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US has direct channels to Pyongyang Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says

Washington Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Saturday that the US has absolute curve of advice to North Korea, and his actual ambition is to calm things down in the all-embracing collision over the country s nuclear weapons program.Tillerson was responding to a catechism at a account appointment in Beijing about whether the North Koreans absolutely appetite to allocution afore commutual their weapons development program. We are probing, so break tuned, Tillerson replied. We ask, Would you like to talk? We accept curve of communications to Pyongyang. We re not in a aphotic bearings or a blackout. We accept a brace of absolute channels to Pyongyang. We can allocution to them. We do allocution to them. Directly, through our own channels. Tillerson additionally said the administration s ambition with account to North Korea is accord and stability. We ve fabricated it bright that we achievement to boldness this through talks, he said, emphasizing the arch cold is a peaceful resolution. I anticipate the best actual activity that we charge is to calm things down, Tillerson added. They re a little overheated appropriate now, and I anticipate we charge to calm them bottomward first. Asked if that included toning bottomward President Donald Trump s ablaze rhetoric, Tillerson said: I anticipate the accomplished bearings is a bit overheated appropriate now. I anticipate anybody would like for it to calm down. Obviously, it would advice if North Korea would stop battlefront off missiles, he said. That would calm things bottomward a lot. Tillerson was in Beijing for a affair with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to altercate North Korea and added issues, as able-bodied as to lay the background for Trump s planned appointment to China in aboriginal November.

Democrat with Puerto Rico ties: Trump response disgraceful

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Friday bankrupt bottomward in tears while anecdotic the acute bearings in Puerto Rico and acutely criticized President Donald Trump for his administration s acknowledgment so far to the after-effects of Hurricane Maria. It s a blameworthy job, said Gutierrez, who has ancestors in the US territory. The United States of America is the best powerful, wealthiest country in the world. And this is not a acknowledgment that s affectionate of our ability and our wealth. It s costing lives, Mr. President, of accouchement and the aged and the infirm, he added. Trump, beforehand Friday, vowed connected abutment from the federal government for the advancing abatement and accretion efforts in Puerto Rico and accustomed his administration s acknowledgment to the devastation It s been absolute devastation, Trump said. But I anticipate it s activity absolutely well, considering. Trump accepted the federal adversity acknowledgment aggregation that s alive to advice the island recover, including his FEMA ambassador and acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, who begin herself accused of aloofness afterwards she alleged Puerto Rico a good account story on Thursday. The accident of life, it s consistently tragic, Trump said. But it s been incredible. The after-effects that we ve had with account to accident of activity — bodies can t accept how acknowledged that has been, almost speaking. But Gutierrez had added acicular criticism for the President, suggesting he care to arrange the aggressive armament with which he has threatened to totally destroy North Korea to aid the afflicted island. The command has to appear from Washington, D.C., from the commander-in-chief, and I would achievement that as he brand to allocution about the blaze and the acerbity of the armed armament of the United States, that he accompany them to Puerto Rico, said the congressman. With that aforementioned blaze and acerbity to save the bodies of Puerto Rico from what is activity to be a adversity actuality in this island. I appetite everybody to understand, you re alert to me. This is a mirage, he added. What you see actuality with me is not the absoluteness of the bodies of Puerto Rico. I ve been actuality a few hours. I m activity to be fine. But the bodies of Puerto Rico are not.

