Philips Norelco 9100 Review – Best Beard Trimmer For Ment Or Not?

At the season of composing (March 2017), this is the finest facial and Beard hair trimmer that has been checked on this retarded site. There is such a large number of superb things to say in regards to this razor, we won’t state everything here. We will, however, bring up its primary highlights and awesome crap.

Take a gander at how great it looks – go ahead! It is essentially delightful.

It has a cracking LASER.

an hour and a half to charge for an entire hour of battery – somewhat superior to anything the opposition I’d say!

Ensured to give you the most characterized shave out there with the laser work and the stunning edges.

Astounding sharp edges you hear us say? Did we specify that they’re self-honing? Self. Honing.

Suction vacuum to tidy up the greater part of that nasty hair.

We adore this electric razor so terrible. It’s the best of the best, without spending an absurd sum (we’re really taking a shot at an extravagance razor page, yet thinking that it is intense to get our hands on the cream of the harvest).

This laser is stunning, however, folks. It kinda just shows up when you require it for that additional piece of exactness, and after that effectively leaves once you never again require it. You have to veer the razor and line it up with the laser lines all over. The trimmer at that point is in the right place without a doubt, so you realize that you are getting an exact perused on the trim. This is awesome for maintaining a strategic distance from botches, which can destroy a whiskers shave and mean you need to totally reexamine how you can compensate for the misstep.

Philips Norelco 9100 Beard Trimmer Tested and Reviewed

I realize that a couple of you folks will think ‘laser’ and think ‘eh, not on my eyes and face brother!’, but rather really Philips have you arranged. It has what they call a Class One Light (no doubt, we dunno either), which basically implies that the light the laser produces is 100% safe to be shining in your eyes. The objective is clearly to NOT sparkle it in your eyes (in the event that you have a facial hair by your eyes please counsel the closest specialist btw!), however in the event that you unintentionally do, at that point, it’s no major ordeal truly. You’ll be fine. It’s the same as any consistent light.

Presently we realize that A LOT of you believe that the Philips 7200 is better, and to be sure some of our journalists likewise think in this way, yet in general in our in-house tests, this just pipped it.

How about we simply say that diverse authors once in a while have distinctive suppositions, yet one thing is without a doubt – both are mind-boggling however the 9100 (just) wins for us.

This is the trimmer that I for one utilize. Before I began assessing trimmers, I had a more seasoned Wahl show. It was thoroughly fine, yet I’m almost certain that I cheated the player, and it at long last busted. That was the last time I was purchasing a ‘shoddy’ trimmer, and I chose to put more in a quality one. I’ve observed this to be a super cool device, and the length alterations are so natural to work with. I additionally locate this trimmer very reasonable for a nose, eyebrow and ear trimming. On the off chance that you believe that spending this on a trimmer is excessive, I’m apprehensive you most likely won’t have a decent one at any point in the near future! I likewise find that the women adore how characterized a trim I can get from this trimmer.

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