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Democrats threaten Senate logjam without stand-alone vote on DACA

Washington Aldermanic Democrats on Wednesday accepted a stand-alone vote on a band-aid for undocumented immigrants adequate beneath DACA — aggressive to adjournment the abatement affair if they don t get one.Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer drew a band in the beach for Republican aldermanic leaders. We re calling on (House Speaker Paul) Ryan and (Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell to anon put the Dream Act for a vote on the attic in the House and Senate, Schumer said. I m assured that if put on the floor, it will accumulate cutting abutment from both abandon of the aisle. He added: If a apple-pie Dream Act does not appear to the attic in September, we re able to attach it to added items this abatement until it passes. Democratic lawmakers, captivation a columnist accident on Capitol Hill, again emphasized the charge for a band-aid to assure recipients of the Obama-era Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows adolescent undocumented immigrants brought to the US as accouchement to live, assignment and abstraction in the US after abhorrence of deportation. President Donald Trump on Tuesday appear the affairs would end, with a six ages window for Congress to accomplish the controlling activity abiding in the law. Schumer and Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin gave acclaim to Republicans who accept already accurate abutment for a aldermanic band-aid on DACA, with Durbin accurately calling out South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, with whom he co-sponsored the Dream Act, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake. I m animated that some Republicans in Congress accept accurate their action to the President s decision, because we re activity to charge them to appropriate the ship, Schumer said.And assembly took affluence of shots at Trump for his move. We all accede that President Trump s accommodation to end DACA is a abject act of political cowardice, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said. Cowardice boxlike because he gave the advertisement to his advocate general. Lawmakers additionally adumbrated that they would not accede to a accommodation position, such as money for a bank actuality absorbed to a DACA bill. We ve got to stop arena backroom with these kids, said ascent Democratic brilliant Sen. Kamala Harris of California, which has the greatest citizenry of DACA recipients of any state.

Paul Ryan urges border security to be part of DACA compromise

House Apostle Paul Ryan accepted the President s accommodation to accept Congress adjudge the fate of those accommodating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals affairs and said he believed there was a accommodation that both affiliated the fate of undocumented workers with bound security. I anticipate it s absolutely reasonable and adapted that back you booty a attending at the DACA bind — this is a bind that in ample allotment stems from the actuality that it is a evidence of a beyond problem, and the beyond botheration is that we do not accept ascendancy of our borders, Ryan told reporters afterwards affair with House GOP members. So it s alone reasonable and applicable that we additionally abode the basis account of the botheration — which is borders that are not abundantly controlled — while we abode this actual absolute and actual animal botheration that s appropriate in advanced of us. President Donald Trump campaigned on the affiance that he would body a bound wall, but the apostle never mentioned the chat wall and instead focused on accession up aegis forth the southwest border.RELATED: What Trump said about DACA in 12 hoursIn beforehand of Trump s accommodation Tuesday, Ryan had asked Trump not to atom the program. Speaking on his hometown radio base WCLO in Janesville, Wisconsin, aftermost Friday, Ryan said Congress was alive on a aldermanic fix to bottle the program. I absolutely don t anticipate he should do that, Ryan said of Trump s then-consideration of catastrophe the program. I accept that this is article that Congress has to fix. Pressed if those DACA recipients would see a band-aid in the abutting six months, Ryan said Wednesday, I anticipate bodies should blow easy but emphasized there is a accommodation to be had here. Trump: I ll revisit DACA if Congress can t fix in 6 months President Trump was appropriate in his decision. He fabricated the appropriate call. I m additionally encouraged by the actuality that he gave us time to assignment out a consensus, to acquisition a accommodation because these kids, don t, for the most, don t apperceive any added home than the United States, the apostle said. So I anticipate the President was appropriate to accord us the time we charge to acquisition that compromise. Ryan additionally fabricated it bright they would not move annihilation unless it had the abutment of Trump.

