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Donald Trump s relationship with Bob Corker: A timeline

Washington Republican Sen. Bob Corker is set to accommodated with Admiral Donald Trump on Friday afternoon, a sitdown that comes afterwards Corker airtight Trump aftermost ages for his administration of the racially motivated protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.Corker has afresh been abrupt about his critiques of the President, adage in August that Trump has not been able to authenticate the adherence nor some of the adequacy that he needs to authenticate in adjustment to be successful. Former White House arch architect Steve Bannon and his allies are advancing primary challenges adjoin Republican senators, a antecedent abutting to Bannon accepted to on Sunday. The ambition account includes a few Republican senators — including Corker.But the accord was not consistently so fraught. Here s a attending at some of Trump and Corker s accessible interactions:April 28, 2016 — Corker won t endorse Trump, but says he supports himCorker chock-full abbreviate of acknowledging Trump, but he accepted Trump s change as a politician.Calling Trump s adopted action abode the day afore a really acceptable alteration in the campaign, Corker commended Trump for challenging the adopted action enactment that has been actuality for so long. May 23, 2016 — Corker describes a good meeting with TrumpCorker, who at the time was accounted to be on Trump s shortlist for carnality president, said that he had a acceptable affair about adopted action and calm issues with the then-presumptive Republican presidential nominee.Corker, who said he d never met with Trump before, downplayed the VP speculation, abacus he had no acumen to accept he was actuality advised for the #2 slot. Instead, the Senate adopted relations board administrator said he met with Trump at his namesake belfry in New York to altercate China, Russia and added adopted and calm action issues. We had never talked except on the phone, said Corker afterwards the meeting. It was added of a get-to-know-each-other affectionate of meeting. It was absolutely added of a action meeting. November 16, 2016 — Corker in the mix for secretary of stateCorker told s Jake Tapper that he knew he was in the mix for secretary of accompaniment of Trump s Cabinet during the transition. I additionally accept that there are bodies who are actual abutting to the attack who accept had connected appellation friendships who are additionally in the mix, he said. So my faculty is that those bodies are actuality looked at actual carefully appropriate now so we ll see how it turns out. He continued: It s been an account to be in the mix so we ll see what happens. Trump would eventually accept Rex Tillerson to be his secretary of state. May 16, 2016 — Corker says White House in downward spiral Corker is amidst the aldermanic Republicans who appears aboveboard analytical of the Trump White House amidst a alternation of scandals to be fabricated accessible in May. They are in a bottomward circling appropriate now and accept got to amount out a way to appear to grips with all that s happening, Corker told reporters, his comments advancing afterwards letters alike that Trump had appear acute intelligence to Russia s adopted abbot and US ambassador.Corker continued, You apperceive the abashment of it is there s a absolutely acceptable civic aegis aggregation in place, there s acceptable advantageous things that are underway through them, and through others. But the anarchy that is actuality created by the abridgement of conduct is creating an ambiance that I anticipate — it creates a awkward environment. August 17, 2017 — Corker: Trump hasn t approved the adherence or adequacy to be successfulCorker airtight Trump s administration of the racially motivated protests in Charlottesville, charging that the Admiral has not approved he understands the appearance of this nation. The Tennessee Republican told reporters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that he anticipation there charge be radical changes aural the White House. The Admiral has not yet been able to authenticate the adherence nor some of the adequacy that he needs to authenticate in adjustment to be successful, Corker said, according to a video acquaint by bounded account website 24, 2017 — White House fires aback at Corker: Ridiculous White House columnist secretary Sarah Sanders accursed aback at Corker who said Trump hasn t approved the stability or competence he needs to affectation as president. I anticipate that s a antic and abandoned affirmation that doesn t adorn a acknowledgment from this podium, Sanders said at the time, in the White House s aboriginal acknowledgment to the comments.August 25, 2017 — Trump: Strange statement from CorkerThe aciculate admonishment in August by Corker set off a torrent of criticism from the White House, with Trump tweeting about the episode. Strange account by Bob Corker because that he is consistently allurement me whether or not he should run afresh in 18, Trump tweeted. Tennessee not happy! Asked about that tweet, Corker said: I anticipation his cheep was fine. Corker said he s had multiple interactions with chief admiral at the White House back the flap, and said no catechism my accord is aloof the aforementioned as it was before. Oh, I mean, I allocution to the Admiral about about everything, Corker said. We absorb a lot of time together. We comedy golf. We, you know, they talked to me about actuality potentially carnality president, secretary of state, so I ve had assorted conversations about the approaching with lots of people. So, I m abiding back we played golf, the affair came up. September 11, 2017 — Corker says he is belief whether to retire in 2018Corker told s Manu Raju he is belief whether to alarm it quits abutting year.Corker said hat he has not fabricated a accommodation about his future, and appeared to affirm Trump s cheep that he asked the Admiral for political admonition about whether to run for reelection. As far as what am I activity to do in the future, I m still advertent the future, Corker said in an interview. It s a amazing advantage to do what I do, and to counterbalance in on the big issues. … But I accept not absitively what I m activity to do in the future. September 14, 2017 — Corker says he has strong accord with TrumpAhead of his affair with Trump, Corker was asked about his accord with the President. Our accord is very, actual strong. We accept a one-on-one clandestine affair tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET, he told reporters at a account conference. For bodies to act as if there s aurora amid us, that aloof is not true. This adventure has been adapted to accommodate added advice about the Corker-Trump relationship. s Kristin Wilson contributed to this report.

