Attacker shot outside Israeli Embassy in Turkey

A man was attempt in the leg during an attempted advance Wednesday on the Israeli Admiral in Ankara, Turkey.The Turkish man, called as Osman Nuri C. by state-run account bureau Anadolu, approached the admiral aloof afterwards apex bounded time accustomed a bag and a 30-centimeter (11-inch) knife. The account from Ankara authorities did not accord his aftermost name.The man started chanting slogans while walking afterpiece to the embassy. When badge asked him to stop, he did not — at which point an administrator attempt abreast his legs, Israeli Foreign Ministry agent Emmanuel Nahshon told .The man again began bouncing his knife in the administration of the officer, who attempt him in the leg. According to antecedent letters Osman Nuri C appears to be (suffering from) brainy illness, Ankara authorities said in a account to Anadolu. He does not accept (a) antecedent badge almanac and no authoritative articulation (was) detected. The analysis continues. The man was advised at Ankara Numune Hospital, according to Anadolu.Journalist Isil Sariyuce contributed to this report.

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