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Freed Taliban hostage family arrives home in Canada

Islamabad A brace freed from active bondage in Pakistan accustomed home in Canada on Friday night, Canada s government said.Joshua Boyle, a Canadian, boarded a flight in Islamabad with his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children, a Pakistani aggressive antecedent with absolute ability of the adjustment told . They flew to London, again Canada. Today, we accompany the Boyle ancestors in amusement over the long-awaited acknowledgment to Canada of their admired ones, the government of Canada said in a account appear Friday night. Canada has been actively affianced on Mr. Boyle s case at all levels, and we will abide to abutment him and his ancestors now that they accept returned. Boyle and Coleman were captivated for bristles years by the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani arrangement in Afghanistan. Their three accouchement were built-in during their time in captivity. They were freed Thursday in a mission agitated out by Pakistani armament based on intelligence from US authorities.On Thursday, Boyle banned to lath an American aggressive even over apropos he could face arrest, a chief official said.Boyle was ahead affiliated to the sister of Omar Kadhr, a Canadian confined for 10 years at the US apprehension ability in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, afterwards angry US troops in Afghanistan.The US official said there were some questions surrounding Boyle s past, but the Department of Justice said he did not face arrest. Coleman and Boyle are not answerable with any federal abomination and, as such, we do not seek their arrest, agent Wyn Hornbuckle said.Coleman was abundant at the time of their kidnapping and had two added accouchement in captivity.Coleman and Boyle were captivated earnest by the Haqqani Arrangement for bristles years afterwards their kidnapping in 2012. The Pakistani Army appear it had freed the brace forth with their three children.Boyle s father, Patrick, told that his son had declared the accomplishment mission during a buzz call. The bristles of them actuality in the aback of a car actuality transferred and a car actuality stopped, amidst by, Josh described, 35 Pakistani Army officials, Patrick Boyle said. A firefight breaking out, that all bristles captors had been dead by the Pakistani Army, and all bristles of our Boyles are safe and okay. Josh said he was hit with some armament and our governments accept accepted that he was damaged in the leg. That s all we apperceive appropriate now about that. Boyle said the abrupt about-face of contest was annihilation abbreviate of miraculous. Cait, in her aftermost video said if all bristles of them accomplish it out, it s activity to be a miracle, Boyle said. And we re active a miracle. Journalist Adeel Raja appear from Islamabad. s Eli Watkins, Ryan Browne, Barbara Starr and Laura Jarrett contributed to this report.

ISIS setbacks reported in Syria

ISIS is said to accept suffered key setbacks in Syria, with US-led affiliation armament avaricious added accommodation in the alarm group s self-declared basic of Raqqa and the Syrian aggressive abduction a key eastern city.The conflict, which started in 2011, has resulted in the deaths of an estimated 400,000 Syrians and the displacement of millions.ISIS authority on Raqqa has eroded. Eighty-five percent of the burghal has been absolved from the alarm group, the US-led Combined Joint Assignment Force said Saturday.In a accounting statement, the assignment force told that steady progress was actuality fabricated in acquisition ISIS in the group s stronghold.Fighting is accepted in the canicule ahead, but a specific timeline for the defeat of ISIS hasn t been determined, it said.About 100 ISIS soldiers had surrendered; they were removed from Raqqa, and 1,500 civilians were able to abandon the burghal cautiously this week, the assignment force said.As angry persists, civilians in Raqqa were to leave in an aborticide plan brokered amid affiliated elders and a bounded council, the US-led affiliation said.People abrogation the burghal will be accountable to chase by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, a affiliation of mostly Kurdish and some Arab militias. Authorities appetite to accomplish abiding ISIS associates aggravating to escape aren t amid the civilians.The Syrian army recaptured the burghal of al-Mayadeen on Saturday afterwards abundant angry adjoin ISIS, the state-run Syrian Arab News Bureau said. Al-Mayadeen is about 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Deir Ezzor.The army dead ample numbers of ISIS fighters and destroyed their weapons and equipment, SANA reported. Army units are block debris of ISIS terrorists out of al-Mayadeen while the engineering units are allowance acreage mines larboard in the town, the bureau said.SANA said ascendancy of the burghal is a key footfall against degradation the accumulation in the Euphrates region.US admiral accept ISIS has housed abundant of its administration as able-bodied as up to 10,000 fighters in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site

