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Trump or Clinton stricter gun control is inevitable featured BR

Philip Alpers is founding administrator of, a all-around activity of the Sydney School of Accessible Health, which compares armed violence, firearm abrasion blockage and gun law beyond 350 jurisdictions world-wide. A affiliate of the UN s Program of Action on baby accoutrements back 2001, Alpers participates in the UN action as a affiliate of the Australian government delegation. The opinions in this commodity accord to the author. It s absurd to run for Admiral after accepting a close position on gun control. For every applicant in every acclamation campaign, it accordingly becomes a adding line.And 2016 is no different. At assorted stages, Donald Trump has captivated differing positions on the matter, but has been abundantly in favor of attention the additional alteration to defended the abutment of the NRA. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, while claiming to account the additional amendment, has fabricated bright that she wants to see tighter ascendancy on gun buying that tries to save some of these 33,000 lives that we lose every year. But no amount whether it s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton who captures the White House abutting week, America s alarming amount of afterlife by gunshot wounds will absolutely be affected into retreat. One day.Because it is extraordinary that the bodies of such an avant-garde nation will abide an ever-worsening accompaniment of armed abandon and insurrection, there charge appear a time back solutions already activated and championed by the United States are deployed to abate the country s assessment of 33,000 firearm-related deaths anniversary year.In hindsight, how naïve were we to brainstorm that the annihilation at Columbine High ability prove to be the angled point? Thirteen years and 421,000 American gun deaths later, alike the annihilation of 26 mainly white accouchement and agents at Sandy Hook couldn t abet the US Congress to act. Clearly, the country s gun afterlife assessment charge get worse afore it gets better.But booty heart, America already has the solutions.Since 1934, US federal law has allowable licensing and allotment for apparatus guns, button shotguns and rifles. It works. Such accoutrements bound became, and abide the accoutrements atomic acclimated in crime. Today, the few states that analogously adapt abundant added accepted handguns point to agnate effects, alike back debilitated by their gun-lax neighbors.On its roads, America badly antipodal the aerial assessment of afterlife and abrasion by auto with a holistic arrangement of evidence-based accessible bloom measures. The apple followed suit. Licensing and allotment did not advance to accumulation confiscation, and cars abide altar of maleness, ability and freedom.Other US-led acknowledged accessible bloom campaigns, from tobacco abuse abridgement to HIV/AIDS, adored endless millions of lives, all in the face of years of abnegation and quasi-religious action from egoistic groups. It can be done.Unique to the United States, the Additional Alteration to the Constitution is aloof that — an amendment. As with accepted suffrage, the abolishment of bullwork and Prohibition, Americans are chargeless to change an anachronous law back they so choose. The band-aid to armed violence, America s baleful flaw, is not unthinkable.Granted, armed abandon is a multi-faceted, generally determined accessible bloom problem, which spans a dozen disciplines. Yet for 20 years, the US gun antechamber has auspiciously suppressed analysis in this field. Brainstorm the clamor if for two decades the busline industry antechamber had managed to asphyxiate off all federal funds for alley assurance research. To anticipate and abate firearm injury, America s medieval abolition of ability and affirmation must, and will be overcome.In abounding added nations, improvements are able-bodied beneath way. Latin Americans, for example, ache gun afterlife ante to accomplish your toes curl. For this acumen Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia abutting Australia, the United Kingdom and autonomous countries in the Pacific Rim in ascent massive civic disarmament and firearm abolition programs, anniversary followed by beneath gun deaths.With millions of new accoutrements awash anniversary year about the world, and conceivably at best alone a actor destroyed, it s an acclivous struggle. Yet the unmistakeable all-around trend is to bind firearm legislation and its enforcement, not to acquire the atomic aboveboard excuses for dizzying gun ownership. In the United States, the best accepted of these is fear, according to a abstraction this year by academics at Harvard and Northeastern universities.America s catching of gun abandon has already accurate too abundant for any one president. Alike if Trump were to atom armed insurrection, alike if Clinton were to bear on the NRA s better nightmares, abutting week s acclamation champ can alone addition the abutting peak, or conceivably activate a abrupt canal in those abhorrent gun assassination and gun suicide charts.But as with the assessment of road-related deaths, a ambit of abiding accessible bloom initiatives will gradually assignment in alongside to save endless lives. Gun client accomplishments checks, micro-stamping of accoutrements and armament as a crime-busting tool, acute accoutrements that alone the buyer can blaze — and yes, licensing and allotment — charge anytime so boring become the norm.This brace of presidential candidates will be continued gone, but America s accouchement will insist.

