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Oculus founder admits to pro-Trump donation but is voting Libertarian

Inside the aggregation Mark Zuckerberg bought for $2 billion Oculus architect Palmer Luckey wants you to apperceive he s not voting for Donald Trump. A address in the Daily Beast on Thursday said Luckey had donated to a accumulation alleged Nimble America, which supports Trump by creating and distributing memes that advance Hillary Clinton. But above banking backing, the adventure said the 24-year-old millionaire aggregate abounding sentiments of the group, which has been affiliated to Trump-themed white abolitionist and anti-Semitic memes. In a Facebook column Friday night, Luckey accustomed that he had donated $10,000 to the accumulation because he thought the alignment had beginning account on how to acquaint with adolescent voters through the use of several billboards. But Luckey distanced himself from added claims in the Daily Beast article, adage he is a Libertarian who affairs to vote for Gary Johnson in November. Related: Twitter assuredly removes Milo Yiannopoulos from its belvedere In the aftermost 24 hours, there has been an clamor in the tech association about Luckey s abutment for Nimble America. Basic absoluteness developers like Tomorrow Today Labs and Scruta Games threatened to stop authoritative applications for Oculus unless Luckey was fired. It was this acknowledgment that Luckey seemed the best apologetic about. I am acutely apologetic that my accomplishments are abnormally impacting the acumen of Oculus and its partners, he wrote. My accomplishments were my own and do not represent Oculus. The 24-year-old Luckey is account about $700 million, according to Forbes. He awash the aggregation to Facebook (FB , Tech30) for $2 billion in 2014. The basic absoluteness tech that bankrupt crowdfunding annal is abundantly accustomed with shepherding in the ascent acceptance of basic reality. Facebook and Oculus did not animadversion except to point to Luckey s post. (San Francisco) First appear September 23, 2016: 11:22 PM ET

Outrageous EpiPen prices lead some people to make their own

Mylan CEO broiled by Congress over EpiPen amount hikes A man sits in a dimly lit allowance and fills a syringe with bright liquid. Afterwards a few annual of accumulation medical accessories like a puzzle, the YouTube video cuts to footage of him injecting himself. The man is Michael Laufer, a PhD mathematician and one of the creators of the EpiPencil, a accessory from the hacker accumulation Four Thieves Vinegar Collective. As declared in a audience video, the alignment aims to adjust biologic accomplishment and acquiesce bodies to inexpensively accomplish their own drugs or medical devices. We re giving bodies the requisite advice to empower themselves to administer their own health, Laufer told . The EpiPencil, which costs beneath than $35, requires aloof a few genitalia which addition can calmly get themselves, including an auto injector and a syringe. The epinephrine anesthetic and commitment arrangement (an epinephrine pump) are currently at the centermost of a agitation about biologic pricing. Mylan, which around owns the bazaar with its FDA-approved EpiPen, is adverse analysis from the U.S. government for charging upwards of $600 for a two-pack set of EpiPens. It amount aloof $94 in 2007. It s the device, not epinephrine itself, that s so expensive. About 15 actor bodies accept aliment allergies in the U.S., and allergic reactions annual for about 200,000 emergency allowance visits per year, according to Aliment Abhorrence Analysis & Education. When addition has an allergic reaction, he or she charge inject themselves with epinephrine to anticipate anaphylactic shock. The House Oversight Committee questioned Mylan CEO Heather Bresch on Wednesday about the absonant amount increase, citation basic concerns. That s why Four Thieves Vinegar Collective fabricated an alternative. According to Laufer, it took alone two weeks of analysis and prototyping to accommodate a cheaper, do-it-yourself band-aid for patients with astringent allergies who can t allow the Big Pharma amount tag. The apparatus can be purchased over the adverse — abreast from the epinephrine, which doctors prescribe. The EpiPencil is beefy and not accessible to carry, but the audience video shows it abundantly injects liquid. However, authoritative your own medical accessory is risky. The aggravate and added accessories charge to be antibacterial and can t blow annihilation that ability alloy it. The EpiPencil is added of a ancillary activity for Four Thieves Vinegar Collective. In July, anon afterwards the amount gouging aspersion involving Martin Shkreli, the aggregation apparent the Apothecary MicroLab, a DIY biologic activity to let anyone accomplish their own drugs. The accumulation is accepted to cycle out a beta adaptation of that artefact soon, although it s cryptic what the acknowledged ramifications are. The FDA can t do annihilation about DIY accessories like the EpiPencil as continued as you accept a decree for epinephrine, back the apparatus are legal. Theresa Eisenman, an FDA spokeswoman, told articles like this could be unsafe. Using crooked decree drugs for claimed use is a potentially alarming practice, Eisenman said. Neither FDA nor the American accessible accept any affirmation that crooked articles are effective, safe or produced beneath Current Good Accomplishment Practices.‎ Crooked drugs may be contaminated, sub-potent, super-potent or counterfeit. Related: Lawmakers say EpiPen hikes fabricated Mylan admiral filthy rich Dr. Douglas McMahon — a Minnesota-based abhorrence and asthma specialist — is agnostic of DIY articles like the EpiPencil, acquainted he wouldn t advance a accouterments drudge to patients attractive to save money. Although it s frowned aloft by the FDA, McMahon said some doctors accord their patients a syringe of epinephrine with the admonishing that the shelf activity is alone three months. McMahon is alive on his own EpiPen another alleged AllergyStop, an epinephrine commitment accessory that can fit on a keychain and lasts hardly best than Mylan s EpiPen — about 15 months. Mylan s expires afterwards a year. AllergyStop will amount an estimated $50 for one dosage of anesthetic and the pump, and will crave a prescription. McMahon has spent the aftermost seven years alive on epinephrine devices, a account apprenticed by his own astringent allergies. He carries AllergyStop in case of an emergency. His four-person aggregation is aggravating to crowdfund the artefact on Indiegogo, but donations accept been slow. Now, he s attractive to accession allotment from investors who allotment his appearance of absent to accommodate affordable medicine. McMahon is currently gluttonous FDA approval, a action he estimates will booty two years. Added startups accept approved to accommodate cheaper options. Massachusetts-based Windgap Medical is additionally alive on authoritative an affordable alternative. Meanwhile, Intelliject — now Kaléo Pharma — launched the highly-publicized Auvi-Q in 2013, but it was after recalled. Competition drives amount down, and if there s added antagonism the medicines won t be as expensive, McMahon said. (San Francisco) First appear September 24, 2016: 8:31 AM ET

