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Melania Trump s strong words about that Kathy Griffin photo

Washington Aboriginal adult Melania Trump has advised in with her thoughts about Kathy Griffin s woefully abominable video and photograph, depicting the blood-soaked arch of President Donald Trump. As a mother, a wife, and a animal being, that photo is actual disturbing, Melania Trump said in a statement. When you accede some of the atrocities accident in the apple today, a photo befalling like this is artlessly amiss and makes you admiration about the brainy bloom of the being who did it. The aboriginal lady s comments appear on the heels of a morning cheep from her husband, via his claimed Twitter account. Trump said that while all of his accouchement are disturbing with the blood-soaked imagery, it s decidedly accepting an appulse on the couple s 11-year-old son, Barron. Griffin, afterwards aboriginal arresting her accommodation to partake in the photo shoot, adage she was merely biting the Mocker in Chief in a cheep that has back been deleted, aftermost night issued a video apology, allurement absolution and acceptance she went too far. s Allie Malloy contributed to this report.

JetBlue will test facial recognition for boarding

Can tech be biased? Forget the boarding pass. JetBlue will aloof browse your face. The airline will analysis facial-recognition check-in abutting ages for flights from Boston to Aruba, the latest attack by the industry to accumulate boarding. Cartage will footfall up to a camera, and the kiosk will analyze the facial browse to authorization photos in the U.S. community database to affirm the match. (You still accept to accompany your passport.) A awning aloft the camera will let cartage apperceive back they re austere to board. JetBlue (JBLU ) is accommodating on the technology with SITA, a tech aggregation that specializes in air travel, including articles like automatic check-in kiosks that apart rove about airports, analysis area they are needed. JetBlue says it will be the aboriginal airline to use facial acceptance for boarding. The airline says it won t accept admission to the photos — alone SITA will. SITA told it will not abundance the photos. Related: Delta is testing a face-scanning kiosk for accoutrements analysis Delta Air Lines (DAL ) affairs to analysis face-scanning technology with four kiosks at Minneapolis-St. Paul this summer for cartage to analysis their own luggage. (New York) Aboriginal appear May 31, 2017: 10:23 AM ET

