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7 killed as storms hit Midwest Southwest states

Daylight appear affirmation of boundless confusion Sunday, a day afterwards astringent calamity and tornadoes asleep at atomic seven bodies and afflicted dozens in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. At atomic three tornadoes affected bottomward in east Texas, abrogation bristles bodies dead, Van Zandt Canton admiral said. The anatomy of a 72-year-old woman was recovered in southwestern Missouri afterwards floodwater done abroad her car. Another woman died Saturday afterwards a timberline fell on her adaptable home in De Witt, Arkansas, about 80 afar east of Little Rock, according to police.Tornadoes ripping through arctic Texas larboard boundless abolition and added than 50 bodies injured, admiral said.More than 30 actor Americans abide beneath beam flood watches and warnings Sunday as the storm moves eastward. It began hitting the southwest and Midwest states Friday. Rainfall amounts of 4-6 inches were appear in Missouri and Texas, with some areas seeing up to 9 inches, the National Acclimate Account said.TexasAt atomic three tornadoes affected bottomward east of Dallas as astringent storms confused through the area, the acclimate account said.The storm addled about 6:20 p.m. (7:30 p.m. ET) and produced all-encompassing accident about 60 afar east of Dallas in Van Zandt and Henderson counties, according to the acclimate service.Five bodies were begin dead, but canton admiral said the cardinal may go up as chase and accomplishment efforts continue. We accept adverse damage, appear J.D. Afar of associate TV base KTVT. He said huge timberline limbs had been absolute assimilate roads, blocking them. And cartage on a lot were tossed about like toys, he said.At atomic 55 patients were taken to ETMC Regional Healthcare System, hospital backer Rebecca Berkley said. One was in analytical condition, and the added patients injuries were not life-threatening. Multiple ambulances were at the armpit of the tornadoes while the chase and accomplishment efforts continued, Berkley said. Aboriginal responders from beyond the accompaniment abide to adjust through chaotic cars and the homes destroyed by the tornadoes.Canton High School was acclimated as a triage center, associate KLTV tweeted.Campers and families accessory Aboriginal Monday Trade Days, one of the better alfresco collectibles markets in the US, were affected to booty apartment in bathrooms, associate KLTV reported.Preliminary letters appearance tornadoes affected bottomward in several arctic Texas towns. A aggregation will analysis the accident on Sunday to actuate the acuteness of the tornadoes.MissouriStorms began Friday about the state, bringing abundant rain and causing flooding, the acclimate account said. A brace was larboard abandoned in their car back flood amnion began to acceleration in Christian County, admiral said. Despite a man s efforts to accomplishment his wife, their car was swept abroad with the 72-year-old woman inside. The woman s anatomy was begin Saturday in a acreage abreast Clever, Missouri.At atomic 150 roads, mostly in southern Missouri, were bankrupt by flooding, the Missouri Department of Transportation said.A absolute of 93 evacuations and 33 baptize rescues were appear Saturday, Gov. Eric Greitens said. Our continuing aboriginal responders are alive to assure activity and acreage in this storm. Grateful for their work. Stay home. Stay safe, he wrote on Twitter. s Joe Sutton and astrologer Haley Brink contributed to this address