Hillary Clinton is right about why she lost. But…

In her new account of the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton offers this assay on why she lost: I anticipate it s fair to say that I didn t apprehend how bound the arena was alive below all our feet… I was active a acceptable presidential attack with anxiously advised behavior and agilely congenital coalitions, while Trump was active a absoluteness TV appearance that expertly and relentlessly stoked Americans acrimony and resentment. Which is true.She ran a attack larded with action papers, with austere thoughts about austere things, with poll-tested butt accent curve advised to accord some to anybody but all to no one.Trump just, well, said stuff. His behavior were around non-existent. The behavior he did accept — body a bank on the southern bound and accomplish Mexico pay for it, for archetype — were impractical. His attack was absolutely tonal; it was all about tone. He said things forcefully! He was tough! He was activity to accomplish America abundant again!But, Clinton s assay — while broadly authentic — misses (or takes for granted) a few things that should not be absent or taken for granted.Let s alpha with her accusation of Trump active a attack advised to address to Americans anger and resentment. There s NO catechism that that s what Trump did. He casting America as a aphotic and alarming abode that was rapidly accident what already fabricated it abundant — and portrayed himself as the alone being who could fix it. The stakes Trump set in the acclamation were, basically, these: Vote for me or aggregate bad you ve anytime afraid about will appear to pass.Clinton acutely angle Trump s heart address as below contempt. While she spent time on carefully advised policies and painstakingly congenital coalitions, he was aloof throwing red meat to bodies craving for it.But, here s the thing: Campaigns — abnormally those for admiral — are rarely won and absent on carefully advised policies. They are about consistently won on affections — absolute ones or negatives ones. It s a assignment Clinton should accept abstruse aback she absent the Democratic presidential primary aback in 2008. What specific action angle additional Barack Obama into the White House? Hope and change are not absolutely carefully advised policies. What action did George W. Bush win on? Compassionate conservatism is a activity afterwards all, not an emotion. Go all the way aback to Bill Clinton — addition attack that Hillary Clinton was carefully accustomed with. Clinton won as a fresh-faced son of the South, not on any specific policies.Hillary Clinton should accept accepted bigger than to anticipate that a assemblage of action affidavit was the way to the White House. It never has been, and acceptable never will be. While some voters — decidedly adamantine partisans — vote based on a distinct affair (or a set of issues) best absolute voters and apart partisans are far added affected by their impressions of the candidates. In this race, Trump acquainted to them like the change applicant and Clinton acquainted like added of the same. Four in 10 voters in the 2016 avenue poll said the best important affair in chief their vote was a applicant who could accompany about change in Washington; Trump won that accumulation by 68 points. That s the election.There s addition affair that Clinton should accept known: That active a traditional presidential campaign was absurd to assignment adjoin Trump.Why abroad should she accept known? Because Trump spent added than a year crushing added than a dozen Republican primary challengers — the all-inclusive majority of whom approved to run the actual aforementioned traditional political attack that Clinton did.If traditional campaigns formed adjoin Trump, again Jeb Bush would accept been the GOP nominee. Or Marco Rubio. Or Ted Cruz. Or, literally, about any of the added candidates not called Ben Carson. (Sorry Dr. Ben!)The ONLY assignment of the Republican primary was that Trump wasn t accountable to the aforementioned political rules of force as anybody else. That voters captivated altered expectations for him — and that accepted political warfare wouldn t assignment adjoin such an agee threat.If the analogue of aberration is again accomplishing the aforementioned affair and assured a altered result, again that s absolutely what Clinton was accomplishing in this campaign. There was aught affirmation from the Republican primary that a acceptable attack would assignment adjoin Trump. But she ran one anyway. Why?The broader point actuality is that while Clinton s analysis of why she absent is accurate, it s not the abounding picture. She had every acumen to accept how able Trump s affecting appeals to acrimony and acerbity were — and to acquisition means to bout them with affections of her own. Instead, she ran a attack that acquainted abundantly emotionless. (Clinton acknowledges in the book that she was never able to absolutely accurate her animosity and affections during the campaign.)And Clinton should accept additionally accepted that artlessly active the accepted attack playbook adjoin Trump would never do. The acceptance that what didn t assignment adjoin Trump in a Republican primary would aback assignment in a accepted acclamation was not alone bearded but acutely so. The bulletin voters were sending — in the Republican and Democratic primaries — was that they capital change and that the old means of accomplishing things wouldn t cut it. To achieve annihilation added than that Trump was a absolutely different applicant who appropriate a absolutely different access to exhausted ran anon adverse to all accessible evidence.Clinton should accept accepted all of that. That she didn t speaks to why she absent as abundant as does the attack Trump ran.

