A real Fault in Our Stars couple: Katie Prager dies

Katie Prager, the wife in the absolute Fault in Our Stars couple, died Thursday afterwards complications from cystic fibrosis and a lung transplant. She was 26 years old. Early this morning, she acquired her ambition of actuality at home, in her bed, amidst by her mom, dad, brother and her dogs, dying peacefully, abroad from the hospital, tubes, IVs, her mother, Debra Donovan, acquaint on Facebook. The canicule to chase will not be accessible but I acquisition abundance in alive that my babe lived, she absolutely lived. Katie had been in auberge affliction in her Flemingsburg, Kentucky, home aback September 7. Her husband, Dalton Prager, died aloof canicule earlier, on Saturday, afterwards adversity from the aforementioned disease. He was 25. Dalton fought a connected adamantine action with cystic fibrosis, Katie acquaint on Facebook at the time. He was a adventuresome fighter and give up wasn t in his vocabulary. A adulation adventure stronger than fictionThe adolescent brace garnered common absorption aftermost year afterwards wrote about Katie s action to get a lung transplant. They were accepted as the absolute Fault in Our Stars couple, as their adulation adventure bore a affinity to the 2012 book and 2014 cine The Fault in Our Stars, in which boyish blight patients abatement in love.Katie and Dalton met on Facebook in 2009, aback they were both 18. Katie noticed that Dalton s mother had acquaint a photo of Dalton in the hospital. If you anytime charge a acquaintance to allocution to, you can ability out to me, she wrote. Sorry, but do I apperceive you? he responded.No, you don t, Katie wrote aback and told Dalton a bit about herself. My breath is appealing abominable and I see you are in the hospital. I m sorry. I apperceive it sucks!…But you aloof gotta break strong, she wrote to him. Messages amid the two flew aback and forth. They accomplished they were falling in love, but Katie s doctor apprenticed her not to accommodated with him in person, because Dalton had an infection alleged Burkholderia cepacia, which can be baleful for bodies with cystic fibrosis. She defied her doctor, and on August 28, 2009, Dalton and his mother collection added than six hours from their home in St. Charles, Missouri, to Flemingsburg, area they d abiding to accommodated at the Dairy Queen.At 7:10 p.m. — they bethink the time absolutely — Katie got out of her car and saw Dalton aptitude adjoin a brick wall, attractive air-conditioned and handsome in his sunglasses. My affection was racing, but I aloof went appropriate up to him and hugged and kissed him on the aperture afterwards alike adage hello, she remembered. I m usually not that affectionate of girl, but it aloof acquainted so right. For their aboriginal date, the brace rode the roller coasters at Kings Island action esplanade a few hours abroad in Ohio. Dalton gave Katie a chaplet for her 19th birthday, which was two canicule before. Katie bent Dalton s Burkholderia cepacia infection immediately, she said. The brace wed beneath than two years later, and admitting their infections, they were almost advantageous for the abutting few years. They bought a abode in Flemingsburg and abounding it with bells photos and lath games, hosting approved bold nights and affable and traveling. Those years were great, Katie told canicule afore she died. We did stuff; we had fun. It was like article out of a bogie tale. Their absurd endingIn 2014, the infection got the best of their lungs, and both Katie and Dalton entered the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center calm to delay for new lungs. Dalton s came first, and on November 17, he had his transplant. In July 2015, afterwards a connected action with Medicare, Medicaid and her hospital, Katie got her transplant, too.But their medical struggles continued. Dalton seemed to do able-bodied at aboriginal afterwards his displace but afresh developed lymphoma. He overcame the blight but was afresh ailing in Missouri with pneumonia and a viral infection. Katie s displace never formed well. She was in and out of the hospital, and beforehand this month, doctors told her there was annihilation added they could do. She entered auberge affliction at her home in Kentucky.The ancestors had hoped to fly Dalton from Missouri to a hospital in Kentucky so they could could be calm again. Ultimately, Dalton was never advantageous abundant to accomplish the trip. He died in a St. Louis hospital, while Katie batten to him through FaceTime.The day afore Dalton died, Katie told she had no abjure about their accommodation to accommodated in person. For all the time spent ailing or in the hospital, it s the time they spent calm that stood out to her. It gave me some of the best years of my life, she said. I d rather accept bristles years of actuality in adulation and aloof absolutely absolutely blessed than 20 years of not accepting anybody. The aftermost time they saw ceremony added was July 16, their fifth bells anniversary. Their adulation adventure was short, but she knew it brought joy and afflatus to others. I anticipate that if we had gotten the adventitious to address a book that it would accept been a bestseller, Katie said canicule afore she died. She alike knew how their bogie account would end. And they lived appropriately anytime after, Katie said, in ceremony other s accoutrements for eternity. s Jamie Gumbrecht contributed to this report.

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