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Boko Haram leader mocks Nigerian army parents of missing girls

Boko Haram s active leader, Abubakar Shekau, appears in a new video to abjure letters of his afterlife and to taunt the parents of the about 300 academy girls the accumulation kidnapped from their boarding academy in 2014. To the autocrat Nigerian government: Die with envy. I m not dead, Shekau says in the video.An ISIS banderole is arresting in the background. That agitator alignment has said it is acknowledging Shekau s rival, Abu Musab al-Barnawi, as the accepted baton of the Nigerian ISIS-affiliated agitator movement.The video was a acknowledgment to the Nigerian army s affirmation that it fatally wounded Shekau in a arrest August 19. The army absolved the video Sunday as affirmation of Shekau s desperation. The video has apparent above all reasonable agnosticism the beforehand suspicion that the declared aberrant terrorists accumulation baton is mentally ailing and unstable, the army account said. cannot apart affirm back the video was shot, or affirm its claims.The advance that brought Boko Haram all-embracing ballyhoo was back Shekau s armament captured about 300 girls — amid the ages of 16 and 18 — from a boarding academy in the boondocks of Chibok in Borno accompaniment in April 2014.Boko Haram, which opposes western education, wants to set up an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria.In the video, Shekau teases parents of the Chibok schoolgirls about whether their daughters will be appear and insists bedfast Boko Haram fighters charge be appear for the acknowledgment of the schoolgirls.The kidnapping sparked all-around abuse and prompted all-around figures, including activist Malala Yousafzai and US aboriginal adult Michelle Obama, to abutment the attack to #BringBackOurGirls.For a year afterwards they were taken, the abducted girls were kept together, Amina Ali, an able babe told in August. Then some of the teenagers — including her — were given to the terrorists as wives.Shekau, however, is still buried in mystery. A Boko Haram cabal told in August the accumulation had breach afterwards new baton al-Barnawi bankrupt with Shekau and larboard with some followers, a move which the cabal said larboard Shekau with best of the fighters in the Sambisa backwoods and additionally in ascendancy of the schoolgirls, a able acceding dent for the group.The army contends Boko Haram is decidedly attenuated and has been irrational and unreliable in negotiations over the schoolgirls. s Merieme Arif and Sarah Faidell in Atlanta; Aminu Abubakar in Kano, Nigeria; and Stephanie Busari in Lagos, Nigeria, contributed to this report.

Debate coach: Expect Clinton vs. Trump to be an Olympic battle of wits

Todd Graham is the administrator of agitation at Southern Illinois University. His teams accept won bristles civic championships and avant-garde to the final-four of a civic championship clash nine after years. He s been accustomed three times as the civic agitation drillmaster of the year The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. These presidential debates, which alpha Monday, will be like no others. The primary debates had added admirers than any in history, and featured debris talking, loud admirers booing, candidates biting anniversary other, shouting matches, and anatomy genitalia bragging. And those were aloof the Republicans. The Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton debates will be the Olympics of debate. Heck, if we re lucky, Leslie Jones can live-tweet these, too. (Slay all day Leslie!) Let s examination the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary candidate.Trump s strengths • Manipulating the moderators. Trump s been appealing abrupt about the achievability of arbitrary moderators. Why? Because agitation moderators can be played, aloof like sports officials. Whenever my agitation teams anticipate we accept board agreeable adjoin us, we cautiously ask about their philosophy of anticipation and aim to acquisition out how we can affected their bias. In about all circumstances, at the end of the debate, the board vote for us because of overcorrection. They appetite so abominably to arise fair that they end up actuality arbitrary to the added team.• Critic of cachet quo. Syria, Iraq, Libya, barter with China — you name it and Trump will criticize it. He s a first-rate armchair quarterback. • Abhorrence mongering. This absolutely works for a lot of people. Everything is terrible and horrible, Trump says. Actually, theories of alignment accept been tested, and fear of losing article you already accept is abundant added actuating than appeals to accretion article new you don t currently possess. • Personality. Trump can be both funny and charming. Hey, the Rubio baptize canteen bit still cracks me up. • Handling hostility. He s acclimated to it. Back the army booed him in the antecedent debates, he brushed abreast the boo-birds like he was across-the-board pigeons off the terrace of his penthouse. • Evading questions. Trump has several access for this. He provides accepted answers, ignores the catechism absolutely or turns it into an advance on his adversary by accusing them of the aforementioned thing. (It s the Pee-wee Herman response, I apperceive you are but what am I? ) Finally, whenever apprenticed on some antic claim, Trump uses his get-out-of-jail-free agenda is to acknowledge with, A lot of bodies say, and I ve heard abounding people. He artlessly brushes the catechism off like he would lint on his cashmere and afresh blames it on faceless other people. Trump s weaknesses• Action knowledge. This could be his undoing. Aloof apprehend the latest claiming from Mark Cuban as affidavit that cipher thinks Trump understands policy. Cuban will accord him $10 actor if Trump will let Cuban barbecue him on action positions for four hours. Ten. Million. Dollars. • Punishing format. Two candidates on date and 90 account to fill. Saying We don t win anymore and I ll accomplish bigger deals afresh should get annoying appealing bound in this format. • Thin skin. Trump doesn t like criticism of any kind. And he has a baby way of ambidextrous with it by name-calling. If he loses his atmosphere in the debate, as he has in the past, it will arise abundant worse back it s aloof the two of them up there.• Flip-flops and lies. Let s be real. Trump lies in debates added than anyone … ever. You can attending this up on any fact-checking website. My favorite: Sixty percent of claims that PolitiFact has arrested accept been rated apocryphal or pants-on-fire (outright lies) and beneath 3% of his claims accept been rated as true! • Hubris. Trump candidly thinks he s won all the debates so far. I m not authoritative this up. This is a weakness if it has led him to achieve he doesn t charge to do the affectionate of abundant alertness best candidates do. Clinton s strengths• Knowledge. Clinton artlessly knows her actuality about the economy, civilian rights, Russian relations, the war on alarm and added issues. You may not accede with her, but you won t anticipate she s under-informed.• Approaching policy. This is area she can set herself afar from Trump. She can allege articulately about the administration we should take, as a country, in the future. Trump s ability is criticizing the past. Clinton s is pointing against the future.• Ability to draw aciculate contrasts. Clinton has been solid, alike in the primary debates, at delineating the differences amid her proposals and his.• Attitude. I apperceive bodies anticipate she s too automatic and stiff, and that s a weakness. However, in several debates, Clinton s access has been added relaxed, calm, and she alike seems to adore the debates with a communicative quality. Clinton s weaknesses• Her personality. In these debates, bodies appetite to see a real person. That agency personality and feelings. Joy, fear, anger, abhorrence and anguish were all allotment of Riley s affections in Inside Out, the Pixar movie. Well heck, if a animation appearance has emotions, why can t Clinton? • Long-winded. She never finishes her acknowledgment on time, and she runs over the dinging timer, runs through the buzzer in the background, runs accomplished the moderator s attempts to alpha up again, and I anticipate she alike ran over my neighbor s dog while she was at it. These circumlocutory answers, as if to grandmother s abode we go, serve her poorly. You can t get to the big finish of your acknowledgment if you re actuality talked over and sirens are blaring. She needs to get to the point sooner.• Evasive answers. Do you bethink back she said Wall Street gave her contributions because of 9/11? Or in the abutting debate, aforementioned question, Clinton said that she got beneath money from Wall Street than from teachers. These didn t canyon the aroma test. She s got to do better.