A sunken warship a lost hero and the discovery that reunited an American family

As Tony King tells his story, he pauses often. His anamnesis is still sharp, but the words don t appear easily. Maybe it s because he is axis 92. Or maybe he aloof hasn t talked about that day in a actual continued time.Only 19 men still active — King amid them — apperceive absolutely how the affliction abundant on July 30, 1945, the day two Japanese torpedoes addled the USS Indianapolis.But King never had abundant absorption in reliving it, his ancestors say. He never capital to altercate the horrors he and his shipmates endured as they floated for about bristles canicule in shark-ridden waters, cat-and-mouse for rescue.That is, until now. As s cameras roll, King recounts the affliction still lamented as one of the affliction disasters in US argosy history. While he speaks, his family, tucked secretly abaft a bank of architecture exhibits, hangs on every word.They absent blow with the Apple War II adept in 1981. Since then, they ve searched for him on and off, trolling buzz books and bi-weekly articles, application his Amusing Security cardinal to try to bare any trace. But it was alone afterwards an campaign aggregation in August amid the accident of the USS Indianapolis 18,000 anxiety below the apparent of the Pacific Ocean that they got their aboriginal lead.A few weeks afterwards the discovery, they re aggregate in California to abruptness King on his birthday. A bang shatters the nightFor sailors aboard the USS Indianapolis, it all began with promises of affair and adventure. Join the Navy and see the world! the posters lining blast poles read. A babe in every port, they promised. Harold Bray had bisected a year larboard in aerial academy aback he abiding his ancestor to let him assurance up for the Navy. When I went in, I had no abstraction or acumen to accept that annihilation would anytime appear to me, Bray told .He boarded the USS Indianapolis while it was below adjustment at Mare Island in California, a animate argosy abject that boasted as abounding as 50,000 workers during WWII. They could fix annihilation at Mare Island, including a abundant cruiser afresh airtight by a suicide plane. Three months in their accomplished easily and the address looked as acceptable as new, Bray said. The USS Indianapolis set captain from Mare Island on July 16, 1945, and anon best up burden on Hunter s Island. The aggregation had no abstraction what was central the huge crate. Rumors and bets bound mounted: It was a addition of Cadillacs. Whiskey for anybody to bless aback the war was over. Thousands of rolls of ambrosial toilet cardboard for Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Needless to say, no one anytime calm a nickel from that bet, one survivor remarked in the 2015 documentary USS Indianapolis: The Legacy. Packed central the crate, the apple afterwards learned, were apparatus of the aboriginal operational diminutive bomb. The USS Indianapolis delivered them to the island of Tinian on July 26, 1945. Again the address headed for Guam, area the captain was ordered to travel, unescorted, to the Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. Aloof afterwards midnight on July 30, amid through its course, torpedoes accursed out of a Japanese abysmal and ripped into the starboard ancillary of the USS Indianapolis. Survivors accept said they knew, at that instant, their address was doomed. A abhorrent delay for rescueChaos erupted, survivors accept recalled. Men shrieked as they austere animate in the after-effects of a ammunition catchbasin explosion. Again came the aural bark of the rolling ship. The 10,000-ton barge sank in 12 minutes. Some 300 of the 1,196 sailors and Marines on lath went bottomward with it. The survivors floated in the oil-slicked sea and waited for rescue.Dawn broke. Hours passed. The sun set, but still no one came.The acumen charcoal below debate. The Navy claimed a ache arresting was never transmitted, admitting a radioman aboard the address swears it was. Added advice failures meant admiral didn t apprehension aback the address didn t access in the Philippines. Some accept intelligence agents decoded a Japanese bulletin advertisement a alveolate American battleship but advised it a trap.For bristles nights and four days, the American sailors floated in the South Pacific with no aliment and no water. Because the address confused advanced as it sank, they were advance over miles, baby groups not animate anniversary other s fate. Survivors accept said anyone who d been abominably aching in the advance didn t aftermost actual continued in the water. They succumbed to injuries or to the sharks, which circled below the bright baptize by day and glided accomplished survivors legs at night.Those with accessible wounds or white accouterment seemed to be at accomplished accident of a bluff attack, Bray recalled, forth with those who ventured off on their own. Some sailors couldn t stop themselves from acquisitive saltwater; they swam off against the abstract islands their berserk accuracy had affected on the horizon.Of the 900 or so men who fabricated it off the address alive, alone about a third survived to accommodated the accomplishment ships that assuredly accustomed on their fifth night adrift. Survivors told the documentary filmmakers belief like this: There were 44 in our group; alone 14 fabricated it. We had 123 in our group; alone 60 survived. War is a abhorrent thing, Bray said in a simple beverage of the abhorrent experience. The alone ones that ache are the adolescent people, the kids that accept to go and action these things. A war hero returns, alone to vanishKing never dwelled on his time in the water, he says. He adopted to bethink instead the homecoming: the big array that accessible them in San Diego, with girls active alongside their buses and handing them beers. He larboard the Navy and becoming a master s amount in psychology. He affiliated a Catholic babe who died too soon. He catholic the Middle East amid visits to his nieces and nephews. My uncle was actual careful of me growing up because I was the alone babe in a accomplished accumulation of boys, Shirley Ezel told .King would appointment her ancestors in Michigan to advice out while their dad was out of town. He already bought 12-year-old Shirley a aboriginal dress to abrasion to an ice chrism amusing at school. I acquainted like a actor bucks that day, she said. It has backward with me my accomplished life. King usually wrote home two or three times a year, said his nephew, James Dale Bogard. Again in the aboriginal 1980s, the belletrist stopped. Bogard s mother approved for years to acquisition him, as did Ezel. Honestly, no one absolutely knows what happened, Ezel s son, Ryan Summers, said. My ancestor alone him off at the airport, and that is the aftermost time anybody in the actual ancestors knew of his whereabouts. A address is apparent and a ancestors reunitedThrough the years King s ancestors searched for its war hero, added ancestors and assembly of those aboard the USS Indianapolis mourned all that was absent with the ship. Even as the decades passed, some apprenticed not to acquiesce the charcoal of the admirable barge to linger, absent at sea.Then, on August 19, a aggregation of noncombatant advisers led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen apparent the its wreckage. That was a abundant day, Bray said, chalking it up as one of his happiest. As administrator in contempo years of the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization, Bray had met adolescent sailors — including some, like King, whom he didn t apperceive during the war — and he hoped they and the families of the collapsed would assuredly acquisition some closure. Now the bodies that absent 880 kids apperceive area they are, he said.News of the ship s analysis additionally afire a atom in Summers, King s great-nephew. A history buff, he d consistently accepted the warship story. Now, an online chase led him to Bray s survivors group s website. An commodity bent his attention. It mentioned that for the aboriginal time, the cardinal of active USS Indianapolis survivors had risen, from 21 to 22. The name that had been confused from deceased to living on the associates list? A.C. Tony King.Summers rushed to acquaint his mother, who acquaint a bulletin to Bray s group. Within hours, she got one back. That night, she spent 45 account on the phone, talking with the uncle she believed she d absent forever. The alone affair we could say was, I can t accept it s you. I can t accept that you re absolutely here, Ezel said. If the address had not been found, this may not anytime accept happened. A few weeks later, helped affiliate Ezel, Bogard, Summers and Bray in California for King s 92nd birthday. They afraid King at the Mare Island Museum, a sprawling brick architecture with a 15-foot adamant ballast alfresco the advanced door. (You can watch their bawling alliance in the video aloft this story.) As Bray and King sat ancillary by ancillary in their wheelchairs, they discussed what abounding old men must: their health, pensions and the blend adolescent ancestors accept fabricated of the world. Afterwards a while, Bray stood up. He accomplished into his aback abridged and pulled out a brand that he placed in King s hand. On the aback was the outline of the USS Indianapolis, the ship s 10 action stars, and a date: July 30, 1945. s Nick Scott contributed to this story.

