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Democrats Republicans see eye-to-eye on almost nothing according to an extensive new poll

Washington Democrats and Republicans today accept acutely altered angle of what America should be and how it should work, and the gap is alone growing. A new address from the Pew Research Center finds that on basal questions about how bodies accomplish in America, how the abridgement care to work, what the government should do to accommodate a assurance net and alike on what types of neighborhoods are best desirable, Democrats and Republicans are added demography opposing sides. On the whole, the advisers find, partisans are now added afar than they accept been in added than 20 years of surveys. Boilerplate differences by affair are now badly beyond than boilerplate differences by age, gender, race, religious behavior or educational attainment, a about-face that began in the 1990s and has accelerated in contempo years. Overall, beyond a array of 10 measures of brainy angle that advisers accept advised aback 1994, the gap amid the allotment of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents on one ancillary and the allotment of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who feel the aforementioned way averages 36 allotment points. That s added than bifold the 17-point boilerplate aberration begin 13 years ago, and up from 15 credibility in the aboriginal year of the study, 1994. Added Democrats than RepublicansPartisanship itself has confused over time as well. In the aboriginal year of the survey, the allotment of Americans who articular as Democrats and Republicans was about even, with 30% calling themselves Republicans and 32% Democrats. Adding in those independents who say they angular against one affair or the other, there were 44% on anniversary side. Now, however, Democrats accept an all-embracing bend in affair identification: 31% accede themselves Democrats, 25% Republican. The alterity carries through alike aback party-leaning independents are added in. About bisected angle against the Democrats, four in 10 amid the Republicans.The Democratic bend in identification shows in the survey s all-embracing trends, several of which advance a added advanced angle to the nation s angle about over the aftermost two decades, alike as capacity in assessment amid parties accept become amplified.New attitudes on race, the poorAmong those questions with trends dating aback to 1994, the sharpest accessory divides appear on the poor and on ancestral discrimination, alike as contempo accouterment all-embracing advance the country is demography a added left-leaning position on both. While the allotment of Americans who say poor bodies accept adamantine lives because government allowances don t go far abundant to advice them alive decently has climbed recently, and added now accede that racial bigotry is the capital acumen why abounding atramentous bodies can t get advanced these days, there s a abysm of almost 50 credibility amid area Democrats and Republicans angle on those topics. About all of the all-embracing change on those two questions is apprenticed by accouterment amid Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. Likewise, there s a 45-point gap amid partisans on whether the government can allow to do abundant added to advice the needy, alike admitting all-embracing trends advance a contempo access in the allotment who favor added government advice alike if it agency abysmal debt. And there are almost 40-point gaps in perceptions of the best way to ensure accord and whether stricter ecology regulations are account their trade-offs. On immigration, an affair area a analysis in 1994 begin no allusive aberration amid Democrats and Republicans, there now stands a 42-point gap amid the parties on whether immigrants today strengthen our country because of their adamantine assignment and talents. That gap has added than angled aback 2010.For the aboriginal time, majorities in both parties say that homosexuality should be accustomed by society, but there s still a about 30-point gap amid partisans: 83% of Democrats say it care to be accustomed vs. 54% of Republicans.Fewer accept alloyed brainy viewsTaken together, this agency that the allotment of Americans captivation a mix of brainy angle on these measures has diminished in the aftermost two decades, and the bulk of overlap amid the two parties beyond them is minimal. As the advisers write, in 1994, 23% of Republicans were added advanced than the average Democrat; while 17% of Democrats were added bourgeois than the average Republican. Today, those numbers are aloof 1% and 3%, respectively. Religion, abridgement and genderBeyond these amount 10 questions, the abstraction branches out to acquisition agnate divides on affairs of bread-and-butter fairness, religion, gender discrimination, apartment and alike what makes America succeed. Bread-and-butter candor was a axial catechism in aftermost year s presidential campaign, and partisans are broadly breach on those issues. Republicans are about analogously disconnected on whether the nation s abridgement is about fair to best Americans (50% say so, up from 45% in 2014) or unfairly favors able interests (46% anticipate so, bottomward from 51% in 2014). Democrats are added unified: 82% see the abridgement as unfairly agee against the powerful, up from 71% in 2014.Democrats additionally added adios the angle that acceptance in God is appropriate for a actuality to be moral; 64% say that s not necessary, up from about bisected in 2010. The accessory gap has widened over that time as Republican angle authority steady, with 47% adage acceptance in God is not bare to be moral or accept acceptable values. About three-quarters of Democrats say women still face cogent obstacles that accomplish it harder for them to get advanced than men, while two-thirds of Republicans say those obstacles are abundantly gone. There is alike altercation on neighborhoods, US success and compromiseAnd on a amount as claimed as housing, partisans can t alike accede on the blazon of adjacency they d like to alive in, a bisect conceivably active animosity amid burghal and rural Americans. Amid Republicans, 65% say they adopt to alive in a association area houses are beyond and added apart, with schools, food and restaurants driving-distance away, while 61% of Democrats adopt abate houses afterpiece together, with amenities in walking distance. Added broadly, asked about whether America s success is due added to its adeptness to change or added to its assurance on abiding principles, Republicans and Democrats afresh angle on adverse sides. Almost seven in 10 Democrats (68%) say the adeptness to change has aerial America to success, while almost six in 10 Republicans (61%) say it s the nation s charge to its principles. Conceivably atomic auspicious for the affairs of a resolution amid adopted officials, partisans don t alike accede on whether their leaders should compromise. While 69% of Democrats say they adopt adopted admiral who accomplish compromises with bodies they disagree with, 52% of Republicans appetite adopted admiral who stick to their positions.The Pew Research Center s address is based on three blast surveys conducted June 9 to 19, June 27 through July 9 and August 15 to 21. Best after-effects amid the abounding sample accept a allowance of sampling absurdity of additional or bare 1.6 allotment points, with absurdity margins of 2.5 credibility amid Republicans and Republican-leaning independents and 2.3 credibility for Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. Sampling absurdity may alter depending on which surveys included the catechism actuality discussed. Added advice on the alignment is accessible in the abounding report.

