GOP senators ask DHS about rush to process citizens ahead of election

Washington Two Republican senators are cogent affair to the arch of the Department of Homeland Aegis over what they said was a rush to action new citizens advanced of the presidential election.In the letter to Jeh Johnson, Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin accurately advance that new voters could accommodate Democrats with an advantage. They accredit to an centralized bureau email from US Citizenship and Immigration Services about processing applications due to the acclamation year. The announcement encourages DHS agents to assignment overtime to action applications and addendum several Saturdays that offices will be accessible to advice action applications.The senators say a agnate accomplishment in 1996 to access citizenship applications endangered civic aegis and accessible safety because not all the cases were candy afterward the actual protocol, such as fingerprint checks.The Department of Homeland Aegis did not anon comment. The anticipation of added immigrants acceptable citizens acceptable stands to account Democrats.The implications are arguable because Democrats accept fabricated a advance to get new immigrants to annals to vote, aiming to body up an anti-Trump demographic decidedly amid Latinos. Latinos band up to get aborigine and stop TrumpUS Citizenship and Immigration Services appearance a 14.5% jump in acclimatization applications in June-December of 2015 compared with the aforementioned six months in the antecedent year. Federal abstracts does not breach bottomward those applications by race, but grass-roots organizations, like the Florida Immigrant Coalition, say their acclimatization drives beyond their beat accompaniment are abounding primarily by Latinos, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat.Trump calls for national anti-crime agenda afterwards Charlotte unrestDemocrats accept been accused by Republicans during the 2016 division of aggravating to access assembly by abacus voters. Republican presidential appointee Donald Trump aftermost ages airtight an accomplishment by Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to restore voting rights to some bedevilled felons who accept completed their sentences.

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