Volcano evacuees told to return to homes outside Bali dangerous zone

Bags of abundance evacuees on the Indonesian island of Bali accept been told to acknowledgment to their homes alfresco a government-designated dangerous zone, alike as fears of an access grow.Residents beforehand this anniversary had been asked to leave an exclusion breadth that stretches 7.5 afar (12 kilometers) from the centermost of Mount Agung. Close to 144,000 association — including tens of bags who alive alfresco the breadth — heeded the government s warning. Now, admiral say those whose homes aren t in the breadth should leave the about 500 acting government shelters, breadth added bodies accept burdened bound resources. An access would affectation no accident to those alfresco the zone, according to the Indonesian National Bureau for Disaster Management. The governor of Bali has ordered that association from 27 villages aural alarming zone, which annual for about 70,000 people, charge abide displaced, a account from the bureau reads. On the added hand, as abounding as 73,000 bodies from added than 51 villages that alive alfresco the crisis breadth are safe and can go home. The acknowledgment of evacuees can be done apart or assisted by the government. Seismic action has been detected in the volcano, and the active akin for an access has been aloft to 4, the accomplished admonishing akin on the Indonesian scale.The official exclusion breadth is based on the accident acreage larboard by the aftermost eruption, which in 1963 larboard added than 1,700 bodies asleep and about 1,700 houses on the mountain s slopes destroyed. No aboriginal admonishing arrangement existed at that time.Nearby island additionally evacuatedIn the adjacent Pacific nation of Vanuatu, the absolute citizenry of Ambae island is actuality confused from the aisle of the increasingly active Manaro volcano, additionally accepted as Lombenben, the government said.The actuality that Mount Agung and the Manaro abundance are assuming signs of erupting about the aforementioned time is authentic coincidence, said Benjamin Andrews, of the Smithsonian Institution s Global Volcanism Program.Both volcanoes sit on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an breadth of acute seismic action that stretches 25,000 afar (40,000 kilometers) from New Zealand to South America. Ambae island, home to 11,000 residents, hasn t been abandoned on this calibration back an active in 2005, Minister of Lands and Natural Assets Ralph Regenvanu told . Most are actuality taken abroad by boat, with others actuality airlifted to aborticide centers on Vanuatu s Pentecost and Maewo islands.The active akin is at 4, the additional accomplished on the Vanuatu scale. An aeriform analysis Wednesday by the New Zealand Defense Force begin huge columns of smoke, ash and agitable rocks billowing from the atrium of an erupting volcano on Ambae island, according to an bureau account release. Ambae abundance is in an advancing abstinent access state, a account from Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department said. Bodies in adjacent villages could appointment aerial rocks, agitable gases and acerbic rain, the account added. s Sandi Sidhu, Chieu Luu and Alexander Felton contributed to this address from Hong Kong. Journalist Mochamad Andri contributed to this address from Bali, Indonesia.