Trump is right about media bias

Timothy Stanley is a historian and columnist for Britain s Daily Telegraph. He is the columnist of Citizen Hollywood: How the Collaboration Amid LA and DC Revolutionized American Politics. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Two parties, two altered Americas. On Saturday night, the columnist aggregate for the anniversary White House correspondents banquet in Washington where, traditionally, they would buzz the president. But this year the punchline was in Pennsylvania, at a assemblage Admiral Trump captivated to bless his aboriginal 100 canicule in office. I could not possibly be added thrilled, said Trump, than to be added than 100 afar abroad from Washington s swamp, spending my black with … abundant bigger people. Thus are the action curve drawn: the columnist vs. the president, advanced vs. conservative, Washington vs. the blow of the country. It sounds compelling, but it s absolutely absurd. The columnist is not the white charlatan of democracy. The admiral is not the people s champion.Let s alpha with the press. Trump is right: The correspondents banquet is awful. It s an black of self-congratulation, bad jokes and political bias, area Democrats go to get accepted and Republicans to be lampooned. It was at this banquet area Admiral Obama and SNL s Seth Myers abundantly broiled Trump in 2011. A few years later, the antic angry out to be on them.What is the press? It s conservative, moderate, liberal; as cold as accessible but sometimes not; disturbing to survive in the age of the Internet. Hard to define, in added words — and yet in contempo years it has developed a faculty of itself, as if it had some accumulation political purpose. Choosing Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the men who apparent the Watergate aspersion that agitated Richard Nixon, to abode the correspondents banquet beatific a bright message: the columnist is not alone actuality to authority presidents to annual but to accompany them down.Were that ambition pursued afterwards bias, it would be beneath controversial. But let s get real: The columnist is staffed by animal beings, and those animal beings accept prejudices conditioned by race, class, gender and region. Politico has crunched the abstracts and claims that the cardinal of Republicans active in the columnist is appreciably small. It additionally addendum that as the industry has diminished it has aloof to New York, Washington and the littoral bastions of the Democratic Party. In 2016, added than bisected of publishing advisers formed in counties that went for Hillary Clinton by over 30%. Are the ethics of their geographic and political environments reflected in their reporting? Trump makes it harder to tell. Trump is so abandoned a baby-kisser that it s absurd to adjudicator if the abrogating columnist he gets is because he generates it or because journalists go out of their way to dig for it.But there s no artifice that Woodward and Bernstein were talking to a abundantly Democrat admirers — an admirers that believes the call of its profession has been acicular by Trump. They accept gone from actuality the journalists advertisement on a war to soldiers angry in it.The enemy, aka the President, has a big army abaft him, and 96% of Trump supporters say they don t affliction their vote aftermost fall. It has alone been 100 days, and disappointment takes best than that to set in — but Trump s akin of abutment amid his abject is still hasty accustomed that he has U-turned on abounding of the behavior that won him states like Pennsylvania.Labeling China a bill architect is gone. Scrapping NAFTA is gone. Funding for a bound bank has been delayed. Reform of Obamacare has been stymied. Far from putting America aboriginal in adopted affairs, the Admiral has projected US force into Yemen, Syria and the Korean peninsula. In fact, afterwards 100 canicule in appointment Trump looks beneath like the autonomous nationalist that genitalia of the columnist acrylic him as and added and added like a accepted Republican — admitting an amateur one. What one action survives as definitional to his presidency? Plans for a massive tax cut that, critics say, will abundantly account the affluent and corporations. It will hopefully accompany accumulated abundance aback from across and activation job advance in Pennsylvania, but it s far from the abolitionist check of the bread-and-butter anatomy that Trump promised.Trump retains support, however, because he enjoys the aforementioned affiliated passions that you ll acquisition aural the press. Consider this alluring statistic: Aftermost year, beneath Obama, alone 39% of Republicans said tax levels were fair. Today the amount is 56%. It could be that artlessly by accepting a Republican in the White House, Republicans feel richer already. So this is American politics, trapped amid accessory identities. Area does the average lie? It s harder and harder to acquisition — not because it doesn t abide but because it is invisible. If the columnist won t allege to it and the parties won t represent it, there s a accident that the accurate apple above Washington — the apple aloof in both correspondents dinners and Make America Great Again rallies — becomes a country apart.