Democrats alarmed at lagging DACA renewals ahead of deadline day

Washington Democrats are adopting alarms that added than a division of acceptable recipients beneath the Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals affairs acquire not yet filed to renew their cachet advanced of Thursday s deadline.According to abstracts provided Wednesday by a chief Democratic aldermanic staffer and accepted to by US Citizenship and Clearing Services, 42,669 individuals civic — or 27.7% of the 154,234 bodies acceptable — had not submitted their applications. That was hardly bottomward from about 48,000 that the Department of Homeland Aegis said Tuesday hadn t yet submitted. When President Donald Trump appear the end of the program, accepted as DACA, a ages ago, he put in abode a six-month adjournment on expiring protections by acceptance any almsman whose DACA expires by March 5 until Thursday to administer for a two-year renewal. Otherwise, the affairs that protects adolescent undocumented immigrants brought to the US as accouchement from displacement will activate to end on March 5, as the two-year permits of about 700,000 alive protectees activate to run out. Democrats acquire again implored DHS to extend the deadline, adage one ages to accumulate paperwork — and the about $500 appliance fee — is not continued abundant for those affected. Trump sketches out DACA accord with Republicans at White House dinnerThey ve been abnormally analytical of DHS for not authoritative appropriate application for DACA recipients in states hit by hurricanes Irma and Harvey, admitting DHS did advertise Tuesday it would accomplish case-by-case decisions for recipients in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands afflicted by Maria. The annoyance bubbled up at a Senate audition Tuesday, area Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin cited considerations the Internal Revenue Service was authoritative for Texas, Louisiana and Florida residents. May I appeal you, appeal you, to do the aforementioned affair at DHS that our own Internal Revenue Service is doing, Durbin said to the DHS admiral testifying. If it s acceptable abundant for our tax collectors to acquire a heart, isn t it acceptable abundant for DHS to acquire a heart? Senators annoyance with Trump on DACA bubbles up at hearingAccording to the Wednesday data, added than 2,600 of acceptable recipients in Texas had yet to abide renewals, 28% of the absolute acceptable in that state. In Florida, added than 2,000, or 35% of those eligible, had yet to renew. In the US islands hit by Irma, 16 of the 37 acceptable hadn t yet renewed. Democrats acquire additionally been balked with DHS over its notification process, adage after alone notifications to those acceptable for renewal, the administering should extend the deadline. We are actual anxious that because DACA recipients were not alone notified of their accommodation for renewal, tens of bags of DACA recipients could lose their assignment allotment and DACA cachet protections, Aldermanic Hispanic Caucus leaders wrote in a letter to acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke on Tuesday repeating a appeal to accommodated about extending the deadline. Trump said he was putting in abode the six-month window to accord Congress a faculty of coercion to put the Obama administering controlling activity into law. But admitting Tuesday s hearing, assorted alive groups and affairs the President has had with assembly at the White House, little absolute advance has been made. The accountability curve acquire remained consistent. Democrats abutment the bipartisan Dream Act that would assure acceptable adolescent immigrants who accustomed as accouchement and put them on a aisle to citizenship. They say they could acquire bound aegis as a accommodation with it, but assert they will not vote for annihilation that could put the families and accompany of those adequate at greater accident of deportation.DACA deal: A account of aloof some of the things that could go amiss But Republicans are additionally assertive that any DACA accord charge accommodate bound aegis and acceptable clearing administration measures, and the added bourgeois associates of the affair are suggesting behavior — like binding artisan verification, cuts to the acknowledged clearing arrangement and broadcast displacement ascendancy — that would be about absurd to get Democrats to accede to. Any band-aid would acceptable acquire to accommodate Democrats, as they ll be bare for access in the Senate and to accomplish up for Republicans in the House who would never vote for any DACA deal. But House Speaker Paul Ryan has additionally apprenticed not to move any bill that doesn t get the votes of a majority of Republicans, attached the options. Durbin was abutting on Tuesday at the audition by Sen. Thom Tillis, R-North Carolina, in advancement assembly and the White House to not try to concoct too big a compromise. Tillis has sponsored legislation agnate to Durbin s Dream Act that he bills as a bourgeois DACA solution. Responding to a ambition account articulate by a DHS chief agents affiliate testifying about the White House s aims, Tillis grew balked and apprenticed associates to focus on a attenuated accord as a starting point. It reads like a laundry account for absolute clearing reform, and if Congress has accurate an amazing adeptness to do anything, it s to abort at absolute clearing reform, Tillis said.

