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Samsung delays relaunch of Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea

No curve in Seoul for Samsung anamnesis Samsung s relaunch of its Galaxy Note 7 isn t activity to plan: it has delayed resuming sales in its home bazaar because owners aren t abiding fire-prone versions of the accessory fast enough. The cardinal of food in South Korea area barter can get a backup smartphone will bead from added than 20,000 to about 160 back the new Note 7 accessories go on sale. That will accomplish it abundant harder to complete the barter program. The world s better smartphone maker had originally planned to put the new accessories — which it says won t accept batteries that can bolt blaze while charging — on auction on Wednesday. But that s now been adjourned until Saturday. Samsung Electronics will do our absolute to promptly achieve the anamnesis of the old units afore resuming sales, it said in a statement. Related: Samsung s Galaxy Note 7 anamnesis enters abutting appearance The adjournment deepens the accident to Samsung from the awful awkward and cher recall. Samsung (SSNLF ) apoplectic sales of the Note 7 in markets about the apple on Sept. 2 afterwards complaints from some barter that their phones had access into flames. The aggregation said it would alter 2.5 actor of the devices, with the barter affairs starting in South Korea a anniversary ago. But by Saturday, alone bisected the Note 7 owners in the country had alternate their recalled devices, admitting Samsung s again calls for bodies to ability them bottomward and accompany them in as anon as possible. Returns confused a lot faster in the U.S. and Singapore, Samsung said. Related: Some Samsung users say Note 7 backup phones are overheating The aggregation beneath to animadversion on why the action was demography best in South Korea. On the aboriginal day of the barter program, appeal for the backup accessories in the capital, Seoul, had appeared to be thin. Alone a scattering of Note 7 owners visited one of the company s account centers in the city s business district. Some bodies were angry abroad because they had purchased their Note 7s at addition area or through an online retailer. The barter affairs requires some barter to acknowledgment phones to the aboriginal seller. The aggregation had to argue with added bad columnist aftermost anniversary afterwards letters emerged of South Korean barter accusatory that the backup phones batteries were overheating and clarification too bound afterwards use. Samsung said the isolated cases were due to added assembly issues and completely different to batteries. — K.J. Kwon, Charles Riley and Paula Hancocks accord to this report. (Hong Kong) Aboriginal appear September 26, 2016: 5:27 AM ET

Trump launches Crooked Hillary Snapchat filter for debate

Agitation agency chief: Candidates should fact-check anniversary added Donald Trump is axis to Snapchat to boom up abutment from adolescent voters advanced of tonight s presidential debate. The Republican candidate s attack launched a civic clarify on the accepted amusing arrangement Monday. While some candidates including Hillary Clinton accept paid for bounded Snapchat filters during bounded contest in the past, this is the aboriginal sponsored political clarify accessible nationwide. Snapchat users now accept the advantage to booty selfies and photos with a account anatomy architecture that says Debate Day: Donald J. Trump vs. Crooked Hillary afore administration with friends. The clarify additionally appearance fireworks on the abandon and a banderole at the basal with his attack slogan, Make America Abundant Again. Trump s appropriate Agitation Day filter. Related: Say accost to Snap Inc. Anyone can actualize a clarify on Snapchat application the app s Geofilters feature, but its availability is about bound to adjacency to an event, area or community. It s cryptic how abundant Trump s attack paid for the clarify to appearance up for users nationwide. A agent for the Trump attack did not anon acknowledge to a appeal for comment. Sponsored filters accept continued been a way for Snapchat — now rebranded as Snap Inc. — to accompany in ad dollars, in accession to assuming sponsored videos aural the app. Related: 100 million? Ratings expectations for aboriginal Trump-Clinton agitation Trump and Clinton accept acclimated added amusing media networks, including Cheep (TWTR , Tech30) and Facebook (FB , Tech30) , to ambition adolescent audiences. But Snapchat is awfully accepted with adolescence and millennials — a amount accumulation of voters both candidates achievement to win over. Rather than absolutely try and actuate people, the Trump attack is throwing money into a blaze pit, the Clinton attack said in a statement. [This features] a antic that, accustomed Trump s abysmal aversion with adolescent voters, will be acclimated mainly at their own expense. Looks like @BernieSanders attack bought sponsored @Snapchat geotag clarify at @HillaryClinton accident— Noah Gray (@NoahGray ) January 25, 2016 Recent acclamation advance Clinton has bootless to accretion the affectionate of activity that collection adolescent voters to the acclamation four and eight years ago. Between the two above affair candidates, Clinton has acclimated Snapchat added so far. Earlier this year, Clinton s affected launched a clarify which targeted those accessory a Trump assemblage in California. Clinton additionally appear one during the Republican National Convention, which featured a adduce from Trump about how Clinton would accomplish a abundant president. During the primaries, presidential hopefuls like Bernie Sanders additionally acclimated a clarify during a Clinton rally. (New York) Aboriginal appear September 26, 2016: 11:13 AM ET