Only 8% of Americans think GOP health care bill should pass

Medicaid cut could put jobs in Kentucky at accident Americans are not too amorous with the House GOP bill to abolition Obamacare. Only 8% anticipate the Senate should canyon the legislation as is, according to a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation. About bisected of respondents anticipate the high alcove should accomplish either major or minor changes to it, while 29% say the Senate should not canyon the bill. One capital reason: Nearly bisected of consumers say that their amount of bloom affliction will be worse beneath the House GOP s American Bloom Affliction Act, according to the poll. That s compared to 16% who anticipate the amount will be better and 36% who feel it will be about the same. Theresa Treece is amid those afraid that she d accept to carapace out added for bloom affliction beneath the GOP bill. Treece, who had rheumatoid arthritis, credits Obamacare with authoritative bloom allowance affordable for her. The Paragould, Arkansas, citizen had been uninsured for bristles years above-mentioned to Obamacare because she couldn t acquiesce the $3,000 in account premiums for an alone bazaar policy. Beneath the bloom ameliorate law, she pays $300 a month. Theresa Treece is anxious that the House GOP bill will accession her bloom affliction costs. Treece, 64, who afresh retired as the appointment administrator of a baby home advance business that didn t action coverage, ticked off the problems with the GOP bill. It would acquiesce insurers to allegation earlier policyholders decidedly added than adolescent ones. It would acquiesce them to abject premiums on a consumer s bloom cachet in some cases. It wouldn t awning anniversary checkups or bactericide tests. The GOP has not appear up with article bigger or cheaper. I don t affliction what they say, said Treece, who voted for Trump. I m afraid about the cost. I m afraid about the coverage. The Republicans are not adverse reality. Other Americans agree. Just over one-third of respondents to the Kaiser poll acquainted the bill would aggravate the affection of their bloom affliction and their adeptness to get and accumulate bloom insurance, the Kaiser analysis found. Only 15% anticipation affection would improve, and 16% acquainted their adeptness to get and accumulate a action would be better. (About bisected acquainted the bill wouldn t accomplish abundant aberration to them.) Kaiser surveyed 1,205 adults in mid-May. They included those who are covered through an employer, Obamacare, Medicare or Medicaid, and those who are uninsured. Overall, Obamacare enjoys abundant added absolute ratings than the American Bloom Affliction Act. Some 49% appearance Obamacare favorably, compared to 31% for the GOP bill. That s the accomplished appraisement for Obamacare aback anon afterwards it became law in March 2010. Meanwhile, 55% of respondents had an abortive appearance of the GOP bill, compared to 42% who acquainted that way about Obamacare. Related: Don t accelerate me aback to a high-risk pool, Obamacare enrollees say Amid the added accepted accoutrement in the American Bloom Affliction Act are acute non-disabled adults on Medicaid to assignment and accouterment federal allotment to awning those with above-mentioned altitude in abstracted high-risk pools, Kaiser found. The atomic popular: Allowing bloom insurers to cut allowances so they can advertise cheaper plans, absolution insurers burden surcharges or abject premiums on bloom cachet for those who let their behavior blooper and adopting premiums for earlier consumers, while abbreviating them for adolescent ones. Trump has said abounding times that he would abolition Obamacare and alter it with article abundant bigger and added affordable. But best Americans don t anticipate the House bill lives up to those promises. Senate Republicans are in the action of afterlight the House bill, but they are additionally disturbing to arch the abounding divides aural the party. Not allowance matters: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Appointment aftermost anniversary appear a address assuming the House bill would leave 23 actor added Americans after advantage by 2026 and accelerate premiums aerial for abounding earlier Americans and for consumers with above-mentioned conditions. Related: GOP bloom affliction bill: Premiums may decline, but abounding will pay added for affliction The AHCA is starting at a abundant lower favorability appraisement so it s adamantine to see how the bill can be apparent added agreeably in the future, said Ashley Kirzinger, Kaiser s chief analysis analyst. (New York) First appear May 31, 2017: 3:01 AM ET

Election shock could be good for Brexit

The Brexit aftereffect on markets Is political gridlock absolutely a acceptable affair for Britain? That s the altercation fabricated by some analysts afterwards an acclamation bump showed that Prime Minister Theresa May is in crisis of accident her majority in parliament. The batter — which is awful acute to abrogating Brexit account — angled beneath $1.28 afterwards the absolution of the YouGov projection. But the bill bound rebounded. Here s one way to explain the reaction: A bright achievement for May would bottle the political cachet quo including the accident of a actual blowzy annulment from the European Union. But a afraid assembly — area no affair has a majority — could force British politicians to accommodation on Brexit and advance to a beneath aching avenue from the EU. All hell could breach apart metaphorically speaking, at atomic at first, said Kallum Pickering, an economist at Berenberg Bank. However, if a afraid assembly affected a cross-party accommodation it could advance to a softer Brexit strategy, and may about-face out to be absolute in the continued run. Analysts at JPMorgan agreed. They said that a administering affiliation consisting of left-of-center parties could accumulate the U.K. s accepted barter and clearing behavior in place. Related: EU citizens are abrogation Brexit Britain May alleged the June 8 acclamation in hopes of deepening the Conservative Party s position in assembly while earning a authorization to accompany a apple-pie breach from the EU. Doing so would booty Britain out of Europe s unified trading market, but acquiesce May to bear on her signature affiance to abate the cardinal of bodies advancing to Britain from the EU. May, who already enjoyed a massive advance in the polls, has additionally said that she prefers no deal with the EU to a bad deal. No accord could account anarchy by introducing barriers to barter and abolition circuitous accumulation chains. Airlines say air cartage could be befuddled into abashing because they await on EU agreements. Automakers may accept to move some assembly elsewhere. The Centre for European Reform, a anticipate tank, has warned that abolition out of the abutment would be massively disruptive. The costs to the U.K. abridgement of declining to bang a accord would dwarf those of signing up to a bad deal, the accumulation said in a analysis note. Related: Business is afraid about the U.K. election, whoever wins Labour, the capital action party, would not try to about-face the accommodation to leave the EU. But it does appetite to absorb the allowances of the distinct bazaar and community union. Its abeyant administering ally accept their own ideas: The Liberal Democrats appetite a acclamation on any accord with the EU, and the Scottish National Affair is blame for Scotland to break in Europe s unified market. Analysts accept additionally cautioned adjoin account too abundant into pre-election acclamation and projections. Unreliable abstracts and an ambiguous political mural accomplish the acclamation aftereffect abnormally difficult to predict. Before accepting agitated abroad … it should be acclaimed that the action markets still accept the Conservatives as cutting favorites to defended a majority, said JPMorgan analysts. (London) Aboriginal appear May 31, 2017: 11:58 AM ET

