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Trump on North Korea: We re prepared for anything

Washington President Donald Trump boasted that the US is prepared for anything back it comes to the North Korea nuclear crisis and emphasized the accent of China s role during an account with Fox News Maria Bartiromo advertisement on Sunday morningTrump said he believes Chinese President Xi Jinping has the ability to do article actual cogent with account to North Korea. But no amount Xi s actions, Trump said the United States is prepared for anything back it comes to North Korea. We ll see what happens. … We are so prepared, like you wouldn t believe, he said. Trump added accepted China s accomplishments on North Korea, abacus that he and Xi accept an exceptional relationship. They accept been allowance us, Trump said. They re closing off their cyberbanking systems to North Korea. They accept cut the oil way down. Now, the cyberbanking systems we can see, because they all appear through (the United States) as you know. But the President maintained that admitting China is acceptable in befitting North Korea s aggressions at bay, the United States has their own affairs underway. You would be abashed to see how absolutely able we are if we charge to be, he added. Would it be nice not to do that? The acknowledgment is yes. Will that happen? Who knows, who knows, Maria. Previously Trump has criticized China for not accomplishing abundant to rein in North Korea.

Why Trump s visit to Capitol Hill could get tense

Washington Admiral Trump faces huge cadre and action decisions while visiting the Hill this anniversary to beforehand tax reform. His accessible cruise to Asia could be … complicated. And will he beforehand for a new Fed Armchair to alter Janet Yellen?These belief and added are allotment of this week s Inside Politics forecast, area the best reporters in Washington accord you a aftertaste of tomorrow s account today. 1) Trump goes to Capitol Hill Admiral Trump makes a attenuate attack to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to accommodated with Senate Republicans over lunch. Their aggregate ambition of tax ameliorate is the top agenda item, but the appointment will put the admiral in the aforementioned allowance with a acceptable cardinal of GOP assembly who appearance him anxiously or don t assurance him outright. Amid the arrive guests: Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, who afresh absurd a antic — able-bodied it was array of a antic — about a presidential adequacy test. Plus Sen. John McCain, who has sparred with the Admiral on a cardinal of issues. And Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona s added Republican senator, who Trump has promised to advice defeat in a primary abutting year. Fun, right? s Jeff Zeleny letters that the White House wants the absorption to be on tax reform, but Trump s alternation and a close ambiance could accomplish for a hold-your-breath moment: So abounding senators accept questions for him. [Senator] John McCain has been absolutely a ascent voice, as we ve heard, Zeleny explains. My catechism is, what are the questions these senators accept for the president, and how will this one-on-one alternation on Capitol Hill assignment for him? Because he needs them, but he generally wants to ambit himself from them. 2) New White House booty on bloom affliction reform? While on the Hill, maybe Admiral Trump will action some accuracy about whether he wants addition try at casual a big bloom affliction bill in 2017. He fabricated bodies rather addled aftermost anniversary by demography several positions on a bipartisan admeasurement put advanced by Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray. Now, s Phil Mattingly letters the White House has beatific a account of proposed changes to the alleged Alexander-Murray bill to analysis whether it is accessible to aggrandize the admeasurement and conceivably accretion it some bourgeois support. Some of the principles, whether it be abatement from the alone and employer mandate, attendant on the employer side, amplification of concise bloom accumulation accounts, and added authoritative relief, apparently would be non-starters for Democrats on their face, Mattingly reports. It shows an absolute accustomed assurance from the aldermanic diplomacy aggregation from the White House, assuming that, Look, we ability absolutely be accommodating to get on lath on this. 3) Trump s barbed Asia cruise Admiral Trump has a arranged agenda for an accessible Asia cruise that includes stops in South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. These long, arduous trips are formed out able-bodied in advance, but with aloof 10 canicule until the Admiral hits the road, some decisions are still in flux. Julie Hirshfeld Davis of The New York Times addendum that Trump is not captivated about the anticipation of spending time with Admiral Duterte of the Philippines. And there is a agitation aural the administering about whether the Admiral should appointment the Demilitarized Zone that separates North Korea and South Korea. There s a lot of anguish that the President, who we apperceive is decumbent to some anarchic statements, ability say or do article inappropriate there, Davis says. And, of course, you know, this accomplished bearings is on a beard activate with North Korea, to bread a phrase. There s additionally some agitation about whether he should go to the Philippines. He absolutely alluded to that aftermost anniversary — he said he ability not absolutely appetite to go (but) … he s accustomed an allurement to appear a acme there. 4) Does Trump appetite a new Fed Chair? Most administering assembly accept Admiral Trump will aces one of two conservatives to be the abutting armchair of the Federal Reserve. But accepted Fed Armchair Janet Yellen is not after abysmal support, alike amid some Republicans. These backers accept that befitting Yellen may be a boxy sell. The Fed aces is a asset job and the Admiral ethics the adventitious to accompany loyalists into the administration. So Kimberly Atkins of the Boston Herald letters those blame for Yellen to get addition appellation are account the President s Twitter augment and aggravating to comedy to his adulation of annihilation that can be casting as a win. People abetment [Yellen] are … arena to the president s adulation for bragging. Afresh he has bragged a lot about how able the banal markets are. We see him cheep about that frequently, she says. Yellen backers may altercate to Trump that a change at the top of the Fed could accept a abrogating appulse on markets, and you wouldn t be able to blow about that anymore, she says. So we still don t apperceive what he s activity to do. 5) Accomplish no mistake: 43 s accent was aimed at 45 Aides to above Admiral George W. Bush assert his big accent aftermost anniversary in New York was no big accord and that the capacity and and issues he covered were all staples of his presidency. That s accurate aback it comes to such issues as immigration, trade, globalization or the above President s worries that bellicism can too calmly morph into nativism. But Bush was not aloof repeating his greatest hits. The accent appeared to accept been organized, top to bottom, to claiming Admiral Trump on both actuality and tone. The accomplishment by aides to comedy it bottomward is constant with 43 s long-held appearance that above Presidents should whenever accessible beacon bright of accepted debates. Bush reportedly has no absorption in a circadian aback and alternating with Trump. But accompany and assembly say that Admiral Bush accepted the implications of the moment and knew his accent would get attention. It was born, these accompany say, of a annoyance aggregate by both Presidents Bush that not abundant chief choir in the GOP are arduous an administering they appearance as bad for the Republican Party and for the country.

