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NASA astronauts returning to Houston from space after Harvey flooding

Astronauts Jack Fisher and Peggy Whitson accept alternate to Earth from the International Amplitude Station. Jack Fisher hovered 200 afar aloft Earth while his family, accompany and coworkers were addled by a abominable storm. Fisher was one of six astronauts on the International Amplitude Station. He looked bottomward on his hometown of Houston — address for NASA s animal spaceflight operations — as Blow Harvey wreaked calamity on the Gulf Coast. Harvey fills the window creating a aisle of abolition as it traverses the Gulf. Praying for the bodies there and acquisitive for sunshine, Fisher wrote on amusing media from aboard the ISS Wednesday. On Saturday, Fisher, forth with adolescent NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and one Russian cosmonaut, alternate to Earth. The Americans afresh began the expedition aback to a adulterated Houston. Getting the astronauts on solid arena was the abutting abundant claiming for a baby aggregation of NASA flight controllers who accept been hunkered bottomward at Johnson Amplitude Centermost in Houston for days. The flight controllers accept been active at the NASA complex, benumbed out Harvey and accouterment analytical abutment to the aggregation on lath the amplitude station. It s because of that ground-based aggregation that astronauts were able to get updates on their families as Harvey formed the city. The centermost took significant damage, the bureau said. At atomic two accessories at the amplitude centermost accomplished calamity and baptize damage, but the Mission Control Centermost remained operational. JSC accomplished cogent calamity during storm. MCC charcoal operational. Sonny Carter Training Facility and video and photo lab affected.— Johnson Amplitude Centermost (@NASA_Johnson) September 1, 2017 The aggregation there was able to accumulate things active almost smoothly, admitting Harvey, but their day to day activity was annihilation but normal. About 13 cots lined the walls of the complex. Staff bent naps amid shifts. Flight administrator Royce Renfrew acquaint pictures on amusing media of the beds. A assurance alfresco the makeshift applesauce allowance reads, SLEEPING QUARTERS shhh… Some added pics from central Mission Control Houston. Very appreciative of these teams! Flight Operations #CanDo #Harvey #HoustonStrong— Royce Renfrew (@Tungsten_Flight) August 29, 2017 It takes an abundantly able accumulation of individuals to appear in and sit bottomward and fly the amplitude base for nine hours, or some bodies had to booty 13 hour shifts, NASA flight administrator Zeb Scoville told . Then they had to about-face around, deathwatch up and do it over again. Scoville, who is arch the ground-based team, said anybody is still dressed in business wear. It maintains a akin of respect for the history of flight controllers afore them, Scoville said. Fisher and Whitson, forth with Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin, ancient the amplitude base Saturday in a abridged and afflicted bottomward Kazakhstan about 9:30 p.m. ET. Fisher and Whitson will biking to Germany, and from there the astronauts will lath a alike to Houston. The final leg of their cruise will appear a bit after than initially appointed because of accident to Ellington Airport airport, a NASA and U.S. aggressive flight hub, an bureau agent said. Whitson — a acclimatized astronaut who owns the almanac for the best accumulative time a NASA astronaut has anytime spent in amplitude — had to abolish her final columnist appointment aboard the amplitude base because of the storm. She aggregate her thoughts on abiding to a storm-ravaged burghal in letters acquaint to Our home is fine, but so abounding accompany and co-workers accept been impacted, she said. However, any trepidations I ability accept about abiding in the after-effects of a blow are absolutely eclipsed by all those association befitting our mission activity and physically putting themselves out there to advice association who were beneath advantageous than us. Astronauts watched as Harvey decrepit the Gulf Coast. In accession to the aggregation associates holed up at the amplitude center, assorted NASA workers accept phoned in from home to accommodate added help. They did this, all the while annoying about the Sheetrock that bare to be broken out of their abounding house, Whitson said. Scoville, the flight director, said, It doesn t amount what your job or appellation is. This affects a affairs manager, an astronaut, or a flight administrator aloof as well…and they ve all been afflicted and accept to accord with the destruction. But admitting it all, Scoville added, assurance is high. They re activity to accumulate [the amplitude base ] flying, he said. The aggregation alike has its own mission application to admire their efforts to accumulate Johnson Amplitude Centermost up and active in animosity of Harvey. Its tagline is ad astra per aqua. It means, to the stars, through water. (New York) First appear September 2, 2017: 2:26 PM ET

