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Golfing great Arnold Palmer dead at 87 featured BR

Arnold Palmer, accepted as the King for his transformative bequest in golf, has died at the age of 87, according to the U.S. Golf Association. He died Sunday at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hospital, according to his administration company. With his ascendancy in golf and characteristic style, Palmer helped about-face the action from a country club afterward to one that became attainable to the masses.He won added than 90 golf tournaments, including the Masters four times, the U.S. Open in 1960, and the British Open in 1961 and 1962. Palmer became the aboriginal being to accomplish $1 actor arena golf. I would like to be remembered for bringing golf to a common audience, he told in 2012. Players today accept no boundaries. He and his two abundant rivals in the Big Three — Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus — helped booty the action about the apple in the 1960s, capitalizing on the ever-growing ability of television. Golf grew into made-for-television contest and with it came massive advocacy and award-winning money. He took the bold from one akin to a college level, around by himself, wrote Nicklaus in a statement. Arnold consistently had my back, and I had his. We were consistently there for anniversary other. That never changed. He was the baron of our action and consistently will be. Afterwards acquirements to comedy golf at age 3, Palmer never stopped. Acceptable in appearance tooIt was not alone Palmer s adroitness for golf that won him legions of adherent fans. Long afore the age of amusing media, Palmer was the aboriginal golfer to allure his own appropriate afterward — Arnie s Army — diehard admirers who amidst every blooming to acclamation him on, win or lose. When I was a boy acquirements to comedy golf in my hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, I never could accept absurd that one day I d accept an Army of admirers or that bodies would alarm me The King of the action I love, Palmer ahead wrote on his website. He had allure accumulated with acceptable looks and style. GQ Magazine called him one of the 50 best beautiful men of the accomplished 50 years and Esquire had him in a account of the 75 best-dressed men of all time. Golfers are rarely remembered for their appearance sense, usually the exact opposite. But Palmer insisted on a constant appearance throughout his career. It was not article I absolutely planned, he told in 2012. I admired a aciculate bulge in my slacks, my shoes able to shine, while my shirts were bourgeois with a beeline collar. Palmer alike had a alcohol called afterwards him — a mix of lemonade and algid tea that he acclimated to booty on the golf advance with him in a thermos. Early yearsBorn in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, he was accomplished how to comedy the bold by his ancestor at the bounded country club. Palmer started his able career in 1954 afterwards acceptable the United States Golf Association Amateur Championship.Two years after he alive with Mark McCormack, who founded what would become the all-around sports administration behemoth International Administration Group (IMG). The backward McCormack answer Palmer, who accepted to be a actual bankable star, assuming that an athlete s bartering endorsements could outstrip prize-money earnings.Palmer retired from aggressive golf in 2006, but remained alive in the sport. It is not an exaggeration to say there would be no avant-garde day PGA TOUR after Arnold Palmer, said PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem in a statement. There would be no PGA TOUR Champions after Arnold Palmer. There would be no Golf Channel after Arnold Palmer. No one has had a greater appulse on those who comedy our abundant action or who are affected by it. A PGA bout antagonism was renamed for Palmer, in 2007. The Arnold Palmer Invitational is played every March in Orlando. Tiger Woods tweeted: It s adamantine to brainstorm golf after you or anyone added important to the bold than the King. Palmer accustomed the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2012.Former President George W. Bush, who presented him the Presidential Medal in 2004, said in a statement: He was a abundant American whose accord – and beat thoughts – will be missed. Palmer is survived by his additional wife, Kit, his two daughters, six grandchildren and abounding great-grandchildren. s Paul Gittings and Kevin Dotson contributed to this report.

When jazz stopped being cool

Jazz is dead. Jazz connoisseurs accept been audition that acclaim for at atomic bisected a century. They re a captious bunch, generally accusatory about the affection of abreast applesauce while pointing to some aureate era aback real applesauce thrived.But if applesauce did absolutely die, what was the account of death, and aback did it canyon away? A new book, Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall, offers some attainable answers. It appearance a handsome accumulating of black-and-white photos of applesauce icons arena for and assortment with the alluring crowds at the Monterey Applesauce Anniversary in the aboriginal 1960s. The photos were taken by the allegorical music columnist Jim Marshall, who captured those final summers aback applesauce was still broadly accepted — and aback it started to lose its bartering appeal. The acquaintance of the photographs is palpable. There s one of saxophonist John Coltrane angled abandoned on a bank backstage, staring off into amplitude as if advertent some catholic mystery. There s addition of trumpeter Miles Davis whispering article into the ear of Steve McQueen that draws a arch smile from the actor. And afresh there s a attempt of the august artisan Duke Ellington advancement on a soloist; the Duke seems so abutting you can about aroma the anoint in his bouncing hair.Marshall s photos additionally freeze-frame a arena — the stylish, hip and racially chip crowds that were as abundant a allotment of the anniversary as the performers themselves. This was an era afore bodies commonly wore flip-flops and billowing jeans in public. The festivalgoers, with their angular builds, admirable cheekbones and adorned shades, were as aciculate as the music. On any accustomed day it was a sea of Bass Weejun loafers, accustomed shouldered seersucker jackets, capital Lacoste tennis shirts … Audrey Hepburn afflicted wide-brimmed harbinger hats and arch scarves. That s how music ambassador Graham Marsh declared the anniversary crowds in the book s introduction. Former President Bill Clinton and music analyzer Nat Hentoff additionally contributed essays to the book.Yet there is an apparent blue that all-overs into the photographs as the anniversary progresses into the mid-1960s. By 1966, bedrock acts like Jefferson Airplane were actuality put onstage. By the afterward year, the Monterey Pop Anniversary — which alien bedrock legends like Jimi Hendrix to America — would concealment the applesauce festival. Coltrane would die, The Beatles would absolution Sgt. Pepper and Marshall would go on to become rock s best acclaimed photographer. Bedrock had pushed applesauce off the mainstage. By then, applesauce leaders knew they were accident their audience, says Scott DeVeaux, an award-winning applesauce historian and co-author of the book Jazz. That s absolutely the point area you can feel the agitation architecture in the air; bodies were aphorism we ve got to do something. Was there, in fact, annihilation they could accept done? Why was applesauce eclipsed by bedrock and added forms of music? There are affluence of theories. Here are three:It absent out to the accountantsIf it doesn t accomplish dollars, it doesn t accomplish sense. That business aphorism bedevilled applesauce artists because they couldn t advertise annal like bedrock groups could, some say.Consider one of the best accepted applesauce albums of all time: Dave Brubeck Quartet s Time Out. It s musically daring, appearance superb musicianship and yielded a monster hit that became a applesauce standard: Take Five. It could be advised the absolute applesauce record. Yet how abounding copies do you anticipate were sold?By 1963, four years afterwards its release, Time Out had gone gold, affairs 500,000 records. Not bad — but bedrock groups came on the arena and awash annal in the millions. The better bedrock groups awash so abounding that the industry had to actualize a new class — platinum, to mark a actor sales. Almanac admiral were no best agreeable to accumulate celebrated applesauce artists on their labels if they aloof had middling sales. The sales of these bedrock annal staggered record-company executives, DeVeaux says. These bedrock albums came forth and blew the applesauce ones away. That s aback they began to say we accept to attending at our books afresh and amend what a almanac aggregation does. It absent the bootyWhen applesauce trumpeter Nicholas Payton wrote a acclaimed article about the annihilation of jazz, On Why Applesauce Isn t Air-conditioned Anymore, he fabricated a analytical declaration: I actualize music for the affection and the head, for the adorableness and the booty. When, however, was the aftermost time anyone associated afraid their anatomy to applesauce music? Probably not aback the beat and big bandage era of the 1930s and 40s, aback bodies absolutely danced to jazz.They additionally sang forth to applesauce tunes. Vocal standards like Summertime, Alone Together and Days of Wine and Roses were accounting for Broadway or Hollywood. Applesauce offered attainable melodies that anyone could hum forth to.Then bebop came forth afterwards World War II and admirers had agitation befitting up. Titans like trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and saxophonist Charlie Bird Parker played music that was hyper-fast and fiendishly complex. The focus was on the virtuoso accompanist — not a addictive melody. Bodies chock-full singing and dancing to jazz; bebop supplanted the booty. Bebop begin a home in the bistro and eventually on the concert stage, DeVeaux says. In both of these venues, there isn t allowance for dancing. It s accepted that the music is there to be listened to. Jazz additionally became added esoteric, its leaders acceptable egoistic and arena primarily for themselves. If you were too aboveboard to follow, too bad. So aback trumpeter Miles Davis started axis his aback to the admirers while assuming live, it adumbrated what applesauce had already done — it acquainted out its audience. Jazz afar itself from American accepted music. Big mistake. The music never recovered, Payton wrote. Jazz, like the Buddha, is dead. It absent the futureHere s a black actuality for applesauce fans: One of the acknowledged applesauce annal today was fabricated in 1959. Davis Kind of Blue still sells a thousand copies a anniversary on vinyl.The assiduous acceptance of Kind of Blue credibility to a botheration with the abreast applesauce genre: Too abounding bodies buy the old records; not abundant buy the new. Jazz ain t cool, Payton wrote. It s cold, like necrophilia. The numbers aback Payton up. According to Nielsen s 2014 anniversary report, applesauce is the atomic listened-to music in the U.S. afterwards children s music, the online annual The Applesauce Line reported. Online music alive isn t allowance applesauce either. According to the magazine, applesauce was the alone brand to accept its agenda anthology sales abatement amid 2011 and 2012. Applesauce is now about actuality advised as a building piece. DeVeaux, the applesauce historian, says applesauce is primarily preserved in educational and cultural circles like Applesauce at Lincoln Center in New York City. It s a analogue of classical music in the conservatory, he says. People go to abstraction bebop — they don t apprehend to be a bop musician. A new bearing of applesauce titans is emerging. The Grammy-winning pianist Robert Glasper has auspiciously attenuated applesauce with R&B and hip-hop. Gregory Porter has a affluent baritone that could bout any applesauce diva from any era. And the Grammy-winning applesauce bassist Esperanza Spalding afresh performed at the White House.But will they anytime become as admired as Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, all of whom performed at Monterey? If not, Marshall s ablaze photographs of those apathetic summer canicule aback the giants of applesauce circuitous with the army won t be apparent as aloof a anniversary of their music.It ll be the epitaph for an era. Jazz Festival, the new book from allegorical music columnist Jim Marshall, is accessible for auction now through Reel Art Press.

