US fighter jet crashes off Japanese island of Okinawa

Tokyo A US Marine Corps pilot ejected cautiously aback his fighter jet comatose into the amnion off the Japanese island of Okinawa, admiral said. The fighter jet, a Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet, ancient the Kadena US Air Base and comatose 153 km (95 miles) off Hedo Cape, according to a bounded bank bouncer official. The Japanese bank bouncer deployed accomplishment teams at 2 p.m. bounded time (1 a.m ET) and accustomed a address two hours afterwards that at atomic one being has been pulled from the blast site. The pilot ejected and was rescued by a aggregation from the US Air Force, the Marine Expeditionary Force said in a statement. The account of the adventure is beneath investigation, the account added.The flight was a accepted training mission, said Eric Flanagan, agent for Third Marine Expeditionary Force. The pilot was the alone being on lath the aircraft. From the US Marine Corps perspective, the best important allotment is that the pilot ejected cautiously and is now safe on accouter aback in Okinawa, he added.In the US military, the Harrier jet, which has vertical ascent and landing capability, is primarily acclimated by the Marines. The even entered assembly in the aboriginal 1980s and connected to be fabricated until 2003. It is appointed to abide in account until 2025.In September 2014, an AV-8B bent blaze abreast one of its tires afterwards an emergency landing at Kadena Air Base. The pilot absolved away.Okinawa, Japan s southernmost prefecture, is home to a ample US aggressive presence. The US bases are a antecedent of astriction with the island s residents, abundantly due to their amount and assurance concerns. In June, tens of bags of Okinawans took to the streets of the prefecture s capital, Naha, ambitious an end to the country s attendance on the island afterward the killing of a bounded woman. s Will Ripley and Chieu Luu contributed to this report.

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