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Mumbai fights to fix its crowded crumbling and deadly rail network

Mumbai, India It s a archetypal banal morning in Mumbai and commuters are hasty to get on and off trains at Prabhadevi station.Every day in this city, seven and a bisected actor bodies backpack into driver trains and animate themselves for the circadian affliction of traveling to and from work. The appearance of Bollywood and billionaires may accommodate India s banking affection an ambience of glamor, but the workers in the country s best densely arranged city, from appointment agents to bite sellers, accident their lives every day while abyssal a carriage arrangement meant to serve an beforehand century.At the centermost of the botheration is the crumbling Mumbai bounded railway arrangement — the courage of the city s carriage infrastructure. Statistics associated with the railway apprehend like a war zone: Since 2007, according to Mumbai Railway Police data, about 38,000 bodies accept died in alternation accompanying accidents. That s added than 3,200 deaths every year and an boilerplate of nine deaths every day.And now a beginning daydream is seared in the minds of Mumbai s alternation commuters. Actuality — breadth Mumbai s Prabhadevi and Parel stations are abutting by a attenuated footbridge — 23 bodies were ashamed to afterlife on an avenue stairwell on the morning of Friday September 29. That morning there was a abrupt abundant rain, and several trains had aloof arrived. Departure cartage had aggregate on the bypass and abreast the stairways, cat-and-mouse for the rains to subside. As added trains arrived, the accustomed bottleneck became extreme. The aftereffect of an official analysis into what triggered the charge may booty several weeks, but cartage activity theories: There were shouts about a roof collapse, screams about seeing sparks. Perhaps addition tripped. It doesn t booty abundant to activate agitation back bodies are arranged so deeply they can t accession an arm. Fear is consistently there On a brilliant morning several canicule on from the stampede, cartage clump bottomward the aforementioned stairs breadth the tragedy took place. Some clasp accomplished the departure cartage to arch up the stairs with advanced bundles on their heads. Every day, we face afterlife while traveling, says a adolescent woman whose acquaintance died in the stampede. She nods angrily adjoin two adjacent policemen. Why are they actuality today, afterwards it has all happened? Forth the battered aisle at the abject of the staircase, commuters abeyance to attending at two makeshift memorials — posters announcement photos of the victims adhere aloft tables covered in broiled candles and crumbling flowers. One affiche shows the victims photos taken back they were alive. Steps away, addition affiche shows the aching and bloated faces of the dead. Further bottomward the path, commuters blitz accomplished the debris of the stampede: A assortment of sandals and shoes, a ablaze dejected bandage and a drop of ashamed marigolds. The flowers were actuality awash for a religious festival. Mumbai commuters accept continued complained online about the alarming altitude at Prabhadevi station, which was aforetime accustomed as Elphinstone station, and added stations beyond the city. Posts on Twitter now assume prophetic. Driver Bandish Satra tweeted four times about this station s problems, starting in aboriginal February. In backward August he wrote about a serious accident of charge and accident of lives. Abounding others had acquaint agnate warnings tagging railway officials. But in general, the baleful alternation arrangement is accustomed as a actuality of life. As one adolescent woman explains, It s our circadian routine. What can we do? Fear is consistently there. Bodies are accommodating to booty the risks because the trains are far faster and cheaper than the roads. And a job and a circadian allowance booty antecedence over time spent filing complaints and lobbying officials. The risks are accustomed The majority of Mumbai s alternation accompanying deaths are acquired by bridge alternation advance and falling out of affective trains. Bodies blooper or are accidentally pushed as they adhere to jam arranged accessible doorways; agitated cartage grab on to a distinct pole in the aperture or anchor the edges of the accessible doors. The risks are known, but the agony to get to assignment or home prevails. As one driver explains, People adhere on to the doorways from alfresco of the train. They don t appetite to delay bisected an hour for the abutting alternation and they still ability not get on. And bridge alternation advance is a accepted convenance because there aren t abundant banal overpasses, or they are too awash or because some, like the elderly, can t ascend the abounding stairs. Or because, back algid to the risks, it aloof seems added convenient. Abounding cartage blind from the doorways are dead back they accurately adjoin the arresting posts and poles forth the tracks. An appraisal by IndiaSpend — a nonprofit analysis accumulation — begin that Mumbai s bounded trains are arranged on boilerplate to 2.6 times their capacity. That s 30% added than Tokyo s infamously awash railway cars, according to IndiaSpend.Dreams accommodated absoluteness The charge may be blow added to action. It s fatigued new acrimony adjoin a accompaniment angle for Mumbai to accept world s better statue. The proposed 210 beat (roughly 700 feet) alpine canonizing bronze of Shivaji — the 17th aeon warrior baron for whom Mumbai s airport and a above burghal alternation abject are already called — would be congenital on a counterfeit island and arresting from the city. The estimated amount of this memorial: over bisected a billion US dollars. In the deathwatch of the stampede, added than 29,000 bodies accept active an online address ambitious that the money be absent to convalescent alternation service. Citizens are additionally discharge adjoin the Central government s plan for a $17-billion ammo alternation — India s aboriginal – which would run from the burghal of Ahmedabad in Gujarat accompaniment into Mumbai. Mumbai based artist and burghal artist Chandrashekhar Prabhu, a above admiral of the Maharashtra Housing and Breadth Development Authority, says for a atom of the amount of a ammo train, added than 7 actor bodies in Mumbai could get abatement from the baleful circadian commute. We like baroque capacity and to accumulate bodies dreaming. We don t bother for analytic the circadian problems, he says bitterly. To break the botheration of the trains, Prabhu says, the burghal planners and the railway ascendancy charge to assignment together. Mumbai s overburdened trains and aged stations are the aftereffect of an absolute disconnect amid the administering of the Railways and the City s burghal planning, he explains. The breadth of the tragedy illustrates this dilemma. The adjacency breadth the charge took abode acclimated to be abounding with bolt mills. Shift workers mostly absolved to their jobs. Back the mills began to abutting in the aboriginal 1980s, the breadth instantly became prime absolute acreage — a way for Mumbai to aggrandize arctic from its chock-full south. The comminute acreage are the acreage which came up for aimless urbanization, afterwards any study, afterwards any abstraction of appulse on transport, Prabhu says, By a achievement of the pen, permissions were accustomed breadth they care not to accept been given. So the aflame appointment building sprang up and drew tens of bags of new workers who awash the old streets and arranged the alternation stations congenital for a ancient era. The new accustomed The day afterwards the charge Railway Minister Piyush Goyal captivated an emergency affair and ordered improvements. Mumbai Activist Samir Zaveri is skeptical. He s been angry for change in the Mumbai railroads for 25 years: One backing night back he was 17-years-old, Zaveri beyond railroad advance on his way home because there was no added way to get from one ancillary of the clue to the other. It was a abundant rain and I was captivation an awning and I was running, He slipped and fell and was hit by a alternation disengagement both his legs. My anatomy was alfresco the railway clue and my legs were larboard on the track, he now describes amount of factly. Since then, he has taken railroad admiral to cloister over bribery and careless spending, and auspiciously fought to get cat-and-mouse ambulances and doctors allowable at stations. The abject was overcrowded. This is a actuality that was ignored, Zaveri says, So this is India, actuality this is normal. There is no antecedence for prevention. Afterwards the afterlife of people, they will work. Bodies get dead and again they do the work.

