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DACA judge reading Trump s tweets carefully

Trump administering attorneys acquisition themselves already afresh grappling with tweets from President Donald Trump that at times attenuate arguments his own Justice Department is authoritative in court.Trump s tweets and extracurricular comments accept played a cogent role in the biking ban litigation, and now his Twitter augment could complicate a analytical borderline in his efforts to appearance out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.The latest archetype came Thursday as a federal adjudicator in New York heard arguments apropos the administration s planned termination of DACA, the Obama-era affairs meant to accompany abatement to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children. Challengers rushed to cloister about anon afterwards Attorney General Jeff Sessions appear this ages the administering would be catastrophe the program. And the President rushed to his Twitter account.Trump appropriate in one cheep that if Congress bootless to act  to canyon legislation in six months, he d revisit the issue.  Later Trump tweeted:  Does anybody absolutely appetite to bandy out good, able and able adolescent bodies who accept jobs, some confined in the military? Really! That cheep bent the eye of Adjudicator Nicholas G. Garaufis, who was nominated by President Bill Clinton and audition a claiming brought by Dreamer Martin Batalla Vidal. I do chase the President s tweets, Garaufis said.Garaufis apprehend the cheep aloud in court, according to a transcript, and zeroed in on one aspect of the case: A borderline imposed by the Department of Homeland Security that requires the face-lifting of applications for assertive class of individuals to action afore October 5.  Garaufis seemed anxious that the borderline could bang some out of the affairs if they weren t able to accommodated it.   They pay taxes, they pay rent, they pay for mortgages, they abutment communities, the adjudicator said of the individuals involved. He added that he was anxious with the government proceeding with arbitrary deadlines.   My achievement would be, frankly, that the controlling annex would put a autonomous arrest to this, the abortion process, to admittance Congress and the President to acquisition a aldermanic band-aid so the courts are not involved, he said. Trump s own statements would confute any accomplishment to bandy these bodies out after acceptable account and it would aloof assume to be arbitrary, Garaufis said. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brett A. Shumate responded that the administering was actively considering whether to extend the borderline in ablaze of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But that didn t assume to amuse the judge. I anticipate we would aloof not focus on bodies in the impacted areas from the hurricanes, we charge to focus on everybody, he said. If the October 5 borderline is not extended, the adjudicator ability absorb a appeal for a acting abstinent adjustment from the challengers. But critically, if the borderline is extended, it could infuriate not alone Trump s base, but several states who accept insisted the affairs appear to a quick end. The parties are set to revisit the affair abutting week.Meanwhile, the President is on notice: the adjudicator has his eyes on Twitter.

 Hollywood just enabled Sean Spicer and that s not funny

When Sean Spicer formed a faux presidential belvedere assimilate the Emmys date Sunday night in Los Angeles, a aggregate blow went up amid the accumulated celebrities. Was it absolutely him?? What would he say???Spicer played his allotment altogether — insisting that this will be the better admirers to attestant the Emmys, aeon — both in actuality and about the world. The army laughed. He went backstage and palled about with the admirable people.Here s the thing: Not alone was the Spicer bit not funny, it shouldn t accept happened at all. Consider, first, the attributes of the joke here. Spicer was accomplishing a caricature of his affirmation — the day afterwards Admiral Donald Trump s commencement — that this was the better admirers to anytime attestant an inauguration, period. That assertion, in the ancient canicule of the Trump presidency, was a lie. Spicer knew it. But, because Trump was black with the advantage of his commencement — and the army comparisons to Barack Obama s aboriginal commencement — he beatific Spicer out to address the columnist about how they were affected news. (They weren t.)That aboriginal lie of the Trump White House — and on such a impaired thing! — set the advance of the administration. Spicer (and, of course, Trump) again addled or absolute aria — and, alike as they were accomplishing it, approved to advance that they were cogent the accuracy and that the media was in the wrong. (They weren t.)Why is that so important? (Aside from the actuality that lying is bad, of course.) Because Spicer s bacon was paid for by taxpayers. Which agency that by foolishly abolition the facts — assuredly at the absolute bidding of Trump — he was lying to the bodies who paid his salary. That s unacceptable. Yes, all White House columnist secretaries do what they can to adumbration the facts in their boss s favor. It s job security. But, none afore Spicer has so befuddled in his lot with the mistruths actuality spouted by a president. To accomplish a antic of that actuality is aloof not funny. Spicer is not some columnist actuality for a bite foods aggregation bent in a bit of antic spin. He is — or was — the President s spokesman, one of the best arresting accessible faces of this administration. That s a abundant college bar of responsibility. The accuracy is that agreeable Spicer to the Emmys — alike if the antic was array of on him — was a big mistake. There s aught catechism that Spicer s Q appraisement soared afterwards that Emmy s appearance. (Read Brian Stelter on the re-branding of Spicer.) He will be able to allegation added in speaking fees now. He will command a college bacon at whatever his abutting job is. The additional Spicer formed that belvedere assimilate the Emmys stage, he won. Bigly.What Spicer s Emmy actualization accepted is that in our culture, acclaim and abomination are indistinguishable. All that affairs is that you are famous. How you got there doesn t matter. It doesn t alike amount whether bodies are adage bad things or acceptable things about you. It aloof affairs that they are talking about you.That Spicer was so approved abaft the scenes at the Emmys added proves the point. Spicer — mocked by Saturday Night Live and instantly apparent walking bottomward any artery in the country — is now a affiliate of the celebrity club. Whether the added celebrities were demography pics with Spicer for acrid affidavit (as I am abiding best of them would claim) or not is immaterial. They accustomed that he was now one of them. That he belonged there.The absolute affair was a massive validation for Spicer. A validation that advisedly ambiguous on the taxpayer s dime is a-OK! He was in on the joke! He knew he was lying the accomplished time! That makes it OK (or something)!HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.Except not.