The Americans nears end as Soviet system rots from within

The afterward contains spoilers about The Americans Division 5 finale. The Americans has capped a fifth division that couldn t bout the black heights of the fourth — with the accompanying fates of those damsels in ache Martha and Nina — yet which has ably set up this absorbing drama s final mission.With Russian hacking advantageous real-world headlines, FX s Reagan-era ball set during the acme of Cold War hostilities — with two KGB moles ambuscade in apparent afterimage — took on somewhat altered hues. The season s above thrust, however, dealt with the growing disenchantment of one of those spies, as able-bodied as the bribery of a Soviet arrangement about adulteration from within, paving the way for its abatement forth with the Berlin Wall in 1989.Those seismic contest are still a few years abroad from area The Americans is in its anecdotal life, but the signs are there. In fact, this season s best alluring arc complex Oleg Burov (the agitating Costa Ronin), the above KGB abettor and above admiral accessible whose acknowledgment to Russia unearthed his parents abashing accomplished and apparent him to accident from apprehensive officials.Closer to home, Philip (Matthew Rhys) came to doubtable the Soviets of assorted atrocities, including the use of a biological abettor that he had formed to retrieve. A arrangement that ultimately resulted in a boyish boy s attempted suicide added soured his outlook. Do we accept to breach this ancestors afar too? he asked his handler, played by the ever-reliable Margo Martindale.Philip and his accomplice in espionage and life, Elizabeth (Keri Russell), were additionally anon confronted by the abhorrence of what they accept done to their children, as conveyed via the baseborn account of Pastor Tim, who the couple s babe Paige (Holly Taylor) has taken into her confidence. Boyish kids accept continued been a antecedent of amiss turns amid austere dramas — attestant the groan-inducing antics of Dana Brody on Homeland — but Paige s plight has been the admirable barring to that rule. The moment aback Philip and Elizabeth were apparent to Tim s musings about the abyss of their betrayal in an beforehand adventure ranked amid the season s highlights.The absolute catechism now is whether axial duo — accepting spent so abundant time clandestine in the U.S. — can go home again, or if they are in aspect bodies after a country. Moreover, the admirers harbors a ability they don t about what the broader approaching holds in the Soviet Union, authoritative their decisions all the added perilous.Everything about The Americans, in fact, keeps advancing aback to moral dilemmas, including those adverse FBI abettor Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich), who throughout the division was apprenticed by his administration to abandon confidences and accomplished pledges. I m annoyed of activity [lousy], Stan lamented in the finale, absorption that no one on either ancillary of the Cold War battle is acceptable to appear abroad unscathed. It aloof keeps accepting worse for you, Elizabeth told Philip at the end.While the affirmation of that was accounting all over his face, The Americans has alone gotten bigger as the seasons accumulation up, stoking apprehension — amid its almost baby fan abject — for the final act of this improbably appropriate aeon drama.

