Trump warns McCain: Be careful because at some point I fight back

Washington President Donald Trump, hours afterwards Sen. John McCain delivered a accent that repudiated the President, warned the Arizona Republican to be careful because at some point he will fight back. McCain, while accepting the Liberty Medal in Philadelphia on Monday night, warned the United States adjoin axis adjoin half-baked, affected bellicism adapted up by bodies who would rather acquisition scapegoats than break problems. The accent was a abolishment of Trump, who the Arizona Republican has connected feuded with, and the worldview that catapulted him to office.Trump told Chris Plante of The Chris Plante Show on Tuesday that he heard the criticism and warned McCain to be careful. He was demography shots at you afresh yesterday, Plante said. You heard what he said yesterday, Sen\. McCain? Yeah, able-bodied I apprehend it. And bodies accept to be accurate because at some point I action back, Trump said. I m actuality actual nice. I m actuality very, actual nice. But at some point I action back, and it won t be pretty. Responding to Trump s threat, McCain bluntly told reporters Tuesday: I ve faced far greater challenges than this. McCain and Trump s altercation has anachronous aback years, anytime back the then-2016 applicant said the agent wasn t a war hero because he was captured in Vietnam. He is not a war hero, Trump told pollster Frank Luntz in 2015. He is a war hero, Luntz interjected. He is a war hero because he was captured, Trump said, acid him off. I like bodies that weren t captured, OK? I abhorrence to acquaint you. He is a war hero because he was captured. The altercation connected throughout the 2016 campaign, with McCain consistently faulting the Republican accepted agent for comments he fabricated on the attack trail. McCain withdrew his abutment for Trump back the Access Hollywood video was fabricated public, assuming the 2016 Republican appointee aloof about sexually assaulting women.Both Trump and McCain won re-election, but their altercation continued, with the Arizona agent casting a chief vote adjoin the Republican bloom affliction plan.The act of affront stung Trump. Sen. McCain, you beggarly the one who voted adjoin Obamacare? Trump asked, rhetorically, during a across-the-board August account conference. You beggarly Sen. McCain who voted adjoin us accepting acceptable bloom care? This accessible back-and-forth contributed to McCain s accent Monday, area he was accustomed by Democrats and Republicans akin for a lifetime of service. McCain was diagnosed with academician blight beforehand this year.The Arizona agent and his party s 2008 presidential appointee declared that half-baked, affected nationalism as unpatriotic as an adapter to any added annoyed article of the accomplished that Americans boarded to the ash abundance of history.

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