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Donald Trump and Bob Corker: A timeline

Washington Admiral Donald Trump and Sen. Bob Corker are already afresh accepting a accessible spat, advertisement a agitated accord amidst two high-profile Republicans that could accept a above appulse on their party s affairs for administering and policy. The Admiral and the agent from Tennessee relaunched a accessible altercation over Twitter on Sunday, authoritative Corker the latest arch Republican administrator to aboveboard criticize Trump over his statements and actions.The blast amidst the two leaders highlights the long-simmering differences amidst GOP leaders and the President, who has not shied abroad from advancing the administering over their disability to move bloom affliction legislation. It additionally comes as Trump is acute Congress to beforehand his proposed tax check and tensions reportedly abound amidst the Admiral and associates of his own Cabinet — abnormally Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson — on issues such as how to handle North Korea s nuclear weapons program.Corker s vote will be analytical on tax reform, and he charcoal an affecting articulation on Trump s adopted action challenges, including over how to handle the Iran nuclear deal.Here s a attending at some of Trump and Corker s accessible interactions:April 28, 2016 — Corker won t endorse Trump, but says he supports himCorker chock-full abbreviate of acknowledging Trump, but he accepted Trump s change as a politician.Calling Trump s adopted action abode the day afore a really acceptable alteration in the campaign, Corker commended Trump for challenging the adopted action enactment that has been actuality for so long. May 16, 2016 — Corker says White House in downward spiral Corker is amidst the aldermanic Republicans who appears aboveboard analytical of the Trump White House amidst a alternation of scandals to be fabricated accessible in May. They are in a bottomward circling appropriate now and accept got to amount out a way to appear to grips with all that s happening, Corker told reporters, his comments advancing afterwards letters alike that Trump had appear acute intelligence to Russia s adopted abbot and US ambassador.Corker continued, You apperceive the abashment of it is there s a absolutely acceptable civic aegis aggregation in place, there s acceptable advantageous things that are underway through them, and through others. But the anarchy that is actuality created by the abridgement of conduct is creating an ambiance that I anticipate — it creates a awkward environment. May 23, 2016 — Corker describes a good meeting with TrumpCorker, who at the time was accounted to be on Trump s shortlist for carnality president, said that he had a acceptable affair about adopted action and calm issues with the then-presumptive Republican presidential nominee.Corker, who said he d never met with Trump before, downplayed the VP speculation, abacus he had no acumen to accept he was actuality advised for the #2 slot. Instead, the Senate adopted relations board administrator said he met with Trump at his namesake belfry in New York to altercate China, Russia and added adopted and calm action issues. We had never talked except on the phone, said Corker afterwards the meeting. It was added of a get-to-know-each-other affectionate of meeting. It was absolutely added of a action meeting. November 16, 2016 — Corker in the mix for secretary of stateCorker told s Jake Tapper that he knew he was in the mix for secretary of accompaniment of Trump s Cabinet during the transition. I additionally accept that there are bodies who are actual abutting to the attack who accept had connected appellation friendships who are additionally in the mix, he said. So my faculty is that those bodies are actuality looked at actual carefully appropriate now so we ll see how it turns out. He continued: It s been an account to be in the mix so we ll see what happens. Trump would eventually accept Rex Tillerson to be his secretary of state. August 17, 2017 — Corker: Trump hasn t approved the adherence or adequacy to be successfulCorker airtight Trump s administering of the racially motivated protests in Charlottesville, charging that the Admiral has not approved he understands the appearance of this nation. The Tennessee Republican told reporters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that he anticipation there charge be radical changes aural the White House. The Admiral has not yet been able to authenticate the adherence nor some of the adequacy that he needs to authenticate in adjustment to be successful, Corker said, according to a video acquaint by bounded account website 24, 2017 — White House fires aback at Corker: Ridiculous White House columnist secretary Sarah Sanders accursed aback at Corker who said Trump hasn t approved the stability or competence he needs to affectation as president. I anticipate that s a antic and abandoned affirmation that doesn t adorn a acknowledgment from this podium, Sanders said at the time, in the White House s aboriginal acknowledgment to the comments.August 25, 2017 — Trump: Strange statement from CorkerThe aciculate admonishment in August by Corker set off a torrent of criticism from the White House, with Trump tweeting about the episode. Strange account by Bob Corker because that he is consistently allurement me whether or not he should run afresh in 18, Trump tweeted. Tennessee not happy! Asked about that tweet, Corker said: I anticipation his cheep was fine. Corker said he s had multiple interactions with arch admiral at the White House back the flap, and said no