Find your Harry Potter Patronus charm

There appears to be no end to the Harry Potter magic.Fans can now tap into that magic, acknowledgment to the official Patronus acquaintance launched Thursday on fan armpit Potter admirers apperceive that a Patronus agreeableness calls up a person s spirit guide. A spell aboriginal alien in the third Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which became built-in to the series, the Patronus Agreeableness is a arresting spell which produces an aerial guardian or protector, demography the anatomy of an animal, according to a Pottermore columnist release. A pure, careful bewitched absorption of beatitude and hope, the Patronus is the alone spell able adjoin Dementors, alarming creatures which casualty on animal happiness. Harry s Patronus is a stag and Potter columnist J.K. Rowling s is a heron.The Pottermore armpit is adherent to all things Potter and uses 3D animation, forth with a alternation of questions, to arouse the user s Patronus.Plenty of bodies had fun Thursday aggravating it out and announcement their findings.

What if North Korea s missiles come from underwater? featured BR

Hong Kong The US and South Korean navies took to the seas Monday with a bulletin for North Korea: Think alert afore you abuse us. This alleged show of force comes during the aforementioned ages in which North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear assay aloof canicule afterwards auspiciously ablution three missiles into the Sea of Japan.The North, for its part, claims it activated a nuclear warhead — which can be placed on top of a missile — admitting there is no way to verify that claim.And the achievability of bond a nuclear warhead with a missile is all the added alarming back you accede the country has additionally been testing how to barrage missiles underwater, area they re harder to detect. The catechism that some experts are adopting is whether or not the North Koreans can absolutely acquaintance a miniaturized nuclear warhead assimilate such a missile, Alexander Neill, a North Korea able at the International Institute for Strategic Studies Asia, told . If there s affirmation that they can do that — or they accept done that — than this is above affair for the region. Those tests appear aloof afterwards North Korea had what abounding experts accept to be its aboriginal acknowledged abysmal missile barrage in August. While this was a abundant advance in North Korea s approved capabilities, it does not acceptable represent an operational abysmal launched ballistic missile adequacy at this time, John Schilling, an aerospace architect and contributor to the North Korea ecology activity 38 North, told in an email afterwards the sub missile launch.The missile catholic 311 afar (500 kilometers) — and was the aboriginal projectile anytime accursed by the North Koreans to adeptness Japan s air aegis identification zone, according to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.But alike the achievability of an underwater missile barrage poses a new set of problems for North Korea s neighbors — it s a wild-card agency that introduces a new, circuitous ambit of blackmail for the ROK [Republic of Korea], the US, Japan and others … the adeptness to accumulate an antagonist guessing, or at atomic to blot an adversary s assets in arrest a new threat, says Neill. This new adequacy will appeal a acknowledgment from the US and its allies, he said. It has alien a new activating into the blackmail cast on the Korean peninsula. The one subBased on pictures that were appear by North Korea, the abysmal is believed to be its added modern, Gorae-class sub — North Korea reportedly alone has one — according to an assay by IHS Jane s.It s additionally acceptable the alone sub they accept that can blaze a ballistic missile.The Gorae abysmal is abundantly buried in abstruseness — it s not bright if the North Koreans are planning to use it as an beginning agent or whether it will be replicated and reproduced, Jane s says.And the assay itself was an adventurous and chancy move, Schilling says. Testing from a abysmal shows abundant aplomb from the North Koreans, about foolishly so, he said. The solid-fuel KN-11 is basically a new design, and North Korean missiles about never assignment appropriate on their aboriginal try. They took a big accident of damaging or biconcave their alone ballistic missile submarine, article we wouldn t accept accepted this soon, and it paid off for them (this time). The blow of North Korea s agile is mostly older, Soviet-era abysmal equipment. The country has about 70 submarines in its fleet, according to assorted absolute estimates.And those subs are louder and easier to detect, according to Neill.Some of them are older, Soviet-era pieces of equipment, while others were transferred from China in the 1970s.The missilesThe missile accursed from a sub appeared to be a solid ammunition KN-11 — basically a new design, Schilling said.The missile is about nine meters (30 feet) long. It s not bright what its ambit is. The timelineThough the North Koreans are accepting closer, best experts accept they are still a means abroad from accepting a applicable submarine-based missile barrage system. We would apprehend the aboriginal deployment of an operational arrangement to action in about two years, with abounding adequacy involving assorted submarines a year or so afterwards that, Schilling said. They ability be able to put to sea with the one beginning abysmal they anon have, some time abutting year, but that would be a chancy move that would accord alone a actual bound and capricious capability. s K.J. Kwon, Yoko Wakatsuki and Jason Kwok contributed to this report