Of course a divided America can t agree on the definition of patriotism

We anticipate we apperceive bellicism back we see it.A adept in uniform, saluting a July Fourth parade. Elementary academy acceptance angled adjoin the flag, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. A band of able athletes, continuing at absorption during The Star-Spangled Banner. But back one of those athletes kneels, it gets complicated.At stadiums about the country this Sunday, some NFL players will booty a knee during the Civic Canticle as allotment of advancing demonstrations adjoin ancestral abuse and contempo comments by President Donald Trump. Some admirers will boo, as they booed 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick aftermost year back he launched this anatomy of protest. And on Twitter, abounding will demonize the players as unpatriotic.But what does that mean, exactly? The concordance analogue — a love for or adherence to one s country — doesn t absolutely awning it.It s accessible to adulation your country and still, like a ancestor blame a aberrant child, allege up back you feel like it s gotten off track. Just like it s accessible to serve in the aggressive and abound disillusioned with the government whose compatible you don.Americans are acutely divided. In a poll, 46% say agitation during the canticle is aweless to the freedoms the canticle represents. An about according 45% say such protests authenticate those freedoms.Patriotism comes in abounding forms. And in 2017, back annihilation can and will be politicized, it s not so accessible to define.Patriotism is passionPatriotism seems abnormally animated amid two groups of Americans.The first, of course, is veterans and their families. For many, bellicism is accessory to aggressive service, and dying in action is the ultimate cede anyone can accomplish for their country. Thus, for abounding aggressive families, assuming boldness for the flag, the Civic Canticle or added American symbols can appear as a bang in the face. I angle for our banderole and anthem, and I kneel for our fallen. That s what patriots do, said Keith Harman, a Vietnam action adept who leads the 1.7 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. We assemblage about the banderole of our country, not use it and our Constitution as both absorber and sword. Honoring the US aggressive has become allotment of the beam of NFL games, from jet flyovers to astronomic American flags continued on arena fields. Indeed, the Pentagon has spent millions of dollars on paid patriotism displays at antic events, a 2015 address found.But some admiration whether added groups of Americans should additionally be afforded the aforementioned affectionate of tributes. Wrapping yourself in the banderole and anniversary the aggressive is article which no one is activity to article to. We all account their sacrifice. We all account their sacrifice, sportscaster Bob Costas told this week. And yet what it has appear to beggarly is that the banderole is primarily and alone about the military. This is no boldness to the military. It s a huge allotment of the narrative. But Martin Luther King was a patriot. Susan B. Anthony was a patriot. Dissidents are patriots. Schoolteachers and amusing workers are patriots. Also generally arising with bellicism are immigrants.Many of these newcomers fled poverty, abandon or abuse in their built-in countries, and so they accept appropriate acknowledgment for the freedoms added Americans ability booty for granted.Just go to a acclimatization ceremony, area eyes able-bodied with tears as oaths of adherence are affidavit by anew minted US citizens. I m actual excited, Ahmed El-Mallah told at one such commemoration in New Jersey in February, bristles years afterwards he accustomed from Egypt. I m actual advantageous to be actuality today. Patriotism is partisanIt acclimated to be simpler. During World War II, we were all patriots. Decades later, we swelled with civic pride back our country somehow landed two men on the moon. And in the breakable weeks afterwards September 11, 2001, we affirmed through our aggregate acrimony and grief. We flew flags, sang God Bless America and vowed to avert our way of activity — bedrock n roll, fast aliment and all — adjoin all enemies. Back pollsters asked Americans aftermost year to name the time in their lives back they acquainted best appreciative of their country, the top acknowledgment was during the civic acknowledgment to 9/11.But that spirit waned as our country s political altitude grew added partisan, fueled by answer accommodation in the media and on the Internet. And a patriotism gap grew amid our above political parties.Gallup acclamation appear that Democrats were consistently beneath acceptable than Republicans to feel extremely or very appreciative to be Americans.When Barack Obama became a presidential applicant in 2007, abounding questioned his aerial expressions of patriotism. That October, Obama took calefaction afterwards a anchorman in Iowa noticed he wasn t cutting an American banderole accessory pin. I m beneath anxious about what you re cutting on your accessory than what s in your heart, Obama said then. But by the time he accustomed the Democratic choice in August 2008, a banderole pin adorned his clothing jacket.Last week, President Donald Trump amid himself into the agitation back he said the NFL protests are a total boldness of our heritage, a absolute boldness of aggregate that we angle for. If a amateur wants the advantage of authoritative millions of dollars in the NFL, or added leagues, he or she should not be accustomed to boldness our Great American Banderole (or Country) and should angle for the Civic Anthem, he tweeted. If not, YOU RE FIRED. Find article abroad to do! Patriotism is nuancedLast year, alone 52% of American adults told Gallup they were extremely proud of their country, the everyman cardinal in 16 years. Abounding bodies admire the ethics the United States represents — freedom, equality, befalling — but accuse bitterly about Washington in the attitude of the backward American biographer Edward Abbey, who already wrote, A patriot charge consistently be accessible to avert his country adjoin his government. America appears to be affective adjoin a added nuanced anatomy of patriotism.Audrey Birnbaum Young is a Green Bay Packers fan, who like bags of others own shares in the league s alone about endemic franchise. She has accompany who played in the NFL and ancestors associates who served in the military. There s a lot of added agency [to protest] after behind the veterans of our country, she said. But, she added, If you ask any one of those players how they feel about the account men and women that accept dedicated our country. I agreement you not one of them would boldness our account men and women. Patriotism is complicatedLast Sunday in Detroit, retired Army Lt. Col. Leonard Rusher was accustomed by the Lions, some of whom kneeled during the anthem. During the additional bisected of their bold adjoin the Atlanta Falcons. While some Lions kneeled during the arena of the Civic Anthem, Rusher saluted the flag.Asked about the protests that accept advance throughout the NFL, Rusher, who is black, bidding alloyed emotions. I accept why they are kneeling. That s what I fought for, for them to accept the right. Personally, I don t like it. But I acknowledge that what they are accomplishing is a non-violent protest, he told the Detroit Free Press. I m afflicted because the banderole agency so much, all the opportunities we accept and that I m beholden for, Rusher said. But (the players) are cogent what that banderole stands for — according opportunity, according justice, according liberty. That s what they are angry for. Nate Boyer, a above US Army Green Beret who briefly played pro football, wants bodies to accede both abandon of the anthem-protest debate. I appetite Colin Kaepernick and every American to angle because they appetite to stand, Boyer said Wednesday during a Town Hall on the issue. I m added absorbed if someone s demography a knee because they absolutely affliction about article than the guy in the stands or the babe in the stands … (who) feels answerable to angle up back the canticle is played, because that s how I acclimated to be afore I served. Nobody knows how continued the expressions of beef at NFL amateur will go on, or what aftereffect they may ultimately have. Abounding fans, focused on football, apparently ambition they would go away.But as continued as they continue, the admiration and the players bound accoutrements action glimpses of American capitalism in all its assertive glory. They sustain a debate. And there may be article affectionate in that.

Iraqi Kurdish referendum illegitimate Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says

Erbil, Iraq The Affiliated States does not admit the ability election captivated this anniversary in Iraqi Kurdistan, US Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson said Friday. The vote and the after-effects abridgement angary and we abide to abutment a united, federal, autonomous and affluent Iraq, Tillerson said in a statement. The Affiliated States is amid several all-around players that accept about adjoin the Kurdish vote to abdicate from Iraq, with bounded powerhouses Turkey and Iran adage they ll arrest barter with the Kurdish region. The Affiliated Nations Security Council had warned Kurdish authorities adjoin captivation the plebiscite. Iran has ordered a ammunition embargo on the Iraqi Kurdistan region, according to Iranian accompaniment account bureau IRNA. The ban, appear Wednesday, stops all-embracing aircraft companies and drivers from loading and aircraft ammunition articles from or to the Iraqi Kurdistan breadth until added notice, it reported. Meanwhile, the semi-autonomous Kurdish Bounded Government, or KRG, said Friday that Baghdad s castigating measures adjoin its election amounted to collective abuse adjoin the bodies of Kurdistan. All-embracing flights were indefinitely abeyant from Erbil and Sulaimaniya airports in Iraqi Kurdistan at 6 p.m. Friday (11 a.m. ET) by adjustment of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority. The order, beatific in an email apparent by , said calm flights operated by Iraqi airlines were absolved from the decision. The cease of the Kurdistan Arena airports is a aggregate abuse and barricade adjoin the absolute citizenry of Kurdistan, apprehend a account appear Friday by KRG agent Safeen Dizayee. More than 92% of the almost 3 actor bodies who went to the acclamation this anniversary in Iraqi Kurdish-controlled areas autonomous for ability from Baghdad, according to official after-effects appear Wednesday by the Kurdish balloter commission. The vote was captivated beyond the semi-autonomous arena and acknowledged territories, including the oil-rich, ethnically alloyed of Kirkuk, a flashpoint burghal claimed by both Iraqi Kurdistan and the axial government. The vote has put Kurdish authorities on a blow advance with the axial government in Baghdad. On Wednesday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives accustomed a cardinal of castigating measures adjoin the KRG for activity advanced with the vote. Turkey, which hosts a ample Kurdish boyhood and fears the election could activation agitator movements there, has additionally consistently accursed the referendum. It agreed on Wednesday to accord alone with Baghdad on oil exports. s Hamdi Alkhshali contributed to this report.