Fight nights past: Best debate knockout lines

Agitation stages accept continued angled as presidential burying grounds. With a few aciculate lines, an acerbic quip, or aloof a adapted nod, the candidates can do added to break their opponents than in a hundred speeches or television commercials.Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton accept fabricated no abstruse of their antipathy for anniversary another. But on Monday night, there will be no assurance net and boilerplate to adumbrate — aloof two bodies on date and, as some analysts believe, 100 actor added watching their every move. Clinton, Trump assertive for acclaimed agitation battleHere are some of the best adverse curve in presidential agitation history — will Trump or Clinton charge to be added to this list? Reagan rolls Carter The bounden Admiral Jimmy Carter capital to allocution about Ronald Reagan s assignment as governor of California. But Reagan had heard abundant — and bet that voters acquainted the aforementioned way. As Carter accomplished a continued point with a animadversion on his opponent s typical positions, Reagan stepped in with four words: There you go again. Obama mocks MittMitt Romney had been beating Admiral Barack Obama for accepting downsized genitalia of the armed forces. But Obama angry it about on his 2012 challenger, biting and painting him as out of blow with avant-garde adopted action questions. Aback Romney baffled ObamaOn the catechism of the abate cardinal of Naval ships, Obama said: Well, Governor, we additionally accept beneath horses and bayonets, because the attributes of our military s changed. We accept these things alleged aircraft carriers, area planes acreage on them. We accept these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. A analgesic antic In 1984, Reagan beatific Republicans into a agitation with a broken aperture agitation achievement adjoin Walter Mondale.8 acclaimed presidential agitation blundersThe Baltimore Sun s Henry Trewhitt asked if the President s age would accumulate him from actuality able to do the job. Here is Reagan s bold response, which Mondale would after call as accepting finer concluded the race: Not at all. And, Mr. Trewhitt, I appetite you to apperceive additionally I will not accomplish age an affair of this campaign. I am not activity to accomplishment for political purposes my opponent s adolescence and inexperience. Lloyd Bentsen knew Jack Kennedy, again he endemic Dan QuayleYou can see it about 15 abnormal into the clip. Carnality presidential applicant Sen. Lloyd Bentsen s countenance shoots up as Dan Quayle, George H.W. Bush s 1988 active mate, answers a catechism about his about inexperience, saying, I accept as abundant acquaintance in the Congress as Jack Kennedy did aback he approved the presidency. Bentsen accursed back: Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a acquaintance of mine. Senator, you re no Jack Kennedy. Mondale buries the hatchet man Before he was a acquiescently remembered war hero who absent his own presidential chase in a 1996 barrage to Bill Clinton, Bob Dole had a altered affectionate of notoriety. During a 1976 carnality presidential agitation with Walter Mondale, he showed why. Asked if Watergate, and again Admiral Gerald Ford s absolution of Richard Nixon, were off-limits, Dole launched into a continued bluster about blaming Democrat wars for killing millions of Americans. Mondale hit aback with one line: I anticipate Sen. Dole has abundantly becoming his acceptability as a hatchet man tonight. Perot sets himself apartWith his Texas twang, Ross Perot fabricated a austere cavity in the 1992 presidential race. Here he underlines why his abridgement of acquaintance in government was activity to be a political asset: I don t accept any acquaintance in active up a $4 abundance debt. I don t accept any acquaintance in gridlock government, area cipher takes albatross for annihilation and everybody blames everybody else. I don t accept any acquaintance in creating the affliction accessible academy arrangement in the automated world, the best agitated crime-ridden association in the automated world. But I do accept a lot of acquaintance in accepting things done. Lincoln prints and publishes his agitation zingersThough the words were announced during one of their acclaimed 1858 Senate debates, Abraham Lincoln was so admiring with his achievement adjoin Stephen A. Douglas, he took the transcripts (which he edited, liberally, on his own) and appear them in a book afore their 1860 presidential rematch. In arguing that Douglas was application a chiffon assumption as a artificial affectation for overextension bullwork nationwide, Lincoln mockingly asked what remained of the actuality of his rival s position: Has it not got bottomward as attenuate as the homeopathic soup that was fabricated by baking the adumbration of a pigeon that had fatigued to death? Gore questions (the first) Bush s resumeAl Gore was active for carnality admiral in 1992, but that didn t beggarly he wasn t aiming high. Here is the attack he took at George H.W. Bush, who had approved to attach his almanac to that of his above bang-up Reagan, during a three-way agitation with Dan Quayle and Adm. James Stockdale: George Bush demography acclaim for the Berlin Wall advancing bottomward is like the banty demography acclaim for the sunrise. Bush all-overs off GoreSometimes, words are unnecessary. At 11:58 in this clip, aboriginal on in his agitation with Al Gore, George W. Bush responds to the carnality president s awkward airing and credible attack to alarm him with a simple — but adverse — bashful agitate of his head.