What is the Hatch Act — and did James Comey break it? featured BR

FBI Administrator James Comey s letter to Congress Friday alerting the apple to the achievability of new emails in the analysis of Hillary Clinton s clandestine email server absolutely has chaotic the presidential race.One catechism now: By accomplishing so, did Comey breach federal law? Specifically the Hatch Act, a 1939 law advised to accumulate federal advisers from anon acknowledging candidates. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid suggests he may have, as abundant in a Sunday night letter to Comey. Here s s adviser to the Hatch Act, what it prohibits, and how it is usually enforced.What is the Hatch Act?Congress anesthetized the Hatch Act in acknowledgment to apropos that federal advisers had been acclimated to abutment candidates during the 1938 aldermanic elections. Its accepted absorbed is to abundantly bind the adeptness of best federal advisers to appoint in political attack activities (such as soliciting attack donations or actively alive on account of alone candidates), abnormally while on the job — or to contrarily use [their] official ascendancy or access for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the aftereffect of an election. And as its altercation suggests, the law does not crave that the employee s blameworthy conduct absolutely baffle with or affect the aftereffect of an election.Of course, laws that bind accent will generally accuse the First Amendment. But the Supreme Court has alert alone First Amendment challenges to the Hatch Act, and it has, added recently, taken a narrower appearance of the First Amendment rights of government advisers — abnormally back speaking in their official capacity. And although the law is 77 years old, it has been again adapted by Congress, best afresh in 2012 to, amid added things, analyze the accessible penalties for violations of the Act and acquiesce a broader chic of advisers to run for political appointment after resigning.How is it enforced?The Hatch Act is absolutely activated on a adequately accepted base — admitting usually in cases that do not allure the aforementioned affectionate of civic headlines. Typical violations aftereffect in antidotal action — including suspensions, fines, demotions, assignment restrictions, or, in abnormally austere cases, termination. But violators aren t action to jail: the Hatch Act is not a bent statute. Instead, it is an authoritative coercion on government employees. The law is activated by a appropriate absolute federal bureau — the Appointment of Appropriate Counsel — which is answerable with investigating complaint allegations and, area begin to be meritorious, either advancing a adjustment with the behind agent or prosecuting their case afore the federal bureau that oversees centralized application disputes — the Merit Systems Protection Board. And for presidential appointees like Comey, the Appointment of Appropriate Counsel submits a address of its allegation forth with the employee s acknowledgment to the President, who makes a accommodation on whether conduct is warranted.Finally, in accession to the Hatch Act itself, abundant federal agencies accept issued their own advice to advisers about how to abstain Hatch Act violations, abnormally in the countdown to presidential elections. Thus, as accordant in the case with FBI arch Comey, the Justice Department issued a announcement in March 2016 (like agnate memos in antecedent acclamation years), emphasizing that advisers should be decidedly alert of these rules in an acclamation year, and defining banned political action to accommodate all activity directed adjoin the success or abortion of a political party, applicant for accessory political office, or accessory political group. Did Administrator Comey s letter to Congress breach the Hatch Act?The Hatch Act accouterment best frequently invoked in discussions of Comey s letter is 5 U.S.C. § 7323(a)(1), which prohibits a government agent from us[ing] his official ascendancy or access for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the aftereffect of an election. The key altercation is the emphasized byword — which altitude a abuse of the statute on whether the employee s purpose was to baffle with or affect the aftereffect of an election. Thus, the Hatch Act does not focus on the aftereffect of the employee s conduct, but the intent. To that end, if Comey did not intend to baffle with or affect the accessible acclamation through his letter to Congress, again he did not breach the letter of the Hatch Act.Of course, alone Comey knows what his absorbed was. But Richard W. Painter, the arch White House belief advocate from 2005-07 (during the George W. Bush Administration), argued in a New York Times op-ed on Sunday that Comey s absorbed can be accepted from the absence of a acceptable acumen for sending the letter. Absent amazing affairs that adeptness absolve it, a accessible advice about a awaiting F.B.I. analysis involving a applicant that is fabricated on the eve of an acclamation is . . . actual acceptable to be a abuse of the Hatch Act and a abusage of an official position, Painter wrote. And Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid invoked the Hatch Act in a letter to Sunday night. I am autograph to acquaint you that my appointment has bent that these accomplishments may breach the Hatch Act, Reid wrote. Through your accessory actions, you may accept burst the law. Painter on Saturday formally filed a complaint with Appointment of Appropriate Counsel — and with the Appointment of Government Belief — gluttonous to activate an analysis of Comey s conduct. Whether those complaints accept any absorption abide to be apparent — but alike if they do, there is no book in which they will be bound by Acclamation Day.If he did not breach the Hatch Act, did Comey do annihilation wrong?Even if the FBI director s conduct did not breach the letter of the Hatch Act, it may able-bodied accept abandoned the spirit of the Act. After all, the activation purpose of the law is to abbreviate the adeptness of alone government advisers to use their appointment in a address that influences the balloter process. Some accept argued that it would accept been aloof as ambiguous for Comey to not acknowledge the actuality of the new e-mails afore the election. But back faced with such a dilemma, the Hatch Act is best accepted as acute the accordant government agent to antithesis the accent of the acknowledgment to pre-election accessible address adjoin its abeyant prejudice. In this case, area Comey announced with Congress alive that none of the e-mails were to or from Secretary Clinton, is difficult to accept the altercation that the amount to accessible address outweighed the abeyant ageism to Clinton.That calculus could able-bodied accept been altered if the e-mails independent advice disposed to allege (or exculpate) Clinton, but Comey had no way of alive whether they did at the time of his advice — and, at atomic so far, they arise not to do either. All the while, Comey s letter has affronted accessible passions — and reinvigorated the accessible agitation — over Clinton s e-mail scandal, a amount that, alike with no substance, can alone redound to the damage of Clinton and the account of Donald Trump.Finally, alike if Comey s accomplishments were constant with the Hatch Act, there is the abstracted amount of federal belief rules, and the broader affirmation that Comey has abused his ability in his assorted accessible statements apropos the e-mail aspersion — including his accessible account and columnist appointment in July announcement that he would not be advancing accuse adjoin Clinton. Can Comey be accursed for his conduct?Formally, the Hatch Act does accredit the abortion of the accordant federal agent as a amends for an abnormally arrant abuse of the law. But as acclaimed above, absent some affirmation of Comey s purpose, it will be difficult for the Appointment of Appropriate Counsel to authorize a violation—or for the Merit Systems Protection Board to adjustment his removal.But clashing best federal employees, the administrator of the FBI serves at the amusement of the President (and for no added than 10 years). Although Comey s appellation will not expire until September 2023, annihilation prevents President Barack Obama (or his successor) from absolute him. And although the President does not charge a acumen to blaze an agent who serves at his pleasure, it is absolutely accessible that this latest adventure will accommodate one, at atomic already the 2016 acclamation is over.If, that is, it anytime ends.Steve Vladeck is a contributor and assistant of law at the University of Texas School of Law.

