Dem congressman to IRS: Audit the Trump Foundation

Washington Michigan Democratic Rep. Sander Levin alleged on the IRS Wednesday to analysis The Trump Foundation, afterward a address that the billionaire acclimated alms money to pay off acknowledged settlements. It is important that accommodating funds be acclimated for accommodating purposes, rather than advance the business ventures of those affiliated with the charity. I accordingly appeal an actual analysis of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, Levin wrote in a letter to IRS Abettor John Koskinen.The Washington Post appear beforehand this anniversary that Trump acclimated $258,000 from his alms to pay off settlements in a brace of lawsuits. The Post appear that Trump acclimated the alms to pay for a $100,000 adjustment with the burghal of Palm Beach in 2007 and acclimated addition $158,000 from his alms to achieve a accusation filed in 2011 about a hole-in-one affirmation at a alms golf tournament.The adumbration anon drew accusations from Democrats of Trump self-dealing. Messages larboard with the Trump advance and the IRS were not anon alternate Wednesday.But New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a top Trump surrogate, warned Hillary Clinton s advance Wednesday of application the allegations adjoin the Trump Foundation for a political attack. Be accurate what aperture you open, Mrs. Clinton, because you re not activity to appetite bodies to be talking about the Clinton Foundation and comparing it to annihilation that Donald Trump has done in his life, including giving abroad tens of millions of his own claimed money, Christie, who is chairing Trump s alteration efforts, told radio host Laura Ingraham.Koskinen was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday fielding a battery of questions from House Republicans at a audition afore the Judiciary Committee. House conservatives are blame accessories of allegation to get rid of the abettor over his administration of allegations that bureau associates targeted tea affair groups, but it s absurd any vote will appear afore the abatement election.Trump, meanwhile, has burst with decades of avant-garde presidential backroom in abnegation to absolution his claimed tax returns, adage that he is actuality audited by the IRS. s Deirdre Walsh contributed to this report.

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