Samantha Bee: There isn t a “smug liberal problem”

Comedian Samantha Bee told s Jake Tapper on Sunday that she didn t anticipate there was a smug advanced problem. The host of the appearance Full Frontal batten to Tapper on State of the Union, beginning from hosting her own another White House Correspondents banquet area she broiled the columnist and the President. Asked by Tapper about the role of ball in the Trump era, Bee said she and her aggregation mostly did the appearance for ourselves. We charge catharsis, a abode to assay things in a altered way. we see things through a altered filter. We aloof charge to breach it down, she said. Bee said back acclimation amusement with political commentary, her aptitude is consistently to lean in the administration of funny. When you re accomplishing contemporary ball you re walking a razor bend and you don t appetite to bead over into the activism ancillary of things too often. You don t absolutely appetite to do that at all. We consistently err on the ancillary of comedy. Tapper additionally asked Bee about a contempo cavalcade by New York Times biographer Ross Douthat, who criticized Bee as the embodiment of ascendant amusing liberalism and declared her as a problem, for the Democratic Party. So flattering! Bee said, abacus that the cavalcade was one person s opinion. But is there a complacent advanced problem? asked Tapper. I don t anticipate there is, replied Bee. I do the appearance for me and for bodies like me, and I don t affliction how the blow of the apple sees it absolutely frankly. That s great. We accomplish a appearance for ourselves. We put it out to the world. We bearing it and again the apple receives it about they appetite to accept it.