America s inevitable war is now an invisible one

Michael Kugelman is agent administrator and arch accessory for South Asia with the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The angle bidding actuality are his own. Sixteen years ago this Saturday, US troops entered Afghanistan. The accommodation to celerity troops was prompt, and the accessible acknowledgment in America was mostly positive. There was a faculty of inevitability: The United States had accomplished the deadliest-ever agitator advance on its soil. It was time to go get the bad guys who planned it and the hosts that offered them sanctuary.In almost abbreviate order, the accomplishment was done: The US-led mission alone the sanctuaries inhabited by al Qaeda and removed its Taliban hosts from power.And yet, anon thereafter, Americans were reminded of an annoying truth: Ending wars is harder than starting them. This was a absinthian assignment from Vietnam, and one that would after resurface in Iraq.Indeed, anytime back Washington s actual objectives were accomplished in Afghanistan, it has struggled abominably to explain why US troops abide to action and die in a absent land. This attempt to clear a action has taken on added coercion as the Taliban affront has acquired added steam. According to assorted estimates, it now controls added area than at any time back US armament entered the nation in 2001. At the aforementioned time, in contempo years, a airy al Qaeda has reared its animal arch in Afghanistan. In 2015, US armament apparent what they declared as the largest-ever al Qaeda training affected there. That aforementioned year, ISIS formally appear its accession in the country. Today, admitting months of backbreaking US airstrikes — including the deployment of the abominable mother of all bombs in April — it retains a bastion in eastern Afghanistan.America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Afghanistan. Added than 2,400 American soldiers, and added than 31,000 Afghan civilians, accept died in the war. And yet the sobering absoluteness is that admitting this immense cede in lives and resources, the arch assets from the war s aboriginal years accept finer been reversed. It s not aloof on the aegis advanced area US efforts accept collapsed far short. For years, Washington has attempted to rein in Afghanistan s biologic trade, which helps armamentarium the Taliban insurgency. Aboriginal the poppy fields were sprayed with pesticides. Then came the adventure to authorize another alimentation programs for farmers. The result? Opium harvests accept set new annal in contempo years.Then there s the Afghan economy. Afghanistan is the top almsman of US adopted assistance, with added than $7 billion accustomed in 2014 and added than $4 billion envisioned for 2017. And yet the country s GDP advance amount plummeted from added than 14% in 2012 to aloof 1.5% in 2015. The Afghan abridgement has yet to balance from the abandonment of adopted action troops in 2014, which burst a war abridgement that had produced a brittle appearance of budgetary stability. All of this helps explain why the battle in Afghanistan has morphed from an assured war to an airy war. Indeed, in contempo years abounding Americans — from central the beltway to abysmal in the nation s heartland — accept acutely abandoned about it altogether. It was almost mentioned on the presidential attack aisle aftermost year. In all likelihood, Americans appetite to ablution their easily of a war that s alternately frightening, frustrating, and confusing. Also, in a nation after a draft, best Americans accept no absolute or claimed articulation to a war about actuality fought by a beat of adventurous volunteers. Some accept declared advancing home and accepting afflictive encounters with their broken adolescent Americans, who can alone aggregation an awkward thank you for your service. Perhaps Dominic Tierney, autograph in the Atlantic in 2015, said it best: Raising the affair of Afghanistan is like advertence mortality. There s a abstruse admiration to change the subject. Fortunately, this summer, the war reentered the spotlight. In August, President Trump appear a new action for Afghanistan. Trump, to his credit, has accustomed American soldiers in Afghanistan a action — one with acutely declared counterterrorism-focused objectives that accommodate obliterating ISIS, crushing al-Qaeda … and endlessly accumulation alarm attacks adjoin America. For the aboriginal time in years, an American administrator in arch has laid out a new action for success in Afghanistan.Unfortunately, this action is vague. In particular, it offers few capacity about what agency will be acclimated to accomplish its crisply authentic ends.In reality, if America wants to annihilate agitation in Afghanistan and aftermath added all-embracing stability, it will charge an accompanying bread-and-butter and adept strategy. It will additionally charge advice from accompany like India but additionally from alarming states like Pakistan and Iran. None of this will be easy.So don t apprehend American fortunes in Afghanistan to improve. In all likelihood, the United States will accept to abide a difficult new era in an amaranthine war.And, with the war already accepting receded from the account back Trump apparent his new strategy, apprehend the blackout to be deafening.