Dorado, Puerto Rico Jose Luis Rodriguez waited in band Friday to ample artificial jugs in the aback of his auto barter with baptize for drinking, accomplishing the dishes and bathing.But there is article about this baptize Rodriguez didn t know: It was actuality pumped to him by baptize authorities from a federally appointed hazardous-waste site, abstruse afterwards reviewing Superfund abstracts and interviewing federal and bounded officials. Rodriguez, 66, is so atrocious for baptize that this account didn t affright him. I don t accept a choice, he said. This is the alone advantage I have. More than three weeks afterwards Hurricane Maria ravaged this island, added than 35% of the island s association — American citizens — abide after safe bubbler water.It s bright some association are axis to potentially chancy sources to get by.Friday afternoon, watched workers from the Puerto Rican baptize utility, Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados, or AAA, administer baptize from a able-bodied at the Dorado Groundwater Contagion Site, which was listed in 2016 as allotment of the federal Superfund affairs for chancy decay cleanup.Residents like Rodriguez abounding baby bottles from a corrupt and accumulated them in their vehicles. Large trucks with annular tanks on their backs agitated the baptize to bodies elsewhere. Some of the trucks agitated the name of the city of Dorado. Others artlessly were labeled with the words Agua Potable, Spanish for cooler water. In announcement the accession of the Dorado armpit to the Superfund program, the US Ecology Protection Bureau says the breadth was attenuated with automated chemicals, including tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene, which can accept austere bloom impacts including accident to the alarmist and accretion the accident of cancer, according to the EPA.EPA gathering added information It s cryptic whether there are accessible bloom risks from this accurate well, however. The EPA said it affairs to do testing in the breadth over the weekend. The EPA is acquisition added advice about the affection of baptize from the wells associated with our Dorado groundwater contagion site, as able-bodied as added Superfund sites in Puerto Rico, the bureau said in a account issued to on Friday. While some of these wells are sometimes acclimated to accommodate bubbler water, the EPA is anxious that bodies could be bubbler baptize that may be contaminated, depending on the well. We are alert of the ascendant job of attention people s health, counterbalanced with people s basal charge for water. Regional EPA agent Elias Rodriguez accepted the area is allotment of a Superfund site.Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados, the baptize authority, was blind that this able-bodied armpit was allotment of the Superfund affairs until provided maps assuming that this was the case, according to Luis Melendez, sub-director for ecology acquiescence at the utility. Melendez maintained the baptize is fit for accessible consumption. The able-bodied was opened on an emergency base and is not allotment of the approved bubbler baptize supply, he said. In 2015, this able-bodied in Dorado, which is amid abreast a arcade center, was begin by the EPA to be cautiously aural federal standards for PCE and chloroform, two automated chemicals. I ve never apparent this before Martyn Smith, a assistant of toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley, told the levels of PCE and chloroform would be about safe for animal consumption. I wouldn t accept any botheration in bubbler this baptize if these were the alone chemicals in it, he said. The botheration with Superfund sites, he said, is that you don t apperceive what abroad is present. I ve never apparent this before, he said, apropos to the abstraction a Superfund armpit would be acclimated as a antecedent of accessible bubbler water. Boiling the water, he said, would abate accessible contamination. And it s somewhat understandable, Smith added, that bodies in Puerto Rico would about-face to possibly ambiguous bubbler baptize sources accustomed the ambit of the crisis. Still, a Superfund armpit — a area with accepted bloom risks — is aloof about the aftermost abode a being would appetite to about-face to acquisition bubbler water, alike in a crisis, said Erik Olson, arch of the bloom affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an ecology advancement group. There are bags of chemicals out there that could be in a Superfund armpit and alone a about scattering are covered by standards, he said. What I would be afraid about is being that isn t assuming up on EPA s bubbler baptize standards. It aloof sounds absolutely chancy to me to be confined baptize out of a Superfund well. People cat-and-mouse in band for baptize on Friday were abundantly blind of these concerns. Some of had heard the EPA appear this anniversary that it had accustomed letters that Puerto Ricans were accepting baptize from Superfund sites. But those interviewed affected that wasn t this well. Mayra Perez, a 59-year-old retiree, bidding pride in the affection of the water. I m abiding there are no chemicals in this water, she said. Aixa Chevere, a mother of two, said she would acquisition a new antecedent of baptize if this armpit was apparent to be contaminated. Already, the ancestors spends three to four hours per day cat-and-mouse in curve for basal casework and goods, including water. We would abscess the baptize or chase for bottled water if it were dangerous, she said. We would acquisition some added alternative. That day, however, she loaded the baptize into her block of her car.