Britain s terror challenge will last a generation

Shashank Joshi is a arch analysis adolescent of the Royal United Services Institute in London. He was ahead a analysis accessory at the Changing Character of War Programme at Oxford University, and a Kennedy academic at Harvard University. The opinions in this commodity accord to the author. Friday s attempted bombing in London marks a year of ascent agitation in Britain afterwards a continued aeon of about calm.It is the fifth agitator advance in England in 2017, advancing on top of three incidents in London and one in Manchester from March to June, with a accumulated afterlife assessment of 36.Of course, this is still small, about to the Irish Republican Army campaigns that acquired bags of deaths beyond Ireland and England through the 1970s and 80s. Alike so, you accept to go aback a division century, to the IRA s access of bombings in 1992, to acquisition a year with as abounding attacks as this one.For Britons, who had acumen to feel cloistral from the contempo beachcomber of alarm on continental Europe, this is a acutely adverse development.This aeon includes both far-right attacks, such as aftermost year s annihilation of Jo Cox, a affiliate of Britain s Parliament, and abolitionist Islamist incidents, such as the bombing of the Manchester Arena.It comes amidst a arduous ambiance for intelligence and law administration officials. According to the UK Home Office, a almanac 379 bodies were arrested on terrorism-related offenses in the accomplished 12 months up to June, a 68% acceleration on the antecedent year.The cardinal of prisoners captivated for agitation has additionally swelled by added than one-third to 204, with the all-inclusive majority fabricated up of Islamists. Importantly, there accept been 19 plots aghast back 2013, six back March — one a month, on average.One acumen for this advance in agitator action and arrests is the all-embracing environment. As aboriginal as June 2014, bisected of the casework of MI5, Britain s calm intelligence agency, complex Britons who had catholic to Syria to action alongside ISIS and added abolitionist groups.More contempo abstracts advance that about amid one-half and three-quarters of the 850 Britons who accept fabricated that cruise accept back larboard the battlefield. This would still leave added than 200 fighters yet to return. As ISIS loses its anchor of cities in Iraq and Syria and its alleged caliphate crumbles, the breeze will access beyond Europe.The accountability on bound control, surveillance, claiming and case will abide to grow. MI5 — with a agents of 4,000 or so — has added than 3,000 subjects of interest. Of these, abandoned a baby minority, 500 or so, are beneath alive investigation, and an alike abate cardinal beneath alive surveillance.It would be berserk expensive, abundantly ambitious and politically difficult to advance ceaseless surveillance on several thousand suspects. It would booty at atomic two dozen bodies per suspect, which adds up to added than 72,000 cadre — about as abounding as the cardinal of soldiers in the absolute British army. In fact, no avant-garde capitalism could abide such aggrandized and advancing aegis forces.However, alike if this were possible, we should bethink that all of this year s attackers — in Manchester and on Westminster and London bridges — ability not accept been appointed for surveillance anyway, as they were either in a larger, 20,000-plus class of accomplished capacity of interest, and in some cases absolutely alien to authorities.If consistently ecology 3,000 bodies is impossible, accomplishing so to 20,000 is doubly so. Mass surveillance is accordingly both doubtful on autonomous area and of bound use in practice.In addition, this year s alarm contest accept generally complex abecedarian and artless agency of attack, such as cars, vans and — in the case of Friday s advance — what appears to be a awkward atomic device.Britain allowances from bound gun ascendancy laws and — acknowledgment to its cachet as an island — stronger ascendancy than added European states over the cross-border breeze of firearms. But ISIS has exhorted its followers to lower-tech plots.Also, in at atomic three cases, the antagonist operated alone. These factors calm accomplish it adamantine for intelligence agencies to ascertain plotting, because there are beneath credibility of vulnerability, such as acquaintance with a accomplished bomb-maker or ample numbers of adolescent plotters.The claiming for Britain s badge admiral and spies is in prioritizing amid a ample cardinal of threats, accepting that some will consistently blooper through the cracks.It is additionally to abode the broader, brainy ambiance in which radicalization takes place, and the all-embracing ambience that allows plotters to seek training, contacts and afflatus from abroad.Contrary to what was claimed by President Donald Trump hours afterwards the advance at the Parsons Green station, Britain has been proactive in both these areas. The anniversary counterterrorism policing account rose 10% from 2016 to 2017, while the intelligence agencies will accept accustomed 1,900 added agents by 2021.Even so, the government will be attractive to do more. As MI5 arch Andrew Parker has noted, this is a generational challenge that will abide for years to come.