Talking hot dogs in Hanoi with President Obama

We started talking internally about the achievability of cutting a arena with the Admiral of the United States a continued way out — about a year afore it absolutely happened. Some bodies at the White House had accomplished out and hinted at the achievability that maybe, aloof maybe, we ability acquisition a time and a abode area the two of us could sit bottomward to a meal together. These discussions were, out of necessity, actual carefully captivated until the actual aftermost minute. didn t know.The producers, alike the camera guys who were to shoot the scene, were not told until the day before.At no point did the White House, , or anyone else, action guidance, suggestions or arena rules for what I ability allocution to the Admiral about. There may or may not accept been an action of a ride on Air Force One at one point. But I ample we d attending absolutely in the bag if we did that. You ride in a man s car — or his alike — you owe him something. And it aloof seemed weird.I m not a journalist. Or a adopted action wonk. My backroom are my own. Contrary to the assertions of affronted Twitter warriors who anticipate I m accepting approved advice from the Communist News Network, I ve never already accustomed a buzz alarm or an e-mail or had a chat that independent the words wouldn t it be a abundant abstraction if…? or how about? I m appreciative of the actuality that I ve had as dining assembly over the years everybody from Hezbollah supporters, antipathetic functionaries, anti-Putin activists, cowboys, stoners, Christian militia leaders, feminists, Palestinians and Israeli settlers, to Ted Nugent. You like aliment and are analytic nice at the table? You appearance me hospitality? I will sit bottomward with you and breach bread.Feeding the Admiral something that I would want So I wasn t activity to interview the president. And admitting I may adore him, I wasn t activity to be a belvedere for altercation of a accurate adopted action agenda. Barack Obama was allegedly absorbed in sitting bottomward for a meal with me — and I advised to allege to him alone as a ancestor of a 9-year-old girl, as a adolescent Southeast Asia enthusiast (the Admiral spent time in Indonesia as a adolescent man), and a guy who brand a basin of spicy, agreeable pork and noodles with a algid beer.But area was this to happen?Various locations were discussed. But aback Vietnam came up, as one stop on a multi-country accompaniment appointment to Asia in May, I knew area I capital it to be. I adulation Vietnam. Everybody on my aggregation loves Vietnam. We accept a lot of acquaintance animate there, we accept friends, connections, admired dishes, admired restaurants. It s beautiful. We apperceive we can anxiously do our best assignment there.Bun cha is a admired bounded specialty of Hanoi. It s basically $.25 of marinated, charcoal-grilled pork patties and pork slices in a room-temperature dipping booze with rice noodles and assemble garnishes. It s delicious. I anticipation if the Admiral is accommodating to comedy with us, afresh I should appearance him the best time I knew how, augment him article that I would appetite — in the affectionate of ambience I best enjoy. It s consistently seemed absurd to me to go all the way to achieve as amazing as Vietnam and absorb time in an air-conditioned, Western-style restaurant with tourist-friendly food. The President, I guessed, had spent added than his allotment of time in the feast apartment of above alternation hotels, activity through continued accompaniment dinners, bistro adumbrative airheaded of national dishes. Bun cha is NOT a civic dish.And the additional attic of the small, family-run, absolutely animate chic Bun Cha Huong Lien restaurant, in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, is not absolutely the affectionate of abode the Admiral was acceptable to be taken by his hosts on any official accompaniment visit.I got the audible consequence that the Secret Service was initially beneath than captivated with our best of venue. The area was … sub-optimal, as far as they were concerned. It was tight, with basal exits, not decidedly apple-pie — and set off a attenuated street. But they persevered. I d like to acknowledge them. They were, all of them, actual nice guys with blubbery necks. Abounding of them had to absorb a lot of time continuing stoically in the active rain.10 Vietnamese dishes that every company should try He answered after hesitation What can I acquaint you about what it s like to sit beyond from the Admiral of the United States and alcohol beer from the bottle? I can acquaint you that Barack Obama was, in animosity of accepting had a baronial baton of the Taliban whacked in Pakistan a few canicule previous, actual airy and at ease. He seemed to adore himself sitting on a low artificial stool bistro noodles and pork $.25 with chopsticks.I talked to him as a father, as an enthusiast for the region, and he responded with absolute homesickness for the Indonesian and Hawaiian artery aliment of his youth. Aback I asked him if it was accept that I get forth with Ted Nugent, who has said many, abounding acutely abhorrent and abhorrent things about him personally, he responded of course — that that was absolutely the array of actuality we SHOULD be talking to: the bodies who disagree with us. He was abnormally accommodated to and affectionate of his enemies. And aback I asked him if — accustomed the actual acceptable animal and alarming capacity of the circadian intelligence briefings to which he is buried — if it was going to be okay for my babe as she grew up, he replied with aplomb that on balance, it would. In general, he batten with the abridgement of accurate adding of a man who is no best active for office. My hot dog catechism ability accept been diplomatically ambiguous for a first-term president. He answered after averseness — like a Chicagoan. He was funny, quick to laugh. Aback I asked him if he anytime absent actuality able to go out to a bar, sit bottomward by himself and accept a algid beer while alert to old songs on the juke, he smiled and said in about six months. He put my aggregation at ease. Was affectionate to them. So abundant so that we were not afraid while we were with him.Only afterward, aback he had gone, did we all attending at anniversary added and say, Did that aloof HAPPEN? Extraordinary effectThe abutting day, I was aback apparent to the Vietnamese who rode their scooters and motorbikes about me. They d apparent me in the newspapers and afresh and afresh would point at me, shouting Bun cha! Mister Bun Cha! A few adolescent Vietnamese who batten English approached me and told me, with tears in their eyes, how aporetic they were, how abashed — how appreciative — that the Admiral of the United States had appear to their boondocks and eaten not pho, or bounce rolls, which they would accept accepted — but bun cha. Bun cha! It was THEIRS! Their appreciative bounded specialty! And Hanoi beer too! They couldn t get over it. And on a low artificial stool, in the affectionate of abode they consistently ate. The aftereffect was extraordinary. I cannot possibly enlarge the amore with which he was accustomed by the Vietnamese — decidedly the adolescent ones — who were not alike animate during the war years, for whom America appears a far, far added adorable (and beneath aggressive ) archetypal than China.Vietnam may still be a antipathetic country. But you can hardly acquaint from the streets. Money flows in and out in a raucous, free-market scrum of Western brands and acquisitive expectations. Buildings are activity up everywhere, clandestine action accepting continued ago outpaced ideology. As in Cuba, the toothpaste is out of the tube. And there s no putting it back.And as the appearance will admonish you, Vietnam charcoal an abnormally admirable place. It is enchanting. Its people, for as continued as I ve been activity there, warm, aliment crazy, accessible and proud. Halong Bay, area we attempt abundant of the show, one of the best amazing locations on earth.At the end of the show, I adduce Accepted William Westmoreland s belled adduce claiming activity is admired beneath in the East than in the West. A account so brainless and apprenticed that it still shocks today. Our adept acquaintance and aide Ha talks about her abounding years as a bout guide, demography American veterans through the building commemorating that abhorrent conflict. And you can adjudicator for yourself if the Accepted knew what he was talking about.I will abiding as bits bethink this cruise to Vietnam. Not actual continued ago at all, I was a 44-year-old guy still ablution French chips with no achievement of anytime seeing Rome, abundant beneath Hanoi — abundant beneath EVER sitting beyond from the Admiral of the United States, talking about hot dogs.

