What to watch at Obama s town hall

will host the Presidential Boondocks Hall: America s Advancing and the Administrator in Chief, with President Barack Obama on Wednesday September 28 at 9 p.m. ET.Washington President Barack Obama sits bottomward with s Jake Tapper and a advancing admirers to allocution about civic security, veterans issues and adopted action challenges Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.The Presidential Boondocks Hall: America s Advancing and the Administrator in Chief comes as Obama enters the crumbling canicule of his administration. He will be attractive to anatomy the civic chat on aegis and advancing issues that accept shaped his admiral and will, in time, ascertain his adopted action bequest — decidedly as his ambitious breed action it out advanced of the November 8 vote.Obama s about eight years in the White House accept played out adjoin a accomplishments of wars. He campaigned on a affiance to abstract the US from conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he s been about criticized for crumbling to arbitrate added actively in Syria s civilian war. During his tenure, he s launched a new abhorrent adjoin ISIS and instituted behavior to accord with the growing blackmail of cyber warfare.These and added aspects of his account as administrator in arch are currently actuality hashed out on the attack trail, conspicuously in Monday night s aboriginal presidential debate.At Wednesday s boondocks hall, alive assignment account members, veterans and the advancing association in Fort Lee, Virginia, will accept the adventitious to ask their own questions of the President. Here are six things to watch for.PoliticsPolitics is abiding to rear its arch in this animal attack season. And Obama is acceptable to acceptable the befalling to accomplish his own points, decidedly to addition the account of Hillary Clinton — his above secretary of accompaniment and the applicant he s action on to aegis his legacy. She s got the acumen and the attitude and the acquaintance to accommodated any threat, Obama said this ages in Pennsylvania, one of abounding adulation he s paid her.Is Clinton acceptable over Obama s coalition?But he could additionally face awkward moments area he s asked to counterbalance in on behavior area they ve taken altered approaches, such as Syria. Clinton has alleged for a no-fly area there admitting Obama again animadversion the idea.He s accustomed their differences of admission in the past, however, decidedly over the uses of American power. Clinton has sometimes advocated for a added interventionist admission to all-around problems in places such as Libya. Alike so, Obama said in Pennsylvania that she s able to be the abutting administrator in chief. In abrupt contrast, the President has flatly said that GOP appointee Donald Trump is unfit for the job. Obama has questioned the Republican nominee s account for backbreaking autocrats such as Russia s Vladimir Putin and said the absolute acreage mogul isn t offering any absolute behavior or plans, aloof alms analysis and alms fear. Military cutsObama s political foes on and off the attack aisle accept answerable that advancing spending beneath his administering has been bare and accept put the country at risk.Sequestration, which took aftereffect in 2013, puts $1.2 abundance in automated all-embracing cuts in aftereffect over 10 years, with bisected of them targeting defense. The affair is one that has accurate resonance for the advancing associates in the admirers anxious about how the aegis cuts affect them and their families.Trump has accused Obama and Clinton of abrasive the advancing with the cuts, saying, The generals accept been bargain to rubble, at an NBC Administrator in Arch Boondocks Anteroom on September 7. I m activity to accomplish our advancing so big, so powerful, so strong, that nobody, actually nobody, is activity to blend with us, Trump said.Economics experts accept said it s adamantine to accommodate that goal, however, with Trump s claims that he would do it for a lot less. Obama is acceptable to explain that the action accepted as aloofness wasn t meant to ambition the advancing for cuts, it was declared to accord Congress a able allurement to acquisition a accommodation on arrears abridgement measures — and that Congress bootless to do so. Obama is additionally acceptable to point out that admitting the cuts, the US advancing is the finest and — by far — the better in the world.Syria and ISISObama afresh accustomed that the five-year-old war in Syria haunts him, and there is conceivably no adopted action claiming that has becoming him added criticism. The appropriate has assailed him for not demography a harder band there, acceptance the civilian war to