Will the Supreme Court actually take up the travel ban case on the merits?

Washington The Supreme Cloister is assertive to apprehend articulate arguments in the biking ban case aboriginal abutting month. But that doesn t absolutely beggarly justices will anytime adjudge the amends of President Donald Trump s arguable controlling order. The President s controlling adjustment makes bright that biking from six countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) is abeyant for 90 canicule while the secretary of Homeland Security and others abide a address on the after-effects of a common review. The analysis is meant to analyze what added advice will be bare from anniversary adopted country to accomplish abiding that an alone gluttonous access is not a public-safety threat.The Supreme Cloister — responding to a lawsuits from states arduous the ban — let abundant of the ban booty aftereffect in backward June, acceptation the 90-day alarm started and will hit on or about September 24. That date raises an important affair that could accomplish the case arguable or at the actual atomic army out a absolute altercation on the amends of the biking ban. So far the agitation has abundantly been about whether the controlling adjustment violates the Constitution or clearing laws. But that could change in the advancing days. Whether the access ban persists and if so beneath what acknowledged authority, is anyone s guess, said Aziz Huq of the University of Chicago Law School. Abundant depends on what the White House decides to do.Huq , who affairs to book a an amicus abrupt in abutment of the challengers, says that there could be an addendum of the ban, or a new adjustment altogether, or alike some affectionate of official account with ambiguous acknowledged effect. It is acceptable that the President or Department of Homeland Security will affair a new adjustment with new absolute banned or altitude that ability accommodate added nations, said Marty Lederman, a assistant at Georgetown Law. Alternatively, I can brainstorm the government advancing in and saying, We are about done, but we haven t gotten complete advice so we charge to extend this ban. Trump on Friday seemed to announce a admiration to accumulate the ban in abode or alike extend it. Responding to the alarm advance on the London Underground, the President tweeted in abutment of the ban. The biking ban into the United States should be far larger, tougher and added specific-but stupidly, that would not be politically correct! the President wrote.Either way, Lederman says, the justices ability be absorbed to adjourn the case to the lower courts based on new facts or circumstances. Jonathan Turley of the George Washington University Law School does not abutment the biking ban but believes that above-mentioned cases favor the administration. But he too thinks the Cloister may not ability the merits.He believes one advantage would accommodate the arising of a new adjustment that would additionally arguable the absolute orders if the altitude and possibly covered countries changed. Trump s tweets notwithstanding, administering admiral accept not discussed specifics of their approaching plans. At a contempo conference, acting Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello said we are in the action of action planning about anniversary of the opportunities that the US government has to account and/or vet abeyant entering travelers. That could accommodate looking at things like amusing media, attractive at things like acute phones, those kinds of windows, if you will, into people s backgrounds and their activity, he said.What about belittling lower cloister opinionsShould the Supreme Cloister acquisition the biking ban case to be moot, one affair challengers to the case don t appetite is for lower cloister opinions that ripped afar the President s acknowledged justifications for the ban to be wiped off the books.Administration attorneys accept already argued that if the cloister — for any acumen — finds the case to be moot, lower cloister opinions should be vacated.Some accept that the justices advancing all forth that a mootness affair ability arise.For instance, on June 26, back the cloister issued its adjustment acceptance the ban to go partly into aftereffect and adage it will apprehend the claim of the case, it added this line: We absolutely apprehend that the abatement we admission today will admittance the Controlling to achieve its centralized assignment and accommodate able apprehension to adopted governments aural the 90 days. s Tal Kopan contributed to this report.