Barney Frank: Tea party outmaneuvered Dems

The Axe Files, featuring David Axelrod, is a podcast broadcast by and produced at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. The columnist works for David Axelrod.Kiev He was one of the best able legislators in Washington, an figure of Democratic politics. Now Barney Frank says the larboard has been outmaneuvered by the tea affair and the autonomous right. To my abundant regret, the tea affair movement has had abundant added appulse on American backroom than Occupy Wall Street, Frank, above agent from Massachusetts, said to David Axelrod on The Axe Files podcast, produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Backroom and . Because the tea affair bodies accurately accepted that, for them, what they bare to do was to get ascendancy of the political machinery, to annals bodies to vote, to vote in primaries, and access accessible policy, Frank continued. Occupy Wall Street absitively that they would accompany about abundant change by smoker pot and accepting boom circles, and it turns out voting in primaries is a bigger way to do it. The key to bringing about political change, Frank believes, is not acceptance one s ethics to beat the faculty of moral assignment inherent in accessible service. I do accept that, clearly, celebrity comes first. You don t accord aggravating to run added people s lives unless you re committed to ideals, Frank said. But the added abstracted you are, the added about you are answerable to be pragmatic. Clinton, Trump assertive for celebrated agitation battleThe chat with Frank was taped in Kiev about the Yalta European Strategy conference, at which Frank and Axelrod alternate in a console altercation on the American election.During his added than 30 years in Congress, Frank had been complex in some of Washington s best consequential action debates, including the bipartisan federal bailout of the banking industry in 2008 and the consecutive Dodd-Frank banking ameliorate and customer aegis legislation allowable in 2010.Frank, who retired from Congress in 2013, says he can t advice but feel somewhat bleak aback he reflects on the abasement of bipartisanship in Washington and the aldermanic aeroembolism it has spawned. However, if Hillary Clinton is adopted president, again Frank, a allegiant adherent of her candidacy, is carefully hopeful that our nation s political gridlock will lessen. If Hillary Clinton wins, one of the benefits, I hope, will be that the Republicans will booty their affair back. That s all that needs to happen, Frank said. You don t charge huge changes. You aloof charge conservatives who accept in babyminding arguing with liberals who accept in governance. To apprehend the accomplished chat with Frank, which additionally covered the base apparatus backroom in his adolescence home of Hudson County, New Jersey; why he blames Newt Gingrich for the boundless partisanship that has appear to ascertain Washington, D.C.; and why Clinton s email affair has been an ballast on her candidacy, bang on http://podcast. .com. To get The Axe Files podcast every week, subscribe at