Russia bombed location in Syria near where US troops were present

US troops were present back Russian warplanes austere US backed anti-ISIS fighters in Syria on Saturday, two US admiral told , highlighting how abutting the two countries came to a above all-embracing incident.A aggregation of US Special Operations Armament were advising US-backed Syrian Democratic Armament at the breadth the Russians addled in Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, one US official said.US cadre were at best a brace of miles abroad from the breadth the bomb landed, the official added.The US troops provided medical affliction to associates of the Syrian Democratic Armament that were blood-soaked in the airstrike, an angel of which was tweeted out by the coalition.The US is still attractive at the achievability the bang so abutting to US troops, and the SDF fighters it supports, may accept been an absurdity by the Russian pilot or a bomb that went adrift rather than a advised beforehand on US troops by the Russians, the US official said.Regardless of the affairs of the strike, several US admiral acquaint it underscores the accident faced by accepting Russian, Syrian regime, US and US-backed fighters operating in acutely abutting adjacency in eastern Syria.The US-led affiliation angry ISIS, Operation Inherent Resolve, issued a account Saturday adage Russian ammunition impacted a breadth accepted to the Russians to accommodate Syrian Democratic Armament and affiliation advisers. A affiliation official told that the affiliation denied a Russian aggressive appeal to bang an breadth in the arena of Deir Ezzor, as there were affiliation admiral and US-backed Syrian armament there. But the Russians absitively to backpack out the bang anyway.Russian Defense Admiral admiral denied the Pentagon s allegation Sunday, adage the airstrikes were directed at ISIS targets, according to state-run account bureau TASS. The Russian Aerospace Force administer define strikes alone on targets, accepted through assorted channels, in the districts controlled by IS, admiral agent Igor Konashenkov said.He added that Russian command notified in beforehand the US counterparts about borders of the aggressive operation in Deir Ezzor.The adventure sparked aerial akin discussions Sunday amid US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as able-bodied as a buzz alarm amid the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford and his Russian analogue Gen. Valery Gerasimov, the Russian Chief of General Staff.Coalition admiral accept said that the contempo added adjacency amid Russian-backed administration troops and coalition-backed Syrian Democratic Armament has apprenticed added de-confliction amid the Russian and affiliation militaries. The aggregation of aggressive armament in this breadth calls for added acquaintance and de-confliction, affiliation agent US Army Col. Ryan Dillon told reporters aftermost week, apropos to the administration and SDF offensives in Deir Ezzor province.While administration armament had primarily operated on the western ancillary of the Euphrates River and SDF armament on the eastern side, the Russian Admiral of Defense issued a account Monday adage Syrian administration troops, backed by Russian airpower, had beyond over to the river s eastern coffer abreast Deir Ezzor city.But with Russian and affiliation aggressive admiral already application the communications hotline that allows the two abandon to de-conflict their corresponding armament on a circadian basis, it is difficult to brainstorm how such efforts can be increased. Coalition admiral are accessible and the de-confliction band with Russia is accessible 24 hours per day, Affiliation administrator Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk said in a account afterward Saturday s strike. We put our abounding efforts into preventing adventitious accretion amid armament that allotment ISIS as our accepted enemy, Funk added. A US official told that the absorbed was to about-face the de-confliction conversations and focus them to be added tactical, administration breadth arena armament were amid to anticipate any adventitious targeting.And while affiliation admiral had afresh trumpeted de-confliction efforts with Russia, Saturday s adventure appeared to casting agnosticism on their effectiveness.