Albright calls for diplomatic approach to North Korea crisis

Above secretary of accompaniment and US agent to the UN Madeleine Albright appropriate that the Trump administering needs to be added adamant in its action adjoin North Korea and alleged for a acknowledgment to the six-party talks in the deathwatch of that nation s latest missile launch. I anticipate we … accept to get a added accepted bulletin out of this administration, it s a little bit confusing, and an all-of-government access to it, and move toward, I think, the six-party talks, Albright said on s New Day Friday. The six-party talks aimed to denuclearize North Korea through multilateral adept negotiations amid the US, North Korea, China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. The talks concluded in abortion added than a decade ago, and assorted US administrations accept banned to acknowledgment to the negotiating table with Pyongyang unless the administration agrees to accord up its nuclear program.Albright, who met with then-leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang on official US business in 2000, acclaimed that a acknowledgment to these kinds of negotiations could at the actual atomic avert the development of added North Korean arms. There has to be a accepted approach, and I anticipate we charge to amount out how to use that adept apparatus added effectively, Albright said. But I would never booty aggregate off the table. I anticipate it s important to accept deterrents and accumulate blame on this. President Donald Trump and Cabinet associates such as Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis accept generally about appeared at allowance in the face of growing North Korean provocations. The President, for example, responded to aboriginal August launches with threats of fire and fury, while Mattis and Tillerson maintained that the US adopted diplomacy. Albright common Tillerson s alarm for Russia and China to administer added burden on North Korea. I anticipate we charge to accomplish clearer to the Chinese and Russians that it is in their civic absorption to do something, she said, abacus that the two countries charge to live up to the afresh anesthetized UN sanctions adjoin North Korea. Looking advanced to Trump s aboriginal UN General Assembly appearance, the above secretary of accompaniment took aim at the President s renewed alarm for a biking ban in the deathwatch of a alarm adventure in London Friday. The biking ban is absolutely giving a lot of alleviation to those who would like to say we re a abhorrent country, Albright said. The backbone of this country is that we account diversity, that we accept what we angle for. And I anticipate that the biking ban is undercutting America s acceptability and our administration cachet and is something, back you ask how President Trump is activity to be accustomed at the UN, that is one of the issues.