Daddy Yankee goes where Uncle Sam isn t

San Juan, Puerto Rico Eyleen Gonzalez absent aggregate in her home afterwards Hurricane Maria. She has no active water. No electricity. Barely any corpuscle account to acquaint with family. Her abode is destroyed. Her alone admired control larboard is her puppy, Lena. But for aloof a moment on Saturday, Gonzalez forgot about life, its worries and Puerto Rico s continued alley ahead. Daddy Yankee! Oh my God! she said, bright with a smile. It s agitative to see and accept that he s allowance the bodies in Puerto Rico because not anybody has a affection like him. Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican pop brilliant who co-sang the berserk acclaimed song Despacito, channelled his celebrity ability in added means than one Saturday.Feeding families by the thousandsThe musician, whose absolute name is Ramon Luis Ayala, donated $100,000 to the Aliment Coffer of Puerto Rico, with that bulk accepted by the aliment coffer and Daddy Yankee s representatives. The money provided aliment to almost 9,000 families in Toa Baja, an bankrupt boondocks of 80,000 bodies abreast Puerto Rico s capital, San Juan. Hurricane Maria pummeled Toa Baja. Leafless copse beleaguer the below town. Not a distinct domiciliary has electricity. Alone 25% has active baptize and 50% of gas stations are aback up and running. Most of the supermarkets accept reopened but are administration food, according to Toa Baja Mayor Betito Marquez. Each ancestors on Saturday accustomed 59 pounds of food, not including armament of baptize too. The box of aliment included rice, pasta, tuna, beans, beef and milk. Aliment Coffer admiral say it s abundant to augment a ancestors of four for a week. Abounding in Toa Baja had been active day to day, cat-and-mouse in continued curve for aliment and water. The box of aliment meant the apple to Casandra Rodriguez, a housewife and mother of two whose bedmate is an electrician. Like abounding in Toa Baja, she s active after basal aliment and says her home was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Thanks to God, we ve accustomed abundant support, says Casandra, disturbing up with the box in her hands. I absent everything. Daddy Yankee pulled off addition accomplishment beforehand Saturday morning. Ammunition for foodFood Coffer Director Ivonne Bernard was afraid about 10 a.m. afore the pop brilliant arrived. She alone had two hours of agent gas larboard to ability the architect that was refrigerating 25,000 pounds of food. The Aliment Bank s arctic aliment area was afraid abounding of mangoes, pork, lettuce, pineapple and a array of added items. Bernard insisted: The Aliment Coffer had the money to pay for diesel. She had additionally accomplished out to Puerto Rican government admiral and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. They couldn t acquaint her when, or if, agent was coming. We accept the money, but they re not supplying, they re not bringing it, Bernard lamented about Saturday morning. If the aliment coffer ran out of fuel, I would feel actual sad, because we re not activity to be able to abide to accommodate abatement to the Puerto Rican people, she said.Then, Daddy Yankee arrived. As he toured the aliment bank, Bernard mentioned the issue. The artist anon alerted his entourage. They got on the buzz appropriate away. Within minutes, they told her 200 gallons of agent ammunition was on its way to the aliment bank. Bernard said that would be abundant for four days. We got the diesel! We got the diesel! the pop brilliant proclaimed at the Aliment Bank. We can t delay for the government. FEMA did not acknowledge to s appeal for comment.

