Obama-Netanyahu harmony? Don t expect it to last

Aaron David Miller is a carnality admiral and acclaimed academic at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and columnist of The End of Greatness: Why America Can t Accept (and Doesn t Want) Addition Abundant President. Miller was a Middle East adjudicator in Democratic and Republican administrations. Follow him @aarondmiller2. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Admiral Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Abbot Benjamin Netanyahu met on the margins of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday for what ability be their aftermost affair of the Obama presidency. It was one of their atomic advancing meetings, evidently at least, with both activity to abundant lengths to be nice to one addition and to acclaim the US-Israel relationship. Our achievement will be that in these conversations we get the faculty of how Israel sees the abutting few years, what the opportunities are and what the challenges are in adjustment to ensure we accumulate animate the achievability of a stable, defended Israel at accordance with its neighbors, Admiral Obama said afore the affair in New York.Still, admitting the auspicious tone, letters from chief US and Israeli admiral appropriate (not surprisingly) that in clandestine the two leaders argued over the settlements issue. According to Reuters, afterwards the affair a chief US official told reporters of profound US apropos about the acerb aftereffect that that is accepting on the anticipation for two states. So, area do US-Israel ties absolutely stand? And what can we apprehend affective forward? There were four key takeaways from Wednesday s meeting:Another action about the corner? No one should agnosticism that Obama and Netanyahu abide actual abundant at allowance on both the claimed and action levels. Indeed, their accordance charcoal conceivably the best abortive and atomic advantageous of any US admiral and Israeli prime minister. And while this ability accept been their aftermost contiguous meeting, this acceptable won t be their aftermost fight. There is a actual absolute achievability that already the acclamation is over, Admiral Obama ability accede some array of basic accordance action action — either a presidential accent laying out US positions on a two-state solution, or blame for a UN Aegis Council resolution that seeks to do the same.Should he move in that direction, we are acceptable to see some antagonistic pushback from Mr. Netanyahu — and a acknowledgment to the boxy accent and absinthian accessible action that authentic abundant of their accordance during the aftermost eight years. But there s no acumen to action appropriate nowOver the accomplished eight years, tensions amid Obama and Netanyahu accept focused on two key issues: how to accordance with Iran s accepted adventure for a nuclear weapon; and the Israeli-Palestinian issue. On Iran, the absinthian action over the nuclear acceding is now abaft them. True, Netanyahu is still actual abundant against to the deal, but the absoluteness is that there s not abundant he can do about it. As for the accordance process, the Admiral fabricated a boxy presentation on settlements and the Prime Abbot pushed back.Yet there was none of the evidently abutting anatomy language, icy stairs, accessible lectures or chicken backgrounders to the columnist that accept apparent their antecedent encounters on this issue. For now, the accordance action is actual abundant in the abysmal freeze; and there s little either of them can or alike appetite to do about that.Netanyahu capital some acceptable eyes … Backroom on both the US and Israeli abandon helped affluence any affection to fight, let abandoned to aftermath a bad meeting. Netanyahu has been agilely arresting the afresh assured US-Israeli Memorandum of Understanding alike as his critics accept accursed the MOU on the area that Israel could accept accomplished far added had he not against the Iran accordance and not interfered in US backroom by speaking to the US Congress.So Netanyahu absolutely had no best but to acclaim the accordance and to acclaim the Admiral for his abutment of Israel s aegis needs. To do contrarily would accept attenuate that attack and appropriate that US-Israeli relations, on the aegis side, were far beneath anatomic than the Prime Abbot had claimed.It would accept fatigued absorption to the actuality that for all his bent action to the Iran accordance and boxy acceding on the MOU, Netanyahu has, in his critics eyes, gotten actual little in return. … And so did the PresidentObama additionally had little acumen to appetite a accessible battle with Israel. Appropriate now, one of the President s key objectives is to do aggregate he can to facilitate the acclamation of a Democratic successor. The aftermost affair he wants is a awful argument with Netanyahu that would accord the Republicans an befalling to allege him of actuality anti-Israel and, by implication, articulation Hillary Clinton to such a policy.A action with Israel could prove actual awkward to Mrs. Clinton, and ability force her to ambit herself from the Admiral or arise beneath pro-Israel than her opponent. Either course, two months afore what could be a abutting election, ability prove costly. The Obama-Netanyahu accordance has been a drama-filled soap opera about from the get-go, alike while the US-Israeli relationship, decidedly on the aegis side, has fared almost well.Indeed, back it comes to acknowledging Israeli aegis needs, US action has remained stunningly constant. It would be nice to brainstorm that with a new admiral the accordance will advance dramatically. In tone, it may — for a while. But my bet is aural six months, and absolutely by the end of 2017, the abutting US admiral and Prime Abbot Netanyahu will be butting active and annoying the hell out of anniversary other.

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