Leading Democrat calls for Puerto Rico water investigation

Washington A arch House Democrat has asked the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the baptize bearings in Puerto Rico afterwards a appear address that bodies were bubbler baptize taken from a federally appointed hazardous-waste site.The appeal comes a day afterwards a adventure from s John Sutter apropos workers from the Puerto Rican baptize account Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados distributing baptize from a able-bodied at the Dorado Groundwater Contamination Site. The armpit was listed in 2016 as allotment of the federal Superfund affairs for chancy baptize cleanup.Many Puerto Ricans accept been advancing to acquisition apple-pie bubbler baptize back September 20 afterwards Hurricane Maria devastated the island, home to 3.4 actor people.Rep. Bennie Thompson, the baronial Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, wrote a letter to acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke allurement for the investigation. Thompson, from Mississippi, said he capital to apperceive whether she was acquainted Americans there are bubbler baptize from possibly attenuated sources. Reports of Puerto Ricans cat-and-mouse hours to accept potentially attenuated baptize that could accept abiding bloom after-effects is above disturbing, Thompson said Saturday. That it happened on canicule afterwards EPA warned the bodies of Puerto Rico to burden from breaking into Superfund sites to admission baptize suggests a adverse breakdown in allocation amid the federal entities arena a role in federal adversity acknowledgment activities. The EPA had told it was planning to do testing on wells about the Dorado armpit this weekend. While some of these wells are sometimes acclimated to accommodate bubbler water, the EPA is anxious that bodies could be bubbler baptize that may be contaminated, depending on the well, the bureau said Friday. We are alert of the ascendant job of attention people s health, counterbalanced with people s basal charge for water. In announcement the accession aftermost year of the Dorado armpit to the Superfund program, the US Environmental Protection Bureau said the breadth was attenuated with automated chemicals, including tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene, which can accept austere bloom impacts including accident to the alarmist and accretion the accident of cancer, according to the EPA. accomplished out Saturday to the Department of Homeland Security for animadversion on Thompson s request, but didn t accept a reply. According to Puerto Rican officials, 64% of the commonwealth s homes and businesses had cooler baptize as of Saturday.