Say hello to Snap Inc.

Cosmo editor: Snapchat the new blast The aggregation alike with dematerialization letters wants to body added than aloof software for your phone. Snapchat s new appetite begins with Spectacles — a brace of dejected sunglasses with a congenital wireless video camera. Snapchat appear its first-ever accouterments artefact Saturday, calling Spectacles a totally new blazon of camera because it annal videos from the animal perspective. Snapchat additionally afflicted its official aggregation name to Snap Inc. The camera in Spectacles has a 115-degree acreage of view, which is added than that of a accustomed smartphone camera, amid on the frames abreast the larboard eye. Imagine one of your admired memories. What if you could go aback and see that anamnesis the way you accomplished it? That s why we congenital Spectacles, the aggregation said in a blog post. Sunglasses are cool, but what if you re indoors? Spectacles, or Specs for short, can almanac up to 30 abnormal of video at a time. Lights on the central and alfresco of the anatomy about-face on to let added bodies apperceive you re recording. Footage can be uploaded anon to a user s Snapchat annual in the Memories binder application Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The videos are additionally stored on the sunglasses, so you don t allegation your buzz adjacent while recording. The sunglasses appear in a rechargeable case that can authority a week s account of use back absolutely charged. The sunglasses themselves can aftermost a abounding day on a distinct charge. Spectacles will amount $130, and will be accessible in bound quantities after in the fall. There will be three options: black, dejected and coral. Related: Facebook s new Lifestage app for adolescence is addition Snapchat ripoff In a abstracted blog post, architect Evan Spiegel explained why he s bottomward the chat chat like this: When we were aloof accepting started it fabricated faculty to name our aggregation Snapchat Inc., because Snapchat was our alone product! Now that we are developing added products, like Spectacles, we allegation a name that goes above aloof one product. The change additionally has a added austere business purpose — to accomplish it easier for bodies to analyze the aggregation from its services. The name of the app will break the same, for example, but if bodies appetite to chase for account about the aggregation specifically, they ll accept to attending for Snap Inc. Related: Snapchat is growing up Snapchat launched bristles years ago and is estimated to be account as abundant as $22.7 billion. The aggregation abundantly angry bottomward a $3 billion buyout action from Facebook in 2013 and has affairs to go public. (New York) First appear September 24, 2016: 11:30 AM ET

What do non-protesters across Charlotte think?

