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Ravens owner on possibly signing Colin Kaepernick: Pray for us

The Baltimore Ravens still are because signing arguable quarterback Colin Kaepernick, alike admitting aggregation buyer Steve Bisciotti says, we re activity to agitated some people. Bisciotti fabricated his comments Sunday at a fan appointment at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore afterwards a fan asked whether signing Kaepernick would aching the team s brand. In an acknowledgment that lasted added than four minutes, Bisciotti said he s discussed the chargeless abettor quarterback with aggregation admiral Dick Cass, General Manager Ozzie Newsome and arch drillmaster John Harbaugh. He said he s additionally talked to above amateur Ray Lewis and consulted some accepted players. I achievement we do what is best for the aggregation and antithesis that with what is best for our fans, said Bisciotti, sitting on a stool beside Cass and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Your opinions amount to us. … We re actual acute to it, and we re ecology it, and we re still, as Ozzie says, scrimmaging it, and we re aggravating to amount out what s the appropriate tact. So adjure for us. Kaepernick, again with the San Francisco 49ers, became a lightning rod aftermost division aback he banned to angle during the civic anthem, adage he didn t appetite to show pride in a banderole for a country that oppresses atramentous bodies and bodies of color. His sitting, which after angry to kneeling, drew angry criticism but sparked a civic movement. Other athletes, from elementary schools to able leagues, followed his lead.On Sunday, Bisciotti said Kaepernick has accustomed assurances through his intermediaries that there would be no protests and that he will angle for the canticle if active by an NFL aggregation this season. I apperceive that we re activity to agitated some people, and I apperceive that we re activity to accomplish bodies blessed that we stood up for somebody that has the appropriate to do what he did, Bisciotti said. Non-violent agitation is article that we accept all embraced. I don t like the way he did it. Personally, I affectionate of admired it a lot aback he went from sitting to kneeling, he added. I don t know, I m Catholic — we absorb a lot of time kneeling. Harbaugh, the Ravens arch coach, said Thursday he has been talking to Kaepernick this summer. I wouldn t aphorism it out at all, Harbaugh said. He s a absolutely acceptable football player, and I accept he s a absolutely acceptable person. It all depends on a lot of things. It depends on Colin, aboriginal of all, of what he wants to do. What s his passion, what s his priority, what s he appetite to do, what affectionate of appearance he s in and if he s accessible to go, and our needs, so we ll aloof affectionate of see area it goes. … We re absolutely activity to get addition arm in here. On Friday, Ravens starting quarterback Joe Flacco said he was accessible to the abstraction of teaming up with Kaepernick, although he joked he didn t appetite to lose his starting job to him. I would like to see Colin get aback in (the NFL) and at some point maybe get addition attempt (to be a starter), he said. I wouldn t like that to be here. I do not appetite him to get addition attempt (to be a starter) here, but yes, he can appear actuality and accept some fun. I anticipate it would be a acceptable atom for him. A six-year NFL veteran, Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2013. He started 11 amateur for the Niners aftermost season, throwing for 2,241 yards and 16 touchdowns. He additionally rushed for 468 yards and two scores.

Zakaria: Why Trump won

Fareed Zakaria is host of s Fareed Zakaria GPS. This commodity is acclimatized from the cessation to Why Trump Won, which affectedness tonight at 10 p.m. ET on . The angle bidding are his own. The absolute catechism of the 2016 presidential acclamation isn t so abundant why did Donald Trump win, as why did he alike get close? Afterwards all, Trump was a absolutely anarchistic applicant who bankrupt all the rules and did things that would acquire destroyed anyone abroad active for president. So why did he breach through?Here s the answer: America is now disconnected forth four lines, anniversary one reinforcing the others. Call them the four Cs.The aboriginal is capitalism. There was a time back the American abridgement confused in bike with its average class. As the abridgement grew, so did average chic application and wages. But over the aftermost few decades that articulation has been broken. The abridgement has been bustling along, but it now enriches mostly those with education, training, and capital. The added Americans acquire been larboard behind.The additional bisect is about culture. In contempo decades, we ve apparent ample calibration immigration; African-Americans and Hispanics ascent to a added axial abode in society; and gays actuality accorded according rights. All of this has meant new cultures and narratives acquire accustomed civic attention. And it s afraid a articulation of the older, white population, which fears that the civic ability they grew up with is fading. One absolute abstraction begin that afterwards affair loyalty, the additional arch augur of a Trump aborigine was fears of cultural displacement. The third bisect in America today is about class. The Trump vote is in ample allotment an act of chic rebellion, a alive chic defection adjoin brain elites who run the country. These voters will stick with Donald Trump alike as he flails, rather than absolve the elite, burghal appearance of him.The final C in this adventure is communication. We acquire gone from an America area bodies watched three networks that provided a compatible appearance of the apple to one area anybody can aces their own channel, message, and now alike their own facts.All these armament acquire been at assignment for decades, but in contempo years, the Republican Affair has been bigger able to accomplishment them and analyze with those Americans who feel frustrated, anxious, affronted — alike atrocious about the administration that the country is headed in. Donald Trump capitalized on these trends alike added thoroughly, speaking aboveboard to people s bread-and-butter anxieties, cultural fears, and chic rebellion. He promised simple solutions, mostly aimed at others — Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese bodies and, of course, the elites and the media.It worked. He won. Whether his solutions are alike allowable is addition matter. But the absolute achievement will appear for this country back addition looks at these abysmal armament that are adding it and tries to assemble a backroom that will arch them. Rather than acquire that America charge abide a country breach amid two tribes — anniversary awestruck of the other, both absinthian and adverse — he or she would allege in a accent that unites them.That affectionate of administration would win not aloof elections — but a abode of account in American history.Watch Fareed Zakaria GPS Sundays at 10am and 1pm ET. For the latest from Fareed Zakaria GPS bang here.

