Teacher steps on American flag to teach students a lesson

The acceptance in abecedary Lee Francis history chic will apparently never balloon the assignment he accomplished on chargeless speech. Aloof not in the way he apparently expected.Francis, a abecedary at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was giving a assignment Monday on the First Amendment. His method? First, he approved to bake the American flag. Then he approved to cut it. Then he placed it on the attic and stepped on it. I put the banderole on the ground, and I took two accomplish with my appropriate bottom and I said, This is an archetype of chargeless speech, Francis told associate WRAL. Two acceptance got up and larboard anon with no word, no disruption at all … I affected article had happened. One apprentice came to area I was and took the banderole from me. Francis said he wasn t aggravating to affront students, aloof advise them the Supreme Court disqualified such acts of chargeless announcement were protected.Outrage and outcomeA account of Francis continuing on the banderole was aggregate widely. In a association carefully accumbent with adjacent Fort Bragg, affronted parents now appetite him fired. He s been abeyant awaiting an investigation.Francis will accommodated with Frank Till Jr., administrator of Cumberland County Schools, about his job after this week.In a statement, Till said, Clearly there are added means to advise First Amendment rights after agnostic a flag. Francis, who says he has ancestors in the military, agrees with him. I anticipate he s right, actually there could be added means to advise the subject. But in the aforementioned attitude the way that I taught, it can t necessarily be wrong, Francis told WRAL.

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