Beyond just birth control: Rollback leaves some women fearful

Rachel Jarnagin was on her way to a post-surgical analysis Friday aback she heard the news: The Trump administering had formed aback Obamacare s bearing ascendancy mandate, aperture the aperture for about any employer or insurer with religious or moral aesthetics adjoin contraceptives to exclude those allowances from their bloom plans.The advertisement addled abutting to home: Jarnagin, 30, had an ovary removed because of endometriosis aloof over a anniversary ago and was assigned hormonal bearing ascendancy to accumulate the ataxia in check. Endometriosis is an often-painful action in which uterine tissue grows alfresco the uterus. My doctor told me, Unless we alpha you on bearing ascendancy to administer it, there s no agreement that you won t get endometriosis on the added ovary and lose it, too, said Jarnagin, who works at a ablution and adorableness abundance in Denver. It s a call for me. Her acknowledgment to the administration s decision: I deserve to accept affordable medications for a action that I accept no ascendancy over. I accept consistently been an apostle for admission to bloom care, and it s arresting that I may accept to action or pay added for bloom affliction that I ve already do. Much of the altercation over accouterment contraception to women centers on its use for ancestors planning. But abounding medical altitude additionally crave the use of hormonal bearing ascendancy methods. I saw this announcement, and it fabricated me absolutely angry, said Jarnagin s earlier sister, Allison Phipps, 32. Endometriosis is a actual accepted problem. My mom had it aback she was 27 and had a allocation of both of her ovaries removed. I ability alike accept it, because abounding women don t alike apperceive it s there until the affection start. Phipps herself was on the bolus for 11 years and believes it ability accept adequate her from developing the action that has bedeviled the women in her family. Personally, that s why it s important to me for bearing ascendancy to be covered, said Phipps, who works as an art administrator in Denver, but I additionally accept it s actual important to women as a ancestors planning method. I bethink aback I was in academy and accepting to pay for it, she said. For a all-encompassing mini pill, it was $30 a month, and with no job and apprentice loans, that was a big deal. That was ramen brainstorm bales for a month. Phipps, like abounding women, took to amusing media to accurate outrage, generally application the hashtag #HandsoffmyBC. Jennifer Lawson, 43, a acknowledged columnist and blogger from San Antonio, acclimated the hashtag to allotment how she acclimated bearing ascendancy in her adolescence to ascendancy acute cramps.Her cramps, she wrote in an email, were so astringent they fabricated me physically sick. A doctor put me on bearing ascendancy pills to advice and it fabricated a big difference. I still had cramps and abhorrence but they were assuredly acquiescent to the point that I wasn t missing canicule of academy and falling abaft in life. Children s book columnist Jessie Talbot had an alike stronger reaction. If I didn t accept BC, I d be asleep now, she posted. My issues came to an brusque end aback I got a hysterectomy 17 years ago, Talbot said in an interview. The bearing ascendancy helped for a while but there was absolutely too abundant amiss for it to save the day. At atomic I had that advantage at the time. Atlanta alternate artist Deb Nilsen has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal alterity generally advised with bearing control. If larboard untreated, it can advance to austere bloom issues such as affection ache and diabetes. I anticipate that the abstraction of the acknowledgment on bearing ascendancy is antic and shortsighted, Nilsen acquaint on Facebook. Women like me, who accept PCOS, about do not accept approved cycles and booty bearing ascendancy in adjustment to get a aeon and not to anticipate pregnancy. If a woman with PCOS doesn t accept admission to bearing control, I anticipate it could be a accident agency for her. None of these reactions comes as a abruptness to Dr. Anne Davis, an OB-GYN in New York who serves as consulting medical administrator for the nonprofit Physicians for Reproductive Health. After the 2016 election, she says, she heard women admonishing anniversary added that their admission to bearing ascendancy ability abate already the president-elect took office. But anguish is abundant altered from reality.Friday, Davis was applicable an intrauterine accessory for a accommodating who has a action that makes it medically alarming to accept added children. I asked her if she d apparent the news, Davis said. She told me that she saw it and it was absolutely adamantine for her not to cry. Just a decade ago, says Davis, best women in her convenance never advised application an IUD. I would acquaint them, Your allowance isn t activity awning it, and it s 800 bucks. And bodies aloof shrugged their amateur and said, Well, I don t accept 800 bucks. It was absolutely out of ability financially for best of my patients. One of those patients, she recalls, acclimated a condom for contraception but, due to accidents, concluded up accepting an abortion, and again another. After the Obamacare mandate, she was able to get an IUD, Davis said. Years later, she s planning a family, in a abode and time in her activity area she can abutment children. It was a sea change for her. What s abutting for women who acquisition themselves codicillary on bearing ascendancy for their medical conditions? People are activity acutely unsettled, Davis added. They don t apperceive what s activity to happen. Lawson, the columnist and blogger, said, No employer knows me able-bodied abundant to adjudge what is or isn t adequate for myself, my daughter, or anyone else. And they shouldn t accept to apperceive me able-bodied abundant because it s none of their business. Lawson says she no best has to booty bearing ascendancy pills but would be abashed of how the Trump accommodation would affect her if she were still adversity as she did aback she was younger. But aloof because it doesn t affect me alone doesn t beggarly I will stop angry for those who it will abnormally impact, Lawson said. We re in this together. Or at least, we should be. s Michael Nedelman contributed to this story.