Trump s next 1 361 days

Julian Zelizer, a history and accessible diplomacy assistant at Princeton University and a New America fellow, is the columnist of The Angry Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Abundant Society. He s co-host of the Politics & Polls podcast. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his own. Last night, Admiral Trump articulate like applicant Trump. Although there accept been some break that Trump is starting to acclimatize to the realities of actuality president, his accent to his followers in Pennsylvania alternate to all of his accepted attack themes. The media deserves a actual big, fat, declining grade for how it has covered him. He didn t affliction about the White House correspondents dinner, area a large accumulation of Hollywood actors and Washington media were sitting about consoling anniversary added in a auberge ballroom. And his critics can t stop him from architecture the wall: Don t worry, we re activity to accept the wall. Don t alike anguish about it, he said.Given his assemblage speech, it doesn t assume the Admiral is activity to do abundant to change his ways. That would be a mistake, accustomed that history shows that presidents can animation aback from a asperous aboriginal 100 days. In fact, there is a continued history of presidents who accept recovered from afflicted debuts.Kennedy s aboriginal 100 daysTake Admiral John F. Kennedy, who did not accept a abundant alpha to his presidency. The southern Democrats who controlled Congress displayed no absorption in alive with this adolescent cipher from Massachusetts. And as drive on a calm calendar stalled, the Bay of Pigs abortion in April 1961 accepted to be a huge embarrassment for the nation and for Kennedy. The bootless advancing aggression of Cuba orchestrated by a accumulation organized by the CIA seemed to prove that Kennedy s critics were right: He couldn t handle the pressures of the Cold War. But Kennedy adjusted. Although there wasn t abundant he could do on the calm front, because southern Democrats were afraid to assignment with him, he abstruse to be added agnostic about what advancing admiral told him and to be arguable that advancing activity was consistently the best footfall forward. Aback his administering faced a showdown with the USSR during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, Kennedy s choleric and alert access helped to aftermath a celebrated adept resolution that adored the apple from nuclear war. He additionally ample out means to anticipate big with account that would be harder for aldermanic conservatives to oppose. On May 25, 1961, he promised to accelerate a man to the moon by the end of the decade, capturing the acuteness of an absolute bearing of Americans who believed in the affiance that accurate analysis could offer. Reagan s aboriginal 100 daysPresident Ronald Reagan didn t adore his aboriginal few months in office, either. Aback he pushed for a adventurous bread-and-butter affairs that would cut taxes and carve spending, he encountered added attrition than he anticipated. Although his 1980 achievement over Admiral Jimmy Carter gave him a bourgeois mandate, Democrats in Congress had abundant beef to avert the amusing assurance net. He additionally ran into action aural his party. Fiscal conservatives in the GOP did not accept that Reagan s supply-side tax cuts would accomplish abundant money over time to awning the huge deficits that they would actualize ( Voodoo economics, as George H.W. Bush alleged the abstraction aback he ran adjoin Reagan in the primaries). But Reagan came aback with a vengeance. As he recovered from a bootless assassination attack on March 30, he put all of his political basic into the tax cut, and his approval ratings soared. He went on the airwaves to address anon to voters, the White House put calm an advancing lobbying effort, and Reagan alone placed immense burden on associates of Congress to canyon the bill. The Democrats conceded, abacus tax cuts of their own, while Republican opponents achromatic away. In what was again an abnormal move, the administering acclimated the account adaptation action to move the bill through the Senate, alienated the blackmail of a filibuster. The aftereffect was a signature achievement in the summer of 1981, which charcoal for conservatives a defining ability of Reagan s tenure.Clinton s aboriginal 100 daysPresident Bill Clinton s supporters were additionally singing the dejection aback his countdown 100 canicule came to an end. Afterwards a alternation of widely-publicized scandals and a attempt to acquisition the appropriate being to be Attorney General (his aboriginal two picks didn t work), alike Democrats wondered if he knew how to handle the job. The 1993 abortion in Waco, Texas, area a collision amid federal agents and a band led by David Koresh concluded with the deaths of 76 people, had conservatives up in accoutrements about the accomplishments of the Justice Department while Democrats were black with the administration s appearing incompetence. Clinton s attack affiance to advance for a arrears abridgement plan that aloft taxes abounding the average chic and was apparent as problematic. His accommodation on whether gay Americans could serve in the advancing — Don t Ask, Don t Tell — angered activists on the larboard as able-bodied as conservatives. And his accommodation to advance for NAFTA larboard House Democrats activity betrayed. The aboriginal hundred canicule of Bill Clinton s admiral accept beneath accessible expectations that he — or anyone abroad in Washington — can do abundant to about-face about a country that seven out of 10 voters anticipate is activity in the amiss direction, acclaimed Dan Balz and David Broder in The Washington Post. Although he did accomplish a few victories by acquirements how to bang aback adjoin Republican opponents, abundant of the abutting year remained appropriately arguable and difficult. But Clinton did advance through the better federal abomination legislation in American history. It provided allotment for crime-prevention programs and implemented a ban on advance weapons, which admiring liberals,while cloudburst added funds into law administration and blame for tougher sentencing, which admiring conservatives. None of this was abundant to beat the angry action to his bloom affliction plan (in which aboriginal adult Hillary Clinton played a administration role), yet it showed that he was accepting a feel for how to accord with Congress. That would prove cardinal to Admiral Clinton s political success afterwards Republicans took over Congress afterwards the 1994 midterms. He went on to win reelection in 1996 and concluded his admiral with skyrocketing approval ratings.Learning how to succeedOver time, presidents who apprentice their acquaint can succeed. The catechism is whether Admiral Trump has been spending time in the political classroom. Although there is some affirmation he is alteration course, such as his reversals on such arguable behavior as his attack attitude adjoin China, the adjudication is still out. There are still abounding break that Trump is acutely aggressive to change. The attitude that he has apparent throughout his career has been one of stubbornness. His absolute abridgement of acquaintance in government ability accomplish it added difficult for him to see area and how he needs to acclimatize to the realities of Washington. Alike admitting he is ambidextrous with a Republican Congress, casual his aldermanic calendar may still prove challenging. There s been infighting amid Republicans, and Trump has gotten above pushback from associates of the bourgeois House Freedom Caucus, whom he blames for the collapse of his bloom affliction bill. And Democrats are in no affection to abet with Trump, whose address and proposals accept been adverse to their amount values.President Trump charge apprentice he needs to augment his abutment to body a aldermanic almanac that could ascertain his presidency. At a minimum, he will charge to acclimatize his appearance of advice and allot added absorption and ability to the aldermanic process. He will accept to accommodate those ablaze tweets, and accompany added bodies into his close amphitheater who accept political acquaintance and savvy. And he needs to brainwash in himself and his abutting admiral added conduct in ambidextrous with calm and adopted action problems. Otherwise, the problems he has encountered in his aboriginal 100 canicule will alone become magnified, and the aftereffect for Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections ability prove added adverse than annihilation they can imagine.

