UN chief calls convoy attackers in Syria cowards

[Breaking account alert, 3:07 p.m.]The United States has accomplished the basic abeyance that Russian warplanes austere an aid accompany and barn acceptance to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, two US admiral told . [Previous story, 2:52 p.m.]The audacious bang on an aid accompany in Syria prompted a angry accusation Tuesday from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who alleged the advance sickening, aboriginal and allegedly deliberate. Just aback we anticipate it cannot get any worse, the ability of abandonment sinks lower, Ban told apple leaders convening at the UN General Assembly anniversary meeting. The United Nations has been affected to append aid convoys as a aftereffect of this outrage. The humanitarians accustomed life-saving aid were heroes. Those who austere them were cowards. Monday night s advance apparent the latest annoyance in the Syrian crisis as apple admiral assignment to coin a abeyance in hostilities and finds means to end the conflict, now in its sixth year.What happened?Getting aid to areas cut off by angry has been a growing affair for altruistic agencies — with trucks destined for eastern Aleppo, breadth an estimated 250,000 civilians accept been abbreviate of food, anesthetic and water. The breadth was about cut off in July aback the Syrian government launched a annoy and belted the rebel-held area.The aid accompany was hit in the breadth of Urum al-Kubra, west of Aleppo, breadth a barn acceptance to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent additionally was struck, the United Nations and aid agencies said. Rebels reportedly authority the area. The advance prompted the United Nations to arrest its aid operations in Syria.The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights appear that aid workers had been dead in an aerial bombardment. The All-embracing Committee of the Red Cantankerous said that about 20 civilians were killed, as was the administrator of the Red Crescent s Urum al-Kubra branch, Omar Barakat. Eighteen of the convoy s 31 trucks were hit, the United Nations said. No one has claimed albatross for the attack, and it is cryptic whether an airstrike hit the accompany or whether it was shelled. Syria Civil Defense, a advance emergency medical service, acquaint video of the attack s after-effects on amusing media assuming a barn afire and claiming that helicopters had alone four butt bombs on the site, blaming the Syrian regime. Butt bombs are frequently acclimated by the regime, while insubordinate and active groups are not accepted to accept the accommodation for air power.But Syria and Russia acerb denied their armament were abaft the attack. Tass, the Russian accompaniment account agency, quoted the Defense Ministry agent as adage the accompany had been followed by a terrorists auto barter accustomed a large-caliber mortar. The Syrian Coalition, the arch opposition, blames Russian and the Assad regime s jet fighters and said it holds Russia absolutely and anon amenable for this abhorrent crime. cannot affirm the actuality of the video or who was amenable for the attack. Actionable altruistic law From what we apperceive of yesterday s attack, there has been a arrant abuse of all-embracing altruistic law, which is absolutely unacceptable, ICRC President Peter Maurer said in a statement. Failing to account and assure altruistic workers and structures ability accept austere repercussions on advancing altruistic operations in the country, appropriately depriving millions of bodies from aid capital to their survival. Saying there is no aggressive solution, Ban decidedly abhorrent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad s administration for the atrocities and horrors over the years. Many groups accept dead abounding innocents — but none added so than the government of Syria, which continues to butt bomb neighborhoods and systematically ache bags of detainees. Powerful assemblage that accumulate agriculture the war apparatus additionally accept claret on their hands. Present in this anteroom today are assembly of governments that accept ignored, facilitated, funded, alternate in or alike planned and agitated out atrocities inflicted by all abandon of the Syria battle adjoin Syrian civilians. President Barack Obama, in his UN remarks, said the adamantine assignment of diplomacy charge abound and emphasized that there s no ultimate aggressive achievement to be won in Syria.During his UN speech, French President Francois Hollande criticized the cessation in Syria, saying, The Syrian tragedy will be apparent by history as a abasement for the all-embracing association if we do not end it quickly. Hollande apprenticed the UN Security Council to accommodated as anon as accessible on the battle and warned it should not be a amphitheater for fools. Syrian ceasefire: Is it all over?What happens to the ceasefire?Monday night s advance came aloof hours afterwards Syrian authorities declared an end to a brittle armistice in the war-torn country. The armistice had been alleged accurately to acquiesce aid into some of the best atrocious genitalia of Syria. While some aid was delivered, agencies were acutely bedfast in the antecedent canicule of the armistice aftermost week, clumsy to cantankerous the bound into Syria as they lacked permits from the government, UN admiral said. At atomic 32 bodies were dead in abstracted attacks Monday in Aleppo and its western suburbs, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.The United States and Russia accept been about on opposing abandon of the battle but had afresh agreed to the armistice and some cooperation.Syria: Armistice hangs in the antithesis as US, Russia sparBut the two admiral were quick to allege anniversary added of actionable the ceasefire, and Moscow has continued adjoin the US position of acknowledging and arming what it calls abstinent rebels to action ISIS. The US Accompaniment Administration abhorrent Moscow and the Syrian administration for arrest the commitment of aid. For added than a week, we accept apprenticed Moscow to accomplish the commitments it fabricated in Geneva to facilitate the bare breeze of altruistic aid to the Syrian people, the administration said in a statement. And for added than a week, the Syrian administration again denied access to these UN convoys, preventing them from accustomed burning food, baptize and medical food to atrocious Syrian citizens. The Kremlin said there was little achievement for the ceasefire s renewal, accompaniment television Russia 24 reported. David Butter, accessory adolescent of the Middle East and North Africa affairs at Chatham House, alleged the latest development a severe setback and said the affairs for accord look actual poor at this point.He said that while the capacity of absolutely who did what were acceptable to abide unclear, the abstraction of acceptance altruistic aid into besieged areas would go adjoin the Syrian regime s starvation strategy to win aback territory. It apparently won t avert (US) Secretary of Accompaniment (John) Kerry from aggravating to accumulate some altercation going, but absolutely the affliction expectations for the armistice accept been fulfilled, Butter said.Kerry has little best but to accumulate aggravating for addition ceasefire, he said, because he is too far committed. … He can t absolutely cull back, because he doesn t accept annihilation to cull aback to. s Bryony Jones, Frederik Pleitgen, Hamdi Alkhshali, Laura Koran, Richard Roth, Roba Alhenawi, Bharati Naik and Nicole Gaouette contributed to this report.

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