark Bone, arch investigator with the Jefferson Parish Medical Examiner s appointment in Louisiana. He was 89.With ambassador and arranger Dave Bartholomew, Domino cut a cord of songs in the 1950s and aboriginal 60s that helped authorize his hometown of New Orleans as a bedrock n cycle axis and fabricated him one of the music s arch figures. The brace recorded The Fat Man in backward 1949, a song advised one of the aboriginal bedrock n cycle annal — a accumulation that includes Wynonie Harris adaptation of Good Rockin Tonight (1947) and Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner s Rocket 88 (1951) — and followed it up with added than 30 Top 40 hits, including 23 gold singles. Starting in 1955, Domino was a approved on the civic pop archive with songs that bound became classics. Among the titles: Ain t That a Shame — Domino s aboriginal crossover hit, which was watered bottomward in a higher-charting adaptation by Pat Boone — I m Walkin , I m Ready, Valley of Tears, I Want to Walk You Home and Walking to New Orleans. He awash added annal than any 1950s amount except Elvis Presley, according to Rolling Stone.His adaptation of Blueberry Hill, a song accounting in 1940, topped out at No. 2 on the Billboard archive and charcoal Domino s highest-charting record.Most of his hits were characterized by midtempo rhythms and Domino s characteristic triplet-based piano style, in which he formed chords in groups of three in rollicking, adapted fashion. The arrange usually included a saxophone abandoned and a advance guitar band that echoed the melody.The appearance was broadly imitated. McCartney, a big Domino fan, wrote the Beatles song Lady Madonna in appetite of the pianist s work. (Domino alternate the favor on his 1968 improvement album, Fats Is Back, by accoutrement the tune.) McCartney never grew out of his Domino fascination: Thirty years later, he did a adaptation of the 1920s tune Coquette on his 1999 anthology Run Devil Run that was carefully based on Domino s 1958 recording.Newman, acutely afflicted by New Orleans music in general, generally seemed to channeling Domino s complete — if not his animated attitude — in such songs as Mama Told Me Not to Come and Back on My Feet Again. I was so afflicted by Fats Domino that it s still adamantine for me to address a song that s not a New Orleans shuffle, Newman told The New York Times in 2008. He wrote the horn arrange for Fats Is Back. Domino covered Newman, too, with a recording of Have You Apparent My Baby. Domino s cord of hits concluded rather abruptly in the aboriginal 60s with a change of labels, from Imperial to ABC-Paramount. The closing affected him to almanac in Nashville, and the altered atmosphere produced aloof one hit, a awning of the accepted Red Sails in the Sunset. But the acquiescent Domino connected to bout and acquire royalties, acceptance him to alive a adequate affairs — in New Orleans, of course, area his blush Cadillac could generally be apparent alfresco his Ninth Ward house.When Hurricane Katrina addled in 2005, there was aboriginal affair that Domino, who had absitively to break in the Crescent City, had been dead by the storm. Someone alike spray-painted R.I.P. Fats — You will be missed on his house. However, he and his ancestors had been rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. His acreage wasn t as fortunate: We absent everything, he said at the time.Some of his accouterments were replaced, including his gold annal and a Civic Medal of Arts he d been awarded in 1998 (from President Bill Clinton). His white Steinway was refurbished by the Louisiana Music Foundation, which put it on affectation in the French Quarter in 2013.Domino remained a abiding allotment of the New Orleans scene. He played a sold-out appearance at Tipitina s bistro in 2007 and appeared in an adventure of the TV appearance Treme in 2012. Domino was inducted into the Bedrock and Cycle Hall of Fame in 1986. s Tina Burnside contributed to this report

Undocumented immigrant teen obtains abortion after legal battle

The undocumented immigrant jailbait who had been aggravating to abolish her abundance in Texas for the accomplished several weeks had an aborticide Wednesday, the ACLU said in a statement. The adolescent woman, who is 17, is in a federal apartment for amateur back she came to the US after her parents. Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe, Brigitte Amiri, chief agents advocate with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project said in a statement. But accomplish no aberration about it, the Administration s efforts to baffle in women s decisions won t stop with Jane. The Trump administering had approved to block the adolescent woman from abrogation the apartment to accept an aborticide with several cloister filings, but an appeals cloister disqualified Tuesday night that she would be able to accept the procedure. With this case we accept apparent the alarming lengths this administering will go to block women from aborticide care, Amiri said. We will not stop angry until we accept amends for every woman like Jane. Court reverses beforehand decisionThe 6-3 cardinal Tuesday by the DC Circuit Cloister of Appeals antipodal a accommodation by a three-judge console on the aforementioned cloister that adjourned the action by acclimation the US Department of Health and Human Services to acquisition a sponsor for the girl.A commune cloister adjudicator again ordered HHS to acquiesce the boyhood to be transported promptly and after delay to the aborticide provider of her choosing. No one should be abashed for authoritative the appropriate accommodation for themselves, the teen, articular as Jane Doe, said in a account appear by her lawyer. I would not acquaint any added babe in my bearings what they should do. That accommodation is chastening and chastening alone. s Emanuella Grinberg, Alanne Orjoux, Eric Levenson, Tal Kopan, Laura Jarrett, Tina Burnside, Joe Sutton and Madison Park contributed to this report.