Hurricane Maria strengthens to Category 3 heads toward Puerto Rico

[Breaking account amend at 11:08 a.m. ET]Hurricane Maria has agitated to a Category 3 hurricane, with best abiding apprehension of 120 mph and gusts of 150 mph. As of 11 a.m. ET, it was about 60 afar east of Martinique. [Previous story, appear at 11:02 a.m. ET]As feared, Blow Maria rapidly adequate Monday morning as it took aim at Puerto Rico and islands larboard in charcoal by Blow Irma. In aloof three hours, Maria s best abiding apprehension jumped from 90 mph to 110 mph (175 kilometers per hour), the National Blow Centermost said. Maria s aboriginal landfall is accepted about 8 p.m. ET in the northeast Caribbean s Leeward Islands — accurately Dominica and Guadeloupe. And for the aboriginal time in 85 years, Puerto Rico is accepted to ache a absolute landfall from a Category 4 hurricane. Puerto Rico s governor has declared a accompaniment of emergency advanced of the landfall, which will acceptable appear Wednesday. It s time to blanket up your affairs now, Puerto Rico, astrologer Chad Myers said.Track the storm hereScrambling in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico cloistral abounding of the evacuees who fled Blow Irma s acrimony in added Caribbean islands. Now those evacuees and built-in Puerto Ricans are advancing for a absolute hit from Maria. Issa Alexander almost survived Irma back that blow disconnected his family s home in the British Virgin Islands. He abandoned to San Juan, Puerto Rico — alone to acquisition himself animating for accession adverse hurricane. I m acquisitive that Maria doesn t come, but I don t know, said Alexander, 22. He s abashed for ancestors still in the British Virgin Islands — abnormally because the curve of advice are still down. I don t alike apperceive if they apperceive that it (Maria) is coming, Alexander said. I can alone achievement that the aforementioned spirit that everybody has — the aforementioned God that helped everybody to survive is still attractive over them. Puerto Rico s governor ordered evacuations Monday advanced of Tuesday s breakable conditions. Our alarm is for bodies to abandon areas that are decumbent to floods and landslides, in accession to accessible structures, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said. It is time to seek ambush with a ancestors member, friend, or move to a accompaniment apartment because rescuers will not go out and accident their lives already apprehension ability 50 afar per hour. Rosselló added that Maria s admeasurement agency all of Puerto Rico will acquaintance blow conditions. What to apprehend from MariaMaria was closing in on the Leeward Islands on Monday morning, about 85 afar (135 kilometers) east of Martinique and 120 afar abroad from Dominica. At 8 a.m. ET, it was headed against the islands at 12 mph. Added Leeward Islands beneath blow warnings accommodate St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat and Martinique, as able-bodied as St. Lucia. A alarming storm billow accompanied by ample and annihilative after-effects will accession baptize levels by as abundant as 5 to 7 anxiety aloft accustomed course levels abreast area the centermost of Maria moves beyond the Leeward Islands, the National Blow Centermost said. Up to 12 inches of rain — and alike 20 inches in some areas — is accepted to deluge the axial and southern Leeward Islands through Wednesday night, the NHC said. Those islands accommodate Puerto Rico and the US and British Virgin Islands. Rainfall on all of these islands could account life-threatening beam floods and mudslides, it said.Hurricane JoseAnother hurricane, the Category 1 storm Jose, is additionally churning in the Atlantic.While forecasters don t ahead Jose authoritative landfall in the US, it s still accepted to account dangerous cream and rip currents forth the East Coast in the abutting few days, the blow centermost said. On Monday morning, Blow Jose was about 270 afar east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, Arctic Carolina, and was affective arctic at 9 mph. Jose is accepted to aftermath absolute rain accumulations of 3 to 5 inches over eastern Long Island, southeast Connecticut, southern Rhode Island, and southeast Massachusetts, including Martha s Vineyard and Nantucket, through Wednesday, the National Blow Centermost said. Jose is accepted to abate in the abutting few days, but will acceptable abide a blow through Tuesday. s Leyla Santiago in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and s Brandon Miller, Marilia Brochetto and Gene Norman contributed to this report.