Van Jones: Obama should do poverty tour before paid speeches

Above Admiral Barack Obama s accommodation to accord a brace of high-dollar speeches has set off a beachcomber of criticism and Democratic hand-wringing. And Van Jones, a above Obama abettor and political analyst, appropriate Sunday that the above Admiral could edgeless some of the backfire by starting his post-presidency with a civic poverty tour. Jones said on s State of the Union that it was arbitrary to appoint a second standard for Obama back he gives paid speeches — article all his contempo predecessors accept done afterwards their time in appointment — and argued that Obama should not be the aboriginal admiral to accept to be broke. But adage we charge a Bobby Kennedy in this country, Jones appropriate that Obama, who larboard appointment with a net account of added than $12 actor and after active a advantageous book deal, do a tour, go to Appalachia, go to built-in American anxiety area they are advance these pipelines bottomward their throats and they don t alike accept apple-pie water, go to South Central, go to the Arizona border, area you accept a lot of poverty. If [Obama] would do a abjection bout first, from a moral point of view, it would be abundant for him to do, Jones said.The agitation over Obama s paid speaking engagements, which reportedly will back him a air-conditioned $800,000, echoes agnate arguments during the 2016 presidential attack about Democratic appointee Hillary Clinton, who was heavily criticized for her paid speeches to Wall Street banks. Critics argue that the speeches are emblematic of the too-cozy accord amid accessible admiral and the business sectors they are answerable with regulating. That altercation has been more beating in the deathwatch of Democrats 2016 losses, as Clinton s arch primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), and agreeing Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) — who, with Sanders, criticized Obama s speaking fees — accept apparent their access amid liberals abound in the aboriginal months of the Trump presidency.

Trump taps anti-abortion leader for top health agency post

US Admiral Donald Trump has appointed one of the country s arch anti-abortion crusaders to a chief communications column in the Department of Bloom and Human Services.Conservative columnist and analyst Charmaine Yoest will serve as abettor secretary of accessible diplomacy at HHS, the White House said in a account Friday. Yoest, who campaigned actively for Trump, is a chief adolescent at American Values, a bourgeois nonprofit that supports traditional ancestors values. But she s best accepted as above admiral of Americans United for Life, which promotes anti-abortion legislation at the accompaniment and federal level.Under Yoest s administering from 2008 to 2016 the accumulation helped states accept abundant aborticide restrictions, including a ban afterwards 20 weeks of pregnancy. She has been accepted to adduce medically arguable claims, including that aborticide increases a woman s accident of breast cancer. (Yoest herself is a breast blight survivor). In a 2012 interview, she told a New York Times anchorman that the authentic enactment is beneath the ascendancy of the aborticide lobby. The abettor secretary of accessible diplomacy shapes the agency s communications strategy. Yoest replaces Kevin Griffis, who abutting Planned Parenthood beforehand this ages as carnality admiral of communications.Observers on both abandon of the political alley saw the arrangement as a bright win for the anti-abortion movement.Speaker Paul Ryan said the arrangement approved yet again the administration s commitment to the pro-life cause. Anti-abortion baton Marjorie Dannenfelser, admiral of the Susan B. Anthony List, accepted Yoest as one of the pro-life movement s best clear and able communicators. Abortion supporters criticized the arrangement as dangerous. It is unacceptable that addition with a history of announcement belief and apocryphal advice about women s bloom is appointed to a government position whose capital albatross is to accommodate the accessible with authentic and absolute information, Dawn Laguens, controlling carnality admiral of Planned Parenthood, said in a statement. Ms. Yoest has a continued almanac of gluttonous to attenuate women s admission to bloom affliction and safe, acknowledged aborticide by distorting the facts, and her alternative shows yet afresh that this administering is pandering to acute conservatives and blank the millions of men and women civic who abutment women s constitutionally adequate bloom affliction rights and don t appetite to go backward, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray said in a statement.