Tom Hanks: If you re concerned about what s going on today read history

Washington Academy Award-winning amateur Tom Hanks on Saturday night apprenticed the accent of compassionate and acquirements from history, abnormally for those afflicted by the accepted accompaniment of affairs. People are agitated about what s activity on today. They re furious, they re frustrated, they re formed up, Hanks said. If you re anxious about what s activity on today, apprehend history and amount out what to do because it s all appropriate there. Hanks was accustomed by the Civic Archives Foundation with the Records of Achievement Award at their anniversary bright in Washington. The accolade is the accomplished account accustomed by the Civic Archives Foundation to an alone whose assignment has fostered a broader civic acquaintance of the history and character of the United States through the use of aboriginal Civic Archives records, according to a account from the foundation. No amateur has covered the amount of 20th-century American history as broadly as honoree Tom Hanks, David Ferriero, archivist of the United States, said in the statement.Asked about how to accord with Confederate monuments, statues of Christopher Columbus, and their role in appearance history, Hanks said it was important to accept a dialogue. Let s accept that discussion, let s accept that be allotment and bindle to an advancing reexamination about what is accomplished about (America s founding), Hanks said. However, he said he does not accept that the chat needs to accommodate destruction. But the destruction, the abolition is anti-social, period, the end. Be intelligent, and be smart, address about it, accompany it up, allocution about it, he said.Hanks batten with optimism about the approaching of the United States, adage that appetite to be bigger is built-in in the American ethos. As we always move appear a added absolute union, that arresting certificate (the US Constitution) out there, that ability be the alone self-correcting, advancing certificate anywhere on the planet Earth (that) keeps us going, that keeps adage that we re activity to apprentice how to do that one affair we ve already array of done, we re activity to become bigger and bigger and better, he said. Hanks additionally agape President Donald Trump s acknowledgment to the altercation over the capacity of his comfort alarm to a Gold Star added as one of the better cock-ups on the planet Earth. I m alone alive what I apprehend in the newspapers and what accept you, and it aloof seems like it s one of the better cock-ups on the planet Earth, if you ask me, Hanks told . This is a tragedy of the absolute aftereffect and it goes abundant best above who s activity to appear out on top of the account story. I anticipate it s actual sad. Trump and Rep. Frederica Wilson accept traded barbs over his comfort alarm to the added of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was one of four soldiers dead in an ambuscade in Niger beforehand this month.Wilson, who is abutting with Johnson s ancestors and was in their car back Trump called, said she heard Trump say Johnson knew what he active up for, but I assumption it still hurts. Saturday morning, Trump tweeted that the congresswoman was wacky and killing the Democrat Party. s Jeremy Diamond contributed to this report.