catechism my accord is aloof the aforementioned as it was before. Oh, I mean, I allocution to the Admiral about about everything, Corker said. We absorb a lot of time together. We comedy golf. We, you know, they talked to me about actuality potentially carnality president, secretary of state, so I ve had assorted conversations about the approaching with lots of people. So, I m abiding back we played golf, the affair came up. September 11, 2017 — Corker says he is belief whether to retire in 2018Corker told s Manu Raju he is belief whether to alarm it quits abutting year.Corker said that he has not fabricated a accommodation about his future, and appeared to affirm Trump s cheep that he asked the Admiral for political admonition about whether to run for reelection. As far as what am I activity to do in the future, I m still advertent the future, Corker said in an interview. It s a amazing advantage to do what I do, and to counterbalance in on the big issues. … But I accept not absitively what I m activity to do in the future. September 14, 2017 — Corker says he has strong accord with TrumpAhead of his affair with Trump, Corker was asked about his accord with the President. Our accord is very, actual strong. We accept a one-on-one clandestine affair tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET, he told reporters at a account conference. For bodies to act as if there s aurora amidst us, that aloof is not true. September 15, 2017 — Corker and Trump accommodated at the White HouseCorker met with the Admiral at the White House on a Friday afternoon.A agent for the Tennessee Republican did not acknowledge abundant about what the two men said to anniversary other, anecdotic it as a very advantageous one-on-one discussion. Senator Corker and Admiral Trump had a actual advantageous one-on-one altercation afore key associates of the White House agents abutting them to allocution through a cardinal of calm and adopted action issues, the agent said in a statement. The conversations were advanced alignment and acutely constructive. In all, they were calm for able-bodied over an hour. September 26, 2016 — Corker says he s not active for reelectionCorker appear he will retire at the end of 2018. After abundant thought, application and ancestors altercation over the accomplished year, Elizabeth and I accept absitively that I will leave the United States Senate back my appellation expires at the end of 2018, Corker said in a appear statement.October 4, 2017 — Corker says Tillerson, Mattis and Kelly separate our country from chaos Corker said that Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis and White House Arch of Agents John Kelly help abstracted our country from chaos. I anticipate Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis, and Arch of Agents Kelly are those bodies that advice abstracted our country from chaos, and I abutment them actual much, the Republican administrator of the Senate adopted relations board told reporters Wednesday on Capitol Hill.When asked about the accord amidst Trump and Tillerson, which is reportedly on attenuate ice, Corker appropriate that the secretary of accompaniment doesn t accept the abutment he needs from the President. I mean, look, I see what s accident here, Corker said. I accord with bodies throughout the administering and (Tillerson), from my perspective, is in an abundantly arresting place, where, as I watch, OK, and I can watch actual carefully on abounding occasions, I beggarly you know, he ends up actuality not actuality accurate in the way I would achievement a secretary of accompaniment would be supported, that s aloof from my angle point. October 8, 2017 — Trump tweets Corker begged for endorsement, Corker respondsTrump tweeted Sunday morning in a alternation of posts advancing Corker that he denied the senator s appeal for an endorsement — a affirmation denied by Corker s arch of staff, Todd Womack, after in the day. Senator Bob Corker begged me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said NO and he alone out (said he could not win without… Trump tweeted. endorsement). He additionally capital to be Secretary of State, I said NO THANKS. He is additionally abundantly amenable for the abominable Iran Deal! …Hence, I would absolutely apprehend Corker to be a abrogating articulation and angle in the way of our abundant agenda. Didn t accept the audacity to run! Trump added. The Admiral alleged Agent Corker on Monday afternoon and asked him to amend his accommodation not to seek reelection and reaffirmed that he would accept accustomed him, as he has said abounding times, Womack said in a statement.The Admiral connected to bang Corker in a cheep in the backward afternoon. Bob Corker gave us the Iran Deal, & that s about it. We charge HealthCare, we charge Tax Cuts/Reform, we charge bodies that can get the job done! he wrote.Trump told Corker he was activity to endorse him the day the Tennessee Republican appear his ambition to retire, two sources accustomed with the discussions said.The agent responded to Trump s tweets with an insult after in the morning, calling the White House an developed day affliction center in a Twitter post.Then, Sunday night, Corker told the New York Times in a adventure appear Sunday night Trump is ambience the country on the aisle to World War III. He additionally said Trump is a Admiral who is acting like he s accomplishing The Apprentice or something. He apropos me, Corker added. He would accept to affair anyone who cares about our nation. This adventure has been adapted to accommodate added advice about developments in their relationship. s Kristin Wilson contributed to this report.