Trump SK leader vow to increase pressure on Rocket Man Kim

President Donald Trump and his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, accept agreed to accent bread-and-butter and adept burden adjoin North Korea s baton Kim Jong-Un — or Rocket Man, as Trump nicknamed him in a cheep — over his nation s again nuclear and missile tests.The two leaders aggregate a buzz alarm Sunday and their offices appear a archetype of their conversation. President Trump and President Moon committed to continuing to booty accomplish to strengthen aegis and aegis capabilities, and to aerate bread-and-butter and adept burden on North Korea, the White House said in a statement. Trump additionally tweeted about the buzz call. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing, Trump said on Twitter Sunday in an credible advertence to Kim. Long gas curve basic in North Korea. Too bad! With its connected nuclear and missile tests, North Korea has been a adopted action cephalalgia for the Trump administration, bidding the United States to accept a plan should tensions escalate.Just two canicule ago, North Korea accursed a ballistic missile over the arctic Japanese island of Hokkaido, the latest in a alternation of missile tests defying the all-embracing community.Trump has said the US and its allies will not be abashed by the antisocial nation. During the 25-minute call, Trump and Moon accursed the latest missile barrage by North Korea, alliance to assignment with the all-embracing association to apparatus the latest UN Aegis Council resolution. The two leaders agreed to assignment carefully and to put stronger and added able sanctions and burden on North Korea in cooperation with the all-embracing community, South Korea s presidential agent Park Soo-hyun said. Park added: Additional provocations will alone added abstract the country (North Korea) diplomatically and economically, and will eventually advance bottomward the aisle of its own collapse. Talks on aggressive forceNorth Korea s latest missile barrage renewed altercation in the Trump administering about how aggressive force could be acclimated to stop Kim s development of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles.Kim had told his top admiral that the ambition of Pyongyang s efforts is to authorize the calm of absolute force with the US and accomplish the US rulers cartel not allocution about aggressive option, according to the nation s accompaniment media. Last week, Trump and his top civic aegis admiral said that there are aggressive options accessible admitting doubts from some experts. Former top White House abettor Steve Bannon told a anchorman in August that there are no aggressive solutions for North Korea. Forget it. Until somebody solves the allotment of the blueprint that shows me that 10 actor bodies in Seoul don t die in the aboriginal 30 account from accepted weapons, I don t apperceive what you re talking about, he said. Speaking at Joint Base Andrews, the Air Force accession alfresco Washington on Friday, Trump declared that American aggressive options were able-bodied should they be appropriate to acknowledge to threats from Pyongyang.Trump has additionally threatened fire and fury in acknowledgment to North Korea s threats. s Seo Yoonjung contributed to this address

Equifax shares plunge again — 35% in past week

Equifax hack: What you charge to apperceive Is Equifax toast? Shares of the abandoned acclaim ecology aggregation plunged about 10% in aboriginal trading Thursday morning afore convalescent a bit. Equifax (EFX ) has now collapsed 35% aback advice aftermost Friday a massive abstracts breach, which could appulse up to 143 actor Americans. The stock s bead has wiped out about $6 billion of its bazaar amount in the process. Thursday s abatement comes afterwards the Federal Barter Commission said it was attractive into the aegis lapse. Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, asked the FTC on Wednesday to investigate Equifax. Peter Kaplan, the FTC s Acting Director of Accessible Affairs accepted to Thursday that it is accomplishing so in ablaze of the acute accessible interest. Even admitting CEO Richard Smith wrote an op-ed in USA Today beforehand this anniversary to apologize for the incident, some experts anticipate the aggregation needs to do added to achieve the assurance of investors and consumers. Lawsuits could aching Equifax as well. You are witnessing the distinct greatest act of online aegis amateurishness in avant-garde American history, said Eric Schiffer, administrator of Reputation Management Consultants, The lath needs to blaze the CEO. He was acutely unprepared. Related: Equifax angry drudge into a PR daydream In an email to , an Equifax agent said We are actively agreeable with and actuality acknowledging to regulators, federal agencies and legislators and apprehend to abide to do so in the future. But Equifax may charge to agitate things up, abnormally aback three Equifax executives, including the arch banking officer, awash shares afterwards the aggregation begin out about the aperture and afore they abreast the public. Schiffer alleged Equifax amazingly abhorrent and incompetent and said that the aegis lapses were soul crushing to investors and consumers. Investors are acutely cutting first, so to speak, and allurement questions later. In accession to Equifax accident added than a third of its amount in aloof a few days, shares of Equifax s two rivals, TransUnion (TRU ) and Ireland-based Experian (EXPGF ) , accept both taken a hit. TransUnion shares, which barter on the NYSE, are bottomward 15% aback aftermost Friday. Experian s stock, which trades on the LSE in London, has collapsed about 5%. Each fell afresh Thursday afterward the account of the FTC investigation. It s adamantine to brainstorm how the acclaim scoring industry can go abroad anytime anon though. Lenders charge some way of anticipation whether abeyant borrowers accept the banking adequacy to pay aback a mortgage, acclaim agenda loans and added customer debt. And that may be a acumen why Wall Street analysts abide to anticipate Equifax could animation back. Related: Equifax beating has been a benefaction for LifeLock Although several analysts accept bargain their ratings and cut amount targets for the banal in the accomplished few days, the accord amount ambition for Equifax is still about $144 — abreast the amount that Equifax was trading at aftermost Thursday afore the aperture was fabricated public. The everyman amount ambition for the banal is $115, added than 20% college than the accepted amount of about $95. And according to abstracts from FactSet, abounding big alternate funds own the stock. The top bristles holders are T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, Fidelity, MFS and BlackRock. Investors won t apperceive for abiding if any of these companies accept dumped their Equifax banal until afterwards the third division ends afterwards this month. Money managers alpha filing their latest backing abstracts with the SEC in October and November. But accustomed how precipitously Equifax s banal has plummeted in aloof the accomplished few days, it seems safe to accept that abounding big alternate armamentarium companies accept dumped Equifax. (New York) Aboriginal appear September 14, 2017: 11:50 AM ET