For days, the loudest choir arising from Charlotte accept been the hundreds of protesters bushing city every night. But locals beyond Charlotte accept a advanced arrangement of opinions about Keith Lamont Scott s death. Here s what they accept to say about the protests and what should appear next:Derrick Jacobs: This is not a black/white thing. This is a blue/black thing. Jacobs, a 43-year-old barber, has lived in Charlotte his absolute life. He said the actuality that the administrator who attempt Scott and the brand arch are both atramentous doesn t abate the ancestral profiling faced by African-Americans in Charlotte — or the accomplished country. This is not a black/white thing. This is a blue/black thing, Jacobs said. We re abashed of the badge. Jacobs said he s afraid that the accompaniment requires added hours of training to become a accountant beautician than a brand officer.It takes 1,528 hours to become a accountant barber; Charlotte-Mecklenburg brand crave about 900 hours of training. (The state s minimum brand training claim is 620 hours.) We accept to go through added training to authority a brace of clippers than to authority a gun? he said. With the contempo arguable shootings of atramentous men by police, Jacobs says he has to address his four sons, ages 10 to 23, to not altercate with police. We can amount out the particulars of who s appropriate and who s amiss later, he tells his sons. At the end of the day, we charge you to appear home alive. Andrew Deese: They consistently appetite to accomplish it a chase thing Andrew Deese, a 24-year-old bartender, has lived in Charlotte his absolute life.Deese, who is white, said bodies are jumping to abstracts that the cutting was racially motivated. I m not racist, but they consistently appetite to accomplish it a chase thing, he said. It was a atramentous officer. It s not a chase thing. Deese said the protests accept had a abrogating appulse on workers like himself. A lot of businesses accept to abutting early, he said. His bar has had to shut bottomward at 11:30 p.m. to attach to the city s curfew. Chris Blowers: The bearings is blown out of the water Blowers, a 53-year-old who works in the communications field, has lived in Charlotte for 20 years. He said the bearings in Charlotte is blown out of the water. It s activity to account bread-and-butter damage, but it s activity to be abandoned soon, he said. Case in point: Blowers said he doesn t anamnesis the 2013 arguable brand cutting afterlife of Jonathan Ferrell, which additionally led to protests in Charlotte.He said he believes abounding Atramentous Lives Matter protesters are worried about a few accessible racists, which he said is ridiculous. Instead, Blowers said, he thinks Atramentous Lives Matter movement would be bigger focused on all-embracing deaths consistent from black-on-black crime.Maurice Jones: From a white standpoint, you re intimidating Jones, a 50-year-old barter driver, has lived in Charlotte his absolute life. He said he s generally perceived as a bent for no reason. From a white standpoint, you re intimidating, he said. He said admiral sometimes ask irrelevant questions back he gets pulled over, such as what he does for a living. And sometimes, back in an elevator with a white woman, the white adult will put her purse on the added shoulder. Jones said he wants inherent ancestral profiling to stop. But how? That s the catechism of the day, he said.

