Watch what you tweet: Social media can affect college admissions

Hey, all you college-bound kids: What s the easiest affair you can do to affect -to-be schools? It s not your GPA. It s not the agitation team. It s your Facebook — and your Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Vine, and any added amusing media feeds that colleges can see. And yes, they re looking. Get answers to the best important questions about what colleges appetite to see.Should I annul my amusing media or accomplish it all private?Making it clandestine is a acceptable abstraction anyway. On best amusing media, a clandestine annual agency your name won t appear up in chase results, and it banned your agenda brand (how abundant being about you is accessible on the web). You don t accept to annul your accounts, though. Colleges apprehend -to-be acceptance to accept amusing media.Apps to advice accumulate clue of what your kids are accomplishing onlineDo I accept to annul every distinct affair pic of me and my friends?No. Actually, colleges like to see that you re a ample being with a advantageous amusing life. The capital affair that could aching you is posts that reflect poor judgment. Get rid of any photos and videos that accommodate inappropriate behavior such as drinking, adult stuff, and lots of swearing — and no adverse speech, rudeness, or abrogating tweets about a academy that you re applying to.The academy I m absorbed in contacted me through Facebook. Doesn t that beggarly that they re air-conditioned and won t affliction about my youthful indiscretions ?Nope. Academy marketers use amusing media to ability adolescence (and maybe to assume cool, too). But be careful: Replying to the academy through your amusing media (instead of your email account) allows them to appearance your account. So accomplish abiding it s a adequately acceptable absorption of who you are afore you alpha the process.Five amusing media rules for adolescence and tweensI already got in a accessible war of words with addition not on my amusing media but on addition online forum. Will that aching me?It might. If you acquaint beneath the aforementioned username that you use on your added accessible amusing media, there s a almanac of your rants and adverse posts, and it could appear up aback the academy Googles you. You can t go aback in time and alter what you wrote. So accomplish abiding that the primary annual you appetite the academy to see is clean. And if you feel like aural off in a accessible forum, accomplish your posts effective and cordial.Will the awe-inspiring being I like on added people s amusing media reflect abnormally on me?Probably not — unless it s illegal, acutely antisocial, or advancing and it makes up the aggregate of your feed.Could the academy attending ailing on me if I chase annoying abstracts on amusing media?It s absurd that they would use this adjoin you unless the majority of bodies you chase are actual acute and awful controversial. That could appearance that you re not accessible to altered credibility of view, which could be ambiguous in college. If you re absorbed in a topic, seek out a ambit of opinions. Also, chase bodies who are affecting in the breadth you re absorbed in — including the colleges you re applying to. It will advice you apprentice about the acreage — and hey, if the academy notices, it shows you re serious.What should I do if I anticipate a academy unfairly butterfingers me because of my amusing media?Because colleges accept so abounding able applications, they re about attractive at amusing media to see if it tips the scales in anyone s favor — not to dig up dirt. Maybe addition applicants amusing media aloof fabricated that being assume like a bigger bout for the school. But if you anticipate a skeleton in your Facebook closet came aback to abode you, you can acquaintance admissions and acquisition out.Social media apps parents should apperceive aboutDo my likes, followers, and added indicators of amusing media acceptance advice me or aching me in the academy admissions process?If you ve actively pursued a specific affection — say, music, photography, or alike the change of the shoe from age-old times to present — and you ve able an active, affianced admirers on amusing media, that s a plus. Academy admissions will see that you accept drive and initiative. On the added hand, accepting a big admirers for added archetypal accidental boyhood interests, such as internet memes and cat videos, may not alike annals (and won t be captivated adjoin you).Should I benedict my amusing media accurately to attending acceptable for colleges?Some colleges do appetite to see amusing media that s added résumé-like. You can ask admissions how abundant it will be considered. For the best part, your amusing media should reflect who you absolutely are — well, maybe a hardly spiffier you. Accomplish abiding you don t amplify your achievements, though! (Colleges fact-check awards and accolades.) You apparently won t be blessed at a academy that chooses you based on a sanitized, awful curated adaptation of you. But you should authenticate that you re acquainted that addition you appetite to affect is viewing.

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