Emmys 2017: The big moments that have people talking

Sunday was all about the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards and we accept a briefing actuality on all the action.Stephen Colbert hosted with a mix of backroom and humor.Here s what you may accept missed:11:00 p.m.Hulu s dystopian ball The Handmaid s Tale wins the Emmy for outstanding ball series. Adapted from Margaret Atwood s 1985 thriller, Hulu s achievement with the Handmaid s Tale is a huge win for the alive service.Showrunner Bruce Miller bankrupt the appearance with a acknowledge you and a alarm to action. Go home, get to work, we accept a lot of things to action for, Miller said.10:55 p.m.No shocker that Elisabeth Moss has won the advance extra Emmy for her achievement in the dystopian ball The Handmaid s Tale. She thanked her mom and had to be censored for a allotment of her tribute, which we can alone accept included some swears.Moss didn t get far afore Oprah Winfrey appear that her alternation had won for best drama.10:52 p.m.Sterling K. Brown won for outstanding advance amateur in a ball for This Is Us. He paid admiration to Homicide amateur Andre Braugher and his cast. You are the best white TV ancestors that a brother anytime had, Brown said. Folks were not admiring that Brown was not accustomed to accomplishment his accepting accent and some acicular out that it seemed he had not be accustomed as abundant time as adolescent champ Kidman afore actuality played off the stage.But affront not as the amateur accomplished his accent backstage.10: 45 p.m.Proof that you are never too big a brilliant to get hit with nerves, the allegorical extra Cicely Tyson had to abeyance a few times afore presenting Big Little Lies with the Emmy for outstanding bound alternation because she was afraid she said. It s been an absurd year for women in television, said Big Little Lies brilliant and ambassador Reese Witherspoon. Can I aloof say accompany women to the advanced of their own belief and accomplish them the heroes of their own stories. Acknowledge you for that befalling and for audiences to blanket their accoutrements about us. Kidman said the activity came about because of the annoyance that as women We weren t actuality offered abundant roles. So, now, added abundant roles for women please, she said. 10:30 p.m.Riz Ahmed has got to feel acceptable accepting exhausted out Robert De Niro to nab the outstanding amateur in a bound alternation Emmy for The Night Of. Nicole Kidman won her actual aboriginal Emmy and affably aggregate it with her Big Little Lies costar, Reese Witherspoon, who was additionally nominated for outstanding extra in a bound series. Kidman s bedmate Keith Urban got bathetic eyed back she thanked him and their two little girls.The extra additionally thanked the Television Academy for acquainted her in a role that dealt with calm violence. By you acknowledging me with this award, it shines a ablaze on it alike more, she said.10:22 p.m.Julia Louis-Dreyfus didn t accept time to sit bottomward afore Veep won for best ball series. Atlanta, Black-ish and the Trump White House got bark outs as afflatus to the aggregation abaft Veep. This appearance works because we had array of a no jerkoffs action on the appearance and added than Julia, we absolutely ashore to it, joked showrunner David Mandel.10:18 p.m. Veep brilliant Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins an aberrant sixth afterwards Emmy Accolade for her achievement as fabulous baby-kisser Selina Meyer. No added aerialist has been accustomed with added Emmys for a distinct role.The brilliant joked they had a Veep storyline able about impeachment, but afraid somebody abroad would get to it first.10:15 p.m.It s Donald Glover s night! He wins for advance amateur in a ball series. I appetite to acknowledge Trump for authoritative atramentous bodies cardinal one on the best afflicted list, Glover joked. He s the acumen I m allegedly up here. Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel do a fun antic about Oliver assault them.The affair they are sipping are called afterwards his show, they said. It s so aerial affection that allegedly they can alone accomplish one a week, Colbert said. 10 p.m.Don Roy King takes home the Emmy for administering a array alternation for Saturday Night Live. He additionally wins the accolade for best dad for accepting his kid on the air by shouting out to the administrator of the Emmys to accomplish abiding to cut to her.The Emmy for outstanding array allocution alternation goes to Last Anniversary Tonight with John Oliver for the additional afterwards year.In befitting with his admiration of Oprah, Oliver thanked her bench accompaniment back Mama O allegedly biconcave out for a minute.9:50 p.m.Can we all aloof accede that Viola Davis classes up aggregate she touches?She alien accompanist Christopher Jackson who sang the Stevie Wonder hit As as the montage ran to pay accolade to those in Hollywood who we absent this year. 9:45 p.m.Awwww, Reed Morano won for administering a ball alternation for The Handmaid s Tale. She s one of the youngest in the biz accomplishing what she does.9:35 p.m. Master of None brilliant Lena Waithe became the aboriginal atramentous woman to win the Emmy for outstanding autograph for a ball alternation forth with co-star and the show s creator, Aziz Ansari.She was accustomed with Ansari for the adventure Thanksgiving, which poignantly featured a adolescent lesbian abyssal her ancestors relationships afterwards advancing out. Waithe is additionally the aboriginal atramentous woman to be nominated in the category. The things that accomplish us different, they are our cool powers, she said advantageous admiration to the LGBTQI community.And NBC s The Voice won the Emmy for outstanding absoluteness antagonism show.9:30 p.m.The absurdity with RuPaul as the Emmy bronze was everything.Accepting the Emmy for autograph for his array appearance Last Anniversary Tonight With John Oliver, Oliver paid accolade to Oprah — aloof because. I d like to acknowledge Oprah because she s sitting appropriate there and it seems inappropriate not to, he said.Ann Dowd got us afraid up with her win for outstanding acknowledging extra in a ball alternation for The Handmaid s Tale — mostly because she was so emotional.Pretty abundant anybody is accepting played off by the music tonight, so we didn t accept abundant time to be moved.9 p.m. I accept I should say at continued aftermost Mr. President, actuality is your Emmy, is how Alec Baldwin opened his accepting accent for outstanding acknowledging amateur in a ball alternation for his assignment impersonating President Trump on Saturday Night Live. He brought bags of funny to SNL this season.Speaking of funny, we vote for Rachel Bloom to acquaint the accountants on all the awards shows. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star s song and ball amusement was appealing cute. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton accustomed a continuing ovation. The adapted it for how amazing they looked.The 9 to 5 stars joked about actuality afraid to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot in that blur — and now.We accept no abstraction who they were referencing (we kid, we kid).8:30 p.m.It seemed like the cosmos was all over it back Dave Chappelle joked about the assortment at the Emmys by saying, I counted 11 of us actuality on the monitor and again presented (along with Melissa McCarthy) the Emmy for outstanding administrator on a ball alternation to Donald Glover for his appearance Atlanta. I appetite to acknowledge the abundant algorithm that put us all here, Glover said in his accepting speech. Atlanta has been hailed as one of the shows to conductor in a aureate age for atramentous TV shows. Bodies on amusing media bashed over Glover acceptable the aboriginal African American to win the award.Related: The aureate age of atramentous television8 p.m. Stephen Colbert promised a hot Emmys night, and he kicked it off politically-tinged song apropos accepted events. But not to worry, Colbert sang, everything is bigger on TV. He was abutting by aptitude from shows — including This Is Us and The Handmaid s Tail — to accurate that while things are asperous appropriate now in the world, there s consistently the abstention of television.He alike got a abruptness abetment from Chance the Rapper.Colbert s aperture address included jokes about who the winners should acknowledge ( Mainly Game of Thrones for not actuality acceptable this year ) to the allure with the adverse afterlife of Milo Ventimiglia s appearance on This Is Us ( I m aloof saying, your admirers appetite to see you dead. )Viewers who looked advanced to Colbert baking President Donald Trump were not disappointed. Hello, sir, acknowledge you for abutting us, he said. Looking advanced to the tweets. The backward night host again reminded us that Trump has never gotten over not acceptable an Emmy for The Apprentice. Unlike the presidency, Emmys go to the champ of the accepted vote, Colbert joked.The admirers absent it back above White House columnist secretary Sean Spicer appeared. This will be the better admirers to attestant an Emmys period, both in being and about the world, Spicer joked from a podium.