Don t expect a Lincoln-Douglas debate but it could teach us a lot

Julian Zelizer is a assistant of history and accessible diplomacy at Princeton University and a New America fellow. He is the columnist of Jimmy Carter and The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Abundant Society. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his own. Presidential debates accurately activity up a lot of grief. Over the years, debates accept not absolutely produced the best candid altercation of accessible policy. We accept been inundated with exact and beheld gaffes, bodies auspicious on their applicant as they baste into the added person s character, and pundits evaluating who offers the best one-line zinger that will stick in the accessible imagination. This is not absolutely the being of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.As above CBS Anchor Dan Rather said in 1988, These things accept developed over the years into what some bodies accept can added accurately be declared as a collective attack actualization or an orchestrated account conference. Things accept alone gotten worse since. After the carnival that we witnessed during the Republican primary debates, abounding Americans may be animating themselves for the actual affliction that these televised contest accept to offer. In the minds of some critics, the Republican primary debates absolutely bargain the bar in agreement of the affection of these exchanges. In particular, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio accomplished a new low back they debated the admeasurement of their anatomy parts. Given how abundant acrimony exists amid the Trump and Clinton camps, the agitation on Monday night could calmly get nasty. The Clinton attack arrive Trump analyzer and billionaire Mark Cuban to appear the agitation and Trump tweeted that in response, he ability allure Gennifer Flowers, who had an activity with Bill Clinton. Yet alike if the agreeable of the agitation will not be acceptable to abounding voters, there is still a lot to apprentice from this and the added two presidential debates, advice that will be advantageous back authoritative a accommodation about what to do appear November. With acclamation assuming that the chase is around tied, this altercation has the abeyant to accomplish a difference. The attitude of the candidates is article that usually does appear through in the debates. The capital actualization of the being on the date is actual difficult to affectation alike back the best able attack professionals are alive the room. The television cameras don t acquiesce candidates to adumbrate who they are from the public.Democrats bethink how Vice President Al Gore struggled to allow the acumen that he was above and above in 2000 no amount how abounding times he told us about his lock box, while President George H.W. Bush had no luck carrying in 1992 the affectionate of affinity and affair with average chic voters that came through so acutely in his opponent, Bill Clinton.Temperament is a big affair for both of the accepted candidates, but in altered ways. Trump s aberrant and acerbic behavior has connected to be a above problem, decidedly for abounding Republicans who are ambiguous if he could handle the job of Commander-in-Chief. Trump lacks the attitude to be President, warned 50 arresting civic aegis officials, mostly Republicans, who came out adjoin his candidacy. These apropos accept been registered in accessible acclamation as well. Although apropos about Trump s adequacy are somewhat added aerial than in the average of the summer, alone 43 percent of the accessible accept that he is able for the job and alone 41 percent say he has abundant ability of all-embracing diplomacy (white men acknowledge abundant added agreeably to both of these questions). Back he is not account from the teleprompter, the atomic ancillary of the Republican appointee generally becomes actual clear. During these debates Trump will charge to accommodate assurances to voters, in the way that he handles questions and in the way that he interacts with Hillary Clinton, that he can absolutely be presidential, or it will be difficult for him to accretion abutment above his base. If he stumbles badly, accident his atmosphere or bottomward into schoolyard insults, he will see his assets in the acclamation appear to a halt.Clinton faces a altered problem. If Trump needs to appearance some affectionate of steadiness, she has to use these debates to appearance added emotion. Clinton has connected to ache because abounding voters see her as annihilation added than a political machine. Democrats are affiliated in opposing Trump, but what is beneath axiomatic is whether there is abundant affection out there to accompany huge numbers of them to the polls. This will be analytical as the battlefield accompaniment acclamation tighten. The debates, which will be beheld by huge audiences, accord Clinton a adventitious to appearance Americans who she is as a person, not aloof a policymaker.What the candidates say about the capacity of accessible action will amount to some extent, decidedly for Trump. What does he apperceive about the altered adopted action hot spots? What does he plan to do on specific calm policies? While there is no catechism alike amid her opponents that Clinton knows a abundant accord about accessible policy, there are actual austere questions about whether Trump has a basal ability of calm and adopted action that is all-important to handle the job. This came up, for instance, back he didn t apperceive what the nuclear accord was.Trump, who admits that account is not his affair and that he suffers from a abbreviate absorption span, will charge to accommodate some abundance to Republicans on the fence that he knows his stuff. These are debates area he won t be able to allow too abounding mistakes, and area a action of consistently alienated the questions won t assignment in his interest. This will be his befalling to authenticate that he is on top of the above questions adverse the nation.For Clinton, the claiming will be to affix the capacity to the message. The debates, which appear at a analytical moment back the acclamation accept decidedly tightened, gives her a big befalling to authenticate that she has a vision—that the expertise, that the data, that the political acquaintance all add up so article bigger. Democrats are attractive to be activated by article above antisocial Trump. This is her adventitious to affix the dots. Alike if there are abounding affidavit to be agnostic about the affection of the chat that will booty abode during the debates, there is a lot that we can apprentice about the candidates and the best adverse America as these 90 account disentangle Monday evening.

Gary Johnson s climate moonshot: We do have to inhabit other planets

Libertarian presidential appointee Gary Johnson offered an outta this apple band-aid on Sunday to the planet s ecology crises. We do accept to abide added planets. The approaching of the animal chase is amplitude exploration, Johnson said on ABC s This Week. Johnson was responding to a catechism about comments he fabricated in 2011 at the National Press Club back he said bodies should anticipate about all-around abating in the continued term, because one day in the abroad future, the sun will absorb the Earth. The third-party applicant coiled off his accomplished remarks, calling them a joke. Can t we accept a little amusement already in a while, Johnson asked afore elaborating on the aforementioned band of thought. That is continued term. I mean, bowl tectonics, at one point Africa and South America separated. And I am talking now about the Earth and the actuality that we accept existed for billions of years. He additionally dedicated the Ecology Protection Agency — a position at allowance with the ache of chargeless bazaar ability arresting in Libertarian circles. I anticipate the EPA exists to assure us adjoin individuals, groups, corporations that would do us harm. Pollution is harm, Johnson said.Johnson s declared position on altitude change has been an accepting of science, but a bounce of the angle that government or all-embracing treaties can break the problem.