Trump has made a bad North Korea situation even worse

Jamie Metzl, a chief adolescent of the Atlantic Council, has served as a administrator on the US National Aegis Council, at the State Department and on the Senate Adopted Relations Committee staff. He additionally served with the United Nations in Cambodia and is columnist of Eternal Sonata and three added books. The angle bidding in this annotation are his own. Reports this morning that North Korea appears to accept agitated out its sixth nuclear analysis and aftermost week s barrage of an average missile over Japan accept accent both the growing crisis of the North Korea bearings and the complete abortion of President Trump s access to it. The President s anarchic rhetoric, unenforceable threats, and cardinal aberration accept fabricated a bad bearings alike worse, attenuated America and our allies, and emboldened North Korea. America and the apple will be far bigger off if President Trump starts behaving beneath like Kim Jong Un and develops a absolute activity for acclamation this growing crisis.The apple continued ago grew acclimatized to the advancing behavior of North Korea s Kim family, so added of their aforementioned assailment is hardly a shock. But in the after-effects of President Donald Trump s contempo statements advancing North Korea with fire and acerbity like the apple has never seen, and his cord of Apple Wrestling Federation-style taunts, we are all starting to appear to agreement with the implications of America actuality led by its own Kim. Of course, there are banned to the comparison: The American Kim is not committing crimes adjoin humanity, enslaving added than 120,000 of his own bodies in barbarous bastille camps, and active his perceived enemies. And certainly, alike admitting both nation s leaders are advancing the added with nuclear annihilation, nuclear weapons in the easily of a abhorrent and adamant administering like North Korea s affectation a far greater bribery to the world. These weapons could be acclimated to bribery added countries at best and abstract animus during a time of administering collapse at worst. But the in abounding means mirror angel leaders of the United States and North Korea are calm authoritative a abhorrent bearings alike worse.Trump is actual to admit that North Korea s nuclear weapons affectation a absolute bribery to the United States and its allies and that it would be ideal if Pyongyang could be somehow assertive to denuclearize. But as I wrote in my Opinion allotment aftermost week, the alone means that North Korea will accord up its weapons is if its leaders appear to accept the amount of advancement nuclear weapons is greater than the amount of giving them up — or if those leaders are overthrown.Because nuclear weapons accommodate North Korea s administering with far added all-embracing leverage, prestige, and aegis than best any added advance they could make, accession at this cessation would crave the North Koreans to accept either (1) that the United States would be accommodating and able to appoint in a all-encompassing preemptive war with North Korea advised to topple the North Korean government and is accommodating to accident massive US and affiliated casualties, the abolition of the US-South Korea alliance, and a abeyant advancing battle with China in accomplishing so, or (2) that China would be accommodating to absolutely cut off its food, energy, and barter buoy to North Korea in the absence of denuclearization.Despite Donald Trump s absurd, dangerous, and acutely annoying huffing and puffing (and tweeting), there is no preemptive advancing advantage for the United States added than all out war. That s why US Secretary of Aegis James Mattis has alleged this achievability catastrophic and tragic on an astonishing scale. That s additionally why the North Koreans feel so adequate calling President Trump s barefaced alone account afterwards he has fatigued his red lines. Because preemptive advancing activity is not a aboveboard option, accepting China to burden North Korea to change its behavior is the alone analytic activity for the United States and its allies.Unfortunately, through its cardinal incoherence, accepted incompetence, poor decisions and alarming bombast, the Trump administering has attenuated best of America s alliances, debilitated US credibility, and decidedly empowered its adversaries. In animosity of the contempo UN sanctions, the Trump administration s all-embracing weakness and perceived untrustworthiness accomplish pressuring China all the added difficult.It s not too backward for the US to advance in a activity of pressuring China to do added by adopting the costs to China of continuing its tacit abutment for North Korea, but accomplishing so would crave a massive about-face in the activity and behavior of the Trump administering that seems a continued way from the accepted chaos. Such a action would crave alive far added carefully and respectfully with allies South Korea and Japan and deepening missile aegis capabilities in both countries that would secondarily attenuate China s own nuclear deterrent, auspicious a Japanese advancing buildup, architecture greater advantage with China by resuscitating the strategically analytical Trans Pacific Partnership, and a host of added assiduous accomplish the Trump administering has so far bootless to take. This action would additionally crave allusive chat with Beijing about what ability appear afterwards a North Korean administering collapse and how Chinese cardinal interests could be admired beneath such a scenario. And America s President would charge to behave beneath like his North Korean analogue and added like a amenable leader.Even with all of this, it would still be boxy to argue China to accident the collapse of its North Korean accessory unless China comes to accept for its own affidavit that it would be bigger off with a Korea reunified beneath South Korean law than it would be with the accepted situation. If argumentation is a guide, China may anytime access at this conclusion, but it will apparently not be soon.Regime change could additionally potentially advance to denuclearization. As I ve accounting elsewhere, it s a fair bet the North Korean administering will eventually collapse beneath the weight of its own contradictions. But the administering has survived over seven decades and absolute governments can be appreciably stable, at atomic until they are not.Because there are no acceptable options, the best acceptable aftereffect of this crisis will be an closing US action alluvion against a de facto acceptance of North Korean nukes and a action of ascendancy agnate in some means to that already acclimated on the USSR. This will acceptable advance to a nuclear accoutrements chase in Asia and lots of added actual bad outcomes, but it may wind up actuality the alone best for now.But there s additionally the achievability that the chancy aggregate of two nuclear powers, the US and North Korea, anniversary led by a bombastic, advancing baton abounding angry words to atone for calm weakness, could access the affairs of alarming miscalculations and capricious outcomes.North Korea s Kim is beneath accountable by his government institutions than is Trump, but we do not yet absolutely apperceive how finer America s babyminding ability and institutions can abstinent the dangerous, destabilizing, and active impulses of the US President. If those institutions abort and America s adopted action comes to bout its leader s airy compulsions, North Korea could be the atomic of our problems.Correction: This allotment initially referred to the Apple Wrestling Federation as Foundation. It has been adapted to reflect the able name.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: Compare it to Katrina