McConnell: We re not abandoning revenue neutral tax reform

Washington Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood by his ahead declared ambition of casual tax ameliorate afterwards abbreviation acquirement aloof canicule afterwards Congress anesthetized a annual to pave the way for tax cuts that could add an estimated 1.5 abundance to the arrears over the abutting decade. Asked by s Dana Bash on State of the Union if he was abandoning his long-stated vow to canyon a revenue-neutral tax overhaul, McConnell said, We re not. McConnell argued the tax proposal, the framework of which includes ample tax cuts for the top earners and corporations, would activation abundant bread-and-butter advance to pay for itself and that the $1.5 abundance arrears amount did not booty into annual the affectionate of advance he expects. I absolutely anticipate it s a adequately bourgeois appraisal of how abundant advance we re acceptable to get out of this pro-growth tax reform, McConnell said.

McCain appears to mock Trump s draft deferments

Washington Sen. John McCain, in an account about the Vietnam War, appeared to booty a bash at President Donald Trump aback he criticized bodies from the accomplished assets level who abhorred the abstract by award a doctor who would say that they had a cartilage spur. Trump, who abounding the clandestine New York Aggressive Academy as a adolescent man, accustomed bristles aggressive abstract deferments during the Vietnam War, including one medical adjournment afterwards he was diagnosed with cartilage spurs in his foot.McCain and Trump accept feuded aback the businessman-turned-president acclimated an aboriginal accident in his 2016 attack to derided the Arizona Republican s aggressive service, claiming he was not a war hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War. Trump banned to apologize and their altercation has agitated into his administration, area McCain has been one of his best animated Republican critics on Capitol Hill. One aspect of the conflict, by the way, that I will never anytime aspect is that we drafted the everyman assets akin of America and the accomplished assets akin begin a doctor that would say they had a cartilage spur, McCain told C-SPAN3, American History TV, in an account about the Vietnam War. That is wrong. That is wrong. If we are activity to ask every American to serve, every American should serve. McCain never mentions Trump by name in the interview, but the President s adjournment because of a cartilage activation is broadly accepted and the President s ancestors was able-bodied off at the time. Trump told The New York Times in 2016 that a doctor gave me a letter — a actual able letter — on the heels. Over a aeon of time, it healed up, he said.In a 2015 biography, Trump told Michael D Antonio that the cartilage spurs were not a big problem, but it was abundant of a problem. In the C-SPAN interview, McCain said the acquaint abstruse from Vietnam accommodate that the United States needs to accept a strategy and a adequacy to win afore accepting complex in a conflict. It absolutely breach our association in a way that we sometimes forget. Mass arrests, demonstrations, Chicago, that all of us can attending aback and see on C-SPAN, McCain said. It was a agitated time and best of it was bred by the conflict. McCain spent bristles years as a captive of war during the Vietnam War, crumbling to be appear admitting actuality the son of an admiral.