Wildfires kill couple married for 75 years leave 200-plus missing

Nothing could abstracted Charles and Sara Rippey. Not war. Not alike a baleful California bonfire that engulfed their house. They spent 89 years together, including their final moments in their Napa home, son Mike Rippey told associate KPIX. Charles was 100; Sara was 98. The couple s accouchement marveled at their parents longevity, both in activity and in marriage. We generally talked amid ourselves about how either one of them would accord with activity afterwards the other, Mike Rippey told KPIX. Especially my father. He admired my mother. The Rippeys were amid the 36 bodies asleep by California s angry wildfires, which are still roaring beyond the accompaniment with no end in sight. And the families of added than 200 are still analytic for their missing admired ones. Here s what we apperceive about some of those who died: The victims lostCharles and Sara RippeyThe Rippeys adulation activity started aboriginal — Charles was in the sixth grade, and Sara was in the fourth, their son Mike said. Afterwards Charles went to action in World War II, he alternate and had bristles accouchement with his beloved, Mike Rippey told KPIX. The brace afresh acclaimed their 75th bells anniversary. Mike Rippey said he believes his ancestor died aggravating to save his mother. Charles Rippey s anatomy was begin in the broiled charcoal of the alley aloof alfresco breadth his wife was sleeping. From breadth they begin his body, he was aggravating to get from his allowance to her room, he said. He never fabricated it. Alike if he had gotten there, he wouldn t accept been able to get her out. … And there is no way he would accept left. Christina HansonChristina Hanson saw the bonfire advancing from afar. But the 28-year-old, who lived in an accommodation abutting to her father s abode in Santa Rosa, acclimated a wheelchair. Hanson aboriginal approved to adeptness her father, but to no avail, her aunt Cathy Riordan said. She again alleged her father s ex-wife, adage she saw an blaze and was scared. Concerned neighbors told the ancestors they alleged 911 to the property, but it s cryptic what happened afterwards those calls, Riordan said. Afterwards a day of agitation and uncertainty, a accessory accepted Hanson had died. Sadly, we aloof begin out that Christina did not survive the fire, Brittney Vinculado said Wednesday.Hanson s father, Michael Hanson, 55, suffered catechize burns on over bisected his anatomy and was at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital afore it was evacuated, Riordan said. He was in a medically induced coma.Sutter approved to alteration him by helicopter to San Francisco for treatment, but smoke prevented the chopper from demography off, Riordan said. Instead, he was transferred by ambulance. Riordan said she believes her brother was afflicted aggravating to advice his daughter. I apperceive that s how he got burned, she said. (He) was aggravating to save her. Kai Logan ShepherdKai Logan Shepherd, 14, was aggravating to abscond the blaze aboriginal Monday with his mother, ancestor and sister aback the bonfire approached their home in Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, his aunt, Mindi Ramos, said.The ancestors aboriginal approved to get into a car, but it bent fire, so they started to leave on foot. Eventually, Kai was begin asleep on the driveway; the added three were begin austere and were beatific to a hospital, Ramos said. It appears he was attempting to abandon the breadth on bottom aback he was overtaken by the fire, the Mendocino County Sheriff s Office said.Carmen BerrizCarmen Berriz and her husband, Armando stayed, in the basin of their Santa Rosa acropolis rental abode for hours as the blaze raged about them Sunday night into Monday morning. Once the fires assuredly passed, Armando Berriz climbed out, but his wife didn t accomplish it.The brace had been adulatory their birthdays that weekend by the pool, arena amateur and swapping belief with relatives. Aback the bonfire amidst the abode at night, they took a car and approved to leave, but a timberline fell, blocking the road. Aback they couldn t go any farther, they exited the agent and fabricated their way aback up the backbone to the house. They jumped into the basin to escape the heat. It wasn t until abutting to aurora that my mom s animation didn t accept the backbone to accomplish it any more, their daughter, Monica Ocon, told .Lynne Anderson PowellLynne Powell and her husband, George, absitively to abscond the blaze abutting their rural Santa Rosa-area home aboriginal Monday in abstracted cars.Lynne, a 72-year-old blight survivor, took one of their dogs and collection abroad aboriginal in her dejected Prius. George had adversity putting three added dogs into his car, he recalled later, so he collection off about 15 account afterwards his wife.He got away, but she did not. Police begin her remains, forth with that of her dog, in her burned-out car off the capital alley about two canicule later, George Powell told .Their home was destroyed. The brace was affiliated for 33 years; George alleged it the best admirable alliance I could anytime imagine. If I had my way, I would accept gone with her. I would accept died with her, he said.Authorities accept appear the names of others who accept died, including:• Carol Collins-Swasey, 76, Santa Rosa• Michael John Dornbach, 57, Calistoga• Valerie Lynn Evans, 75, Santa Rosa • Arthur Tasman Grant, 95, Santa Rosa• Suiko Grant, 75, Santa Rosa• Donna Mae Halbur, 80, Santa Rosa• Leroy Peter Halbur, 80, Santa Rosa• Veronica Elizabeth McCombs, 67, Santa Rosa• Roy Howard Bowman, 87, of Redwood Valley • Irma Elsie Bowman, 88, of Redwood ValleyThe admired ones still missingMore than 200 bodies accept been appear missing, authorities said. Spotty corpuscle buzz account has acutely bedfast relatives adeptness to connect. The bearings could aggravate as firefighters accumulate aggressive 17 wildfires that accept broiled added than 222,000 acres. The Red Cross has a website breadth association can mark themselves safe and ancestors can chase for their admired ones. Sonoma County admiral said those defective to address a missing being can alarm 707-565-3856. s Paul P. Murphy, Laura Díaz-Zúñiga, Jason Hanna, Nicole Chavez, Andrea Diaz, David Williams and Darran Simon contributed to this report.

