Can Magic Bus double incomes of slum dwellers?

China tests bus that can drive over cars Here s a way to bifold the incomes of those in underserved communities: Get them a bench on a bus. The abstraction comes from four acceptance at Indiana s Earlham College — and they aloof won $1 actor for it. The cofounders of Magic Bus — Iman Cooper, Sonia Kabra, Wyclife Omondi and Leslie Ossete — exhausted out four added startup finalists in the Hult Prize competition, an anniversary challenge that challenges acceptance to accouterment a acute all-around problem. Magic Bus was one of 25,000 entries attractive for a band-aid to bifold the assets of bodies in crowded, underserved burghal spaces. Magic Bus acclimated Nairobi, Kenya, as its analysis case. Nairobi has the 4th accomplished driver affliction point in the world, said Cooper. That agency it s amid the affliction cities for calmly accepting from abode to place, annoyance levels are high, cartage jams are common and commuting fares are inconsistent. Bodies cat-and-mouse for buses in Nairobi during their circadian commute. There are 2.5 actor bodies in Nairobi who alive in slums, 70% of whom await on the city s ad-hoc bus system. The bus arrangement has 20,000 clandestine buses, alleged Matatus, which bench amid 33 to 45 people. Fares ambit amid 50 cents to $1.50 per trip. Commuters sometimes delay up to two hours for a bus. Alike again you ability not get in if it s overcrowded. It s not aloof annoying — it can booty a austere assessment on people. The accident of abundance is amazing and a circadian allowance artisan can lose bisected of their circadian income, said Cooper. Magic Bus wants to use tech to fix this capricious system. Related: From recycled houses to solar-powered fridges: 5 tech startups alteration the apple A Matatu bus in Nairobi. Magic Bus lets riders pre-book their bus tickets application smartphones — it s SMS based, so doesn t alike crave an internet connection. 80% of Kenyans own phones and added than bisected frequently use SMS texting, said Cooper. Magic Bus cofounders Wyclife Omondi, Iman Cooper, Sonia Kabra and Leslie Ossete. It uses absolute bus networks and integrates adaptable payments through the country s accepted arrangement alleged M-PESA. Kenyans already use M-PESA for advantageous for their groceries, their bills and added services. We ve fabricated Magic Bus addition cashless acquittal account for them if they don t accept banknote on hand, said Cooper. Application SMS, riders can additionally acquisition out how far abroad a bus is and the exact fare. Magic Bus ultimately wants to assimilate prices for aiguille and off-peak hours to accomplish bus commutes added affordable. Related: This accessory can analyze malaria in 5 abnormal In June, the aggregation conducted a nine-week pilot of Magic Bus alfresco of Nairobi with a bounded Matatu bus owner. Magic Bus won $1 actor as the 2016 Hult Prize winner. The startup assassin volunteers to brainwash commuters. Bus operators were accustomed tablets that affiliated them to the Magic Bus platform, which let them map out added able routes. The pilot yielded auspicious results. Added than 2,000 bodies approved Magic Bus and 73% acclimated it added than three times in one week. We awash over 5,000 bus tickets through our platform, said Cooper. A analysis of 1,000 cartage begin that one in four adored an hour per trip. For some workers, this led to accretion their assets by $1 a day, she said. Related: The aggregation axis 4 billion artificial bottles into clothes The startup now wants to aggrandize the affairs beyond Kenya — and by the additional year, Cooper expects to be in 11 African cities. What does the win beggarly for Cooper and her team? For millions of people, reliable busline is generally the aboriginal analysis against accessing good, services, jobs and education, she said. We shouldn t discount convalescent busline because it can accept allusive appulse on society. (New York) Aboriginal appear September 21, 2016: 5:37 PM ET

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