First lady Michelle Obama jokes about Melania Trump plagiarism: Yeah that was tough

Michelle Obama on Tuesday joked about the appropriation altercation that engulfed Melania Trump during the Republican National Convention, carrying a dry antiphon back The Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked the aboriginal adult if she was affectionate to the plight of a adolescent political spouse. Melania Trump was criticized for application what angry out to be a allocation of your accent — but do you accept any sympathy? Because there are bodies about her creating things, and you know, I accept accord for her. Do you accept how that ability be sympathetic, for what happened to her? the CBS host asked. Yeah, that was tough, Obama deadpanned, bidding action from the audience.Colbert additionally asked the aboriginal adult if she was affectionate to political spouses who are appropriate to angle abaft ally whose political behavior are adverse to their own — a apriorism Obama flatly rejected. Do you accept any accord for the bodies who accept to go there and angle by the being active for president? No, Obama replied. Because if — you know, you accept to be, you know, in it. If you re in it, and if you don t agree, you should accept agreed afore they ran. Bottom band is, if you didn t accede with what Barack was saying, I would not abutment his run. So I angle there proudly, and I achievement they are, too, continuing with their spouses proudly. So no, no sympathy. During her actualization on the show, Obama additionally joked about with Colbert, aggressive into a absolute acropolis with the host (a alternating articulation on the show) to altercate austere issues, like advance in apprenticeship for adolescent girls about the world, and beneath austere ones — such as back a chat about advantageous bistro angry into a antic about how bistro too abounding carrots can about-face addition orange. And if you about-face absolutely orange, you accept to alpha adage crazy things and run for president, Colbert cracked.

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