Father of accused in Kim Jong Nam s murder: My daughter was being used

Rancasumur, Indonesia Asria Nur Hasan was advancing appurtenances to advertise at the bounded bazaar aback the buzz rang accidentally this accomplished March. It was his daughter. She was calling from a Malaysian bastille cell. I was surprised. I couldn t advice but to cry, Hasan, 56, said from his home of Rancasumur, abreast Serang, in Indonesia.His daughter, Siti Aisyah and a Vietnamese woman, Doan Thi Huong, angle accused of accustomed out one of the best adventurous and adventurous assassination plots of the 21st Century: the annihilation of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean baton Kim Jong Un. The brace will activate their balloon Monday, in the Malaysian basic Kuala Lumpur. If activate guilty, both could face the afterlife penalty. She will be accurate innocent, Hasan said. My babe would not accept done such a thing, if she was not acclimated by someone. The artifice to annihilation North Korea s adopted sonKilled with VXKim Jong Nam was dead on February 13 while aggravating to bolt a flight from Kuala Lumpur to his adopted home of Macau, the Chinese-controlled area and bank mecca. Malaysian authorities adduce that Aisyah and Huong were accomplished by North Korean agents to surreptitiously besom Kim s face with VX assumption agent, a able actinic weapon that kills by sending the afraid arrangement into overdrive. North Korea angrily denies this.Representatives for Huong and Aisyah claimed the two women were bamboozled into cerebration that they were accommodating in a antic TV show. Aisyah s aunt told in February her niece anticipation she d been assassin to assignment as a comedian, pranking strangers by beating balm and amazon booze on their faces. Indonesia s abettor agent to Malaysia said Aisyah anticipation the actuality was a affectionate of babyish oil. Security footage shows one of the two women abutting Kim from abaft and abrading article on his face, afore active away.Kim approved advice at a account counter. He was taken to an airport clinic, area an ambulance was called. He died en avenue to the hospital, about 20 account afterwards the antecedent exposure. Tests on Kim s eyes and face after appear the attendance of VX assumption agent. Malaysian badge say the two women were spotted beating a actuality on people s faces at arcade malls in the canicule afore the killing. They accept it was practice for the closing assassination. Adding to this approach is the affirmation by assembly in Seoul that South Korea s top spy bureau holds that North Korea recruited the two changeable suspects.Suspect s lawyer: Chastity will be establishedThe aegis has been abreast that the balloon will activate with the case calling an able witness, acceptable a pathologist or chemist, to affirm the account of death, according to Hisyam Teh Poh Teik, a advocate for Doan Thi Huong.Prosecutors will alarm assemblage this year at balloon dates in October and November, while Teh expects the aegis to activate abutting year, Teh said. Doan looks advanced to the balloon area her chastity will be established, said Teh, who said that both women are accepted to appeal not guilty. Afore her arrest, Aisyah had told her ancestor she had landed a job shooting a blur in Malaysia, and asked her ancestor to ambition her luck. We didn t see this advancing at all. I don t anticipate she would accept been in all this at all, if it wasn t because of added bodies application her, accepting her captivated up in all this, Hasan said. Their March buzz alarm was the aftermost time Hasan and Aisyah spoke.According to amusing media posts, she had acclaimed her altogether with a baby accumulation of accompany aloof hours afore Malaysian authorities say she committed murder. I absence her so much Hasan adamantly believes his daughter s affectionate disposition, as he calls it, was taken advantage of. Hasan describes Aisyah as a adoring babe and acceptable friend, committed to her adoration and those she loves. She wouldn t abuse anyone, not a child, let abandoned addition so able like that, he said. That s why I absence her so much, that s why I feel so bad for her. I don t accept all this could be happening, how could somebody do this to my child? Four bodies accused of training Huong and Aisyah abide at large, allegedly in North Korea, which is absurd to abandon them aback to Malaysia.The adventurous assassination sparked a adept row amid Malaysia and North Korea, with diplomats and citizens from both countries barred from leaving. The collision lasted three weeks as the annihilation abstruseness and its spy atypical artifice twists captivated the world.Hasan is optimistic that his babe will be accepted innocent. He told his babe asked alone one affair in their aftermost buzz call: his prayers. (She said to me) Please adjure for me, abah (father). Adjure for me so all this will accomplishment soon. So that aggregate will be fabricated easy. So that I can go home to Indonesia soon. That Allah will advice me, will assure me, will abolish me from Malaysia, recalled Hasan. Journalist Risyiana Muthia appear from Indonesia. s Joshua Berlinger appear and wrote from Hong Kong.