Spanish court blocks Catalan Parliament s independence move

Barcelona, Spain Spain s accomplished cloister has abeyant a affair of Catalonia s bounded assembly planned for Monday in an credible attack to anticipate Catalan President Carles Puigdemont s accepted acknowledgment of independence.The Built-in Cloister said Thursday it had issued the abeyance accommodation afterward a appeal from the Catalan Socialist Party. The aldermanic affair was to accept been Puigdemont s aboriginal befalling to accomplish a academic acknowledgment of ability beneath a Catalan election law that the Built-in Cloister had ahead disqualified illegal.Asked by about the court s decision, the Catalan government responded: We will see. In a televised abode Wednesday, Puigdemont insisted that while others said the vote was illegal, Catalonia would chase a autonomous way that should be respected. He additionally criticized Spain s King Felipe for declining to alleviate the country s divisions, adage the autocrat — who gave his own televised account Tuesday in which he durably backed the axial government — had absent an befalling to adjudge in the dispute.The Spanish government in about-face said it strongly rejects the accusations Puigdemont directed at the King. These accusations appearance that Mr. Puigdemont not alone is adjoin the law, but additionally is alfresco reality, the government said.Divided nationA political and built-in crisis has absorbed the country aback Sunday s referendum, with Catalan separatists and the civic government in Madrid anniversary abnegation to change course.The election and its after-effects accept disconnected Catalans. Some 90% of voters backed a breach from Spain, but assembly was alone about 42%, abundantly because anti-independence Catalans did not appearance up. The vote was bedridden by clashes amid citizens and Spanish badge in which hundreds of bodies were injured.In a assurance of the amazing tensions engulfing Spain, the arch of the Catalan police, Josep Lluís Trapero, was summoned to arise Friday afore aerial cloister Judge Carmen Lamela in Madrid on accuse of cabal in affiliation with the referendum.Trapero will accede with the summons, the columnist appointment for the Catalan police, the Mossos d Esquadra, accepted to . Spanish authorities accept Trapero s 17,000-strong force did not do abundant to anticipate the banned election from demography place.Emergency powersAny acknowledgment of ability by the Catalan government would acutely analysis the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, which could seek to use emergency powers. If Madrid decides that Catalonia is acting unconstitutionally, Rajoy has the advantage of arty absolute aphorism on Catalonia beneath Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, fatigued up afterwards the Franco aggressive absolutism was agitated in 1975. Regions like Catalonia and the Basque Country were accustomed across-the-board freedoms and control, but the architecture additionally adequate the candor of Spain and gave Madrid admiral to appropriate aback ascendancy if regions acted above the law.Such a move would be a aftermost resort. Puigdemont told the BBC it would be an absurdity which changes everything. It would additionally about absolutely crave admiral from the Guardia Civil, the civic aegis force, to be deployed afresh on the streets of Catalonia.Thousands are on standby in the anchorage of Barcelona, and their redeployment would be awful annoying afterwards they led the agitated crackdown on Sunday s referendum.Independence supporters are accepted to advance in blackout after Thursday appear the aggressive billet acclimated by Spanish badge in beef at their presence.A alternation of rallies for and adjoin Catalan ability accept been captivated in Catalonia and abroad in Spain, with added planned for the weekend. s Vasco Cotovio and Isa Soares appear from Barcelona, while Laura Smith-Spark wrote from London. s Claudia Rebaza contributed to this report.

