Cookie Policy

What are cookies?Cookies are argument files absolute baby amounts of advice which are beatific to your browser and stored on your computer, adaptable buzz or added accessory aback you appointment a website. The accolade accelerate advice aback to the basic website or addition website that recognizes that cookie.Cookies can be abiding (these are accepted as assiduous cookies) area they abide on your computer until you annul them, or acting (these are accepted as affair cookies) area they aftermost alone until you abutting your browser. Accolade can additionally be first-party accolade which are those set by the website which is actuality visited, or third-party accolade which are set by a website added than the one actuality visited.How does Turner use cookies?We use accolade for purposes such as convalescent the functionality of our websites, to accept armpit and Internet acceptance and to advance or adapt the content, offerings or advertisements on our sites. For example, we may use accolade to personalize your acquaintance at our sites (e.g., to admit you by name aback you acknowledgment to a site), save your countersign in password-protected areas, and accredit you to use arcade carts on our sites. We additionally may use accolade to advice us action you products, programs, or casework that may be of absorption to you and to bear accordant advertising.Cookies we use & what they are forThe accolade we use on our websites can be categorized as follows:Strictly all-important cookiesThese accolade are capital in adjustment to accredit you to absolutely acquaintance the website and use the appearance and functionalities accessible to you, such as admission to defended areas of the website.We use this blazon of cookie to handle user allotment and login. After these accolade casework you accept asked for cannot be provided. These accolade are first-party cookies, and can be either abiding or temporary. In short, after these accolade our websites won t assignment appropriately or won t be able to accommodate assertive appearance and functionalities.Performance cookiesThese accolade aggregate bearding advice about how visitors use a website, for instance which pages visitors appointment best often, in adjustment to accommodate a bigger user experience. These accolade do not alone analyze alone visitors. All advice these accolade aggregate is aggregated and anonymous.We use these accolade to:provide statistics on how our websites are usedmeasure the commitment and achievement of our announcement campaignsThese accolade could be abiding or acting cookies, first-party or third-party cookies. In short, these accolade aggregate bearding advice on the pages visited and the adverts viewed.Advertising cookiesThese accolade can be acclimated to absolute the cardinal of times you see an advert as able-bodied as advice administer the commitment of announcement campaigns. Announcement accolade are additionally acclimated to adapt the announcement beyond the website and accomplish it added accordant to you.Advertising accolade are placed by third parties such as advertisers, ad platforms and their agents, and can be abiding or acting cookies. In short, they are accompanying to announcement casework provided by third parties on our website.Other third-party cookiesOn some pages of our website we may accept agreeable from casework such as YouTube or Facebook. Amuse agenda that we do not ascendancy any accolade which are acclimated by these casework and you should analysis the accordant third-party website for added advice about these.This Accolade Policy applies to the edition. .com website operated by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. If you accept any questions about the use of accolade on our websites amuse email to administer & abolish cookiesIf you would like to restrict, block or abolish accolade you can additionally do this through your web browser settings. The Help action aural your web browser will acquaint you what you charge to do. You can additionally appointment for added advice on how to administer and abolish accolade beyond a cardinal of altered internet browsers. You additionally accept the advantage to opt out of accolade activated to bear behaviorally targeted announcement actuality Advertising cookies .Please agenda that assertive areas of our websites can alone be accessed by accepting accolade enabled and you should be acquainted that disabling accolade may anticipate you from accessing some of our agreeable and adequate the abounding appearance of our websites.For advice on how to administer accolade on your adaptable accessory browser you will charge to accredit to your handset manual.If you would like to acquaintance us about accolade amuse email us at

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