Evan Bayh s private schedule details ties with donors lobbyists

Washington Above Sen. Evan Bayh has again alleged Washington burst — but he appears to apperceive abounding able-bodied how to assignment the Washington system.The Indiana Democrat is active to win aback his bench in one of this year s covering Senate races. His centralized 2009 agenda — acquired by — shows how he maneuvered abaft the scenes during one of the best consequential periods of legislating on Capitol Hill.The agenda provides a attenuate annual of how Bayh abreast affianced with fundraisers, lobbyists and donors who had a agog absorption on the issues assertive Capitol Hill. At times, his own attack fundraiser was sitting in on his affairs with donors in his official Senate office, the agenda says, adopting abeyant conflict-of-interest concerns.The agenda lays bald a absoluteness of Washington: Well-connected donors generally get a clandestine admirers with a able affiliate of Congress, a affluence best Americans can t afford. At a minimum, the affairs accession questions about affairs access, and they accession questions about affairs influence, said Brendan Fischer, accessory admonition at the non-partisan Attack Legal Center, a accumulation that calls for stricter attack accounts rules.NRA calls for analysis on Hillary Clinton by acquisition Evan BayhAides to Bayh told there was annihilation untoward. They said the then-senator s appointment had created austere firewalls amid official and political action. And the attack casting agnosticism on the accurateness of the schedule, but did not altercation its actuality or abjure that any of the affairs took place.According to the schedule, it appeared that curve were potentially blurred.In his appointment in the Senate Russell Building in 2009, Bayh again met with donors for the bloom allowance and biologic sectors who were aggravating to appearance the bloom affliction bill that was steamrolling through Congress at the time, according to the schedule. He met with donors of the medical accessory industry aloof as he was advancement a abridgement in the tax on that sector. Those affairs at times occurred anon afterwards the donor captivated a fundraiser for the agent or contributed to Bayh s attack account.Of course, donors generally get appropriate admission to lawmakers. But what s beneath accepted in this instance is that Bayh captivated donor affairs on the Capitol area with his own fundraiser in appearance in his Senate office, the agenda says. Senate rules carefully forbid any fundraising in the Capitol complex, so assembly tend to abstain accepting such affairs in their official offices.Bayh admiral denied that there was any favor trading or that any fundraising occurred in the meetings. Charles Salem, who served as Bayh s arch of agents at the time, said in a account that the senator s appointment strived to advance the accomplished ethical standard. As a basic of that, we kept a austere break amid the official appointment and all fundraising activity. Bayh attack agent Ben Ray accused political foes of aperture the abstracts to the columnist in the final canicule afore an election, arguing that the agenda is at best abridged and frequently absolute errors. Nearly 60 percent of all votes Evan took in 2009 are absent from this document, Ray said in a statement. And it is acutely not a reliable antecedent of advice on how his time was spent. But Bayh s attack did not abjure that the affairs occurred.Schedule lists affairs on Capitol groundsIn 2009, as Bayh was still because active for reelection, his top fundraiser, Nancy Jacobson, abounding a cardinal of affairs with donors in Bayh s office, alike admitting she was not allotment of his official staff. She alike fabricated recommendations for Bayh to alarm donors who were blame issues on the Hill, the agenda says.A day afore Bayh casting a arch vote on Obamacare in backward December, Jacobson recommended that he abode a alarm to a UCLA doctors accumulation and Bill Powers, a man who donated $10,000 to his attack in 2005 and 2006, respectively. The call, according to the schedule, was declared to booty abode at his appointment or his residence.Powers, who additionally hosted a fundraiser in the chic Los Angeles adjacency of Manhattan Beach in April 2009, beneath to animadversion to . Bayh and Powers were accompany from their academy days, according to the campaign.In May 2009, clandestine disinterestedness adviser Ralph Isham met with Bayh in his Russell office. Isham had donated $20,000 to Bayh amid 2005 and 2008, and had abounding an October fundraiser banquet for the senator. Jacobson was listed as agents for the May affair and the fundraiser. Isham did not acknowledge to a buzz alarm gluttonous comment, but the attack said the agent and donor were adept friends.Congress may cast — but dysfunction is actuality to stayIn a account provided by the campaign, Jacobson didn t abjure sitting in on the affairs but said that as an adviser to Sen. Bayh and added individuals and groups, she frequently abounding affairs to body networks and barter ideas. Jacobson added: But we never conducted fundraising action in Sen. Bayh s appointment — not with these affairs in catechism or any added affairs that I was a allotment of. But Fischer, the advocate with the Attack Legal Center, said that the actuality that a senator s top fundraiser abounding such affairs may accept around pressured donors to accede aperture up their abridged books. It s reasonable to catechism whether there was at atomic absolute fundraising solicitations by advantage of his fundraiser actuality present at these meetings, Fischer said.There were added appointed affairs as well.Jacobson, Bayh s top fundraiser, abounding a Senate affair on December 10, 2009, with Bob Beizer, who formed at Gray Television, which owns a bounded television base in South Bend, Indiana. (Beizer contributed $12,500 to Bayh s attack accounts amid 2005 and 2009, while the agenda acclaimed that he abounding a January fundraiser for Bayh that year.)Beizer had a continued time claimed accord with Bayh, according to the campaign, but couldn t could be accomplished for comment.A managing accomplice at a New York advance firm, Glenn Fuhrman, additionally abounding an October 2009 affair with Bayh afterwards abutting a fundraiser for the Democrat that year. Jacobson abounding both events, the agenda said, while Fuhrman did not acknowledgment a buzz alarm gluttonous comment.And Jacobson additionally was listed as a bedfellow for a affair on U.S.-Chinese relations in Bayh s appointment with Donald Tang, a above Bear Stearns who cut the agent a analysis for $1,000 in 2005. Accomplished for comment, Tang recalled affair with Bayh but not the specifics.Health affliction donors appointed to accommodated with Bayh as Obamacare heats upBayh additionally met abreast in his appointment with donors to his attack who additionally were acutely invested in the accomplishments on Capitol Hill — namely on Obamacare — afterwards Jacobson in attendance.Some of those sessions occurred anon afterwards the lobbyists captivated fundraising contest for his campaign, with the lobbyists bringing their CEOs to accommodated with Bayh in his office. While common, assembly rarely altercate such affairs to abstain the appearances of impropriety.In February 2009, Michael Mussallem, CEO of the aggregation AdvaMed, which donated $2,000 to the senator s attack and whose lobbyists abounding an April fundraiser for Bayh, met with the Democrat in his office, to altercate the medical accessory tax. A antecedent with AdvaMed accepted the affair occurred.On a drive aback from Washington Dulles airport, Bayh was appointed to allege by buzz with the CEO of Zimmer, David Dvorak, to altercate medical accessory issues, afterward up on a clandestine affair the men had in the senator s office.Dvorak s aggregation gave Bayh $1,000 to his campaign, while admiral for the aggregation abounding a fundraiser for the Indiana Democrat that year. A adumbrative from Zimmer didn t acknowledge to a appeal for animadversion but a antecedent accepted the affairs took place.Bayh had clandestine discussions in his appointment with admiral with the aggregation Boston Scientific, aloof six months afterwards assembly for the aggregation abounding a fundraiser and donated to his campaign. He additionally met in his Senate cover with the CEO of Roche Diagnostics to altercate bloom affliction reform, a aggregation that gave addition $5,000 to his attack in March of that year.The arch controlling and lobbyists for the United Bloom accumulation met with Bayh, afterwards the lobbyists abounding fundraisers for him that year and gave $5,000 to his campaign. He did the aforementioned with lobbyists from CIGNA and its CEO, forth with the top controlling of Eli Lilly and admiral with the American Council of Life Insurers, all donors to his campaign.Representatives with these companies either beneath to animadversion or didn t acknowledge to requests for comment.AstraZeneca controlling David Brennan met Bayh in his appointment that year, the agenda says, afterwards lobbyists donated $5,000 to his attack and abounding a June fundraiser. (A adumbrative for the aggregation did not acknowledge to requests for comment.)Bayh appear his abutment for the Affordable Affliction Act on December 21 of that year afore voting for its enactment.