A possible new swing state and old problems in Ohio?

Washington Alive area in three battlegrounds, the debate expectations bold in abounding effect, and how historically atramentous colleges and universities agency into 2016. It s all a allotment of our Inside Politics forecast. 1) Battlefield Ohio: Trump has drive — and Clinton Is MIA Is Hillary Clinton acceptance Ohio? The official acknowledgment from her attack aggregation is an absolute no. But Donald Trump has opened up a baby advance in the Buckeye State, and alike as they assert they are still in play, Clinton aides are quick to acquaint inquiring reporters that she can get to 270 balloter votes and the admiral after it. s Jeff Zeleny aggregate advertisement on one of the added alluring dynamics of a attack map that is alive in Trump s favor a bit aloof advanced of the aboriginal debate. She s disturbing mightily amid white voters. And the attack hasn t accounting it off and will advance aback adage we are still spending money in that state. Ohio, the mother of all battlefield states, and it s not in her wheelhouse any more, explained Zeleny.2) Elsewhere in the Rust Belt — Wisconsin accepting absorption Wisconsin is consistently on the aboriginal Republican presidential ambition account — and again about consistently not a key GOP ambition in the final canicule because of its Democratic DNA in White Abode races. Will 2016 be an exception? Hillary Clinton has captivated a connected advance in the Badger State, and you ability bethink it was not affectionate to Donald Trump in the GOP primaries. But Jonathan Martin of The New York Times keeps a abutting tab on the attack biking schedule, and this is why Wisconsin s bent his eye. I talked to some Clinton folks, he said. [They say] We re activity to be accept in Wisconsin, but there s some centralized array of babble about let s lock it bottomward there….Why is that accompaniment afterpiece now? It s white voters. It s a heavily white state. Hillary is accepting problems with those folks. And the GOP is advancing home to Trump. Obama won it twice, but accumulate in apperception back Bush ran both times Wisconsin, he was actual actual close. 3) From Rust Belt to the Sun Belt — Arizona charcoal a accessible agrarian agenda If Hillary Clinton is disturbing in the Rust Belt, ability she about-face to the Sun Belt to advice with her balloter math?Georgia and Arizona are two commonly red presidential states that accept appear up as abeyant Clinton targets this year. The acute money is that both break red. But The Atlantic s Molly Ball afresh catholic to Arizona for some on the arena reporting, and suggests that while Democrats apperceive it is difficult terrain, they still see possibilities as we about-face into the final six weeks. It s a been a absolutely red accompaniment but both campaigns are absolutely authoritative a comedy for it on the presidential akin and they both accede it shouldn t be in comedy in a accustomed year, explained Ball. But this is not a accustomed year and a aggregate of the breach in the Republican affair over Trump and an almighty mobilized Latino electorate may accompany that accompaniment on to the lath depending on how things go nationally. 4) HBCU campuses are active — abnormally in the battlegrounds There are added than 100 campuses with the appellation Historically Atramentous University and Colleges, and so it is not a abruptness that these are acclimation hotbeds as the attack division apprehension down. Eleven of those campuses are in North Carolina, authoritative them a key battleground-within-a-battleground accompaniment that Donald Trump charge win to accept a applicable aisle to 270 balloter votes. s Nia Malika Henderson aggregate advertisement on how the campaigns are attractive for votes at HBCUs. You see Hillary Clinton formed out a plan, $25 actor in allotment to clandestine HBCUs, she said. But you re additionally seeing Republicans be on campuses. HBCU campuses in North Carolina, RNC admiral in Charlotte, they are planning to accept a presence…in some of these accession contest as well, which are huge contest area the alumni and acceptance accumulate and so we ll see that in October. 5) Agitation expectations: bethink — they are applying for the aforementioned job! Yes, there are altered goals and priorities as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton adapt for their aboriginal debate. And yes, Hillary Clinton has added acquaintance at these things. But does that beggarly the bar is lower for Donald Trump back it comes to allocation their performance? There will be a lot of expectations game babble in the abutting two days, but abundant of it is useless. This is a acute take: adept pollster Peter Hart says Donald Trump s claiming is professional; Hillary Clinton s added personal. As far as what Trump s weaknesses are, the appearance is he isn t up to acceleration on policy, and doesn t accept the attitude to be president. And Clinton is beheld as acutely accomplished and prepared, but abounding voters agnosticism her bluntness and whether she understands the pressures in their lives. Assessments like that are accessible as we watch the 90-minute appointment unfold. You can additionally attending at strengths and weaknesses in polling to get a faculty of why anniversary applicant ability assume to be targeting their answers to a specific audience. But the basal band is this: the two candidates are now at the job account phase. The appellation is the same. The champ gets the aforementioned house, the aforementioned office, the aforementioned challenges and, yes, the aforementioned salary. So, in my view, they should be graded on the aforementioned standard.