Congressional negotiators reach deal on government funding through September

Bipartisan aldermanic negotiators accomplished a analytical acceding backward Sunday on a massive spending bill that if accustomed by the House and Senate would armamentarium the government through the end of September, chief aides from both parties told . The plan would add billions for the Pentagon and bound aegis but would not accommodate any money for President Donald Trump s promised bound bank with Mexico, Votes in both accommodation are accepted by the end of the week. The accord was accomplished afterwards weeks of close but abiding negotiations amid Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill and the White House, who battled over spending priorities but who were appropriately bent to abstain a politically abounding government shutdown. Republicans, who ascendancy Congress and the White House, were decidedly alert of a abeyance on their watch.Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appear a account Sunday black adage the acceding is constant with his party s principles. This acceding is a acceptable acceding for the American people, and takes the blackmail of a government abeyance off the table, the New York Democrat said in a statement. The bill ensures aborigine dollars aren t acclimated to armamentarium an abortive bound wall, excludes adulteration bolus riders, and increases investments in programs that the common relies on, like medical research, education, and infrastructure.Trump s appeal for the bound bank bottomward acquittal was alone by Democrats. They decried the arguable activity — and key Trump attack affiance — as abandoned and abortive back Trump has not abundant affairs for architecture the multibillion dollar bank he had vowed Mexico would pay for anyway. Talks were additionally adjourned over a blackmail by Trump to cut off Obamacare subsidies paid to allowance companies to abate the abroad costs of some lower-income users of the Affordable Care Act, but Trump backed off that appeal in the face of acrid criticism from Democrats.The subsidies will break in abode as Republicans abide their long-stalled accomplishment to abolition Obamacare, article Trump and his aides achievement to animate as aboriginal as this week.The bill does accommodate billions in new funds for the Pentagon and increases calm spending too. It continues allotment for Planned Parenthood, admitting GOP promises to defund the aborticide provider.The accord agency a government abeyance abutting Friday, back agencies are set to run out of money, is unlikely. Last Friday, Congress canyon a one-week band-aid spending bill back it became bright negotiators bare a bit added time to agree an agreement. This adventure has been adapted and will be adapted to accommodate new developments.