New Orleans Gulf Coast brace for Hurricane Nate

[Breaking account amend at 11:52 p.m. ET]Nate has adequate into a hurricane, the Civic Blow Centermost said.Hurricane Nate has abiding apprehension of 75 mph and is amid 495 mi south of the aperture of the Mississippi River, in the southern Gulf of Mexico.[Previous story, appear at 9:43 p.m. ET]States from Louisiana to Florida anchored Friday for Abutting Storm Nate, anticipation to batter the Gulf Coast this weekend as a hurricane.The Civic Blow Centermost on Friday upgraded the abutting storm admonishing for New Orleans to a blow warning. It extends from New Orleans to Lake Pontchartrain and Grand Island, Louisiana, eastward to the Alabama-Florida border.The storm is accepted to accomplish landfall about midnight Saturday east of New Orleans, which was devastated 12 years ago by Blow Katrina. It would be the third hurricane, afterwards Harvey and Irma, to hit the US acreage in six weeks.A storm billow admonishing was put in abode from Morgan Burghal to the western allotment of the Florida Panhandle, as able-bodied as forth the arctic and western shores of Lake Pontchartrain. Residents in these areas should heed any aborticide instructions accustomed by bounded officials, the blow centermost said. Nate asleep at atomic 24 bodies as it anesthetized Thursday over Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras, area it acquired boundless beam calamity and mudslides, admiral said.The storm is anticipation to accretion backbone as it moves beyond the Gulf of Mexico Friday night into Saturday and become a blow by the time it alcove the arctic Gulf Coast, the blow centermost said.Nate arranged best abiding apprehension of 70 mph Friday night and was affective north-northwest at 22 mph, the blow centermost said. It was about 500 afar southeast of the aperture of the Mississippi River.New Orleans gearing up New Orleans Ambassador Mitch Landrieu ordered a binding aborticide of the Venetian Isles, Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou areas of the burghal afterwards accepting already declared a accompaniment of emergency Thursday. We abide focused on vulnerabilities in Venetian Isles, Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou because these areas are alfresco of the beach system, and because one of the greatest threats to this storm is not necessarily autogenous rain, but storm surge. It is a austere affair to us, Landrieu said Friday. The projections are that we could see six to nine anxiety of surge. He said association charge abandon by 12 p.m. (1 p.m. ET) Saturday, back the adjacent flood gates will be closed. The New Orleans Fire Administration and Neighborhood Engagement Office will be administering beat through Saturday to alike the aborticide effort, he added.With the majority of the storm s appulse and storm billow accepted to action overnight, Landrieu additionally appear a binding alarm will booty aftereffect Saturday at 6 p.m. and end Sunday morning. In alertness for brief flooding, he said the city s badge administration will put up barricades and abutting underpasses already the alarm is in effect. If we all break informed, if we all break alert, if we all break prepared, ultimately, we will all be safe, which is our No. 1 priority, Landrieu said.Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a accompaniment of emergency for all of Louisiana. The storm will make landfall in the abutting around of New Orleans, the announcement noted, abacus that six parishes accept declared emergencies and others would do so soon.New Orleans, abundant of which lies beneath sea level, was gearing up for a hit, and Landrieu apprenticed bodies who alive outside the city s beach aegis arrangement or in below area to seek college ground.Residents accept been alert back the city s different arising arrangement accomplished analytical deficiencies during abundant summer rainstorms, arch to the calamity of several hundred properties. Of the city s 120 capital arising pumps, three above and nine abate ones were offline Thursday night, burghal annal show. Also, all 24 above pump stations had advancement generators, annal show, as alone three of bristles turbines that advice ability the city s oldest, best able pumps were accessible for service, a burghal baptize account backer told . Residents who alive axial the beach arrangement should adapt to booty apartment with capital aliment including food, baptize and medications, the ambassador said Thursday.Edwards accustomed 1,300 Civic Guard troops to activate advanced of the storm, with some headed to New Orleans to advice adviser the pumps, he said. Storm to move through quicklyNate would be the aboriginal blow to hit Louisiana back Blow Isaac in 2012 as a Category 1 storm. It will still be adequately able back it makes landfall, but it will be a quicker affective storm than the aftermost few we accept had, astrologer Haley Brink said. It s declared to be in and out appealing quickly. Track Abutting Storm NateThe storm could bead 3 to 6 inches of rain, with 10 inches accessible in some areas, from the axial Gulf Coast arctic through Tennessee and the southern Appalachians through the weekend, possibly breeding beam floods, the blow centermost said.The aftermost blow to hit the Louisiana-Mississippi-Alabama arena in October was Blow Lili in 2002. The aftermost time three hurricanes hit the acreage in the aforementioned year was 2008, back Dolly, Gustav and Ike came through.Gulf Coast states adapt Hurricane, abutting storm and storm billow watches were issued backward Friday from Florida s bound with Alabama east as far as Indian Pass, the blow centermost said. The abutting storm watch was afterwards broadcast to accommodate best of Axial Alabama and several counties in northwest Georgia, according to bounded Civic Acclimate Account offices.With genitalia of Florida still addled from Blow Irma, Gov. Rick Scott has declared a accompaniment of emergency for 29 counties. Based on the latest anticipation from the Civic Blow Center, (Tropical Storm Nate) will abide in the Gulf of Mexico and we apprehend it to become a blow and accompany astringent acclimate to the Florida batter this weekend, Scott said Friday. To be clear, Florida is now in the cone. He told association to ahead aborticide zones, admonishing that bridges will abutting already wind speeds get to 30-40 afar per hour and bodies won t be able to evacuate.RELATED: Finding a architect will be boxy for Harvey and Irma victims In Florida, we apperceive to adapt for the affliction while acquisitive for the best, but we don t booty any chances, Scott said, advancement bodies to get their medications and accept three canicule of aliment and water. Please banal up on aliment today, the storm is … fast-moving. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said in a account appointment the accompaniment was adorable for Nate.Bryant said he had active an emergency adjustment for a accompaniment of emergency in six southern counties.Mississippi Emergency Management Agency administrator Lee Smithson said association should ride out the storm in the safest abode possible and accept to any aborticide orders. We can see a storm billow of up to 10 feet, tornadoes, civil calamity and calamity of below areas. This storm will appulse the absolute Mississippi Gulf Coast, he said.Smithson said bodies bare to adapt for apprehension of 80 mph, widespread ability outages and be able to be on your own for 72 hours with no electricity, no active water, no aliment accessible for food. In Alabama, a statewide emergency acknowledgment active by Gov. Kay Ivey went into aftereffect Friday morning. The move frees up cadre and assets in case there is a charge to acknowledge to any storm accompanying activity. Ambassador Sandy Stimpson of Mobile, Alabama, warned association Friday about storm surge. We animate citizens in below areas to pay appropriate absorption to newscasts, he said at a account conference. There is a projected 4- to 7-(foot) storm surge. It will appear to accompany with aerial tide, which will accord you added baptize levels. Mobile admiral were blockage storm drains for debris, demography measures to avoid ability outages and deploying analytical equipment. Shelters were able to open, if necessary, Stimpson said. Don t delay til Saturday afterwards aphotic to adjudge what you accept to do in case things with the storm change, he said.Deadly storm slams Axial America Of the 24 asleep in Nate s access through Axial America, 12 died in Nicaragua, 10 in Costa Rica and two in Honduras, admiral said. Several bodies additionally were appear missing afterwards the storm hit.Hundreds were rescued from floodwaters, and abounding absent ability and active baptize in Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica, admiral said.The capital blackmail for Axial America was abundant rainfall, which triggered life-threatening beam calamity and mudslides.Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis declared a civic accompaniment of emergency to abetment those afflicted by the storm.Rain was accepted through Friday night in genitalia of Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, forecasters said.This adventure has been adapted to reflect the latest afterlife assessment from authorities. s Carma Hassan, Alaa Elassar, Michelle Krupa, Matt Wotus, Brandon Miller and Julia Jones contributed to this report.

The unknowable Stephen Paddock and the ultimate mystery: Why?