Donald Trump on taxes: BR s Reality Check team vets the claims

Washington During his campaign, Donald Trump s fabricated abounding claims about taxes. s Reality Check Aggregation put the billionaire s statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond listened throughout the accent and called key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Trump on the boilerplate worker s tax accountability August 8, 2016By Kate Grise, During a accent in Detroit on his bread-and-butter policies, Donald Trump decried America s aerial assets taxes. The boilerplate artisan today pays 31.5% of their accomplishment to assets and amount taxes, he said. On top of that, accompaniment and bounded taxes absorb addition 10%. Trump cites a address from the Tax Foundation, a bourgeois anticipate tank, which itself cites 2014 abstracts from the OECD. That abstracts includes a worker s assets tax, his amount tax contributions and the amount tax contributions that his employer accomplish on his behalf.On a accompaniment and bounded level, the Tax Foundation says that U.S. boilerplate state-local tax accountability in 2012 was 9.9% of the state s income.Trump cited the advice accurately. But the abstracts itself may present a skewed picture.For one, the Tax Foundation s boilerplate artisan is affected to be a distinct artisan after accouchement authoritative $50,000. But that s abundant college than the boilerplate allowance for the boilerplate artisan with no children, which was about $32,000 in 2014, according to Census Bureau data. And the added you make, the added you pay in taxes.For workers authoritative boilerplate wages, their tax accountability is acceptable to be lower, said Len Burman, administrator of the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. For instance, he acclaimed a ancestors of four with $75,845 in balance in 2014 paid an boilerplate tax amount of 20.64%, including the employer allocation of amount taxes.As for accompaniment and bounded taxes, the 10% represents the allotment of all assets paid in taxes, not of the boilerplate worker s income. Nor do the calculations annual for the actuality that workers may abstract accompaniment and bounded assets taxes on their federal return, thereby blurred their all-embracing tax burden.For those reasons, we amount Trump s affirmation as FALSE.Reality Check: Trump says Hillary Clinton would tax the boilerplate chic August 8, 2016By Jeanne Sahadi, MoneyDonald Trump asserted that Hillary Clinton is planning another massive job-killing $1.3 abundance tax increase. He went on to say that Clinton herself accidentally told the accuracy and said she capital to accession taxes on the boilerplate class. Trump s appraisal for how abundant Clinton wants to accession taxes is aloof a little aerial — absolute analyses out it amid $1.1 abundance and $1.2 trillion. Still, we amount this affirmation TRUE.But those tax increases are abundantly targeted at the highest-income households. The detached Tax Policy Center addendum that Nearly all of the tax increases would abatement on the top 1 percent; the basal 95 percent of taxpayers would see little or no change in their taxes. For this reason, we amount Trump s affirmation on Clinton and the boilerplate chic as FALSE.Reality Check: Trump on business tax amount August 8, 2016By Kate Grise, In a accent to the Detroit Bread-and-butter Club, Donald Trump airtight America s business taxes saying, The United States additionally has the accomplished business tax amount amid the automated nations of 35 percent. It s about 40 percent back you add in taxes at the accompaniment level. It is accurate that American businesses face the accomplished official accumulated tax rate. The federal amount stands at 35%, and the boilerplate accompaniment and bounded tax amount is about 6%, according to the Organization for Bread-and-butter Co-operation and Development.But that s not what abounding companies absolutely pay. The Government Accountability Office begin that large, assisting U.S. corporations paid an boilerplate able federal tax amount of 12.6% in 2010 acknowledgment to things such as tax credits, exemptions and adopted tax havens. In anniversary year from 2006 to 2012, at atomic two-thirds of all alive corporations had no federal assets liability, according to the GAO.U.S. accumulated tax accumulating totaled 2.6% of GDP in 2014, according to the OECD. That was the 16th accomplished amount amid the 34 nations.So back it comes to American corporations, we amount Trump s account as TRUE, BUT MISLEADING. The United States has the accomplished official accumulated tax rate, but that s not what abounding companies absolutely pay.Reality Check: Trump on profound relief for boilerplate chic July 21, 2016Eve Bower, Outlining his tax proposal, Trump said he would cut taxes added than any added candidate. In added specific terms, he said, Middle-income Americans and businesses will acquaintance abstruse relief. The detached Tax Policy Center analyzed Trump s tax plan in detail. And while they begin that middle-income earners would absolutely see a cut in their tax bill, the wealthiest Americans would see a far added cogent reduction.According to the analysis, application 2015 dollars, households that becoming $45,000 to $80,000 per year accomplish up the boilerplate fifth of American earners. For these families, Trump s tax plan would acceptable accompany bottomward their assets taxes by an boilerplate $2,700 per year. This is about 4.9% of their after-tax income.But the top 1% of U.S. households would see an boilerplate tax cut added than 100 times that size.The abstraction begin these households would see a abridgement of their tax accountability of an boilerplate of added than $275,000, or 17.5% of their after-tax income.Because a $2,700 tax cut would be cogent for abounding boilerplate chic families, we amount Trump s affirmation true, but because his accent bootless to acknowledgment the actuality that affluent Americans would account so abundant more, we additionally amount his affirmation misleading.Reality Check: Trump on American taxes June 22, 2016By Kate Grise and Tami Luhby, We are, by the way, the accomplished burdened nation in the world. Please bethink that, Trump said.As s Reality Check aggregation did back Trump fabricated this affirmation in the past, we ll attending at anniversary allotment of his affirmation that American individuals and businesses pay added taxes than any added country.Do Americans absolutely pay added alone taxes than citizens of any added country in the world?Hardly. America ranked 16th out of the 34 Organization for Bread-and-butter Co-Operation and Development affiliate countries for boilerplate amount of assets tax and employees amusing aegis contributions. In America, that amount is 25.6%. In Belgium, the country with the accomplished boilerplate amount of assets tax and employees amusing aegis contributions, citizens pay 42%. Germany, Denmark, Austria and Hungary annular out the top bristles countries with the accomplished boilerplate amount of assets tax and employees amusing aegis contributions.OECD s 34 affiliate countries are advanced, automated nations, which makes their abstracts admired in comparing the United States to agnate countries. China, Russia and India are not included in the OECD s account because they are not affiliate countries.We can additionally attending at absolute tax acquirement as a allotment of the country s gross calm product. This time, America ranks alike lower: 27th out of 34 OECD affiliate countries in 2014. America s tax acquirement is 26% of the country s GDP. Denmark acme the account with its tax acquirement actuality according to 50% of the country s GDP.Looking at whether American citizens face the accomplished taxes, we amount Trump s affirmation as false.Turning to companies, it s accurate that American businesses face the accomplished official accumulated tax rate. The federal amount stands at 35%.But that s not what abounding companies absolutely pay. The Government Accountability Office begin that large, assisting U.S. corporations paid an boilerplate able federal tax amount of 12.6% in 2010 acknowledgment to things such as tax credits, exemptions and adopted tax havens. In anniversary year from 2006 to 2012, at atomic two-thirds of all alive corporations had no federal assets liability, according to the GAO.RELATED: The country with the accomplished assets tax in the developed worldU.S. accumulated tax accumulating totaled 2.6% of GDP in 2014, according to the OECD. That was the 16th accomplished amount amid the 34 nations.So back it comes to American corporations, we amount Trump s account as true, but misleading. The United States has the accomplished official accumulated tax rate, but that s not what abounding companies absolutely pay.Reality Check: Trump on spending cuts March 3, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyTrump has said the country can allow his tax cuts, which will add trillions to the nation s deficit, because he will cut waste, artifice and abuse. Asked during the agitation in Detroit for specifics, he cited acid bottomward the Department of Apprenticeship and the Environmental Protection Agency, as able-bodied as binding bigger discounts out of biologic companies. Department of Education. We re acid Common Core. We re accepting rid of Common Core. We re bringing apprenticeship locally. Department of Environmental Protection. We are activity to get rid of it in about every anatomy … Because of the actuality that the biologic companies are not allowable to bid properly, they accept hundreds of billions of dollars in waste, Trump said. Money looked at this in January. It begin that alike if Trump cut the EPA and Apprenticeship Department entirely, it would save beneath than 3% of the $3.7 abundance the federal government spent in the accomplished year. The nation spent $90 billion on apprenticeship and $7 billion on the EPA.As for extenuative hundreds of billions from negotiating with biologic companies, that would be adamantine to do back Medicare is estimated to accept spent $77 billion on drugs in 2015, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Absolute spending on drugs, which includes outlays by clandestine insurers, was aloof beneath $300 billion in absolute in 2014, federal National Health Expenditures data.Can Trump accomplish up for his tax cuts by acid two federal agencies and negotiating with biologic companies? Our verdict: FALSE.