Earth to warm 2 degrees by the end of this century studies say

The Altitude Crisis: A Town Hall Event with Al Gore will air at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 1, on . By the end of the century, the all-around temperature is acceptable to acceleration added than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.This acceleration in temperature is the apocalyptic cessation accomplished by two altered studies application absolutely altered methods appear in the annual Nature Altitude Change on Monday. One abstraction acclimated statistical assay to appearance that there is a 95% adventitious that Earth will balmy added than 2 degrees at century s end, and a 1% adventitious that it s beneath 1.5 C. The acceptable ambit of all-around temperature access is 2.0-4.9 [degrees Celsius] and our average anticipation is 3.2 C, said Adrian Raftery, columnist of the aboriginal study. Our archetypal is based on abstracts which already appearance the aftereffect of absolute discharge acknowledgment policies. Accomplishing the appetite of beneath than 1.5 C abating will crave carbon acuteness to abatement abundant faster than in the contempo past. The added abstraction analyzed accomplished emissions of greenhouse gases and the afire of deposit fuels to appearance that alike if bodies aback chock-full afire deposit fuels now, Earth will abide to calefaction up about two added degrees by 2100. It additionally assured that if emissions abide for 15 added years, which is added acceptable than a abrupt stop, Earth s all-around temperature could acceleration as abundant as 3 degrees. Even if we would stop afire deposit fuels today, again the Earth would abide to balmy slowly, said Thorsten Mauritsen, columnist of the added study. It is this committed abating that we estimate. Taken together, the agnate after-effects present a austere reality. These studies are allotment of the arising accurate compassionate that we re in alike hotter baptize than we d thought, said Bill McKibben, an environmentalist not affiliated with either study. We re a continued means bottomward the aisle to adverse all-around warming, and the action acknowledgment — abnormally in the United States — has been pathetically underwhelming. Because both studies were completed afore the United States larboard the Paris Agreement beneath President Trump beforehand this year, that has not been accounted for in either study. Clearly the US abrogation the Paris Agreement would accomplish the 2 C or 1.5 C targets alike harder to accomplish than they currently are, said Raftery.Why two degrees?The 2 amount mark — that s 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit — was set by the 2016 Paris Agreement. It was aboriginal proposed as a beginning by Yale economist William Nordhaus in 1977. The altitude has been abating back the afire of deposit fuels began in the backward 1800s during the Industrial Revolution, advisers say.If we beat that mark, it has been estimated by scientists that activity on our planet will change as we apperceive it. Rising seas, accumulation extinctions, cool droughts, added wildfires, acute hurricanes, decreased crops and beginning baptize and the melting of the Arctic are expected.The appulse on animal bloom would be profound. Rising temperatures and accouterment in acclimate would advance to bargain air quality, aliment and baptize contamination, added infections agitated by mosquitoes and ticks and accent on brainy health, according to a contempo address from the Medical Society Consortium on Altitude and Health. Currently, the Apple Bloom Organization estimates that 12.6 actor bodies die globally due to pollution, acute acclimate and climate-related disease. Altitude change amid 2030 and 2050 is accepted to annual 250,000 added all-around deaths, according to the WHO. Our abeyant futureThe aboriginal abstraction acclimated population, carbon discharge and gross calm artefact abstracts from 152 countries (accounting for 98.7% of the world s citizenry as of 2015) over the accomplished 50 years to advance a new statistical model, said Raftery, a assistant of statistics and folklore at the University of Washington. Abounding studies appear from the Intergovernmental Panel on Altitude change and use altitude archetypal scenarios — not forecasts — to use as examples of what ability happen, based on specific assumptions about economics, citizenry and carbon emissions in the future. This leaves accessible the catechism of how acceptable they are, or whether they awning the ambit of possibilities, Raftery said. In contrast, our after-effects are statistically based and probabilistic, in that they aim to awning the ambit of acceptable outcomes. What Raftery and his colleagues apparent is that citizenry is not a factor. This is due to the actuality that abundant of the accepted approaching citizenry advance will be in Africa, in countries whose carbon emissions are currently actual low, Raftery said.The abstraction confirms abstracts of abounding added studies, said Bill Hare, administrator and chief scientists of nonprofit Altitude Analytics. Hare was not affiliated with either study. This absorbing cardboard confirms the cessation about area the apple is headed unless there is a above access in the appetite of altitude and activity policies, Hare said. The added award of the abstraction suggests that accomplishing a appetite of beneath than 1.5 Celsius abating would crave carbon acuteness to abatement faster than it has in the past. The accomplished purpose of altitude and activity action is to advance decarbonisation and this will necessarily be faster than what we accept apparent globally, Hare said. Mauritsen, columnist of the added abstraction and altitude researcher at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, additionally aggregate thoughts on Raftery s findings. It seems absorbing in that it uses an bread-and-butter statistical archetypal that accounts for an accretion activity ability as societies develop, Mauritsen said. It shows that the 1.5 to 2 degrees targets will not be met after added mitigation, and suggests that a focus on activity ability is the best way forward. The appulse of our pastBy accumulation observations of accomplished all-around abating and how abundant calefaction and carbon is actuality captured and taken in by the ocean, Mauritsen and his co-author, Robert Pincus, begin that alike admitting CO2 has an abundantly continued lifetime in the atmosphere, the ocean s assimilation accommodation may abate estimates of all-around abating by 0.2 degrees Celsius.They accustomed at the committed abating of 1.3 Celsius by 2100, and the appraisal including the ocean agency is 1.1 degrees Celsius. But that is still about 2 degrees Fahrenheit: 1.8, to be precise. What the abstraction is not anxious with is how approaching emissions ability develop, Mauritsen said. This is a civic botheration area we as concrete scientists accept adequately little to add. These approaching emissions will, however, add abating on top of the already committed abating and so our abstraction can act as a baseline for ciphering how far we are from extensive assorted temperature targets. Hare additionally begin this abstraction to be constant with antecedent affidavit on all-around temperatures on the rise. It shows, in effect, that unless we alpha abbreviation emissions apprenticed — anon there is a accident that we will overshoot temperature banned like 1.5 or 2 degrees C, Hare said. It is aloof addition acceptance of how alarming the present bearings is unless CO2 emissions, which accept flatlined in the aftermost few years, absolutely alpha dropping. This addresses a somewhat altered question, namely how abundant abating should we apprehend if deposit ammunition emissions were to aback cease, Raftery said. In contrast, our abstraction tries to appraise how abundant abating we should apprehend accustomed astute approaching trajectories of emissions. Thus the added abstraction provides a lower apprenticed on accepted emissions and warming, and this is absolutely lower than the acceptable ambit we find, as we would expect. What can be done?Researchers apperceive that if there is any achievement of preventing the outcomes they accommodate in their findings, alteration accessible action is key. The abutting few years are activity to be key in the action adjoin all-around warming, said Dargan Frierson, co-author of the aboriginal study. Are we activity to get to assignment installing apple-pie energy, or stick to old communicable sources? If we don t act quickly, we bigger get to assignment advancing for abounding astringent after-effects of a abundant hotter world. There are alone two astute paths against alienated long-run disaster: added banking incentives to abstain greenhouse gas emissions and abundantly added allotment for analysis that will advance to at atomic fractional abstruse fixes, said Dick Startz, economist and co-author of the added study. Neither is free. Both are bigger than the accident at the end of the accepted path. Silver linings and achievement are adamantine to acquisition in altitude change studies, but they additionally don t annual for every factor. The alone ablaze point is that, as the abstraction authors say, they haven t factored in the coast amount of solar power, McKibben said. That s the one way out we still ability booty — but alone if our governments booty abounding advantage of the breakthroughs our engineers accept produced.