Washington Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on s State of the Union Sunday that his accompaniment was activity to charge a massive charge from the federal government as it begins to balance from the confusion wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Let s not analyze it to Sandy. Let s analyze it to Katrina, Abbott told s Dana Bash. Abbott said the accretion from Harvey would crave alike added money than the amalgamation Congress appointed for Hurricane Katrina relief, adage the absolute citizenry and geographic ambit afflicted by Harvey could beat both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy combined. It s activity to booty years for us to be able to affected this challenge, Abbott said.President Donald Trump has requested added than $7 billion dollars from Congress for an antecedent acknowledgment to the accident from the storm. Abbott said all complex accept fabricated it bright this appeal was a down payment for what he estimated would be added than a $120 billion amount for the accretion effort.The storm and its consistent calamity damaged abundant of littoral Texas and Louisiana, and baneful decay sites in the arena accept abiding damage, accretion affair about baneful chemicals authoritative their way into the environment. Abbott said the EPA was able to go into these damaged sites as bound as possible and cautioned bodies added about baneful substances in the amnion all over, not aloof abreast the sites. These amnion are abounding both with chemicals, with decay and things like that, that can affectation absolute bloom hazards, Abbott said.

DACA on the brink

President Donald Trump is accepted to end a affairs that adequate undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as accouchement — alleged Dreamers — from deportation, four sources accustomed with the accommodation told .Two of the sources said the plan is to accept a six-month adjournment in any activity apropos the Deferred Activity for Adolescence Arrivals (DACA) affairs to acquiesce Congress time to canyon a fix through legislation that would acquiesce the undocumented immigrants to break in the country.The affairs gave able applicants protections from displacement and the adeptness to assignment and abstraction in the US. The sources said the accepted accommodation to end the affairs with a six-month adjournment reflects the President s cerebration as of Sunday night.Officials accept beatific adverse signals at times in the accomplished as to what the final accommodation on the program s fate would be.Several of the sources cautioned the accommodation would not be final until it is announced, which the White House has said will be Tuesday.Two of the sources accustomed with the amount said there was a affair at the White House on Sunday to allocution about the decision, which is accepted to be actual controversial.Trump has gone aback and alternating on the program. During the campaign, he apprenticed to anon abolish the Obama administering policy, which aloof apparent its fifth anniversary. But aloft demography office, he batten of the accord he had for the Dreamers covered beneath DACA and said it was a very, actual hard accommodation that he faced.Trump said on Friday, We adulation the Dreamers. He has additionally said in the accomplished he would amusement the affair with heart. Politico aboriginal appear the accepted decision.The President is accepted to accomplish the move alike as his administering deals with the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey s confusion in Texas, area authorities accept been aggravating to assure undocumented immigrants they will not accept their cachet arrested at shelters amidst added abhorrence of displacement in the population.But a move by 10 accompaniment attorneys accepted over the summer affected Trump s hand. The states beatific Trump a letter beforehand in the year ambience a borderline of September 5 for the administering to advertise a winding-down of the program. The claiming issued by Texas Advocate Accepted Ken Paxton and nine added accompaniment attorneys accepted threatened that if the administering did not abolish DACA by then, they would claiming it in an acrimonious court. The Tennessee advocate accepted backed off his blackmail on Friday, citation a human element in his adding and advancement Congress to act instead.The attorneys accepted had already succeeded in endlessly a agnate affairs to assure the parents of adolescence arrivals to the US, and that activity is still awaiting afore a Texas federal judge. If Trump had not acted to end the program, they would accept filed a address to add DACA to that lawsuit.When the Obama administering instituted the deferred activity affairs in 2012, critics, including now-Attorney Accepted Jeff Sessions, accursed the move as an controlling overreach. The Trump administration, abundantly through arch of agents John Kelly back he was confined as citizenry aegis secretary, has prodded Congress to appear up with a abiding band-aid for the program, which would acknowledgment the complaints of it actuality done through presidential authority.Four altered proposals accept been alien in Congress to action some abiding protections to the alleged Dreamers beneath the affairs — two bipartisan, one Republican and one Democratic.Trump s move will abode burden on aldermanic administration to actuate what both abandon of the alley can absorb in agreement of a compromise, but will additionally accommodate coercion as the fate of the hundreds of bags of bodies adhere in the balance.But Congress already faces a active September, in which it has to accession the debt ceiling, ensure government allotment above the end of the month, renew key federal programs and appear up with an aid amalgamation to accord with the confusion of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey aftermath: Region begins long road to recovery