Donald Trump on trade and the economy: BR s Reality Check vets the claims

Washington During his campaign, Donald Trump s fabricated abounding claims about barter and the economy. s Reality Check Aggregation put the billionaire s statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors above listened throughout the accent and called key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Trump on barter arrears accretion 40% while Clinton was secretary of accompaniment June 22, 2016By Chris Isidore and Tami Luhby, MoneyTrump said Clinton should be scorned because the nation s barter arrears with China soared 40% while she was secretary of state. Our barter arrears with China soared 40% during Hillary Clinton s time as secretary of accompaniment — a blameworthy achievement for which she should not be congratulated, but rather scorned, he said.Actually, the barter arrears rose abandoned 12% if you attending amid 2008 and 2012, which is the best authentic way to admeasurement what happened beneath her tenure, which ran from aboriginal 2009 until aboriginal 2013, according to federal barter data.However, if you cherry-pick the abstracts from 2009 to 2012, the arrears jumped 34%. But that s because the barter gap narrowed during the base of the recession in 2009.Either way, Trump s affirmation is exaggerated. Therefore, we amount it as false.Reality Check: Trump on accident about 1/3 of accomplishment jobs aback NAFTA and China accepted to World Barter Organization June 22, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyTrump lashed out at Clinton s abutment of barter agreements that he said were among the best annihilative anytime signed. Specifically, Trump cited the North American Chargeless Barter Agreement, which then-President Bill Clinton active in 1994, and China s access into the World Barter Organization in backward 2001, for which the above admiral smoothed the way. We ve absent about one-third of our accomplishment jobs aback these two Hillary-backed agreements were signed, Trump said.RELATED: American accomplishment isn t asleep yetThe presumptive Republican applicant is exaggerating the abstracts a bit. The nation has absent 27% of its accomplishment jobs aback NAFTA was active in 1994. The sector, which active 16.9 actor bodies aback then, now has 12.3 actor workers.But that masks the actuality that the industry absolutely broadcast it payrolls hardly beneath the butt of Bill Clinton s term.The bleeding absolutely began in the aboriginal 2000s and connected through and anon afterwards the Great Recession.Manufacturers, however, accept been abacus jobs aback aboriginal 2010. Application is up 7.3% aback then.Yet it s not bright how abundant chargeless barter deals collection the abatement in accomplishment employment. Corporate America was already alive jobs to lower-wage countries, and technology already fabricated it added cher for U.S. companies to aftermath appurtenances here. Also, today s branch jobs crave added apprenticeship and skills, abrogation abounding less-educated Americans on the sidelines.RELATED: Is barter absolutely killing average chic jobs?Trump additionally said that the nation will lose millions added jobs if Hillary Clinton is adopted because she will accept the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which the above secretary of accompaniment had accurate but now opposes. His comments actuality are misleading, too, because abandoned Congress has the ability to accredit barter agreements.We accordingly amount Trump s account as true, but misleading, because there were abounding added factors above barter that led to the abatement in accomplishment application afterwards China entered the WTO. Reality Check: Trump started off with a small loan June 22, 2016By Jeremy Diamond and Sonam Vashi, I started off in Brooklyn, New York, not so continued ago, with a baby accommodation and congenital a business that today is account able-bodied over $10 billion, Trump said during a accent in Washington.We appear on this affirmation aftermost October.That baby accommodation from Trump s ancestor was account $1 million, apparently accustomed afore Trump entered the Manhattan absolute acreage bazaar in the aboriginal 1970s.If Trump s ancestor fabricated the accommodation in 1968, the year his son accelerating from the University of Pennsylvania, that $1 actor would be account $6.8 actor in today s dollars, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Amount Index aggrandizement calculator.Trump has congenital up a multi-billion-dollar net worth, accretion his father s advantageous absolute acreage business to new heights. But while abundant of Trump s success is a acclaim to his work, he was built-in into a successful, affluent family, inheriting allotment of his father s added than $200 actor net worth.Trump s anecdotal of self-making his absolute affluence doesn t absolutely authority up either — The Washington Post Actuality Checker begin that he profited from loans, accommodation guarantees, his father s access and trusts to advice actualize his empire.Trump has boasted over and over that his net account is $10 billion, but it s cryptic how authentic that absolutely is. Aftermost year, Forbes rated his net account as $4.5 billion — beneath than bisected of what Trump claims. We ve abandoned gotten a glimpse of Trump s banking details, abnormally as Trump has banned to absolution his tax allotment (because he s actuality audited, he claims), but we apperceive he s account at atomic a billion.Given that for about all Americans, $1 actor is hardly a baby loan, abnormally aback in 1968, we amount his affirmation that he started his business with a small loan as false.Reality Check: Trump on advantageous for the bank with MexicoFebruary 25, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyTrump has continued said he wants to body a bank amid the U.S. and Mexico and get the Mexican government to pay for it. Added recently, he s been attached the affair to America s barter arrears with its southern neighbor. We accept a barter arrears with Mexico of $58 billion a year. And that doesn t accommodate all the drugs that are cloudburst above and antibacterial our country. We are activity to accomplish them pay for that wall. Now, the bank is $10 billion to $12 billion, Trump said during the Republican agitation in Houston, the aftermost agitation afore Super Tuesday.It s authentic that the barter arrears with Mexico was $58 billion aftermost year. But that doesn t beggarly the Mexican government can pay for the bank … not to acknowledgment whether they d alike accede to.The arrears agency that clandestine firms in Mexico accept becoming added money from trading with the U.S. than U.S. firms accept becoming from barter with Mexico, said Gary Hufbauer, chief adolescent at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. It not like it s a pot of money accessible to the Mexican government, he said.So it s apocryphal that the barter arrears gives Mexico the money to pay for the wall. additionally looked at the amount of architecture the wall. Architecture experts said a bank ancient out of pre-casted accurate panels — agnate to those that run alongside highways — would be the best applicable choice.Based on the amount of artery panels, the amount tag for the bank abandoned would amount about $10 billion, which is not accounting for the amount of architecture that would booty at atomic four years over the border s assorted terrain.Other architecture estimates accept appear in abundant higher. A retired estimator and economist for one of the nation s better architecture firms affected it would amount about $25 billion, according to The Washington Post.We amount Trump s affirmation that architecture the bank would amount amid $10 billion and $12 billion as false.

Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boating accident

Miami Marlins bullpen José Fernández, who defected from Cuba at 15 and went on to become one of baseball s brightest stars, was asleep aboriginal Sunday in a canoeing accident, Florida authorities said.Fernández, who was 24, and two added men were begin asleep afterwards their baiter was apparent at the access of Miami Harbor, said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission agent Lorenzo Veloz.Coast Guard cadre on convoying noticed the barge upside bottomward on the arctic end of a bouldered anchorage anon afterwards 3:15 a.m., Veloz said at a account conference.Divers recovered two bodies beneath the boat, and a third victim was begin on the rocks. The names of the two added victims — additionally in their 20s — are actuality withheld until ancestors are notified. The men were Fernandez s friends, Veloz said. Added than a brawl playerVeloz said Fernández s afterlife was a blow to Miami, to baseball and to anyone who anytime met him. He was colonnade to our community. He was complex in aggregate that he could be to accord back, Veloz said. I had the acquaintance of talking to him several times — down-to-earth, abundant being … I m apologetic I m accepting goosebumps appropriate now. It s absolutely hitting home and it s horrible. Based on appulse affirmation and the severity of damage, admiral assured the baiter — a 32-foot SeaVee centermost animate archetypal — hit the rocks at abounding speed, Veloz said. Top acceleration on the baiter would be amid 50 mph and 65 mph, depending on the engines with which it was equipped, according to SeeVee s website. Fernández was a commuter on the boat, and was not the owner, Veloz said. The baiter is a absolute blow appropriate now from what we can see, Veloz said. It s horrible, it s bad, it s bad. Drugs and booze did not arise to be factors in the accident, he said, but he added that board had been been clumsy to get beneath the chaotic wreckage. Autopsies accept not been conducted. None of the three victims was cutting a activity vest, he said.Emotional account appointment The affection of his personality transcended culture, adoration and race, I beggarly it aloof did, Marlins President David Samson said at a account appointment area he was belted by the aggregation and added officials. Several bodies appeared visibly shaken. Jose is a affiliate of this ancestors for all time, Samson said. His adventure is adumbrative of a adventure of hope, and of adulation and of faith, and no one will anytime let that adventure die. The Marlins bold adjoin the Atlanta Braves on Sunday was canceled, Samson said. When you watch kids arena Little League… that s the joy that Jose played with — and the affection he acquainted about playing, said Marlins Manager Don Mattingly, endlessly midsentence to clean abroad tears. He appeared too emotionally annoyed to continue.People we ve absent in 2016Fernández was built-in in Santa Clara, Cuba, and defected to the United States in 2008. Drafted by the Marlins in 2011, he went on to become the franchise s brilliant pitcher, alleged National League Rookie of the Year 2013 and a backstab All-Star.Saving his momBut his adventure is about added than baseball accolades, and Mattingly absolutely isn t the alone being to afford tears over Fernández s death. The oft-smiling Fernández had abounding accompany in the game, attributable to his airy address and angry competitiveness. He additionally endemic what Miami Herald sportswriter Dan Le Batard already alleged a rags to pitches adventure that many, abnormally those in Florida s Cuban-American communities, begin inspiring. In 2008, Fernández fabricated his fourth attack to abscond Cuba, according to a 2013 Miami Herald story. He d been confined for a antecedent bootless attack and, this time, was attempting to ability America, via Mexico, with his mother and sister.Once on the accessible water, the bi-weekly reported, addition fell off of the boat, and Fernández, a acceptable swimmer, asked no questions; he jumped in to save the person. It angry out to be his mother, Maritza. I affable to advice a being not cerebration who that being was. Imagine back I able it was my own mother. If that does not leave a mark on you for the blow of your life, I don t apperceive what will, he told the Herald. Tough transitionOnce in the United States, Fernández had agitation adjusting. Fifteen at the time, he absent his grandmother, Olga, desperately, Le Batard wrote in a 2013 profile. Aback home, he was really, absolutely poor, Fernández told his adolescent Cuban-American Le Batard, and he was blessed to accomplish $4 a day affairs tomatoes and onions. In the U.S., the simplest things, such as computers and motion-activated faucets, eluded him. He wrote buzz numbers bottomward in a book because he didn t apprehend his buzz would abundance them, the contour said. His butt of English didn t extend abundant above anathema words. But there was one accent besides Spanish that he accepted perfectly: baseball. As a aerial academy sophomore, Fernández threw 94-mph fastballs, as fast as some pros, and he led Braulio Alonso Aerial Academy to two accompaniment championships, Le Batard reported. The Marlins called him in the aboriginal annular of 2011 Major League Baseball draft, and he aboriginal took the bank for them in April 2013 en avenue to National League Rookie of the Year honors. It was afterwards that division — back Fernández told Le Batard how abundant he absent Olga, who had climbed to her Santa Clara roof with a radio to bolt the Marlins amateur back Fernández pitched — that the Marlins abiding a surprise. A heartwarming reunionWhile he conducted an account in the Marlins locker allowance that ventured into the capacity of his mother and grandmother, whose names he has tattooed central his bicep, the accuser asks Fernandez what Olga would acquaint him if she were there in Miami. I don t anticipate she would be here, he replied, his anguish axiomatic in his eyes. Little did he apperceive that Olga had accustomed in Miami a bisected hour prior. The Marlins had abiding for her visa. As Marlins buyer Jeffrey Loria escorts Olga into the locker room, Fernández beams a adolescent grin, acutely in disbelief. He says only, Oh, as she rushes over to him. His face is ablaze red as Olga embraces him for the aboriginal time in six years. Oh my God, he says, about as if he s exhaling. You ve got to be badinage me. You attending so great, papi. You attending so great, Olga tells him in Spanish as he claws her, kissing the top of her head. Jeffrey Loria explained the team s action in accepting Olga to the United States. Having watched the activating disentangle with him, caring about his grandmother so much, it affectionate of came to our absorption here. We accept a big ancestors actuality in this alignment and there was a articulation missing in that ancestors so we bankrupt the gap. We got her here, he said. Baseball apple stunnedNews of his afterlife beatific shockwaves through the baseball community, with players and admirers akin demography to amusing media to accurate their grief. We are abashed and devastated, Major League Baseball said in a statement. I ve never met anyone who extracted added joy, added affection out of what he did than José Fernández, baseball analyst Buster Olney said on ESPN. When you watched him pitch, he admired it so much. He had so abundant emotion. He s array of the American dream for the Cuban baseball player, Le Batard said. This kid is a attribute for Cuban activity and the things that can be able in this country. Former MLB bullpen Dan Haren tweeted: Jose Fernandez is one of the best 18-carat guys I ve anytime played with. He admired life, he admired baseball… he will be absent dearly. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred issued a account saying, He was one of our game s abundant adolescent stars who fabricated a affecting appulse on and off the acreage back his admission in 2013. Many admirers batten of their anguish that, accepting already accomplished arresting antic success, Fernández s activity had been cut abbreviate aloof as he was starting a family.Five canicule ago, the adolescent brilliant had acquaint a account to Instagram of his abundant girlfriend, with the caption: I m so animated you came into my life. I m accessible for area this adventure is gonna booty us together. Baseball fan Matt Birnbach wrote: Jose was a acumen you watched baseball. He was must-see TV and his personality is what fabricated him great. Absolutely ashamed appropriate now. s Jason Durand, Carma Hassan and Steve Almasy contributed to this report.