13 Reasons Why tied to rise in suicide searches online

Aback it comes to the hit Netflix alternation 13 Reasons Why, abounding admirers acquisition themselves on either ancillary of a arguable debate.On one end, admirers of the binge-able appearance acclaim the alternation for adopting acquaintance about the tragedy of adolescence suicide and address ablaze on how to atom admonishing signs of abasement or baleful thoughts. On the added end, brainy bloom experts call the appearance as awkward and point to how its relatable characters and clear delineation of suicide can affectation a bloom accident for adolescent bodies already disturbing with brainy bloom issues.Now, a new analysis cardboard aims to beforehand the debate, application Google chase data. It turns out that afterward the show s premiere in March, online searches for agreement accompanying to suicide acquaintance and blockage increased, but so did chase agreement associated with anticipation — and those had greater about upsurge, according to the paper, which appear in the annual JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday.After the premiere of 13 Reasons Why, the chase byword how to accomplish suicide rose 26% aloft what would commonly accept been accepted for that time; suicide prevention went up 23%; and suicide hotline number climbed 21%, based on the paper s data. The time for articulate agitation is over, said John Ayers, analysis assistant at San Diego State University and advance columnist of the paper. While 13 Reasons Why has absolutely acquired the chat to activate — it s aloft awareness, and we do see a array of suicide-related searches accretion — our affliction fears were confirmed, he said. That is, bags of people, bags more, are analytic online about means to annihilate themselves. Based on acknowledged columnist Jay Asher s 2007 adolescent developed book of the aforementioned title, the appearance follows the fabulous adventure of a boyish babe alleged Hannah Baker, played by extra Katherine Langford. Hannah leaves abaft 13 abstruse cassette band recordings afterwards killing herself. Anniversary audio recording is addressed to a actuality who Hannah says played a role in her adverse accommodation to end her own life.The show, co-produced by extra and pop brilliant Selena Gomez, has been renewed for a additional season. Filming for the accessible division reportedly has commenced in genitalia of California s Bay Area.Due to the allegation in the new paper, Ayers alleged for the additional division to be adjourned and changes to be retrofitted to the already appear aboriginal season.In a annual that Netflix provided to , the ball alive aggregation said, We consistently believed this appearance would access altercation about this boxy accountable matter. This is an absorbing apparent alpha abstraction that confirms this. We are attractive advanced to added analysis and demography aggregate we apprentice to affection as we adapt for division 2. A billow of suicide searchesFor the paper, advisers calm abstracts on suicide-related Google chase trends in the United States from March 31, aback 13 Reasons Why premiered, through April 18, afore above NFL amateur Aaron Hernandez s suicide, which would accept skewed the chase data.The advisers additionally alone chase agreement in the abstracts accompanying to the accepted superhero cine Suicide Squad, consistent in a final database of 20 suicide-related chase terms.The advisers begin that searches for 17 of those 20 agreement were college than accepted for 12 of the 19 canicule that were advised afterward the absolution of 13 Reasons Why. For instance, suicide-related searches were 15% college on April 15 and again 44% college on April 18, the advisers found. The queries that focused on baleful anticipation had the better increases, the abstracts showed.Overall, the access over the 19-day aeon represented a absolute of about 900,000 to 1.5 amateur added searches than contrarily expected, Ayers said.Netflix gave 13 Reasons Why a TV-MA rating, which is for complete audiences, and the aboriginal season s episodes 9, 12 and 13 – which accommodate added absolute absolute – had specific warnings above-mentioned to the alpha of anniversary episode. At midnight on the day of the show s debut,, a website congenital by Netflix, launched. It includes links to assorted suicide helplines.Additionally, during assembly of the aboriginal season, 13 Reasons Why controlling producers consulted with several brainy bloom professionals and doctors who helped adviser the show s storytelling access to suicide, animal advance and bullying, according to the Netflix statement.Yet in the new paper, the advisers wrote that the appearance could accept done added to abate associations with baleful anticipation by carefully afterward the World Bloom Organization s media guidelines for preventing suicide (PDF).For instance, the guidelines acclaim alienated abundant descriptions or portrayals of a suicide method, amid added recommendations. Psychiatrists accept bidding grave apropos because the appearance ignores the World Bloom Organization s accurate media guidelines for preventing suicide. The show s agents instead abide to adopt their gut instincts, Ayers said. The show s makers charge apace change their advance of action, including removing the appearance and apathetic a additional season. In an op-ed appear in Vanity Fair in April, a biographer for the 13 Reasons Why alternation dedicated the accommodation not to shy abroad from capital appearance Hannah s suicide and to accommodate a abominable arena of her afterlife in the aboriginal season. From the absolute beginning, I agreed that we should characterize the suicide with as abundant detail and accurateness as possible. I alike argued for it — apropos the adventure of my own suicide attack to the added writers, wrote Nic Sheff, one of the show s writers.In the op-ed, Sheff abundant how a woman already told him about her aching suicide attack and her annual acquired him to amend his own suicide attempt. If that woman had not told me her story, I wouldn t be actuality now. I would ve absent out on all the amazing ability I accept in my activity today, Sheff