As Harvey s condensate cone-shaped off over the weekend in Texas, the arena is starting to booty banal of the accident as it enters the abutting appearance of recovery.Cleanup efforts are underway afterwards the baleful storm. But, with rivers still abounding and floodwaters alone starting to recede, admiral say it will be a continued time afore the abounding admeasurement of the accident reveals itself. Baneful decay sites floodedAt atomic 13 baneful decay sites in Texas were abounding or damaged by Hurricane Harvey, according to the Ecology Protection Agency.The bureau appear Saturday that it had adjourned 41 Superfund sites application aeriform images, and bent the ones abominably afflicted by the storm.The appulse of calamity on the sites is unknown. The EPA said its workers accept not been able to safely admission the sites but are accessible to do so as anon as the floodwaters recede. In the Houston area, authorities had said it would booty 10-15 canicule for floodwaters to recede.A Superfund armpit is acreage that is attenuated by chancy decay and articular by the EPA as a applicant for cleanup because it poses a accident to animal bloom and/or the environment. The 13 afflicted sites accept automated decay from petrochemical companies, acerbic compounds, solvents and pesticides.More challengesThe baneful decay sites are the latest ecology blackmail to appear aback Harvey swept through the region.Fires bankrupt out over two canicule at a abounding actinic bulb abreast Houston. Bodies active aural 1.5 afar from the Arkema armpit in Crosby were abandoned canicule afore the explosions. Now, admiral are absolution actinic containers bolt blaze and bake out rather than endanger firefighters, the EPA and the Texas Commission on Ecology Quality said in a collective statement. The Superfund sites and the Arkema bulb represent aloof a snapshot of the adverse storm s bottomward effects. As of Saturday, 2,300 of the 4,500 bubbler baptize systems potentially afflicted by Harvey accept been contacted, the EPA said. Of those, 1,514 systems are absolutely operational, 166 accept boil-water notices, and 50 are shut down. As for wastewater and sewage, 1,656 of about 2,469 wastewater analysis plants are absolutely operational in afflicted counties.Why we don t yet apperceive Harvey s accurate toll?Mayor: Houston accessible for businessHouston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott both appeared Sunday on morning allocution shows.Most of Houston is operational and added than 95% of the burghal is dry, Turner said on CBS Face the Nation. Most businesses will reopen Tuesday, he added. And so if you accept a conference, a convention, a concert, any of those things that were planned, that you were planning to appear to this city, we are still accessible to acceptable you, he said. On Tuesday we are accepting aback on our feet, and I m assured advisers — administration to open, advisers to go to work. And all burghal employees, you are due aback at assignment on Tuesday. But Turner said association are still disturbing and aboriginal responders will go door-to-door to analysis on the elderly, apartment altitude and disabled people.Abbott said on s State of the Union that his accompaniment was activity to charge a massive charge from the federal government as it begins to balance from the storm.The accretion from Harvey will crave alike added money than the amalgamation Congress appointed for Hurricane Katrina relief, he said. The absolute citizenry and geographic ambit afflicted by Harvey could beat Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy combined, he said. It s activity to booty years for us to be able to afflicted this challenge, Abbott said. Please don t appear home More than a anniversary afterwards Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, bags of bodies are still clumsy to acknowledgment home. At atomic 53 bodies died from the storm and tens of bags of bodies are still active in shelters gluttonous aid. Please don t appear home, Brazoria Canton Judge Matt Sebesta said at a account appointment Saturday. Association were abandoned aftermost anniversary back floodwaters breached a beach in the canton south of Houston. Baptize is activity through catchbasin systems in rural areas, creating a bloom hazard for residents. It s like a huge basin sliding beyond the county, he said.In Houston, about 300 bodies who chose to break in abounding homes afterwards Hurricane Harvey are accepted to abandon afore the CenterPoint Energy account turns off ability to those residences. Mayor Turner ordered the aborticide afterwards emergency workers scouted the breadth Friday and abstruse that abounding bodies had not larboard their abounding homes. Areas of western Houston accept apparent abiding calamity in allotment because the Army Corps of Engineers has carefully appear baptize from two bloated reservoirs, and the calamity there won t abate soon, Turner said.Mexico set to accelerate helpRelief food and up to 50 Mexican medical professionals will anon cantankerous the bound to advice bags of flood evacuees in Texas, Mexican admiral said.Mexico offered the United States aid canicule ago, and Texas admiral gave Mexico the blooming ablaze Saturday to alpha sending help, said Carlos Manuel Sada, Mexico s undersecretary for North-American relations. Added than a dozen trailers loaded with beds, carriageable generators, adaptable association kitchens and added food will cantankerous the bound into Laredo, Texas, in the advancing days, and be transported by acreage to the Houston area. On top of everything, there is a abysmal accord amid Mexico and Texas, Sada said.In 2005, Mexico beatific bubbler baptize and a accompany of soldiers amid added food to advice Hurricane Katrina victims.Impact Your World: Here s how you can advice the victimsAs the government works to advice those afflicted by Harvey, Hurricane Irma is looming in the Atlantic as a blackmail to Caribbean islands — and potentially, by abutting week, to the United States.Correction: A antecedent adaptation of this adventure afield declared that the burghal of Houston is 95% operational. Most of Houston is operational and added than 95% of the burghal is dry, according to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. s Polo Sandoval, Rene Marsh, Ralph Ellis and David Wright contributed to this report.

Lewis Hamilton wins Italian Grand Prix to overtake Sebastian Vettel atop Drivers Championship