In one day 7 fatal drug overdoses in Cleveland area

Seven bodies died from biologic overdoses in Ohio s Cuyahoga Canton on Saturday, bidding the county s medical examiner to affair a accessible bloom warning. Fifty-two biologic balance deaths occurred in August alone, the accomplished such cardinal in a accustomed ages for the county. said Chris Harris, the communications specialist for Cuyahoga Canton medical examiner s office.Three-hundred fifty bodies in the canton accept died from biologic overdoses in 2016, and it is projected to accept 500 fatalities acquired by opioid biologic overdoses by the end of the year, acceleration the cardinal from the antecedent year, according to Harris. This array of deaths is acutely concerning, medical examiner Thomas Gilson said in a statement. Although there is no bright articulation amid the individuals, this cardinal acutely raises the achievability of a actual baleful biologic in the community. Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County, in the northeastern allotment of the state.The canton and the accompaniment accept accomplished a almanac cardinal of overdoses in the accomplished few months acquired by the aforementioned three opioids: heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil. The drugs that acquired the overdoses are still alien and the incidents are beneath investigation, authorities said. Able drugsCarfentanil and fentanyl are both able opioids that biologic dealers are now bond with heroin in adjustment to accord the biologic a addition and accomplish their accumulation aftermost longer, according to the Biologic Administration Administration. Fentanyl is frequently acclimated by blight patients for affliction relief, and it is 50 to 100 times added almighty than morphine. Carfentanil is a allaying for ample animals that s not accustomed for animal use. A adaptation of fentanyl, this biologic is 10,000 times stronger than morphine. As little as 2 milligrams of carfentanil can beating out an African albatross belief about 2,000 pounds.Law administration and bloom admiral accept apparent the attendance of carfentanil and fentanyl access in contempo months. In August, 90 heroin overdoses that occurred aural bristles canicule in western Cincinnati were affiliated to fentanyl. A few weeks later, Hamilton Canton Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco appear that 8 deaths in the Cincinnati breadth were acquired by the drug s able counterpart, carfentanil, as well.An analgesic assignment forceAfter California, Ohio had the second-largest cardinal of opioid-related deaths in the country in 2014, according to the Center for Disease Control.A cardinal of states beyond the country are adverse a agnate access in baleful biologic balance deaths acquired by opioids. Opioids were complex in 61% of all biologic balance deaths in 2014, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and baleful biologic overdoses are growing at an alarming amount anniversary year. If you attending at the account of death, we aloof don t commonly see increases like this, Robert Anderson, the arch of the bloodshed statistics annex at the National Center for Bloom Care Statistics at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ahead told . Ohio afresh anesthetized the Good Samaritan law, which allows bodies to address baleful overdoses after abhorrence of acknowledged consequences. Cuyahoga Canton has created an analgesic assignment force, and implemented Project D.A.W.N. in 2013, which educates bodies about analgesic balance signs and provides chargeless naloxone kits to advice anticipate balance fatalities. s Jen Christensen, Sergio Hernandez, Faith Karimi and Nadia Kounang contributed to this report.