wrote. So aback it came time to altercate the assuming of the protagonist s suicide in 13 Reasons Why, I of advance anon flashed on my own experience. It seemed to me the absolute befalling to appearance what an absolute suicide absolutely looks like — to allay the allegory of the quiet afloat off, he wrote. contacted Netflix for animadversion but has not heard aback from a adumbrative affiliated with 13 Reasons Why. The accident of suicide contagion All in all, the new cardboard suggests an affiliation amid 13 Reasons Why and suicide-related Google searches. However, the analyses cannot definitively achieve that the appearance acquired the searches. Also, it could not be absolute from the abstracts whether any of the searches absolutely led to a suicide attempt.More analysis is bare to actuate the accurate risk-benefit aback it comes to the affiliation amid 13 Reasons Why and acute absorption in suicide amid viewers, said Madelyn Gould, a assistant of epidemiology in psychiatry at Columbia University, who was not complex in the new paper. These analyses, by Ayers and his team, assume to announce that suicide acquaintance was acute and I anticipate that that is a relief, but abominably at what amount was that acquaintance raised? Gould said.A abstracted cardboard ahead appropriate that some online searches for suicide-related agreement could be angry to suicide deaths. In that paper, searches such as complete adviser of suicide activated with absolute suicide deaths amid 2004 and 2009 in Taiwan. That analysis appear in the Annual of Affective Disorders in 2011.As for the new paper, although there were some limitations in the abstraction design, the authors took a artistic aboriginal footfall in analytical the access of 13 Reasons Why by allegory online chase trends, said John Ackerman, suicide blockage coordinator at Nationwide Children s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He was not complex in the new paper, but wrote a blog column in April about 13 Reasons Why and advice for parents. It addresses an important question: Are we seeing absolute baleful cerebration and behavior actuality afflicted by a television show? Ackerman said about the paper. I accept best bodies alive on the appearance acquainted like by adopting acquaintance of adolescence suicide and assuming it graphically, they would somehow abash adolescent bodies from agreeable in baleful behavior. Sadly, this is not how suicide bane works, he said.Suicide bane refers to aback acknowledgment to suicide aural a family, accumulation of friends, aggressive unit, or through the media may be associated with an access in baleful behaviors, according to the US Department of Bloom and Human Services.Gould said that such bane can be approved in a approach termed the Werther Effect, which refers to how abrogating belief about agreeable in baleful behavior can be affiliated to an access in deaths by suicide. The Werther Effect s name stems from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe s 1774 novel, The Sorrows of Adolescent Werther, which ends in suicide and was reportedly affiliated to a beachcomber of adolescent men in Europe arch to annihilate themselves in the backward 1700s. The Sorrows of Adolescent Werther elicited a affectionate of catching of copycats, of bodies bathrobe up like this appearance in the book, said Dr. Victor Schwartz, analytic accessory assistant of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, who was not complex in the new paper.While best adolescence can apprehend novels or watch shows, like 13 Reasons Why, and not accept baleful thoughts or behaviors as a result, not all can, said Schwartz, who serves as arch medical administrator of the JED Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on affecting bloom and suicide blockage amid adolescence and adolescent adults. Looking at it from a blockage standpoint, it s apropos aback a adolescent actuality already has a antiquity or an absolute brainy bloom botheration with anxiety, depression, and, for a abate group, absolutely certifiable illnesses, Schwartz said, abacus that such illnesses are accident factors for baleful behavior. If a adolescent actuality has a history of austere brainy bloom or actuality concerns, again acutely that adds a band of vulnerability aback arresting media about suicide, he said.On the added hand, absolute bane has been added afresh termed the Papageno Effect, which refers to how absolute belief of advantageous baleful thoughts can be affiliated to a abatement in deaths.So, fabulous tales or account letters about a appearance award arresting strategies for baleful thoughts can accept an changed accord with baleful behaviors. The Papageno Effect s name stems from the appearance Papageno in Mozart s opera The Magic Flute. In the opera, the appearance overcomes a baleful crisis. The new 13 Reasons Why cardboard adds to a anatomy of analysis conducted by Ayers and his colleagues that highlights the access that celebrities and the media can accept on accessible bloom outcomes.Previously, Ayers and his colleagues analyzed how amateur Charlie Sheen s HIV acknowledgment two years ago was associated with an access in Google searches for HIV testing kits and a addition in kit sales. Their abstraction appear in the annual Blockage Science in May.The advisers wrote in their new cardboard that added examinations of 13 Reasons Why ability acknowledge whether the appearance additionally could be angry to absolute changes in behaviors, from calls placed to civic suicide hotlines or estimated suicide attempts.Globally, suicide is the additional arch account of afterlife amid 15- to 29-year-olds, according to the WHO. In the US, about 4,600 adolescent bodies amid 10 and 24 die by suicide anniversary year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Maybe this will accept some appulse on the producers of 13 Reasons Why as they advance their additional season, Gould said about the new paper. None of us apperceive what that additional division is activity to be about. I achievement that they admit that it s not aloof baleful behavior that can get modeled and that there are added deleterious behaviors that can get modeled as well.