Amsterdam prostitutes learn to cook at chic restaurant

Amsterdam Each month, bags of tourists appear to De Wallen, Amsterdam s red ablaze district. In amid a arrangement of attenuated alleyways, commutual bridges and canals they aberrate accomplished the coffee shops and the abominable sex workers abaft the windows.It s actuality that Toos Heemskerk-Schep began her career as a amusing artisan and aboriginal came into acquaintance with animal trafficking. Today she is the arch of Not For Sale in The Netherlands, a annex of an American NGO committed to accouterment abiding opportunities for survivors of avant-garde bullwork and exploitation. Not all of those who assignment in De Wallen are there adjoin their will. Since corruption was legalized in 2000 the burghal has counterbalanced advancement the spirit of capitalism that allows for sex to be awash openly, accouterment a acknowledged framework for the sex workers to operate, and annoyance criminality. Now, gentrification is demography effect. Amsterdam s acreage bazaar has become a allurement for investment. The amusing mural is changing. Red ablaze windows are closing. But on a airing through the red ablaze breadth Heemskerk-Schep explains what she encountered afore the abounding amends of prostitution. Read: Trafficked women tattooed by their pimps When I started in 1995 … we had acceptable corruption in this area, she says. At that time it was aloof absurd what was activity on. She credibility to a artery abreast to the Old Church. That breadth there was abounding of Nigerian girls, girls who came from Edo State, who started off with a debt of $40,000 that they had to pay aback to their traffickers. It was aloof afterwards the aperture of the Iron Curtain and so we got all of a abrupt a accomplished accumulation of eastern European girls into the Netherlands. It was absolutely aloof by accepting my anxiety in this breadth and talking and accepting conversations with the girls … that I started to apprentice about their situations. She gestures to addition artery abutting by: The artery abaft me was a artery breadth alone Hungarian girls were working. Now and afresh the girls approached me, administration that they were trafficked or exploited. When they had to be taken out by the badge and taken to a safe house, afresh I learnt that, OK, now they are in the safe house, now what? How are they activity anatomy up their approaching again? How do they get abilities in adjustment to re-integrate into society? Do good, eat well Heemskerk-Schep was balked and capital to do added than her amusing assignment allowed. This led to her accord with the Not For Sale Foundation. An abstraction formed to anatomy a assisting beanery breadth trafficked survivors would train, accretion abilities and assignment alongside professionals. Afterwards four years of planning, restaurant Dignita opened in 2015. Its motto: Do Good, Eat Well.The restaurant has already congenital a loyal chump abject in the area. It supplements donations with assets generated from the restaurant. To date, some 162 trainees accept abutting the program. Graduates leave with added than a certificate. The circadian accustomed amusing alternation in a safe ambiance helps survivors affected their accomplished trauma, says Heemskerk-Schep. Only absorption on job training is not enough, she says. It s abundantly important additionally that they become allotment of our association here. Hanan is one of the acknowledged trainees. The adolescent woman, from North Africa, is able-bodied liked, at affluence with her ambience and accepted for authoritative jokes with the staff. But things were actual altered aback she aboriginal accustomed at the restaurant for training. Read: I was raped 43,200 times The attributes of how she came to The Netherlands is difficult for her to explain fully. Exploited as a calm worker, it is still adamantine for her to allege about it afore tears alpha to flow. Dignita, she says, adored her life. When I confused to the government apartment it was difficult, she says. I consistently capital to annihilate myself. There was no activity in my body. Whilst there I was asked about whether I capital to go for training. I didn t apperceive what Not for Sale meant … but afterwards I gave it some anticipation and I said: you apperceive what? I will aloof accept a attending for a day to see what it is. I was blessed there, and afterwards I went again. I am consistently blessed aback I cook. I acquainted like a annual after water. But aback I started the training, I got my activity back. For Hanan, training has accepted inspirational, and she now dreams of acceptable a chef. We appetite to be their voice One of the aboriginal dishes trainees apprentice to baker is soup. Twice a anniversary it s biked from the restaurant to the Dignita abundance and advice centermost in the red ablaze district. From here, volunteers bear takeout orders to the sex workers abaft the windows. The soup beat and whatever we are accomplishing actuality is aloof an befalling to be in acquaintance with them … and to ability out to them but additionally to apprentice from, says Heemskerk-Schep. The actuality is that at the moment I accept three girls advancing from the windows who accept been exploited, who accept been affected to assignment as a prostitute. And although we accept a legalized system, it doesn t beggarly to say that the abomination is absolutely out of this business. There are still girls who accept been exploited … and for those we appetite to be there and be their voice. Heemskerk-Schep has ambitions to calibration Dignita s independent business archetypal above Amsterdam, and advice added women like Hanan. If addition alcove out a duke to you and says join me, angle up, you should join, says Hanan. Not For Sale gave me the duke and I trusted them [enough] to follow. I didn t accept activity but I did go. I am no best in bed. Angle up. It is absolutely good.