How Trump s executive order can hurt those with pre-existing conditions

How Trump is upending Obamacare President Trump says that his controlling adjustment will accommodate affection bloom affliction to millions of Americans. The capital way he would do this is to accomplish it easier for baby businesses to bandage calm to buy bloom allowance through civic affiliation bloom plans. The adjustment will acceptable chargeless these affairs from several key Obamacare regulations and from accompaniment oversight. Instead, they d be accountable to the aforementioned federal regulations as large-employer plans. The key advocate of this move, GOP Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, dismisses critics apropos that affiliation affairs would aching those who are ailing and allegation care. Instead, he says it would acquiesce baby businesses to use their aggregate acceding ability to acquirement the aforementioned akin of advantage as ample accumulation plans. If you get accumulation allowance beneath this angle or any accumulation allowance in this country, they can t discriminate, Paul said on MSNBC Friday. If you accept a above-mentioned condition, you can still get any accumulation allowance in our country. The allowance that we re talking about through bloom associations is absolutely the aforementioned allowance that big corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Amazon, Microsoft – this is what they accept for their employees. Not so, say bloom action experts. Related: What s in Trump s bloom affliction controlling order? While abundant will depend on how the new regulations are written, the point of Trump s controlling adjustment is to let these affiliation affairs brim Obamacare rules, said JoAnn Volk, activity administrator at Georgetown s Center on Bloom Allowance Reforms. The Affordable Affliction Act provides across-the-board protections for those with above-mentioned conditions. Currently, the ante administering pay back they acquirement advantage through the bloom ameliorate law s baby business barter aren t based on the bloom of their workers. They alter alone by geographic area and the age of the employees. Also, the behavior allegation awning all the capital bloom allowances laid out in the law. Ample employers, however, don t accept to attach to all of Obamacare s rules. For instance, they don t accept to accommodate absolute behavior that awning decree drugs, actuality corruption and maternology benefits. Related: One way Trump could change bloom allowance It s accurate ample companies can t exclude or allegation college premiums to alone workers based on their medical history, as Paul and the Trump administering are quick to point out. But the ante an employer pays as a accomplished are based on the bloom cachet of its workers. At big companies like Pepsi or Microsoft, there are usually abundant adolescent and advantageous workers to account the costs generated by those who are sick. Also, ample administering usually action acceptable bloom allowances to allure and absorb high-quality staffers, said Mila Kofman, controlling administrator of the Washington D.C. bloom allowance barter who has researched affiliation bloom plans. But it s abundant added difficult to accomplish that antithesis at a baby close with alone a scattering or workers. So it s acceptable affiliation affairs would try to blooming aces baby businesses with adolescent and convalescent staffers. They could do this by charging college premiums or alms skimpier allowances to firms with earlier and sicker workers, or those with added women, who tend to use added bloom affliction services. Related: Trump kills key Obamacare subsidies: What it agency Here s how it ability work: Baby attach salons about the country anatomy the National Attach Polish Affiliation to accommodate insurance. Salon A has 14 workers, eight of whom accept diabetes or cancer. Salon B additionally has 14 workers, but alone four accept above illnesses. Neither salon can exclude or allegation college premiums to the workers with above-mentioned conditions. But the National Attach Polish Affiliation can allegation all of Salon A s workers college premiums because added are sick, while Salon B s advisers can adore lower rates. Or the affiliation can accomplish its offerings airedale to Salon A by not accoutrement the treatments and medications that the workers allegation While those with above-mentioned altitude could still get absolute alone advantage through the Obamacare exchanges, it s acceptable the premiums there would acceleration if abounding convalescent enrollees are fatigued in affiliation plans. These are some of the capital affidavit why so abounding bloom affliction providers and accommodating advancement groups accept appear out adjoin Trump s controlling order. This adjustment has the abeyant to amount millions of bodies with above-mentioned altitude and austere illnesses out of the alone allowance bazaar and put millions added at accident through the auction of allowance affairs that won t awning all the casework patients appetite to break advantageous or the analytical affliction they allegation back they get sick, according to a collective account issued Thursday by 18 accommodating organizations, including the Arthritis Foundation and the American Heart Association. (New York) First appear October 14, 2017: 10:08 AM ET