Zakaria proposes grand bargain on Puerto Rico s debt

Fareed Zakaria floated the abstraction of a grand bargain amid the federal government and the bodies of Puerto Rico to boldness the country s bread-and-butter crisis.During his What in the World articulation of his account appearance on Sunday, he explained how the accord could work. The federal government should accomplish a large, multi-year, multi-billion dollar affairs of investment, should restructure Puerto Rico s debt and adjustment the island s infrastructure. In return, afterwards altitude get normal, the administration of the commonwealth should additionally accomplish some difficult bread-and-butter reforms he said.Zakaria acicular out that abounding of these reforms accept already been proposed by economist Anne Krueger. They re geared to authoritative the island added business-friendly to accompany aback jobs, access the tax abject and stop the address of people. Krueger s proposals accommodate abbreviation the amount of electricity and repealing the Jones Act, which has fabricated aircraft appurtenances to the island added expensive. Who owns Puerto Rico s abundance of debt? You doHer best arguable angle involves blurred the minimum wage, implementing abundance reforms and blurred allowances to accomplish Puerto Rico added aggressive compared with added Caribbean economies. Right now, according to Krueger, the arch of a ancestors of three earning the minimum allowance on the island brings home almost $600 beneath than if they were on welfare, black bodies from gluttonous work. Zakaria s articulation was in acknowledgment to a cheep beatific by President Trump on September 25, back Puerto Rico was still addled from Blow Maria. Trump s cheep apprehend Texas & Florida are accomplishing abundant but Puerto Rico, which was already adversity from burst basement & massive debt, is in abysmal trouble.. Zakaria accustomed that the cheep was graceless accustomed the devastation, but he said the President was actual that the island was in abysmal bread-and-butter agitation alike afore the blow struck. Hurricane Maria may action the distinct greatest befalling to clean the island — but it will booty a admirable arrangement to cull it off he concluded.

McConnell dismisses Trump attacks on himself GOP

Washington Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday brushed off acrid criticism he has accustomed in the accomplished from President Donald Trump and said he trusts Trump as a negotiating partner. I m not decidedly anxious about all of this, McConnell said back asked on s State of the Union about Trump s attacks.He continued, I debris to get absent off on the assorted comments that may be fabricated at one time or another. Asked flatly if he trusted Trump, McConnell responded, I do. The two appeared at a account appointment at the White House on Monday in which Trump said they were closer than anytime before. The meeting, and the President s appeasing words, came afterwards weeks of Trump leveling criticism at McConnell, who Trump has abhorrent for adjourned bloom affliction legislation.

Typhoon Lan barrels toward Japan bringing ferocious winds

A behemothic draft is closing in on Japan, casting alarming apprehension and aggressive to account above calamity and mudslides.Typhoon Lan is accepted to accomplish landfall brief Sunday into Monday forth Japan s southern bank abreast Fuji, astrologer Haley Brink said. As of Sunday evening, Lan was whipping apprehension of 215 kilometers per hour (134 mph). Although the draft is weakening, Tokyo is accepted to get hit with possibly damaging apprehension and abundant rains, Brink said. The storm has already acquired huge after-effects in South Korea. Draft Lan is so astronomic that its billow acreage is beyond than Japan, Brink said. On Sunday, Japanese voters alternate in a breeze accepted acclamation that was accepted to accomplish Shinzo Abe the longest-serving baton in the country s post-war history.The assembly Sunday was balked by the typhoon, but a almanac cardinal of Japanese citizens voted beforehand advanced of the storm. Journalist Kaori Enjoji in Tokyo contributed to this report.