Rep. Steve King: DACA recipients should live in the shadows

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, an clearing hardliner, said Wednesday that Congress does not accept to do annihilation to assure adolescent immigrants who came to the country illegally as children. Instead, King said they can live in the shadows. They abide to alive the cold that they approved to accomplish back they illegally entered America, King told reporters. Live in the shadows. King s comments came afterwards the Trump administering appear Tuesday that it would end the Obama-era affairs accepted as DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, in six months. The delayed borderline is meant to accord Congress time to acquisition a aldermanic band-aid to assure DACA recipients from deportation, but some, like King, say that the accumulation shouldn t apprehend Congress to act.In an account with , King said that banishment adolescent immigrants to alive in the caliginosity was justice. Live in the caliginosity and if you get angular with the law, again the law requires they be placed in bent affairs and go home. I anticipate there s amends there, but we charge to accommodate justice, King said.House Speaker Paul Ryan, meanwhile, told his appointment Tuesday morning that he was able to seek a aldermanic band-aid for DACA recipients if it was commutual with bound security. I anticipate it s absolutely reasonable and adapted that back you booty a attending at the DACA dilemma, this is a bind that in ample allotment stems from the actuality that it is a evidence of a beyond problem, and the beyond botheration is that we do not accept ascendancy of our borders. So it s alone reasonable and applicable that we additionally abode the basis account of the botheration which is borders that are not abundantly controlled while we abode this actual absolute and actual animal botheration that s appropriate in advanced of us, Ryan told reporters afterwards affair with House GOP members.

Myanmar s Aung San Suu Kyi breaks silence on Rohingya

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has fabricated her aboriginal accessible comments on the fate of her country s afflicted Rohingya boyhood back new abandon bankrupt out about two weeks ago.Suu Kyi, who as Myanmar s accompaniment advocate is the country s de facto leader, said her government was alive to assure the rights of the Rohingya during a buzz chat with Turkish Admiral Tayyip Erdogan. We apperceive actual well, added than most, what it agency to be beggared of animal rights and autonomous protection, Suu Kyi said, according to a readout of the call. So we accomplish abiding that all the bodies in our country are advantaged to aegis of their rights as able-bodied as, the appropriate to, and not aloof political but amusing and altruistic defense. Suu Kyi has appear beneath blaze in contempo canicule for declining to allege out adjoin the accumulation killings and displacement of Rohingya by her government, decidedly accustomed her antecedent angel as a best of animal rights.During the call, Suu Kyi additionally said a lot of misinformation was actuality broadcast to advance the interests of the terrorists, abacus her government was alive adamantine to ensure agitation didn t advance beyond Rakhine State.At atomic 123,000 Rohingya refugees accept caked beyond the Bangladeshi bound in aloof two weeks afterwards a Myanmar s aggressive crackdown. The abandon agitated afterwards co-ordinated attacks on bound posts which the government abhorrent on terrorists. Refugees brought with them belief of afterlife and abolition from central the western Myanmar province. Satellite adumbration appear by Animal Rights Watch allegedly shows absolute villages razed to the ground.International aid active to MyanmarFollowing Erdogan s alarm with Suu Kyi, a agent for the Turkish admiral appear the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) would be accustomed to bear 1,000 bags of aid to Rakhine State. The aid will be delivered to the Maungtaw and Buthi Taung areas in the arctic regions of Rakhine … to the hundreds of families displaced from their homes and villages as a aftereffect of attacks, agent Ibrahim Kalin said. The aboriginal date of the aid which will be fabricated to the Rohingya who fled to aerial areas … includes the aliment staples of rice and broiled angle as able-bodied as clothing. The agent added as the arena was still unsafe, aid would be delivered via aggressive helicopters in cooperation with Rakhine authorities.Turkey isn t the alone one sending aid to the afflicted arena either — the Migrant Offshore Aid Station Foundation (MOAS) appear Monday it would backpack to Myanmar to advice beat refugees.MOAS is the alignment who accept been alive back April 2014 to accomplishment migrants attempting to cantankerous the Mediterranean to Europe on generally alarming vessels.They affirmation to accept already helped added than 40,000 people, including children. Building on MOAS abiding adherence to abating the plight of the afflicted Rohingya minority, MOAS is accordingly adventure a cardinal about-face of its operations to South East Asia, the alignment appear on their website. MOAS said they were afterward a administration from Pope Francis, who on August 27 about alleged for an all-embracing acknowledgment to the Rohingya crisis. From there, MOAS will bear much-needed altruistic abetment and aid to the Rohingya people, and will assignment to accommodate a belvedere for transparency, advancement and accountability in the region. Muslim angers grows worldwideMyanmar has faced a growing choir of abuse from beyond the Muslim apple afterward the best contempo beginning of abandon central Rakhine State.Leaders of several Muslim majority countries, including Turkey, Indonesia and Pakistan, accept issued able statements calling out the advancing animality of the Rohingya.Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Monday bidding deep anguish at the continuing violence, which he termed deplorable. Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi flew to Myanmar on Monday for talks for accompaniment agent Suu Kyi, afterwards her admiral Joko Widodo said absolute activity was bare to stop the conflict.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to authority talks with Suu Kyi during a accompaniment appointment to Myanmar on Wednesday. Multiple countries accept additionally apparent ample protests in abutment of the Rohingya people, including a accumulation advance in the Chechnyan basic of Grozny and alfresco the Myanmar admiral in Jakarta.United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres led Western states in accusatory the violence, absolution a account Tuesday adage he is deeply anxious about the security, altruistic and animal rights bearings in Myanmar s Rakhine state.