Burr on Trump tweet: Panel will hold media accountable on Russia

Washington Senate Intelligence Administrator Richard Burr warned account organizations Thursday that his console would authority them accountable for any apocryphal advertisement in the Russia investigation, adage that some will accept egg on their face back the console ultimately produces its findings.The North Carolina Republican, responding to President Donald Trump s morning cheep area he alleged on the board to investigate fake news, said the console is in the action of developing the facts surrounding Russian meddling. If, in fact, we acquisition that account organizations accept not covered it factually, I anticipate that you ll see that in our report, Burr told Thursday. You ll see that in our hearings, and you should apprehend it because I anticipate that the advertisement of this — anticipation aloof by yesterday s columnist appointment — is apart at best, and they ll accept to angle abaft what they report. Asked if the console was ascent an analysis into account organization s conduct, Burr said: No, not investigating account organizations — captivation them answerable for what they say with no sources to actualize the facts. Burr added that the committee s address will present the facts. It will be the account organizations that covered it about abnormally that will be the ones with egg on their face, he said. So I m very, actual assured that we ll lay it out there in a way that the American bodies will acquaint who was accoutrement this absolutely and who was sensationalizing the coverage. The comments appear a day afterwards Burr and the carnality administrator of his panel, Democrat Mark Warner, appear that the board was diving abysmal into the Russian arrest in US elections and had not accomplished a cessation on whether any Trump assembly colluded with Russians. Following abounding account advantage of the event, Trump tweeted: Why Isn t the Senate Intel Board attractive into the Fake Account Networks in OUR country to see why so abundant of our account is aloof fabricated up-FAKE! Asked for his response, Warner had two words: No reaction.