Rights groups accuse Myanmar of ethnic cleansing in Rohingya crackdown

A day afterwards Amnesty All-embracing accused Myanmar s aggressive of advisedly torching Muslim-minority Rohingya villages abreast the Bangladesh bound in a attack of ethnic cleansing, addition rights accumulation is leveling the aforementioned charge. Our acreage analysis backs what the accessory adumbration has adumbrated — that the Burmese aggressive is anon amenable for the accumulation afire of Rohingya villages in arctic Rakhine State, Deputy Asia Administrator Phil Robertson of Animal Rights Watch said Friday. Myanmar was aforetime accepted as Burma. The United Nations and affiliate countries should actively appoint measures on the Burmese government to stop these atrocities and end the affected flight of Rohingya from Burma, Robertson said.Up to 400,000 Rohingya — of which, about 60 percent are accouchement — accept fled to Bangladesh back August 25 to escape the latest beachcomber of violence, UNICEF, the UN bureau administering children, said in a account Thursday. Animal Rights Watch appear new accessory adumbration and acoustic abstracts assuming that 62 villages in arctic Rakhine accompaniment were targeted by arson attacks amidst August 25, back the military s operation adjoin declared Rohingya militants began, and September 14.On Thursday, Amnesty All-embracing appear a agnate address accusing Myanmar s aegis armament of agreeable an orchestrated attack of analytical burnings of Rohingya villages beyond arctic Rakhine as allotment of a government backed scorched-earth policy. Make no mistake: this is indigenous cleansing, said Tirana Hassan, crisis acknowledgment administrator for the animal rights group. The affirmation is accurate — the Myanmar aegis armament are ambience arctic Rakhine accompaniment afire in a targeted attack to advance the Rohingya bodies out of Myanmar. The Amnesty address identifies at atomic 80 ample fires in predominantly Rohingya-inhabited areas back August 25. Amnesty says it has akin accessory images of the burnings to beholder affidavit and images of homes actuality torched. There is a bright and analytical arrangement of corruption here, Hassan said. Security armament beleaguer a village, shoot bodies beat in agitation and afresh bake houses to the ground. In accustomed terms, these are crimes adjoin humanity, analytical attacks and active displacement of civilians. The address additionally claims that accessory images from alloyed indigenous areas appearance that non-Rohingya areas appear to accept been larboard untouched. Earlier this week, UN animal rights arch Zeid Ra ad Al Hussein declared the accomplishments of Myanmar s armed armament as a textbook archetype of indigenous cleansing. Long-standing tensionsThe Rohingya are advised one of the best afflicted populations in the world. They ve lived in Myanmar for centuries. But Myanmar commendations them as actionable immigrants, a appearance abiding in their ancestry in Bangladesh, and has denied Rohingya association the rights of citizenship. Meanwhile Bangladesh says the Rohingya are Burmese. As a result, they re finer stateless.The latest beginning of abandon in Rakhine began in August afterwards a alternation of appear attacks by Rohingya militants on badge bound posts. In response, the Myanmar aggressive and Buddhist nationalists launched a barbarous crackdown on the Rohingya.The exodusAlmost 20,000 Rohingya accept accustomed in Bangladesh on boilerplate anniversary day back August 25, according to the UN. The Myanmar government claims it is angry a agitator insurgency, and says it is targeting terrorists doubtable of masterminding the August attacks. Some of them are anon complex with agitator activities and some are sympathizers for the agitator group, Zaw Htay, a agent for Myanmar s Presidential Office, wrote in an email to .But the refugees acquaint a altered story. They allege the aegis armament of atrocities, including afire villages, battlefront on civilians indiscriminately, and ancestors associates actuality taken abroad and never heard from again.On Wednesday, the plight of the Rohingya prompted a attenuate admonishment from the UN Aegis Council.In the statement, the aboriginal the UN s best able anatomy has fabricated on the bearings in Rakhine in nine years, the 15-member board accustomed active attacks on Myanmar aegis armament but condemned the consecutive violence, and alleged for immediate accomplish to end the violence. UN Secretary General António Guterres said the crisis had become catastrophic. Suu Kyi skips UN accumulation amidst criticismMyanmar s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been criticized over her acknowledgment to the ascent violence, although some altercate that she has little ability to change the situation. The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate has canceled a cruise this ages to the UN General Accumulation in New York as the crisis escalated. There charge be abundant added burden on Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar s aggressive administration who are still accustomed out abuses to end this carnage, Hassan said. It s time for the all-embracing association to deathwatch up to the daydream the Rohingya are active through. s Steve George, Rebecca Wright, Ben Westcott and Jamie Tarabay contributed to this report.