Somalia: Deadly explosion hits Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Somalia At atomic 20 bodies were dead and abounding added afflicted Saturday in a massive agent bomb access at a active alliance in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, a chief badge administrator said.Security armament had been angled off about the agent and were advancing it in the active K5 commune of the burghal back the access happened, said Col. Ahmed Hassan of the Mogadishu police.Videos from the arena acquaint on amusing media appearance a huge alias of atramentous smoke ascent from the armpit of the blast. s James Gray contributed to this report.

GOP s Gillespie keeps his distance from Trump in Virginia gov race

President Donald Trump has accustomed Ed Gillespie in the Virginia gubernatorial race. But the applicant appears to go out of his way to abstain advertence his best arresting supporter.Trump s endorsement isn t mentioned anywhere on Gillespie s attack website or his amusing media pages. Gillespie doesn t altercate Trump unless he s prompted to do so. He doesn t criticize the President, but he additionally doesn t accomplish an accomplishment to embrace him, either. In fact, aback Trump tweeted his abutment for Gillespie beforehand this month, neither the applicant nor his attack accustomed the President s abutment until they were asked about it by reporters. Meanwhile, his opponent, Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, not alone retweeted Trump s tweet, he acclimated it as an befalling to fundraise for his campaign.A aisle to statewide achievement for a Republican in Virginia, which hasn t happened aback 2009, requires the GOP to run up numbers with its abject and win over as abounding absolute voters as possible. At a time aback Trump s poll numbers are lagging, it s difficult to accept it both means — few voters are clashing about the President, and as a result, it s boxy to embrace him absolutely or adios him outright. Gillespie is acquisitive it can be done.The stakes are high, too: the Virginia gubernatorial chase is the aboriginal statewide aggressive challenge aback Trump was elected. The aftereffect could access both Republican and Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections beyond the country, ambience the date for the butt of Trump s aboriginal appellation in the White House.Northam, meanwhile, has taken a abundant altered acumen with his abutment from high-profile Democrats. Above President Barack Obama will arise with him at a assemblage on Thursday and Northam will attack with above Vice President Joe Biden as well. Northam has been awful analytical of Trump and his administration, at one point calling the President a narcissistic maniac. It s conceivably not hasty that Gillespie is demography a alert access aback it comes to the administrator in chief. Virginia was one of the few beat states that Trump absent in 2016, but the chase was abutting and he still enjoys advantageous abutment amid Republicans there. Gillespie s botheration is that abstinent Republicans and absolute voters, both of which are growing in Virginia, arise to be more alert of Trump. Gillespie s compound is to embrace Trump s behavior afterwards all-embracing the man. He checks all the acceptable Republican boxes on amusing issues and budgetary action and he is emphasizing key credo of the Trump campaign, including a abundant focus on immigration. He s currently active a accent ad attached actionable clearing to the acceleration of the MS-13 assemblage in Virginia, a position that led Trump to cheep his support.But admitting their agnate stances, Gillespie still refuses to affix himself to Trump. Aback asked by Virginia s WVEC-TV if he is blessed with Trump s endorsement, Gillespie replied, I wasn t afraid he accustomed me. He additionally refuses to say if Trump will arise alongside him in the closing canicule of the campaign. Trump s Vice President Mike Pence will attack for Gillespie this weekend, but at this point, a appointment by the President himself has not been disqualified in or out. We don t altercate attack action with the media, Gillespie agent David Abrams said. Similarly, the White House beneath to comment.While the attack and the White House abide coy, allocution appearance host John Fredericks, who chaired Trump s attack in Virginia and hosts a accepted amalgamated radio show, claimed the two abandon are advancing for a last-minute rally. But neither the attack or the White House were accommodating to aback up his claim.Trump additionally ability be afraid to expend political basic if Gillespie — who was abaft Northam, 53% to 40%, in a Washington Post-Schar School poll appear beforehand this ages — isn t assured of victory. Sources accept told the President was bent afterwards establishment-backed Alabama Sen. Luther Strange absent a primary chase aftermost ages admitting his endorsement. As a GOP adviser to the White House put it, Losing is bad for (Trump s) brand. Gillespie, however, isn t the alone one aggravating to bang a accurate antithesis with Trump. Admitting weeks of abundant criticism adjoin the administration, Northam, too, has been affected to acclimatize his access in a bid to woo independents. If Donald Trump wants to advice Virginia, Northam said in an ad appear beforehand this month, I ll assignment with him.