The 12 most damning Bob Corker quotes about Donald Trump

Bob Corker went off on Donald Trump Sunday night.For 25 minutes, the Tennessee Republican agent unloaded lots (and lots) of pent-up frustrations to New York Times anchorman Jonathan Martin. The account was arresting — both in the ambit of Corker s accusation and the words he chose to say about the sitting Republican Admiral of the United States.Corker s comments that he feared Trump was council the nation on the aisle to Apple War III got the best absorption — and accurately so. But there was a accomplished lot added that Corker said that s account advantageous absorption to. Actuality are the 12 best notable quotes, ranked in adjustment of how anathema they are about Trump.12. I would acclaim him on things that he did well, and I d criticize things that were inappropriate. So it s been absolutely the aforementioned all the way through. Corker is aggravating to explain actuality what s afflicted in his accord with Trump. He was already on the continued account for carnality admiral and was on the much-shorter account to be secretary of state. Now, he is persona non grata. What s accessible is that Corker believes Trump is berserk capricious and mercurial, lurching amid adulation and abhorrence based on the aftermost affair you said about him on TV.11. When I told him that that aloof wasn t in the cards, he said, You know, if you run, I ll endorse you. I said, Mr. President, it s aloof not in the cards; I ve already fabricated a decision. It s cogent about how adverse the Corker account was that his direct, on-the-record acknowledgment of Trump s affirmation that Corker begged for his endorsement ranks this low. That said, if it surprises you that Trump tells himself the adventure he wants to apprehend (facts be damned!), you haven t been advantageous attention.10. [It s] a absoluteness appearance … like he s accomplishing The Apprentice or something. It s now bright — and has been for a while — that Trump draws no acumen amid his antecedent activity as a absoluteness TV brilliant and his accepted one as admiral of the United States. His latest orchestrated ball — Carnality Admiral Mike Pence walking out of the Indianapolis Colts bold back several San Francisco 49ers players knelt during the National Anthem — is aloof the latest archetype of how Trump angle the admiral as a way to body ball and leave the admirers absent more.9. I don t apperceive why the Admiral tweets out things that are not true. You apperceive he does it, anybody knows he does it, but he does. A sitting Republican agent acknowledging that the admiral of the United States lies on Twitter regularly. So, yeah.8. Look, except for a few people, the all-inclusive majority of our conclave understands what we re ambidextrous with actuality … of advance they accept the animation that we re ambidextrous with and the amazing bulk of assignment that it takes by bodies about him to accumulate him in the average of the road. This adduce says added about Corker s Senate colleagues than it does about Trump. Corker is asserting that anybody he works with understands Trump s volatility. And yet, with the exceptions of Jeff Flake, John McCain and Ben Sasse, actual few Republican senators accept been consistently and aboveboard analytical of Trump and the decisions he makes. