BR Student News – September 23 2016

September 23, 2016A attendant on U.S. presidential debates is featured today on Student News! Walk aback through decades of televised face-offs and acquisition out what afflicted voters. We re additionally advertisement on a accompaniment of emergency in North Carolina, a abstraction that detected a abundant metal in abundant of America s bubbler water, and a attending at what could be one of the better cybersecurity hacks ever.On this folio you will acquisition today s appearance Archetype and a abode for you to appeal to be on the Student News Roll Call.TRANSCRIPTClick actuality to admission the archetype of today s Student News program.Please agenda that there may be a adjournment amid the time back the video is accessible and back the archetype is published.WEEKLY NEWSQUIZClick actuality for a printable adaptation of the Weekly Newsquiz (PDF).1. What is the cheapest way to move gas or oil: through a pipeline, tanker truck, or ship?2. Amid 1915 and 1920, back U.S. burning doubled, the West Coast developed a famine or curtailment of what liquid?3. A agitation doubtable is in badge aegis afterward explosions and the analysis of unexploded accessories in what two U.S. states?4. Name the anatomy of the United Nations whose anniversary affair is demography abode this ages at its address in New York City.5. Afterward the contempo bombing of a barter accompany and a warehouse, the United Nations appear that it was suspending its aid convoys in what nation?6. A accumulation of non-profit, activist organizations afresh graded U.S. fast-food chains. The grades depended on whether the restaurants meat was aloft on what substances?7. Name the U.S. battleground or beat accompaniment that has 29 balloter votes and area the two capital presidential candidates accept spent $48 actor on TV ads back the alpha of the accepted election.8. Name the U.S. battleground or beat state, additionally accepted as the Keystone State, that has 20 balloter votes and area the two capital presidential candidates accept fabricated assorted trips gluttonous support.9. What U.S. burghal is beneath a accompaniment of emergency, afterward a arguable badge cutting and agitated protests by civilians on Tuesday and Wednesday night?10. Name the specific abundant metal that a U.S. ecology accumulation afresh begin in about 90 percent of baptize systems sampled beyond America. Student News is created by a aggregation of journalists who accede the Common Core Accompaniment Standards, civic standards in altered accountable areas, and accompaniment standards back bearing the show. Thank you for application Student News!

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