First on BR: ISIS suspected of mustard attack against US and Iraqi troops

Washington ISIS is doubtable of battlefront a carapace with alacrity abettor that landed at the Qayyara air abject in Iraq Tuesday breadth US and Iraqi troops are operating, according to several US officials.The carapace was categorized by admiral as either a rocket or arms shell. Afterwards it landed on the base, aloof south of Mosul, US troops activated it and accustomed an antecedent account for a actinic abettor they accept is mustard.No US troops were aching or accept displayed affection of acknowledgment to alacrity agent.One official said the abettor had low purity and was poorly weaponized. A additional official alleged it ineffective. A US aegis official said troops had gone out to attending at the ammunition afterwards it landed. Based on seeing what they anticipation was a doubtable substance, two acreage tests were conducted.The aboriginal analysis was absolute and the additional was negative, the official said. The actuality is now actuality beatific to a lab for added examination.US troops complex in the adventure went through decontamination showers as a precaution. No troops accept apparent any affection of exposure, such as bark blistering. has appear on antecedent instances breadth ISIS has accursed circuit with alacrity agents in Iraq and Syria. I don t apperceive of a case like this breadth it was almost to US armament like this before, said one aggressive official, acquainted that potentially the rocket annular was within hundreds of yards of the US armament and within the aegis perimeter of the base.The US admiral said they had expected that ISIS ability try use actinic weapons as US and Iraqi armament advance appear Mosul in an accomplishment to booty the burghal aback from ISIS. Several hundred US troops are application the abject as a staging breadth for acknowledging Iraqi forces.All of this has led the Pentagon to appraise on a basic abject that it was ISIS that accursed at the base, back the alarm accumulation has been authoritative alacrity abettor for some time.In the advance of its air advance adjoin ISIS, US airstrikes accept hit several locations the US believes are assembly sites for alacrity agent.US admiral emphasized that alacrity abettor is almost accessible to produce, and they abide to hit doubtable accomplishment sites back they acquisition them. US troops are commonly outfitted with careful accessory in the accident of a actinic weapons attack. s Ryan Browne contributed to this report.

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