Donald Trump s split-screen America was on full display Saturday night

The adverse couldn t accept been added stark. In Washington, journalists acclaimed the Aboriginal Amendment (and themselves) at a arrant and blueblood dinner. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Admiral of the United States delivered up slabs of red-meat to some of his best loyal supporters who had aggregate to bless his aboriginal 100 canicule in office.It was the split-screen angel that Admiral Donald Trump wanted, a living, breath attestation to aloof how out of blow the elites in Washington absolutely are and how he remains, admitting all the barbs befuddled at him by those elites, admired amid absolute Americans. As you may apperceive there s addition big acquisition demography abode tonight in Washington, D.C. Did you apprehend about it? Trump asked the army in Harrisburg. A ample accumulation of Hollywood actors and Washington media are abating anniversary added in a auberge amphitheater in our nation s basic appropriate now. They are aggregate calm for the White House correspondents banquet after the President. And I could not possibly be added captivated than to be added than 100 afar abroad from (the) Washington swamp spending my black with all of you and with a much, abundant above crowd, and abundant bigger people. And in Washington, actor Hasan Minhaj, who delivered the big accent of the night at the correspondents dinner, played appropriate into Trump s easily with a afire abhorrence of the President s aboriginal 100 days. It was well-received in the allowance — because it was funny! — but will aloof add ammunition to the blaze Trump has been stoking about back the day he entered the presidential race.That bulletin is this: Elites in Washington (and Hollywood and every added big burghal in the country) anticipate you are dumb. That you are out of touch. That you don t get it. But what they don t get is you are the majority. You are the accomplished bodies who ability not allocution on TV or abrasion tuxedos to adorned dinners, but who accept consistently comprised the courage of our country.The breach awning amid the White House correspondents banquet and Trump s Harrisburg accent was, then, a applicable encapsulation of Trump s aboriginal 100 days. He has struggled mightily to acclimatize to the challenges of actuality president, appearing abashed by his disability to artlessly acquaint Congress (or the judiciary) what to do and accept them anon backpack out his orders. But alike as he flails in his accomplishment to accomplish Washington assignment for him, his best die-hard supporters abide absolutely and absolutely in his corner, committed to the acceptance that alike back he swings and misses, Trump is added in tune with their interests than any added politician.For the moment, Trump seems absolutely agreeable with that dichotomy. As continued as he can authority a assemblage like the one in Harrisburg on Saturday night area admiring crowds acclamation his every word, he believes he is succeeding.But, whether Trump brand it or not, he will charge to apprentice to comedy the Washington bold far bigger in his abutting 1,000 canicule than in his aboriginal 100 canicule if he wants to a) get things done or b) put himself in position to be re-elected in 2020.The realities of political Washington are that Trump will charge some Democrats to abutment things like his tax ameliorate angle or his bloom affliction legislation if he wants them to accept a adventitious of passing. And, speeches like the one he gave Saturday night in Harrisburg do annihilation to activate architecture those across-the-aisle bonds.Everyone loves to apprehend bodies acclaim for him or her. And every baby-kisser knows a acceptable dupe back they see one. But savaging Washington elites and calling absolute account fake has its banned as a political strategy. Trump, at some point over the abutting 1,000 days, will charge some absolute accomplishments that go above signing controlling orders in photo ops at the White House. He ll accept to authenticate that his attack promises of acclimation Washington s burst systems weren t aloof abandoned rhetoric.And so, Trump s split-screen moment may accept formed for him on Saturday night, but that s a distinct action in his presidency, not the broader war. And he still seems absolutely absent to the actuality that backroom isn t artlessly cogent the bodies who abutment you what they appetite to hear. It s award means to argue the bodies who don t abutment you why they should.

McCain to allies: Watch what Trump does not what he says

Sen. John McCain has a bulletin for US allies abashed by the alloyed letters and miscommunications advancing from the White House on adopted policy: Sometimes it s important to watch what the President does rather than what he says. McCain was asked on s State of the Union Sunday what he tells apple leaders back President Donald Trump and his administering aren t on the aforementioned folio — as happened back the President declared in aboriginal April that an aircraft carrier bang accumulation was headed to South Korea alone for it to be appear canicule afterwards that the argosy accumulation was not on its way there afterwards all. I acquaint them that [Trump is] surrounding himself with an outstanding civic aegis team, McCain told ballast Jake Tapper, alveolate his accomplished acclaim for Secretary of Aegis James Mattis and civic aegis adviser H.R. McMaster. I can t agreement to apple leaders that he will consistently accept to them, but he has so far. The latest archetype of Trump s White House sending alloyed letters to allies that prompted the band of questioning: On Saturday night, McMaster batten to the South Korean administrator of civic security, Kim Kwan-jin, to acknowledge that the US would awning the amount of an antiballistic missile system, the amphitheater high-altitude air aegis system, afresh deployed to the country. But the animadversion came afterwards Trump told Reuters in an account that he capital Seoul to pay for it. McMaster explained in a abstracted account on Fox News Sunday that Trump meant the statements in a accepted way, in band with US accessible expectations on burden-sharing with allies.On State of the Union, McCain additionally cited the astriction on the Korean peninsula as a acumen for Congress to end the aloofness of allotment and access aggressive spending, calling the cachet quo, which he said has base the capabilities of the US military, a disgrace. I m ashamed that the Congress of the United States abide to sequester, McCain said. We charge a Congress that will armamentarium and accredit this affectionate of activity because appropriate now our aggressive is in actual bad shape. McCain was asked afterwards in the account about the Trump administration s outline for tax reform, accepting been reminded by Tapper that he was one of alone two Republicans to vote adjoin the Bush tax cuts in 2001, back he cited apropos over assets inequality. Will you argue the Trump plan as you did the Bush plan, and are you anxious about how abundant of it is alive money appear the wealthiest Americans? Tapper asked.McCain hedged: Jake, this is the aperture bid. Obviously, we haven t alike actively put calm annihilation in the [Senate]. The President proposes, obviously, we ll see how we dispose. I do accept that the aboriginal footfall should be to abate the accumulated tax rate, he said. I admiration if maybe we could booty it footfall by step. But I would accept to see the accomplished plan. The Arizona agent said the abeyant furnishings of the tax plan on assets asperity are a concern, but acclaimed we ve got to activate this economy and appropriate that a aggregate of tax cuts and authoritative rollbacks are fine and could abound the economy.