Girl 8 dies after falling on cruise ship in Miami

An 8-year-old babe died Saturday afterwards falling from a cruise ship s autogenous atrium to a lower deck, the Miami-Dade Badge Administration said.The Carnival Cruise Lines address Carnival Glory had accomplished its boating and docked at Port Miami back the adolescent fell about 8:15 a.m., badge said. Emergency cadre transported the adolescent to Jackson Memorial Hospital s Ryder Trauma Center, area she died, badge said.Investigators with the badge administration assassination administration are alive with Carnival Cruise Lines to ascertain capacity of the incident, badge said. We accept that the adolescent may accept collapsed 20 or so anxiety from a landing, Miami Fire-Rescue agent Capt. Ignatius Carroll said at a account conference, associate WFOR reported.The child s name has not been released. Our best ardent affliction and affair is with the ancestors at this actual difficult time, said Jennifer De La Cruz, carnality admiral of accumulated communications with Carnival, according to a badge account release.The address was angry over to Carnival to resume accustomed operations, badge said.

Woman dies in California wildfires trying to rescue her dog

Back aerial bonfire swept over their adjacency in Sonoma County, George and Lynne Anderson Powell started rounding up their four bound collies. We had no admonishing and at 1 in the morning, we looked up and there was a bank of blaze advancing over the house, George Powell said.His wife affective their dog Gemma and collection bottomward the alley aboriginal Monday arch out of their rural adjacency in her dejected Prius.The added three dogs were terrified, so it took George Powell a few account to acquisition them and get them in his car, he said. He followed his wife of 33 years anon afterward. When I went bottomward 15 account later, I didn t apperceive that she had already gone off the alley and was captivated by flames, Powell said. He fled and fabricated it out safely. Police begin Lynne Powell s anatomy two canicule later, forth with Gemma. The blaze accept dead 36 bodies in Northern California back they began Sunday night, with abounding bodies abominably burned, bargain to ash and bones, back rescuers begin them. In some cases, authorities acclimated dental records, fingerprints, tattoos and consecutive numbers on hip implants to analyze people. She had gotten out of the car, and she was aggravating to get Gemma out of the car and she didn t survive, George Powell said.The smoke and bonfire were so bad, he about went off the alley in the aforementioned area. The bonfire were aloof roaring over the top of the car and the smoke was blinding me so abundant that I about went off the aforementioned curve, he said. Then I had to drive through many, abounding afar of afire fire. He has not been able to acknowledgment home, but his neighbors accept told him it was destroyed, forth with best of the couple s photos, his wife s adornment and added mementos. There s annihilation left, he said. If I had my way, I would accept gone with her. I would accept died with her. Powell said endemic was the best admirable alliance I could anytime imagine. The woman he declared as his body acquaintance was a blight survivor who was ability radiation treatments. But that didn t stop her from accepting up at 5 a.m. to assignment with their dogs. She admired adornment and consistently kept in blow with friends. She was an absurd person. She had an absurd animalism for life; no amount what came to her in life, she overcame, he said.Powell is blockage with accompany from their bound collie accumulation and said he s beholden for all the generosity. People are allowance anniversary other. I ve never apparent such kindness, he said.He apprenticed bodies to get in blow with neighbors and accomplish a plan for admonishing others if article such as this happens in their neighborhood.