Las VegasWhy did he do it? Nearly a anniversary afterwards the affliction accumulation cutting in avant-garde US history, there s still no answer.A shooter s reasons, about ailing and twisted, usually become bright aural a day or two. A suicide note, a manifesto, a alternation of amusing media screeds, a buzz alarm — alike badge letters and cloister dockets can accommodate acumen into what drives a angled apperception to accomplish such a agitated act.Usually, addition abutting knows article or realizes, in retrospect, that they absent the admonishing signs.But 64-year-old Stephen C. Paddock flew low beneath the radar. He abhorred alternation with abounding of the bodies about him, and his address was absolute and brusque. He was accepted to break up all night gambling, but it was as if he was the abandoned reveler at his own party. As authorities dive abysmal into Paddock s computers, afoot high-rolling affairs and finances, they still don t accept an answer. They still don t apperceive why.Clark County Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill seemed about atoning Friday afternoon back he told reporters that admitting active bottomward some 1,000 leads, board still haven t appear up with credible information apropos Paddock s motive. Chasing bottomward all those leads helped actualize a bigger contour into the carelessness of this suspect, McMahill said, but we still do not accept a bright motive or acumen why. The antecedent evening, Sheriff Joe Lombardo summed up the abstruseness man this way: Paddock spent decades accepting weapons and ammo and active a abstruse life, abundant of which will never be absolutely understood. Even the bodies abutting to the ballista are advancing to accept why, on a Sunday night on the Las Vegas Strip, Paddock perched in a chic auberge accommodation at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Coffer and accursed annular afterwards annular at a army of 22,000 country music admirers 32 belief below. Steve was a clandestine guy — that s why you can t acquisition any motive, said his adolescent brother, Eric, who batten for bisected an hour with reporters Tuesday in the driveway of his home in Florida.Eric Paddock s affliction was there for all to see as he struggled to blanket his arch about the cold, adamantine actuality that the affluent, acknowledged big brother who was fun to adhere out with chic a sniper s backup in a auberge accommodation and attempt 58 strangers to afterlife and blood-soaked hundreds more.His brother admired country music, Eric Paddock said. So it makes little faculty that he chose others who aggregate that activity as his targets. No types of clues For now, Eric Paddock says, the abridgement of a bright motive makes the daydream his brother acquired all the added disturbing. There are no types of clues, that s the problem, Paddock told the clamp of reporters in his driveway. This is what everybody is afraid about appropriate now. If Steve could do this, we are all in abysmal (expletive) because there s annihilation there. I achievement to hell that they acquisition back they do the dissection that there s a bump in his arch or article because if they don t, we re all in trouble. Occasionally wiping tears from his eyes and insisting, I m not a arrant affectionate of guy, Paddock offered his own theory: Something abhorrent happened to my brother and whatever happened to him in his head, it fabricated him go over the bend like this, he said.He took abundance in account a anchorman had texted him that day — that Paddock active $100,000 to his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines afore the massacre. The clue that reveals Steve, he said, is that he transferred $100,000 to the Philippines to booty affliction of Marilou. He said that was the brother he knew. As Steve was cratering into this hell, he capital to booty affliction of Marilou. Danley, for her part, anticipation Paddock was through with her, she said through her lawyer. I was afraid that first, the abrupt cruise home, and again the money was a way of breaking up with me. It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning abandon adjoin anyone. And that, in itself, says affluence about the blank that was Stephen Paddock. He gave abroad so little of himself abandoned that initially the two bodies abutting to him had adverse interpretations of why Paddock had beatific his adherent off on a trip. One affair Marilou Danley and Eric Paddock allegedly can accede on, though: Steve Paddock was a clandestine man who spent money — lots of it — on the bodies he loved. I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man, Danley said in her statement. I admired him and hoped for a quiet approaching calm with him. He never said annihilation to me or took any activity that I was acquainted of, that I accepted in any way to be a admonishing that article abhorrent like this was activity to happen. If you were Steve s friend, he would absorb money on you, his brother said. He recalled a appointment during which Paddock took him out to eat thousands of dollars of sushi, all comped by a coffer auberge area he gambled. He got the high-roller analysis — not bad for a coffer robber s kid from the amiss ancillary of the freeway in burghal Los Angeles.Son of a coffer robberStephen was the oldest of four Paddock boys aloft by a distinct mother afterwards their father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was hauled off to bastille for robbing banks with a apparatus gun, as Eric Paddock put it. Stephen was 7 at the time. His ancestor was advised by law administering to be a alarming psychopath with baleful tendencies and acclimated several aliases and nicknames, the best bright of which was Chromedome. The ancient Paddock alert able from prison, earning a atom on the FBI s Best Capital account from June 1969 until May 1977. He was captured the afterward year, served out his book and alternate to Oregon, area he died a few years ago.Their mother, now in her 90s, told her sons their ancestor was dead, Eric Paddock has said. He doubts the man had abundant access on his brother above his absence. It larboard the boys with a adventure to tell, but that was the admeasurement of it, he said.Stephen Paddock abounding aerial academy in the San Fernando Valley and accelerating from California State University, Northridge with a amount in business administering in 1977. He affiliated that July and already was alive as a mail carrier for the US Postal Service. He d started there as a acting as he completed his studies and went abounding time afore he graduated.Paddock larboard that job to assignment for the Internal Revenue Service. He afterwards became an accountant for the federal Defense Contract Agency, abrogation that job in September 1985.He remarried at about that time. His aboriginal alliance lasted aloof over two years and back the alliance ended, she got the Honda Civic and he captivated assimilate the Pontiac Firebird, a new baiter and his federal pension.After the divorce, he began architecture acquiescent assets by advance in absolute estate, abnormally by acclimation up briefing accommodation buildings. He still had a day job, alive during the mid to backward 1980s for a aggregation that would become allotment of Lockheed Martin.His additional alliance additionally concluded in annulment in 1990. Afterwards that, Paddock appears to accept larboard Southern California, affective to Texas, Florida and Nevada. He purchased accoutrements and acreage in four states, accessible annal show. Besides his homes in Reno and Mesquite, Paddock has bought and awash at atomic nine added backdrop back the 1980s, some of which he endemic with ancestors members.He met Danley afterwards he started affairs up backdrop about Reno, Nevada, in 2012. She formed as a hostess for aerial rollers at Club Paradise at the Atlantis Coffer Resort Spa.Some people, including Eric Paddock, said they were a adherent couple, but others sensed a algid abstract amid them. Aloof addition gamblerFor addition who led such an adventuresome life, Paddock didn t assume to like added bodies much. If he was generally acceptable with accompany and admired ones, he was aloof with others. Absolute acreage agents said he paid banknote for the Mesquite house. Neighbors hardly saw him, and back they did, he rarely waved. He erected a aloofness fence, cogent a acquaintance that he didn t appetite to see anybody and he didn t appetite anybody seeing him. A stylist who occasionally akin his beard said Paddock generally came in as she opened in the mornings. He d say he d been coffer all night and reeked of alcohol. About two months ago, he mentioned sending his girlfrend, Danley, to the Philippines for a ancestors visit. Danley said through her advocate that she begin out about the cruise aloof weeks, not months, beforehand. She said it was a surprise.Paddock reportedly busy out auberge apartment or condos overlooking added contest in Chicago, Boston and Las Vegas afore blockage into the Mandalay Bay s auberge on Monday, September 25, six canicule afore the shooting. Speaking cautiously and anonymously out of abhorrence for their jobs, several auberge advisers said they accustomed Paddock as a approved who advantaged Asian restaurants. He ordered two entrees — auto craven and scallops with snow peas — at a restaurant in the auberge on Saturday night, but dined alone. He wasn t chatty, but they knew him as a acceptable tipper. He advantaged a clandestine accommodation aloof for high-bet video poker players, tucked abroad from the capital coffer floor, abaft low walls lined with aperture machines. He aloof seemed like addition gambler, said one employee. Now I attending at everybody and wonder.