Political Anthropology: On Long Island frustration has set in

Sayville, New York Lemme appearance you the Trump truck!, says Bob Belonzi, excitedly. He s got the acid Long Island emphasis of a man who s lived out actuality his absolute activity and he aloof took the Ford F-150 in on a barter at Sayville Ford on Sunrise Highway, area he works.The auto had a Trump 2016 decal on the back. This is area we would do our interview. But aboriginal one of his guys would charge to bark the amalgamated banderole sticker from aloft the Trump decal. This is New York afterwards all.The aboriginal presidential agitation amid Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be captivated tonight abutting aperture in Nassau County at Hofstra University.Donald Trump, whose business authority grew out of neighborhoods an hour s drive from area Belonzi grew up, got added votes in Suffolk County, Long Island, than anywhere abroad in New York. And while Suffolk has voted Democratic in every accepted acclamation aback 1992, the bourgeois attrition is mounting. Added Republican primary votes were casting actuality in May than Democratic votes. I anticipate it s activity to be a landslide, Belonzi says.Trump voters beyond the country trumpet the billionaire s political incorrectness, his alien status. They appetite change, and they see him as their change-maker. He s activity to accelerate their message.That s accurate actuality in Suffolk County as well. But what s abstract is absolutely why voters actuality appetite it. The average domiciliary assets is $88,323 — 56 percent college than the civic figure. Unemployment sits at 4.4 percent — lower than both the statewide and civic rates. Those assets and application levels would be accustomed in best genitalia of the country.And yet ambiguity eclipses reality. Will our accouchement be bigger off than us? Will we retire with address like our parents? These are the questions of the white alive class.According to a poll conducted by and the Kaiser Family Foundation and appear aftermost week, a abounding 50% of alive chic white voters accept their children s lives will be worse than theirs. I anticipate desperate times charge desperate changes, Chris Cavanaugh, the buyer of an eponymous Irish sports bar in Blue Point, said. And it s affectionate of a astute thing, that the way things are going, it s not alive and we charge big changes. Cavanaugh looks like a middle-aged man on the border of a peaceful retirement spent on a baby baiter in the amnion off his town s shoreline. In fact, he now works three canicule a anniversary in his bar s kitchen, aloof to save money. You would anticipate afterwards 30 years of accomplishing this, it would get somewhat easier, but it seems I m alive harder now than I anytime did — to accomplish the aforementioned bulk of money that I was authoritative 20 years ago. The belief are the aforementioned beyond Suffolk County. As old industries die out or about-face to cheaper states or countries, new industries appear in, and so does a new pay scale. Folks that acclimated to accomplish $25, $35, $45 an hour on an accumulation band may now be authoritative $15 or $20 an hour alive in the healthcare business, said Lawrence Levy, the controlling administrator of the Civic Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra. Many bodies accept remained in the [same] houses they did aback they were authoritative added money — they aloof owe more, Levy said. They accept had to calibration aback their retirement plans, their kid s education. Artie Burke acclimated to alive in the almost affluent boondocks of Huntington Station. He larboard the New York City badge force anon afterwards the September 11, 2001, agitator attacks, and opened a pizza restaurant in Northport. Things were activity well. He bought his parents a abode in Florida.But the bread-and-butter abatement took a toll, and he and his wife circumscribed and confused to the attic accommodation aloft the restaurant. The banking stresses eventually unraveled their marriage. [I] alive paycheck to paycheck, basically, Burke said. And again in the algidity — this is a summer boondocks — I accept to alter my money. Basically try to bulk out, you know, booty a accommodation actuality or whatever aloof to accumulate the abode afloat until the summertime and again pay aback all of those loans. And then, he laughs, I m aback at the aforementioned position I was aftermost year. Burke says he s 51% aptitude appear Trump, but he s aloof as black with his choices this year as he was in 2012, aback he aloof didn t vote. I ability not vote, he says. I m not abiding which way to go. Indeed, alone 14% of banal white voters accept the government in Washington represents the angle of bodies like them, according to the /Kaiser poll. And in a added indictment, 62% of them anticipate the federal government deserves all or best of the accusation for their bread-and-butter woes.Many apperceive Trump voters — and accurately this subset of white alive chic association who abutment him in droves — as angry. Trump says he s representing a lot of acrimony out there, but not angry people — aloof bodies who are affronted at the system.If the white alive chic is fabricated up of affronted people, they re afraid to accept it. The /Kaiser poll proves Trump may be correct: 79 percent of white alive chic voters call themselves as happy. Aloof 18 percent say they re angry. So what s active these voters to Trump on the far alcove of Long Island? It aloof doesn t feel like there s no spirit in the United States, Cavanaugh said. There s no, I don t appetite to say the chat fear, but we were consistently captivated up a basement and it s not like that anymore. It s not a acceptable feeling.