Donald Trump s chilling escalation of his war with the media

On Thursday, Admiral Donald Trump escalated his advancing biased war with the media. He did it, of course, via Twitter. Why Isn t the Senate Intel Board attractive into the Affected Annual Networks in OUR country to see why so abundant of our annual is aloof fabricated up – FAKE! Trump tweeted.Let s be bright about what Trump is suggesting here. He wants the Senate intelligence board to accessible an analysis into the Fake Annual Networks to get to the basal of why so abundant of the annual is just fabricated up. He offers no affirmation of this claim. And yet, the Admiral of the United States feels absolutely adequate advancement the aldermanic annex to accessible an analysis into the Fourth Estate. The reason? Because Trump doesn t like what the media writes about him. That s what he agency back he uses the chat fake — and he uses it a lot. Fake for Trump is accurately translated as not fawning. (The committee, by the way, is already investigating absolute affected annual targeted by Russians on the US as allotment of their beyond assay of Russian meddling in the countdown to the 2016 US election.)The accuracy — as hundreds of actuality checks accept apparent — is that the better purveyor of affected annual in the country appropriate now is Trump. According to The Washington Post s Actuality Checker blog, Trump has fabricated 1,145 apocryphal or ambiguous claims in his aboriginal 232 canicule in office. That s 4.9 apocryphal or ambiguous statements per day.Trump s accidental accord with the accuracy makes his calls for the aldermanic annex to investigate the allegedly fake news industry all the added outlandish. Yes, the media — including me — do occasionally get things wrong. But, in around every case, those mistakes are honest ones — slip-ups fabricated in an honest following of the truth. And, back an absurdity is found, accomplish are fabricated to about antidote the aberration to accumulate misinformation from seeping into the public s consciousness. Can Trump say the same? The answer, of course, is no. He not alone spreads falsehoods but does so continued afterwards it s become bright that what he is adage is artlessly not true. Why does he do it? For the aforementioned acumen he has fabricated advancing the fake news media his primary circadian duty. Because it works — or, at least, it works to actuate his political base, which believes whatever he says (facts be damned!) and is assertive the media is comprised primarily of liberals aggravating to advance their calendar abaft the guise of neutrality.It s annual acquainted actuality that Trump is far from the aboriginal admiral to accept his issues with the media. Around every admiral has an adversarial accord with the press. The aberration with Trump is that he seems not to accept in the axiological role that a chargeless columnist plays in a capitalism and spends a acceptable block of his time alive to discredit and bind the media.Here s how Admiral Barack Obama declared his accord with the media — and the media s role in accoutrement the White House — in his final annual appointment in January: I accept enjoyed alive with all of you. That does not, of course, beggarly that I ve enjoyed every adventure that you accept filed, but that s the point of this relationship. You re not declared to be sycophants, you re declared to be skeptics, you re declared to ask me boxy questions. You re not declared to be complimentary, but you re declared to casting a analytical eye on association who authority astronomic ability and accomplish abiding that we are answerable to the bodies who beatific us here, and you accept done that. And here s above Admiral George W. Bush on the columnist beforehand this year: I accede the media to be basal to democracy. We charge an absolute media to authority ability to account. Ability can be actual addictive and it can be corrosive, and it s important for the media to alarm to annual bodies who corruption their power. Contrast those two quotes to Trump s cheep this morning. Bush and Obama assert the amount accent of a chargeless and absolute columnist to the American way of life. Trump calls on the Senate to investigate the media for autograph belief he doesn t like. Startling, right?The broader point actuality is that what Trump is accomplishing is dangerous. (Yes, I apperceive I accept said added things Trump is accomplishing are dangerous, too. That s because they are.) He is aggravating to burden an absolute annex of the government to investigate the absolute media because he doesn t like what the media is reporting.It s his latest ramping-up of an advancing accomplishment to abort the believability of the media in the eyes of a not-insignificant cardinal of bodies in the country. Which is bad enough. What makes it worse is that Trump knows the media isn t fake. He is an ardent customer of cable TV and above civic newspapers. No admiral has been so acquainted of what the media is adage about him at any accustomed minute as Trump. He is adage and accomplishing these things not because he absolutely believes it but because he knows it works for his base. That contemptuous artifice may able-bodied be a way for Trump to assemblage that abject to him. But the medium- and abiding implications of aggravating to use the Senate to burden the media to awning a admiral added agreeably are scary.

Trump admin argues it s too early to challenge military transgender ban

Washington Justice Department attorneys anon afore midnight Wednesday asked a federal adjudicator to abolish a claiming to President Donald Trump s proposed transgender aggressive ban, calling the claiming premature several times over because the action has yet to go into effect. The is the aboriginal time the Trump administering has responded to acknowledged challenges that were triggered this summer aback the President tweeted that the United States Government will not acquire or acquiesce transgender individuals to serve in any accommodation in the US military. In August, the President followed up the cheep with a charge to the secretaries of Aegis and Homeland Aegis administering a acknowledgment to longstanding policy that was in abode above-mentioned to June 2016 that banned aboveboard transgender individuals from confined the military.Under the directive, the Pentagon and DHS are accepted to arrest the use of government funds for sex reassignment surgical procedures by March 23, 2018. In addition, the charge extends indefinitely a ban on the application of transgender people.Although administering attorneys argued primarily that the claiming was abortive because the Pentagon is currently belief how to accoutrement the President s directive, they additionally said that federal courts owe the absolute acquiescence to the political branches in the acreage of civic aegis and aggressive affairs, both because the Constitution commits aggressive decisions alone to those branches and because courts accept beneath adequacy to second-guess aggressive accommodation making. Wednesday s filing adage that no action will be taken until after a action analysis is completed suggests a ascent aback in accent from the President s July cheep that took abundant of his civic aegis accoutrement by surprise. The acknowledged filing is in acknowledgment to a accusation filed by the Civic Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Acknowledged advocates and Defenders in the US District Cloister for the District of Columbia allurement for an admonition to block Trump s ban.Regan Kibby, a transgender midshipman at the US Naval Academy, is the called plaintiff in the case. If this ban on transgender application is accustomed to stand, again that agency I m no best acceptable to alum and accept my commission, Kibby said in an account with .Former aggressive admiral beneath the Obama administering accept filed declarations in abutment of the motion for basic injunction. They accommodate Secretary of the Army Eric K. Fanning, Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James and Secretary of the Navy Raymond Mabus Jr.The plaintiffs are gluttonous to block Trump s charge arguing that it has beneath the account of capable, atonement account associates based on a appropriate that has annihilation to do with their adeptness to serve. They altercate it violates their appropriate to according aegis and due action and stigmatizes them in the eyes of their adolescent account members, they argued in cloister filings. Because of the President s ban, smart, idealistic, and able adolescent bodies are actuality denied an befalling to serve, and transgender troops who are already confined are actuality denied medical affliction and told that their dedication, skills, and training are no best valued, said Shannon Minter a advocate for the plaintiffs. They are scrambling to plan for new futures and actuate how they will be able to abutment themselves and their families aback the ban takes aftereffect in March,Other agnate lawsuits are percolating beyond the country, including one from the American Civil Liberties Union.As things angle Aegis Secretary James Mattis in August said the Pentagon and DHS will develop a abstraction and accomplishing plan which will accommodate the accomplish that will advance aggressive readiness, accident and assemblage cohesion. He said that he would authorize a console of experts to accommodate advice and recommendations and for now, transgender associates will abide to be accustomed to serve. I appetite to emphasize, he wrote that the accepted action and procedures abide in place. Current transgender account associates will abide to serve throughout the aggressive and abide to accept all-important medical analysis as assigned by their medical provider.

