John Lewis calls for election observers at polling places this November

Washington Rep. John Lewis, a avant-garde in the civilian rights movement, wants the Obama administering to accredit assemblage for the November acclamation in assertive states. We should ask for federal protection, the Georgia Democrat said Wednesday, admonishing the acclamation can be baseborn on acclamation day at polling places. Lewis, who was abominably afflicted in 1965 while boot in Selma, Alabama for voting rights for African-Americans, said several states including Georgia, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina should be monitored, and potentially all of the states that belonged to the confederacy.Lewis fabricated his comments at a roundtable on voting rights with added Democrats and advancement groups captivated in the allowance in the Capitol called afterwards President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who active the battleground voting appropriate law.In August, the Supreme Court denied a appeal from North Carolina to acquiesce accoutrement of its arguable voting rights law to go aback into effect.The Supreme Court adjustment meant accoutrement of the law — apropos a abbreviating in aborigine ID requirements, cutbacks on aboriginal voting and the preregistration of 16-year-olds — will abide off the books for November s election.The court s adjustment was a above achievement for challengers to the law, including civilian rights groups and the Department of Justice, which argued that it had a disparate appulse on boyhood voters. Lewis said the 2016 presidential acclamation is the aboriginal back 1965 that voters don t accept the abounding protections of the Voting Rights Act due to a Supreme Court cardinal three years ago. The administrator said it was a shame and a disgrace that Congress hasn t acted on the issue.In 2013, the Supreme Court absitively in a 5-4 accommodation that key genitalia of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are no best valid. The assessment larboard it to Congress to alter the law, so that it s built-in in the minds of a majority of justices.Chief Justice John Roberts explained the cardinal adage our country has changed for the better. And that the altitude that confused Congress bristles decades ago to crave assertive genitalia of the United States to preclear changes to voting laws no best characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions.

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