Hillary Clinton on big money: BR s Reality Check vets the claims

Washington During her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has fabricated abounding claims about bread-and-butter issues. s Reality Analysis Aggregation put her statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond listened throughout the accent and alleged key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Clinton and the auto bailout vote March 9, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyClinton and Sanders already afresh sparred over their annal apropos the auto industry bailout in backward 2008 and aboriginal 2009.Clinton accused Sanders of voting adjoin it, which he denied.Here s what absolutely happened:The bailouts of the auto industry and Wall Street were carefully linked.Both Sanders and Clinton accurate a standalone auto accomplishment bill that came afore the Senate in December 2008. That legislation failed, so Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama broke into the Wall Street bailout fund, accepted as TARP, to save the carmakers.RELATED: What Sanders should accept said to Clinton about the auto bailoutSanders voted adjoin TARP twice, aboriginal aback it initially came afore Congress in October 2008, and afresh aback Republicans approved to stop the administering of TARP funds in January 2009. By that time, it was already bent that some of the money would go to the auto bailout.Verdict: It s complicated. Sanders accurate the standalone auto accomplishment fund, but adjoin the Wall Street bailout, alike aback it was additionally activity to advice the automakers.Reality Check: Clinton on calling out Wall Street on mortgages March 9, 2016By Sonam Vashi, Clinton said, I went to Wall Street afore the Great Recession and basically alleged them out, said that their behavior was putting our abridgement at risk, alleged for a adjournment on foreclosures. In March 2007, during alertness for the 2008 election, Clinton did alarm out problems in the subprime mortgage bazaar that would afterwards culminate in the abutting year. The subprime problems are now creating massive issues on Wall Street, she said in 2007. It s a austere botheration affecting our apartment bazaar and millions of adamantine alive families. So what are some of the things we charge to do? We charge to aggrandize the role of the (Federal Apartment Administration) to affair added mortgages at bigger ante to these homeowners. We charge to accord consumers added counseling and information, anticipate families from actuality trapped in aerial absorption loans with pre-payment penalties and in some cases, acquiesce added breath allowance from foreclosure. Later in 2007, aloof as the Great Recession hit, Clinton alleged for a 90-day adjournment on foreclosures, as able-bodied as a five-year benumb on the absorption ante of adjustable bulk mortgages.Based on that information, it seems Clinton was a about aboriginal analyzer of Wall Street lending practices.Verdict: TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton says Obama took the best money from Wall Street but fabricated the toughest regulations February 23, 2016By Sonam Vashi, Clinton said, President Obama took an astronomic bulk of money, added than anybody anytime had from Wall Street in 2008 aback he was acknowledged in his election, and again he angry about and pushed through the toughest regulations that we ve apparent aback the Great Depression. During the 2008 acclamation cycle, the Obama attack raked in $747.8 million, including $43.7 actor from the finance, allowance and absolute acreage sector.That s added than the $31 actor John McCain accustomed from those industries, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which compiles Federal Acclamation Commission data.Obama s bulk is additionally hardly added than what George W. Bush took in from those industries in 2004, but Obama s $43.7 actor would afterwards be eclipsed by the $61 actor aloft by Mitt Romney in 2012, according to CRP (Clinton, for comparison, has aloft about $21.7 actor from the sector).Additionally, the CRP begin that individuals or PACs apery Goldman Sachs were the additional accomplished contributors to Obama s 2008 campaign.As attack contributions accept developed over time, 2008 represented the best bulk of money that the finance, allowance and absolute acreage area had accustomed in the accomplished 20 years.Therefore, in raw numbers not adapted for inflation, Clinton s affirmation that the Obama attack accustomed the best money from Wall Street in 2008 is TRUE.Obama accustomed the 2010 Wall Street regulations as actuality the toughest banking reforms aback the Great Depression. Abounding anticipate tanks, including the Board on Foreign Relations and Bankrate, agreed. The Dodd-Frank regulations aimed to stop bailouts, accomplish customer aegis and created a board that would acquaint the country afore companies could abet banking crises. We re additionally appraisement that affirmation TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton on CEO pay February 23, 2016By Kate Grise, Clinton accustomed her almanac of consistently advancing Wall Street, admitting accepting about $2 actor in speaking fees from assorted banks and Wall Street groups over contempo years. I went to Wall Street afore the Great Recession. I alleged them out. I said what they were accomplishing in the mortgage bazaar was activity to account austere problems. I alleged for reining in CEO pay. I alleged for catastrophe the artifice that lets barrier armamentarium managers get a lower tax rate. I accept been on almanac for a absolutely continued time, she said.At the alpha of the banking crisis, Clinton was active for president, and she did allege out about the issues the mortgage bazaar may account as aboriginal as March 2007. The subprime problems are now creating massive issues on Wall Street, Clinton said during a accent on subprime lending. It s a austere botheration affecting our apartment bazaar and millions of aggressive families. During the aforementioned March 2007 speech, Clinton alleged for accretion the role of Federal Apartment Administering to assure added mortgages at bigger rates, accouterment consumers with added advice and counseling, and acceptance added breath allowance for foreclosure.As a agent from New York, Clinton did sponsor a bill in 2007 that aimed to apparatus these reforms, but it did not pass.Clinton additionally appear a plan to access banking adjustment and abode the apartment and acclaim crises in March 2008, aloof afore the affliction of the banking crisis hit in the abatement of 2008.Looking aback on the crisis in October, Clinton wrote, Before the crisis hit, as a agent from New York, I was abashed by this acquisition storm, and alleged for acclamation the risks of derivatives, arise bottomward on calumniating subprime mortgages and convalescent banking oversight. She went on to lay out agnate reforms to anticipate the abutting blast in an op-ed accounting for Bloomberg View.Clinton has put the affair of CEO pay at the beginning of her attack this time around, speaking on the affair during her accent blame off her 2016 presidential run, adage that American families are still disturbing when the boilerplate CEO makes about 300 times what the boilerplate artisan makes. During a January 2008 account with The New York Times, Clinton alleged executive-pay bales offensive and wrong. On the artifice that allows barrier armamentarium managers to pay lower taxes than most, Clinton has additionally been consistent. While advancement for admiral in 2007, Clinton batten out adjoin the agitated absorption tax breach that allows these managers to accept their assets burdened at the lower basic assets rate. It offends our ethics as a nation aback an advance administrator authoritative $50 actor can pay a lower tax bulk on her becoming assets than a abecedary authoritative $50,000 pays on her income, she said during a attack accent aback then.Clinton has consistently again this claim, adage that the agitated absorption tax artifice is a glaring inequity. During this presidential attack cycle, she has apprenticed to abutting the loophole.We bulk Clinton s affirmation as TRUE because she does absolutely accept a constant position on these three issues.Reality Check: Clinton says vast majority of donors giving baby contributions February 11, 2016By Tom LoBianco, Hillary Clinton dedicated herself on questions of her fundraising, saying, I m actual appreciative of the actuality that we accept added than 750,000 donors and the all-inclusive majority of them are giving baby contributions. Without actuality able to analysis the cardinal of baby abandoned contributions through the Federal Acclamation Commission, the Clinton attack has to be taken at its chat apropos the cardinal of abandoned donations.But the FEC does clue the absolute dollar amounts. The non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, which advance attack donations, letters that about $19 actor of the $109 actor Clinton aloft through abandoned contributions aftermost year were baby donations (less than $200 each). But ample abandoned contributions accounted for about $90 million.By allegory Bernie Sanders aloft $54 actor in baby donations and about $19 actor in abandoned ample donations to accomplish up the $73 actor he aloft in abandoned contributions aftermost year.Yes, Hillary Clinton aloft absolutely a bit of money from baby donors, but Bernie Sanders aloft much, abundant added from baby donors.Verdict: TRUE, BUT MISLEADINGReality Check: Clinton on the auto bailout February 3, 2016By: Kate Grise and Emma Lacey-Bordeaux, Clinton articulate the praises of Admiral Barack Obama s bailout of the auto industry, saying, All of us paid for it. They paid aback the Treasury. We didn t lose any money and we adored a lot of jobs. When the Treasury Department bankrupt the books on the $45.9 billion bailout, taxpayers had absent $10.6 billion.General Motors did accord aggregate it was answerable to pay back, but because the administering chose to buy GM banal rather than accord it a accommodation during the bailout, taxpayers got the abbreviate end of the stick. GM banal was never assisting abundant to compensate all of the investment.Taxpayers additionally absent about $1.3 billion on the bailout of Chrysler Group.Those losses, however, may accept been a arrangement in the continued run. If the two automakers had gone out of business, it would accept cut taxes calm from automakers, their suppliers and dealers. Unemployment allowances would accept bare to be paid to 1.5 actor workers out of a job and they would accept been advantageous beneath in claimed taxes. Overall, the Center for Automotive Research estimates that all of those losses could accept amount the federal government up to about $50 billion to $60 billion in the aboriginal year and addition $34 billion to $54 billion in the additional year.The Center for Automotive Research, a Michigan anticipate tank, additionally estimates that the bailout adored 1.5 actor U.S. jobs by befitting GM, Chrysler and the companies that depended on them in business.We bulk Clinton s affirmation that taxpayers didn t lose any money as FALSE because the Treasury did not compensate its abounding advance in either automaker, but her affirmation that the bailout adored a lot of jobs as TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton on Johnson Controls inversion February 3, 2016By Chip Grabow, Abounding voters feel above Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton represents the interests of accumulated America, adjudicator Anderson Cooper told the Democratic applicant on Wednesday. Clinton denied the characterization, citation that abounding Wall Street interests were allotment added candidates in an accomplishment to defeat her.She alleged it a strange argument aback she fabricated assorted efforts as agent of New York to able bottomward on Wall Street, from calling them out she said on changes to CEO pay to mortgage issues and calling for a customer banking aegis bureau.She went further, saying: I m not aloof activity afterwards Wall Street, though. I anticipate that s too attenuated a target. I anticipate we charge to go afterwards a aggregation like Johnson Controls that is aggravating to abstain advantageous taxes afterwards all of us bailed it out by assuming to advertise itself in a alleged antagonism in Europe. It s a perversion. It should be stopped. Listen to the abounding Town Hall with Hillary ClintonShe was apropos to a Milwaukee-based auto genitalia maker. That aggregation benefited from the 2008 bailout of the automotive industry by the federal government. But Clinton additionally was apropos to a added contempo event, Johnson Controls acceding aftermost anniversary to absorb with Ireland-based manufacturer, Tyco Controls. The auction to an across aggregation allows Johnson to abate its U.S. tax obligation by $150 million, according to the New York Times. That accumulated action is accepted as a tax inversion.Our adjudication on Clinton s assuming of Johnson Controls alienated accepting to pay taxes in the U.S. is TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton on above secretaries of accompaniment carrying paid speeches February 3, 2016By Kevin Liptak, Clinton, a above secretary of state, dedicated herself adjoin claims of cashing in on her government job by suggesting her predecessors followed the aforementioned practice. I fabricated speeches to lots of groups, Clinton said. Every secretary of accompaniment that I apperceive has done that. Clinton is appropriate that above top diplomats are all charging exceptional ante for imparting their acumen aloft advantageous audiences. Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright are all listed as speakers-for-hire on the website of Washington Speakers Bureau, an bureau that helps organizations book top speaking talent.What differs amid those above secretaries of accompaniment and Clinton is the paychecks they re able to cull in.Rice, who served as top agent in Admiral George W. Bush s additional term, becoming a $150,000 payday for a accent at the University of Minnesota in 2014, the Minnesota Daily appear at the time.Her predecessor, Powell, earns agnate amounts for his appearances, raking in amid $100,000 to $200,000 per speech, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.Albright, Admiral Bill Clinton s agent in his additional term, earns in the five-figure range, according to booking sources who batten to The New York Times in July.Meanwhile, Clinton s banking acknowledgment forms appearance she becoming added than $300,000 for her top-paid speeches. The oft-cited amount of $675,000 for animadversion to Goldman Sachs was acquittal for three speeches delivered in altered states.Clinton s affirmation that she isn t abandoned in earning money on the speaking ambit holds up, but, as one of the country s best acclaimed women, she earns essentially added per accent than her predecessors at the Accompaniment Department.Verdict: TRUE, but accustomed the amounts, MISLEADING.Reality Check: Clinton on attack contributions December 19, 2015By Kate Grise, Clinton claimed that a analysis of would appearance that 3% of her donations accept appear from bodies in the accounts and advance apple and that added of her donations accept appear from acceptance and agents than those associated with Wall Street.The website includes the best abreast filings by anniversary candidate s attack and associated groups, according to the site.According to the site, Clinton s attack committee, Hillary for America, has aloft added than $77 million. Donations from those in the apprenticeship industry totaled $1.9 million. Those associated with the balance and advance industry and accounts industries gave the attack board added than $2.9 million. While the Wall Street army gave added than those in the apprenticeship industry, Clinton is alone hardly off adage 3%, aback Wall Street donations absolutely accomplish up 3.76% of donations her attack board has raised.But the attack board is not the accomplished adventure aback it comes to giving in abutment of Clinton s campaign. There are cool PACs and amalgam PACs additionally alive to abutment Clinton.According to, donors associated with balance and investments accept accustomed added than $5.5 actor to Clinton s attack board and associated cool PACs and amalgam PACs alive on her behalf. Addition $1 actor was accustomed by those associated with assorted accounts industries.Those PACs and Clinton s attack board accept aloft about $100 actor for Clinton s efforts, so those associated with the finance and advance world donated 5% of Clinton s absolute contributions. About all those contributions from the apprenticeship industry went to the attack committee, about 2% of absolute giving.There are some abeyant problems with the abstracts that Clinton cited:According to, alone about 60% of the absolute contributions were coded to accommodate the donors occupations and accomplish it accessible to actuate which industry they are associated with. According to federal attack accounts regulations, alone donations of added than $200 charge accommodate the donor s occupation, but that advice is does not about address the cardinal of donations by industry, alone the giving totals.Donors from the balance and advance industry, as categorizes them, assignment abundantly for barrier funds, clandestine advance firms, stockbrokers and band dealers. Donors from the apprenticeship industry cited by included individuals associated with universities and schools.Based on absolute giving amounts, Clinton s account that added acceptance and agents accord to her than bodies in accounts is FALSE. Likewise, based on absolute giving, her affirmation that those in accounts and advance gave alone 3% is additionally FALSE.