Architecture of the afterlife: This is how you design for the dead

Crematoriums, morgues, burial homes. These buildings, all of which are complex in rituals about death, generally attending as atrocious as they sound.Designed to be discreet, they are usually algid and black commonsensical accurate boxes, tucked far abroad from the acreage of the living. But architects about the apple accept amorphous to embrace death, designing allegorical structures that bleed beauty, accord and a faculty of intrigue. Crematoriums and morgues, including avant-garde architecture, accept consistently been arduous capacity for architects, says German artist Nikolaus Hirsch, who contempo helped architectonics a architectonics for the dead. But architectonics can anatomy a arch amid the active and the asleep and, to some extent, becloud the boundaries. From a Architectonics of Aeon in Mexico to a anapestic antipathy in Spain, designers are on a mission to inject added activity into architectonics for the dead.Immortality by designIt was the affiliation amid the active and the asleep that aggressive Hirsh s cerebration abaft the Museum of Immortality. Commissioned by Architectonics Week Mexico and the Museo Tamayo for their October 2016 exhibition, the conceptual pavilion aims to amplitude the acreage of architectonics above actual objects. Hirsch, who created the architectonics with his aide Michel Müller from Studio MC, declared it as an abstruse attack to action aeon to humans, abundant like a museum s access to objects. Floating cemeteries and amplitude burials: Asia s affected booty on death It s aggressive by a two-fold conversation: the canning of altar in a architectonics and the canning of bodies in mausoleums, he says.The abstraction pays admiration to 19th aeon Russian philosopher Nikolai Fedorov and his angle of the Common Task — a aesthetics that explores resurrecting the asleep through science and technology. Indeed, Hirsch and Müller s abstruse estimation brings to apperception other-wordly pursuits. The 26 bottom tall, hexagonal pavilion resembles a cantankerous amid a spaceship and a crypt, and was congenital application 15 layers of ample acrylic boxes — some cellophane and some opaque.Each box is almost the admeasurement of a human: about 5 feet, 11 inches continued and aloof beneath 2 anxiety wide.The affected actualization is additionally a nod to Kazakhstan s Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world s bigger operational amplitude barrage facility, while the arched actualization takes afflatus from the country s geometric mausoleums.Currently amid in the Parque Bosque de Chapultepec alfresco the Museo Tamayo, in Mexico City, the free-standing anatomy will be on affectation until bounce of 2017.New account in New DelhiMexico isn t the alone abode area architectonics is rethinking death. In New Delhi, 24-year-old Sanchit Arora, of Renesa Architectonics Architectonics Interiors Studio, has proposed a new access to commonly black crematoriums. Following all-embracing research, that included his own afflicted process, Arora begin that the city s accessible crematorium accessories are generally ailing managed, abandoned and amid in battered automated areas. Now in altercation with the New Delhi government, Arora is blame for a added affable and nature-inspired crematorium area in a South Delhi esplanade that would adapt the aching acquaintance completely. When my grandmother anesthetized away, we saw the sad bearings of crematoriums in New Delhi. They are larboard bedraggled and uncared for, and it s aloof a sad accompaniment of affairs, he says. It aloof adds to your cerebral ache during an already abashing time. As burial is a key allotment of a Hindu funeral, Arora set out to architectonics a analytical yet attainable amplitude that aims to allay the active while they ache the dead. What we saw through the action of my grandmother s afterlife is that, in the end, it s not about the body. It s about the bodies who are advancing to mourn, says Arora. When bodies die of old age in India, it is declared to be a celebration. But there is a abstract amid the amplitude and the celebration. With apparent concrete, balmy woods, and abundant greenery all around, Arora s architectonics creates a minimalistic, zen vibe. There are quiet nooks and peaceful baptize actualization — all affiliated to a ample park. In Hindu culture, a burial consists of several genitalia — it begins by examination the asleep at home and is followed by bathing the anatomy to absolve sins. The anatomy is again confused assimilate a board burial blaze to be cremated.Arora s architectonics not alone introduces added environmentally-friendly electric cremation, it additionally streamlines anniversary footfall of the process, with a analytic aisle through the bounds that offers alignment and acquaintance during the burial process. Death is consistently activity to be death, says Arora. But the adaptation of those spaces in agreement of architectonics and architectonics changes from ability to culture. Peaceful casual in SpainAcross the added ancillary of the world, on the outskirts of Zaragoza in Spain s northeastern Aragon region, Tanatorium looks added like a spa than a morgue.Designed by Juan Carlos Salas, the award-winning architectonics has a sculptural actualization and every detail carries meaning. We approved to acquisition the body of the space, explains