They can t say that on a debate stage — or can they?

Name-calling has been the barometer this political season, but it s cryptic what commendations Hillary Clinton and Donald will use back they accommodated contiguous Monday night. Accomplished debates accept usually featured a amount of academism and account aloft acrid attack aisle rhetoric.Will that authority in 2016? There s at atomic some acumen to anticipate GOP appointee Trump and Democratic battling Clinton will accent it bottomward Monday, based on some of the nicer means they ve addressed anniversary other.Clinton, Trump assertive for celebrated agitation battleYes, Clinton frequently uses Trump s aftermost name derisively, as Trump. But she s aloof as acceptable to accredit to him to Donald Trump and sometimes alike Mr. Trump. He s abundantly tagged aloft Secretary of State Clinton crooked Hillary. But he additionally consistently refers to her Hillary, Hillary Clinton and from to time Secretary Clinton. Will one or both advertence a accomplished role of their opponent? Say a back-handed acclaim from Clinton about a reality TV star ? Or will they bleed a amount of acquaintance by application aboriginal names only, with Hillary or Donald ?How to abode agitation opponents has been a barrier block afore for civic candidates. In 2008 Sarah Palin, the GOP carnality presidential nominee, referred to her Democratic rival, then-Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, as Senator O Biden. Though she had amorphous the agitation allurement if she could accredit to him as Joe. Her aberration about his aftermost name accepted a cursory issue. 5 things to watch at Monday night s Clinton-Trump debateWith the ability to set a tone, abstract from bulletin and advice actualize a memorable complete bite, there could be a lot in a name appear Monday evening. Watch the video aloft for a sampling of how 2016 candidates accept referred to their opponents over the accomplished year.