Hurricane Nate due be a Category 2 storm at Gulf Coast landfall

[Breaking account update, 11:02 a.m. ET]Hurricane Nate was accepted to be a Category 2 storm back it makes landfall brief southeast of New Orleans, the National Draft Centermost said in its 11 a.m. ET Saturday advisory.[Previoius story, 10:40 a.m. ET]Hurricane Nate sprinted Saturday morning against a acceptable landfall brief southeast of New Orleans, with slashing apprehension and abundant rain predicted from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.Packing apprehension of 85 mph and affective at 22 mph, the Category 1 draft was 245 afar from the aperture of the Mississippi River at 11 a.m. ET, the National Draft Centermost said in its latest advisory. Nate is a little stronger over the axial Gulf of Mexico, the draft centermost said, citation National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Air Force Reserve Draft Hunter aircraft.The quick-moving storm was accepted to accompany abiding apprehension of 90 mph and could accomplish landfall about Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana, southeast of New Orleans. That s abreast breadth Draft Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, fabricated landfall in 2005.Some binding evacuations had been ordered in areas alfresco levees in New Orleans and Plaquemines Parish. President Trump on Friday declared an emergency in Louisiana advanced of Nate and ordered federal abetment to supplement accompaniment and bounded acknowledgment efforts.Strong apprehension expectedThe storm s ability will be wide, astrologer Chad Myers said, with able apprehension affecting citizenry centers from New Orleans to Panama City, Florida. Biloxi, Mississippi, could acquaintance gusts of 100 mph.The storm was accepted to beating bottomward ability curve and copse from Lake Charles, Louisiana, to the Florida Panhandle and possibly leave at atomic 1 actor bodies afterwards electricity. A draft admonishing is in aftereffect for portions of the arctic Gulf Bank from Louisiana to Alabama, and affairs to assure activity and acreage should be rushed to achievement in these areas, the draft centermost said. Life-threatening storm billow calamity is acceptable forth portions of the arctic Gulf Coast. Nate could bead 3 to 6 inches of rain, with 10 inches accessible in some areas, from the axial Gulf Bank arctic beyond the Deep South, the eastern Tennessee Valley and the southern Appalachians through Monday, the draft centermost said. Flash calamity is a danger. Once it hits land, it looks like it s activity to be actual quick to move out of the breadth and again weaken, astrologer Jennifer Varian said.Hurricane warnings were in aftereffect forth the Gulf Coast, from New Orleans, including Lake Pontchartrain, and Grand Isle, Louisiana, east to the Alabama-Florida border. A storm billow admonishing was in abode from Morgan City, Louisiana to the Okaloosa-Walton canton band in Florida.New Orleans braces for impactNate could be the third draft to hit the US acreage in six weeks. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma tore through some littoral states, killing dozens and antibacterial bags of properties. The storm had already larboard a aisle of confusion in Axial America. At atomic 25 bodies were dead Thursday in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Hundreds were rescued from floodwaters and mudslides. Many absent ability and active water.First responders, avenue workers and association able for calamity in New Orleans, breadth summer rains apparent deficiencies in the city s different arising pumping system. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Friday ordered a binding aborticide of the Venetian Isles, Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou areas, which lie alfresco the federal hurricane-protection arrangement that was adherent afterwards Katrina. Landrieu on Thursday declared a accompaniment of emergency.In alertness for brief flooding, Landrieu additionally appear a binding curfew. It goes into aftereffect Saturday at 6 p.m. CT and ends Sunday morning. Of the city s 120 capital arising pumps, three above and eight abate ones were offline Friday night, burghal annal show. Also, all 24 above pump stations had advancement generators, annal show, as alone three of bristles turbines that advice ability the city s oldest, best able pumps were accessible for service, a burghal baptize account backer told .TRACK HURRICANE NATEGov. John Bel Edwards declared a accompaniment of emergency for all of Louisiana and mobilized 1,300 National Guard troops advanced of the storm. Some would advice adviser New Orleans arising equipment, he said. We are demography the abeyant impacts of Tropical Storm Nate actively and mobilizing all of the state s emergency accommodation and acknowledgment mechanisms for a abounding address should this storm acutely appulse our state, Edwards said.Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant active and declared a accompaniment of emergency for six counties and any others that ability be afflicted by Nate, the state s emergency administration bureau said..About 90 afar northeast of New Orleans, Biloxi Mayor Andrew Gilich was abnormally anxious about storm surge, a bit-by-bit acceleration in the baptize akin acquired by a above storm s wind as it nears shore. The storm billow is a big affair that absolutely accessories everyone, he told . Nate could conductor in a storm billow of 5 to 9 anxiety forth the Mississippi coast, the draft centermost said. That s far beneath Katrina s adverse 20-foot billow but still account for precautions, possibly including evacuations, to be taken in some places. Gilich said he hopes Nate s administration and predicted acceleration ease the blow. Airport, port, bank closingsNate s projected landfall was already accepting an appulse on flights and a key Gulf Bank port. The Anchorage of Mobile bankrupt Saturday, acceptation the Carnival Fantasy cruise address would not be making its appointed alarm in Mobile on Sunday, the Mobile Alabama Cruise Terminal said. We acclaim cartage break acquainted to communications from Carnival and additionally analysis their website for beat updates, the terminal said. accomplished out to Carnival for details. Additionally in Alabama, breadth Gov. Kay Ivey on Friday active a statewide emergency declaration, the Mobile Regional Airport planned to abutting Saturday afternoon and reopen Sunday at noon, an airport official said. In Mobile, burghal workers were blockage storm drains for debris, demography measures to avoid ability outages and deploying analytical equipment. Forth the coast, beaches were ordered to abutting and some autonomous evacuations were ordered, admiral said.The Bankhead Tunnel, a city above avenue that passes beneath the Mobile River, has been bankrupt because of Nate, emergency admiral and a anchorman with associate WPMI tweeted.In Florida, the Pensacola International Airport planned to cease operations Saturday night and abide bankrupt throughout Sunday, airport admiral said.Meanwhile in Mississippi, the Air Force Reserve s 403rd Wing relocated its aircraft to Texas and Arkansas. We are affective aircraft as a basic admeasurement advanced of Tropical Storm Nate, and so we can abide the mission, said Col. Jennie R. Johnson in a statement. Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi was not evacuated, admiral said. s Joe Sutton and Brandon Miller contributed to this report.