Salas. The plan of the architectonics symbolizes a cavern. Visitors contemplate the asleep and analyze their close lives at the aforementioned time. Using a stereotomic architectonics address of acid stones to anatomy a perforated envelope, Salas created a alveolate atmosphere that s meant to action a faculty of protection. The 2,110-square-foot anatomy includes a askew roof, adverse the sun as if to address the heavens. It s additionally a anatomic way to inject ablaze into the apartment below. Salas alike visualized how ablaze confused throughout the architectonics — the roof s slanted actualization creates a adumbration that accouterment during the day, emblematic the casual of time. A peaceful and alien atmosphere evokes affectionate animosity that Salas hopes will advice mourners during a difficult time in their lives. Architecture won t advice asleep people, but it helps to accumulate their memories animate amid the living, he says. The affection and apologue of barrio like crematoriums and morgues are accepting bigger every day.

Wall Street wants Clinton to win — and still thinks she will

Investors favor a Clinton admiral It may be Halloween, but Wall Street isn t too abashed by the latest twists in the delving of Hillary Clinton s emails. The bazaar was almost collapsed Monday. That followed a abundantly agrarian day Friday, aback stocks bound alone afterwards FBI Administrator James Comey appear that the FBI had apparent added emails and is reviewing them to see whether they are accompanying to the bureau s analysis into Clinton s administering of classified information. But the bazaar recovered as the day wore on and accomplished alone hardly lower as investors appeared to appear to the cessation that it was absurd any accepted smoker accoutrements would be begin in the emails. So if there s any October Surprise from all the latest account about Clinton s emails, it may be that Wall Street may not affliction all that much. Investors still assume to be admiration a Clinton achievement over Donald Trump. Best bazaar experts anticipate that Hillary Clinton in the White House, accumulated with Republicans authoritative at atomic one of the two accommodation of Congress, is the best case book for stocks. It agency added gridlock — music to the aerial of abounding investors. Clinton is additionally perceived as actuality far added anticipated than Trump. And while you re apparently annoyed of audition that the bazaar hates uncertainty, there s a acumen that bodies on Wall Street (and the banking media) consistently say that. It s because it s true. That s why abounding investors appearance Trump warily, alike admitting he is a Republican — the affair that big businesses generally prefer. While Trump has been a added constant apostle for free-market policies, he has additionally been a analyzer of barter and immigration, said Jason Pride, administrator of advance action with Glenmede, in a contempo report. Combined with his non-traditional attack persona, Clinton represents a added accepted and accustomed outcome. Related: Corporate America s artificial accusation the acclamation alibi A Clinton win may no best be beheld as a bang douse by the markets as it was aloof a few weeks ago. Stocks accept pulled aback a bit from their highs lately, a accessible assurance that investors are growing added anxious about a Trump agitated victory. But it s important to agenda that the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are all still up about 4% this year and they are additionally not far from their best highs. In added words, investors aren t panicking. They may aloof be in a captivation pattern. Corporate America may not be as afraid about the acclamation as you ability anticipate either. John McAdam, CEO of networking accessories aggregation F5 (FFIV ) , told me aftermost anniversary that none of his big business barter accept bidding any apropos about the election. It s had no appulse on their IT spending affairs for the near-term. And several sectors of the bazaar that could slump or advance with Clinton as admiral are acting as if she still is acceptable to win as well. Joe Heider of Cirrus Wealth Management said that big biologic and biotech stocks could do ailing beneath a Clinton administering accustomed abundant comments about delinquent biologic pricing. With that in mind, it s account acquainted that the SPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals (XPH ) and iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB ) ETFs are both bottomward about 15% back the aboriginal presidential agitation on September 24. Rob Lutts of Cabot Wealth Management addendum that another activity stocks ability additionally do able-bodied during a Clinton presidency. So it s cogent that shares of Aboriginal Solar (FSLR ) are up about 10% back the aboriginal debate. Of course, investors accept been amiss afore about acclamation outcomes, best conspicuously (and recently) with the U.K. s accommodation to leave the European Union — the alleged Brexit. Ultimately, voters adjudge who will be the abutting admiral — not the market. Luckily, we ll acquisition out anon abundant what the aftereffect is. The best allotment about the acclamation will be that it s over. We can focus afresh on earnings, Lutts said. People can alpha attractive afresh at area there is advance in the economy. (New York) Aboriginal appear October 31, 2016: 11:57 AM ET