Sessions receives message of support after new report of past turmoil

Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions accustomed a bulletin of abutment from President Donald Trump afterwards The New York Times appear an commodity Thursday account a acrimonious barter amid the two in May, a antecedent accustomed with the amount told .The message, relayed to Sessions, adumbrated that the President is not anxious by such belief and believes he s accomplishing able-bodied as advocate general, according to the antecedent who is accustomed with the communication, but asked not to be identified. The White House did not acknowledgment assorted requests for animadversion on Thursday s clandestine bulletin to Sessions. Beforehand Thursday, the President was asked by a anchorman if he had asked Sessions to resign, and the President befuddled his arch and replied no. On Sunday, s Rene Marsh asked the advocate accepted about his accord with the President afterwards he had abutting Trump at Camp David for a Cabinet affair over the weekend. Asked if you two are good, Sessions told : We re accepting a abundant time and had a acceptable time bygone with him. Thursday s bulletin — admitting clandestine — stood in aciculate adverse to the President s awful accessible abasement of his advocate accepted beforehand in the summer on Twitter and in interviews. appear in June that Trump and Sessions had a alternation of close exchanges in the weeks afterward Sessions recusal from investigations accompanying to the Trump campaign, and Sessions bidding he would be accommodating to abandon if Trump no best capital him there, according to a chief administering official at the time. Sessions after told Fox News that Trump s analytical tweets about him were kind of hurtful, but insisted he made the appropriate decision in recusing himself from investigations accompanying to the 2016 campaign.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo expecting second child

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his archetypal wife Behati Prinsloo are set to become parents again.Prinsloo appear the account on Instagram Wednesday.The Victoria s Secret Angel acquaint a photo of herself, highlighting her babyish bang with the explanation ROUND 2. The brace affiliated in 2014 and are the parents of a daughter, Dusty Rose, who was built-in in September 2016.Levine, who serves as a drillmaster on The Voice, paid admiration to his ancestors in February back he accustomed a brilliant on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I accept a daughter, I accept the best admirable wife in the absolute world, he said. I am one of the luckiest bodies who has anytime lived and it has annihilation to do with me. It has to do with the bodies who adulation me the most.

Tropical Storm Jose may threaten Northeast next week

Close Storm Jose is accepted to strengthen into a blow afresh after Friday and about-face north, aggressive to accompany rain and wind to the US Northeast abutting week.Jose charcoal out in the Atlantic Ocean and is affective against the northwest, and that motion will accompany it afterpiece to the United States through the weekend. Just how far it moves west afore axis to the arctic will acquaint forecasters a abundant accord about the likelihood of whether it will accomplish landfall about forth the Eastern US coastline.The National Blow Centermost has included genitalia of the United States, from New Jersey up to New England, in its cone of uncertainty, which shows the apparent clue of the centermost of a storm over a five-day period. The cone includes the New Jersey coastline, Long Island, best of Connecticut and Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island.A majority of the models accumulate the centermost of the storm over the ocean, including the above all-around models from the Americans — GFS — and Europeans — ECMWF.Still, the adjacency to acreage will acceptable accompany able airy apprehension and rain to the Northeast, including New York City, by the boilerplate of abutting week. In addition, close storm-force apprehension could extend to Arctic Carolina s Outer Banks on Monday, the National Blow Centermost said.The official anticipation clue from the blow centermost puts Jose as a able close storm Wednesday 225 afar southeast of New York. Coincidentally, the boilerplate clue absurdity for the anticipation at bristles canicule is 225 miles. The anticipation gives about a 1-in-4 adventitious of seeing close storm-force apprehension — added than 39 mph — in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.You can clue the storm here.The storm has best abiding apprehension abreast 70 mph. Jose is attractive bigger organized on accessory and appears set to accretion backbone over the abutting brace of days. An Air Force even is en avenue to actuate if Jose s apprehension accept accomplished 75 mph, which would accomplish it a Category 1 blow on the Saffir-Simpson Blow Wind Scale, the blow centermost said. At one point aftermost weekend, it was a Category 4 hurricane.But the window for accession looks to aftermost the weekend only. After that, an access in wind microburst and acknowledgment ocean temperatures should activate to abate Jose as it approaches the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts abutting week.No amount its path, Jose s ocean swells are acceptable to account life-threatening cream and rip accepted altitude in Bermuda, the Bahamas, the arctic coasts of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, and the US Southeast, the blow centermost said.Jose is the sixth called blow of this storm season, which lasts through November. Two above hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, accept fabricated landfall in the United States already this year.

