Forget Gangnam style: K-pop could make Changdong Seoul s next big thing

Forget Gangnam style. There s a new breadth of Seoul that, if the South Korean government gets its way, is about to become alike with K-pop.Once a briefing district, Changdong is actuality adapted into a mecca to K-pop — the bogus music cast that has taken Asia by storm.Sales of Korean music, and accompanying TV shows, films, animations, amateur and added publishing, becoming the country about $5 billion in 2015, according to a Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency report. Now the Seoul government is leveraging the hallyu wave — as this cultural abnormality has been dubbed — to animate Changdong. From the Korean perspective, the hallyu-Korean wave, the K-pop wave, it s not aloof music, it s not aloof dramas, Cuz Potter, an accessory assistant in burghal planning at the Korea University Graduate Academy of International Studies, in Seoul, tells . It s the accomplished bendable ability of Korean goods. Seoul gentrificationChangdong district, a about baby residential driver area, lies on the arctic outskirts of Seoul. Home to a few hundred thousand people, it s an breadth that s growing but which has little cultural accessories or industry. Burghal planners achievement that K-pop can do for Changdong what the Beatles did for Liverpool in the UK — indeed, what PSY has done for Gangnam, in Seoul — alluring both locals and tourists into the area, who could accompany jobs and spending ability with them.Concert halls, a music school, recording studios, art galleries, a K-pop building and behavior to animate pop musicians to move into the area are all allotment of the plan, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government. A 20,000-seat multi-cultural ball amphitheatre is slated for achievement by 2021, with a ambit of added acknowledging accessories to follow. Since the 1980s, the citizenry in Changdong has added rapidly. There was about no cultural centermost so (it was) absitively to accept the amphitheatre set up aboriginal … and about-face it into a adolescence and art complex, Kim Dong Cheol, baton of the Seoul Metropolitan Government amphitheatre team, tells . Work has already amorphous on the project, while Platform Changdong 61 — a abate cultural centermost congenital out of brightly-colored aircraft containers, which appearance a concert hall, a recording studio, art galleries, cafes and retail food — opened in April. The K-pop effectPotter says this blazon of burghal development is accepted in Seoul — a sprawling, avant-garde metropolis, with a citizenry of 10 actor bodies in the burghal center, and 30 actor regionally.Many added genitalia of the burghal accept been regenerated by axis them into a cultural hub, although none accept yet acclimated K-pop as the foundation. This abstraction that the government would footfall in and actualize a above hub is article that s a accustomed action for the Korean and the Seoul government, says Potter. Gangnam itself was created in a agnate affectionate of way in the 70s. They absitively they were activity to advance it assiduously in adjustment to get average chic and upwards bodies to move in that administration and forcibly confused all sorts of cultural institutions, in accurate schools and universities, to abutment this strategy. It eventually become the Beverly Hills of Seoul, alarming PSY to address his common accident Gangnam Style .K-pop pullIt may assume gimmicky, and alike a risk, to adventitious the awakening of an absolute breadth on the backbone of K-pop, but the aerial bread-and-butter ability of this industry gives burghal planners confidence.Aside from hallyu s consign earnings, admiral accept anxiously acclimatized the acceptance and account accepted ability has generated for South Korea to drive added industries, such as sales of automated goods, including semi-conductors, and customer goods, like electronics and cars. One of the added statistics that the Korean government has been alive off is that for every $1 spent on the cultural industry you get $5 account of sales of Korean cars or white appurtenances or things like that, Keith Howard, a Korean music and ability assistant from the University of London, tells .And although the capital across hallyu markets are in China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, K-pop has acquired absorption in the West in the accomplished decade, acknowledgment to government behavior geared to adopted expansion. The US was the third better bazaar for across K-pop concerts from January 2013 to March 2016, according to Billboard magazine. It s a cardinal affair … there was a about-face appear bendable ability and it was led by (former president) Kim Dae-jung, says Howard. It was a actual advised action to accomplish Korea cool, to cast Korea through its accepted ability and the South Korean government did advance that ability away and it continues to do so. Changdong styleFrom an burghal redevelopment perspective, Potter and Howard both say the Changdong activity probably has acceptable bread-and-butter faculty abaft it, if alone for the affairs ability it will accept with tourists. Potter addendum that the commune is alluringly located, at the end of a alms band that connects to the day-tripper arcade breadth of Myeong-dong. Plus, Howard says, added bodies appointment Korea for accepted ability than they do to see celebrated sites. It could be K-pop s better claiming yet.Sol Han contributed to this report.

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