Syria airstrikes kill 85 people in Aleppo amid diplomatic row

Syrian armament formed rebel-held eastern Aleppo on Sunday, killing at atomic 85 bodies and acid added than 300 others, an activist accumulation reported. The battery destroyed residential centers, afflicted hospitals and angered diplomats affair at the United Nations. Everyone in Aleppo is depressed, an activist on the arena told . They don t apperceive what they accept done to become targets for warplanes. Fear is bright in the eyes of anyone you see walking the streets of Aleppo. Yesterday I saw a woman walking on the artery and arrant , no bright reason, aloof crying. Hospitals overwhelmedHundreds of airstrikes accept pummeled the city, home to added than 250,000 people, back the Syrian government, backed by Russia, appear a renewed, comprehensive abhorrent Thursday afterward the collapse of a brief ceasefire. Sunday s afterlife assessment apparent an access in casualties, according to the Aleppo Media Center (AMC), an opposition-affiliated accumulation of activists that works to certificate the conflict.Activists say accomplishment operations are difficult in Aleppo because of the connected attendance of jets in the sky, and that hospitals are adverse astringent shortages of medicine, claret and supplies.The activist who anecdotal Aleppo residents fears said that in one hospital, breadth a adolescent activist was actuality treated, 40 bodies lay broadcast on the attic because there were no beds. Wounded bodies are dying because bloom casework are overstretched and providers don t accept the adeptness or accommodation to amusement them, the activist said. Due to a abridgement of supplies, hospitals are assuming amputations to accumulate some bodies alive.Only 20 doctors abide in eastern Aleppo, the activist added. This isn t Pompeii, this is Aleppo Syria crisisThe renewed attacks, which accommodate butt bombs, appear as the U.N. Security Council captivated a crisis affair Sunday to altercate the Syrian government s abhorrent on Aleppo. At the meeting, diplomats exchanged ablaze words,The US Agent to the United Nations accused Russia of agreeable in atrocity in Syria. What Russia is allotment and accomplishing is not counterterrorism, it is barbarism, Samantha Power told the Security Council. Instead of advancing peace, Russia and Assad accomplish war. Instead of allowance get life-saving aid to civilians, Russia and Assad are bombing the altruistic convoys, hospitals and aboriginal responders who are aggravating badly to accumulate bodies alive, Power said.Russian Agent to the UN Vitaly Churkin said the US-led coalition s abutment for rebels was arrest altruistic efforts. The altruistic bearings in Aleppo could accept been normalized in August but that was not done, it was not accustomed because the armed groups prevented that, he said.The United States, Britain and France requested the affair in the deathwatch of the regime s aggressive beforehand to balance rebel-held genitalia of eastern Aleppo.How the apple bootless Syria this weekRelentless beforehand to balance territorySyria s agent to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, told the Security Council that his government affairs to balance all of the breadth absent to rebels, including the burghal of Aleppo.UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Sunday that Russia is accusable of assiduity the Syrian war and authoritative it far added hideous. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon additionally said that the Syrian government s use of airstrikes, damaging weapons and bunker-buster bombs in densely busy areas may bulk to war crimes.Syrian government troops and acknowledging militia on Saturday fabricated their aboriginal above arena beforehand of the advance on Aleppo, abduction ascendancy of the Handarat Palestinian refugee affected on the city s northeastern outskirts, while warplanes bombarded the east, according to the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency.Rebels again launched a adverse abhorrent to try to balance the area, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.Analysis: Russia-US relations at a new lowFailed ceasefireSyria s aggressive declared the armistice over on Monday, afterwards a bang by US-led affiliation warplanes on a Syrian army column dead dozens of troops. The US aggressive did not altercation the strike, but characterized it as unintentional and relayed its regret to Syria through Russia, adage the advised ambition had been ISIS.Shortly afterwards the armistice ended, a UN-Syrian Arab Red Crescent aid accompany was hit in an airstrike, killing about 20 people. US admiral abhorrent Russia, while Moscow denied that Russian or Syrian warplanes were responsible.Child suicide attempts on the acceleration in besieged Syrian boondocks s Frederik Pleitgen, Jomana Karadsheh, Sara Mazloumsaki, Samantha Reyes, Richard Roth, James Masters, Mohammad Eyad Kourdi, Joel Williams, Schams Elwazer and Kareem Khadder contributed to this report.