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn have, largely, toed the Trump band — alike afterwards Trump about attacked McConnell and appropriate he ability charge to accede dispatch bottomward as the top baronial Senate Republican.7. I apperceive he has hurt, in several instances, he s aching us as it relates to negotiations that were underway by tweeting things out. Every time the Trump White House — or some accessory of the Admiral — insists that the media takes his tweets too actively or obsesses over them too much, they should be apparent this quote. This is the administrator of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee adage that Trump s tweets, on added than one occasion, accept fabricated deals added difficult.6. I apperceive for a actuality that every distinct day at the White House, it s a bearings of aggravating to accommodate him. Consider this: A GOP agent in a position to apperceive says that the capital job of anybody alive in the White House is to try to administer the Admiral of the United States. This is the array of affair addition ability say about an assertive toddler: We aloof accept to absorb all day aggravating to accumulate him from authoritative trouble. It s OK back you are 7. Back you are 71 — and the Admiral of the United States — it s, um, abundant beneath OK.5. As continued as there are bodies like that about him who are able to allocution him bottomward back he gets spun up, you know, calm him bottomward and abide to assignment with him afore a accommodation gets made, I anticipate we ll be fine. Think we ll be fine ???? That s reassuring! Corker said aftermost anniversary that he believed Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis and arch of agents John Kelly were the alone bodies befitting the country (and Trump) from bottomward into absolute chaos. And, as afresh as aftermost week, there was accessible belief that Tillerson ability be on his way out. Alike if all three of these men break on, say, for addition year or two, history suggests best bodies in these aerial contour and aerial burden jobs will aeon out of them eventually rather than later. What then?4. I don t anticipate he appreciates that back the Admiral of the United States speaks and says the things that he does, the appulse that it has about the world, abnormally in the arena that he s addressing. Understatement of the year. Maybe the decade.3. He apropos me. He would accept to affair anyone who cares about our nation. Absolutely remarkable. Remember — and yes I apperceive I accumulate adage this — that Corker is the administrator of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and in a position to apperceive abundant added about what Trump is accomplishing day in and day out than we are. That he would aboveboard accurate his affair over Trump s accommodation to accumulate the country safe is eye-popping.2. A lot of bodies anticipate that there is some affectionate of good cop, bad cop act underway, but that s aloof not true. Nailed it. This is Corker s way of absolution the abstraction that Trump is arena three-dimensional chess with every move he makes or cheep he fakes. That he is advisedly acting outlandishly as some array of cardinal comedy to accomplish abiding the apple knows he is able of anything. (This is frequently accepted as the Madman Theory. ) As Corker makes bright — and as Trump, too, makes bright back he does things like advance Corker — the Admiral isn t active adjoin some array of adept plan. He aloof acts — primarily out of claimed pique. There s no chess actuality played — three-dimensional or otherwise.1. Trump may be ambience the US on the aisle to Apple War III. It doesn t get any added anathema than this quote. What s alike added arresting is that Corker suggests that Trump may not alike apperceive what he is doing. As in: He may not alone be boot us against addition apple war but he additionally could able-bodied be absolutely clueless that s he alike accomplishing it.

Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

Washington Environmental Protection Agency Ambassador Scott Pruitt appear Monday his agency s affairs to abjure the Apple-pie Ability Plan, the across-the-board Obama-era aphorism acclimation greenhouse gas emissions. While speaking in Kentucky at an accident with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Pruitt said he will assurance the proposed aphorism repealing Obama s plan Tuesday. When you anticipate about what that aphorism meant, it was about acrimonious winners and losers. Authoritative ability should not be acclimated by any authoritative anatomy to aces winners and losers, he said at the event. The accomplished administering was application every bit of ability and ascendancy to use the EPA to aces winners and losers and how we accomplish electricity in this country. That s wrong. acquired a archetype of the leaked angle to abolition the anniversary Apple-pie Ability Plan, the aftereffect of President Donald Trump s controlling orders calling for the analysis of the plan and questions the amends of the aboriginal rule. Under the estimation proposed in this notice, the CPP exceeds the EPA s approved ascendancy and would be repealed, the angle reads. The EPA welcomes animadversion on the acknowledged estimation addressed in this proposed rulemaking. The angle additionally says the EPA has yet to actuate whether it will actualize an added aphorism on the adjustment of greenhouse gases.Bloomberg News aboriginal appear on the abolition proposal.The Apple-pie Ability Plan requires states to accommodated specific carbon discharge abridgement standards based on their alone activity consumption. The plan additionally includes an allurement affairs for states to get a arch alpha on affair standards on aboriginal deployment of renewable activity and low-income activity efficiency.Under President Barack Obama, the EPA estimated the Apple-pie Ability Plan could anticipate 2,700 to 6,600 abortive deaths and 140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks in children.When asked beforehand this year on Fox News about the bloom after-effects of accomplishing abroad with the Apple-pie Ability Plan, Pruitt ducked the catechism and focused on how the plan would amount jobs. He argued the plan was authoritative overreach. As abundant as we appetite to see advance fabricated with apple-pie air and apple-pie water, with an compassionate that we can additionally abound jobs, we accept to do so aural the framework of what Congress has passed, Pruitt said.Former EPA advisers accept reacted agonizingly to the planned abolition of the rule. Obama s EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, alleged the angle just apparent backwards. A angle to abolition the Apple-pie Ability Plan after any time band or alike a charge to adduce a aphorism to abate carbon pollution, isn t a footfall forward, it s a broad retreat from EPA s legal, accurate and moral obligation to abode the threats of altitude change, McCarthy said in a account Friday. s Miranda Green and Rene Marsh contributed to this report.

Miami Dolphins OL coach resigns after video shows him snorting white substance

Miami Dolphins abhorrent band drillmaster Chris Foerster has abdicate his position afterwards a video was appear on amusing media assuming him amusement a white arenaceous substance. I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and acquire abounding albatross for my actions, Foerster said in a account appear Monday. I appetite to apologize to the alignment and my sole focus is on accepting the advice that I charge with the abutment of my ancestors and medical professionals. According to the New York Daily News, the video was acquaint to Facebook by Kijuana Nige, but has back been deleted. The column that accompanied the video — which additionally has been deleted — said Foerster beatific the video to her professing his love, the Daily News said. The white bodies mad at me like I affected draft bottomward this mans adenoids and like I recorded it on tha low, Nige said, per the report. No those are his habits and he recorded himself and beatific it to me professing his love. So quick to accomplish excuses for him but will buzz a boyhood amateur over an (anthem), dog fights, weed, calm issues etc. But y all accumulate adage ALL LIVES MATTER STFU‼️ Dolphins arch drillmaster Adam Gase told reporters Monday that he begin out about the video at 10:45 p.m. Sunday night. I don t anticipate I can say what my acknowledgment was, the drillmaster said.Gase said he again alleged Foerster and had a abrupt chat with him, during which Foerster apologized. Gase additionally said he doesn t apperceive the capacity about back the video was recorded.Foerster is disappointed. He s upset. He s mad at himself, Gase said.Earlier Monday, the Dolphins appear a account afterward Foerster s resignation. We were fabricated acquainted of the video backward aftermost night and accept no altruism for this behavior. Afterwards speaking with Chris this morning, he accustomed abounding albatross and we accustomed his abandonment able immediately. Although Chris is no best with the organization, we will assignment with him to get the advice he needs during this time. According to the Dolphins media guide, Foerster was in the additional division of his additional assignment with the team. He was answer to run bold coordinator/offensive band drillmaster on February 10 afterwards he was originally called abhorrent band drillmaster on January 12, 2016, the adviser said.This was Foerster s 25th division alive in the NFL. He was the Dolphins abhorrent coordinator in 2004.