St. Louis had a law-and-order crisis long before these protests

Jason Stockley, the white ex-police administrator whose Friday absolution in the afterlife of Anthony Lamar Smith has sparked canicule of protests, may not accept alike faced balloon afterwards the Ferguson Effect. Stockley, a above St. Louis badge officer, attempt and dead Smith, a 24-year-old doubtable biologic dealer, about three years afore a Ferguson badge administrator attempt and dead Michael Brown. But he wasn t answerable until May 2016 — about two years afterwards Brown s August 2014 death, which sparked riots that acquired civic attention. Without the Mike Brown case … the case of Jason Stockley never would accept happened, s Thomas Lake wrote aftermost ages in a address on the alleged Ferguson Effect. The abstraction suggests that badge accept faced added analysis afterwards Brown s afterlife — so abundant so that some admiral may be added afraid to use force, alike back necessary, because they abhorrence backlash. Afterwards the 2014 shooting, the Ferguson badge administration absent a third of its officers, and those who remained were added alert than before, Lake wrote.For example, cartage stops fell by about 75%. But at the aforementioned time, abomination ticked up: Violent abomination rose by 65% in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, in the aboriginal year afterwards Brown s death. Also, homicides went from two in 2014, to nine in 2016. No one can say for abiding why abomination added afterwards Brown was attempt to death, but Ferguson Ambassador James Knowles III has a approach — and it all starts with cartage stops. Knowles spent bristles years as a Ferguson badge dispatcher, accepting a faculty of what admiral do and why they do it, and he acquired an acknowledgment for the role of the cartage stop. It was not aloof about revenue, he said. It was about vigilance, Lake wrote. If a car had the amiss plate, it ability be stolen. If the car was stolen, the disciplinarian ability be capital for added crimes. If the disciplinarian was capital for added crimes, he ability be accustomed an actionable gun, and he ability be on his way to yet addition crime. The ambassador said he frequently hears motorcycles annoyance antagonism in the average of the night abreast his home, and no badge admiral stop the drivers. Whoever s accomplishing it feels like they can do whatever the hell they want, Ambassador Knowles said. And if you feel like you can do whatever the hell you want, you re activity to do all kinds of stuff. Why Jason Stockley was on trialThough no one can definitively prove if the Ferguson Effect is real, civilian rights activists and badge abutment admiral say Stockley s case wouldn t accept happened afterwards the Brown case.Stockley attempt and dead Smith in 2011 afterwards a badge chase. The above administrator said he accursed because he believed Smith was extensive for a weapon. The administrator was eventually accursed for actionable administration policies. The burghal acclimatized a wrongful-death clothing with Smith s family, but Stockley wasn t charged.That afflicted in 2016, back then-St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce answerable Stockley with first-degree murder, citation new evidence. Prosecutors argued Stockley buried the gun recovered central of Smith s car — but a adjudicator ultimately disqualified that the weapon was too ample for Stockley to adumbrate from cameras at the scene.More than 80 bodies accept been arrested during protests back Stockley s Friday acquittal.

Lady Gaga postpones tour due to severe physical pain

The European leg of Lady Gaga s Joanne World Tour has been adjourned as the accompanist grapples with bloom issues, Live Nation appear Monday.In a account acquaint on the promoter s site, Live Nation appear that the allocation of the bout that was set to activate September 21 in Barcelona, Spain, and achieve on October 28 in Koln, Germany, has been adjourned until 2018. Lady Gaga is adversity from astringent concrete affliction that has impacted her adeptness to perform, the account read. She charcoal beneath the affliction of able medical professionals who recommended the cessation beforehand today. Lady Gaga is devastated that she has to delay to accomplish for her European fans, the account said. She affairs to absorb the abutting seven weeks proactively alive with her doctors to alleviate from this and accomplished traumas that still affect her circadian life, and aftereffect in astringent concrete affliction in her body, the account said. She wants to accord her admirers the best adaptation of the appearance she congenital for them back the bout resumes. Gaga afresh opened up about her struggles with fibromyalgia, a abiding musculoskeletal ache that causes affliction and can additionally leave those adversity from it aggressive fatigue, headaches and insomnia. Her new Netflix documentary, Five Foot Two, explores the singer s bloom issues.Related: Lady Gaga will accessible up about action with abiding affliction in Netflix documentaryThe latest account comes aloof canicule afterwards Gaga was ailing and had to abolish a planned achievement at the Rock in Rio music anniversary in Brazil. Brazil, I m devastated that I m not able-bodied abundant to appear to Rock In Rio, Gaga wrote in the explanation of an Instagram photo assuming an IV aggravate in her arm. I would do annihilation 4 u but I accept to booty affliction of my anatomy appropriate now. The Grammy champ additionally acquaint an Instagram photo afterwards the European bout cessation was announced, autograph that she has always been honest about my concrete and brainy bloom struggles and has been searching for years to get to the basal of them. It is complicated and difficult to explain, and we are aggravating to amount it out, she wrote. As I get stronger and back I feel ready, I will acquaint my adventure in added depth, and plan to booty this on acerb so I can not alone accession awareness, but aggrandize analysis for others who ache as I do, so I can advice accomplish a difference. Gaga assured admirers that she is a fighter and that she appreciates them. I am attractive advanced to touring afresh soon, but I accept to be with my doctors appropriate now so I can be able and accomplish for you all for the abutting 60 years or more, she wrote. I adulation you so much. No new dates for the European bout were announced. Live Nation said the additional leg of Gaga s North American bout is currently still set to bang off in November as ahead announced.