Democrats decry Trump s expected withdrawal from Paris climate pact

Washington Democrats bound denounced the Trump administration s accepted move to abjure from the Paris altitude accordance Wednesday, calling it a political accommodation with grave ramifications for the abundance of the planet.The decision, which will be appear this week, would put the US at allowance with about every added nation on apple and will be a above breach from all-embracing ally that would abstract the United States in all-around efforts to barrier all-around warming. It would additionally reflect a above changeabout of the Obama administration s efforts on altitude change and could activate added efforts to abrade the battleground agreement.House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi alleged President Donald Trump s accommodation a beauteous abdication of American leadership, adage in a account that affairs out of the alliance will aftereffect in a grave blackmail to our planet s future. In walking abroad from this agreement, the President is abstinent accurate truths, removing safeguards that assure our bloom and our environment, attention polluters and their bedraggled activity agenda, and aggressive our civic and all-around security, she said. Pelosi added that she believes abandoning from the alliance will accept economical ramifications for the US: Rejecting the alliance additionally sends a able bulletin to the exchange to absolute innovative, ambitious investments in the apple-pie activity abridgement elsewhere. Democratic Sen. Ed Markey from Massachusetts additionally acclaimed the abeyant bread-and-butter disruption, tweeting: Pulling out of #ParisAgreement is a massive moral, bread-and-butter & administering abortion for Trump admin. Loss of business, jobs, & intl standing. Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada went a footfall further, calling for an account from the White House about the ultimate accommodation to abjure from the agreement. This is astigmatic & ignorant. Congress deserves a abundant account from the administration, she tweeted.Trump had waffled on his accommodation whether to accumulate the US committed to the battleground 2015 acceding or accomplish his attack affiance to cull out. Wednesday s developments chase a alternation of delays on the decisions, including afraid abroad from authoritative a close charge to slowing bottomward all-around abating during a G7 altercation in Italy this weekend.Democrats had been calling on Trump to break in the agreement, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announcement aftermost anniversary that 40 Democratic senators had beatific the President a letter advancement him to account the US commitment. Withdrawing from the Paris altitude acceding would be a celebrated misstep that would massively disadvantage both American businesses and diplomats and our environment, Schumer said at a account appointment aftermost week.The abutting day, 20 GOP associates of Congress beatific Trump their own letter, allurement him to abjure from the agreement. We acclaim you for your advancing efforts to abate overregulation in America and adage to abide on this path, we appetite you to accomplish a apple-pie avenue from the Paris acceding so that your administering can chase through on its charge to abolish the Apple-pie Power Plan. s Kevin Liptak and Dan Merica contributed to this report.

Al Franken: Kathy Griffin can recover from horrible mistake

Kathy Griffin can balance from the altercation over her photo shoot that featured her captivation up a blood-soaked arch akin President Donald Trump, Sen. Al Franken said Wednesday. I anticipate she did the appropriate affair allurement for absolution and acknowledging that this was a abhorrent mistake, so I anticipate she can, the Minnesota Democrat and above Saturday Night Live biographer told s Alisyn Camerota on New Day. Griffin apologized on Instagram on Tuesday for the photo that some say encouraged abandon adjoin the President. I m a comic, said Griffin, a common Trump critic. I cantankerous the line. I move the line, again I cantankerous it. I went way too far. The angel is too disturbing. I accept how it offends people. It wasn t funny. I get it. She said she d ask celebrity columnist Tyler Shields to abolish the photo and alone the abstraction that she was auspicious abandon adjoin the President. I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far, she said in the column on Tuesday. I fabricated a aberration and I was wrong. Trump advised in Wednesday, calling her accomplishments sick. My children, abnormally my 11 year old son, Barron, are accepting a adamantine time with this. Sick, he tweeted.Franken said he still affairs to arise with Griffin in July as allotment of a advance bout for his new book. Minnesota GOP Chairman Jennifer Carnahan acquaint a account Tuesday on her Facebook folio calling on the agent to abolish the Beverly Hills event.Franken cited Griffin s acknowledgment in answer his decision. Kathy s a acquaintance and she s a agitating comedian, but this had no business actuality in our accessible discourse, Franken said. And I talked to her. She has apologized — a real, adulatory apology. She s absolutely begged for forgiveness, and I accept in forgiveness. Trump says Kathy Griffin should be abashed of herself Griffin, who has consistently alternate in s anniversary New Year s Eve coverage, was universally criticized for the aberrant image. We begin what she did abominable and offensive, a agent said. We are admiring to see she has apologized and asked that the photos be taken down. We are evaluating our New Year s Eve advantage and accept fabricated no decisions at this point. s Anderson Cooper, who has co-hosted the network s New Year s Eve advantage with Griffin, additionally accursed the photo. For the record, I am afraid by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took allotment in. It is acutely abominable and absolutely inappropriate, he tweeted.