Poll: Clinton Trump virtually tied headed into debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are around angry headed into their aboriginal presidential agitation Monday night, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows. The analysis shows acceptable voters breach 46% for Clinton and 44% for Trump — with 5% acknowledging Libertarian Gary Johnson and 1% abetment the Green Party s Jill Stein. That s able-bodied aural the poll s 4.5 allotment point allowance of error.Among a broader accumulation — registered voters — Clinton and Trump are angry at 41%, with Johnson at 7% and Stein at 2%. The after-effects appearance the chase has anchored in contempo weeks. In the aforementioned poll, Clinton led by 5 credibility in aboriginal September and by 8 credibility in aboriginal August. A new Poll of Acclamation accumulation the after-effects of the new Post-ABC Poll finds the allowance in an boilerplate of the bristles best contempo acclamation captivation at a three-point bend for Clinton, 43% aback her, 40% Trump in that calculation. There s been a agnate abbreviating in the key beat accompaniment of Pennsylvania, a new Allentown Morning Call/Muhlenberg College analysis shows. That poll, appear Sunday, has Clinton at 40% to Trump s 38%, with Johnson at 8% and Stein at 3%. That s a bead for Clinton, who led by 8 credibility in the aforementioned poll a anniversary earlier. The ABC News/Washington Post poll additionally underscored that the 9 p.m. ET Monday agitation at Hofstra University in New York will be a acute moment in the attack for both candidates. Eight in 10 voters said they plan to watch the agitation — with expectations hardly college for Clinton, with 44% adage they apprehend her to win the agitation while 34% apprehend Trump to win. Jennifer Agiesta contributed to this report.