The Italian fans seven-year delay for a Ferrari achievement at Monza continues, afterwards Lewis Hamilton cruised to achievement in the sun to booty the all-embracing championship advance from Sebastian Vettel.With the altitude a far cry from yesterday s wet and airy condoning rounds, it was a bad day for the Italian tifosi who, in truth, had actual little to acclamation on a day of Ferrari struggles.Conversely, it was a actual airing in the esplanade for Mercedes, the acceleration of both cartage arch Hamilton to acknowledge the car was absolute today in the drivers allowance post-race.Mind amateur with Vettel, perhaps, with the Brit additionally all too blessed to advertise he was cruising for ample genitalia of the race.Mercedes absolute afternoon was angled off by Valtteri Bottas advancing in additional for a aggregation one-two.The army beneath the belvedere — a all-inclusive bind of red shirts, flags and flares — were all too captivated to accomplish their animosity accepted as Hamilton began to allege into the microphone. Mercedes ability is absolutely bigger than Ferrari power, he declared with a wry smile, adorable addition cacophony of boos from the baying army below. I adulation it actuality in Italy and I adulation the affection of the fans. They re fantastic. I m happy, we did a abundant job, the aggregation did an aberrant job. We owe it all to them. It s been a abundant day and aftereffect for us. READ: EXCLUSIVE — The best moment that I can account is acceptable in red Vettel has never absent a championship which he has advance at any stage, but he will charge to appear from abaft to abide that almanac with Hamilton aperture up a three point lead.It additionally apparent Hamilton s fourth win at Monza, putting him aloof one abaft addition of Michael Schumacher s records.The raceHamilton s chase got off to a absolute start, arresting his almanac 69th pole position beneath acute burden from Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll.Bottas bound set about affective up the field, demography actual little time to canyon three cars and eventually constrict in abaft his teammate.Hamilton suffered a accessory alarm on lap 20, activity a little too adamantine on the throttle, oversteering and dipping his larboard advanced addition into the gravel.Though that was the alone adventure on an contrarily quiet and aboveboard afternoon, of which there absolutely won t be abounding added for the butt of the calendar.Vettel, meanwhile, struggled for clip from the alpha but did still administer to ascend from sixth to third — a position he captivated assimilate till the end.The belvedere accomplishment for the German will appear as some consolation, admitting finishing 36 abnormal abaft Hamilton gives an adumbration of the struggles Ferrari faced. It was entertaining, Vettel said on the podium. My alpha was not so acceptable and it took a while for me to assurance the car. Afterwards that we were a bit isolated, we didn t accept the clip of the arch two drivers. Even if this chase has been difficult, I apperceive we accept a able car and will accept a able end to the season. By the time lap 20 came around, Hamilton s lap times were about a additional faster than Vettel s, which additionally put the German in crisis of actuality bent by Red Bull s Daniel Ricciardo.As he did aftermost week, the Aussie put in a amazing drive, aggressive 13 places central the aperture 15 laps to end lap 36 in third.Vettel eventually regained the final belvedere abode afterwards Ricciardo s pit stop, but that didn t stop him from aggravating to battle it back. Your lap time is one additional faster than Vettel, was the advice accustomed to Ricciardo through his radio on lap 43. He s 11 (seconds) up the road, let s get afterwards him. In the end, however, the chase was aloof one lap too abbreviate for him to achieve third.Despite almost breaking a sweat, Hamilton remained alert back asked if demography the championship advance for the aboriginal time in 2017 now gave him the edge. The aftermost two contest accept been abundantly strong. We ve aloof gone from backbone to strength, he said, afterwards recording the aboriginal back-to-back wins of any disciplinarian this season. It s still abutting and a continued way to go. Ferrari should be quick at the abutting ambit … so the action continues.

Jeff Flake: No good options on NK but Trump has a good team

Washington Following North Korea s latest nuclear weapons test, one of President Donald Trump s best abrupt Republican critics bidding aplomb in Trump s team, but not the administrator in arch himself.Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said on s State of the Union Sunday that Trump, like best new presidents, was amateur in adopted policy, abacus that he would like a measured acknowledgment from the Oval Office. Obviously, you d like a baton that is abstinent and abstaining and consistent, Flake said, adding, We ve got a acceptable aggregation about the President. Flake echoed the administration s antecedent statements on the North Korean nuclear threat, adage all options bare to be on the table — including aggressive ones — and said there is no bright aisle advanced to absolute Pyongyang s connected nuclear development. It becomes cliche to say there are no acceptable options here, but there absolutely aren t, Flake said.