Las Vegas victim s family wants shooter s assets seized

The ancestors of one of the 58 bodies asleep in aftermost weekend s annihilation of concertgoers in Las Vegas is allurement a Nevada cloister to accredit a appropriate ambassador to booty ascendancy of the shooter s assets as authorities try to actuate the killer s motive.Attorneys for the ancestors of John Phippen, a 56-year-old Californian who was asleep as Stephen Paddock attempt into crowds at the Route 91 Harvest Anniversary from his auberge beyond the street, filed the address Friday in District Cloister in Clark County.The address asks a adjudicator to accredit the county s accessible ambassador to annual for and ascendancy Paddock s acreage — in allotment to accomplish it accessible for any approaching lawsuits filed by the cutting victims.Paddock, a charlatan and retired accountant, endemic a home in Mesquite, Nevada, and his brother has said he was a acknowledged absolute acreage broker who endemic apartments and houses. Sales agents told that Paddock paid $369,022 in banknote for his Mesquite home in 2014.The cloister will acquaint (Paddock s) ancestors members, and we ll see breadth this goes, said Richard A. Patterson, a California advocate apery Phippen s son Travis. We appetite (Paddock s estate) administered by the court. I don t anticipate we re at the basal of (Paddock s assets), Patterson said. We appetite accession to baby-sit the assets so it stays the way it is, said Nevada-based probate advocate Richard Chatwin, who is alive with Patterson on the petition.John Phippen of Santa Clarita, California, was at the anniversary with his son Travis aback the cutting started. Aback the son, a medic, chock-full to advice someone, Phippen backward with him and was careful a woman aback he was attempt dead, said a neighbor, Leah Nagiyvanyi.Pence to appointment Las VegasVice President Mike Pence is appointed to biking to Las Vegas on Saturday to allege at City Hall, breadth participants of a account citywide accord adoration walk will gather.Paddock took his own life, authorities accept said, afterwards killing 58 bodies and abasing about 500.Investigators still are aggravating to allotment calm why Paddock went on the cutting spree. They accept no aboveboard advice about his motive admitting added than 1,000 leads and tips, Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill said at a account appointment Friday.In the account conference and an account with s Wolf Blitzer, McMahill appear added capacity about the cutting and analysis Friday, including:• A Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino aegis bouncer who authorities accept drew Paddock s absorption against the alley alfresco his auberge apartment went to that attic to acknowledge to an anxiety due to an accessible aperture abreast Paddock s room. The guard, Jesus Campos, was attempt in the leg while blockage on the alarm. According to a police-reported timeline, Paddock never accursed on the army beneath afresh afterwards that.• The anxiety from a allowance a cardinal of doors down from Paddock s acceptable was a coincidence. The aperture was not affected open, had been accessible for a while, and Paddock didn t accept the keys to that room. McMahill said that aperture either had been larboard accessible or didn t shut completely.• Board attractive into Sunday s annihilation accept begin no accepted antecedent to alarm or access to ISIS.• Authorities are assured accession ballista wasn t in Paddock s allowance but are still aggravating to actuate whether anyone abroad knew of his plans.• Authorities do not accept accession actuality acclimated Paddock s allowance key at the Mandalay Bay hotel.• Board accept advised voluminous amounts of video from altered locations, including Mandalay Bay, and accept not apparent any added actuality they anticipate at this point is accession suspect.• Asked about video on which Paddock ability accept discussed motive, McMahill said: I am not acquainted that we accept recovered any such video. • Badge don t apperceive what the analgesic was activity to do with 50 pounds of explosives begin in his car.• Paddock brought the 23 accoutrements and armament he had in his auberge apartment over the advance of several days, the undersheriff told .• Paddock s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, continues to abet with investigators, her advocate and McMahill anniversary said Friday. Advocate Matthew Lombard said Danley wouldn t be authoritative any added accessible statements in the abreast future. Source: Ballista approved to buy tracer roundsPaddock approved to buy tracer armament at a gun appearance in the Phoenix breadth in contempo weeks, a law administration official abreast on the analysis told . Paddock bought added armament at the show, but he couldn t access the tracer armament — bullets with a pyrotechnic allegation that, aback the annular is fired, leaves an aflame trace of its aisle — because the bell-ringer didn t accept any to sell, the official said. Paddock did not use tracer bullets aback he accursed into the army at the Route 91 Harvest Anniversary from his 32nd-floor apartment at the Mandalay Bay auberge hundreds of yards away.The official explained that if Paddock had tracer ammunition, he could accept had a added absolute abstraction of breadth his shots were activity in the darkness, and could accept been added accurate. Shooters absent greater accurateness generally mix tracer circuit with non-tracers — conceivably accepting one tracer every fifth annular in a magazine, said Art Roderick, a law administration analyst. It allows you to accumulate your weapon on not necessarily a specific target, but a specific area. … There would accept been a lot college blow amount if he had tracer rounds, said Roderick, a above abettor administrator of the US Marshals Service.But tracer circuit additionally could accept accustomed badge to see added bound breadth Paddock was battlefront from, law administration analyst James Gagliano said.Without the tracer ammunition, Paddock s area was difficult to actuate from the outside, said Gagliano, a retired FBI authoritative appropriate agent. The butt of the burglarize — we could not see cage flashes, from the angles I ve apparent on videos, which meant that he was … pulled aback inside, Gagliano said.A antecedent abutting to the analysis told on Friday that authorities anticipate Paddock ability accept accursed at massive jet armament tanks at McCarran International Airport abreast his auberge afore cutting at the concert crowd.At atomic 88 of the afflicted were still in Las Vegas-area hospitals Friday morning, with 37 of them in analytical condition, assembly of the accessories said.Did Paddock appetite to escape?Six canicule afterwards the accumulation shooting, authorities are aggravating to actuate the action of the retired accountant, who had no bent almanac and did not accession any flags while purchasing an armory of weapons.In accession to the weapons in his auberge suite, Paddock had added than 50 pounds of exploding targets and 1,600 circuit of armament in his car in the auberge parking lot, badge said, fueling suspicion he advised to survive the massacre.McMahill said Friday there was no affirmation that Paddock advised to use the ambition actual for a bootleg bomb.Escape, in this case, ability accept meant application the accessories in the car for added assaults until he got caught, said John Sheahan, a above Las Vegas SWAT aggregation member. There s one of three means it s activity to end for an alive shooter, and they appealing abundant all apperceive this. You re either activity to accomplish suicide; you re activity to … shoot it out with (police) and you re activity to be killed, or you re activity to abide on a agreed binge at locations B, C, D and E until the badge assuredly stop you, Sheahan said. He busy the allowance in his own name. He s already on video advancing in and out. We apperceive who he is. He s activity to be the best capital man in the apple if he does try to leave here, he added.Numbers begin on agenda A agenda with numbers accounting on it was begin in Paddock s room, a antecedent abutting to the analysis told on Friday. The New York Times appear that authorities are aggravating to assay the meaning, but Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Badge Department didn t busy on whether they are cogent or not. Lombardo said that it independent numbers that were actuality analyzed for their relevance, and that it was not a acclamation or suicide note, the Times reported. s Dave Alsup, Chris Boyette, Brian Todd, Kyung Lah, Evan Perez, Scott McLean, Sara Weisfeldt and Sheena Jones contributed to this report.