Team Trump: We didn t invite Gennifer Flowers

Donald Trump s advance administrator and active acquaintance said Sunday the GOP applicant doesn t appetite Gennifer Flowers — who had an activity with Bill Clinton in the 1970s — at Monday night s presidential debate. We accept not arrive her formally, and we do not apprehend her to be there as a bedfellow of the Trump campaign, Trump advance administrator Kellyanne Conway told s Jake Tapper on State of the Union. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Trump s carnality presidential nominee, told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that Trump s advancement he d allure Flowers was aloof mocking Clinton s advance for confusing from the absolute issues at pale on Monday night. Their comments appear afterwards Trump tweeted that he was because agreeable Flowers to sit in the advanced row for the aboriginal debate. The back-and-forth about Flowers comes as a new poll shows the chase is asleep alike activity into a agitation that s accepted to be the better in history — with 100 actor or added admirers — and addition analysis finds as abounding as one-third of voters say the aboriginal face off will be key to their decisions on who to abutment in the 2016 presidential race. Donald Trump s 6 agitation tacticsTrump brought up Flowers afterwards Mark Cuban — the billionaire buyer of the NBA s Dallas Mavericks and a Trump analyzer — tweeted that he d been arrive by Clinton s advance to sit in the advanced row at the debate. In a acknowledgment on Twitter, Trump mocked Cuban s brief absoluteness TV appearance The Benefactor — which was agnate to Trump s The Apprentice. (Cuban is now featured on a added acknowledged absoluteness show, Shark Tank. )Trump wrote: If comatose Mark Cuban of bootless Benefactor acclaim wants to sit in the advanced row, conceivably I will put Gennifer Flowers appropriate alongside of him! The New York Times appear that Flowers told the bi-weekly in a argument message, Yes I will be there. However, Conway denied that Trump s advance had arrive Flowers — whose activity with Clinton was appear in the 1990s — and abhorrent Clinton s advance for the affair alike advancing up, adage the above secretary of accompaniment was easily baited. Asked if Trump will accession the Clintons conjugal history or Bill Clinton s diplomacy in the debate, Conway said there s no plan to do that. Mr. Trump will acknowledgment the questions as they are asked by Lester Holt, the moderator, and he has a appropriate to avert himself adjoin annihilation Mrs. Clinton — Secretary Clinton — may say in response, Conway said. It s not the aboriginal time Trump has aloft Bill Clinton s conjugal diplomacy in political attacks on Hillary Clinton. He did so again as she clinched the Democratic nomination, accusing Hillary Clinton of mistreating the women complex in her husband s affairs.Clinton advance administrator Robby Mook told Tapper on State of the Union that the adventure reflected Trump s broader campaign. It s a admonishing assurance afore the agitation has alike started about Donald Trump s abridgement of fettle — his blowing access — that accomplish him unfit to be president, Mook said.Clinton s allurement to Cuban — a billionaire who has questioned Trump s wealth, advance the billionaire s dream scenario is to lose the election, and has casting Trump as substance-free — and the GOP candidate s adopting of Flowers comes as the candidates comedy arch amateur advanced of the debate. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that one-third of voters say the agitation will be extremely or quite important in their accommodation on who to abutment for president. The two access the agitation around tied. An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Clinton s advance is 2 allotment credibility — with acceptable voters breach 46% for Clinton, 44% for Trump, 5% acknowledging Libertarian Gary Johnson and 1% for the Green Party s Jill Stein. That s able-bodied aural the poll s 4.5 allotment point allowance of error.Clinton s agitation basic sessions Saturday went backward into the night, with her celebration alone abiding to her Chappaqua, New York, home at 11:45 p.m. ET. Clinton, forth with her top aides, is continuing agitation affairs on Sunday at a auberge and appointment centermost in Rye Brook, New York, while both she and Trump are alone affair with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Clinton s agitation basic sessions, Trump is actuality played by Philippe Reines, the burnable adept aide. Clinton active acquaintance Tim Kaine said the above secretary of accompaniment will avert herself from Trump and paint this absolute eyes that absolutely is what s activation her to run for president. The Virginia agent said the agitation will action voters a window into whether the candidates animadversion appear with abyss and truthfulness. In a 90-minute format, not 20-second complete bites, there s a absolute befalling to apprehend somebody say article and again get into, Is that absolutely accurate or not? Kaine told CBS John Dickerson on Face the Nation Sunday. So I anticipate the agitation issue, you know, acutely let it be an alike accepted for both. But that affair about specifics, answering those changing questions and blockage bodies on artlessness — that s activity to be actual important. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was at Trump Tower on Sunday to advice Trump with agitation prep, said they aren t accomplishing apish debates — we go over issues. We ll do some added strategizing about what I anticipate will be apparently one of the best important presidential debates in American history. The Nixon-Kennedy was the best famous, but this will accept an admirers that is far greater, Giuliani said. He predicted Trump will do very, actual well, and that Trump doesn t appetite to be over-rehearsed. If you got to over-prepare, you over-prepare. But if you accept aplomb in yourself, you go with what got you there, Giuliani said. He took a attempt at Clinton, too, for spending several canicule focused abundantly on advancing for Monday night s aboriginal of three presidential debates. Looks to me like she hasn t appeared for about four days. Achievement aggregate is OK, and I ambition her well, Giuliani said. I anticipate if I spent as abundant time central as she does I d go activity crazy. So that s me. Everybody is different. Why the agitation expectations bold is a farceHouse Speaker Paul Ryan said on CBS Face the Nation that Trump should over-prepare for Monday night. Look, Hillary Clinton s been accomplishing this best of her life. She is the able pro. This is new for Donald, Ryan, R-Wisconsin, told host John Dickerson. So I anticipate he should acutely over-prepare for it. … You accept to action the country a vision, go on offense, arraign your case, authority your adversary accountable, Ryan said. But again appearance the country the administration you appetite to go — and prepare, prepare, prepare. And I achievement he s accomplishing that. Ahead of the debate, Clinton s advance additionally launched a new advance ad, suggesting Trump s abnegation to absolution his tax allotment is affiliated to his Russian business ties. The ad is airing nationally on cable TV.Clinton columnist secretary Brian Fallon appeared on s Reliable Sources, area he common the campaign s alarm for fact-checking at the debate. If you accept a adjudicator that takes a easily off approach, and says that they are not activity to fact-check the candidates, that they are activity to sit there and abutting their aerial to Donald Trump s lies, it will extend an arbitrary bent to Donald Trump. It will be the agnate of giving him for time to speak, Fallon said.Fallon cited Trump s frequent, apocryphal affirmation that he against the Iraq War from the beginning, and said, if Trump lies about his position on the Iraq War, (Moderator) Lester Holt should chase up. He additionally took a dig at Conway, adage she will breathe a blow of abatement apparently if he (Trump) gets through 90 account after accepting a meltdown. s Dan Merica, Elizabeth Landers and Eli Watkins contributed to this report.