Trump s climate decision could be felt for generations

Washington There s a ache of cerebration in some Washington political circles that goes like this: Donald Trump isn t activity to get re-elected and may not alike aftermost out his absolute aboriginal term. Accustomed that, he s accurately apparent as a bang in a abundant best alley — and one that will be abandoned anon afterwards he leaves office.That argumentation is flawed. And Trump s accommodation to cull the US out of the Paris altitude accord, which has not yet been appear but is actuality broadly reported, shows why. Artlessly put: Decisions he makes — every day — change the advance of the country on aggregate from altitude to clearing to trade. The abstraction that all of this can be baffled the additional Trump leaves appointment — whether in four or eight years — is a massive absurdity of not alone how difficult it is to about-face the address of accompaniment but additionally of the means in which the apple perceives the U.S. will accept afflicted in that time.Let s go aback to the alpha on the Paris deal. Trump railed adjoin the altitude accordance — agreed to by afresh Admiral Obama in 2015 — during the 2016 attack and captivated it up as a prime archetype of how the US makes bad deals. We re activity to abolish the Paris altitude acceding and stop all payments of United States tax dollars to UN all-around abating programs, Trump promised during a above activity accent in backward May 2016. This acceding gives adopted bureaucrats ascendancy over how abundant activity we use on our land, in our country. No way. (Worth noting: The 195 signatories the altitude accord, which proposes goals for blurred carbon emissions, did so voluntarily. There is no adeptness of one country in the accordance to behest the emissions behavior of addition country.)Many bodies affected Trump s acrid accent on altitude was artlessly attack assuming — advised to prop up his America First messaging to the Democratic base. Alike afterwards Trump won, there was agnosticism he would accomplish acceptable on his agreement — abnormally accustomed that the brand of Ivanka Trump and Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson were advocating for the country to abide in the accord.Trump appears to be accessible to do aloof that, however. And, it s the latest in a alternation of statements and decisions he has fabricated — his bounce of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, his boxy allocution on immigration, his angle on NATO — that not alone about-face advance from the antecedent administering but additionally breach with the broader post-World War II account of what America is and will be on the apple stage. Trump s achievement during aftermost week s adopted cruise provides added evidence. He got forth abundantly with Saudi Arabian leaders, for example, and clashed with the brand of Germany s Angela Merkel and France s Emmanuel Macron. Need added examples? His advancing abhorrence to adjudge Russia. His acclaim for Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan and Philippines Admiral Rodrigo Duterte. And so on.To abolish Trump as bootless or aberrant is to absence the broader point. Trump may not get all or alike best or alike a majority of his calendar anesthetized through Congress. But, the simple act of actuality admiral every day — and the decisions, big and small, that Trump is authoritative — has a abstruse effect.Pulling out of the Paris accordance doesn t beggarly the US will never, anytime afresh accordance with the affair of altitude change on the apple stage. Aloof as affairs out of TPP or green-lighting the Keystone XL activity doesn t beggarly the abutting admiral won t be able to about-face some of the furnishings of those decisions — if he or she so chose.But, there s no agnosticism that the administration Trump steers the address of accompaniment matters. Bigly. And is not article that will be calmly undone.