Donald Trump on jobs: BR s Reality Check vets the claims

Washington During his campaign, Donald Trump s fabricated abounding claims about jobs and unemployment. s Reality Check Aggregation put the billionaire s statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond listened throughout the accent and called key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Trump on the Obama-Clinton Abridgement August 8, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyDonald Trump airtight Admiral Obama and Hillary Clinton on Monday, adage their behavior accept aching America economically. Home buying is at its everyman amount in 51 years…58 percent of African-American adolescence are either alfresco the activity force or not employed…Meanwhile, American households are earning added than $4,000 beneath today than they were sixteen years ago, he said in Detroit during a accent about the economy.Let s attending at these one at a time:On home buying at its everyman akin in bisected a century:Some 62.9% of Americans endemic a home in the added division of 2016, according to the latest abstracts from the U.S. Census Bureau. The amount hasn t been that low aback the third division of 1965. The allotment of Americans owning homes ailing in the fourth division of 2004 at 69,2% and has beneath since. We amount this affirmation as TRUE.On 58% of adolescent African-Americans actuality either alfresco the activity force or unemployed:Trump has acclimated this band before, generally adage 58% of African-American adolescence accept no job. The amount is acceptable extrapolated from the employment-population ratio, which shows that 42.7% of blacks ages 16 to 24 had a job in July. But that doesn t beggarly that the blow — or 57.3% — were unemployed. To be advised unemployed, one has to be attractive for a job. Those in academy or not attractive for assignment are not included in the activity force. So Trump s account is technically true, but it s ambiguous because abounding adolescent Americans don t accept jobs. Alone 49% of all Americans age 16 to 24 are employed. We amount this affirmation TRUE, BUT MISLEADING.Related: Are blacks worse off beneath Obama, like Trump says?On American households earning $4,000 beneath today than 16 years ago:Median domiciliary assets was $53,657 in 2014, according to the latest Census abstracts available, which is about $4,000 lower than it was in 2000. But the Census abstracts is out-of-date. Incomes accept climbed aback then, according to an assay by Sentier Research. Median domiciliary assets was $57,206 in June, compared to $ $57,826 in January 2000. We amount this affirmation as FALSE.Reality Check: Trump on jobs August 8, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyDonald Trump has again airtight Admiral Obama and Hillary Clinton for affliction American workers.He ticked off a account of claims of how application has suffered beneath the Obama administration. There are now 94.3 actor Americans alfresco of the activity force. It was 80.5 actor aback Admiral Obama took office. An access of 14 actor people…We accept the everyman activity force accord ante in four decades, he said.It s accurate that that in 2009 there were 80.5 actor bodies who were not in the activity force — acceptation they did not accept a job and haven t looked for one in the accomplished four weeks — and there are now 94.3 million. But that s not alone because of Obama s policies. While some working-age Americans accept aloof accustomed up attractive for work, the crumbling of the country is additionally a able force. The cardinal of Americans over age 65 grew by added than 11 actor bodies over the aforementioned time period. So we amount the affirmation as TRUE, BUT MISLEADING.On activity force participation, the amount was 63.4% in July. That s absolutely up a allotment point from September. And it s aloft the amount in July 1976, aback it was 61.8%. The activity force accord rate, decidedly amid men, has been crumbling for decades. There are abounding affidavit for this, including the crumbling of the country. Also, some bodies can t acquisition positions that pay abundantly or don t accept the apprenticeship or abilities to acreage employment. But aback the accord amount was lower aftermost year and it s aloft the akin of four decades ago, we amount this affirmation as FALSE.Reality check: Trump on Obamacare and jobs August 8, 2016By Patrick Gillespie, MoneyDonald Trump claims that, as president, he would abolition Obamacare, which would save 2 actor American jobs. One of my aboriginal acts as Admiral will be to abolition and alter adverse Obamacare, extenuative addition 2 actor American jobs, Trump said.In the accent transcript, Trump s agents links to a December 2015 abode by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Appointment that estimated the U.S. would lose 2 actor workers by the year 2025 due to Obamacare.Related: Obamacare may alert bodies to assignment lessThe CBO abode argues that workers may opt to assignment beneath to absorb their accommodation for Medicaid or federal subsidies beneath Obamacare. Its appraisal does not advance administration will alpha axing jobs — aloof that advisers adeptness alpha acid aback hours to break beneath assertive assets thresholds to authorize for Medicaid and subsidies. Money begin Americans who are already allotment to assignment less. However, some workers larboard full-time jobs that provided healthcare so that they could become entrepreneurs and alpha babyish businesses. They say Obamacare gives them the adaptability to accept a new career.It s important to agenda the CBO s projections vary. For instance, in 2014, the CBO forecasted that Obamacare would abate the activity force by 2.5 actor workers by 2024. Aftermost year that appraisal was akin to 2 actor workers by 2025. The CBO emphasizes that its estimates are uncertain. It s cryptic if repealing Obamacare would save all the jobs aback it would be workers allotment to bead out of the assignment force, not administration battlefront workers. Still, Trump s affirmation comes from the CBO report, not his own staff s calculations. We amount this affirmation on Obamacare abbreviation the workforce as TRUE, BUT MISLEADING.Reality Check: Trump on the accompaniment of the abridgement July 21, 2016By Ryan Browne and Tami Luhby, During the GOP Civic Convention, Trump fabricated a alternation of claims about the accepted accompaniment of the American economy, absorption decidedly on the fortunes of Hispanics and African-Americans. Nearly four in 10 African-American accouchement are active in poverty, Trump said.According to the 2014 US Census, 36% of atramentous adolescence beneath 18 were absolutely active in poverty.That s abutting enough, accordingly we amount his affirmation as true.Trump additionally said that 58% of African-American adolescence are not employed. The left-leaning Bread-and-butter Policy Institute aftermost year begin that 51.3% of atramentous and 36.1% Hispanic aerial academy graduates, age 17 to 20, were underemployed. That agency they either don t accept a job, aren t alive as abounding hours as they would like or aren t currently attractive for assignment but would like a job.The commensurable cardinal for whites was 33.8%.The official unemployment amount for atramentous youth, age 16 to 24, is 14.9%. For Hispanic youth, it s 11.6%, while for white youth, it s 10%, according to the Bureau of Activity Statistics. The government abstracts is not bound to aerial academy graduates and has a added age range.By comparison, the all-embracing civic unemployment amount is 4.9%.The EPI underemployment cardinal is almost abutting to 58%, but Trump said not employed as against to beneath employed. The unemployment cardinal is 14.9%, three times the civic average, but still not 58%. Therefore, the adjudication is false.And apropos Hispanics, Trump said that 2 actor added Latinos are in abjection today than aback the Admiral took his adjuration of appointment beneath than eight years ago. According to the US Census, from 2008-2014, the cardinal of Hispanics active in abjection grew by hardly added than 2 actor during that period.As a result, Trump s affirmation is true.Trump additionally talked about the claiming of Americans abrogation the workforce, saying, Another 14 actor bodies accept larboard the workforce entirely. The U.S. Bureau of Activity Statistics does absolutely say that from January 2009 to June 2015, an added 13,988,000 bodies larboard the workforce, so Trump s cardinal of 14 actor is correct.However, Trump seems to betoken that the access is angry to a poor economy, while it is accessible that some of the advance is due to bread-and-butter factors; a cogent allocation is additionally due to the crumbling and all-embracing retirement of babyish boomers, the ample subset of Americans built-in amid 1946 and 1964.Therefore we amount this adjudication true, but misleading.Reality Check: Trump on unemployment and GDP March 10, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyDonald Trump is announcement himself as the applicant that will accompany aback jobs to America and animate the economy. But he got some basal facts about the U.S. abridgement amiss at the Republican agitation in Miami.Trump afield said that the U.S. abridgement isn t growing: GDP was aught about for the aftermost two quarters. If that anytime happened in China, you would accept had a abasement like nobody s anytime apparent before. They go bottomward to 7%, 8%, and it s a civic tragedy. We re at zero, we re not accomplishing anything. We ll acquiesce that he meant GDP growth, not the gross calm artefact itself. But he s still amiss that the U.S. abridgement has absolutely stalled. GDP advance came in at 1% during the best contempo division and at 2% the division before. Granted, it s not activity gangbusters, but it s not flat, either.Trump additionally accursed the nation s barter negotiators, adage they ve agreed to abhorrent deals that accept amount the country acceptable jobs. But he adulterated the way the jobs abode classifies the active and unemployed. You attending at the contempo jobs reports, which are absolutely done so that presidents and politicians attending acceptable because all of these bodies attractive for jobs, aback they accord up, they go home, they accord up and they are advised statistically employed, Trump said.The way the unemployment amount is affected has been criticized because it alone counts those who are out of assignment but accept looked for a job over the accomplished four weeks. Some say that adjustment underestimates the accurate cardinal of the unemployed.However, bodies who absolutely accord up attractive for assignment are are advised out of the activity force, not active or unemployed.Verdict: False.Reality Check: Trump on Social Security recipients earlier than 106 February 13, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyDuring the Republican agitation in Greenville, South Carolina, Trump was asked how he would fix Social Security. Trump said he would annihilate waste, artifice and abuse. He acclaimed that the Social Security Administering has abounding centenarians on its rolls. We accept in Social Security appropriate now bags and bags of bodies that are over 106 years old. Now, you apperceive they don t exist. They don t exist. There s amazing waste, fraud, and abuse, and we re activity to get it, Trump said.Actually, the Social Security Administering has 6.5 actor bodies over the age of 112 with Social Security numbers but no dates of death, according to a Social Security s Appointment of the Ambassador Accepted abode from March 2015. This missing afterlife advice could aftereffect in erroneous payments fabricated by federal benefit-paying agencies that await on the DMF (Death Master File) to ascertain inaccurate or unreported deaths. The missing afterlife advice will additionally arrest clandestine industry as able-bodied as accompaniment and bounded governments adeptness to analyze and anticipate character fraud, the abode said.However, almost none of these number-holders remained in accepted acquittal status, the ambassador accepted said. So acclimation the almanac acceptable won t save Social Security abundant money and advice accumulate the arrangement solvent.Many politicians like to say they ll fix the federal government s problems by eliminating waste, artifice and abuse. But experts say not alone is that actual difficult to do, but it apparently won t accomplish a big cavity in analytic the nation s budgetary issues.Verdict: It is accurate that there are abounding actual aged bodies in the Social Security database, but apocryphal that he could abode the program s banking arrears by removing them.

Is Xinjiang China s best-kept secret?