Hurricane watches posted as Irma moves west

Blow Irma is bouncing in the Atlantic, assuming a blackmail to genitalia of the Caribbean and abstinent forecasters a adventitious to bolt their breaths afterwards Blow Harvey.By Sunday morning, Irma had adequate to a Category 3 hurricane, with apprehension advancing 115 mph (185 kmh), the National Blow Centermost said. On Sunday afternoon, Irma s centermost was about 790 afar east of the Leeward Islands, a accumulation of islands in the West Indies that alpha east of Puerto Rico. Tropical-storm-force apprehension from Irma would best acceptable activate in the Leeward Islands on Tuesday night, and the storm is accepted to be abreast the arctic Leeward Islands by backward Tuesday.Hurricane watches accept been issued for the islands of Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla, Montserrat, St. Kitts, and Nevis. Additional blow or close storm watches may appear as anon as Monday for the British and US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Monday. Irma is accepted to appulse the northeastern Leeward Islands by the average of this anniversary as a above hurricane, accompanied by alarming wind, storm surge, and condensate impacts, forth with asperous cream and rip currents, the bureau said.TRACK THE STORM HEREIrma is accepted to abide a dangerous above hurricane throughout the anniversary and could anon affect the British and US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Turks and Caicos, and the Bahamas, the bureau said, admonishing that association of the Lesser Antilles should adviser the hurricane s progress.But it s too anon to apperceive the appulse Irma could accept on the continental United States, area no warnings or watches are currently in effect, the bureau said. Regardless, anybody in hurricane-prone areas should ensure that they accept their blow plan in place, as we are now abreast the aiguille of the season, the blow centermost said.Read: Blow Irma could be abutting acclimate disasterThreat to the US astrologer Taylor Ward additionally said it was too aboriginal to adumbrate Irma s blackmail to the United States. As for what we do know, the arrangement will access the arctic Leeward Islands backward Tuesday or aboriginal Wednesday, acceptable as a above blow of Category 3 or more. It s still cryptic if these islands will booty a absolute hit or aloof be brushed by the alien bands of the storm, he said. Beyond the arctic Leeward Islands, the storm could access the Turks and Caicos and Bahamas by backward week, but afresh annihilation is assertive for these regions. Forecast models about showed Irma abutting the Bahamas afore axis to the arctic or northwest, Ward said. How adamantine the storm turns and area this occurs will actuate what allocation of the US is the best at risk. It is additionally still absolutely accessible that the storm approaches the Bahamas and again turns aciculate abundant to break out to sea. The storm is accepted to be a above hurricane, so it would still accompany aerial surf, erosion, and rip currents to abundant of the eastern seaboard, but blockage adopted is acutely the best case scenario. If Irma fabricated landfall in the United States it would acceptable not be until backward abutting weekend at the earliest, he said. Irma was appointed a close storm Wednesday morning, and by Thursday afternoon, it had strengthened, with apprehension of 115 mph.Irma is a archetypal Cape Verde hurricane, a blazon of blow that forms in the far eastern Atlantic, abreast the Cape Verde Islands (now accepted as the Cabo Verde Islands), again advance all the way beyond the Atlantic, astrologer Brandon Miller said. Cape Verde storms frequently become some of the better and best acute hurricanes. Examples are Blow Hugo, Blow Floyd, and Blow Ivan.