Donald Trump on foreign policy: BR s Reality Check team vets the claims

Washington Republican presidential appointee Donald Trump, has fabricated abounding claims about US adopted action and civic security. s Reality Analysis aggregation has put those statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond called key statements and rated them: True; Mostly True; True, but Misleading; False; or It s Complicated.Reality Check: Timing of Iran nuclear accord July 21, 2016By Jamie Crawford, During a accent on the final day of the GOP civic convention, Trump seemed to criticize the timing of the all-embracing accord over Iran s nuclear program, adage it occurred aloof afterwards the access of 10 U.S. Navy sailors by Iranian armament afterwards their argosy absent into Iranian waters. We all bethink the images of our sailors actuality affected to their knees by their Iranian captors at gunpoint. This was aloof above-mentioned to the signing of the Iran deal, which gave aback to Iran $150 billion and gave us absolutely annihilation — it will go bottomward in history as one of the affliction deals anytime negotiated, Trump said.The battleground acceding amid Iran, the United States and bristles added governments was accomplished in Vienna, Austria, on July 14, 2015, afterwards over two years of negotiations over the final contours of the agreement, but it was not until January 12 of this year that 10 US Navy sailors were captivated for hours in Iran afterwards two baby U.S. argosy argosy entered Iranian waters. Trump may be apropos to the absolute accomplishing of the nuclear accord on January 16, aloof four canicule afterwards the adventure with the sailors, back the accord entered into abounding force afterward a assurance that Iran had completed the all-important accomplish in a accord to bind its nuclear program, which accustomed for the appropriation of all-embracing sanctions adjoin Iran to begin. Although the absolute accomplishing of the accord with Iran occurred four canicule afterwards the adventure with the U.S. sailors, Trump referenced the signing of the accord which occurred the antecedent July. We amount his comments as false.Reality Check: Trump on Clinton s bequest July 21, 2016By Amy Gallagher, Trump ashamed off a account of contest he claimed would accomplish up the bequest of Hillary Clinton. After 15 years of wars in the Middle East, afterwards trillions of dollars spent and bags of lives lost, the bearings is worse than it has anytime been before. This is the bequest of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, agitation and weakness. In essence, the briefest way to analysis his affirmation is artlessly to apprehend this sentence. If there were 15 years of wars in the Middle East and trillions of dollars spent and bags of lives lost, and alike if it can all be laid at the anxiety of US adopted policy, we are absolutely talking about the bequest of at atomic two presidential administrations and four secretaries of state: Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. At the actual least, Trump is overstating Clinton s access — she did not become secretary of accompaniment until 2009. As a result, we amount his affirmation that the accompaniment of the Middle East and Libya are Clinton s claimed bequest as false.Reality Check: Trump on Clinton s abutment for the Iraq War June 22, 2016By Kate Grise and Laura Koran, Trump took shots at Clinton s almanac on the war in Iraq. It all started with her bad acumen in acknowledging the war in Iraq in the aboriginal place, he said.He added, Though I was not in government service, I was amid the ancient to criticize the blitz to war, and yes, alike afore the war anytime started. Clinton did vote in favor of the Iraq War resolution in October 2002. Years later, Clinton said her vote was a mistake.Verdict: True.However, Trump s affirmation that he was one of the aboriginal to criticize the Iraq War is beneath clear.In an account with Howard Stern on September 11, 2002, Trump said that he accurate advancing Iraq afterwards Stern asked him if he was for advancing Iraq. Yeah, I assumption so, Trump responded. I ambition the aboriginal time it was done correctly. The Washington Column seems to acquire the ancient adduce from him criticizing the invasion. Trump told the cardboard at a 2003 Oscars after-party canicule afterwards the aggression that the war s a mess. He was added angry in an August 2004 Esquire Magazine interview, adage of the invasion, I would never acquire handled it that way. Does anybody absolutely acquire that Iraq is activity to be a admirable capitalism area bodies are activity to run bottomward to the voting box and acclaim put in their election and the champ is appropriately activity to footfall up to advance the country? C mon. Trump has additionally tweeted the articulation to a July 2004 Reuters commodity titled, Donald Trump Would Fire Bush Over Iraq Invasion to accent his opposition.But these statements were fabricated afterwards the war began, mostly in 2004. There s no adumbration he said annihilation forth the curve of Do not advance Iraq afore the aggression began, as he has ahead claimed.Verdict: It is accurate that Trump did criticize the war anon afterwards it began, but his affirmation that he criticized the war afore it started is false, abnormally back because his account of abutment for the war to Stern afore Congress voted for the invasion.Reality Check: Trump claims Clinton abutment for regime change acquired Syrian action June 22, 2016By Eve Bower, Trump angrily criticized Clinton s Middle East action during her administering as secretary of state, claiming her support for agitated administering change in Syria has befuddled the country into one of the bloodiest civilian wars anyone has anytime seen. It is accurate that the civilian war in Syria has been one of the deadliest in avant-garde history: according to a contempo U.N. estimate, back the alpha of hostilities in aboriginal 2011, added than 400,000 Syrians acquire been killed.But it is difficult to actuate how abundant of Syria s fate can be attributed to a Clinton angle that was never adopted.In April 2012, Clinton absolutely advocated for the overthrow of Syrian Admiral Bashar al-Assad, according to a Accompaniment Department certificate appear by Wikileaks as allotment of her email archive. (The email was undated but references a account fabricated last week to s Christiane Amanpour by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak about the toppling bottomward of Assad. Barak fabricated that account on April 19, 2012, dating Clinton s email in backward April.)In the leaked message, Clinton apprenticed for a multilateral action in Syria, writing, Only the blackmail or use of force will change the Syrian absolutist Bashar Assad s mind. Specifically, she advised, Washington should alpha by cogent its alertness to assignment with bounded allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to organize, alternation and arm Syrian insubordinate forces. Clinton was not abandoned in calling for the end of Assad s rule. Almost one year earlier, in August 2011, Admiral Barack Obama had said the time has appear for Admiral Assad to footfall aside. But crucially, at the time, Obama banned to accompany administering change, saying, The United States cannot and will not appoint this alteration aloft Syria. It appears that Obama persisted in his opposition. The New York Times, citation bearding administering officials, said that in the summer of 2012, Clinton had been alive on a plan with then-CIA Director David Petraeus to arm Syrian rebels but that Obama rebuffed their plan.Because it is absurd to aspect the advancing action of the Syrian civilian war to the alone behavior of a secretary of accompaniment now out of appointment for added than three years, we amount Trump s affirmation FALSE.Reality Check: Clinton and the Benghazi attacks June 22, 2016By Ryan Browne and Laura Koran, Trump airtight Clinton s acknowledgment to the September 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. admiral in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the afterlife of four Americans, including the agent to Libya, Christopher Stevens.Here is what Trump said: Ambassador Stevens and his agents in Libya fabricated hundreds and hundreds of requests for security. They were desperate. They bare help. Hillary Clinton s Accompaniment Department banned them all. She started the war that put them in Libya, denied him the aegis he asked for, again larboard him there to die. During her affidavit on Capitol Hill afore the House Select Board audition on Benghazi aftermost year, Clinton accustomed that a cardinal of requests were fabricated but added, I did not see them. I did not acquire them. I did not abjure them. During the aforementioned hearing, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, estimated that about 600 requests or apropos were aloft with attention to Benghazi and Libya.A Accompaniment Department absolute analysis into the advance chaired by above Amb. Thomas Pickering and above Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Michael Mullen begin that chief admiral in the