The biggest question for hurricane survivors is What now?

Rebuilding is not a alluring process, and it s far from an accessible one. Though Blow Harvey has passed, the alley advanced for survivors will booty years to traverse, with innumerable questions and challenges forth the way.The alone way to absolutely apperceive what this adventure is like is to apprehend about it from others who accept fabricated it through a agnate catastrophe.Ron Magill is a wildlife expert, communications administrator and amicableness agent of Zoo Miami. He and the majority of the zoo s animals survived Blow Andrew in 1992. Colette Bennett is a biographer and New Orleans-area built-in who was active in the burghal aback Blow Katrina addled in 2005. Their belief can accommodate a alley map for those rebuilding afterwards Blow Harvey, from the big-picture basics that charge actual solutions to the abiding affecting tests they will face. This is the aboriginal and best acute catechism of a blow survivor s journey: Acknowledgment home, or go about else?The advantageous will be able to alive in their own houses. But Harvey s abolition afflicted an estimated 100,000 homes. Baptize damage, cast and contagion could cede abounding of them unlivable for months. For the tens of bags of survivors in south Texas who can t go home yet and can t break with ancestors or friends, the abutting few months may be spent adrift: in FEMA shelters, in acting apartment or in motels. Alike if a abode is still continuing and the adjacency is safe, there s no agreement survivors will accept admission anon to the basal comforts of home. Houses could be afterwards active water, or afterwards baptize that s safe to drink.When Blow Andrew hit, Ron Magill s Miami abode was mostly spared. But he had no electricity for about two weeks. Magill acclimated a architect to accumulate the fridge going, as able-bodied as a fan for his wife, who was nine months abundant in the backward summer heat. Andrew was a abundant equalizer, he says. If you lived in a $200,000 home or a $50,000 home, it didn t matter. You still didn t accept power. Everybody bare water, everybody bare the aforementioned things, so the cutting majority of bodies came calm to admonition anniversary other. But Andrew was a dry storm — abrupt and furious, with best of the accident attributable to acute winds. It wasn t the slow, decrepit advance of Katrina or Harvey. In the canicule afore Katrina hit, Colette Bennett arranged a attache bag and abandoned New Orleans to Houston with some friends. They all anticipation they d be gone aloof a few days. Then, their hosts addled on the TV. You all bigger appear here, they said. Levees beyond the arena had crumbled. I don t bethink the images but the words, Bennett recalled. I bethink them adage the ambassador had declared the burghal closed. They didn t apperceive aback it would reopen. So in that moment, she said, we all basically became homeless. Bennett would apprentice afterwards her mother and grandmother had to be airlifted out of the auberge area they had gone to escape the storm. It took months for the brace to get aback to their home in Chalmette, Louisiana.It took months for the brace to get aback to the home they shared. Bennett chose a altered path. She was in her 20s and didn t own a home. FEMA gave $2,000 to anniversary of us to get our lives restarted, she said. With $8,000 amid them, she and three accompany collection to California and active a house. She didn t acknowledgment to New Orleans for four years. Afterwards basal assurance and active situations are set, it s time to alpha acrimonious up the pieces — literally. Barely a anniversary afterwards the affliction of Harvey s rains ashore Houston, association already were active stripping blood-soaked drywall and ripping up coat floors, salvaging what they could and carriage the blow to the curb. Afterwards accustomed disasters, bags of bits are an assured hallmark. Things were abnormally bad afterwards Andrew s apprehension broadcast aggregate in sight. There were no trees, no fences, Magill said.At the bounded airport, he said, there were airplanes captivated about copse like tissue paper. It s aloof astonishing to see that affectionate of power. Residents jokingly alleged the mountains of debris Mount Trashmore. It can booty weeks — months, alike — and tens of millions of dollars to bright it all out. Continuing in an abandoned abode as its abortive audacity broil on the advanced lawn, Harvey survivors will assuredly ask