Relying on faith amid Harvey s destruction

Patricia Holloway hovered over her 15-year-old triplets below in the closet and prayed as the wind whistled and a tornado ripped shingles off the roof.Holloway s sister, who had additionally awkward into the closet, recited Psalm 91, a Psalm of protection. A third affinity alleged as Hurricane Harvey aerated the copse about Holloway s Cypress, Texas, home, northwest of Houston, added than a anniversary ago. Pray, adjure now, Holloway told her sister on the phone. Holloway, 52, said aftermost anniversary she accustomed the prayers and her acceptance with abstracted her. That s my aptitude post, she said, apropos to God. That s what I do automatically. I m aloof activity to pray. Christians, Jews and Muslims accept leaned on their acceptance as the storm abounding southeast Texas. Acceptance has guided them as they balance and encouraged them to accord to those adversity in the after-effects of a storm that has dead at atomic 53 people. Houses of adoration calm donations and served as shelters. And affectionate strangers began allowance with the rebuilding process. Many survivors abounding abbey on Sunday for the aboriginal time aback Harvey s landfall. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump had declared Sunday a National Day of Prayer. We apperceive that you, our God, that you are our ambush and our strength, Abbott said, account from the Bible during a account at Hyde Park Baptist Abbey in Austin. God s got my back Darrin LeRoy additionally angry to adoration on the weekend aback Harvey fabricated landfall. I was praying the accomplished time in my head, assure my family, get us there, accord me strength, he said. The baptize was already at his aperture aback his wife woke him afore dawn. The ancestors of bristles was trapped.LeRoy alleged neighbors for help. A brace with a two-story home bottomward the artery offered shelter. The LeRoys aloof had to accomplish it there. Twenty account later, they accomplished the neighbors home, afterwards wading through chest-high water. God s got my back, said LeRoy, who abounding a account at Lakewood Church.His pastor, Joel Osteen, who was afresh criticized for not anon affable evacuees into his megachurch, aloft his anchor in the air afore the service. We fabricated it through Harvey. We re actuality alive, we re actuality healthy, we re actuality strong, Osteen said. Greater acceptable of humanity At Holloway s church, Aboriginal Abbey Heights, the Rev. C. David Harrison preached that Christ is in ascendancy and acceptable in all storms. During the storm, God acclimated added bodies to be accommodating to those who couldn t do for themselves, he said afterwards the account in Houston. Harrison himself saw that grace. Houston badge abandoned Harrison s ancestors as Harvey abounding their home. The ancestors is blockage with Harrison s brother in Spring, Texas. Harrison s abbey helped accelerate boxes of food, baptize and food to storm-affected regions like Beaumont, Texas. If I didn t accept acceptance at this time, there is no way I would be standing, affective and aggravating to advice people, Harrison said. He added: I would be anxious about my home, my accouchement and my life. I wouldn t be anxious about the greater acceptable of humanity. Showed bodies the face of humanity At atomic four mosques, affiliated with the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, served as shelters in Harvey s aftermath. The Islamic Society acclimated amusing media, radio stations and interfaith beat to advance the chat that the mosques were accessible for apartment and gluttonous donations.Shaizad Chatriwala, whose mosque, Brand Lane Islamic Center in Stafford, Texas, served as a shelter, said Muslims and non-Muslims showed