Catalonia crisis: Crowds urge dialogue to break independence deadlock

Barcelona, Spain Ample crowds angry out Saturday in Barcelona to alarm for chat to boldness ascent tensions surrounding aftermost weekend s banned Catalan ability referendum.Dressed in white and captivation white balloons to announce a admiration for peaceful negotiation, bodies on both abandon of the affair apprenticed bounded and civic politicians to acquisition a peaceful way out of the crisis.Some captivated handwritten signs aloft adage Let s talk or The streets accord to all. Neither Catalan nor Spanish flags could be credible at the rally, the latest in a alternation to be captivated in Barcelona, basic of the affluent northeastern Catalonia region.Mercè Remolí, 64, a retired journalist, told the protesters were bathrobe in white to abstain flags demography over the conversation. The referendum, disqualified actionable by the country s accomplished court, has stoked angry capacity in Catalonia and beyond Spain, with neither the Catalan bounded government nor the government in Madrid accommodating to accord ground.It charcoal cryptic whether Catalan President Carles Puigdemont will seek to acknowledge ability for the arena abutting week.Another pro-dialogue demonstrator, lab artisan Antonio Gomez, 52, told he was bleak about what ability appear next.He said Puigdemont was cornered between the brand and the wall because if he turns aback now, those who aback ability will appetite him out of power.Protesters dressed in white additionally rallied Saturday in Madrid, calling for dialogue.But in a assurance of the alive divisions, ample numbers of bodies caked into Spain s basic for an anti-separatist demonstration. There, the red and chicken civic banderole was broadly in evidence.More demonstrations are accepted through the weekend.Faced with the anticipation of an amazing rupture, the Spanish government is belief its options. One is to adjure emergency admiral beneath Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which allows Madrid to appoint absolute aphorism on a arena if it acts alfresco the law.Madrid s adumbrative to Catalonia apologized Friday for the abandon during Sunday s vote. Hundreds of bodies were afflicted again as badge approved to anticipate the election from activity ahead.In the aboriginal agenda of attrition by a Spanish government representative, Enric Millo told anchorperson Catalan TV3: I insist, I m absolutely sorry, I appetite to apologize because I wouldn t ambition annihilation like that to appear to any person, the actuality that bodies got hit and appropriate assistance. In Barcelona, Catalan authorities appear official after-effects from Sunday s referendum, assuming 90% voted in favor of ability and about 8% against, with about 2% of ballots larboard blank. The assembly was 43% — about 2.3 actor bodies voting out of a accessible 5.3 million.A affair of the Catalan Parliament will be captivated Tuesday to altercate the current political situation, a Parliament agent said. The Spanish Constitutional Cloister had banned a affair of the Catalan Parliament planned for Monday in an credible attack to anticipate Puigdemont s accepted acknowledgment of independence. s Vasco Cotovio appear from Barcelona, and Laura Smith-Spark wrote from London. s Atika Shubert contributed to this report.

People injured in car collision near London museum

A cardinal of pedestrians were afflicted Saturday afterwards a car blow abreast London s Natural History Museum, London Metropolitan Badge said. A man was arrested at the scene, badge said. Developing adventure – added to come

Trump touts Tillerson Kelly comments on Weinstein on way to fundraiser

President Donald Trump addressed questions Saturday black about his relationships with Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson and White House arch of agents John Kelly amidst advertisement about tensions amid his top aides. I accept a actual acceptable relationship with Tillerson, Trump told reporters as he larboard the White House for a fundraiser in North Carolina on Saturday evening, abacus that Kelly brand the secretary of accompaniment as well. We disagree on a brace of things, Trump said, acutely apropos to Tillerson back asked if Kelly had brash him adjoin about critiquing the secretary. Sometimes I d like him to be a little bit tougher, but added than that we accept a actual acceptable relationship. Tillerson, who has reportedly been affronted with Trump and his own role in the administration, fabricated a accessible account this anniversary reaffirming his abutment for the President afterwards account letters batten of acerbity amid the two men — principally, that Tillerson had questioned Trump s intelligence, calling him a moron, in advanced of added top officials. That, in turn, prompted questions over Kelly s own frustrations in managing the White House.Tillerson s reaffirmation of his abutment for Trump prompted the President to say his secretary of accompaniment had refuted the adventure about the appear insult. Trump after told reporters central a Las Vegas hospital, area he was visiting to animate the victims of Sunday s accumulation shooting, that he has total confidence in Tillerson and said letters that the secretary of accompaniment alleged him a addle-pate were fake news and totally fabricated up. In his animadversion Saturday evening, the President was additionally effusive about his additional arch of staff, who took on the role in July. John Kelly is one of the best bodies I ve anytime formed with, Trump told reporters. He s accomplishing an absurd job, and he told me for the aftermost ages he loves it added than annihilation he s anytime done. … He will be here, in my opinion, for the absolute actual seven years. Animadversion on Weinstein controversyTrump additionally waded into the altercation over Hollywood flat bang-up Harvey Weinstein, whose approaching at the blur aggregation he helped begin is in catechism afterward a baking address by The New York Times account abundant accusations of animal aggravation adjoin him. I ve accepted Harvey Weinstein for a continued time, Trump told reporters back asked about the controversy. I m not at all afraid to see it. Asked whether he anticipation Weinstein s accomplishments were inappropriate, Trump replied, Well, he says they were inappropriate. Questioned about his own sexually advancing animadversion about women in an Access Hollywood audio recording, which was leaked a year ago Saturday, Trump said, That s locker room… that s locker room, afore affective on to a catechism from addition reporter.