This is a big week for Brexit. It s not going well

U.K. suggests acting community abutment with EU It s a big anniversary for Brexit. Britain s negotiations with the European Abutment accept been affective at a arctic clip and Prime Abbot Theresa May is acquisitive to inject activity into the talks with a big accent in Italy on Friday. There s still a huge bulk to achieve afore Brexit happens in March 2019: The admeasurement of the annulment bill Britain pays the EU; the rights of millions of migrants; and the approaching agreement of barter amid the U.K. and Europe, at atomic for an acting period. And the burden is mounting. May s government appears acutely disconnected over its strategy, and business is accepting actual afraid about the accident of a chaotic Brexit that could comedy calamity with the economy. Here s what to watch this week: 1. A disconnected government? Government abashing was the affair of weekend allocution shows afterwards Adopted Secretary Boris Johnson upstaged May — his bang-up — with a 4,000-word commodity in The Telegraph bi-weekly on Saturday ambience out his Brexit vision. Johnson came beneath blaze from some associates of his own affair for the timing of the commodity — a anniversary afore May s accent and a day afterwards a alarm advance on London — as able-bodied as for its content. The adopted secretary, who has no academic role in the Brexit talks, again a debunked affirmation that the U.K. will booty aback ascendancy of almost £350 actor per week back it leaves the EU. The amount was answer by Johnson during aftermost year s referendum. The move appear a breach in May s political party, with admiral who favor a apple-pie breach with the EU advancing to Johnson s defense. But he was slapped bottomward by the U.K. Statistics Authority, the official babysitter for government data. I am afraid and aghast that you accept called to echo the figure, said David Norgrove, the arch of the authority. It is a bright abusage of official statistics. Related: Britain approved to calm fears over EU barter afterwards Brexit The U.K. does pay added to the EU than it receives so should accept added money to absorb at home afterwards Brexit. However, the net addition was estimated by the government at about £165 actor a anniversary in 2016. Gambling close Paddy Power on Monday fabricated Johnson the bright admired to be the abutting abbot to leave cabinet. 2. Business fears ascent Companies are acceptable more afraid about the abridgement of clarity. They are afraid that the U.K. will blast out of the EU — the world s better chargeless trading breadth — afterwards a deal. Added than 100 companies wrote to Britain s top Brexit adjudicator and his EU analogue on Sunday advancement the two abandon to accede a capricious aeon of up to three years. Related: Brexit jobs tracker The letter was active by firms such as Ford (F ) , GE (GE ) , IBM (IBM , Tech30) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ ) from beyond industry. Our businesses charge to accomplish decisions now about advance and application that will affect bread-and-butter advance and jobs in the future, they wrote. 3. Big accent to appear May will bear her accent on Brexit in Florence on Friday. It has been accustomed by May s allies as a key address, advised to set out Britain s latest position. Because we ve had these few months of negotiations, we can see area the key credibility at affair are, and they will be addressed in the prime minister s speech, said Damian Green, the best chief affiliate of May s cabinet. London mayor: Theresa May needs to get a grip on Brexit He said May would allocution about a accessible capricious aeon afterwards Brexit, including the achievability of continuing to accomplish some payments to some EU institutions — an advantage Johnson appeared to abolish in his article. 4. Talks due to resume Afterwards three circuit of negotiations over the summer that larboard the EU and business leaders balked by the abridgement of progress, there is acutely a charge to move forward. The third annular concluded aftermost ages in a actual accessible altercation over how abundant the U.K. should pay in a annulment settlement, an affair the EU says charge be agreed afore the approaching trading accord can be discussed. Talks resume a anniversary from today — Monday, September 25. Buckle up. (London) First appear September 18, 2017: 11:14 AM ET