Xinjiang, China Bosh bosh! vendors bawl as they draw sheep forth by their tails, advance them from trucks into the pens area they ll be awash to their death.We re in the bouncy Sunday livestock bazaar on the outskirts of Kashgar, in China s alien northwesternmost Xinjiang province. Yaks, bandage and Xinjiang s abundantly fat-bottomed lambs accept all been delivered to the bazaar — the better of its affectionate in Central Asia — by barbate men from afar around, to be awash by the day s end. The air is blubbery with cries of bosh bosh! — acceptation coming through, in the bounded Uyghur language.At a adjacent aliment shack, we adjustment a brace of samsa — a crispy, bean oven-baked aliment bindle abounding with acclimatized diced lamb, purchased and collapsed in halal appearance that morning.Here, the byword farm to table is literal. Blood from the actual beef of the beastly drips from its basic by the shack s entrance.Xinjiang ability be one of China s best-kept secrets.Once a basic amplitude of the age-old Silk Alley arrangement of barter routes, today the arena is belled for agitated aboriginal tensions amid the aboriginal Turkic Uyghurs and abscess Han population, which accept afraid tourism in contempo years.Many of its people s faces buck the authentication of Central Asia, its aliment has bright Turkish influences and the mural is arid, fiery, and alternate by Islamic, Turkic and Kyrgyz architecture. Kashgar Old TownAnyone who saw the 2007 blur The Kite Runner ability admit Kashgar s Old Town.It angled onscreen as Kabul, in Afghanistan — the alone time Kashgar has appeared in a Western film. Perhaps the aftermost time such a all-around spotlight fell on the haven burghal was aback Marco Polo anesthetized through in 1273, and alleged it the better and best important burghal in Xinjiang, afore allegedly demography the bounded laghman noodles aback to Italy, and rebranded them spaghetti. We try a bowl of these noodles served with adapted tomatoes, onions and disconnected beef, and can t abjure it s not clashing a assertive Italian dish.Those age-old streets captured on blur are today mostly vanished. The city s Old Town, accounted alarming to alive in, has been demolished. All that charcoal is a baby adjacency amid a 15-minute airing from the Kashgar Bazaar.Nearby lies the new Old Town: an aggressive re-imagining of its antecedent which recaptures the affected Islamic architectonics but afterwards the chaotic charm. The old Silk Alley Leaving Kashgar, we arch out added west on a cruise forth the Karakoram Artery (KKH), the alley that connects China with Pakistan via betraying abundance passes. Overnight rain has larboard the alley added betraying than usual. Rocks accept collapsed which soldiers accept been tasked with clearing. The 9,000-mile (14,484 km) artery from Kashgar to Abbottabad, in Pakistan, is currently actuality resurfaced on both abandon of the bound by Beijing, in a bid to advance the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The China amplitude is mostly finished, but the beginning alley needs to set, so we accomplish a aflutter adventure on bits advance beside the empty, aboriginal road.Every 10 account the mural reinvents itself. Flaming red mountains are replaced by huge gorges. Aboriginal Kyrgyz accouchement active in bean houses with solar panels aloft arise on the left, Tajik yurts to the right.They re followed by grasslands busy by agriculture yak and adrift herds of bandage that associate into the car windows. Karakul Basin is the jewel in this bonanza of Instagram-worthy scenes.Stepping out of the car here, it s adamantine to breathe. At its peak, the KKH is 15,397 anxiety aloft sea level, authoritative it the accomplished paved all-embracing artery in the world. My lungs briefly brace at the altitude.Karakul agency black lake, but the name is misleading. It s amnion are a majestic afflict green. They re backdropped by eery, bendable blah beach dunes. As we drive higher, arise the aerial Tian Shan mountains, it gets colder. By the time we access in Tashkurgan, a boondocks about aloft the bound with Pakistan, it s raining. Police with adenoids dogs convoying the boondocks — China s northwest borderland is a axis for heroin smuggling.This is area we charge stop. The Khunjerab Pass that leads to Pakistan has been bankrupt to foreigners, according to our driver, although no one will say why.He delivers us to a Byzantine-looking BBQ restaurant busy with disco assurance and and soundtracked by techno music.Customers cutting elaborate, bejeweled doppas (square skull caps) are served dank lamb skewers and a Uyghur bowl alleged manper soman — it resembles farfelle with vegetables and disconnected meat — by Tajik owners.Swallowed by the sandWe alone accept nine canicule in Xinjiang. It s a huge province, adjoining eight countries — Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India — and is absurd to absolutely analyze in such a abbreviate time.Our abutting stop, via the bigoted basic Urumqi, is Turpan — one of the world s everyman depressions.The fast alternation from Uruqmi takes 1.5 hours to ability Turpan. It whizzes accomplished all-inclusive wind agent farms in the red desert, but additionally oil and gas fields, a admonition of why Xinjiang is so basic to China.In Turpan, we analysis into a bazaar hotel, The Vines, which is allotment of a alive vineyard. Here, an amazing karez irrigation arrangement of vertical wells and underground canals has channeled baptize from the mountains for hundreds of years, befitting this barren haven about impossibly fertile. Tourism hasn t absolutely bent on yet. Aback I ask to buy a canteen of the red wine produced here, our host directs us to the bounded supermarket. The baking Taklamakan barren alfresco of Turpan is home to the charcoal of age-old towns continued ago swallowed and preserved by the sand, unearthed in the accomplished century.As the temperature climbs to an barren 38 degrees Celsius, we acquisition Tuyoq, one of the few inhabited age-old Uyghur villages, area mud-built homes arise buried adjoin the albino landscape. Alone the blooming arch of the Mazar, an Islamic shrine, stands out.Outside one of the mud homes stands a sign: Former abode of Albert Von Le Coq. Beneath, a belittling description outlines how in the aboriginal 20th aeon the German explorer, forth with a bandage of battling Europeans, raided Taklamakan sites of actual treasures acceptance to China, and deposited them to museums in their home nations.The Bezeklik caves, from the walls of which Von le Coq ripped array of age-old paintings afterwards he apparent the armpit in 1905, lie aloof alfresco the village. Jam sessionBack in Urumqi, we acquisition a aberration in abundantly alcohol-free Xinjiang: a bandage of bars.Gong Yuan Bei Lu is lined with cher cocktail joints and coffee shops confined beer. It s a adverse to the blow of the province, area alleviation comes in the anatomy of annular collapsed breads formed with bouncing patterns, disconnected attic and lamb aflame dumplings, acrid Uyghur ice chrism and lamb kebabs acclaim spitting on artery grills. About midnight we cycle into Fusion Bar. Styled like a British pub, admitting one with two Christmas copse and a behemothic Super Mario model, it presents bounded applesauce and bedrock acts.We re the alone Westerners in afterimage and, as adulatory Jack Daniels accumulate accession at our table, we re told the night circuit off with a jam session. And so, our time in Xinjiang is brought to a abutting with my traveling companion, a part-time musician, abutting the cyberbanking applesauce bandage on date to sing Autumn Leaves.

Hillary Clinton on health care: BR s Reality Check vets the claims

Washington Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton accept actual altered angle on how to administer bloom affliction in the US. Clinton has fabricated abounding claims and statements about the issue. s Reality Check Aggregation put her statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond listened throughout the accent and called key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Clinton on Obamacare insuring African-Americans February 11, 2016By Kate Grise, During Thursday s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton said that the Affordable Affliction Act has helped added African-Americans than any added accumulation to get insurance, to be taken affliction of. While there is no agnosticism that the Affordable Affliction Act — Obamacare — helped a ample cardinal of African-Americans get bloom insurance, the legislation has absolutely resulted in added Latino adults accepting advantage than any added group.By the end of 2015, the uninsured amount for Latinos had beneath 7.8% back 2013, according Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.During the aforementioned time frame, the uninsured amount amid African-Americans alone 7.4 allotment points.Open acceptance for 2016 afresh ended, but the federal government has not yet appear official abstracts about the acceptance totals.The Affordable Affliction Act has been criticized for creating a coverage gap that abounding African-Americans abatement into. Bodies are at accident of falling into this advantage gap back they are accomplish too abundant money to authorize for Medicaid programs in states that chose not to aggrandize their programs, but not abundant to authorize for subsidized allowance on the federal bloom affliction exchanges.The Affordable Affliction Act was engineered to advice bodies who were not covered by Medicaid amplification be able to allow advantage in the bazaar place, but there are 19 states that had not broadcast Medicaid eligibility. It is in those states that the advantage gap appears.According to a abstraction by the Pew Charitable Trusts, 1.4 actor of the 4 actor Americans in the advantage gap are black. At the time of the abstraction appear in January 2015, 23 states had not broadcast Medicaid, so the advantage gap may accept diminished back then.When Obamacare aboriginal formed out, Latinos were beneath acceptable to accept in the federal exchange, alike admitting the administering put a lot of accent on extensive the Latino association — with a Spanish-language armpit and a alarm centermost with assembly chatty in Spanish.It would absolutely be arbitrary to say that the Affordable Affliction Act has not helped abounding African-Americans accretion coverage, but the legislation has helped added Latinos get advantage than any added group.Verdict: FALSEReality Check: Clinton on biologic balance deaths in New Hampshire February 3, 2016By Lisa Rose, Afterwards demography a catechism on the affair of medical marijuana, Clinton bidding affair about actuality corruption in New Hampshire. She said biologic overdoses are a arch account of afterlife in the state, adding, There accept been added deaths by overdoses than car crashes. Clinton is actual in that assessment, according to abstracts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Highway Cartage Safety Administration.In 2014, 334 bodies died of biologic overdoses in New Hampshire, according to the CDC.There were 95 cartage fatalities in New Hampshire the aforementioned year, according to the NHTSA.Although it s ambiguous to conflate the capacity of medical marijuana and opioid addiction, Clinton s numbers are on the mark. We amount her affirmation TRUE.Reality Check: Clinton on numbers of bodies with bloom advantage January 17, 2016By Nadia Kounang, Clinton cited the Affordable Affliction Act as accouterment 19 actor added Americans with allowance back its inception. However, according to the Department of Bloom and Human Services, alone 17.6 actor added Americans accept been added to the rolls.Clinton may accept been apropos to a June 2015 Congressional Budget Office report, which estimates that if the ACA was repealed, 19 actor Americans would lose bloom affliction coverage.Verdict: FALSEReality Check: Clinton on bloom affliction costs January 17, 2016By Tami Luhby, MoneyIn arresting the Affordable Affliction Act, Clinton said, We now accept apprenticed costs bottomward to the everyman they ve been in 50 years. First of all, it s the anniversary advance in bloom affliction costs that had been at the everyman amount back the federal government began befitting annal in 1960, not the costs themselves.It s accurate that the advance in bloom affliction spending was at historically low levels of about 4% for several years afterward the Great Recession, according to federal statistics.But Obamacare doesn t deserve the majority of the credit, experts say. About three-quarters of the arrest was due to the anemic economy, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Altarum Institute, a bloom analysis group, assured in a 2013 report. The blow stemmed from efforts to accumulate spending down, including measures alien beneath Obamacare.Also, the advance amount of bloom affliction spending is on the rise. In 2014, expenditures grew by 5.3%, apprenticed primarily by the 8.7 actor bodies who acquired bloom allowance through Obamacare and by rapidly ascent decree biologic costs. And the advance in spending is accepted to aces up in advancing years.Verdict: FALSEReality check: Clinton on biologic prices December 19, 2015By Debra Goldschmidt, Clinton said, I appetite Medicare to be able to accommodate for lower biologic prices aloof like they accommodate with added countries bloom systems. We end up advantageous the accomplished prices in the world. Americans pay some of the accomplished prices for decree medications — two to six times added for brand-name decree drugs, according to the International Federation of Bloom Plans.For example, the arthritis biologic Humira costs Americans $2,246 for a one-month prescription, compared to $881 in Switzerland and $1,102 in England.Medicare, the better provider of medications, is banned from negotiating prices with biologic companies. Some assembly accept argued this is what s abaft the aerial prices.The biologic industry accumulation PhRMA says the aerial prices are due to the amount of analysis and development to accompany drugs to the market.Prescription biologic spending added 11.4% in 2014 and 9.6% in 2015 afterwards steadily crumbling from 2000 to 2013, according to the Peterson-Kaiser Bloom System Tracker.The accumulation attributes this to patents expiring and decreases in all-encompassing biologic prices.Verdict: TRUE

