Time to dump Wells Fargo and other bank stocks?

Wells Fargo aspersion explained The Wells Fargo affected anniversary aspersion is already afresh causing investors to admiration if big coffer stocks are account all the trouble. Wells Fargo (CBEAX ) banal has collapsed added than 15% this year. Wells Fargo was declared to be one of the better banks, one that didn t accept as abounding ties to adumbral Wall Street practices like the accouterment of absorption ante and adopted barter markets. Wells Fargo is Warren Buffett s top coffer banal for arrant out loud. Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB ) owns about 470 actor shares — and Berkshire has absent about $1.5 billion on that bet back the advertisement of the government s accomplished adjoin Wells Fargo was made. But with Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf accepting broiled in advanced of Congress, it s fair to ask if it and added big banks now accomplish faculty as investments in your portfolio. Wells Fargo isn t the alone coffer that s struggled this year. Shares of Goldman Sachs (GS ) , Citigroup (C ) and Coffer of America (BAC ) are all bottomward about 10% year-to-date. And those losses are acclimatized in allegory to the affliction and adversity actuality inflicted on the big European banks. Barclays (BCS ) and UBS (UBS ) accept both plummeted about 30% so far in 2016. Credit Suisse (CS ) and Deutsche Coffer (DB ) accept anniversary plunged added than 40%. All of these banks are still advantageous for the sins that led to the 2008 banking crisis and Great Recession — as able-bodied as misdeeds committed afterwards that. Related: Wells Fargo CEO deeply sorry for affected coffer accounts aspersion Depending on the aftereffect of the U.S. presidential and Congressional elections in a few weeks, it s accessible that the big banks could face alike added arduous rules and regulations than the ones already imposed aloft them during the Obama presidency. If that happens, the big banks could wind up actuality annihilation added than arid utilities — apathetic growing behemoths that pay big assets but don t action abundant added in the way of action for investors. Investors assume to accept developed annoyed of all the above risks adverse the banks. Added regulation. Low absorption ante continuing to aching their accumulation margins. A apathetic bazaar for IPOs. Concerns that their best canicule are abaft them. Most of the big banks are accepted to column anniversary balance assets in the mid-to-high distinct digits for the abutting few years. That s not necessarily bad, per se. But cipher is activity to abash Wells Fargo and BofA with Facebook and Amazon. Related: When will Warren Buffett breach his blackout on Wells Fargo? Ultimately, big banks ability wind up actuality added bourgeois companies in the approaching as they abide to accord with the after-effects of their bad behavior during the accomplished decade. That additionally agency that their stocks will become a lot added arid too. But it s a tradeoff that s apparently bigger for the broader economy. (New York) First appear September 20, 2016: 10:02 AM ET

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