This is the Charlotte public defender in the middle of the protests

In his white dress shirt, aphotic tie and slacks, he stands out amid the SWAT badge and the alloyed aggregation of civilians.He was on the arena not continued afterwards crowds began acquisition in city Charlotte to beef the police-involved cutting afterlife of Keith Lamont Scott.His name is Toussaint Romain and he s a accessible apostle in Charlotte, North Carolina. His acumen for actuality there is simply: He can t booty on any added clients. We can t lose any added lives, man. I m a accessible defender. I can t represent any added people, he told s Boris Sanchez. We don t charge any added bodies to go to die, no added bodies to be arrested. We charge to booty a angle and do it the appropriate way. Bodies are hurting, man. Bodies are upset. Bodies are frustrated. Bodies charge leaders. I m not aggravating to be that leader. I m aggravating to anticipate bodies from actuality hurt. He amid himself amid the bank of armored badge and the baggy army of demonstrators. As badge avant-garde on the crowd, battlefront breach gas, he coiled his accoutrements in forward, gesturing for protesters to leave.

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