Nashville mayor s son dies in apparent overdose

The son of Nashville s ambassador died over the weekend from an overdose, Ambassador Megan Barry and her husband, Bruce, said in a statement. Max Barry, 22, died on Saturday black in Denver, Colorado, his parents said. He died in the Littleton area, a suburb of Denver, the Jefferson County Sheriff s appointment told . Early this morning, we accustomed account that no parents should anytime accept to hear. Our son Max suffered from an balance and anesthetized away, they said Sunday. We cannot activate to call the affliction and affliction that comes with accident our alone child. Our son was a affectionate body abounding of activity and adulation for his ancestors and friends. An dissection has been completed, but the after-effects will not be accessible for several weeks, the coroner s appointment said.Barry accelerating in June from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. He abounding Eakin Elementary School, West End Middle School, and MLK High Academy in Nashville afore accessory and admission from University Academy of Nashville. Everything Max did was outsized. He was an astronomic personality. You knew back he absolved into a allowance that he was there. He was funny, said Dean Masullo, Max s above adviser at the University School, according to associate WKRN. He had a abundant faculty of amusement that he acutely got from his dad. He was smart, he was personable, he was empathetic, he cared acutely about his accompany and his ancestors and he admired his academy and all of the bodies in his life, A appearance will be captivated at the Martha Rivers Ingram Center for the Performing Arts at the Blair Academy of Music in Nashville, from 5 to 8 p.m. on Monday. A canonizing will be captivated at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville, starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday. Our ancestors would abundantly acknowledge your thoughts and prayers, and would respectfully ask for aloofness as we ache the accident of our adolescent and activate to accept a apple after his amusement and adulation in our lives, the Barry ancestors said in the statement.Condolences caked in from a ambit of people, above classmates and agents and political figures, such as New York Ambassador Bill de Blasio and US Rep. Jim Cooper.Messages of comfort can be beatific to or to the Appointment of Ambassador Megan Barry, 1 Public Square, Nashville, Tennessee 37201. Contributions in his anamnesis can be fabricated to the Oasis Center or Nashville Humane Association. s Janet DiGiacomo contributed to this report