Trump touts waterboarding stokes immigration fears in border state

Albuquerque, New Mexico Donald Trump on Sunday warned his supporters in this bound accompaniment that Hillary Clinton wants to let bodies aloof cascade in, adage after affirmation that hundreds of millions of bodies could access the US beneath a Clinton presidency.And speaking aloof nine canicule afore Election Day, the Republican appointee additionally bemoaned criticism of waterboarding and appeared to already afresh alarm for bringing aback the since-banned address for use in the action adjoin ISIS. These agents are chopping off heads, drowning people. This is medieval times and again we can t do waterboarding? It s far too tough, Trump said, biting critics of the address acclimated by the CIA in interrogations of alarm suspects beneath Admiral George W. Bush s post-9/11 administration.Trump has ahead alleged for reinstating waterboarding and much worse methods of ache if he becomes president. We accept to be boxy and we accept to be smart. And we accept to be in some cases appealing abandoned I accept to acquaint you, he added.The Republican appointee additionally issued a acute — and bottomless — admonishing to Americans that a Clinton administering could conductor a flood of hundreds of millions of bodies bridge into the US. You could accept 650 actor bodies cascade in and we d do annihilation about it. Think of it. That s what could happen. You amateur the admeasurement of our country in one week. Already you lose ascendancy of your borders you aloof accept no country folks, you accept no country, Trump said, speaking in this Democrat-leaning bound state.Trump additionally stoked fears about undocumented immigrant crime, admonishing that connected actionable clearing would aftereffect in the accident of American lives, alike admitting undocumented immigrants do not accomplish crimes at a college amount than acknowledged US residents.Trump s stop actuality came a day afore Trump stumps in Michigan, additionally a accompaniment acceptable to beat in Clinton s favor, as the Republican appointee and his attack are acquisitive to accomplish backward assets to advice defended the 270 balloter votes Trump needs to defended the presidency. Trump s stops in these blue-leaning states additionally helps bolster the campaign s bulletin that Trump s antagonism is on the acceleration and that the attack is activity on the abhorrent the final advance to Election Day.EDITOR S NOTE: The banderole in this adventure has been updated.

Chicago Cubs stay alive win World Series Game 5

Breathe, Chicago Cubs fans. The Cubs aren t done aloof yet.Kris Bryant hit his aboriginal World Alternation home run, allotment of a three-run fourth inning, and the Cubs came abroad with a 3-2 win in Bold 5 at Wrigley Field on Sunday night.Cubs starting bullpen Jon Lester accustomed two runs and four hits in six innings, arresting out five. Closer Aroldis Chapman recorded the final eight outs for the save.The win keeps the Cubs World Alternation appellation hopes alive. They aisle the Indians 3-2 in the best-of-seven series, which active aback to Cleveland. Bold 6 is Tuesday at Progressive Field.Sunday s win additionally apparent the aboriginal time the Cubs accept won a World Alternation bold at Wrigley Field aback October 8,1945, which was Bold 6 adjoin the Detroit Tigers. The Cubs haven t won a World Alternation aback 1908.The burden isn t aloof on the Cubs to end a continued appellation drought. The Indians haven t won a World Alternation aback 1948. The 174 accumulated seasons amid titles for the two clubs is the best in World Alternation history.Lester, who took the accident in Bold 1, came out battlefront in Bold 5. He addled out the ancillary in the aboriginal inning, and admirers central Wrigley roared approvingly.His aberration came in the top of the second, aback Jose Ramirez accursed a Lester fastball into the left-field seats for a abandoned home run for a 1-0 Indians lead.The army went silent.But it didn t last.In the basal of the fourth, the Cubs rallied, awkward off four after hits and bringing the army aback to life.Bryant launched a abandoned home run off Trevor Bauer to tie the game. Anthony Rizzo again angled off the ivy. Ben Zobrist singled to right, advancing Rizzo to third. Addison Russell accomplished on an infield distinct to third, scoring Rizzo for the additional run and sending Zobrist to second.After Jason Heyward addled out, Javier Baez bunted for a abject hit, loading the bases with one out. David Ross hit a cede fly to left, bringing home Zobrist to accomplish it 3-1.Bauer went four innings, giving up three runs on six hits, arresting out seven.The Indians fabricated it 3-2 in the top of the sixth aback Francisco Lindor s distinct collection in Rajai Davis.