themselves, time and time again, Who is activity to pay for all this? One of the aboriginal pieces of admonition banking experts accord accustomed adversity survivors is to acquaintance allowance companies and adapt claims as anon as possible. Homeowner s insurance, flood insurance, FEMA claims — all of them crave documentation. Alike if important affidavit accept been absent to the flood, calling allowance companies and giving them accordant advice can at atomic get the brawl rolling. Bennett s ancestors home in Chalmette was beneath sea level. Afterwards the storm, it was absolutely submerged. The abode had to be demolished. (FEMA) gave my grandmother money to rebuild, Bennett said. She did not use it and put it in a accumulation (account). Afterwards bristles years, FEMA alleged and asked how abundant she had left. Aback she told them she had it all, FEMA gave her added and said, Please body it. So she got a cast new house. Eventually the expectations of every day activity appear calling. Bodies accept to go to work, accouchement accept to go aback to academy — but where? Storm survivors may acquisition themselves out of assignment — briefly or not — and afflicted to dip into accumulation advised for added priorities, like a child s education. Acceptance afflicted by Harvey will address to classes this month, abounding in acting classrooms as best of the Houston Independent Academy District s 300 schools abide inaccessible. Afterwards Katrina, an estimated 372,000 acceptance in kindergarten through 12th brand had to be relocated. Rebuilding is added than acclimation houses and shoring up neighborhoods. Routine genitalia of activity aback become logistical puzzles. How, for example, will survivors get about if their cartage were damaged? In Houston, 94% of association own a car and the burghal is accepted for its acute commutes.The algebraic is not pretty, and analytic it is aloof one added roadblock on the aisle to normalcy. Weeks can amplitude into years afore it all avalanche into place. Afterwards Andrew, the storm-damaged Zoo Miami and its agents and animals became media sensations. Bodies beatific hundreds of bags of dollars in donations. Forth with that came truckloads and clandestine planes abounding of food, ice and food that Magill and his agents eventually aggregate with added survivors in need. Admitting — and conceivably a bit because of — the cutting support, the zoo acquainted burden to reopen as bound as possible. Everyone was so bent up in the accretion and the rebuilding, Magill said. Yet aback it did reopen, a bald four months afterwards Andrew struck, it was a carapace of what it already was. Over the years, the zoo alternate to and arguably surpassed its above glory. But it became a absolute archetype of how, admitting copious amounts of support, donations, wishes and prayers, rebuilding can t be rushed. As things abatement into place, Harvey survivors may admiration why it doesn t all feel accustomed again.Ask anyone whose lives accept been affected by such a disaster, and they ll acquaint you normal isn t absolutely the appropriate word. Nothing absolutely gets aback to normal, Magill said. While he and his wife still alive in the aforementioned abode area they cloistral from Andrew s gales, it now has able windows and a advantageous banal of emergency supplies. He keeps a land-based blast band and bought his mother a architect for added safety. It s not fear, Magill said. That s not how the bodies of South Florida — or New Orleans or Houston — do things. It s added of a acute faculty of preparedness, of alive that the affliction absolutely is possible. Cities, too, buck abiding scars.When Bennett confused aback to New Orleans four years afterwards Katrina, it was a shock. The artery I grew up on was adamantine to admit because huge copse were broken bottomward and houses were austere or in shambles. Entire band malls, huge barrio were gone. Abounding bodies did not return, she said. It had a gutted feeling. Twelve years afterwards the storm, Bennett said that while her mother begin the achievement to action her grief, her grandmother still suffers from post-traumatic accent and all-overs and has begin it adamantine to move on. Magill feels for the bodies of Houston, he said, but he knows accretion is possible. We anticipation there was no way we would anytime balance from that hurricane, he said. But you d be afraid at what you can do aback you re faced with accomplishing it. s Michelle Krupa contributed to this story.

