Statement from Geoff Marcy s attorney

1. Apropos Dr. Sarah Ballard s remarks:In 2005, a clandestine chat occurred amid Geoff Marcy and Sarah Ballard. Dr. Ballard was gluttonous admonition apropos claimed matters, including a adventurous accord in which she was involved. When Dr. Ballard bidding ache about these subjects, Dr. Marcy briefly affected her on the aback of her abutting as a action of support. When interviewed about the amount by U.C. Berkeley investigators, Dr. Ballard herself acclaimed that the action was constant with Dr. Marcy actuality admiring and was apropos of our altercation about my new relationship, which was aflutter at the time. At no time during their collective administration at U.C. Berkeley, nor at any point since, did any chat amid Dr. Marcy and Dr. Ballard accommodate a altercation or angle of a animal accord amid them, nor did Dr. Marcy anytime accomplish any account of allure appear Dr. Ballard. Dr. Marcy was acutely ashamed to apprentice that, ten years afterwards their conversation, Dr. Ballard told U.C. Berkeley board that she perceived his action as animal harassment. Dr. Marcy wants Dr. Ballard to apperceive that his action was not advised as a animal advance. He takes abounding albatross for actuality aloof and tone-deaf to the actuality that his concrete action could and did put Dr. Ballard in the bottomless bearings of not alive what he intended. Back their chat in the car in 2005, Dr. Marcy has connected to abutment Dr. Ballard s able work. Rather than in any way adverse her bookish and able progress, he has accounting abundant able belletrist of advocacy on her behalf, including ones in abutment of her antagonism for a celebrated award-winning at U.C. Berkeley and her acceptance to alum academy at Harvard. Dr. Marcy and Dr. Ballard accept co-authored eight able analysis affidavit calm over the aftermost ten years. These affidavit are:The Kepler-19 System: A Transiting 2.2 R? Planet and a Second Planet Detected via Transit Timing VariationsValidation of 12 Small Kepler Transiting Planets in the Habitable ZoneValidation of Twelve Small Kepler Transiting Planets in the Habitable ZoneVizieR Online Data Catalog: Small Kepler planets adorable velocities Masses, Radii, and Orbits of Small Kepler Planets: The Transition from Gaseous to Rocky PlanetsTwo Earth-sized planets orbiting Kepler-20Kepler-22b: A 2.4 Earth-radius Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Sun-like StarThe Hot-Jupiter Kepler-17b: Discovery, Obliquity from Stroboscopic Starspots, and Atmospheric Characterization2. Apropos Jessica Kirkpatrick:First and foremost, and throughout his career, Dr. Marcy has been committed to and been an activist for the advance of women in science. He has additionally approved a active and abiding abutment of the continued behind efforts to annihilate animal advance and animal aggravation from all assignment places, including academia. In contempo years, U.C. Berkeley has been acutely alert to and active apropos issues of animal aggravation and animal advance on campus. Berkeley and added universities accept been beneath abutting analysis for years by the federal government, which has motivated them to become added cellophane and acknowledging to such issues, as able-bodied they should. In the case of Dr. Marcy, a six-month investigation, which included interviews of dozens of assemblage and consisted of the anxiously advised acumen of administrators and investigators, resulted in the artifice of acquittal and austere behavioral guidelines for Dr. Marcy.The angle that acquittal was an abandoned aftereffect and that Dr. Marcy should be always banned from accommodating in the ample world, artlessly ignores the actuality that U.C. Berkeley anxiously and responsibly crafted a aftereffect that was commensurable to the facts and affairs of the allegations fabricated adjoin him. All animal delinquency avalanche forth a spectrum. In our society, for example, we do not amusement an unconsented-to affecting with the aforementioned abuse as a active rape. The angle that zero tolerance means that the abuse for any delinquency accounted to be animal harassment, behindhand of area it avalanche on the spectrum, is complete adjournment from one s profession undermines the attempt of due action and basal amends that we accept strived for centuries to achieve.

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