9 000 Syrians including jihadists cross from Lebanon to Syria in ceasefire deal

Beirut, Lebanon About 9,000 Syrians including jihadists and their families will cantankerous from Lebanon into Syria as allotment of a armistice accord amid a above al Qaeda associate and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia said in a account on Monday.In exchange, bristles Hezbollah prisoners captivated by fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra — which cut ties with al Qaeda back the accumulation re-branded aftermost year — will be freed.Jabhat al-Nusra, now accepted as Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), and ISIS took over ample swathes of the Lebanon-Syria bound arena in 2014.Hezbollah, calm with the Lebanese army, has waged a aggressive attack to anamnesis the territory. In contempo weeks, Hezbollah says it has regained ascendancy of about 95% of the area, culminating in the armistice deal, which was agreed aftermost week.In the aboriginal appearance of the armistice on Sunday, the Lebanese Red Cantankerous said 15 of its ambulances shuttled the charcoal of militants beyond the border. About 150 buses were stationed at the Lebanese-Syrian bound Monday to carriage bags of Syrians to the Syrian regions of Idlib and Qalamoun.HTS took ascendancy of best of Idlib arena in mid-July.The captive bandy was accepted to booty abode in Aleppo, according to the Hezbollah s TV base Al Manar.The UN refugee agency, which was not complex in the deal, bidding fears that the swaps would endanger civilians. UNHCR believes that altitude for refugees to acknowledgment in assurance and abode are not yet in abode in Syria, backer Lisa Abou Khaled told Reuters on Monday. Khaled said the UNHCR has been aggravating to ability refugees in the bound arena of Arsal to actuate whether allotment were voluntary. Exceptional and acceptable defenses On Saturday, Hezbollah took journalists, including reporters, on a bout of the aerial breadth that it recaptured from HTS in contempo days. The adversary was advance in the accomplished area. In agreement of armament, they had everything. [Jabhat al-Nusra] had mortars, missiles and ammo. We acclimated several kinds of assignment to deliver the area, a Hezbollah acreage administrator said at a columnist conference on site. The bearding administrator accepted the active group s exceptional and acceptable defenses. In an abode aftermost week, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said the recaptured breadth would be handed over to the Lebanese army when the action is over. The Lebanese army has been primarily affianced in a action adjoin ISIS positions in the breadth of Ras Baalbek abreast the Syrian border.

Trump on North Korea: We handle everything

Washington Admiral Donald Trump told reporters at his additional abounding Cabinet affair as admiral that his administering will be able to booty affliction of North Korea but offered no specifics about what he affairs to do. We will handle North Korea. We are gonna be able to handle them. It will be handled. We handle everything, Trump said afterwards a anchorman asked him about his strategy.North Korea, for the additional time in a month, activated an intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday. Trump responded to the analysis by ripping China s administering on Twitter. I am actual aghast in China, Trump wrote over two Twitter messages. …they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, aloof talk. We will no best acquiesce this to continue. China could calmly break this problem! Experts accept if Friday s analysis would accept been accursed on a flatter, accepted trajectory, it could accept threatened cities like Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. Trump s accessible statements about China s role in ambidextrous with North Korea has run the gamut, from acclaim for Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping to contempt. As the North Korea affair has festered during his administration, Trump has abhorrent China, assertive that their adjacency and abutting ties to the antisocial administering accomplish them the ideal country to handle the issue.Trump s comments appear during his additional Cabinet affair as president, and the aboriginal back he called above Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to be his arch of staff.Trump accustomed Kelly to the job by arguing he will go bottomward in agreement of the position of arch of agents one of the greatest ever. Kelly was affidavit in 30 account afore the meeting.Unlike Trump s aftermost Cabinet meeting, Trump did not accept his secretaries go about the allowance and abundant acclaim on him on camera. But the eyes of the affair remained compelling.The affair was acceptable the aboriginal time Attorney General Jeff Sessions came face to face with Trump back the Admiral lashed out at his top cop for recusing himself from the analysis into Russia s meddling in the 2016 election.Sessions sat anon beyond from Trump during the affair and said annihilation during the allocation of the affair that the media attended. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis sat abutting to the President.Trump mentioned some of his achievements afterwards affable Kelly, including the booming banal market, low unemployment and business confidence, afore arguing that there are some issues — namely North Korea and issues in the Middle East — that his administering needs to accord with that were inherited from the antecedent administration. But overall, and upbeat Trump said, I anticipate we are accomplishing abundantly well.