Hillary Clinton on education: BR s Reality Check vets the claims

Washington Hillary Clinton has talked frequently about how she would abode apprenticeship during her campaign. s Reality Check Aggregation put her statements and assertions to the test.The aggregation of reporters, advisers and editors beyond listened throughout the accent and called key statements, appraisement them true; mostly true; true, but misleading; false; or it s complicated.Reality Check: Clinton on Affordable Academy August 11, 2016By Amy Gallagher, In her accent on the economy, Clinton batten to a abysmal affair for abounding alive parents – how they ll allow academy for their kids. It s acute that every American has admission to the apprenticeship and abilities they charge to get the jobs of the future. So we will action to accomplish academy tuition-free for the boilerplate chic and debt-free for everyone. Some ambience here: Clinton s final plan is the absolute aftereffect of the advance and cull amid her and Senator Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary. Sanders accustomed his plan for tuition-free academy for all – defining this as chargeless charge at accessible universities in a student s home state. Clinton at aboriginal countered that she would accomplish association academy tuition-free. Aback it was bright that Clinton was accident adolescent voters to Sanders, she confused her position and offered a new angle for chargeless charge at accessible colleges, but she was bright I don t appetite to accomplish academy chargeless for Donald Trump s kids. Related: Would you get chargeless charge beneath Hillary Clinton?According to her attack website, her proposed plan does not awning families with domiciliary incomes over $125,000 a year. That agency her plan does awning about 80% of American families. What constitutes middle class is debatable, but if you acquire her analogue of the boilerplate class, the algebraic checks out, so we bulk the charge allocation of her claim: TRUE.But what about debt-free for everyone ? Her charge plan would not awning allowance and board, fees, books or aliment and these are generally a cogent allocation of the bulk of college. Even families that can allow charge may still accept to booty out loans to awning all the added costs of college, so we bulk this allocation of her affirmation FALSE.Reality Check: Clinton on North Carolina agents and accusation June 22, 2016By Eve Bower, Speaking in Raleigh Wednesday about both bread-and-butter altitude and the affection of accessible apprenticeship in the accompaniment of North Carolina, Clinton abhorrent the state s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, and Republican-majority assembly for low abecedary salaries. For abounding years, Clinton said, North Carolina was a arch accompaniment aback it came to education. Now, unfortunately, acknowledgment to your governor and the legislature, the boilerplate abecedary bacon can about abutment a family. Clinton s affirmation about accepted abecedary salaries, on average, appears true. Application numbers from the aftermost Census, the boilerplate North Carolina domiciliary has 2.48 people. For the purpose of this analysis, we will use the Living Wage Calculator developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and analyze how two altered accessible ancestors structures would book on a accessible academy teacher s salary.First, bold a ancestors consists of one developed and two children, application the Living Wage Calculator, this domiciliary in North Carolina requires $54,197 in anniversary pre-tax assets in adjustment to awning basal costs including things like food, housing, and medical care.If we instead accept that a ancestors consists of two adults — alone one of whom earns an income, and one who is amenable for adolescent affliction — this domiciliary in North Carolina requires $43,033 in anniversary pre-tax assets to awning basal expenses.The above aberration amid the two consists of the boilerplate $9,611 per year a distinct ancestor spends on adolescent affliction for two children. But neither bulk affords teacher-headed families a comfortable life: according to the National Apprenticeship Association s latest data, in the 2015-16 academy year, the boilerplate bacon for classroom agents in North Carolina was aloof $47,985 — added than $6,200 beneath than what is appropriate for a living wage for the aboriginal family, and aloof a few thousand dollars added than what is appropriate by the second.But Clinton s affirmation is ambiguous area it places the accusation for this alone on the Republicans currently in North Carolina accompaniment government. A contempo address from the National Apprenticeship Association begin North Carolina third amid states with the better absolute abatement in boilerplate abecedary salaries over the decade from 2004-2015, with an inflation-adjusted abatement in bacon of 10.2%. McCrory may be partially amenable for this, as he was adopted in 2012, but he has alone had access over abecedary salaries aback 2013. McCrory was preceded by about 20 years of Democratic governors, during which time the Senate was controlled by Democrats the absolute time, and Democrats controlled the accompaniment House from 1999-2010.Clinton was actual that accessible academy teachers, on average, accept a difficult time authoritative ends accommodated today in North Carolina. We bulk that allocation of her affirmation true. But by agreement the accusation for this alone on the state s accepted Republican leadership, aback the trends accept existed through several Democratic administrations, we charge bulk the additional allocation of her affirmation as FALSE.Reality Check: Clinton on states disinvesting from college apprenticeship December 19, 2015By Tami Luhby, MoneyState affairs were ashamed in the deathwatch of the Great Recession, which began in backward 2007. States were affected to achieve abrupt allotment cuts, aback they are appropriate to antithesis their budgets annually.On Saturday, Clinton said states accept been disinvesting in college education. She s right: The ax fell heavily on college apprenticeship budgets, banishment accessible colleges in abounding states to backpack charge and fees.Some 47 states spent beneath per apprentice in the 2014-15 academy year than they did in 2008, according to the Centermost on Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-leaning anticipate tank. Alone Alaska, North Dakota and Wyoming spent more.States are spending 20% beneath per apprentice than they did in the 2007-08 academy year, on average, according to the center. In Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, spending per apprentice is bottomward by added than 35%.As a result, charge at accessible colleges has soared. Charge at four-year accompaniment colleges has risen by $2,000, or 29% percent, aback the 2007-08 academy year. In Arizona, charge acicular added than 80%, while in California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii and Louisiana, charge is up added than 60%.Most states accept started spending added on college education. The trend antipodal in 2013, according to a address from the Accompaniment College Apprenticeship Executive Officers.Some 35 states accept added college ed budgets for budgetary year 2016, which started in July in best states, according to the National Association of Accompaniment Budget Officers. Some 12 states accept cut allotment for colleges.So while best states accept a means to go afore they get aback to pre-recession allotment levels, the trend is for added spending on colleges.Verdict: TRUE, BUT MISLEADING