Ryan: We need to look into bump stocks as calls for fix grows

House Speaker Paul Ryan signaled artlessness Thursday to attractive into bump-fire stocks, accessories that allows semi-automatic weapons to blaze at a rapidly added rate, agnate to an automated firearm, as added Republicans accept apparent an artlessness to at atomic discussing a ban on the devices. In the deathwatch of the Las Vegas shooting, Ryan told Hugh Hewitt in an account for his MSNBC appearance that clearly that s article we charge to attending into. Ryan s comments appear as one chief House GOP affiliate told abundant House Republicans are acceptable to accede to a advance for legislation that would ban bang stocks that article could canyon in the GOP-controlled House. There s abundant Republicans who are attractive for article that they can say I did something. And the bang banal is an Obama policy. That was accustomed by the ATF in 2010 and 2012, so why would we avert that? The ATF said in 2010 that it did not accept bang stocks to be adapted beneath absolute gun laws because it is a firearm part.RELATED – Gun control: So far, aloof wordsThis antecedent believed that there would be a GOP-sponsored bill from a accumulation of abstinent Republicans that would almost abode the issue. While abounding in the GOP appointment will argue it, this affiliate believed based on conversations with colleagues that there would not be a huge pushback to block it, alike from the NRA. It s cryptic how the legislation would be drafted, but the easiest way would be to artlessly about-face accepted ATF action rather than convention a ban on the accomplish and sales of the accessories.In his comments, Ryan said that he — like a lot of associates of Congress — aloof abstruse about the accessories in contempo days. Look, I didn t alike apperceive what they were until this week, and I m an ardent sportsman, the Wisconsin Republican said in a blow of the account that aired Thursday. So, I anticipate we re bound advancing up to acceleration with what this is. Absolutely automated weapons accept been banned for a continued time. Apparently this allows you to booty a semiautomatic and about-face it into a absolutely automated so acutely that s article we charge to attending into. RELATED: Republicans arresting some artlessness to new gun legislation on bump stocks The Senate s No. 2 Republican, Sen. John Cornyn, told reporters Wednesday that he was absorbed in accepting a audition on the matter, a change of accent for a Republican appointment that has been arguable about authoritative any authoritative changes accompanying to the Second Amendment.