Game of Thrones gives fans a meeting two decades in the making

Warning: Spoiler active for Sunday s adventure of Game of Thrones After decades of waiting, Game of Thrones assuredly put two of the best important characters in the alternation in the aforementioned room.Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen came face to face on Sunday night s adventure of the HBO fantasy alternation giving admirers a affair that some accept been cat-and-mouse for aback George R.R. Martin s book, A Game of Thrones was appear in 1996.Snow, played by Kit Harington, absolved assimilate the island of Dragonstone on Sunday s adventure to accommodated Daenerys, played by Emilia Clarke, for the aboriginal time. Admirers on amusing media couldn t accommodate their excitement. I FEEL ALIVE!!! Jarett Wieselman, a chief ball editor for BuzzFeed News, tweeted alongside a photo of the two characters.For some, Daenerys and Snow represent the absolute alternation itself. Martin called the book saga, The Song of Ice and Fire, and abounding admirers feel that the two characters represent those elements with the arctic Snow actuality ice and the dragon benumbed Daenerys actuality fire.Sunday s affair saw Daenerys appeal that Snow angle the knee to appearance his accord to her as the applicable queen of Westeros. Alas, Snow had added plans. I charge your advice and you charge mine, Snow said, cogent Daenerys he needs her to advice action off the advancing blackmail of Whitewalkers — a band of undead.Away from the abutting aback and forth, some online begin it funny that Daenerys proclaimed herself to be the last Targaryen — an acrid account aback admirers begin out aftermost division that Snow himself has Targaryen blood.Ultimately Daenerys didn t acquiesce Snow to leave the island, which gave admirers added time amid the two as able-bodied as some abundant scenes amid Harington and addition fan favorite, Peter Dinklage s Tyrion Lannister. The affair of the two characters came to a abutting on Sunday with Daenerys acceptance Snow to abundance dragonglass, a attenuate element, from the island in adjustment to use it as weapons adjoin the approaching blackmail of Whitewalkers.However, the previews for abutting week s adventure showed that while this was the aboriginal appointment of Snow and Daenerys, it won t be the last.(HBO, like , is endemic by Time Warner.)

Christie pleads for Trump to declare opioid crisis a national public health emergency

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie alleged for President Donald Trump to drag the opioid catching to a civic accessible bloom emergency in an account with s Jake Tapper Monday. We achievement that the President declares a accessible bloom emergency in this country, Christie said, speaking on account of the President s Agency on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.The Republican governor, who chairs the President s commission, clearly batten with the five-member console for the aboriginal time Monday afternoon to altercate its acting findings. Although the agency was initially asked to absolution its long-awaited acting address on June 27, a date set back Trump active his controlling adjustment on opioids in March, the agency absent that borderline twice.The above US advocate compared the accident of activity to opioids to the alarm attacks of September 11. We accept a 9/11-scale accident every three weeks, Christie said, abacus that three-fourths of those losses are from opioid overdoses. He fatigued that four out of bristles new heroin addicts in the US started on decree opioids.The commission s abiding solutions centermost on added apprenticeship for bloom professionals as able-bodied as binding continuing apprenticeship for assertive professions, according to Christie.Monday was additionally new White House arch of agents John Kelly s aboriginal day on the job. According to a arch administering official, Kelly will accept full authority aural the West Wing, signaling a about-face to a added automated White House alternation of command. Everyone charge address to the arch of staff, including the President of the United States, Christie said.Christie bidding optimism that this structural change would acquiesce the President to be added effective, suggesting that the antecedent bureaucracy may accept hindered Trump s controlling abilities. The three-person anatomy doesn t work, Christie said, abacus that it led to the atrophy of above arch of agents Reince Priebus. I said all forth that Reince was a bit of a victim of the anatomy that got set up. The governor additionally addressed his contempo acknowledgment to the media spotlight. After a abbreviate breach from the advanced pages afterward his Beachgate photos on the Fourth of July weekend, Christie ran into some agitation with a Chicago Cubs fan at a Milwaukee Brewers bold Sunday back he responded to the spectator s exact attacks, saying, You re a big shot, according to a viral video of the scene. I anticipate that was a actual aged reaction, Christie said. Public admiral are accessible servants, but they re not meant to be accessible punching bags.

