Elon Musk predicts World War III

Elon Musk: We should adapt AI to accumulate accessible safe Elon Musk spent allotment of his Labor Day weekend tweeting about Apple War III. Tesla (TSLA ) and SpaceX s CEO wasn t authoritative doomsday predictions because North Korea is testing nuclear weapons. What s got Musk abundant added afraid about apple war is bogus intelligence. North Korea should be low on our account of apropos for civilizational existential risk, Musk said in one of a alternation of posts on Twitter (TWTR , Tech30) aboriginal Monday. Competition for AI ahead at civic akin best acceptable account of WW3 imo, Musk said in addition tweet, application the Internet short-hand for in my opinion. The acute anticipation was in acknowledgment to a contempo animadversion from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Artificial intelligence is the approaching not alone of Russia but of all of mankind, Putin said. Whoever becomes the baton in this apple will become the adjudicator of the world. Related: These three countries are acceptable the all-around apprentice chase At the moment, the United States, China and India are the three countries arch the AI race, according to one top tech industry executive. But Musk believes others will try to bolt up by any agency possible. Govts don t charge to chase accustomed laws, he said in one tweet. They will access AI developed by companies at gunpoint, if necessary. In addition acknowledgment on Twitter, Musk speculated that an AI arrangement could accept to alpha a war if it decides that a prepemptive [sic] bang is best apparent aisle to victory. Musk has again issued warnings about the perils of AI, calling for new adjustment to accumulate the accessible safe. Related: Elon Musk s new plan to save altruism from AI In the process, Musk has clashed with at atomic one adolescent tech billionaire: Facebook (FB , Tech30) CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg alleged Musk s AI doomsday abode pretty irresponsible. Musk responded by calling Zuckerberg s compassionate of the affair limited. Musk has approved to abode his AI anxieties through two new ventures: OpenAI, a non-profit AI analysis company, and Neuralink, a startup architecture accessories to affix the animal academician with computers. I was aggravating to absolutely complete the anxiety on the AI advanced for absolutely a while, but it was acutely accepting no impact, he said in one account about the barrage of Neuralink. So I was like, Oh fine, okay, again we ll accept to try to advice advance it in a way that s good. (New York) First appear September 4, 2017: 11:36 AM ET

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