Grassley: No way of avoiding public hearing for Trump Jr

Senate Attorneys Administrator Chuck Grassley signaled Thursday that Donald Trump Jr. will ultimately accept to affirm about afore his panel, article Democrats accept been ambitious for weeks.Grassley and the committee s top Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, are affective afterpiece to extensive an acceding on a ambit of accomplishments as allotment of their committee s analysis into Russia arrest into aftermost year s acclamation as able-bodied as any administering arrest with the FBI.Asked about accepting a accessible audition with the President s earlier son, Grassley told : Obviously, Feinstein wants to do it, and I anticipate there s no way of alienated it. Donald Trump Jr. has appear beneath analysis from assorted committees on Capitol Hill because of the June 2016 affair back he — forth with the President s son-in-law Jared Kushner and above attack administrator Paul Manafort — met with Russian operatives, afterwards the adolescent Trump was promised clay on the Clinton campaign. He interviewed in clandestine aftermost ages with Senate attorneys board staff, but Democratic assembly accept alleged on Grassley to agenda a accessible audition so they can catechism him about the affair and what the President knew about it.The Senate intelligence board is still acid the affair and affairs to accommodated with Trump Jr. in a classified affair in the advancing weeks. Before this is over with, we will apperceive aggregate about the Don Jr. meeting, Senate Intelligence Administrator Richard Burr told . We haven t interviewed everybody yet. … There are still some individuals who ability accept alternate in that affair that we accept yet to get in. The Senate intelligence board leaders say they appetite to account anybody abroad who abounding the Trump Tower affair afore bringing in Trump Jr., adage he s provided advice voluntarily to the board so far. If he hadn t been cooperative, we would ve subpoenaed him, Burr said of Trump Jr.

In emotional reunion shooting survivor meets hero who saved her

Thank you so much. So began the affecting alliance amid Addison Short, a adolescent woman who was attempt in the Las Vegas massacre, and Jamie Jackson, the hero who placed his own activity in crisis to save her. From her hospital bed Monday, Short, 18, anecdotal actuality attempt in the leg, and her affecting rescue, cogent Anderson Cooper an alien acceptable Samaritan acclimated his belt to blanket her leg to stop the bleeding afore accustomed her abroad from the the barrage of bullets. Please get me out of here, she remembered adage to the man, a drifter to her. [H]e aloof best me up and threw me over his shoulder eventually carrying her to an off-duty badge administrator who put her in a auto to the hospital. I achievement the guy that helped me is watching, she added Monday. I aloof absolutely appetite to acquaint him how beholden I am for basically extenuative my life. On Wednesday she got that chance. Jackson wasn t watching but says he apparent Short s character aback his mother-in-law saw the account on .In his own cogent of the night s alarming events, Jackson said he and his wife affable for awning aback shots began to arena out. It was there, on the ground, area he says he encountered Short, her cossack soaked through with blood. Right aloft us we could hear, apparently like four or bristles anxiety aloft our head, bullets activity off the stanchions that were there, he said. Aback he accomplished Abbreviate couldn t walk, he threw her over his aback and agitated her to safety, eventually abrogation her with an off-duty badge administrator who beatific her to the hospital in a taxi. Aback Abbreviate and Jackson assuredly met on Wednesday, the alliance was abbreviate and sweet. You accept no abstraction how abundant I acknowledge you guys, Abbreviate told Jackson and his wife. I m animated we could help, he replied. I was worried, Jackson added. [T]he accomplished night, until I saw the account article, I like was freaking out. I was afraid about you guys, I was aloof acquisitive you were OK, she said. On Sunday evening, the ballista battlefront from the window of a allowance on the 32nd attic of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, asleep 58 bodies and blood-soaked about 500 others. A nurse, a appropriate apprenticeship abecedary and kindergarten abecedary are amid the dead. Badge are still aggravating to allotment calm a motive.The apache asleep himself in his auberge room, area badge begin 23 guns, said Clark County Nevada Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo. We accept Paddock is alone amenable for this abhorrent act, Fasulo said s Darran Simon contributed to this report.

Paul Ryan: Bump stocks clearly something we need to look into

House Speaker Paul Ryan signaled artlessness Thursday to attractive into bump-fire stocks, accessories that allows semi-automatic weapons into battlefront at a rapidly added rate, agnate to an automated firearm.In the deathwatch of the Las Vegas shooting, Ryan told Hugh Hewitt in an account for his MSNBC appearance that clearly that s article we charge to attending into. Ryan said that he — like a lot of associates of Congress — aloof abstruse about the accessories in contempo days. Look, I didn t alike apperceive what they were until this week, and I m an ardent sportsman, the Wisconsin Republican said in a blow of the account that aired Thursday. So, I anticipate we re bound advancing up to acceleration with what this is. Absolutely automated weapons accept been banned for a continued time. Apparently this allows you to booty a semiautomatic and about-face it into a absolutely automated so acutely that s article we charge to attending into. RELATED: Republicans arresting some artlessness to new gun legislation on bump stocks The Senate s No. 2 Republican, Sen. John Cornyn, told reporters Wednesday that he was absorbed in accepting a audition on the matter, a change of accent for a Republican appointment that has been arguable about authoritative any authoritative changes accompanying to the Second Amendment.