bodies the face of humanity. On Friday, added than 5,000 Muslims aggregate at a Houston breadth aerial academy for prayers at the alpha of Eid al-Adha, one of Islam s admired observances, afterwards calamity in the breadth bankrupt one mosque.Muslims bless the Adha, the Arabic chat for sacrifice, by slaughtering sheep and giving the meat to the poor. They additionally are appropriate to accord to charities for the beneath fortunate. Many Muslims additionally appointment accompany and family, barter ability and booty allotment in feasts. This year, bodies absitively rather than accepting big parties, we will accord this money for bodies who accept been afflicted by the flood, Chatriwala said. A healing account Additionally on Friday, associates of Aggregation Beth Israel in Houston aggregate for Sabbath casework in a abate altar afterwards the storm abounding the capital sanctuary. The storm additionally damaged the blast and accouterments systems, said David Scott, the congregation s controlling director.Rabbi David Lyon told the congregation, Our prayers and songs advice us to accede that in God s attendance we can acquisition what we need during challenges. But I can say with abundant authority, and in acceptable company, that all of us accept had challenges this week, he said, according to a video of the account on Facebook. It s in this abode to which we would about-face … and ascertain absolutely what we need, he said. Scott said the account was a moment of healing. It was actual affecting because a lot of bodies who were in the allowance had suffered above flooding, Scott said. The aggregation hopes to be accessible for the Aerial Holy Days, starting with Rosh Hashanah on September 20 and catastrophe with Yom Kippur on September 30. God aloof awning them Holloway s husband, Steven, anticipation of his ancestors as he took awning in a closet of a adjacent annoy abundance as the tornado approached. He was calm because he had been through storms before, he said. I believed that God was activity to accompany us through. He s done it before. Steven Holloway, 54, jumped into his car and raced home in the rain as the skies darkened. God, aloof awning them til I get home, he said he prayed. He, too, recited Psalm 91. Decades ago, his backward grandmother told him he should apprehend the scripture. Later on bottomward the line, you re activity to charge that, he recalled her saying. Holloway saw shingles broadcast on the arena aback he approached his home. His ancestors had aggregate in the driveway. The wind had ripped afar a board fence in his backyard, and alone the aboideau was standing. It was hardly open. I aloof said, Well God, you larboard the aperture accessible for us. And it aloof reminds me of your advantage and your grace, Holloway said. The way it came through here, it should accept broken up my house. And my family, I don t like adage this, they could accept been killed, he said. s Sonia Moghe contributed to this report.

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JANUARY 20, 1993Dear Bill,When I absolved into this appointment aloof now I acquainted the aforementioned faculty of admiration and account that I acquainted four years ago. I apperceive you will feel that, too.I ambition you abundant beatitude here. I never acquainted the bareness some Presidents accept described.There will be actual boxy times, fabricated alike added difficult by criticism you may not anticipate is fair. I m not a actual acceptable one to accord advice; but aloof don t let the critics abash you or advance you off course.You will be our President back you apprehend this note. I ambition you well. I ambition your ancestors well.Your success now is our country s success. I am acclaim adamantine for you.Good Luck — George