Trump admin furthers states frustration over election hacking

Washington Tension amid accompaniment acclamation admiral and the Trump administering is alone growing afterwards two states say they were apprenticed by the Administration of Homeland Aegis about Russian government-linked hacking, added assiduity a months-long altercation over delayed advice from the federal government.California and Wisconsin say DHS was incorrect in its antecedent appraisal that their states systems affiliated to acclamation administering were targeted by Russian hackers.The latest accessory started September 22, aback the Administration of Homeland Aegis approved to acquaint accompaniment acclamation admiral on whether their states were amid those targeted during aftermost year s presidential election. DHS ahead said that 21 states election-related systems had been targeted — but had never said which ones were on the list.By Wednesday, DHS had to alter its alerts to both California and Wisconsin. California Secretary of Accompaniment Alex Padilla issued a account Wednesday announcement that advice initially provided by DHS that his state s acclamation systems had been targeted was absolutely incorrect — adage a accompaniment arrangement absolutely abstracted from elections was impacted. Russian scanning action occurred on the California Administration of Technology statewide network, not any Secretary of Accompaniment website, Padilla said in a statement.Wisconsin was in a agnate situation, adage Tuesday it was apprenticed by DHS. The hackers may accept anticipation they were scanning Wisconsin s elections systems, but they were absolutely scanning Wisconsin s Administration of Workforce Development, Reid Magney, agent for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, told . It appears that DHS believed the scanning was of Wisconsin s acclamation arrangement because scanning action from the aforementioned IP abode was directed at elections authorities in added states. Despite the statements from Wisconsin and California, DHS says it stands by its appraisal that 21 states were affected. The administration stands by its appraisal that Internet-connected networks in 21 states were the ambition of Russian government cyber actors gluttonous vulnerabilities and admission to US acclamation infrastructure, said agent Scott McConnell. In the majority of the 21 states targeted, alone basic action like scanning was observed, he added. In some cases, this complex absolute scanning of targeted systems. In added cases, awful actors scanned for vulnerabilities in networks that may be affiliated to those systems or accept agnate characteristics in adjustment to accretion advice about how to after access their target. DHS alerts states targeted by election-hacking attemptsBut a DHS official in June had absolutely said election-related systems were complex in anniversary state. By backward September (2016), we bent that Internet-connected, election-related networks in 21 states were potentially targeted by Russian government cyber actors, Samuel Liles, DHS s acting administrator of the cyber analysis of the department s Appointment of Intelligence and Analysis, said during aldermanic testimony.One affair has remained constant — DHS has said the targeting action mainly consisted of efforts to scan acclamation systems for vulnerabilities, alone a baby cardinal of networks were compromised, and those were not vote-counting systems. No vote tallies were adapted or deleted. Liles said of the 21 states, abounding were targeted abominably for an intrusion, as if addition ashamed the aperture bulge and was clumsy to get in, and alone in a few instances they fabricated it through the door. But DHS in June and aback has beneath to analyze the states about — and accompaniment admiral accept complained that the abridgement of clandestine notifications for months larboard them clumsy to acknowledge to questions from the public.DHS has a action adjoin about administration advice about victims of cybercrimes, which could explain why the bureau hasn t about appear which states were targeted. McConnell additionally said DHS bent which states Russia approved to ambition based on a accumulating of altered sources, including classified intelligence advice that cannot be about disclosed. But annoyance amid states connected to balloon this week. Our notification from DHS aftermost Friday was not alone a year late, it additionally angry out to be bad information. To accomplish affairs worse … DHS has antipodal itself and now says Russia didn t ambition Wisconsin s aborigine allotment system, which is adverse to antecedent briefings, Padilla said, referencing Wisconsin as California s analogue in abyssal DHS s notification reversals.States that were targeted surveyed all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and all 21 states accept accepted their admittance on the account of states impacted: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Virginia — admitting California and Wisconsin accept followed up with their discrepancies.Two states — New Hampshire and Wyoming — and DC accept not alternate requests for comment. Here s what the states said:Alabama: DHS and MS-ISAC empiric apprehensive cartage from IP addresses on Alabama accompaniment networks, but those IP addresses were baffled from administering any acknowledged breach, Secretary of Accompaniment John Merrill said in a statement. Alaska: Internet aegis protocols followed by the Accompaniment of Alaska auspiciously adequate our arrangement and the attempted delving had no aftereffect on Alaska s Aborigine Allotment and Acclamation Management Database or aftereffect of the election, Accompaniment Elections Administrator Josie Bahnke said in a statement.Arizona: A agent for Secretary of Accompaniment Michele Reagan tweeted: To be bright these were attacks on aborigine allotment systems, not acclamation equipment. California: Last Friday, my appointment was notified by the U.S. Administration of Homeland Aegis (DHS) that Russian cyber actors scanned California s Internet-facing systems in 2016, including Secretary of Accompaniment websites. Following our appeal for added information, it became bright that DHS abstracts were wrong, Secretary of Accompaniment Alex Padilla said in a statement. DHS accepted that Russian scanning action had absolutely occurred on the California Administration of Technology statewide network, not any Secretary of Accompaniment website. Based on this added information, California voters can added blow assured that the California Secretary of Accompaniment elections basement and websites were not afraid or breached by Russian cyber actors. Colorado: In a statement, Secretary of Accompaniment Wayne Williams said according to Homeland Security, we were not attacked, probed, breached, infiltrated or penetrated. Connecticut: I am blessed to report, with abundant pride in the adamantine assignment and adherence of our IT aegis professionals, that DHS accepted that the attempted Russian advance into our online aborigine allotment database was chock-full by our advance apprehension system, Secretary of Accompaniment Denise Merrill said in a statement. Delaware: [Delaware] was one of the states that was targeted, however, it was unsuccessful, Delaware Accompaniment Acclamation Commissioner Elaine Manlove told in an email.Florida: This attack was not in any way acknowledged and Florida s online elections databases and voting systems remained secure. Ensuring the aegis and candor of Florida s elections charcoal our top priority, accompaniment Administrator of Communications Sarah Revell told in a statement.Illinois: We told the admiral we were afraid added than a year ago. We ve been in the account about it aback then. I m academic that the Illinois server logs were a ample allotment of the admiral addition out who abroad got probed, Ken Menzel, accepted admonition for the Illinois Accompaniment Board of Elections, told via email. Iowa: Iowa s elections arrangement was acknowledged in blocking attempted alfresco intrusions, Secretary of Accompaniment Paul Pate said in a statement. Maryland: While acknowledging that one of Maryland s online systems was targeted, the Department s assembly declared that there no affirmation that the arrangement — the online aborigine allotment and acclamation appeal arrangement — was breached, Accompaniment Administrator Linda H. Lamone told in a statement.Minnesota: DHS accepted to my appointment that there was no aperture and no attack to aperture Minnesota s acclamation system, Secretary of Accompaniment Steve Simon said in a account appear Friday. The entities scanned IP addresses associated with the Secretary of State s website for vulnerabilities, but attempted no added action. North Dakota: Security measures in abode to assure these systems accept accurate to be effective, and we abide to amend cybersecurity protections as new abeyant agency of targeting are identified, said Secretary of Accompaniment Al Jaeger. For aegis purposes and acquaintance requirements, our appointment is clumsy to animadversion on the attributes of the attack or the specific systems targeted. Ohio: Last summer, there was an attack to acquisition a weakness in our system, Sam Rossi, columnist secretary for Secretary of Accompaniment Jon Husted, accepted to Monday. It lasted beneath than a additional and failed. DHS s internet aegis contractors advised it to be a non-event and did not abode it to Ohio admiral at the time. Bottom band — Ohio s elections arrangement was not compromised. Oklahoma: Bryan Dean, agent for the Oklahoma Accompaniment Acclamation Board, told that No vulnerabilities were found, no assimilation was fabricated into any arrangement and no added action occurred. The browse targeted the accompaniment computer network, not the acclamation board s network. Oregon: We are appreciative of our team. The actuality that DHS accepted that we had no Russian intrusions is a attestation to the backbone of the arrangement aegis affairs we accept in place, Secretary of Accompaniment Dennis Richardson said in a statement.Pennsylvania: We accept been notified by DHS that we are one of the 21 states involved. There is no affirmation of a breach, Wanda Murren, columnist secretary for the Pennsylvania Administration of State, told .Texas: Sam Taylor, agent for Secretary of Accompaniment Rolando Pablos, told Monday that no systems absolute acclamation software or advice were targeted, after adding, there was an attack to acquisition a vulnerability on our agency s public-facing web site, which contains no aborigine information, but no vulnerabilities were found, according to DHS. Virginia: So this affair [DHS] explained was absolutely article we were already acquainted of, which is, there was a scanning of our public-facing website by IP addresses that trace aback to the Russians, Virginia Administration of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés told .Washington: The aegis protocols we already accept in abode fabricated us acquainted of these attempted intrusions by Russian IP addresses throughout the advance of the 2016 election, said Washington Secretary of Accompaniment Kim Wyman.Wisconsin: The hackers may accept anticipation they were scanning Wisconsin s elections systems, but they were absolutely scanning Wisconsin s Administration of Workforce Development, Reid Magney, agent for Wisconsin Elections Commission, told Wednesday. It appears that DHS believed the scanning was of Wisconsin s acclamation arrangement because scanning action from the aforementioned IP abode was directed at elections authorities in added states. s Sasha Zients and Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.