Clinton s FBI investigation: What you need to know

Washington Hillary Clinton s attack was jolted back FBI Director James Comey delivered the ultimate October surprise. Eleven canicule afore the 2016 presidential election, Comey appear that the FBI had apparent added emails and is reviewing them to see whether they are accompanying to the bureau s analysis into Clinton s administration of classified information. Here s what you charge to apperceive — and how it ability affect Clinton, Donald Trump and the presidential race:Why is this accident now?It started with the FBI s analysis into Anthony Weiner, the ashamed above New York agent who was bent over the summer exchanging bawdy and sexually evocative letters with a 15-year-old girl. Weiner s conflicting wife is Clinton adviser Huma Abedin. And in their attending into Weiner s sexting allegations, which began on September 22, board from the FBI s New York acreage appointment apparent Abedin s emails on Weiner s laptop — with antecedent abstracts assuming those emails went through Clinton s server. It was abundant to beforehand FBI Director James Comey to achieve the emails would charge to be advised to see if he d charge to reopen the analysis he d bankrupt in July on whether Clinton kept classified advice on the clandestine email server she acclimated during her administration as secretary of state.Comey was fabricated acquainted of the emails actuality by mid-October, law administration sources accept said. He was accustomed a abounding conference on Thursday. Comey absitively Friday afterwards a alternation of long arduous meetings with top FBI admiral that the FBI bare to analysis to see whether the emails were accompanying to its analysis into Clinton s server, and a letter would be beatific to Congress about the development, a law administration antecedent told .And so, on Friday — 11 canicule from the acclamation — Comey abreast eight Senate and House chairmen, who are Republicans, and affected the baronial Democrats on their panels.Does Comey s accommodation breach with precedent?Everything about this is above precedent. There s never been a above affair appointee beneath FBI analysis arch up to the acclamation before. And how it s actuality handled is appropriately out of the ordinary. Comey gave beforehand apprehension to top admiral at the Justice Department afore sending his letter to assembly Friday — but he didn t get accomplishment from those officials, and wasn t gluttonous it. Instead he fabricated an absolute accommodation to go adjoin longstanding Justice Department and FBI convenance to not animadversion about about politically acute investigations aural 60 canicule of an election, a law administration official said.Comey s accommodation adds to the abnormal role he has played in the Clinton email probe, which some critics accept said usurped the role of prosecutors in the Justice Department whose job is to analysis FBI allegation and accomplish decisions on whether to accompany charges. Comey fabricated the aberrant move in July to about advertise that he would acclaim no accuse be brought in the email investigation, adage that no reasonable prosecutor would accompany such charges. He fabricated the July advertisement after accouterment above-mentioned apprehension to Justice officials.That was in allotment because of addition amazing allotment of the Clinton email investigation: A alley affair amid Bill Clinton and Lynch — who, because of that meeting, larboard decisions on whether to arraign Clinton to others because of the conflict. How mad are Democrats about Comey s Friday move? Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said in a letter to Comey on Sunday that he may accept abandoned the Hatch Act, barring political action by federal officials. I am autograph to acquaint you that my appointment has bent that these accomplishments may breach the Hatch Act, Reid said in his letter to Comey. Through your accessory actions, you may accept burst the law. Clinton s attack is focused abundantly on the absoluteness that Comey s accomplishments are out of footfall for the Justice Department and the FBI — but now that Comey has fabricated his move, the political after-effects can t be undone. What does this accept to do with Hillary Clinton?It s too anon to know. The FBI apparent emails beatific to or from Abedin — one of Clinton s longest-serving and most-trusted aides. But it s not bright whether those are the aforementioned emails the FBI already advised in its analysis into Clinton s clandestine email server that assured in July with an admonition from Comey — but no advocacy of charges. There could be added emails that Clinton didn t about-face over to the Accompaniment Department and the FBI didn t ascertain during its investigation. Alike if any such emails exist, it still ability not beggarly abundant because they could be claimed in nature. Comey wrote to Congress that the FBI cannot yet appraise whether or not this actual may be significant. What will appear next? The Justice Department acquired a accreditation Sunday that will acquiesce it to activate analytic the emails begin on Weiner s laptop to actuate if they independent any classified information. However, in his letter to Congress, Comey all but affirmed the FBI wouldn t be done with its analysis above-mentioned to Acclamation Day. He said he cannot adumbrate how continued it will booty us to complete this added work — and back the antecedent analysis took months, commutual alike a abate adaptation in beneath than nine canicule is improbable. A lot hinges on how abounding of the emails are new. If the FBI has gone through best of them before, it could acceleration the process. But if some are new, the FBI could charge to argue with added agencies apropos the acuteness of the information. That agency the concise political botheration for Clinton is ambiguity in the canicule afore the election. At this point, it appears Abedin herself doesn t apperceive what board will discover. The achievability that this accessory contains any emails of chastening is account to her, a antecedent accustomed with the analysis and civilian action told . The accessory allegedly at affair now belonged to Anthony, not her. How will this appulse the election? It ll booty a brace canicule afore new acclamation will appearance the abounding appulse of the latest revelation. But for Clinton, what s adverse is that the development gives new activity to a adventure that has fueled voters faculty that she s capricious — conceivably her better political accountability — at absolutely the amiss time, as her campaign s aboriginal voting operation is at abounding stride and with little time larboard afore November 8. It s bright Clinton s attack senses the danger. Her top aides are hardly ambuscade their annoyance — and they re administering that annoyance at Comey. He ability accept taken the aboriginal footfall of absolutely accepting looked at them (the emails) afore he did this in the average of a presidential campaign, so abutting to the voting, Clinton attack administrator John Podesta told s Jake Tapper on State of the Union. Clinton herself advised in Saturday, analytic Comey s accommodation to act so abutting to the acclamation — and after added advice to explain aloof what the affliction he alone absolutely is. It s appealing aberrant to put article like that out with such little advice appropriate afore an election, Clinton told supporters in Daytona Beach, Florida, area the army booed at the acknowledgment of Comey s letter. In fact, it s not aloof strange, it s aberrant and it s acutely adverse because voters deserve to get abounding and complete facts. Trump, meanwhile, is amusement in Clinton s political agitation — with his surrogates tamping bottomward their accuse of politicization aural the Justice Department, and Trump alike arise a antic on Sunday. We never anticipation we were activity to say acknowledge you to Anthony Weiner, Trump said at a assemblage in Las Vegas. s Evan Perez, Pamela Brown, Jeremy Diamond and Dan Merica contributed to this report.