Israeli Palestinian women join peace march through desert

Jerusalem Under a white covering on the shores of the Dead Sea, Huda Abuarquob s annoyance broiled away. Dancing arm-in-arm with bags of Israeli and Palestinian women, she acquainted achievement beleaguer her. The women, who came calm Sunday morning in the Peace Tent, had marched through the arid to the everyman point on earth, to appeal an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many were dressed in white as a attribute of peace. The advance was the acme of two weeks of events, abounding by added than 30,000 women, throughout Israel and the West Bank, organized by Women Wage Peace, a grassroots alignment calling for a bilaterally adequate political agreement. After watching political leaders on both abandon of the awkward battle abort to accompany peace, Abuarquob, a Palestinian from the West Bank burghal of Hebron, acquainted it was time for women to accomplish their mark because women matter, because women are inclusive, because women gave so abundant assurance to the leaders actuality and the leaders bootless us. The aftermost annular of negotiations, led by then-U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, fell afar in April 2014, with the two abandon blaming anniversary other. A few months later, Israel and Gaza were at war.Women Wage Accord was founded in the after-effects of the Gaza war, back organizers acquainted there was a charge for a altered approach. Organizers appetite to body accessible abutment for a political acceding while advance burden on decision-makers. Something happened in 2014, said Yael Triedel, an Israeli who alternate in the march. The acceptance that this is it. We accept to do it. No one abroad is activity to do it for us. The leaders didn t administer to do it so far, and it s our albatross to accomplish it happen. On Sunday evening, tens of bags of women aggregate in Jerusalem s Independence Esplanade for the cessation of the accord march. Former Knesset affiliate Shakib Shanan, whose son was one of two bound badge admiral dead abreast Jerusalem s holiest armpit in mid-July, batten at the park. We are accustomed to say this out loud — we are lovers of peace. In the name of this huge army actuality and hundreds of bags of Israeli citizens, I alarm on [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas and [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, Enough already! Sit together! Sit together! We appetite peace! Listen to our cry, it comes from our hearts. The abutting Abbas and Netanyahu accept appear to anniversary added in contempo years was a simple handshake at the burial of Israeli President Shimon Peres aftermost September. Yet Abuarquob sees a acumen to be optimistic. There is a charge for success about in the world, and I do accept that the American administering has that absorption in authoritative the Israeli-Palestinian battle a success story, said Abuarquob. It s an accomplishment that I m seeing carefully from Jason Greenblatt and the American Consulate actuality in Jerusalem to advance advanced the accord action with close instructions from the administration.

Puerto Rico Gov. asks Congress for more aid citing unprecedented catastrophe

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, citation an unprecedented catastrophe, is lobbying Capitol Hill for a cogent new arrival of money in the abreast appellation as the island sits on the border of a massive clamminess crisis, according to a letter acquired by .In a three-page letter beatific to aldermanic leaders, Rosselló is requesting added than $4 billion from assorted agencies and accommodation affairs to meet the actual emergency needs of Puerto Rico. We are beholden for the federal emergency abetment that has been provided so far, Rosello wrote. However, absent amazing measures to abode the arrest in bread-and-butter activity in Puerto Rico, the altruistic crisis will deepen, and the unmet basal needs of the American citizens of Puerto Rico will become alike greater. The Trump administering submitted a $29 billion adversity abatement appeal to Congress aftermost anniversary to awning advancing abatement and accretion efforts in the deathwatch of hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, and to pay federal flood allowance claims. The House is accepted to vote on that admeasurement as anon as this week. But the administering has additionally been administering its own analysis of Puerto Rico s ambiguous banking position, sources complex with the activity said, with the apprehension that added advice will be all-important in the abreast future. The catechism of how anon that added aid will be bare has been the accountable of debate, the sources said.With the letter, Rosselló, who aldermanic aides said has spent abundant of the aftermost anniversary phoning key assembly to appetite action, fabricated bright that, at atomic in his view, the added activity needs to be taken immediately. Financial amercement of this consequence will accountable Puerto Rico s axial government, its instrumentalities, and borough governments to unsustainable banknote shortfalls, Rosselló wrote. As a result, in accession to the actual altruistic crisis, Puerto Rico is on the border of a massive clamminess crisis that will accent in the actual future. Rosselló additionally acicular to a abeyant departure of the island s citizenry should aid not be accessible in a appropriate address — article he has additionally emphasized in conversations with lawmakers. This could advance to an dispatch of the aerial clip of outmigration of Puerto Rico association to the U.S. acreage impacting a ample cardinal of states as assorted as Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, and beyond, Rosselló wrote.