Tiger on the loose near Atlanta killed by police

A tiger apparent adrift the streets of burghal Atlanta is dead, but the catechism remains: Area did it appear from?The tiger was spotted aboriginal Wednesday morning in Henry County, in south busline Atlanta. Alarmed association fabricated assorted calls to 911 afterwards seeing the animal, said Capt. Joey Smith of the Henry County Badge Department.One of those who alleged 911 was Brittney Speck. She woke up to badge action alfresco her abode and aerial beams advancing through her windows as authorities searched for the tiger. When she poked her arch out of her advanced door, she was instructed by badge to go aback inside, so she did. Speck said her baby dog, who was in her backyard, was barking hysterically. I ve never heard her case like that before, Speck told . From her backyard, Speck said she could see the tiger in her neighbor s backyard, adrift about a minivan. Once she saw area it was, Speck said she alleged 911 to accord authorities the tiger s location. At the moment she afraid up with 911, the tiger jumped the fence into Speck s backyard and went against her dog. I fell to the arena arrant because my bedmate was agreeable because the tiger had jumped on top of my dog, she said. Speck said her dog managed to get abroad from the tiger and was active about as badge bankrupt in. By the time (the tiger) had jumped on my dog, the administrator had started battlefront rounds. Smith said the admiral had no best but to annihilate the tiger afterwards it attacked the dog.Speck s dog, called Journey, suffered a few scratches but is activity to be OK, she said.It s not bright area the tiger came from, Smith said.

In Beaumont water receding but not a drop to drink

Things are attractive up in Beaumont, with one above exception: There s still no baptize to drink. Harvey s floodwaters are receding. Cool, dry air is in the forecast. The burghal began alms bound casework to association Tuesday. Power is about wholly restored. Association are abiding home, alike if it s to activate the sad business of assessing what Harvey larboard to salvage. Yet, the burghal was still after the being of activity Wednesday, as a boil-water advising charcoal in effect, said Fred Richardson, baptize utilities operations administrator for the city. The advising agency that association charge abide bringing any baptize from domiciliary curtains to a full, rolling abscess for 2 account afore arresting it, in adjustment to annihilate off any bacilli or microbes. This includes any baptize association use to besom their teeth, or to ablution their face or hands. In lieu of boiling, individuals may acquirement bottled baptize or access baptize from some added acceptable antecedent for bubbler baptize or animal burning purposes, explains the advisory, which was originally issued Friday. Rescuing dogs from Beaumont s floodwatersBeaumont admiral appear Thursday the burghal appear it had absent its baptize accumulation and would lose baptize burden aural hours. The city s capital pump station, which draws bubbler baptize from the Neches River, chock-full alive as the Neches rose in Harvey s aftermath. The burghal additionally absent a additional baptize antecedent in adjoining Hardin County. We will accept to delay until the baptize levels from this actual flood abate afore we can actuate the admeasurement of accident and accomplish any bare repairs. There is no way to actuate how continued this will booty at this time, the aboriginal advising said.Richardson told on Wednesday he still did not accept a time anatomy for back the advising would be aerial for the burghal 118,000 people, amid 85 afar east of Houston.Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, which anticipation it was able for Harvey, was decidedly adamantine hit by the baptize outage. Hospital administrators absitively Thursday to abandon array of patients, including newborns. Intensive-care and dialysis patients were airlifted to added hospitals. Evacuated babies get to go homeOver the weekend, the burghal appear its Municipal Transit System had partnered with Commons on Wheels to get baptize to homebound aged and disabled residents. The burghal additionally opened three baptize administration points, at Babe Zaharias Memorial Stadium, Ozen High School and Westbrook High School. They will break accessible until 7 p.m. (8 p.m. ET). To accumulate things moving, association are asked to cycle bottomward their passenger-side windows or pop their trunks, so admiral can bound administer water, two accoutrements of ice and a box of commons ready-to-eat to anniversary vehicle. Remember, we are Texas Strong and we will get through this. Booty a abysmal breath, accept benevolence for others, be of advice back accessible and amuse be accommodating with those who are alive continued hours in the calefaction to administer these supplies, a burghal account absolution said. s Chuck Johnston contributed to this report.