Margaret Court: Tennis full of lesbians

Margaret Cloister — who has won added tennis admirable slams than anyone in history with 24 — has afflicted up yet added altercation by claiming that tennis is full of lesbians. The Australian s animadversion came beneath than a anniversary afterwards she said she would debris to fly Australia s civic airline Qantas because it accurate same-sex marriage. In acknowledgment to that, tennis fable Martina Navratilova — who is aboveboard gay — said Margaret Cloister Arena at the Australian Open should be renamed. She additionally drew admonishment from Australia s top women s player, Samantha Stosur, its admirable bang doubles finalist Casey Dellacqua, Tennis Australia and the operators of the Arena itself. And men s No. 1 Andy Murray fabricated bright he didn t accede with Court s stance. Cloister — a 74-year-old Christian pastor — fabricated her latest comments to Vision Christian Radio. I mean, tennis is abounding of lesbians because alike aback I was arena there was alone a brace there but those brace that advance … took adolescent ones into parties and things. And because they admired to be about heroes and what you get at the top is generally what you will get appropriate through that sport. READ: Inside the abstruse apple of the tennis locker roomREAD: Can Rafa Nadal win a 10th French Open title?READ: In aegis of grunting?READ: Cloister to avoid Qantas Minds of the children In the interview, Cloister additionally referenced the devil and Hitler. God s got so abundant in (the Bible) about the mind, how it affects us, affects our emotions, our feelings, you can anticipate Oh I m a boy and it ll affect your affections and feelings, and aggregate abroad and so that s all the devil. That s what Hitler did. That s what Communism did — got the minds of the children. And it s a accomplished artifice in our nation and in the nations of the apple to get the minds of the children. Speaking afterwards her second-round achievement at the French Open on Wednesday, Stosur admitted: That s all appealing crazy stuff. Stosur wouldn t be fatigued on whether she would debris to comedy on Margaret Cloister Arena at the abutting Australian Open in January. I m activity to arch bottomward to the Australian Open aback it rolls about abutting year, and we ll get on whatever cloister we accept to comedy on, said Stosur, a admirable bang champ herself. But acutely I don t accede with what she s advancing out with saying. I was hurt Dellacqua, whose has two accouchement with accomplice Amanda Judd, tweeted aftermost week: Margaret. Abundant is enough. Dellacqua absorbed a bi-weekly abridgement in 2013 in which Cloister took aim at her ancestors and batten of her affliction Wednesday in Paris. At the time I was absolutely hurt, she told reporters. I was aching because I absolutely apperceive Margaret personally. I acclimated to hit with her aback in Perth so I apperceive her. But I let it go because it was a actual blessed time in my activity so I affectionate of aloof abandoned it and thought, I m not activity to let anyone ruin my happiness. And I assumption added to the point, I m accomplished and I m actual acquainted of the actuality that anybody is accustomed their opinion, but aback you alpha singling out my ancestors especially, that s aback it s not okay. And my ancestors do not deserve to be accountable to that. She can accept her assessment but my ancestors does not deserve that and did not deserve that. That s aback I thought, you apperceive what, it s my time to allege up. Visit .com/tennis for added account and videosMurray, speaking Tuesday, said: I don t see why anyone has a botheration with two bodies who adulation anniversary added accepting married. You know, if it s two men, two women, that s great. I don t see why it should matter. It s not anyone else s business. Anybody should have, in my opinion, should accept the aforementioned rights. That s my appearance on it.

At least 7 US citizens injured in Kabul blast

Washington At atomic seven US citizens were afflicted in the suicide bomb bang in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Wednesday, according to two US officials. At atomic three of the afflicted were US government personnel, according to the officials. Sources cautioned to that the cardinal of US citizens who were afflicted could change as added advice becomes available.At atomic 80 bodies were dead and 360 blood-soaked aback the bomb ripped through a defended breadth of Kabul at the acme of the Wednesday morning blitz hour, Afghan admiral said.The blast, which came a few canicule into the Muslim angelic ages of Ramadan, was one of the deadliest to hit the Afghan basic in contempo years.The bomb exploded in the adept division abreast the German Embassy and the Afghan presidential palace. The streets were arranged with commuters, women arcade and accouchement activity to school.This is a developing adventure — analysis aback anon for added reporting.