UFC and Las Vegas big guys donate millions to victims of shooting

Las Vegas big guys accept donated millions of dollars to the victims of the contempo cutting in the city, according to the Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White. When bad actuality happens in America in the cities that we love, to bodies we don t alike know, we are all bodies and we dive in and we action together, White told Sport s Don Riddell, afterwards the affliction accumulation cutting in avant-garde US history larboard 58 bodies asleep and about 500 injured. Station casinos, my old ally the Fertitta brothers put up a million, Tony Hsieh from Zappos put up a million, Boyd Gaming put up a million, The MGM Grand put up $3 million, and Sheldon Adelson from the Venetian put up $4 million, added White, with the UFC alignment additionally altruistic $1 million. Now we re talking some absolute numbers, now we re talking some money to absolutely advice these people. On the night of Sunday, October 1, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock burst the window of his 32nd attic auberge allowance at the Mandalay Bay and opened accursed on 22,000 country music admirers adequate the Route 91 Harvest Festival beneath him.Less than a anniversary later, White opened up the doors of Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena and arrive added than 1,500 aboriginal responders to UFC 216 — the aboriginal above accident in the burghal back the shooting. Two of the afflicted aboriginal responders and two survivors were accustomed in the arena afore the pay-per-view accident started and the House of Pain singer, Everlast, performed a adaptation of America the Beautiful. This is a safe city White, who opened the new UFC address in Las Vegas beforehand this year, told Sport that he was alert to the television on the night of the tragedy and was instantly confused to agreement $1 actor to families of the victims. In this burghal we can booty affliction of our own, White told Sport s Don Riddell. We don t charge GoFundMe for the accomplished country to angle in. If the accomplished country wants to advice Vegas, plan your abutting cruise to Vegas. This is a safe city, it s as safe as any added burghal in the apple appropriate now, this is activity on everywhere. We ve fabricated abundant money in this town, the bodies who alive here, off the bodies who were at that concert that night, the bodies who appear to Vegas every weekend and break at our hotels and eat at our restaurants and go to the clubs and arcade or whatever it ability be or advancing to our events. The GoFundMe action has aloft over $10 million. The big guys rallied One actor dollars is $1,600 per person, added White. You can t fly home for $1,600 dollars from Vegas, you can t coffin a admired one or $1,600. And the big guys rallied, man. It s impressive. White and all the UFC agents wore #VegasStrong t-shirts throughout UFC 216 on Saturday. They are actuality awash online and in food throughout October to accession added money for victims and their families. I anticipate there is a responsibility, not as the UFC, not as fighters, not as role models, as animal beings, said White. You accept to appear together. The aboriginal responders, the bodies that were involved, the UFC, the businessmen in this association that I talked about beforehand that donated money and the account goes on and on.Go to .com/sport for added belief & features They couldn t alike handle all the bodies that came to accord blood. It s about actuality a animal actuality and allowance others. I don t get afraid up much, but I m activity to get afraid up actuality in a minute. It s absurd the way this burghal responded.

Tropical Storm Ophelia forms

Tropical Storm Ophelia formed in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, the 15th called storm of the blow season. Forecasts currently appearance that Ophelia is not a blackmail to land, astrologer Judson Jones said.Developing adventure – added to come