Trump administration swaps climate change for resilience

Washington In the Trump administration s account of dos and don ts, climate change is out and resilience is in.The chat choices by administering admiral — and the admeasurement to which they re action to abstain referencing all-around abating altogether — are notable in the after-effects of contempo astringent hurricanes and in the face of questions about what could accept acquired them.In the deathwatch of Hurricane Irma, both Federal Emergency Management Agency Ambassador Brock Long and acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke abhorred absolutely answering whether the government needs to be added focused on altitude change because of hurricanes.Instead, they both said the focus should be on resiliency. Regardless of what causes disasters, it s our job aural the Administering of Homeland Security and FEMA to administer the consequences, Long told . The alone way we become airy as a nation is we accept to actualize that accurate ability of accommodation amid our citizenry, which we do not have, and again we additionally accept to attending how we move advanced back it comes to basement protection. Duke echoed Long s thoughts on the charge for resilience. We alive in a alteration world, and as the FEMA ambassador said, we consistently accept to attending at not aloof the response, but the accommodation and the resilience, Duke said. And I anticipate it s important that as we appear calm as a country, we attending at the changes in our apple and accomplish abiding that in planning and response, that we are adapting properly. Other departments are additionally adopting the accent replacement, in some cases authoritative unannounced changes and replacements to their websites and names of programs.In February, anon afterwards President Donald Trump took office, the​ ​Department​ of​ ​Transportation and Federal​ ​Highway​ ​Administration​ ​changed language​ ​across​ its website​ ​relating​ ​to​ ​the environmental​ ​effects​ ​of transportation. The changes swapped words like adaptation with animation and additionally renamed the Sustainable Transport and Altitude Change Team to The Sustainable Busline and Animation Team, according to a Environmental​ ​Data​ ​and​ ​Governance​ ​Initiative Website​ ​Tracking​ ​report.That aforementioned month, the Environmental Aegis Agency removed all acknowledgment of altitude change from its baptize utilities programs. The Climate Ready Baptize Utilities affairs was renamed to Creating Airy Baptize Utilities. Other references to altitude change were additionally adjourned from the website, Inside Altitude News aboriginal reported. Over at the USDA, an centralized announcement acquired by that was aggregate in the aboriginal canicule of the administering to staffers gave specific advice to canal the appellation climate change adaptation and instead opt for resilience to acclimate extremes. The agreement animation and resiliency rose to acceptance in the US government during above President Barack Obama s administration, acclimated accurately to denote advancing article to area off the approaching furnishings of altitude change.For example, afterward Superstorm Sandy, the Administering of Housing and Urban Development accustomed a first-of-its-kind antagonism alleged the National Disaster Animation Competition. The aim of the antagonism was to accolade grants to communities hit by accustomed disasters to armamentarium rebuilding them to bigger acclimate approaching contest worsened by altitude change. The abstraction is back dollars are spent to rebuild, you don t aloof appetite to clean the aforementioned old way, you appetite to clean in a way that is smarter and makes it beneath acceptable that they will be accomplished the aforementioned way in the approaching storms — that s resiliency, above HUD Secretary Julian Castro, who awarded the admission at the time, told . There s no catechism that altitude change is at atomic a accidental agency to some of the acuteness of these accustomed disasters. … The administering care to booty that into application and not try to decouple those two, Castro said. The exact judo they are aggravating to do doesn t serve bounded communities at all. But administering admiral adverse that resiliency can accept a bifold acceptation — alike one that agency about the aforementioned thing, but after the apparent altitude change undertones. Resilience came into our classification in our aftermost administering but that doesn t beggarly that it s a banned chat any longer, said Brian Sullivan, a HUD spokesman. The aftermost administering fabricated that actual absolute affiliation amid the use of that chat and words like sustainability with altitude change and, while there may be a abhorrence to do that now, I don t anticipate that agency association are any beneath committed to authoritative abiding the abutting storm is beneath costly, Sullivan said.While Sullivan accustomed that there s been an advised about-face of accent at the department, abnormally as the affair of altitude change continues to be discussed — or abhorred — hand-in-hand with storm preparedness, he argues that at the end of the day, the administering has the aforementioned goals for rebuilding communities. I don t apperceive if there s an operating analogue of what animation means, he said. Regardless of why you re accomplishing it, what you re accomplishing would be the aforementioned whatever motivates you. Whether you accept in altitude change or you don t, you are embarking on some approaching activity. We could tie this to altitude change, or we could tie it to extenuative aborigine money. s Rene Marsh and Greg Wallace contributed to this report.