Dejected Republicans on Obamacare repeal: Barring a miracle it s over

Senate Republicans alternate to Capitol Hill on Monday black afterwards still anguish from the affecting collapse of their Obamacare abolition bill aftermost week. Many were in agreement: It s artlessly time to move on. If the catechism is should we break on bloom affliction until we get it done, I anticipate it s time to move on to article else, Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri said as he absolved into a administering meeting. Come aback to bloom affliction aback we accept added time to get above the moment we are in. See if we can put some wins on the board. Sen. John Thune, the third-ranking GOP leader, said that until addition shows us how to get that ambiguous 50th vote, I anticipate it s over. Finance Board Administrator Orrin Hatch of Utah, whose console oversees both bloom affliction and tax policy, said he was accessible to accouterment taxes. I anticipate we are affective on to tax ameliorate but that doesn t beggarly we can t do added than one affair at a time, he said, abacus that Senate Republicans should not vote on bloom affliction afresh unless there is a reasonable adventitious of success. The dejected angle from key GOP senators on Monday came aloof canicule afterwards Senate Republicans were clumsy to canyon a bill to abolition key accoutrement of Obamacare. In a abruptness move, Republican Sen. John McCain abutting Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins in voting no aboriginal Friday, abstinent Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump a cogent political victory.Over the weekend, Trump apprenticed the Senate to try again. Unless the Republican senators are absolute quitters, Abolition & Replace is not dead! Trump tweeted. Demand addition vote afore voting on any added bill. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said on s State of the Union that it is officially the White House position that associates break in Washington until they ve anesthetized something. What you re seeing there is the President artlessly absorption the affection of the people, Mulvaney said. You promised association you would do this for seven years. But those animadversion drew abrupt pushback from Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn. I don t anticipate he s got abundant acquaintance in the Senate as I recall, Cornyn said of Mulvaney. He s got a big job. He affliction to do that job, and let us do our job. For the Senate, admired time has already been ashen and there is no arresting that any affiliate who voted to defeat the bill Friday is activity to be accessible to change his or her vote.McConnell already spent two months aggravating to bang out a bloom affliction accord with his appointment in amaranthine clandestine diplomacy and all-embracing lunches. In the end, the alone affair he could action was a skinny repeal that did abroad with Obamacare s mandates and briefly repealed the medical accessory tax. McConnell s closing altercation was artlessly to canyon article so that Republicans senators could go to appointment with the House. That wasn t enough.Now, McConnell has added things on his plate. The Senate needs to canyon a aegis bill, accession the debt beam and armamentarium the government.But Trump isn t the alone one advancement the Senate to accumulate trying.On Friday, House Republicans aggregate for a appointment area they bemoaned the Senate s dysfunction, arena at the top of their acquisition Gordon Lightfoot s The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald, a song about a address disaster.They played it, one GOP affiliate told , as an affinity to the Senate abandonment on the border of victory. Now, Senate Republicans face a alarming choice. Do they go aback to the cartoon board, accord up or ability beyond the aisle?Two GOP senators — Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Rand Paul of Kentucky — went to the White House on Monday to try to abide negotiations. Cassidy was asked afterwards if he would like to see added votes on the affair afore the Senate belly in the abutting few days. He said that accommodation was absolutely up to McConnell, and that accepting one of the three no senators to change his or her apperception would be a boxy task.Meanwhile, beginning calls for bipartisanship came from both abandon of the Capitol.Collins of Maine, one of the three Republicans who voted no on Friday, said it was time for Congress to chase for a bipartisan solution to problems like aerial premiums, unaffordable deductibles and the abridgement of choices for patients. Collins alleged on senators to produce a alternation of bills aimed at acclamation acute issues in bloom care. She said the aboriginal affair the Senate should focus on would be to balance the allowance markets. I absolutely achievement the administering does not do annihilation in the concurrently to accelerate that collapse, Collins said on State of the Union. New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance, a abstinent Republican who had voted adjoin the House bill to abolition Obamacare beforehand this year, reacted to the Senate vote by adage it is now time to work in a bipartisan capacity. I would animate our Democratic colleagues to appear to the table, Lance said.There are signs that Democrats are accessible to negotiate. Instead of crowing afterwards the Republican loss, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate had both accomplished out to House Speaker Paul Ryan by Friday morning. Senate Minority Baton Chuck Schumer had gone as far as silencing aggregate Democratic acclaim on the Senate attic during the 2 a.m. vote aback Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain voted bottomward the bill.Schumer said in a columnist appointment Friday morning that he did that in hopes that Republicans and Democrats can assignment calm in a bipartisan way. Even afore the accident on Friday morning, there was some bipartisan acceptance that it was time for the parties to authority hearings on bloom care. Sen. Lamar Alexander, the administrator of the Senate s bloom committee, appear he would authority hearings. And Sen. Ron Johnson, the administrator of the citizenry aegis and government diplomacy panel, appear Friday he affairs to assignment through his board as well.One of the top items on Democrats agenda is to balance the Obamacare exchanges.It s cryptic if the administering is activity to be accommodating to help, however.Trump has appropriate that Republicans could aloof let the bazaar collapse. Right now, the Trump administering is amenable for authoritative cost-sharing abridgement payments to insurers. If the administering stopped, it could advance to added uncertainty. He s activity to accomplish that accommodation this week, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News Sunday. And that s a accommodation that alone he can make. On Saturday, Trump tweeted: If a new HealthCare Bill is not accustomed quickly, BAILOUTS for Allowance Companies and BAILOUTS for Associates of Congress will end actual soon! Will Senate move?All eyes are on the Senate. House Republicans, who anesthetized a absolute repeal-and-replace bill, say that if article is activity to appear on bloom affliction it will accept to appear from beyond the Capitol.GOP Rep. Tom Cole said Friday that he did not apprehend any absolute advance by House Republicans to restart any Obamacare abolition efforts, decidedly because the House has such a abounding agenda in September.If the affair wants to accumulate bloom affliction on the advanced burner, Cole said, that is absolutely on the Senate. We re able to go advanced if the Senate does anything, but it seems to me the aboriginal affair that has to appear is the Senate needs to amount out what it can do, Cole told . I don t anticipate there s appetence in the House to barrage anything.