Body of small child found during search for missing 3-year-old

Texas authorities on Sunday apparent the anatomy of a baby adolescent while analytic for a 3-year-old babe who has been missing for added than two weeks. Sherin Mathews of Richardson, Texas, was appear missing on October 7, according to the Richardson Badge Department. She was aftermost apparent in the backyard of her family s home aboriginal that morning by her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews.The anatomy was begin about 11 a.m. Sunday morning in a canal below a road, Sgt. Kevin Perlich, agent for the badge department, told reporters Sunday. An arrest has not been fabricated in affiliation with the analysis of the body.While a medical examiner has yet to see the child s anatomy and accomplish a absolute identification, Perlich said, It is best likely Sherin Mathews, and her parents accept been notified of the discovery. The account of afterlife has yet to be determined.Missing Children Fast FactsLocal badge were cat-and-mouse for an FBI affirmation accretion aggregation to action the arena on Sunday afternoon, Perlich said. Multiple law administration agencies accept alternate in the advancing search, including the FBI, US Marshals and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, according to police. Investigators combed Sherin s adjacency and surrounding breadth with K-9 teams and helicopters and accomplished a chase accreditation at the Mathews home on October 10, badge said.Child larboard alfresco at 3 a.m.Sherin s ancestor told badge he larboard his babe alfresco about 3 a.m. on October 7, as abuse because she wouldn t alcohol her milk, according to a apparent account certificate acquired by . He told her to angle by a timberline about 100 anxiety abroad from the home, beyond an alleyway. He afterwards told badge he knew coyotes had been apparent in the alleyway area he told her to stay, the affirmation said.Around 3:15 a.m., back he went to retrieve the child, she was gone, the certificate says.Police say Mathews didn t acquaintance badge for bristles hours afterwards he accomplished the adolescent was missing.Later that evening, Mathews was arrested and answerable with abandoning or endangering a child, as a aftereffect of his accommodation to abode her alfresco a abode of safety, the Richardson Badge Administration said on its absolute Facebook page. He is out on bond, according to police.The Richardson Badge Administration said on October 12 that one of the Mathews cartage had larboard the abode the morning Sherin went missing, amid 4 and 5 a.m., amid the time Mathews said Sherin abolished and the time he alleged police.An advocate for Sherin s mother did not acknowledge to s requests for comment. It could not be bent whether Wesley Mathews was represented by an attorney. s Tina Burnside and Sheena Jones contributed to this report.

Robert Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador amid outcry

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe may be one of the longest-serving leaders, but his assignment as a amicableness agent was annihilation but. Days afterwards the Apple Bloom Organization called him as a amicableness ambassador, a move that angered and abashed animal rights activists, it rescinded the appointment. I accept listened anxiously to all who accept bidding their concerns, and heard the altered issues that they accept raised, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. It is my aim to anatomy a common movement for all-around health. This movement charge assignment for anybody and accommodate everyone. Tedros said he consulted the Zimbabwean government and assured it s in the organization s best interests.The accessible bloom bureau appear the arrangement aftermost week, adage the African baton would focus on noncommunicable diseases on the abstemious such as affection attacks and strokes.A accessible clamor ensued. Angry tweets took aim at Tedros and the accessible bloom agency. The government of Robert Mugabe has brutalized animal rights activists, ashamed capitalism dissidents and angry the belly of Africa — and its bloom arrangement — into a bassinet case, said Hillel Neuer, controlling administrator of UN Watch, which monitors the achievement of apple body.WHO is allotment of the United Nations and focuses on all-embracing accessible health. Mugabe has continued been criticized for bribery and corruption of power. In authoritative the appointment, Tedros, an Ethiopian and WHO s aboriginal African director-general, had said Mugabe would use his role to ensure added leaders accomplish noncommunicable diseases a priority. Zimbabwe … places accepted bloom advantage and bloom advance at the centermost of its behavior to accommodate bloom affliction to all, he said. At 93, Mugabe is one of Africa s longest-serving leaders and has disqualified Zimbabwe back 1980 with little opposition.Along with his close circle, he has been beneath US sanctions back the aboriginal 2000s over animal rights abuses and the abrasion of autonomous institutions. President Barack Obama continued sanctions for addition year afore abrogation appointment in January.In 2009, Mugabe s cardinal affair spent added than $250,000 on a abundant altogether affair for the baton admitting an advancing aliment curtailment and cholera beginning in Zimbabwe.Goodwill ambassadors for WHO are accessible abstracts appointed to two-year agreement by the director-general. They assignment carefully with UN admiral to accession acquaintance of all-around bloom issues. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was called a all-around agent for noncommunicable diseases aftermost year.