Outsider party looks to upstage Japan s Abe as election campaign kicks off

Tokyo Japanese politicians bounce into attack approach Tuesday as the admission to the country s breeze accepted acclamation — appointed for October 22 — begins. In the advance of the advancing weeks, candidates will booty to the streets, plastering neighborhoods with fliers and posters, and boot up abutment via car-mounted loudspeakers as they challenge 465 seats in the Diet, Japan s parliament.Final allotment for antagonism takes abode Tuesday, and while it charcoal unlikely, above aegis abbot and accepted Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has not yet disqualified out active for a bench in the Diet, as the baton of the newly-formed Affair of Hope. The abrupt actualization of Koike, a above TV anchor, as a autonomous and adroit political amateur has chaotic the commonly staid, male-dominated apple of Japanese politics. Japanese Prime Abbot Shinzo Abe, who has captivated ability for bristles years, has apparent his acceptance abatement decidedly in the deathwatch of two bribery scandals. His accommodation to alarm a breeze election, analysts say, was aimed at demography advantage of a contempo uptick in ratings.However, the acceleration of the New Achievement Affair on the civic date makes it harder to adumbrate the result, which could now become a acclamation on the Prime Abbot himself. Upstart governor s influenceAbe has said that the acclamation will be very tough for his cardinal Liberal Democratic Affair (LDP), and the catechism of whether it can authority a majority of seats as the cardinal affiliation affair is a focus of absorption in this election. In theory, Abe has added than a year larboard (in office), but he is acquainted of the actuality that his abutment levels are absurd to advance abundant more, said Koichi Nakano, a assistant of Japanese backroom at Tokyo s Sophia University.A contempo pre-election poll shows 13% of respondents would vote for candidates from Affair of Hope, bottomward from 19% at the end of September back Abe attenuated parliament. By contrast, the LDP accept the abutment of over 30% of respondents in the poll by the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.Security advanced and centerIn calling the aboriginal election, analysts say, Abe hopes to defended a stronger authorization as the country prepares to acknowledge to accretion threats from North Korea.Key to the country s security, Abe believes, is afterlight Japan s irenic architecture to acquiesce restrictions on the country s Self Aegis Forces, the de facto military, to be airy as they appoint in added contest and added action with US and allies amidst growing tensions with North Korea.Earlier this year, Abe set a 2020 borderline for alteration the document, which was imposed on it by the US in the deathwatch of Apple War II and confined the country from advancement armed forces. We charge not accord into the blackmail of North Korea. I achievement to accretion the aplomb of the bodies in the accessible acclamation and advance advanced able diplomacy, Abe said at the time.The move, which Koike additionally supports, is against by China and South Korea — who suffered beneath Japanese colonial activity — and alone has bound abutment aural Japan, according to contempo polling. s James Griffiths and Yoko Wakatsuki contributed reporting

Turkey summons US embassy s deputy chief in escalating visa spat

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has summoned the US embassy s agent arch in an ascent adept row that has put both nations acceptance casework on ice.State-run account bureau Anadolu appear that the Foreign Ministry planned to acquaint Philip Kosnett of the US mission in Ankara that they accepted the US to lift its acceptance suspension, which affects all non-immigrant acceptance casework in the country.The latest tit-for-tat amid Ankara and Washington began aftermost week, back a agents affiliate from the US admiral in Istanbul was arrested. Washington responded with the acceptance benumb and Ankara responded by accomplishing the same. With some exceptions, the move finer blocks Turks from biking to the United States, and carnality versa, indefinitely. Recent contest accept affected the United States government to amend the charge of the government of Turkey to the aegis of US mission and personnel, a account by the US mission in Ankara said on Sunday.Hours afterwards the US announcement, Turkey issued an about identical account with the two countries names reversed.String of arrestsState media called locally-hired Metin Topuz as the agents affiliate arrested aftermost week. He was answerable for accepting links with Turkish apostolic Fethullah Gulen, who lives in banishment in Pennsylvania.Gulen is advised the capital antagonist of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — the President blames the apostolic for orchestrating an attempted aggressive accomplishment aftermost year. Gulen has denied captivation in the coup. Ankara has again pressured Washington to abandon Gulen back the coup, and the affair has become a above arrow in relations amid the broken allies.Turkey has agitated out a boundless abolition back the bootless coup, detaining tens of bags of bodies it accuses of accepting links to Gulen, including several non-diplomatic US citizens. NASA physicist Serkan Golge and American pastor Andrew Brunson are amid them.In February, addition US consular agents member, Hamza Ulucay, was arrested over declared links to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which both Turkey and the US accede a agitator organization. Ulucay, a translator, was appear and again re-arrested in March.