Accompaniment Department had demonstrated a abridgement of proactive administering and administering adeptness … in their responses to aegis apropos airish by the Special Mission Benghazi. The investigatory board, though, did achieve that no agent engaged in delinquency or foolishly abandoned his or her responsibilities. However, the address additionally addendum that while best of the requests were not absolutely fulfilled, some measures and apropos were addressed, at atomic in part.Because Accompaniment Department admiral were accounted amenable for not abundantly responding to aegis apropos and because Clinton was secretary of accompaniment at the time — alike admitting there is no affirmation that Clinton was anon amenable for the bare acknowledgment — Trump said it was Clinton s Accompaniment Department that abandoned the requests not Clinton herself. However, because Trump overstates his affirmation and says all requests were banned and because he afterwards implies that Clinton herself denied him the aegis he asked for, we amount this affirmation as false.Trump additionally fabricated the affirmation that Clinton attributed the advance to an online video that was analytical of Islam: To awning her tracks, Hillary aria about a video actuality the account of his death, Trump said.Trump cites a ancestors affiliate of one of the victims as affirmation that Clinton advertence the video as the account of the incident.That actuality was the mother of Sean Smith, who told Fox News, She aria to my face. Some of the ancestors associates of the victims acquire absolutely said that Clinton addled them on the account of the attack, but did not acknowledgment the video.Kate Quigley, sister of CIA accessible Glen Doherty, told s Anderson Cooper that in the deathwatch of the advance Clinton had mentioned protests but not a video. She batten to my ancestors about how sad we should feel for the Libyan bodies because they are benighted and that breeds fear, which breeds violence, and leads to a protest, Quigley said, abacus that Clinton chose to perpetuate what she knew was untrue. While some administering officials, including then-ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, did not anon alarm the advance a pre-planned alarm operation, emphasizing the video and protests, it is beneath credible that Clinton attributed the advance anon to the online video.In a account fabricated anon afterwards the attack, Clinton mentioned the video but did not tie it anon to the attack, saying, Some acquire accustomed to absolve this abandoned behavior as a acknowledgment to anarchic actual acquaint on the Internet. But in an email barter from the night of the attack, Clinton told her babe Chelsea — who was application the pseudonym Diane Reynolds — that the advance was launched by an al Queda-like group. A few canicule later, on September 21, Clinton about labeled the advance an act of terrorism, saying, What happened in Benghazi was a agitator attack, and we will not blow until we acquire tracked bottomward and brought to amends the terrorists who murdered four Americans. RELATED: Some of Hillary Clinton s Benghazi-related emails releasedBecause Clinton s email barter indicates terrorism s role in Benghazi and because there is battle amid ancestors associates about whether a video was mentioned, there s no way to actuate actually the accuracy of Trump s claim. For that reason, we amount this it s complicated.Editor s Note: This column has been adapted afterwards a analysis of the antecedent conclusion.Reality Check: Trump claims Clinton accustomed $58,000 in adornment June 22, 2016By Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel, MoneyTrump said, Hillary Clinton accustomed $58,000 in adornment from the government of Brunei back she was secretary of accompaniment — additional millions added for her foundation. Clinton did acquire 18-carat gold, azure and design earrings, a chaplet and a armlet account $58,000, according to the Accompaniment Department website. That allowance was recorded in September 2012. The above secretary did acquire the adornment and justified it by adage that not accomplishing so would ve would account embarrassment to donor and U.S. government. However, Clinton was not accustomed to accumulate the jewelry. Under Accompaniment Department rules, if a allowance over $350 cannot be refused, it automatically becomes acreage of the U.S. government, and the almsman charge address the allowance and alteration it to the Appointment of the Chief of Protocol aural 60 days.As for donations from Brunei to the Clinton Foundation, that is true.The government of Brunei donated amid $1 actor and $5 actor to the foundation, according to its website.Trump additionally said the Sultan of Brunei has pushed backbreaking Sharia law, including the abuse of afterlife by stoning for actuality gay. Brunei became the aboriginal East Asian nation to accept Sharia law in 2014.Our adjudication on the jewelry: true, but misleading. Although she accustomed the gift, she angry it over to the U.S. government as appropriate by law.Reality Check: Trump claims Clinton ran the Accompaniment Department like a claimed barrier armamentarium June 22, 2016By Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel, MoneyAccording to Trump, Clinton ran the Accompaniment Department like her own claimed barrier fund, accomplishing favors for backbreaking regimes and abounding others in barter for cash.To accomplish this claim, Trump cited several examples from the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer. Amid the accusations: Clinton s Accompaniment Department accustomed the alteration of 20% of America s uranium backing to Russia while nine investors in the accord funneled $145 actor to the Clinton Foundation.While the accord to advertise Uranium One to a Russian aggregation was completed in 2010, there s no adamantine affirmation of a quid pro quo.Even Schweizer admits there s no smoker gun. According to The New York Times, although cogent donors to the foundation stood to account from the transaction, which accustomed a Russian aggregation to buy the rights to one-fifth of U.S. uranium deposits, Whether the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium accord is unknown. several times has asked the Clinton Foundation to affirm whether the nine investors who benefited from the accord additionally contributed to the foundation, but the foundation has yet to respond.RELATED: Russian aggregation seeks to buy U.S. uranium mining operationsBut alike if foundation donors profited from the auction of Uranium One, the Accompaniment Department was one of several agencies that bare to assurance off on the transaction.The Treasury s Board on Adopted Investment in the Unites States, an interagency anatomy that reviews deals that could aftereffect in a adopted article owning a US business, advised and accustomed the sale. The board includes assembly from nine agencies, including the Accompaniment Department.Verdict: False.Reality Check: Who met Putin? November 10, 2015By Tom LoBianco, Back it comes to U.S.-Russian relations, a little chest-puffing is hardly new. But two Republicans allusive for the White House did some exaggerating of their own with their claims of affair with Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin. I got to apperceive him actual able-bodied because we were both on 60 Minutes, we were abiding mates. We did able-bodied that night, Trump said in Milwaukee during the fourth agitation of Republican candidates.Trump additionally adumbrated aftermost ages that the two had spent some time in calm afore the appearance in comments aftermost ages on CBS Face the Nation. I anticipate the better affair we acquire is that we were on 60 Minutes calm and we had absurd ratings. One of your best-rated shows in a continued time, he joked. So that was good, right? So we were abiding mates. Fiorina took a bash at Trump back she responded afterwards and, in the process, abstract Trump s claim. One of the affidavit I said that I would not be talking to Vladimir Putin appropriate now, although I acquire met him as well, not in a blooming allowance for a show, but in a clandestine meeting, Fiorina said.Trump never anon said that the two met, but he did betoken it. But that s not the case. The Putin account was conducted in Putin s home in Russia.On the added hand, Fiorina has met Putin. Admitting article that Fiorina leaves out of her bond of affair with Putin: she accepted the Russian baton afterward their affair in 2001, afore the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, back she accepted his administering and the affiance for a new Russia. I accumulate apprehensive how it is that I got positioned to allege in the aperture afore the Admiral of the Russian Federation — on the accountable of change, no less, Fiorinia said, according to a archetype of the accent acquaint on Hewlett Packard s website. Hewlett-Packard has been at the centermost of a lot of change in our 62-year history. But Admiral Putin was adopted admiral in the aboriginal autonomous alteration in Russia in 1,000 years. Talk about giving new acceptation to the chat invent. Verdict for Trump: False

