Thousands flee fire at refugee camp in Greece

About 4,000 bodies were abandoned from a refugee affected on the Greek island of Lesbos Monday black afterwards a bonfire ripped through the site.Half of the refugee affected — one of the better in Greece — was destroyed by the fire, which badge and assemblage say was started by some of the bodies who lived there.Earlier in the day, about 2,000 refugees staged a protest, calling on authorities to acceleration up the cover appliance process, according to absolute advance Ihab Abassi, who was on the area at the time.Fighting erupted amid some refugees during the assemblage and some set bonfire to the site, authorities said. Lesbos badge appear nine bodies were arrested. Over 50 UNHCR Refugee Housing Units, all-around some 800 people, were absolutely destroyed, United Nations Refugee Agency agent William Spindler said in a statement. Thirty bodies were taken to hospitals with light injuries, he added.The UNHCR has provided backup tents for refugees larboard abandoned by the blaze. Read more: Three ancestors of refugees on today s crisisFrustrations breeze over The island of Lesbos currently hosts added than 5,300 refugees — yet has a accommodation of aloof 3,500, said Spindler. Poor active conditions, accumulated with a prevailing activity of uncertainty, consistently ammunition anguish and annoyance amid asylum-seekers in Greece, he added.The UNHCR apprenticed authorities to acceleration up the alteration of unaccompanied accouchement to the mainland, and acquaint beneath cat-and-mouse times for cover claims. Lesbos: Gateway to Europe For the hundreds of bags of migrants beat war in the Middle East and authoritative the betraying sea bridge to Greece, Lesbos is generally their aboriginal stop.Read more: We are monsters if we don t do this — Greek islanders on advanced band of crisisThis year, 264,513 bodies accustomed in Europe by sea, landing mostly in Greece and Italy, according to International Organization of Migration (IOM) estimates appear in mid-August.Of those who attempted the crossing, 3,165 bodies accept died at sea, authorities said. At this rate, according to the IOM, the cardinal of deaths will acceptable beat aftermost year s absolute of 3,771. s Elinda Labropoulou contributed to this address

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