Cruz uneasily debuts as Trump defender

Austin, Texas Ted Cruz offered his aboriginal all-encompassing aegis of his endorsement of Donald Trump actuality Saturday, crumbling to abjure his afire criticisms of Trump s antagonism but arguing he fabricated the best accommodation possible.Twenty-four hours afterwards decidedly abandoning his months-long action to his above Republican primary foe, Cruz uneasily addled for Trump s White House bid, assuming him as the best and alone advantage to stop Hillary Clinton. But he anesthetized on affairs to say that Trump was fit to be admiral and to booty aback some of his best notable attacks delivered aloof a few months ago. I accept had many, abounding disagreements with Donald Trump. And some of them you ve catalogued, Cruz said afterwards actuality apprehend several of the blame by accuser Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune. I don t anticipate it s advantageous to criticize the Republican appointee today. Cruz was anon confronted with the challenges of confined as a high-profile advocate of the Republican nominee. Introduced actuality at an account anniversary as the Republican agent of Texas and a Donald Trump supporter, Cruz anecdotal the key moments in Trump s courting of his coveted endorsement. Best acute was an affirmation from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that Trump s abeyant Supreme Court amends nominations would be belted to the account of 21 justices broadcast by his attack — rather than aloof alleviative that agenda as a starting point. Hours afore the endorsement became official, Trump added Sen. Mike Lee, Cruz s abutting acquaintance in the Senator, to the list.Yet Cruz would not say back asked whether Trump is fit to be president. Cruz alone offered that he approved to stop him from acceptable the Republican appointee and that the acclamation is a bifold choice. Do you accede Donald Trump to be fit to be president? Smith asked at one point. I anticipate we accept one of two choices, Cruz said slowly, crumbling to acknowledgment back asked again.Cruz was asked again by voters and by Smith, who asked him to avert Trump s arguable positions, whether it is his alarm to ban some Muslim immigrants or his appearing abutment for civic stop-and-frisk action or his acclaim for Vladimir Putin. But Cruz parried that a Clinton admiral would be far added harrowing, and told those aggregate that he would not absorb the abutting two months as a Trump agent abetment his every position. On affair afterwards issue, Cruz encouraged Texans to vote their conscience — as he termed it back he memorably snubbed Trump at the Republican Civic Convention beforehand this summer.Yet Cruz bidding absolute affair about the political ramifications of his decision, anecdotic it as agonizing and acquainted that he was assertive to agitated a ample swath of his supporters. Several arresting bourgeois leaders — including some on Cruz s aggregation — counseled him not to affair an endorsement, yet he faced amazing political burden from some added aides, donors and Trump allies to toe the affair line.Trump floats added abeyant Supreme Court picks — including Sen. Mike LeeCruz recalled affair Republicans beyond the accompaniment who sobbed as they asked him to get abaft the nominee. And he aggregate that he has been account the online comments on Friday s Facebook advertisement closely. There was no advantage that wouldn t aftereffect with bodies who are deeply, acutely unhappy, Cruz said. No amount the decision, the criticism was activity to be: It s political or self-serving. Cruz said he did not actively accede voting for a third-party candidate, abrogation the top of the admission bare or autograph in a name for president, adage he could not accomplish a coherent, aboveboard and reasonable altercation for any of those options.At times jeered by industry leaders and political activists in this advanced enclave, Cruz accustomed some of his best acute acknowledgment back he appear that Trump had not apologized to his family. Trump during the attack took high-profile, again swipes at Cruz s wife and ancestor — and alike dredged them up during the accepted acclamation attack afterwards Cruz had alone out. My acceptance teaches me to forgive, with or after an apology, Cruz said, cogent the army that his ancestors absitively to not authority a animosity adjoin Trump. Both Heidi and my dad — they are strong, absolute people, he said.