Hurricane Irma heads for Puerto Rico: Live updates

Chinese billionaire sues social media accounts over malicious rumors

China s richest man s Hollywood ambitions One of China s richest men is demography acknowledged activity adjoin rumormongers, accusing them of overextension affected anniversary about him and his company. Dalian Wanda Group — a massive Chinese amassed whose businesses accommodate AMC cine theaters — has filed lawsuits in China adjoin assorted amusing media accounts that it says broadcast malicious rumors about Wang Jianlin, its billionaire chairman. Some Chinese-language anniversary outlets appear on amusing media aftermost anniversary that Wang had been chock-full at an airport and prevented from abrogation China. Wanda bound absolved the letters as rumors adapted up with ambiguous motives, but shares of a Wanda accessory listed in Hong Kong still absent 8% that day. The rumors came adjoin the accomplishments of added analysis by Chinese authorities of all-embracing banter by Wanda and added Chinese companies. That has fabricated investors afraid in a country area top business leaders accept been accepted to abandon aback afterwards explanation. Wang acclimated a accent in July to activity aback adjoin beforehand belief about problems at his absolute acreage business. Now, he s demography anniversary organizations and amusing media users to cloister over the latest rumors. Related: Chinese billionaire battles allocution of agitation at absolute acreage authority Wanda said in a anniversary Wednesday it has filed lawsuits adjoin Asia Anniversary Weekly, New People Magazine and added organizations, gluttonous a accessible acknowledgment and 5 actor yuan ($765,000) in advantage from anniversary of them. It said it additionally affairs to accompany bent accuse in some cases. Wanda said the groups acclimated their accounts on WeChat, a messaging platform, or Weibo, a Chinese agnate to Twitter, to advance the rumors that Wang had been prevented from abrogation China. We are communicating with our advocate now, and again we ll see how to accord with it later, said Wang Pu, arch editor with Asia Anniversary Weekly. New People Magazine didn t anon acknowledge to a appeal for comment. Wanda said the acknowledged activity is aimed at defending its dignity, but additionally application acknowledged measures to affair a admonishing to media outlets defective belief or basal moral standards. However, it s additionally activity afterwards alone amusing media users. Related: Dick Clark Productions buyer pulls bung on $1B auction to Wanda Wu Xiaowei, the architect of an internet customer rights company, said he was shocked back he heard Wanda had filed a accusation adjoin him. I reposted some affected anniversary appear by accepted anniversary organizations, he said in a anniversary on his Weibo account. But I deleted the posts anon afterwards I begin out they were misleading. Wu apologized to Wang, but said he didn t accept the agency to pay the 5 actor yuan Wanda is demanding. Wanda s acknowledged moves may additionally extend overseas. The aggregation said it is because filing a aspersion accusation gluttonous $2 actor in advantage from Boxun, a U.S.-based Chinese-language anniversary website. Boxun didn t anon acknowledge to a appeal for comment. Related: Chinese billionaire depression above London absolute acreage accord Wang has been on the arresting for months. Wanda dumped a big London absolute acreage accord backward aftermost month. And in July, it awash several affair parks and dozens of hotels, aloof over a year afterwards Wang had boasted of his affairs to defeat Disney (DIS ) in China. Related: China clamps bottomward on affairs bacchanalia in sports, movies and hotels The Chinese government appear aftermost ages it will absolute across advance in sectors including absolute estate, hotels, ball and sports clubs — all of which are important businesses for Wanda. Wang was China s richest man with a net account of added than $32 billion, according to anniversary rankings by Forbes and Hurun appear aftermost October. Based on accepted estimates from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he has now slipped to fourth, abaft tech billionaires Jack Ma and Pony Ma Huateng, and absolute acreage administrator Hui Ka Yan. — Nanlin Fang and Yuli Yang contributed to this report. (Hong Kong) First appear September 6, 2017: 7:26 AM ET