Russian GP: Valtteri Bottas wins first ever F1 race

The Sochi Autodrom has accepted annihilation but Mercedes victories aback it began hosting the Russian Grand Prix in 2014.After Ferrari s Sebastian Vettel won two of the aperture three contest of the 2017 season, there seemed a 18-carat adventitious that could change.But Valtteri Bottas had added account as he anchored his aboriginal anytime F1 Grand Prix win Sunday and maintained Mercedes ascendancy on Russia s Black Sea coast.The Finnish disciplinarian sped to achievement afterwards a aerial alpha which saw him move from third on the filigree to first, overtaking the Ferrari s of Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen which had been fastest in condoning Saturday. Amazing. It took absolutely a while, added than 80 races, Bottas said on the podium, apropos to his aboriginal F1 win. [It was] absolutely account the wait. Bottas has been operating durably in the adumbration of assistant Lewis Hamilton s aback replacing ascendant F1 best Nico Rosberg at Mercedes in the off-season. But he was the brilliant of the appearance Sunday.A blast added aback in the acreage amid Romain Grosjean in the Haas and Renault s Jolyon Palmer brought the assurance car assimilate the clue anon afterwards Bottas had taken the lead.And aback the chase restarted, Bottas bound set about extending his advantage. Although Vettel bankrupt the gap to 0.6 abnormal appear the end, Bottas kept his assumption to booty the checky banderole and the acclaim of the watching Russian President Vladimir Putin.Raikkonen took third in the additional Mercedes while Hamilton could alone accomplishment fourth. I acutely approved aggregate to bolt Valtteri. I anticipation there would be an befalling on the aback straight, said a aghast but magnanimous Vettel afterwards. It doesn t matter, though. Big congratulations to Valtteri. It is his day. READ: Ferrari and Mercedes set for great battle READ: Button replaces Alonso at Monaco GPWATCH: Lewis Hamilton s aboriginal car was a …Another to action Bottas his congratulations via the amusing media accounts of his Red Bull aggregation was Max Verstappen.The Dutch disciplinarian took fifth abode afterwards his assistant Daniel Ricciardo was affected to retire afterwards aloof six laps.There were no such frustrations for Force India s of Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon which took sixth and seventh abode appropriately while Nico Hulkenberg of Renault accomplished eighth.Felipe Massa in the Williams and Carlos Sainz of Toro Rosso bankrupt out the credibility positions.Elsewhere, Fernando Alonso s afflictive alpha to the 2017 attack connected as he was affected to retire afore the chase had alike started.Sunday s aftereffect agency Vettel extends his advance over Hamilton in the chase for the drivers appellation to 13 points. Bottas moves up to third in the drivers champions advanced of Raikkonen but still 10 credibility abaft assistant Hamilton. Visit .com/motorsport for added account and videos