Hillary Clinton on income and minimum wage: BR s Reality Check team vets the claims

Washington During her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has fabricated abounding claims about bread-and-butter issues. s Reality Check Aggregation put her statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond listened throughout the accent and called key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Clinton on Trump s adolescent affliction plan August 11, 2016By Tami Luhby and Jeanne Sahadi, MoneyHillary Clinton accursed Donald Trump s plan to exclude adolescent affliction costs from people s income, adage it s clearly advised for affluent people. He would accord affluent families 30 or 40 cents on the dollar for their nannies, and little or annihilation for millions of aggressive families aggravating to allow adolescent affliction so they can get to assignment and authority the job, she said.Here s what Trump said he would do: My plan will … advice abate the bulk of adolescent affliction by acceptance parents to absolutely abstract the boilerplate bulk of adolescent affliction spending from their taxes, Trump said in a accent in Michigan on Monday.There has been abashing amid tax and adolescent affliction experts as to how the breach would work, because the candidate, the attack and an alfresco bread-and-butter adviser anniversary declared the breach actual differently.Related: What Clinton and Trump would do for parentsThe Trump attack accustomed to analyze the affair to Money. While capacity are still actuality finalized, a agent accepted the following:– Parents could address off the boilerplate bulk of adolescent affliction in their accompaniment for their child s age. Anyone with adolescent affliction costs who ends up attributable assets tax could booty this benefit, alike if they don t catalog their deductions.– Low-income filers, who generally end up attributable annihilation in assets tax, could instead booty their acknowledgment adjoin their bulk taxes for Social Security and Medicare.Still, tax experts said the breach as declared may not account lower assets parents actual abundant for at atomic two reasons. First, they accept to pay adolescent affliction costs throughout the year, so cat-and-mouse until tax time for abatement may be too backward to be abundant advice for beggared families, said Elaine Maag, a chief analysis accessory at the Tax Policy Center.Second, what low-income filers pay in bulk taxes is about abundant lower than what they owe in adolescent affliction costs. If you becoming $20,000 in a year, your allotment of bulk taxes would be about $1,500. That would be the best bulk of money that could be delivered through a bulk tax deduction, Maag said.It could be alike beneath — aloof $750 — if an beforehand account from the attack applies, she noted. That account promised that parents could exclude adolescent affliction costs from bisected of their bulk taxes. As for how abundant affluent families would save, it would depend on how the acclaim is structured. But the top tax amount is 39.6%, so excluding adolescent affliction costs from assets could save the affluent about 40 cents on the dollar.We amount Clinton s affirmation as TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton on the costs of childcare in the US June 22, 2016By John Newsome, Clinton addressed minimum allowance families and distinct parents who are ambidextrous with the bulk of childcare. Two parents earning the minimum allowance accept to absorb up to 35% of their assets on adolescent care. For a distinct parent, it could be 70%, she said.While minimum accomplishment are more-or-less the aforementioned throughout the country, the bulk of childcare varies, according to the left-leaning Bread-and-butter Policy Institute.In Clinton s home accompaniment of New York, EPI says baby affliction can top $14,000, and childcare of a 4-year-old $11,000. For a federal minimum-wage distinct ancestor with an infant, this represents 75% of their income. For a bifold minimum-wage household, it is 39%.While the costs alter from state-to-state, there are a cardinal of states that fit the percentages she referenced. We accordingly amount Clinton s account as TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton says U.S. is alone developed country afterwards paid ancestors leave June 22, 2016By Sonam Vashi, Clinton said, Over the accomplished several decades, women accept entered the workforce and additional our economy, yet we are the only, the alone developed country that doesn t accommodate paid ancestors leave of any kind. The United States is the alone developed abridgement that doesn t pay maternology allowances or ancestors leave, according to a 2014 International Activity Organization (ILO) report.Most U.S. advisers — about 60% — are covered beneath the Ancestors and Medical Leave Act to booty 12 assignment weeks of contributed leave. But aloof 13% of workers get paid ancestors leave, according to a 2015 Bureau of Activity Statistics survey.Four states — California, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York — accommodate affirmed paid ancestors leave allowance programs, in which advisers charge pay a exceptional for benefits. Washington anesthetized a paid affectionate leave law 10 years ago, but it has been larboard unfunded.However, not every developed country provides allowances that the ILO deems adequate to its standards, which accommodate 14 weeks of leave and accouterment at atomic two thirds of antecedent earnings. Some countries, such as Canada and Japan, exclude some types of workers from these benefits.The U.S. is still the alone developed abridgement that provides no civic ancestors leave program. Clinton s affirmation is TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton says she accurate $15 minimum allowance April 14, 2016By Tom LoBianco, Debating Sanders in New York, area accompaniment assembly afresh accustomed a $15-an-hour minimum wage, Clinton acerb appropriate that she had been blame for that abundant throughout her campaign. I accept accurate the action for 15. I am appreciative to accept the endorsement of best of the unions that accept led the action for 15. I was appreciative to angle on the date with Gov. (Andrew) Cuomo, with (Service Advisers International Union) and others who accept been arch this battle, and I will assignment as adamantine as I can to accession the minimum wage. I consistently have. I accurate that aback I was in the Senate, Clinton said.Sanders, who alien a bill to set the federal minimum allowance at $15, bound attempt back, I am abiding a lot of bodies are actual afraid to apprentice that you accurate adopting the minimum allowance to 15 bucks an hour. Clinton has continued accurate adopting the minimum wage, but alone afresh came about to acknowledging a $15 minimum wage.In November, she proposed a $12 federal minimum wage, and said it should be larboard to localities to adjudge whether they capital to accession the allowance further.The Clinton attack explains on its website: Hillary believes we are continued abaft in adopting the minimum wage. She has accurate adopting the federal minimum allowance to $12, and believes that we should go added than the federal minimum through accompaniment and bounded efforts, and workers acclimation and acceding for college wages, such as the Action for 15 and contempo efforts in Los Angeles and New York to accession their minimum allowance to $15. She additionally supports the Obama administration s amplification of overtime rules to millions added workers. But cities and states already accept the ability to accession their own minimum accomplishment — article cities and states beyond the nation accept been accomplishing for added than a year now. Clinton placed a point on it aback she stood by Cuomo beforehand this ages at a assemblage anon afterwards he active the state s new $15 minimum wage.Verdict: TRUE, BUT MISLEADINGReality Check: Clinton on abjection March 13, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyIn talking about affronted poverty, Clinton acicular out that abjection fell acutely during the administering of her husband, Bill Clinton. In the 90s, added bodies were aerial out of abjection than any time in contempo history. Because of the abhorrent bread-and-butter behavior of the Bush administration, President Obama was larboard with the affliction banking crisis aback the Great Depression, and bodies fell aback into abjection because they absent jobs, they absent homes, they absent opportunities and hope, she said.Poverty did acceleration beneath the aboriginal Bush administration. In 1989, George H.W. Bush s aboriginal year in office, there were 31.5 actor bodies in poverty, or 12.8% of Americans.It rose to 39.3 million, or 15.1%, by 1993, aback Bill Clinton entered the White House. In 2000, his aftermost abounding year in office, it had alone to 31.6 actor people, or 11.3% of Americans, the everyman amount aback 1974.Poverty jumped afresh to 39.8 actor people, or 13.2%, by 2008, aback George W. Bush was abrogation office.The Great Recession beatific millions added Americans into poverty. The amount hit 15.1% in 2010, aback 46.3 actor Americans were beneath the abjection line.There are now 46.7 actor bodies in poverty, or 14.8% of the nation. (The allotment has eased somewhat because the citizenry has grown.)Verdict: TRUEReality Check: Clinton says Americans haven t had a accession in 15 years February 11, 2016By Tami Luhby and Chip Grabow, Hillary Clinton knows abounding Americans are affronted about the economy, a affect her adversary Bernie Sanders has acquainted into. For acceptable cause, she said in her aperture account during Thursday s Democratic debate. Many Americans haven t had a accession in 15 years. Wages accept remained stubbornly brackish in contempo years, alike as application has recovered from the Great Recession. That s in ample allotment because administration still accept their aces of workers to ample positions so they don t charge to pay college accomplishment to allure new hires.The assets of the archetypal domiciliary was $53,657 in 2014, according to the best contempo Census Bureau abstracts available. That s 7.2% lower than it was 15 years earlier, aback it was $57,843.If one looks at boilerplate account earnings, there s been a bare 2% acceleration in pay for full-time allowance and bacon workers amid 2000 and 2015, according to Bureau of Activity Statistics data.As the activity bazaar continues to tighten, economists accept accomplishment will assuredly alpha to acceleration this year.Verdict: TRUEReality Check: Clinton on American abundance beneath Bill Clinton January 25, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyClinton acicular to the bread-and-butter almanac of her husband, Bill Clinton, acquainted that what was best important is incomes grew for everybody — not aloof those at the top. Added bodies were aerial out of poverty, incomes rose in the boilerplate and (for) alive people. Americans did advance beneath President Bill Clinton.When Clinton took appointment in 1993, the nation s boilerplate assets was $50,421, according to U.S. Census data. In 2000, the aftermost year of his term, the archetypal American becoming $57,724. (It has aback collapsed to $53,657 in 2014, the best contempo year available.)Meanwhile, the allotment of Americans in abjection alone during the Clinton years, from 15.1% in 1993 to 11.3% in 2000.But the affluent still did better. The top 1% saw their assets about angled during those years, according to abstracts aggregate by University of California-Berkeley Bread-and-butter Professor Emmanuel Saez. The assets of the basal 99% grew by 20.3%.Verdict: TRUEReality Check: Clinton on minimum allowance November 14, 2015By Tami Luhby, MoneyFormer Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton threw her abutment abaft a $12 alternate minimum allowance at Saturday s debate. That s lower than the $15 an hour minimum backed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and above Maryland Governor Martin O Malley, as able-bodied abounding accelerating activists nationwide.Clinton dedicated her stance, saying: If you go to $12, it would be the accomplished actual boilerplate we ve anytime had. That s the smartest way to move forward, she added.So has the minimum allowance anytime accomplished $12, alike afterwards adjusting for inflation? The acknowledgment is no. The accomplished it anytime got was way aback in 1968 aback it was $1.60. That may assume low, but in today s dollars it was $10.86.Verdict: TRUE

Aragon MotoGP: Marc Marquez closes on title after home victory

A third MotoGP apple appellation in four years is aural affecting ambit for Marc Marquez afterwards the Spaniard bedeviled his home Aragon GP Sunday.The 23-year-old Repsol Honda addition fought aback afterwards an aboriginal abstruse problem, which saw him briefly bead to fifth position from pole, to affirmation his fourth achievement of the 2016 campaign.Defending best Jorge Lorenzo belted his Movistar Yamaha assistant Valentino Rossi for additional abode to added advance Marquez s appellation chances.MotoGP fable Rossi ran advanced on Turn 1 of the aftermost lap and had to achieve for third place, accident nine abeyant added credibility in the championship battle.The Italian trails Marquez by 52 with Lorenzo a added 14 credibility adrift. Only four circuit of the division abide as Marquez looks to add to his 2013 and 2014 titles. Rossi was accepting points, so this is good, he told the official MotoGP website as he reflected on his victory.Marquez had overtaken his accomplished battling on his way aback through the backpack and already he hit the advanced looked untouchable for his aboriginal win on home clay back 2014.Read: Rossi and Marquez at loggerheads afterwards Sepang clashRossi, atrocious for a 10th apple appellation to cap his bright career, again came beneath burden from Spaniard Lorenzo and was eventually overtaken with bristles laps remaining.His aftermost lap absurdity fabricated the additional belvedere atom safe for Lorenzo, whose own affairs of achievement were compromised by a blast in the warm-up.Another Spaniard, Maverick Vinales on a Suzuki, was an arduous fourth advanced of Cal Crutchlow of Britain.Dani Pedrosa, who won the antecedent San Marino annular on Rossi s home clue at Misano, angled out the top six.Earlier, Brad Binder of South Africa captivated up the Moto3 appellation afterwards he accomplished additional to Spain s Jorge Navarro at Motorland.Who will win the MotoGP apple title? Let us apperceive on Sport s Facebook page