Ben Shapiro speaks at Berkeley as protesters gather outside

As bourgeois radio host Ben Shapiro batten at the University of California Berkeley, protesters swarmed alfresco chanting assorted slogans. Badge stood in abounding anarchism gear, continuing bouncer as the academy took all-encompassing aegis measures, shutting bottomward surrounding barrio and ambience up a ample ambit about the anteroom breadth Shapiro began speaking Thursday night. The academy faces a analytical analysis on whether it can anticipate carelessness from breaking out during the event. As the accent took place, the protests alfresco appeared peaceful. Officials are acquisitive to abstain the affectionate of carelessness that erupted on campus aback bourgeois analyst Milo Yiannopoulos came to allege in February. Protesters acquired $100,000 account of accident to the accessible university aback they threw fireworks, rocks and Molotov affair on campus, banishment the accident to be canceled. The university abhorrent 150 masked agitators for some of the violence, during which some conservatives were attacked.That accident prompted questions about whether UC Berkeley, the birthplace of the Chargeless Accent Movement in the 1960s, could host altered ideas, including bourgeois speakers, on its abundantly advanced campus.Berkeley badge said three arrests had been fabricated as of 7 p.m. bounded time. Officers were against bodies who were accoutrement their faces as they had promised they would. I m aflame to allege with the students, Shapiro told sister arrangement HLN afore the event. I m not aflame about what may arise alfresco the building. According to a Facebook folio about the event, Shapiro s accent is advantaged Say No to Campus Thuggery. Mr. Shapiro will be speaking about advocate political violence, a affair that has engulfed the burghal of Berkeley and the University of California recently, the accident folio said.Inside the auditorium, Shapiro accursed character backroom of the larboard and the angle that accent can be a anatomy of violence. This wasn t be Shapiro s aboriginal time speaking at UC Berkeley. He batten there in April 2016 with little alarum or protest. But this time around, protesters and assemblage aggregate outside. I absolutely don t anticipate it has annihilation to do with me, Shapiro had said afore the event. I anticipate it s anyone perceived as bourgeois by Antifa and abolitionist larboard groups like that, is anon alleged a Nazi and a fascist. He was arrive aback on campus by the Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America s Foundation. Antifa is abbreviate for anti-fascists, a ample accumulation of bodies whose political behavior angular against the larboard — generally the far larboard — but do not accommodate with the Democratic Party platform. The accumulation doesn t accept an official baton or headquarters, although groups in assertive states authority approved meetings. Some bodies who analyze with the accumulation accept been abhorrent for carelessness during demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, and in the burghal of Berkeley in August.Shapiro is not a Donald Trump adherent and acutely disagrees with Yiannopoulos, whom he calls a provocateur. He has additionally been listed as one of the top 10 Jewish journalists to accept the best online corruption by the Anti-Defamation League in 2016. Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, was analytical of Antifa and how Berkeley authorities accept handled political contest in the burghal this year. Previous contest in Berkeley resulted in agitated confrontations amid Trump supporters and opponents in April and afterwards at a political beef in August. I anticipate that Antifa has absitively that Berkeley is a burghal that they now own. They re about alleviative it like a territory, he told HLN. I don t accusation Berkeley for Antifa. I accusation Berkeley for absolution Antifa get abroad with this. In apprehension of Thursday s event, the Berkeley Burghal Council accustomed badge to use pepper aerosol on agitated protesters, abandoning a 20-year ban on the weapon, affiliates reported.UC Berkeley has additionally vowed to footfall up aegis measures, adage the academy has abstruse acquaint from the Yiannopoulos incident. We don t intend to carelessness our charge to chargeless accent or our charge to the assurance and abundance of our campus community, Dan Mogulof, agent for UC Berkeley told associate KPIX.He added that badge will stop anyone cutting a affectation and accost bodies acting unlawfully.Counseling to be offered for acceptance and staffThe academy will additionally accommodate abutment and counseling casework for acceptance and agents over the Shapiro event. We are acutely anxious about the appulse some speakers may accept on individuals faculty of assurance and belonging, said a UC Berkeley apprehension beatific to students. No one should be fabricated to feel threatened or addled artlessly because of who they are or for what they believe. For that reason, the afterward abutment casework are actuality offered and encouraged. It went on to account apprentice and agent abutment services. Shapiro mocked the angle that acceptance may charge counseling due to his speech. If you feel you charge counseling because of my speech, you apparently did charge some array of psychiatric advice afore that, he told HLN. Berkeley weighs chargeless accent issueIn August, UC Berkeley s new adjudicator Carol Christ apparent the Free Accent Year, alliance contest to appoint in the issues and action discourse. Yiannopoulos has acquaint online that he intends to be on campus afterwards this ages for Chargeless Accent Week with Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump s above arch strategist; and bourgeois analyst and columnist Ann Coulter in an accident organized by a accumulation alleged the Berkeley Patriot.The Chargeless Accent Movement started at UC Berkeley in 1964 afterwards acceptance protested en masse aback administrators approved to bind their political activities on campus. On a archetypal day, activists for assorted causes band Sproul Plaza, the breadth that serves as a aperture into the university One man continuing alfresco the university decried the aegis measures instituted by the academy for Thursday s event. We accept a appropriate to beef too, the man, who is with, told associate KRON. He accused the academy of creating a police state, about aggressive law conditions. We charge added protest, not badge accompaniment intimidation. s Dan Simon contributed to this address from Berkeley. s Braden Walker, Joe Sterling and Alanne Orjoux contributed to this report.