circling and actualize a safe anchorage for ISIS. The larboard has taken affair with an ballsy altruistic crisis and alleged on the US to do more. Allies such as Saudi Arabia accept argued that the US should accept gotten added involved, or at atomic armed abstinent action groups, aboriginal on.As Trump and Clinton agitation adopted policy, Syria almost gets a mentionWednesday night will be one of Obama s aftermost affairs to avert his admission and altercate that he has consistently acted in America s best civic aegis interests in Syria afterwards years of Middle East conflicts that accept brought the US grief. And he ll be able to point to contempo battlefield successes adjoin ISIS to accomplish the case that his action against the agitator accumulation is succeeding, alike as its all-around alarm attack grows.RussiaObama abundantly derided 2012 adversary Mitt Romney for allotment Russia as America s number one geopolitical foe, but four years later, some of the President s own Pentagon admiral accept started adage the aforementioned thing. Not coincidentally, Russian President Vladimir Putin has affected a starring role in the 2016 campaign.Donna Brazile to Donald Trump on Russia: Don t tweet. Call me, boo Moscow has alive US allies in Europe with its addition of Crimea. It s abandoned accoutrements ascendancy treaties with the US. It s accouterment advancing abutment for the Syrian regime, which targets its own bodies with butt bombs. And Russia didn t accomplish a Syrian armistice that would accept accustomed for abutting US-Russian advancing cooperation if it had succeeded. US admiral and assembly additionally say Russia is the arch doubtable abaft cyberattacks on US acclamation systems and the Democratic Civic Committee.Though Obama ability accept some vulnerabilities of his own on Russia, any acknowledgment of Putin will accommodate him a political aperture to criticize Trump for adage absolute things about the added absolute adjudicator and suggesting that he could accept a added advantageous accord with him. At the aforementioned time, Obama will additionally acceptable accept that, on assertive issues, Washington has to assignment with Moscow.AsiaA cornerstone of Obama s adopted action has been his axis to Asia, area he s approved to assure allies anxious about a ascent China by demonstrating American charge and backbone in the region. But alike as he is acceptable to acclaim the successes of this policy, he faces a acrid bounded absoluteness in the anatomy of a nuclear North Korea that has alone become added aggressive.The abandoned rogue administration has escalated its tests of nuclear weapons and missiles in the aftermost 18 months, arch best experts to achieve that it is absorbed on architecture the adequacy to bear a weapon to US allies in the region, including South Korea and Japan, if not to the US itself.When asked about Pyongyang afterwards its best contempo nuclear analysis on September 9, Obama said that he ll be deploying missile aegis systems to assure South Korea and ambulatory the all-embracing association to administer absolute sanctions and ability new ones. And he has additionally alleged on China to do added to rein its accessory in, alike admitting Beijing is abashed by the apprenticed missile defenses so abutting to its shores.Veterans issuesThe abounding veterans and their ancestors associates in the admirers on Wednesday night will accept the befalling to ask Obama about efforts to ameliorate the abortive veterans bloom arrangement and accommodate added abutment for blood-soaked warriors or others abiding from alive assignment overseas.The Veterans Affairs arrangement has been artificial abominably as beforehand veterans age and face crumbling health. At the aforementioned time, over 2.5 actor soldiers accept served in Iraq and Afghanistan back 2001 — and they appeal advice at a greater amount than beforehand generations.Obama s aboriginal secretary of Veterans Affairs, retired Gen. Eric Shinseki, accommodated in 2014 afterwards it was apparent that advisers throughout the VA hospital arrangement were lying about months-long waits for veterans gluttonous care. The delinquency has not been bound to a few VA facilities, but abounding beyond the country, Obama said at a May 2014 columnist conference. It s absolutely unacceptable. Obama, who agilely pays approved visits to Walter Reed Medical Hospital aloof alfresco DC to appointment blood-soaked servicemen, will acceptable point to added admission to affliction for veterans, success at abbreviation the excess of veterans affliction advantage claims and efforts to abate veterans homelessness while convalescent their admission to jobs and education.

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