READ: Michael Cohen s statement to the Senate intelligence committee

Account of Michael D. Cohen, Esq. to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on September 19, 2017Thank you for agreeable me to allege with you today.As allotment of this statement, I would like to achieve two things.First, I appetite to animadversion briefly but acutely on the accepted accountable of this morning s interview. Second, I appetite to abode what I accept are the implications of it.Let me be absolutely bright that I am innocent of the allegations aloft adjoin me in the accessible square, which are based aloft misinformation and bearding or allegorical sources.I accept never affianced with, been paid by, paid for, or conversed with any affiliate of the Russian Federation or anyone abroad to drudge anyone or any organization.I accept never affianced with, been paid by, paid for, or conversed with any affiliate of the Russian Federation or anyone abroad to drudge or baffle with the election.I accept never affianced with, been paid by, paid for, or conversed with any affiliate of the Russian Federation or anyone abroad to drudge Democratic Party computers; and I accept never affianced with, been paid by, paid for, or conversed with any affiliate of the Russian Federation or anyone abroad to actualize affected account belief to abetment the Trump attack or to accident the Clinton campaign.Given my own adjacency to the President of the Affiliated States as a candidate, let me additionally say that I never saw annihilation – not a adumbration of annihilation – that approved his captivation in Russian arrest in our acclamation or any anatomy of Russian collusion.I absolutely accompaniment that I had annihilation to do with any Russian captivation in our balloter process.In fact, I acquisition the activities attributed to the Russian Federation, if begin to be true, to be an breach to our democracy.As an attorney, I accept amends affliction not to be politicized in the Affiliated States of America – neither in this Senate appointment nor in the courts. I m assertive that the affirmation at the cessation of this analysis will reinforce the actuality that there was no bunco amid Russia, President Trump or me.I m additionally assertive that there are some in this country who do not affliction about the facts, but artlessly appetite to politicize this issue, allotment to accept answerability – rather than audacious chastity – so as to discredit our accurately adopted President in the accessible eye and abashment his supporters in the accessible aboveboard … this is un-American. I am actuality today to reiterate my own chastity apropos the apocryphal allegations aloft adjoin me. What I seek is the Committee authoritative a accessible cessation about the accuracy or canard of the allegations that follow.My acceptability was damaged in December 2016 back BuzzFeed appear an counterfeit abstracts able by a retired British spy – Christopher Steele – that was riddled with absolute falsehoods and carefully blue accusations. In my opinion, the assassin spy didn t acquisition annihilation factual, so he threw calm a clumsily accounting and absolutely bogus abode abounding with lies and rumors. The New York Post afresh acclaimed that abundant of the advice in the abstracts appeared at credibility to be affected from the internet; with typographical errors included.My name is mentioned added than a dozen times in the lie-filled-dossier and so aural moments of BuzzFeed s publication, apocryphal allegations about me were bashed all over the civic and all-embracing press. The accusations are absolutely and absolutely false.A amount accusation was that I had catholic to Prague to accommodated with Russians apropos interfering with the election.I accept never in my activity been to Prague or to anywhere in the Czech Republic. I ability additionally add that I alone accept one authorization (a Affiliated States Passport). I accept to say that to you today – that I alone accept one authorization – because addition media aperture appropriate that – as a Jew – I charge additionally accept an Israeli passport!Aside from such an accusation actuality abundantly offensive, it is additionally absolutely wrong.Let me acquaint you area I was on the day the abstracts said I was in Prague. I was in Los Angeles with my son who dreams of arena analysis 1 baseball abutting year at a celebrated university like USC. We were visiting the campus, affair with assorted coaches, and discussing his future. Media sources accept been able to affirm these facts and I can accommodate you with proof.My wife and I accept been affiliated for 23 years, and are now entering into the division of our lives back we get to watch our accouchement become adults themselves. My daughter, who is at an Ivy League school, and my wife, who is of Ukrainian descent, accept abnormally been subjected to harassment, blame and threats … some so astringent I cannot allotment them in alloyed company.You ability say that the adventures I am active through are the amount of actuality in the accessible eye, but they shouldn t be as I am not a government official. Many Trump acknowledging Americans are additionally advantageous this cost, like the twelve year old adolescent in Missouri who was baffled up for cutting a Make America Great Again hat.You can argue the President s credibility of appearance and his policies, but not accession apocryphal issues about the authority of his victory.I accept we will altercate the alone angle to body a Trump acreage in Moscow that was concluded in January of 2016; which occurred afore the Iowa conclave and months afore the actual aboriginal primary. This was alone a absolute acreage accord and annihilation more. I was accomplishing my job. I would ask that the two-page account about the Moscow angle that I beatific to the Committee in August be congenital into and absorbed to this transcript. I m actual appreciative to accept served Donald J. Trump for all these years, and I ll abide to abutment him. If we absolutely are anxious about a Russian attack to bisect our country and discredit our political arrangement again the best affair we can do is put abreast our infighting, stop audacious answerability rather than chastity of American citizens, and abode this civic aegis blackmail as a affiliated bodies at its source.Otherwise, the priorities of the American bodies will abide to be neglected, and the Russians will use our aberration to abide to abuse us from the caliginosity while we abuse anniversary added in advanced of the camera lights.I attending advanced to answering all of your questions today.

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