What is chain migration and how could it disrupt a DACA deal?

Washington President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted a new claim of any clearing accord — and it could bandy a bend in negotiations on how to assure adolescent undocumented immigrants in limbo. CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be accustomed to be allotment of any legislation on Immigration! Trump tweeted Friday morning. The appellation chain migration refers to immigrants advancing to a country based on a affiliation to family. In the US, a baby atom of blooming cards are accustomed out anniversary year based on employment, with ancestors access actuality a abundant beyond share. That includes spouses, accouchement and some continued family. It was not anon bright what specific account the President was apropos to. Trump has appear an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals affairs started by President Barack Obama, which adequate adolescent undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children. This week, however, he jumpstarted talks with aldermanic Democrats on means to save the affairs and potentially accumulate Dreamers in the US.The appeal from Trump could complicate negotiations on the Hill. While there is boundless abutment for the abstraction of a DACA deal, best acceptable commutual with bound aegis measures, the capacity acknowledge abysmal capacity amid and amid the parties that abide abrupt hurdles to overcome. Republicans about universally would appetite any accord to anticipate any aborigine DACA recipients from actuality able to sponsor their parents or ancestors for citizenship as well. Trump has alone accustomed a bill from Republican Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia that would annihilate some categories of ancestors advocacy and absolute blooming cards to actual ancestors and accessory children. It would additionally cut a assortment action and check employment-based blooming cards to put a abundant accent on awful skilled, accomplished and English-speaking applicants. DACA deal: Just some of the things that could wrongBut that bill faces action on both abandon of the aisle, including from some Republicans, who don t like that it slashes blooming cards annually in bisected and doesn t acquiesce for low-skilled applicants. Still, transforming the US arrangement from a familial access to a added merit-based arrangement has boundless support, admitting accomplished proposals that accept gotten both abandon on lath did not cut all-embracing acknowledged immigration.