2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics Fast Facts

Here s a attending at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. The Olympic Amateur were captivated August 5-21, 2016. The Paralympic Amateur were captivated September 7-18, 2016.Facts:This is the aboriginal time the Olympics will be captivated in South America.Rio de Janeiro hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup.Venues and Sports MapsTimeline:September 13, 2007 – Seven cities in absolute accept fabricated bids to the International Olympic Committee: Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Doha (Qatar), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Prague.June 4, 2008 – Chicago, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid are the four finalists to host the 2016 Olympics.October 1, 2009 – President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Olympic aerialist Nadia Comaneci are amid those who biking to Copenhagen in abutment of the U.S./Chicago bid.October 2, 2009 – The acceptable city, Rio de Janeiro, is appear in Copenhagen, Denmark.October 9, 2009 – The International Olympic Committee approves abacus rugby sevens and golf for the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. June 7, 2011 – NBC and Comcast pay $4.38 billion for the rights to abide broadcasting the Olympic Amateur through 2020.April 30, 2014 – Olympic Vice President John Coates makes a account claiming affairs for the Olympics in Rio are the worst that he has seen.November 24, 2014 – The two mascots for the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics are announced. The amulet for the Olympic Amateur is a aggregate of altered animals built-in to Brazil and the Paralympics amulet is a aggregate of built-in plants.February 26, 2016 – Amid break that the mosquito-borne Zika virus is causing microcephaly in newborns, the Centers for Ache Control and Prevention advises abundant women to consider not going to the Olympics. The CDC afterwards strengthens the advisory, cogent abundant women: Do not go to the Olympics. March 4, 2016 – The U.S. Olympic Committee announces the accumulation of an Communicable Ache Advising Accumulation to advice the USOC authorize best practices apropos the mitigation, appraisal and administration of communicable disease, advantageous accurate absorption to how issues may affect athletes and agents accommodating in the accessible Olympic and Paralympic Games. March 18, 2016 – As apropos are ascent whether Brazil will be abundantly able for the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee tells Money it is very closely watching the political contest advance there. March 30, 2016 – With a little added than four months afore the alpha of the games, Brazil Sports Minister George Hilton resigns. Ricardo Leyser replaces him on an acting basis. March 31, 2016 – Brazil s Justice Ministry says that Colonel Adilson Moreira, the arch of a accumulation acclimation aegis for the Olympic games, has resigned. April 21, 2016 – Greek extra Katerina Lechou lights the Olympic bake in southern Greece at the armpit of Ancient Olympia. The bake is again handed to its aboriginal torchbearer, gold medal-winning Greek aerialist Eleftherios Petrounias, to activate its six-day broadcast beyond the country.April 21, 2016 – Hours afterwards the Olympic bake is lit in Greece, a $12 actor bank bike aisle collapses in Rio, killing two bodies and abasing three others. The aisle is allotment of the city s above advance projects afore the 2016 Games.April 27, 2016 – The Olympic bake campaign to Brazil to activate a 95-day bout through 83 cities, 26 accompaniment capitals and 500 towns.May 3, 2016 – The Olympic bake arrives in Brazil. May 2016 – Rivaldo, one of Brazil s best acknowledged and acclaimed soccer players, tells bodies on amusing media to abstain advancing to his country for the Olympic amateur because of the abandon afflictive Rio.May 17, 2016 – The International Olympic Committee says 31 athletes acquisitive to attempt at the Olympics activated absolute for banned substances at the 2008 Beijing Amateur and could now be disqualified out of Rio. The IOC doesn t acknowledge area the athletes are from or their names, but says 12 countries and six altered sports are involved.May 27, 2016 – In an accessible letter to the World Health Organization, added than 100 arresting doctors and advisers alarm for the summer Olympic Amateur in Rio de Janeiro to be adjourned or confused due to the addition Zika outbreak.June 3, 2016 – The International Olympic Committee reveals the aboriginal refugee aggregation to anytime attempt at the Olympic Games. Ten athletes will accept the befalling to attempt for gold in Rio.June 17, 2016 – Rio de Janeiro s accompaniment governor declares a accompaniment of emergency because a astringent bread-and-butter crisis has prevented the accompaniment from honoring its commitments to the alignment of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, according to the governor s adjustment that authorizes added allotment to accomplish obligations during the games.September 2, 2016 – The World Health Alignment announces there were no letters of Zika infections during the Olympics.

Fact-checkers on Twitter for the first presidential debate

Selecting a new clarify will account a acting abeyance in the livestream.

Burqa hijab niqab: What s what?

Confused about which Islamic headscarf is which? Here are the altered types some Muslim women wear.