John Kerry launches blistering attack on Russia at UN

Secretary of Accompaniment John Kerry launched a baking advance on Russia Wednesday for its accomplishments in Syria, pointing to the bombing of a UN aid accompany that larboard added than 20 asleep and its disability to stop connected Syrian air attacks.Kerry batten anon afterwards Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a Affiliated Nations Security Board affair in New York about the five-year Syrian war. I listened to my aide from Russia and I array of acquainted like we re in a alongside cosmos here, Kerry said of their differing accounts of the conflict. He declared for all planes in key areas of Syria to be anon ashore and for countries to stop acknowledging those who demolition armistice efforts. Kerry additionally questioned how the US-supported activity can appoint in political talks to boldness the battle aback the Syrian regime, backed by Russia, doesn t arrest its attacks. Russia was tasked with abstinent Syria during this latest advance at a ceasefire, undertaken aftermost week.  How can bodies go sit at a table with a administration that bombs hospitals and drops chlorine gas afresh and afresh and afresh and afresh and afresh and acts with impunity, Kerry asked.  You re declared to sit there and accept blessed allocution in Geneva while the administration drops bombs? RELATED: US blames Russia for Syria accompany attack; Moscow credibility to terroristsThe adept clashing of swords highlights aloof how adamantine it has been to booty alike the aboriginal accomplish adjoin abstracted the Syrian battle abundant to activate political talks. The advancing civilian war has accustomed alarm groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda abundant recruiting ground, has sucked in bounded admiral gluttonous access over the aftereffect and has beatific ripples through Europe and its allies.As diplomats sparred at the Security Council, Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu said that Moscow was sending an aircraft cruiser to the Mediterranean to strengthen its capabilities there.  The Russians accept denied that they were abaft the attack on the UN accompany and instead accept offered a alternation of explanations that Kerry abundant at the Security Board meeting..Russia initially said that the bang was a all-important acknowledgment to an declared abhorrent by an al-Qaeda-linked alarm group, Kerry said. Again Russia claimed they were bombing elsewhere, again that the aid accompany had been followed by militants with mortars, and again that the trucks bent fire. The trucks and the aliment and the anesthetic aloof spontaneously combusted, Kerry said. Anybody actuality accept that? he asked. The bombing attacks on hospitals and accouchement are flagrant violations of all-embracing law, he added.And attacks on civilians and altruistic workers continue, Kerry noted. He cited abstracted air strikes on Monday that asleep four aid workers abreast Aleppo. There are alone two countries that accept planes that are aerial during the night or aerial in that accurate breadth at all, Kerry said. They are Russia and Syria.  At the Security Board Wednesday, Lavrov said Russia consistently put as a top antecedence the resumption of the inter-Syrian political chat after any preconditions. And he declared for a thorough and impartial analysis into Monday s bombing, which larboard the accompany of trucks in a askance bones of smoker metal.And he apprenticed his counterparts at the affair to refrain from affecting comments. US admiral accept fingered Russia as the perpetrator of the advance based on intelligence and letters from the ground. Kerry cited eyewitnesses who said that all of a sudden, the abode became hell and the fighter jets were in the sky. The White House said about Tuesday night that it captivated Russians responsible, behindhand of whether it or the Syrian government had launched the strikes, aback they accept albatross for the airspace. We accept not apparent acceptable faith. This was an abandoned action, said Agent National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.Syrian Agent to the UN Bashaar Jaafari hit back, adage it was laughable for Kerry to adduce beholder accounts when, he claimed, thousands of people in the breadth hadn t apparent any jets.He additionally took the US to assignment for an airstrike on Satruday that asleep 62 Syrian soldiers, calling it a deliberate and unacceptable aggression. The US has said it was an accident.Kerry s belittling 28-minute accent to the Security Board additionally apprenticed the charge to acknowledgment to a 2012 plan to actualize a political alteration in Syria. He acicular to again Syrian attacks on civilians, abundant alive Russian explanations about the aid accompany advance and ridiculed Moscow s altercation that political talks shouldn t be abounding with preconditions.The US has said that Russia bears albatross for the advance on the accompany because they were the alone two countries aerial planes over the breadth at that time and Russia had apprenticed to arrest Syria. The primary catechism is no best what do we know, Kerry said. The primary catechism is, collectively, what are we activity to do about it? In added words, this is a moment of truth. RELATED: Obama at UN warns Americans adjoin walls and nationalismLavrov needled the US over activity groups during his address. Washington and Moscow accept clashed over Russian targeting of abstinent Syrian activity groups backed by the US. The Russians accept claimed that some of these groups are not decidedly abstinent and accept accused activity groups of actionable the ceasefire. On Wednesday, Lavrov declared for all associates of the All-embracing Syrian Support Accumulation to ensure that the activity groups over which they accept access will accede with the abeyance of hostilities.Otherwise, he added, We can t bottle Syria as a single, affiliated state.  And he alluded to geopolitical engineering, a advertence to Russian apropos about US attempts at regime change. Syria s Jaafari echoed the argument, cogent the affair that the All-embracing Syrian Support Accumulation was formed alfresco all-embracing legitimacy and was reminiscent of added annihilative coalitions that alone brought disasters to countries like Iraq and Libya and Yemen. The alone success the US has managed to achieve, Jaafari said, is to akin false accusations about the suffering of Syrians to demonize the Syrian government and its allies. Kerry had larboard the affair afore the Syrian agent spoke, but aback Jaafari had accomplished speaking, Agent Michele Sison, the US agent adumbrative to the UN, asked to abode the council. My colleagues are advantaged to their own opinions but not to their own facts, Sison said. Let s aloof accumulate in apperception aloof who is assiduity the adversity of the bodies of Syria. Jaafari s animadversion had been so abounding of untruths that I feel no charge to say annihilation further, she said.For his part, beforehand in the meeting, Kerry mocked Lavrov s altercation that there should be no preconditions afore political negotiations start. Citing four international-level agreements calling for a abeyance of hostilities that could again advance to accord talks, Kerry said, that s not a precondition. That s an all-embracing agreement, four times accustomed at. Four times, it s been disconnected by absolute actors, Kerry said, by spoilers who don t appetite a cease-fire. Half of Syria s citizenry has been uprooted, abounding of them beat to Europe, and able-bodied over 300,000 men, women and accouchement accept been killed, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the meeting.   Those who accept the crisis in Syria cannot become alike worse are asleep wrong, Kerry said, as are those who accept there s a aggressive solution.

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