Trump doesn t answer questions on birther shift

Greensboro, North Carolina Donald Trump beneath Tuesday to acknowledgment reporters questions about his abrupt about-face on the affair of President Barack Obama s birthplace.Trump abandoned reporters questions during a stop at a restaurant here, the aboriginal befalling journalists accoutrement his attack accept had to ask the Republican appointee about his changeabout on the issue.In a abrupt account on Friday, Trump asserted that he now believed Obama was built-in in the US and again banned to acknowledgment reporters questions afterwards the columnist event, which attack aides told media associates would be a columnist conference.For years, Trump was one of the best arresting and articulate pushers of the birther cabal approach that falsely claimed Obama was not built-in in the US.Obama produced his long-form bearing affidavit in 2011 that accepted he was built-in in Hawaii.While Trump surrogates like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accept falsely asserted in contempo canicule that Trump alone his birtherism in contempo years, Trump beneath abundant opportunities to abjure his antecedent abutment of the cabal theory.In the two weeks afore his abrupt account on Friday, Trump was asked four times about his birther behavior — and Trump beneath anniversary befalling to abjure the canard or his role in blame that cabal theory.Trump spent Tuesday advancement in the battlefield accompaniment of North Carolina, area the latest acclamation appearance him in a asleep calefaction with Hillary Clinton.

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