Afghanistan signs peace deal with faction led by warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

Kabul, Afghanistan After months of delays, Afghan government negotiators active a accordance accord Thursday with an anarchical band led by one of the country s best belled warlords.The accordance was active at a commemoration abounding by negotiators, the President s civic aegis adviser, and assembly of the Hezb-i-Islami band of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.Afghan and US admiral acclaimed the agreement, but a arresting animal rights alignment acerb criticized the deal.In a statement, the US Embassy alleged Thursday s accordance a footfall in bringing the battle in Afghanistan to a peaceful end. That affect was echoed by Afghanistan s arch controlling — who is in a all-a-quiver power-sharing acceding with the country s President. As we assurance accordance acceding with Hezb-e-Islami, we allure #Taliban to aces accordance over abandon and defended a bigger approaching for themselves, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said on his official Twitter account.Ruthless reputationHekmatyar developed a adamant acceptability during added than three decades of about ceaseless battle in Afghanistan.In the 1980s, he accustomed some $600 actor in US aid, as Washington armed Afghan mujaheddin fighters aggressive the Soviet occupation.During the consecutive noncombatant war amid battling mujaheddin commanders in the 1990s, Hekmatyar was accused of committing atrocities adjoin civilians during the baleful attempt for ascendancy of the Afghan capital.Some association nicknamed the warlord Rocketyar because of his faction s common rocket strikes on the city. I accept alone witnessed canicule back hundreds of rockets from Hekmatyar landed in noncombatant areas, said Najib Sharifi, an Afghan political analyst who was a adolescent in Kabul during noncombatant war in the 1990s. I myself witnessed accompany who died from the rockets of Hekmatyar. In a statement, Animal Rights Watch criticized the accordance agreement, arguing the accordance would admixture a culture of impunity by not prosecuting warlords accused of animal rights abuses.From accessory to terroristAfter the US helped abolish the Taliban in 2001, Hekmatyar fought adjoin the US aggressive and the Western-backed Afghan government. His followers claimed albatross for several baleful bombing attacks adjoin US troops. In 2003, the US added Hekmatyar to its growing account of formally appointed terrorists.As the accordance accord was actuality active on Thursday, about 100 demonstrators protested in a esplanade in Kabul, chanting we don t appetite a accordance accord with a murderer. A political analyst actuality declared the accordance as a acrid sword. On the one hand, it s acceptable because an anarchical accumulation has basically agreed to lay bottomward arms, said Sharifi, who is additionally administrator of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee. But on the added hand, there are worries Hekmatyar would be acclimated for political purposes by the government, and this could added amplify indigenous tensions and aberrant rivalries.

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