Weld: Comey FBI off the reservation

Washington Libertarian carnality presidential appointee William Weld lit into James Comey, adage Monday that his accommodation to advertise a analysis of new emails was disgraceful and that the FBI administrator and the bureau were off the reservation. They re absolutely off the reservation, Weld told s Alisyn Camerota Monday on New Day, abacus that the US Attorney General may charge to get complex to rein in Comey. Weld was the arch of the Amends Department s bent amends analysis during the final years of Ronald Reagan s administration and said throughout the account that his criticism of Comey s conduct was a able critique, not political.Pressed by Camerota on what he meant by off the reservation, Weld said, It agency there s no way for Mrs. Clinton to apperceive the evidentiary base for which they fabricated this amend to their investigation, and they ve said themselves they don t know. It makes it all the added absurd to accept waded into these amnion in the aboriginal place. Weld, who is active with Libertarian appointee Gary Johnson, said that if added advice is leaked from the FBI afore the newest emails are advised that Attorney General Loretta Lynch should footfall in and order him to angle down. Undecided? Find your presidential matchDonald Trump and his supporters accept bedeviled on account that emails from top Clinton abettor Huma Abedin spurred the FBI to attending afresh into Clinton s use of a clandestine email server, with aloof canicule until the election.The Trump attack says it s affirmation the FBI administrator is accomplishing the appropriate affair admitting political pressure, but Clinton s allies say it is may breach federal laws barring the arrest of amends admiral in political contest aloof afore the election.Weld accursed Trump with a advertence to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail arena area a mob of villagers lob antic arguments that their victim is a witch. Mr. Trump absonant about this latest development reminds me of the guy in Monty Python who says She s a witch, bake her! Bake her! Weld said, with a apish British accent. It has no added agreeable than that. And the point of that absurdity in Monty Python was that those townspeople were apprenticed and brainless — not that they were great. Camerota asked Weld if he anticipation that he and Johnson were cartoon votes from Clinton and could end up casting the chase to Trump, but he argued that he was assured they were affairs abstinent Republican voters abroad from Trump. My address is to Republican voters: Think alert afore you vote for Trump, he said. RELATED: New acclamation appearance bound Clinton-Trump chase nationally, battlegrounds

Why your Facebook friends are checking in at Standing Rock featured BR

Protesters are application a new weapon in their advance to block the Dakota Access Pipeline: Facebook.By Monday, hundreds of bags of bodies had arrested in at Standing Rock Indian Catch on the amusing networking site.But abounding of them weren t anywhere abreast the area area demonstrators accept been picketing the arguable $3.7 billion pipeline. A column circulating on Facebook gave one accessible account for the billow in activity, claiming that the accumulation check-ins were organized to anticipate bounded law administration from tracking protesters on amusing media.The sheriff s administration denied that allegation on Monday, calling it absolutely false. Protest organizers could not be anon accomplished for comment.Sparring on amusing mediaA cloister accommodation acceptance architecture of the oil action beyond four states hasn t abject demonstrators furor over the project. The developer calls it an bread-and-butter benefaction that will accomplish the US beneath abased on alien oil. But protesters — including some associates of the Standing Rock Sioux Association — say it threatens the ambiance and will abort Native American burying sites, adoration sites and artifacts.The Standing Rock Sioux catch straddles the bound amid North Dakota and South Dakota, and the projected aisle of the action is abreast the reservation s northeast corner.An advancement accumulation that supports the action has argued that the activity does not cantankerous into the tribe s reservation. The Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now additionally said 100% of the afflicted landowners in North Dakota, area allotment of the association lives, voluntarily active easements to acquiesce for construction.Authorities and demonstrators accept accused anniversary added of application advancing approach during the protests, which above over aftermost anniversary back authorities clashed with protesters and arrested added than 140 people.And both abandon accept acclimated amusing media to accomplish their case.Showing solidarityBy Monday afternoon, added than 600,000 bodies had arrested in at Standing Rock, according to Facebook.Some aggregate letters cogent adherence with the protesters.Others affected and pasted a column criticizing corporate enterprises that accept bamboozled this country and baseborn our abandon in barter of profits and acquisitive want. Not all the Standing Rock Sioux are agitation s Holly Yan and Selena Larson contributed to this report.